| Written Update | 5th Nov, 2015 - Kalash

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Nov 6, 2015

| Written Update | 5th Nov, 2015 - Kalash (By Nanak)

Scene 1

Savitri comes to Rekha and Shekhar and says why you both are hell bent to destroy our respect? if you both cant respect me then burn me alive, remember when last time Sakshi went to party, she cameback after blackening our faces, how did you allow them to go in party again? Rekha says Ravi and Devika are going with them, Savitri says all problems have come because of Ravi only, nobody will go in party and tnhats my decision, Saket calls Savitri and ask if Sakshi and Pallavi have left for party? she says no, Saket says let Sakshi and Pallavi come in party, this is our chance to break this marriage, let them come, Savitri ends call and thinks how will i allow them now? she ask Rekha if Devika will be there? Rekha says yes and Shekhar will drop them, Savitri says fine then, Rekha says means you are allowing them to go in party? Savitri says should i sign on paper? i am saying that they can go, she says to Pallavi and Sakshi that dont talk to any boy there and return soon, Pallavi nods and leaves with Sakshi for party.

Navi is seeing arrangements in party, she says to club manager that i am booking a side in your club, your ordinary guests should not be allowed in that portion, and i also need waiters for my guests, i will decide which guest will get which drink, manager says but we give drinks to customers as per their will, Navi says nothing wrong will happen, he says okay you just tell me if you need anything, he leaves, Navi says i will dance with Ravi today and nobody will be able to stop me.

Party starts, guests starts coming, Sakshi and Pallavi arrive too, Navi meets them and says i have booked private section for us, you can tell me if you need anything, Pallavi says sure. Ravi and Devika and monty enters party, Devika thinks what kind of place is this? so loud music and people are dance weirdly, Ravi thinks place is not much nice, Navi comes there, Ravi says you booked nice place, Navi says you liked my choice for first time, Navi holds Ravi’s hand to take him inside, Ravi holds Devika’s hand and ask her to come in, he takes her inside.

Savitri says dont know what Saket is going to do, what if he does something dangerous which can hurt my grand daughters, i should call them and ask as its about their safety, she calls Saket but his phone is switched off, she gets call from Manju, Manju says i cameback to Ambala but you didnt welcome me, she says Haldi ceremony is coming so i will send Vikas and Shweta with Haldi, she ask when Devika fell in pool, where were you? Savitri says i was there, Manju ask if you have doubt on anyone? Savitri says i didnt see anyone, tell me where were you? Manju says thats not your business, she ask if SAket was also present there? Savitri says ask Ravi about this, i am sleepy, she ends call, Manju says once this marriage is done, i get DEvika’s property then i will see this Savitri too.

Scene 2

Saket comes in party and finds Devika standing alone, he thinks to meet her but is stopped by bouncer and says private party is going on there, you cant go in that section, Saket goes to bar and starts drinking, he thinks wish Devika comes to this side.

Monty comes out of party and says as much as i want to be away from parties and functions, these people arrange it more, i cant even share things with anyone, Saket comes to him, Monty says you must have come here to destroy party, i dont wanna talk to you, Saket says but i wanna talk to you, if you destroy my mood then i will destroy this party, Monty says i am not afraid of you, Saket says i will tell Pallavi that you love her then all will hate you, lets see drama now, he starts going towards Ravi but Monty stops him.

DEvika is sitting alone, Ravi comes and sit beside her, she moves away, Ravi keep watching her while she is looking away, Navi see this. Navi comes and sit inebetween them, she ask what will you both have? Devika says nothing, Navi says have some wine, DEvika says no, Ravi says she doesnt drink, Navi says in that case you drink something, what will you have? Ravi thinks that DEvika will not like me drinking wine, he looks at her, Navi says oh my God you are taking permission from DEvika? she says to Devika that you have full control over him, Devika says nothing like that, he can do anything, Navi says then i will bring drink for you, she leaves, Ravi thinks that she is silent now but will scold me at home, DEvika thinks that he just need chance to drink wine, Navi brings drink for Ravi, Ravi takes it but doesnt drink, he looks at DEvika, Navi says i will bring mock-tail for Devika, she goes to bar, Saket comes there too, she ask what are you doing in my party? Saket says i am enjoying my night, i have not come at your side of party, Navi says dont you dare destroy my party, i will watch you closely, she leaves, Saket thinks that she destroyed my mood.

PRECAP- Devika falls on Ravi, both share eyelock, Ravi thinks that i wish this moment just stop here, she remain in my arms and i keep looking at her, Devika thinks what has happened to me? Why i am not able to move away from Ravi?

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