Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update.

Nov 8, 2015

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update. (By Chutianju)

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update. Ashram and holds Ashram agreement papers in her hand which Dasharath gave to her. She recalls Viplav taking their signatures on blank papers, then NGO women asking about the Ashram area, and then someone snatching papers from her hand saying he is Viplav’s man. She recalls Dasharath telling that his grand son have done wrong. She cries. Dasharath sings song. Kanak comes and sings song as well. She says I am very happy as my son will be saved from widows’ clutches. Dasharath tells her that Viplav went to Ashram and asks her to have patience. Kanak asks but…..Dasharath asks her to wait. Dulaari asks Dhaani why she is crying and asks what is the matter? Dhaani says she is not crying. Badi Amma asks what is the matter? Dhaani says nothing. They hear Band Baja sound and open the door. Viplav comes inside the Ashram and dances with the ladies. Badi Amma asks what is the matter? Viplav says I will tell but before that I will settle scores with Dhaani. He tells her that he did all this arrangements for her and Ashram……he is about to tell something, but Dhaani slaps him hard. Viplav is shocked and asks why I did this prize. Dhaani says we got to see your Rakshas side, and says you have joked about us. She says Maayi was right about you. Viplav tells her that he came to give these papers. Dhaani tears the papers without reading and asks him to leave the Ashram,. Viplav says you are doing wrong and asks her to tell what went wrong. Dhaani asks him to leave. Dhaani says I would have not met you and says you was a Rakshas, is a Rakshas and will be Rakshas forever. She closes the door. Viplav is devastated. Tripurari asks Viplav what happened? Viplav asks why you always meet me outside Ashram. Tripurari says you are looking tensed and asks him to come home. Viplav asks him about Dasharath’s watch. Tripurari says Dasharath gave him. Viplav tells he doesn’t know about his mistake. Badi Amma asks Dhaani, why did you slap him and insulted him. Dhaani says he is the one who insulted us. She says Viplav was with our enemy Lala, and was fooling us. She says he has stolen the papers too. Dulaari says I was shouting from one day that he is not trustable. She asks if everyone is happy now. Sita Maayi says it can’t be true. Dhaani shows the papers which Dasharath gave to her. She says Viplav wanted to get our Ashram. Dulaari says he was a betrayal, and wanted to loot us. Badi Amma says I can’t believe that Viplav can do such a thing. She says we didn’t see the papers which Viplav brought, and says you have torn the papers in anger. Dhaani says I have seen with my eyes that he was hugging Lala. She says he wanted to make us feel bad and says he will not get this Ashram. Viplav recalls Dhaani slapping him and is angry. Dhaani thinks about Viplav. She looks at the cycle which he brought for her. Viplav recalls Dhaani calling him Rakshas. Dhaani thinks about Dasharath’s words that he didn’t believe that his son could do such a thing. Dulaari sees all the women sadly sitting and asks what happened? She says my daughter didn’t do a big mistake, as everybody is angry on her. Badi Amma says it is not less than a sad thing. She says she can’t be wrong in identifying Viplav. She says Viplav can’t betray us. Dhaani says I can’t change your thinking. She says Viplav has worn the masked of a good man, but now he is done. Later she cries. Dulaari sees her crying and comes to her. Dhaani hugs her and says she made him friend and trusted him. She says people took advantage of him as they are poor. She says you told me that he is not a good man, but I didn’t agree. She apologizes for not believing her and trusting Viplav blindly. She hugs her again and cries. Precap: Prakash tells Viplav that he has being Widows’s savior else what would have happen with them. Dhaani is seen entering his house. Viplav says let Dhaani and Ashram go to hell, and is angry.

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