Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th November 2015 Written Update

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Nov 5, 2015

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th November 2015 Written Update (By Arnav_Priya)

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th November 2015 Written Episode Scene 1 Sushim comes to ahenkara and says i told you to not come out of your room till i dont allow you but you dont listen to me so you will get punished now, he is about to hurt her with dagger, Ahenkara recalls how Ashok asked her to start facing fear, if she keep running away from it then it will make her more afraid, Ahenkara brings big dagger and says you wont be able to kill me with you your dagger, i should kill myself with this dagger once and for all, Sushim says you are right, my dagger is small for you so i should use it on one for whom this size will be enough, he is about to kill her brother but she says no, dont hurt him, Sushim lifts her brother in hand and says he is son of betrayers, he has guts like you, he tried to insult upcoming Samrat so he will be punished, Ahenkara says you can hurt me as much as you want but dont hurt him, Sushim says you love him too much, okay i will not hurt him but i will keep him away from your sight, you wont be able to see him, he gives baby to soldier, soldier leaves with him, Ahenkara sit in Sushim’s feet and says dont do this, he needs me, Sushim kicks her away and leaves, she cries. Sushim is going, Ashok comes there, Sushim recalls how he had seen his face as Agradoot, Sushim ask why you seem tensed? Ashok says so many problems are going on so one must be tensed, Sushim says you have solved many other problems and you used to always be positive but now you seem to be sitting idle, Ashok says i must be looking like sitting idle but i am doing everything in my capacity, Sushim says you are doign things not for royal people, Ashok ask meaning? Sushim says nothing, Ashok tells him that now you are not Samrat as you were temporary, you dont have any powers now, he leaves, Sushim says you will regret the day when you became Agradoot. Dharma is sleeping, Bindu talks to doctor about her, he says her behavior is changed, she acts weird sometimes, doctor says she is not fine, she needs love and care, when you are ill then you seek care of someone, she must be handled with tender and care, Bindu says you are right, she needs my attention, he says Dharma i am sorry for not taking care of you earlier, i will be with you now, Charu sees all this and thinks that they are still together even after doing so much, i have to do something else now. Scene 2 Ashok is looking at clothes of Agradoot, he recalls how Khalatak alleged Agradoot that he tried to kill soldiers and also tried to steal treasure of government, how Bindu asked to call Agradoot as he wants to meet him, Ashok says whoever killed those innocent soldiers to trap Agradoot, i wont leave that person, i have to find who is doing all this to trap Agradoot, if he has done this once then he can do it again so people will start hating Agreadoot, i have to stop him and for that i have to tell truth to Bindu that i am Agradoot and i helped people, the one who killed soldiers was some impostor of Agradoot. Sushim meets impostor of Agradoot, sushim says i am happy with your performance, you became Agradoot, killed soldiers and stole treasure and all thought Agradoot did it, he gives him coins as reward, he says if you keep your mouth shut then i will make you rich, just do what i am saying, i will not leave any chance for Bindu but to announce Agradoot as betrayer of land. Ashok thinks that when i will tell Bindu truth then he will catch impostor and will punish him, he finds someone raising red flag and says someone is in danger, i have to help him then i will talk to Bindu. Sushim says Bindu will punish this Agradoot only, people will start hating Agradoot, its start of Agradoot and Ashok’s end. Agradoot’s impostor comes in village, he starts killing people, people says when our savior became our enemy? Agradoot says you can raise as many red flags but no Agradoot will come to save you. Ahenkara comes outside palace in Dasi’s dress, she recalls how she attacked Dasi, took her clothes and came out of palace hiding as dasi, she is waiting for Agradoot, Ashok comes there as Agradoot and ask how can i help you? you are Princess Ahenkara who is going to get married to Sushim right? Ahenkara says you recognized me? she says Sushim is monster, she shows him wounds in her hands and says i have many wounds like this on my body because of Sushim, he has hurt me so much, she tells him everything, how he used to hurt her, Ashok says why didnt you tell all this to Bindu? he would have helped you, Ahenkara says he doesnt see anything infront of his son’s love, even if i tell him, he will believe his son only, AShok thinks she is so wrong about my father, he says why you are telling me, dont you have anyone in palace whom you trust? Ahenkara says its only AShok who can help me but i dont want to put him in any trouble, Sushim have hurt him too, i wont be able to live if something happens to Ashok, he has saved my life, i was able to live only because Ashok was with me tough times, Ahenkara says to Agradoot that sometimes i feel that i should have been engaged to Ashok, i and him are like made for each other, Agradoot/Ashok is astonished listening this, she says i have some strange bond with him, whenever he is in pain, i am pained too, i dont know what name should i give to my feelings but i am sure that i have no feelings for Sushim, now only you can help me Agradoot. PRECAP- Dharma ask Bindu to promise that he will give her what she wants, Bindu says i know you will ask what i can give you only, dharma says i want you to make my son your heir to throne/announce him as upcoming Samrat. Credit: ****box

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