Dream Girl 3rd November 2015 Written Update

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Nov 4, 2015

Dream Girl 3rd November 2015 Written Update (By Arnav_Priya)

Dream Girl 3rd November 2015 Written Episode The Episode starts with Ayesha not getting the pendrive in haldi bowl. She asks Laxmi’s Bua to apply haldi. Prem asks Manav about Aarti. Manav says she is with Mithi. Prem says its good, Aarti has bear a lot being with Ayesha. Sona says she will apply haldi to Samar by her hands. Ayesha stops her and says its her right first to apply haldi to her Devar. Its good to apply by hands. She looks for pendrive and says I m mixing it well. Karan says its mixed well already, now apply. Ayesha gets the pendrive and smiles. She applies haldi to Samar and wishes him a happy married life. Sona and others then apply haldi to Samar. Laxmi and Samar smile. Its evening, Mithi and Aarti play in lawn. Manav asks Mithi not to go out. Samar gives him coffee and says nice to see them playing. Manav says Aarti is afraid of Ayesha, there is hope, we have to bring her second side out. Ayesha and Mithi play hide and seek. Manav goes out to Manav’s car to get her glasses. She shuts the door and gears get changed. The car slides down. Mithi calls for help. Aarti sees her. Manav and Samar hear Mithi and run out to see. Aarti runs after the car and calls out Mithi. Manav and Samar come running and are far from them. Aarti opens the door. She gets inside and holds Mithi. She gets shocked seeing a tree. She jumps down with Mithi, while car hits the tree. Samar and Manav come there and take Mithi. Manav asks Aarti is she fine, and thanks her for saving Mithi’s life. Mithi hugs Aarti. Aarti says we will play in just room, not in lawn. She takes Mithi. Manav says we have seen Aarti’s courage. Ayesha does not get Manav’s signatures and checks other signs. Karan comes and asks her to check some files. She hides the files. He asks her to hurry and takes her laptop. She asks what is he doing. He checks his pendrive. She says Karan will see everything, and know I have everyone’s digital signatures. He asks her to say password. She says get up, password is not to say anyone, turn around. Karan turns and asks what is she hiding. She shuts the files and asks him to do his work. He shows her auditions videos. She says her choices and Karan dislikes those. She says I want just them. He says fine, thanks. She stops him and says this is my pendrive. He says both are same, how do you know this is yours. He plays with them, and asks how does she know you. She takes one and says this is mine, get lost. He asks is she sure. She says yes, go now. He says I think you are planning something and leaves. Ayesha checks the pendrive. The Sareen family has a pleasant time. They dance and play with Mithi and Aarti, while packing gifts for the guests. Aarti enjoys dancing with Mithi. Manav and everyone clap. Karan tries calling Manav to inform about Ayesha reaching home. Ayesha comes home and gets shocked seeing Aarti dancing with the family. Manav sees his phone with Karan’s missed calls. Manav calls Karan. Karan says I can’t hear you. Manav goes to talk. Ayesha hides from them. Karan says he is trying since long. Manav says everyone is dancing, phone was on silent. Karan asks is Aarti with you all, Ayesha left, if Ayesha sees Aarti with you, she will make her away. Manav says thanks and ends call. He tells everyone that Ayesha is coming. Aarti is tensed. Manav says we are planning surprise for Ayesha, don’t be scared. Sona takes Aarti. Ayesha gets shocked hearing them. Manav says he is hiding Aarti to make her bold, just act normally now. Ayesha says my problems don’t end, now they are hiding Aarti, I will see what are they cooking, foolish minds started working… Precap: Ayesha takes Manav’s phone while he is sleeping. She gets his finger print. Manav plays with Mithi. Ayesha gets his fingerprint and smiles. .

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