| Written Update | 5th Nov, 2015 - Thapki Pyaar Ki

Nov 6, 2015

| Written Update | 5th Nov, 2015 - Thapki Pyaar Ki (By Nanak)

The Episode starts with Thapki getting shocked seeing the ring in her finger. Bihaan says now its your turn, make me wear this ring, take it. She looks at him. He makes her hold the ring, and wears the ring by her hands. He says I have got it now and smiles. She gets tensed and sees their rings. She laughs and says even you are smart like me. He smiles and nods. She says you solved such a big problem. They hold hands and fall asleep on the bed.

Its morning, Thapki wakes up and gets shocked seeing Bihaan sleeping aside. She calls him out and wakes him up. He gets shocked seeing her and asks how did you come on bed. She says I should ask you, you used to sleep on floor, what are you doing on bed. They hold heads and say they have headache. He asks what happened yesterday. She says don’t know, we were waiting for drink. He asks how did we come home and when. He says yes, you were driving my bike. She says you were pushing the bike. They recall and hold heads.

Bihaan says I m having body ache, as if I have drunk bottles of wine. He recalls they got drunk and tells her about bl**dy mary drink. She says it means I had drunk wine yesterday, but how can I. Bihaan asks her not to say, they will have lemon water first, if she tells everyone, they will be caught. Dhruv tells Vasundara that he has to go office for work. Vasundara says she will not delay this marriage. Dhruv thinks this marriage won’t happen, he knows Thapki loves him and will not let this marriage happen. Bihaan and Thapki come there to get lemon juice. Vasundara asks them to have food. Bihaan says its good for digestion. Dhruv gets shocked seeing them wear rings.

Vasundara gets glad too. Thapki starts acting infront of Dhruv and shows she is happy with Bihaan. Bihaan looks on as she holds his hand and takes him. Vasundara asks Dhruv did he see, they were wearing rings, Dadi said they came late, I m happy Thapki is moving on. I m sure you will be happy with Shraddha. She thinks now Dhruv will not refuse to marry Shraddha.

Bihaan argues with Thapki in room. Thapki says they were staring these rings, not us. He gets shocked seeing the ring and asks how did I wear this. He recalls the moment. She asks him to remove the ring and they argue. They try removing the rings and fail. He brings some cream and tries removing. She also tries the same. The rings don’t come out and she tries to cut the ring. He sees her and stops, as this will cut her finger.

Vasundara tells Thapki that she will not forget this favor. Thapki asks what did I do. Vasundara says you made this engagement ring to show Dhruv everything is fine between you and Bihaan, it might be tough for you. Thapki says I will do everything to see Dhruv happy. Suman and Preeti hear them. They worry as Thapki knows their plan against Shraddha, and think Thapki told that to Vasundara.

Thapki goes to them and asks what happened. Suman and Preeti say they will leave home and go Haridwar, as Vasundara will know truth. Thapki says I did not talk about you both. They make her have kheer and pamper her. Thapki thinks whats happening. Suman and Preeti think is Thapki lying, maybe she said something to Vasundara.

They open the door and see Shraddha getting a gun. Suman and Preeti run and ask Vasundara to save them. Vasundara scolds them. Shraddha greets everyone and says don’t be scared, this gun is for Balwinder uncle, dad sent this gift, I have seen Bau ji likes gun collection. Bau ji likes the gun. Vasundara thanks Shraddha and is impressed with her. She thinks Shraddha will become my bahu now.


Suman and Preeti give juice to Shraddha and go. Shraddha gets something in the glass and makes Suman and Preeti fall. Bihaan sees Shraddha making them fall and laugh. He confronts Shraddha.

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