Blue Pebbles

Nov 20, 2015

Blue Pebbles (By Nandhinisankaran) (Thanked: 72 times)

“Tho phir aap une cho* kyun nahi dete” screeched Khushi.

Arnav halted in his step.He never knew the pain of words.Yes,he never knew.He had always been in pain.But no ,that was emotional backups. That’s the lack of trust people had on him. That was their actions which caused him to whimper in pain. But no, he never knew the pain of words. May be ,he would have if he talked. Most of the time, he don’t and when he opens his mouth, all others automatically goes on power off. Blame it on his reputation. He smiled wryly. Coming back to the pain, shooting his heart at the moment, he never knew the pain of words or the unsaid words. Yes, unsaid words to Khushi, ”I love you”.

He wanted to tell her that she shouldn’t cry in her jiji’s  bidaai as she would be joining her in raizada mansion soon. He is the one who wrote those words on mirror. Though he borrowed it from his di, with lots of teases. He knew that she knew he loves Khushi. But she doesn’t show it off as he.What the great ASR doesn’t know is,only khushi is the one who doesn’t know of his feelings,baaki sab toh kab ha apni sixth sense se sense kar chuke hai...:D

But now his life seems shattered,what does khushi imply by her words.He has to know,he must grab her and ask her,his mind asked him to move his legs forward,but alas,he dragged them backward unaware of the series of stairs down there.There started the fall of ASR...

“Khushi” his voice boomed.

All crowded near stairs to locate the voice,but the sight drained the colors of their face.No one wanted to see their dear chotte,Asr,Arnavji in pool of blood.Would they?


Nov 21, 2015

my opinion... (By Arnavkhushiarshi) (Thanked: 43 times)

I am giving my comments here becz, it don't get posted in comments section... Well a unique start to the terrace scene...I am loving it already, but the size is too short!!! And write in paragraph... It will easier to read.... Continue soon...

Nov 23, 2015

Chapter -2 (By Nandhinisankaran) (Thanked: 71 times)

Arnav was in pool of blood.People’s senses were shattered .They couldn’t comprehend what to do.Akash was the one who came out of his shock and ordered Nk to keep the car ready.Thankfully it was past traffic time,they would reach the hospital without fuss.Taking Arnav in his arms,he made a run for the car.Placing his blood pool head on his lap,he asked Hp to take care of everything back here.Yes he asked Hp to take care of.Hp is no less than a family member.Isn’t he?.Nk drove without giving a damn to traffic.He was hurt.Yes,he was.How couldn’t he? He did hear what Shyam told to his Khushiji.His khushiji.Though he had no romantic feelings towards her as others especially ASR thought,he did like her.But now He was confused on whom to believe.Should he believe Khushiji or Shyam or his conscience.He never had no intimate feelings towards her.But it was fun to see Asr rile up.After all he is a brother of Anjali di.And Nannav ,he always knew Nannav had feelings for Khushi.Tabhi toh, they all made a plan to unite them.But had they known such an evil serpent was waiting to bite them,they would have married these two earlier. Nk was busy on worrying over spoiled milk but thanks to his driving skills, he reached Hospital earlier.

Akash quickly pulled Asr from car into stretcher with the help of Aman,whom he informed while coming on car.He knew any extra men would be of so help today.And here it is about Aman.How cannot he? Actually Aman was busy in controlling media and checking out securities over THE SHANTIVAN ,but he received a call and he hurried out excusing himself.About which he needs to know.He is no fool he knew the difference between emergency and escapism.He was sure there would be something which would have caused his sleeves sweat.Deciding to dug on later,he asked the doctor to keep the news private.Though he knew his generous relatives would have made the headlines exclusive.It was a safety measure.

After a few minutes, “Akash sir,you please go home.Your di must be worried.Please you take care of them.We would inform you once we comes to know of Asr betterment.” Aman cajoled.

“No.I won’t.Bhai ko … No he is my brother.”Akash whimpered.

Aman could understand the dilemma of Akash.Who wouldn’t if he puts him in his place he would be doing the same thing.And poor Payalji, he knew her first marriage broke off.But now .Aman couldn't do anything other than feel sorry for her.

The crowd who gathered for marriage moved out  one by one conveying their deep sorry for the accident happened.While the missing Mamaji tagged along with Buaji and thanked them,hugged them for their part in consoling them.The decorated Shantivan was turning into mayavan,no one had  strength to take care of anything.They didn't gave any damn about anything and sobbed in their hearts.

After all its Arnavji,arnav babua,chotte and so many.Well how could we forget the Asr. The  news of accident soon reached the press  courtesy to the relatives.

Shyam was happy,he knew it wouldn’t cause Asr to death.But for sure would dampen his spirits.His only concern was what was he doing there? He knew Khushi is in terrace.Did he listened what all he told?Suddenly Shyam was sweating.if his doubts are true,it won’t take a minute for raizada’s to kill him.He should be careful and the time has come for .He should grab Anjali to his side,before Khushi do something.That girl,how she slapped him when he told her he would leave Anjali.And before he could teach her some respect, the Asr fell down with his khushi on the lips.Mor*n kahe kha.Never he let him to be in peace,always a burden to him and his plans.He was already worried over failure of anjali’s car accident.But it failed,thanks to the stupid driver Mohan.Bada aaya anjali ko bachane vala.Now He could kill her .Yes he changed his plans,if Arnav gets a clue of anything about him,he would make sure to rot him in hell.Before Arnav gets Healed,he has to kill Anjali.And then in the drunken state,he would molest Khushi,then no one would separate khushi from him.Not even the great Asr.He smiled wickedly.


Nov 25, 2015

Chapter-3 (By Nandhinisankaran) (Thanked: 63 times)

Arnav slowly opened his eyes and regained his consciousness. His head throbbed with pain, his eyes were blurry, and his throat dry and he felt his body betray him. He knew why it all happened to him. Thanks to Khushi.Damn that girl. He will deal with her once he gets discharged. But seeing his body condition, he doesn’t feel like he would be discharged any time soon. He sighed.

Nani was so upset with all of the happenings. This is not good for the family.Akash’s marriage was stopped. Poor Payal what she must be feeling. She had asked her to stay in RM but she politely refused. She doesn’t have any news on Chotte, though Manorama had been always on touch with Akash. Doctors had clearly refused to say anything, which fuelled her anger more. What kind of doctors are they? How could they refuse to give any further information on Her chotte? Upar se, This anjali bitia,she is not at all coming out of her room.She could see her Blood pressure veining up on her nerves.Her current mental state is unpredictable and so she asked not to disturb her.She sat on her old Teak sofa which had memories bounded with it.The first day when the sofa was installed,it was for Akash’s birth.How her husband had been happy as he had A SON as his heir.Yes, her husband ideology has been always paranoid. She never believed in such norms.To her,girls are more important than anything. But sadly,she couldn’t convince Her husband on that regard. This sofa has so many memories,it was that sofa in which she fell on hearing her daughter's death.It was that sofa which always reminded her daughter.She knew if he were alive,he would have house by his head on hearing her thoughts.She smiled with moisture coating her eyes. Why life is turning out cruel again?She never wished to live once he left her,but she got adapted as people relied on her.Manohar managed the business,someone was needed to take care of the house as Manorama was busy taking care of all children.Though she must applaud Manorama for taking up on Arnav and Anjali.To take care of Anjali has never been a issue,she is a angel.But,chotte,she knew her chotte as like her Second son who died on a accident.With anger always coating his straight crooked nose.Manorama initially struggled much to take part in Arnav’s life.But as time passed,she understood it is his way of caring.He is a unique piece like Khushi bitia.Tabhi toh,she wanted Khushi as her elder bahu.It is not that she dislike Payal bitia,but there had been not much incidents to interact with her,but Khushi she never leaves any chance to converse.Such a lovely child.She felt pity and sympathy waving over head,swooning the blood and crashing with her body walls.All of her loved ones are suffering due to an accident.All she could do was mourn over them and the loss.

 But the question is was it an accident?

" Mr.Khurrana,please follow me”Said the doctor who is currently treating our ASR.

“What happened Dr.Bhatia,you suddenly cancelled my honeymoon holidays”He said annoyed.After all who wouldn’t.It took 2 years for him to make Aditi to accept his proposal and another 1 year to prove her family his innocence and etc.,Finally after a hectic and Big fat Indian wedding,he was about to ravish his marriage.Suddenly,Mr.Bhatia called cancelling his mood of wedding night .Poor Aditi,what she must have felt? He worried.Litle did he know that she is currently enjoying her phagpere in her maternal home.

 “Dr.Khurrana,There is a serious issue.VIP Room no.12 was occupied.”

Dr.Bhatia told him with serious face.Siddharth was beyond annoyed.What the hell?So what? If the room is occupied what it has to do with him?Is he a doctor or cleaner?Man,Dr.Bhatia had gone nuts.

“So?” Siddharth asked him in a tell-me-am-annoyed look. “ASR was admitted in there due to head injury.”Siddharth was shocked.What the hell he was talking man? ASR was admitted.Without his knowledge,laughter bubbled up his insides.He and ASR have long way to go.How could he not miss this chance to taunt THE ASR ?He was not there to witness his fall,but sure he would deliver his apologies personally and he smirked.


Dec 18, 2015

Chapter-4 (By Nandhinisankaran) (Thanked: 45 times)

Siddhartha Khurrana smiled, his face radiating with joy. After all, it is the ASR, whom he is going to meet. They share a long way. They both were the room partners on US while doing their courses on Harvard. Little things of life bounded them, made them look out for each other and so here, they are after years of tackling life, got a immense opportunity to be free. But what worried him was He is about to meet him in such a state. Worries apart ,he went into the ward asking the Ward boy to get the reports from Chief doctor.

Arnav was shocked to see Siddhartha on here. But what worried him more was the serious look dancing on his face. What had transpired in the report? Is something serious? Oh no, What is on there?

“Sid, Why are you tensed? What’s on the report?” Arnav asked trying to be calm, but his voice voiced nervousness, anxiety.

“Man, Do you love someone?”

“What does that has to with it?” He asked perplexed. Where did Portion of love was displayed on Med Reports. He was in real confusion. Is Sid really a doctor? Yes, He was topper at those times. Always  into books, library. Not he was much better. But he had his needs, Both financially and physically. And that took his precious time away. To study in Harvard , had its own criteria’s other than good marks and academics. Sid never had less of it, not he is jealous of him, But those times didn’t make that look easy. To control his urges, he moved away. He is not a fool. He knew his weakness. He cared deeply for Sid that he could not let his insecurity hurt him. But Sid being Sid ,accepted his behaviour after lots of efforts. And then it is only now, he is seeing him in real.

“Hey man, Where you are lost?” Asked Sid ,with his hands massaging his shoulder.

“Am thinking of Why the hell I let you go”

“Common Man,Don’t  start again like Khushi.”

“Khushi, How did you know her?”

“Voh, not only me bro, the whole hospital knows her. She has been on your side from yesterday.”

“Oh...”Only Arnav could utter. What did Khushi wants? Why she was here? Is she really concerned over him? OR is it an act to attract attention? Is she here to take care that he didn’t spell the truth? Did Shyam let her here? Why? He badly wants to hug her and tell her that he is okay, nothing had happened to him ,except that his heart was taken by certain Pagal. He smiled, Ironically. Things of never to do.


Dec 19, 2015

Hey guys (By Coffee Green) (Thanked: 25 times)

hey people.Sorry for interrupting your cool weekends with stupid notes.But just a query. Will you all wait till New year amd enjoy longer updates?? or Will you all be satisfied with short updates on regular basis?? Do tell me.As am getting more attracted to the Arnav I created I need a little time to rearrange my schedules and update.But as for now,all I can say it will be nothing like Ipkknd serial,I personally dislike the way things happened there.No repetition of such will be here. Thank you all.:)

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Will wait till new year (Votes: 27)
No we are ok with small updates (Votes: 24)
May 27, 2016

Sorry:( (By Nandhinisankaran) (Thanked: 19 times)

Aman Mathur was sweating profoundly.His foreheads are brimmed with sweats,His temperature ,a little hot for the Air conditioned room in AR.How could he not?The ASR is before him with his claws unsheathed,his axes sharpen,senses stiff demanding to know the TRUTH.What he has to do?If only he knew,but he doesn't .That's the issue over here.No one doesn't know about the truth other than him.Isn't that why ASR is giving his exclusive ASR- RUDHRA AVATAR to him to know the Unveiled truth from the only person who knows?Absolutely Yes!

But what the ASR is doing in the AR who was declaimed to be in COMA.?

By now you all would have guessed that was an act,isn't it?

But the guilty can't,Can he? Do you know why?Because of fear,fear of getting caught.Cat caught in the Act...;)

Yes,The cat is caught .But will it be meowed down  or claw upon By/on ASR?

Only I can tell?I hope too.


ps.This is a trailer which I forgot to mention.Sorry is being personally delivering to EACH AND EVERY one who commented,clicked thank you button.Wish I get such responses over the ride.

Next update is brooming.

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Will be waiting to hear from you all.



May 27, 2016

Chapter-5 (By Nandhinisankaran) (Thanked: 33 times)

Arnav was shocked to find out that Khushi is the only one who was beside him throughout the night as Akash and Aman were busy in handling the press,Nk was lost,And his Di was broken by the news of her accident.He was really sad for Payal, as he knew it's due to him her first marriage broke off,but The second time too, was unexpectedly by him.He smiled wryly that He and Khushi had been the main reason for Payal's broken marriage.Thank god ,Payal is not like Khushi,he smiled or else she would have pissed off him for breaking her marriage again.But did he know she is nothing like Khushi and so she is not going to sit down when the storm comes?But the real suspense on which side she would be of the storm?

"What are you going to do?Should I call her inside?" Asked Sid ,breaking ASR from his self -analysis on Payal's marriage and their broke off's.

"No,Sid,No one apart from I and you should know about it.Do whatever you want but I want all ,mind the word ,including Di and Nani to believe that Am unconscious.You should only check me up and you must allow only the persons I allow to let me see.Is that clear?"

"Yes boss, But I still can't understand your plan! Why Di?She would be worried."

"Let her be.That makes the plan easy.Her prayers will strengthen me more. "

"Do you still believe What you said is true?"

"100 %"

"But how are you so sure that Khushi would have known about you being awake"

'That's Khushi and she only has access to know about me' His mind shot back .Has ever ASR openly talked about his mind,nahi na.

"She was with me the whole night and she is the one who told you that my eyes are fluttering.Then how do you think she 'll believe it."


"What so?"

"What should I say then?"

"Just send her into my room,I 'll deal with her."

"Anything else?"

"Just one thing,"


"Postpone your wedding night till I recover"

"Go to hell"Sid scoffed and bid bye to the ASR.ASR was sure he has spotted the right target to make his next move.Now it's Khushi's turn.


Anjali was happy to hear the news told by Hospital.She knew she was the first one to be informed of the status by the hospital and she can't help but to shed tears.Her years of patience and pooja had paid off.It was all she could do for her patidev,she did.She knew when Chotte comes to know of it,he would be angry on her.But she can't help it.It's a promise she made on her Mumma.But she had overdone her promise.There should be a punishment for what she had done.And she knows what that is.

She stood before the hospital with her face hidden by a black veil as muslim women used to do.(No offense to any paricular religion,this particular sentence will be edited with further references)

"I am so sorry chotte,It's for your own good.Forgive me " she sobbed and entered the room to Kill.


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