Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th November 2015 Written Episode

Nov 5, 2015

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th November 2015 Written Episode (By Chutianju)

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 4th November 2015 Written Episode The Episode starts with Viplav asking Kanak to take rest and asks Sushma to make her understand. Kanak says she went to temple to pray for him. Viplav asks them to give blessing as he is going to fight for a poor man whose land is snatched. He tells that he even talked to a big lawyer and now he will work under him. Kanak hesitantly blesses him and thinks what has happened to him, he always wants to help poor. Kanak brings her jewellery and puts infront of Dasharath asking him to keep it. She asks what is the use of property and haveli, when Viplav will not stay here. Dasharath asks her to keep quiet and asks her to give him time till Diwali. Kanak asks him to say what is in his mind. Dasharath asks her to accept his order and bring Kesar milk for him. Kanak says okay. Dasharath tells her that he will keep her jewellery safe. Kanak says no and takes her jewellery back. Viplav talks to the big lawyer and asks him to fight the poor man’s case. Viplav says that man is not having money, and I will give you…(money). He then recalls Dhaani’s words and says he will work for him for free. The lawyer tells that they will work together and offers to give salary to Viplav. Viplav agrees. Later Dhaani hears some foot steps and beats the man entering Ashram in the night. The man turns out to be Viplav. He shows her cycle and says he thought it would help them in business. Dhaani says why did you come in night. Viplav says he is lawyer and busy, and that’s why he came now. He rings the bell. Dhaani reminds him that everyone is sleeping. Dulaari comes and asks what drama is going on? Dhaani tries to speak. Dulaari says she will talk to her later and asks Viplav why did he come late at night. She scolds him badly. Viplav says today is Dhaani’s birthday and sings Happy Birthday song. Dhaani says today is not her birthday. Viplav says I brought cycle as I thought it would help you with travelling when you go to deliver orders. Dhaani asks him not to come again late at night and asks to take his cycle. Viplav says I will not take this cycle and asks her to sell it if she don’t want to use it. Raj Lakshmi tells Dhaani that Viplav is clean hearted and honest guy. Dhaani thinks she was wrong about Viplav and was doubting him unneccessarily. Kanak tells Durga that she feels she should now to her house and says she will help with the packing. Tripurari says he can do it by himself and says his amma is not yet fine. Durga says Kanak is right and we shall leave now. Kanak asks them to pack the stuff. Durga packs the things. Tripurari opens their photos box and tells that he has to get his rights. He says he won’t leave the house so easily. He comes to Dasharath and tells that Kanak asked them to leave from their house. He says Kanak should not have talked to Maa like that. Dasharath tells him that Kanak said right. Tripurari is shocked. Kanak tells Sushma that Durga is leaving for forever. Durga comes and thanks them for helping them. Tripurari also thanks them for the favors and says I will repay your favors some how. They start leaving. Kanak smiles and is about to go inside the house. Dasharath asks them to stop and says my house is so big, and you people can stay in it. He says no one will have objection if you stay here. Durga refuses, but Tripurari thanks Dasharath and gets in. Dasharath says it is his conspiracy to defeat him. Viplav thinks about Dulaari’s words and asks himself why did he go to Ashram late at 11 pm. He gets upset. Dhaani sweeps the Ashram and looks at the cycle. She thinks what was the need to give new cycle to us, and why did he come at night. Viplav asks himself to forget the matter and thinks Dhaani insulted him with much anger, and wonders why? He talks to their photos which were hanged on the wall, and says he will not go to Ashram even if they called him. Dhaani thinks Viplav will come again to Ashram. Precap: Dasharath’s car hits Dhaani intentionally. Dhaani falls down injured. Dasharath gets down the car. .

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