Dream Girl 4th November 2015 Written Update

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Nov 5, 2015

Dream Girl 4th November 2015 Written Update (By Arnav_Priya)

Dream Girl 4th November 2015 Written Episode The Episode starts with Ayesha spying on Aarti. She sees all the arrangements done by Aarti for marriage functions. She sees the dress hidden under pillow and gets irked. She goes to Manav’s room. Manav is sleeping. Ayesha takes his phone and finds it locked. She thinks whats the password, and tries some inputs. She enters her DOB and it opens. She see the finger prints instead digital signature. She keeps the mobile back and runs to hide. Manav wakes up and checks his phone. Manav goes near the window, Ayesha tensely leaves. Its morning, Sareen family is busy doing arrangements. Manav asks Mithi not to tell Ayesha about today’s performance, its surprise for her. Ayesha hears them. Mithi asks what shall I do now. Manav says its not bad, I will play with you, give me 2 mins, I will make a call and come. Mithi asks Sona to play. Sona says I m busy. Ayesha plays with Mithi, having got some idea. She gives clay to Mithi, and asks Manav to play with Mithi. Manav says fine, and plays with Mithi. He presses the clay with his hand and Ayesha sees his finger impressions coming on the clay. Ayesha goes to Mithi. Manav asks Mithi to play with Ayesha and goes. Ayesha thinks she got finger print to access Manav’s phone, playing made her big problem so easily solved. She smiles. Its evening, Sareens welcome the guests in the joint sangeet. Manav says its good Ayesha is away, its better if Aarti wants to perform. Sona says there is puppet dance, where is Aarti. Manav says I will see her. Sona says we will start the rasams. Manav goes to Aarti and asks her to come. He says we all are ready to help you, to make you get your identity and freedom, will you come, will you support me? He forwards his hand to her… Aarti holds his hand. He smiles happily. Mithi gets bored and tells everyone about Samar and Laxmi’s marriage, she has prepared a dance act for them, with Ayesha Maa part 2. Aarti comes there dressed in good clothes. The people clap for them. Precap: Aarti does Katputli dnace on the song Aaja dhola…………….. Credit: ****box

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