Sasural Simar Ka 9th November 2015 Written Update

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Nov 10, 2015

Sasural Simar Ka 9th November 2015 Written Update (By Arnav_Priya)

Sasural Simar Ka 9th November 2015 Written Episode Scene 1 Sujata reads a mantra. Mata ji faces badi amma. Rest of the woman magically enter the jungle again. Mata ji knocks at the door. Badi amma says you are scared? Are you trying to run? Mata ji says Khushi where are you all? Dont stop even if something happens. Go from here. the door opens, sujata reads a mantra. mata ji comes running out of the door. Sujata asks are you okay? Mata ji says where are the pots? Khushi has kept them in a shopper. Mata ji says lets proceed with our journey. Sid tells everything to Prem. Sid says please help us God. They hear someone talking. Sid says Indra has kept prem here. They came in and hit indra on head. Prem says you are right i should have informed family. But it was about simar’s and roli’s life. Sid says we could do something together. And how would simar feel seeing that house without you. Prem says i wanted everything to be okay. Amar says dont worry. Prem says we have to get our family off indra’s magic. Sid says i will bring roli at any cost and you have same kinda bond with simar. Sid says lets go. Sid says she is like a normal human now. She can’t harm us. She will protect us when badi amma creates problems. Prem says lets take her from here. Prem takes the nai as well. Amar asks Prem to wear that suit and throw it in. Indra wakes up and says its not that easy to run from indra. You people cheated me. Prem says this doesn’t suit you. I know when i was faint you wanted to take that nail back. Sid says you are a normal human now. you cant do anything. Indra says no I wont listen to you anymore. You have forfieted that right. Simar and roli will never come out. And badi amma will kill rest of you. I never thought i will kill you like this. Prem simar and amar hide in a room. Indra says this is my room. You can’t flee from here. I will find you in a moment and read your mind. Indra sees bolted lock on the door. Pem says let me go. Sid says we can’t take that risk. Prem says please listen to me. Sid says she is coming in this direction. Indra comes to room and looks for them. SId says we have to reach main gate. Amar says we are stuck. Indra says if i had my powers i could find tiem thee.; Prem, amar and sid find a foor. Indra comes in and laughs. Precap-Samal comes and dance on ‘prem ratan.’ . Credit: Drsitvbox

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