| Written Update | 4th Nov, 2015 - Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost

Nov 5, 2015

| Written Update | 4th Nov, 2015 - Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost (By Nanak)

The Episode starts with Yug explaining to Ria about the importance of family and tells her that he will drop her home as her family must be missing her. Yadav brings Suraj out. Suraj says Yug has seen Ria. Ria agrees to go home for her Papa and says my Papa is world’s best Papa. Suraj smiles. Yug says your said right, your family might be tensed and says I will drop you home. Ria refuses and requests him to let her stay for a day. Yug agrees and asks if she is from Bustura. Ria nods yes and no. Yug tells her that this house is not his and says it actually belongs to some other family who are very nice to him. Ria and everyone smile. Yug asks her not to get scared and says they are ghosts. Ria laughs and says she is not afraid and says she is herself……..Yug asks her to stay without troubling the ghost. Ria says I am hearing good things about them from your mouth. Yug says I know reality and says they are nice ghosts. He asks her to sleep in room and says he will sleep in hall.

Suraj recalls about his conversation with Peter. A flashback is shown, Peter asks Suraj to sign, and threatens to kill him. Suraj asks if he is threatening him. Peter asks him to understand and says there is much money involved in this. He asks him not to go against their boss else he will be killed. Suraj asks if you are threatening me. Peter says today you will sign and asks him to sign. Suraj throws the pen.

Yadav tells Dadi that Yug is really a nice man and brought puja thaali and prasad. Dadi tries to say something. Yadav says I couldn’t understand anything. Dadi finally speaks up and says she don’t want to speak like that. She gets happy and says she can speak now. Yadav tells her that she touched prasad’s phool and her voice comes back. Dadi says Yug helped her indirectly and blesses him. Dadi calls for Ria to get her treated. Yadav says she can’t be vanish and can’t go out, then where did she go. Ishaan finally finds her hiding from them. Radha says lets go to ba****t. Ria says thank god, everybody went out. Everyone catch them. Radha asks what you have told to Yug. Ria says she was just joking. She asks Dadi if she touched the flowers which Yug brought for puja. Ria thinks she has already touched the flowers and can vanish also, but she wants to be with Yug. Dadi asks her to touch the flower. Ria hesitantly touches the flower and lies to them that she can’t vanish. Later Ishaan tells Ria that you are alright and says he will inform their family. Ria asks him not to tell anything, and says she is feeling good talking to Yug. She says Yug is like her elder brother. Ishaan says I am your brother. Ria says elder brother should be like Yug, and says you stands second to Yug.

Tantrik and Guru Maa are angry as Ria and Dadi got well. She says Yug will become the reason for their trouble. She says she will make kada which will convert their good soul into bad, and they will fight among themselves.

Ria makes parathas for Yug. Yug gets teary eyed and says he didn’t have this much tasty food before. Dadi asks Radha to see the paratha shape. Radha says he will spit now. Yug tastes the paratha. Ria vanishes and brings curd. Dadi tells that Ria can vanish. Yug asks how can you bring curd so fast.

Ria says you might have not seen. Yug says if I would have a sister then she would be like you. He says he will drop her home after having breakfast. Ria says she has called her family and will go tomorrow. Yug says you are wearing same dress, I will bring clothes for you. Ria asks him to bring new designs clothes as shown in TV. Yug agrees. Ria asks him if there is someone special in his life, and asks to tell truly. Yug tells her that there is a most beautiful day in Bustura, and have a beautiful heart. He says her father is a big and kind hearted guy. Ria says what is his name? Yug says he works for him. Ria asks what is the name of the kind man. Yug says Peter De Costa. Suraj hears him and is shocked. Ria says she heard this name before. Suraj recalls their murder and thinks Yug works for Peter De Costa. He thinks may be Yug is showing way to their killer.


Suraj informs Radha that Yug works for Peter De Costa. Peter scolds Sophia for going to Palekar Mansion as it is dangerous. Sophia tells him that Yug stays there. Peter is shocked. Radha is shocked to know..

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