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Nov 5, 2015

| Written Update | 4th Nov, 2015 - Kalash (By Nanak)

Scene 1

DEvika is not talking to Ravi, she thinks that why i didnt get this idea before? i dont have to talk to him now and now he will not even come closer to her, Ravi thinks that i have to do something to win her heart, Pallavi calls Ravi and ask if DEvika is fine? Ravi says Devika has gone in shock after she fell in pool, i am trying to bring her out of shock but she is not answering anything, something weird has happened to her, Pallavi says give call to Devika, Ravi says its of no use, i feel there is still water remaining in her, she wont be able to talk to you, Pallavi says i planned something but i think we should cancel it, Ravi ask what plan? Pallavi says i thought to give bachelors party for Sakshi as she likes these things, i talked to Rekha, nobody will allow it in our house so i thought to talk you, Ravi says you are right, we can do this much for Sakshi and if Rekha has requested then how can i say no? but i feel DEvika’s mood is not right so she wont allow this bachelors party, i will pacify Sakshi that this party will not happen, i could have arranged it but Devika wont allow me, Devika takes mobile from him and says we will do everything for Sakshi’s happiness, Pallavi says Ravi was saying that you are not even talking, DEvika says he was joking, i am fine, we will do party, Pallavi says but Ravi has to do arrangements for party, Devika ask Ravi to do what Pallavi is saying, Ravi says i will do it at one condition, DEvika ask what? Ravi says you will have to talk to me else i will deny this party, Devika says you are selfish, you dont leave any chance, fine i will talk to you, Ravi smiles and says your love is seen in your anger too, he tells Pallavi that he will do all arrangements of party.

Shweta brings tea for Manju, Navi comes there, Manju welcomes her and ask Shweta to bring juice, Shweta goes, Navi says i missed you so much, you must got to know that i invited everyone on Karwachauth, everything was going well but Devika fell in pool so i came to ask her if she is fine, Shweta brings juice for her but Navi says no need, Manju scolds Shweta and takes Navi with her.

Ravi is trying to book hall for party, DEvika says you are not talking to managers nicely thats why they are not giving hall, she calls manager and ask for hall but manager says its not free, Ravi says let me talk to my friend, he is manager of hall, DEvika says then why didnt you talk to him before? i know someone too, i will call him first, both fight to call first, Navi comes there and says i fell really bad for you that day, i couldnt even ask if you are fine? DEvika says i am fine, thanks, Manju ask Ravi why he was fighting with Devika? Ravi says we are arranging hall for Monty’s bachelor but all halls are booked, Navi says there is one place which is free and i can arrange party there, Devika stares Ravi, Ravi says let it be, we will manage, its okay, Manju says we cant your favors everytime, Navi says you wont have to pay for that place, it will be free, Manju says then we should take it, she comes to Ravi and says why should we spend so much on place? say yes to her, Navi thinks i got another opportunity, Ravi says okay we will take your place, Navi leaves with Manju, Shweta listens all this and thinks to tell this to Saket.

Saket is drinking wine and recalls how Ravi was close to Devika, he says Ravi cant win challenge, Shweta calls him and tells him about bachelors party, no one elder is going there, Saket says you gave me such a good news, i will gift you diamond set just pray that DEvika becomes my wife, Shweta says i pray for it, Saket says i will win over Ravi now.

Scene 2

Devika is getting ready for party, Ravi comes to her and tries to talk to her but she is not talking to him, Ravi says you promised me that if i arrange for party then you will talk to me, now i have done everything then why are you not talking me? DEvika says you havent done anything, your boss Navi have done everything, she is so excited for party, seems like you and her will enjoy party but i.. i dont like such parties, she pushes him away, she says i am doing all this for Sakshi’s happiness else i dont like these kind of clothes and these parties so be away from me in party, Ravi says why are you so angry? i said sorry for last night, i said many things last night but you also say many things that hurts me but i never take them seriously and move on but you dont care if it hurts me or not, why are you behaving such way? just because i had only way to save your life, your lungs were filled with water and i was just saving your life but you are thinking that i take advantage of situation, i had to give your mnouth to mouth breath else you would have been taken to hospital and think about your chachi Rekha, what she must have gone through? DEvika thinks he is right, Ravi says you are fine so everything is going fine but you wont understand as you think that i am wrong at every point, if you dont wanna talk to me then dont but atleast set your mood right, we are going for party, DEvika says okay, she is about to move away and unintentionally hits Ravi’s eyes, she gets worried for him and says i hit you by mistake, she wipes his eyes and comes closer to him, both share eyelock, Ankhon hi ankhon mein plays, she becomes conscious.

Pallavi ask Sakshi to get ready, Sakshi says i am not in mood to go, Pallavi says this party is for you and you are saying no, Sakshi says dont force me, Pallavi says cant you see that i am trying to cheer you up, i cant see you sad, i just want to see old Sakshi, she gets emotional and says i didnt know that i dont have any right on you, Sakshi says ok i will come with you in party but i have condition, i will drink wine in party, Pallavi ask if she has gone mad? Sakshi says this is my wish, Pallavi agrees, SAvitri comes and ask where they are going? Pallavi says we are goign for party, Savitri says have you gone mad? you both will go in party at night? dont you dare go out of home, i will talk to Rekha, she leaves, Pallavi says party will happen, you go and get ready.

Manju says to Devika that she is looking very nice, she ask Ravi to take care of Devika, she doesnt like to go in parties, she fasted for you so not you should take care of him, Ravi says ok, he ask Monty to come fast, Manju says comeback fast as we have to do preparations for Haldi, Ravi says i have done everything, Manju says my son is diamond and also great husband, right Devika? Devika smiles.

PRECAP- Navi ask Saket what he is doing in her party? Saket says i have come here to enjoy my night. Devika fall on Ravi in party, both share eyelock, Navi sees this.

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