Piya Rangrezz 6th November 2015 Written Update

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Nov 7, 2015

Piya Rangrezz 6th November 2015 Written Update (By Arnav_Priya)

Piya Rangrezz 6th November 2015 Written Episode She reaches home with Sumer and asks him to get gift. He gets it from jeep. Sher asks him to distribute remaining diwali gift and enters home. Vikas shouts that bhaiyaji came. Bhavri eagerly waits for him and tells mama that Sher came from outside and will meet her first. Mama says he will go and meet his wife first and says wife’s pallu is more favorite than mother’s anchal. Bhavri gets angry and says let us see. Chanda in her room speaks to Sher’s pic that she will not talk to him as he did not return yet after a long time, until he comes and pampers her, she will not talk to him. Sher passes by Shraddha’s room, looks at lock and CCTV camera and then peeps into window and leaves. He looks at gift box and goes to Chanda’s room. Chanda acts as angry. He asks if she is angry and says he wanted a life where he can pamper his wife. He got busy selecting special gift for her, so he got late. She takes gift from him and it falls down. She bends to pick it and realizes it was her dream. Sher gives gift to Bhavri. Bhavri happily opens gift and is surprised to see precious jewelry set and says people will taunt that old lady is trying to act young. Sher asks from when she is worried about people’s taunt. She tries necklace looking at mama and says his wife is waiting for him in next room and if he brought any gift for her. He says he can get many wives but not mother, mother is only one. Bhavri looks at mama again and smiles. Sher says he does not want chanda to become mad in his love. Chanda hears their conversation standing near door and angrily breaks her bangles. Blood flows down her hand. Bhavri asks why is he praising his mother so much. He says he is telling truth. He gets call and goes out. Sher calls Chanda and asks where was she. She says she was wearing bangles. He asks if everything is ready. She says yes. He asks to bring it. He then goes and opens Shraddha’s room door. Chanda brings food. Sher tastes it and asks why she forgets since 2 months to let him taste food. She apologizes and gets in to Shraddha’s room. Mama with Bhavri watches from balcony and tells Bhavri that she played good game, madam is eager to meet bhanjaji. Bhavri says she hopes everything is happening for child. Mama says bhanjaji is taking care of madamji like a chaild. Bhavri says her lalla is taking care of Chanda also and she is very happy. Mama says bhanjaji has become her puppet. Bhavri says still plan is not 100% complete, sher is still injured and hopes injury does not get infected. Shraddha looks at Sher and gets sad. Hamari adhuri kahani…song..plays in the background. Sher asks Chanda to match medicine with list and ask Shraddha to have breakfast. Shraddha eats food and coughs. Sher says aloo matar sabji is spicy and she should eat bhindi sabji. Shraddha keeps aside aloo matar sabji and eats bhindi sabji. Sumer tries to enter room. Sher stops him and asks what is he taking in. Sumer says diwali decoration. Sher says he does not enter in, then how can he. He checks bag and asks him to keep it there. Chanda brings back plates. Sher checks plates and asks Chanda to give this bag to Shraddha. Chanda gives it and returns. Sher asks her to get back to work as there is feast tonight. He then locks door back looking at Shraddha. Hamari adhuri kahani….song…plays in the background again. Shraddha sadly looks at door holding her stomach. Precap: Bhavri enters Sher’s room, sees him and Chanda hugging, says she came on wrong time. She gives Sher’s gifted necklace to Chanda. Once she leaves, Chanda breaks it shouting she will not wear used necklace. . Credit: ****box

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