Piya Rangrezz 9th November 2015 Written Update

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Nov 10, 2015

Piya Rangrezz 9th November 2015 Written Update (By Arnav_Priya)

Piya Rangrezz 9th November 2015 Written Update Sher enters room when Chanda is getting ready. She looks at him. He says it is also his room and gets busy on phone. She calls him and asks to tie her blouse lace. He ties it and she shyingly looks at him. Bhavri enters and says she came on wrong time. He says this is her house and she can come anytime. She says guests have started coming and he should go and meet them. Once he leaves, she gives necklace set to Chanda and says sher brought it whenever he goes to city, what will she do keeping it, so she is gifting it to her. She should get ready soon and come down. Once she leaves, Chanda breaks it yelling she will not wear worn necklace and says she has to get rid of this old woman like Shraddha. Bhavri’s guests play gambling with cards. Vikas serves snacks and money to everyone. Tiwari says Bhavri that party is looking dull. Sher asks Sumer to keep alcohol bottles in Tiwari’s car for his entertainment. Everyone laughs. Mama also taunts Tiwari and Tiwari fumes. A lady starts dancing sensously on challa mera ashiq challa…song.. Vikas starts dancing with her. Shradha prays god in her room. Dancer drags Sher and dances with him. Chanda gets jealous seeing that and picks botlle to throw on her. Tiwari starts fighting with another guest and throws bottle on Shraddha’s room door and glass breaks. Sher goes and unlocks Shradhha’s room, sees Shraddha choking and brings her out of room. He brings her holding her hand into party venue. Chanda fumes in jealousy seeing that. Mama comments that a bottle broke 2 months of silence. Tiwari continues figthing with guest again. Sher inteferes and scolds Tiwari how dare he is to throw bottle into Shraddha’s room and gives him broom to clean. Tiwari tells Bhavri that he kept quiet seeing her, but will not tolerate now. Sher shouts he shouts he should clean. Tiwari tries to leave. Sher shoots at him and says he is doing mistake repeatedly, first by coming here and second forcing him to shoot bullet, his child got afraid hearing bullet sound. He throws broom in front of him and points gun. Tiwari helplessly picks broom fuming and leaves. Sher sends Gajra behind him and himself follows and asks him to clean. Tiwari cleans glass pieces. Sher asks Gajra to bring room freshner and asks Tiwari to spray it in whole room. Tiwari sprays and walks out angrily. Sher comes back, holds Shraddha’s hand and drops her back in her room, asks if everything is fine and leaves locking room door again. Shraddha looks at him sadly. He goes back to party venue, asks people to continue party and goes to his room. Sher goes to his room and starts drinking alcohol. Bhavri enters and asks why did he insult guest and made him enemy. Sher asks from when she is caring about her enemies, Tiwar created drama after drinking and he did not tolerate it. Bhavri says now Tiwari must be planning to take revenge. He says he does not care anyone and if someone harms his child, he will not spare him/her, not even her. He continues that he obeyed her and married even chanda and is on 2 boats now. She tries to console him. He asks her to go and attend guests first. She leaves. He continues gulping alcohol. Precap: Vikas flirts with dancer. Sunehri gets angry seeing that. Sher then holds dancer and flirts. Chanda gets angry next. Credit : Telly updates

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