| Written Update | 4th Nov, 2015 - Thapki Pyaar Ki

Nov 5, 2015

| Written Update | 4th Nov, 2015 - Thapki Pyaar Ki (By Nanak)

The Episode starts with Bihaan holding Thapki. She asks him to leave her, how did he touch her. He asks how would I hold you then, else I would have fallen. They lie on the road and laugh. She says it means you took my support. She asks why is he so bad. He sees moon and says I will ask this to Lord, you don’t go anywhere. She dances and sits in an auto. Bihaan says he got the answer. He sees her in auto. She asks him to sit. H says this is not ours, our bike is there, come. She says I want to go in auto, whenever I see you, I feel like crying, but today I m getting laugh seeing you.

He says its because you had drink/bl**dy Mary. She laughs. He says come, we will go home. He can’t see properly and sees four images. She says you are drunk, you are not able to insert keys and start bike, drunken driving is legally crime, you can get jail. He asks her to say some solution. She sits on the bike and he pushes the bike from behind. She says see how well I m driving. He says yes, its because of me. She screams losing balance. He holds her and music plays…………….He asks how did she fall then. She says maybe speed breaker. They laugh.

Aditi cries recalling Diwakar’s words. Bihaan and Thapki come home silently and shut the door. She asks him not to tell anyone that she is drunk…. He says you also don’t tell anyone that I have pushed the bike, else Bihaan’s respect finished. She says fine, top secret. Dadi switches on lights and says Bihaan… from where are you both coming. Bihaan shows the rings. Bihaan and Thapki smile. Dadi gets glad and asks them to go to room and rest. Dadi leaves.

Thapki says I love Dadimaa, did you see her, she is so cute, whenever she smiles, her both cheeks gets dimples. He says even I get dimples in both cheeks, Dadi gets dimple in just one cheek. She says no, I will show, and calls out Dadi. He stops her and says everyone will wake up, go to room. She asks him to come with her. He says he will drink water and come. She says bye and goes. He asks her not to fall and drinks water. He falls over the sofa.

Suman and Preeti talk about Shraddha. They think to plan something before Shraddha comes. They recall how they troubled Thapki. Thapki comes to them. They get shocked seeing Thapki infront of them and shout. Thapki says you want to trouble Shraddha, shall I give ideas. Preeti says yes, tell fast. Thapki tells what they did with her. Suman and Preeti worry. Thapki says don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that you both are cooking. She laughs and leaves.

Suman and Preeti worry as Thapki knows everything, she heard them planning, she can tell Vasundara, Vasundara will do tandav on their heads, this should not happen.

Thapki comes to room and asks Bihaan what happened to him, he is taking care of her, he has set her bed too. He says so that you sleep without making noise, good night. She says okay and sees a ****roach on the bed. She screams and falls in his arms. They have an eyelock. He asks did she call him ****roach. She says I did not say it to you. He says we both supported each other, not its even, sleep now. She says I will sleep on bed. He asks her to sleep on ground, its his room too. She asks how will we sleep. He says we will think. She says idea and gets thread, if bed is one, we can make two halves, this side is mine and that yours.

He says if she said this idea before, he would have not slept on ground. She says I did not see ****roach before. She gets sad and says thread works to join, and today its dividing. He looks at her, while she cries.

Bihaan asks whose rings are these. She says Dhruv gave these. He asks why. She says he said we shall make each other wear rings. He asks why, we both hate each other. She cries and he cries seeing her cry. She asks why is he crying. He says because you are crying, why are you crying. She says because of you, you have hurt my heart, you did big cheat with me, else this finger would have been in my hand today.

Bihaan holds the thread tied to her finger and slides the ring through the thread to her finger. She realizes this and looks at him and her hand. Bihaan smiles, still being in drink effect.


Bihaan says now its your turn, make me wear this ring. Thapkli cries. He gives her the ring and comes to her.

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