Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update.

Nov 8, 2015

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update. (By Chutianju)

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update. The Episode starts with Suhani falling on Dadi’s feet and apoligziing to her. Dadi gets angry and scolds her saying she will not forgive him. Suhani tells about Soumya’s problem with in laws, and how Krishna and his family are troubling her. She says she can’t leave Soumya alone and can she stay with them here. Pratima says how can anyone stay like this. Dadi looks at her and scolds her. Dadi asks Suhani what was she saying. Suhani says she did not know what to do, so she got her here. Dadi gets happy. Suhani asks can she stay here. Soumya walks in. Rags and Menka smile seeing her. Rags says how are they to treat bahu like this, such illiterate. Menka says Birla bahus are lucky as we stay well here. Dadi welcomes Soumya and smiles. Soumya cries and Dadi opens her arms. Soumya hugs her. Dadi says first time you did the right work Suhani. She asks Soumya not to cry, as its her house and she won’t let anything get less for her here. Soumya hugs Suhani. Pratima gets worried. Yuvraaj comes to room and says Sharad has sent samosas for her, before Dadi sees, have it. He talks to Suhani and is shocked seeing Soumya along with Suhani. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to get fresh and she will tell him everything. She says I will have samosa, what are you seeing there, Soumya will stay in Birla House from today. Yuvraaj is shocked. Also Check ‘Spoilers for this weekend’ – Fresh added Suhani says I took permission from Dadi, I will explain everything later. Soumya says she did not get clothes from home. Suhani says its fine, as my house is yours, my cupboard and clothes are also yours. She says you have equal right on everything I have, even relations. Yuvraaj looks on. Suhani asks Soumya to take any dress she likes. Yuvraaj gets angry and asks Suhani to come out and talk to him. Suhani says coming in 1 min. He says Suhani, I want to talk right now. Suhani asks Soumya to choose dress and leaves. Soumya calls her mum. Yuvraaj asks whats all this. Suhani says Krishna does not love Soumya, he raised hand on her, its good I was there and I did not feel right to leave her there. He says why did you get her here. She says Soumya does not have any place. He says does she think Krishna will keep her happy, when I have….. He says I have seen her mum discussing good relations. She says what can we do, don’t make Soumya feel bad, she did not even have food. He asks what about you? She nods no. Soumya apologizes to her mum and asks her to listen to her. Her mum ends the call and Soumya cries. Suhani comes and sees Soumya crying. She asks what happened. Soumya hugs her and says mum did not listen to me, I told her that she can punish me and she will accept it, even then…. Yuvraaj looks on. Suhani wipes her tears. She says aunty’s anger will go one day, don’t worry, this house is also yours. Pratima says its Suahni’s house, not Soumya, if she stays here, she can create trouble for Suhani and Yuvraaj, I want to keep her away and she is staying here now. Suhani says Soumya can stay here. Soumya says why did mum not forgive me, if you did. Yuvraaj says Suhani is different, sometimes mistakes can’t be forgiven. Suhani says leave all this, even body wounds need time to heal, aunty’s heart is hurt and she will also need time. Ramesh brings food and Suhani serves it to Soumya. Rags and Menka see them. Menka says its good story, we can write novel Sindoor bina Suhagan. Rags asks did she do course of foolishness. Menka says I m talented. Menka says Suhani and Soumya are sharing husband now. Rags says just shut up Menka and leaves. Menka says I m sure Rags is jealous of my smartness. Pankaj says why did Yuvraaj message me like this and did not reply, maybe he is annoyed. He says I will message him again and does. He asks him to tell him if he is still annoyed and have something in his heart as he is like his father. Yuvraaj says he will leave now and asks Suhani and Soumya to talk. Suhani asks him to stay. Yuvraaj gets Pankaj’s message and reads it. Yuvraaj replies him that he should not regard him as his father, as such people does not threaten children. Pankaj says he is maintaining loan file of Birla house. Lata says its good, everything is fine, as money matters is not good with daughter’s inlaws. Dadi tells Rags and Menka that fate is supporting Yuvraaj now. The loan is passed and Soumya has come here. Menka says it means Yuvraaj will get happiness. Dadi says before that, we have to kick out Suhani. Rags says Yuvraaj treats Suhani well, even when he got threatened. Dadi says as he has my family’s blood. Rags says yes, but Suhani acts innocent, what if we expose Suhani and bring out her true face, then it will be easy to kick her out of this house. Dadi says you think if we tell him without any proof, will he not agree. Menka says he started giving you wrong answers, he can catch your neck if you say Suhani bad. Dadi says Yuvraaj will kick out Suhani, and if he does not see her badness, I will show him Soumya’s goodness that he will not value Suhani. She says this forced marriage will break, and Suhani got Soumya here and Soumya will break her marriage now. Precap: Krishna drags Soumya and Yuvraaj holds her hand too, asking Krishna to stop. Pratima is worried seeing Yuvraaj stopping Soumya.

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