Of "Late Spring" & "Orange Roses" - Completed

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Nov 28, 2015

Of "Late Spring" & "Orange Roses" (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 58 times)

                  Of “Late spring” & “Orange Roses”


A story of a dutiful wife , who is searching for  filmy love in her daily life and in her unromantic hubby. She thinks her spring of love will surly come. It just a matter of time. Is it true that her spring is just late or it’s all are her illusion?? And mainly what is the relation between her “Late spring” & “Orange Roses”.

                                                                                             ~~ A journey of Mr & Mrs Arnav sing Raizada.




Winter is gone with that bone cracking cold in Kolkata , leaving only the heart touching soothing slow wind, circling the neighbours garden , mixing with the smell of freshly sprouted roses  and spreading it everywhere . A hush of wind fanned her face as Khushi opened the small window of her house kitchen in the morning to prepare a morning tea for her husband.

The smell of roses engulf her, as a sudden craving fill in her ,

“They don’t have roses in their small garden,”

Khushi sighs sadly, while putting the tea leaves into the streaming milk. No matter how much times she has tried planting a rose plant in their garden , every time it just never bloomed or die before even blooming, Their neighbour Mrs Payal Malhotra has a great collection of roses in her garden, especially the bunch of red rose plants which she planted near to her window knowing her cravings for roses,

From childhood she always love those red , pure red roses, signifying the deep love and desire. She always seen the scene where hero secretly offers roses to heroine and in response the female protagonist will blush to the deep red matching the roses, she always adores that scene and secretly wished for someday it will come true for her.

But alas ! her wish remained like a fading colour in her life as her Baba (father) got her married to him, without she receiving any roses from anyone , nor even from her husband of two years now.

The streaming tea got her attention as she uninterestedly put them in a cup and carried away to their bedroom where her hubby must be waiting for the morning tea, reluctantly going away from those lovely roses.

Khushi entered into their bedroom to find the bed empty and the sound of running water coming from the washroom.

Ohh !! nevertheless what she expected from her workaholic husband, the businessman of the year to sleep late in morning till she bring his tea and wake him up like they show in movies, and then they will do some morning romance and some lovely talks and all the time she will blush to red !!

“Ohh Devi mayiya !! why life is so unfair, isn’t they got ideas from our daily life only to make movies and stories?? Then why my life is so boring?? Am sure if a single film will frame on my life it will be so boring with never ending story.... ohh why so ??”


“ what brings you to complain in the morning itself Khushi??”

The voice of her husband broke her revive , as she look at the direction of washroom and find him standing there freshly bathed, looking as handsome as ever with a amused expression on his face, and for sure she know that amused expression is for only.

Coming to her husband, he always leave her as a mass of nervous bundle with his single stare, his single lopsided smile can make her toe curl with a hundreds of butterflies fluttering in her stomach, with her heart beating  from 100 to 200 per minute , and leave her only thinking what will happen to her if he suddenly started behaving as bollywood heroes, will she able to handel??

“you seem lost in you your world... but let me remind you , I have a early meeting, so get ready with your breakfast or else don’t sulk in front of me whole day saying I went to office without breakfast and all that”

With this unromantic talk in the morning itself her fantasy broke, as she put the cup down and ran to prepare something for her Laadgoverner husband, love can wait but her husband won’t.



Hii friends !!

My internals are over but there is still my main semester on 2 December, but still it can’t stop this thought to popping in my mind, I know there is a lot of pending work to be done, but what to do ?? imagination  can’t be forced like love. It happen eventually , like this happened today morning itself, making me to share it with as soon as I can cutting sometime from studies.

Whatever be the reason , I promise I will continue my  every work with this story too. Please wait for me , my exam will end on 23rd December , most probably I will update from then.

Till then goodbye and take care.....

With  love Puspa !!! 

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Dec 24, 2015

Chapter -2 (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 58 times)

                          Chapter – 2


Khushi hurriedly take out the overly buttered paratha from the pan before it get burned and put it in the plate along with toast and egg,

Now this is called a perfect English breakfast as her hubby likes , with desi touch as she likes.

“khushi !! how much it takes to prepare four toast??”

The sarcastic remark from Arnav make her to clench her hand,

This man will never change......

“ohho !! what so hurry...people earn money to live happily, to enjoy life , what’s the need of money if you don’t even have a single minute to breath...”

Arnav’s whole attention is now on the over oily paratha saying hallo to him laying on his plate, instead of on her, no matter how many time he’ll tell her not to give such oily paratha first in morning but she’ll never listen.

Not getting any response from her over smart husband who always have a back answer for every question on the tip of his tongue, she look at him to find him staring at the paratha.

And like this, she knew what is coming next.....

“I have made special paratha for you to eat not to stare at it”

Saying this Khushi put a  morsel of it on his mouth.

“Khushi !!”

Anger is evident on his eyes, firstly for the paratha , and secondly for being treated like a kid.

Khushi rolled her eyes at this , and wiping her hands take a sit in front of him, while he continue to eat without much fuss ,

It’s better to eat quietly that to being treated like a kid. Nevertheless Khushi is a good cook, and Arnav  literary miss her handmade food whenever he is on tour.

But it’s a totally different thing that she doesn’t know this, neither he have ever said it openly.

Khushi watch as Arnav ate with a frown and the angry wala expression, it is nothing new for her. As they are growing old together things like this doesn’t bother her much as it used to be.

A smile formed on her face thinking about the early days of her marriage ,

 Ohh God !!

how scared she used to get at his anger back then.  But the thing never change in this long two year is his bossy nature. Like they say old habit never changes….

From the beginning she had come to know that her husband is not among the persons who hide their displeasure in order to make anyone happy. he will always made it clear by his actions and words that he doesn’t appreciate the thing, back then this nature of him used to hurt her a lot , owing to her expectation from this marriage , she used to think he never love her.

According to him what you feel it should reflect on your work and words,

Baba re baba that doesn’t mean you say the naked truth right on face, this is so embarrassing and humiliating when at your first rasoi your husband itself split out the kheer you made with so much love and then in front of everyone you got the shocking news that your Husband of a day by then is diabetic. Back then her face has turned red in shame, tears clog at the corner of her eyes as he left the table after that without even a single glance. Thank God her mother-in-law is the sweetest mother-in-law ever to console her and give her gyan(lecture) about Sansarik grihasti and Shukhi Byabahik jivan (family life and happy married life).

But then also every time worse situations occur,   he never kept her in dark, he always gave her explanations of his work sooner or later. And that sooth her troubled heart that he cares... cares enough to justify his actions. Care enough to think about her latter, cares enough to demand from her.

Does this care not seems like love????

And like this Khushi Gupta has found love in the caresses of her husband , has learned to read his husband without saying... and has moulded and fitted herself perfectly in his life , heart and mind like their name. Being truly her husband’s.....

Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada!!

With a sigh she take  his yellow lunch box and followed him to the car, as he started to go away she waited holding her breath, her filmy mind never stop giving her crazy ideas, now will he turn to look at her before going to office once?? Will he come to her and plant a sweet butterfly kiss saying “Miss me!!”??

And then the miracle happen , as he turn and look directly into her eyes.... ohh !! she is not able to believe on her stars as he started coming towards her taking baby steps towards her, ohh that smile !! that manly features of him... is this Man really her husband??? If yes then God is very unfair... while he can turn her into jelly by his single stare . she has no idea is there will be same effect of her on him??? Leave same.. is there will be a little bit of effect of her on him???

She trembled as her whole body shy away like a Touch-Me-Not plant, her little nose turned red as he took her hand into his...

Wait !!!

He has not come back for her , he  has come to take his lunch box....

And like this the little heaven that her mind has woven around her come to a clash!!!

“What the!!! Let go of the lunch box Khushi ... am getting late”

Arnav said being irritated , he is getting late and don’t know what has happened to her she is behaving weirdly from morning, not that she is normal anyway but today seems it has increased to a bit.

“to jayiye na !! wapas kyun aye??(so go naa... why turn back??)”

Khushi said irritatingly,

“I must have gone, if not for you I won’t have ever turn back for anything leave this Yellow Lunch box. Should I leave this today??”

Arnav asked equally irritated, he is not the person who will carry a lunch box that too of yellow colour, he only know how he had beard those strange gaze of his employees in initial days and now he has knew what will happen if he defy his beloved wife !!

“No !! not even think of that” saying this she stuffed the box in his hand.

“ and if you care for me so much bring a red rose plant for me today while coming back from office”

“but khushi !!”

“you will buy me one… and now go go you have early meeting.. go now!!”

Khushi literally pushed him into his car and waved him a bye.. as his car droved away.

Cause she know a little minute delay must have give him a ample of time to refuse to buy any plant that too sweetly……     


Hello friends !!

Thank you all who like this idea of mine, every time I wrote or read a love story , I generally adore this type of stories where life smoothly goes without much drama as they show on daily shops , I like the little nok jhok of couples who may never express their love like hero or heroin but their every action speaks about love.

Doesn’t this is how our daily normal life like????

Hope you all enjoy this Drama, cause this is my favorite one among all my writing, hope how I enjoyed writing this you all will be enjoy while reading.

Any negative comments or advice to improve my writing are heartily welcomed cause I am too learning, and who will be better than a friend to be a guide!!!

Please surely comment,  I will be waiting for your opinion.

With love

Puspa !!   

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Jan 14, 2016

Chapter - 3 (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 53 times)

“ ohh thank god, at last it finished !”

Khushi breath out in relief, she is doing the home c****s from the time Arnav has left for office, but this household work never meant to be finished at first place.

Ring – ring ....

The land phone ringed up indicating an incoming call.

Khushi hurriedly come out of kitchen wiping her hands in the end of her sharee.


Khushi asked breathlessly after all the works making her tired.

“Khushi beta! Ami Maa boluchu.(khushi beta, it’s mother here)”

“Ohh!! Pranam Maa “ Khushi greeted her mother-in-law as she relax on the sofa.

“Beta it’s been a long time I have seen both of you, everything is right na !!”

Khushi sighs as she heard the concerned filled voice of her Mother-in-law Shubhadra, she is a kind lady with golden hearts but unlike her son very expressive about her feelings. Now thinking about this she can draw a thin line of similarities between her mother-in-law and her husband. And upon more thinking anyone can conclude even though Arnav is more close to his mother, but he is much like her father-in-law, all hard at surface but soft inner side like coconut.

“we both are fine Maa, in fact I am missing you very much Maa, I might have till now hundred times reminded him to go to village to meet you all, but he is only busy in his work and work.” Khushi complained cause she knew it’s only Maa whose words he takes without any question.

“I know beta, I know that monkey more than you. Once he got involve in work he forget everything.”

Khushi nodded , at least there is someone who understand her in this big world.

“khushi beta , you there??” her mother-in-law asked without getting any response from her, how can she be!! A call doesn’t approve visual display unless it is video call.

“yes Maa.. I just..”

“leave that, why I called is,  Anjali is coming for her delivery as her due month is coming near and will be here till her delivery, she has the heart to meet you all , even I also talked with pandit about conducting a puja for the up coming baby.”

“wow that will be great Maa, even I had last time seen her months back. When will be the pujaa??”

Khuhsi asked taking a mental note to buy something for both the baby and Anjali.

“16th of next month beta”


Latter at night......

Arnav looks on at his wife, lets say a sulking wife.

He keep on thinking what he had done wrong but nothing comes in his mind.

“take this !!” khushi forwarded his tablets and a glass of water looking everywhere but at Arnav.

Arnav gulped the tablet when she heard her.

“Maa has called today, how many time I have told you at least take me to her but no !! you are always busy in work.”

Arnav look at her, is she angry cause he has not taken her to maa for more than months now?

“so you want to go to Maa!”

Arnav asked indirectly, cause directly asking only means that calling an angry bull with a red flag.

“of course, all the time at home, am getting bored . even you too are so busy.”

Khushi sighs sadly as she sat next to Arnav on bed.

“but these are works Khushi, you doesn’t expect me to sit with you all day and say lovely words to you. Do you?”

Arnav remarked sarcastically as he closed the current file he is reading.

“everyone does, even Mr.Malhotra does work, but I have never seen Payal complaining about him.”

“common Khushi that doesn’t mean Akash gives time to her, that means Payal understands him and his work.”

Arnav said as he pull her close to him.

“no don’t fool me, and even if its true, he doesn’t forget to bring roses and things demanded by payal, unlike what you did today.”

Khushi said as she come out of his embarrass.

And like all the time then it clicked on his mind that she is sulking cause of the roses!

“not again Khushi ! how many times you will plant them?? No matter how many time you plant them it won’t giving flowers, may be there is some defect in the soil. And thinking this only I didn’t get the plant. Lets check the soil first then we will buy as many flower pots as you want.”

Arnav  lied, telling the truth might increase the fight between them and what else he say her which she already guessed that he has forgotten.

“don’t fool me, the truth is that you forgot and nothing else. Why don’t you do this favour ! drop me at my father’s home first thing in the morning. Then you will be free of me.”

Khushi covered herself full with the blanket as she turn away from him.

“but Khushi.....”

“khushi.... at least tell me why Maa has called today..”


Arnav call for her desperately but she cleanly ignored him.

“ask yourself”

And with that a day comes to end with one sulking and one tired.  


with love PUSPA !!

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Feb 12, 2016

notice !! (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 21 times)

sorry Folks !!

sorry , sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.........................

I have to keep this story on hold for some time being , as I am going to join coaching from next week from 6pm to 9pm daily , so it will be hectic for me managing all the stories,coaching , college etc etc.

so I have decided that , I will finish up all my stories then continue it.

hope you all understand my situation and wait for this story.

with love Puspa !!

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May 22, 2017

Chapter - 4 (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 43 times)

Arnav looked at Khushi exasperatedly. It is Sunday and they are in a supermarket where she just choose to enter in every shop whether she has to buy or not. And by any chance you asked her why the only answer you are going to get is “you should know “.

Provided any other Sundays, like previous 2-3 Sundays he might have given some excuses but today they are shopping for his family. Specially for his sister Anjali whose baby shower function in on the roll. And his wife chooses to buy anything and everything she can.

“Khushi, lets go home. What left we can come another time”

He tugged at her hand, stopping her from entering into another shop.

“well I know your another time means never, but let me remind you I am leaving for village day after tomorrow. And what left is 3-4 days and after that you also joining me there, so tell me what have you planned? Shopping alone for all these?”

Arnav rolled his eyes, sometimes it’s too bad to have a wife who knows you too well. He again look back at her who is now looking at him. Arms folded and with a “dare you deny” look. Well did he forget to mention his wife sometimes behave all mature and responsible too.

And like that again the game started where he only have to follow her blindly and nod his head here and there where needed, rest can be well managed by her.



“Kaka, if this time it won’t flowered or die , I am telling you , I will take those two more rose plants for free.”

As Khushi argued with the old man, he smilingly look over her head to him, and he nodded like every other times. The old man became a well known in this short time. Khushi and her love for these particular red roses are the reason they will stop every time at this shop either to buy fertilizers or more plants. And Khushi being her no one can resist her. She carries that aura around her that when you will become comfortable and in no time addicted to her you won’t even realise.

Thinking upon it, This is actually what made this marriage work till now. Firstly he wasn’t sure about this marriage and secondly marrying a complete stranger was something he never wished for himself. A love marriage is what he will always prefer but well everyone is not that much lucky.

But in all these chaos! She happened, not only she understands him better than himself but also blended into every shape of him perfectly. And for that he will be always grateful to her. Now marrying some complete stranger doesn’t intimidate him that much as it used to be if the person has to be like her.

A gentle tug at his sleeves and his eyes come crashing to look into her, she looks tired, stressed, but those smiling eyes always told a different story all together. It told him how strong the bearer is. How beautiful it looks when along with her lips her eyes also smile at him. And some where he has referred this feelings as Home.

“Chale? “( shall we move?)

“ han”

Taking her hand in his as he is going to turn to the exit but something crash on Khushi or may say someone. As a result she is going to lose her hold on the pot but he hold it before it land on ground.

“thank god ! my roses are all right.”

Hearing her exclaim he can resist rolling his eyes, something will never change. here all she thinking is about the pot where she could have fallen herself too.

“ Excuse me ! Am really sorry, in my hurry I didn’t see you”

Initially Arnav was going to give that person a piece of his mind for this carelessness but words failed him as he come face to face with the person.

“Arnav ! is that you?”

“Naina !”



HOLLA Guys !!

After a long long time I must say, but its feel like coming home back. I don’t know how many will still read this story or waiting for this to update, but am sure reading only Khushi’s perspective till now, this episode will be a refreshing one. Well I have not given whole perspective of Arnav till now , just a little insight of his heart. Rest will be revealed  as the story will progress.

Hoping to see you people in this story, liking and commenting !

Please guys let me know how you feel about it by commenting. And thanks also for those previous beautiful comments. And new readers you are always welcome.

With love

Puspa !     

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Jun 6, 2017

Chapter - 5 (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 46 times)

Arnav  looked down from his room, everyone is gathered in the large open space  in the middle of  the large Haveli. They are in village for his sister’s function for the well being of the new member, who will soon grace his sister as a mother.

There is his family, his sister’s in-laws and Naina ! many more unknown faces also start purring into the Haveli for the function that will held tonight. He has taken 3-4 days off from work on the instance of his mother. It was all good cause he has not taken any leave for a long time now and he also thought that it will be good opportunity cause it’s been long time. But coming here he got to know that Naina is also here, as she is going to marry his Sister’s brother-in-law. Their marriage would have taken place by the time, but as it is Anjali’s due date is coming closer they have decided not to stress the new mother and new born baby, and keep the marriage some months later. It is as if she is part of their family, only thing remain is to make it official.

He won’t deny that he was not disturbed after seeing Naina there in market back in town. But coming here and knowing that she somehow going to connect in his life is much more disturbing than that. Well how you feel when you meet a person for whom you had feelings at some point of your life and that was never reciprocated.

Coming to him, what exactly he feels now? Nothing ! well confused would have been a better word to describe it. Cause whenever he had  imagined this scene from past, he always thought that he will feel sad. But magically this is not the case!  Does that mean his love back then was not true? But as much as he remembered he was so sad and broken back at then that even till today he is afraid to believe in that word called “love”.


“Arnav !”

Arnav turn around to come face to face with Naina, his eyes roam everywhere to locate Khushi but she is nowhere to see, must be busy in function.

“ ohh, Hello ! “ faking a smile Arnav concentrate back on the cold drink in his hand. It is actually awkward talking to her.

“How are you?” Naina asked in order to start a conversation.

“I am fine, what about you?”

“ well, am fine too. But it got little bored, as you are not there...”

Naina winked adding humour to her talks, she was always like that, jolly, fun loving, she have this talent to easily mix with you and be your friend, if not those nature of her he might have never had that courage to talk to her.

He smiled at her lame jokes, listened her talks, she hasn’t changed a bit. Even he was surprised of himself that he still remembers every bit details of her. Be there little time in university, or his little crush upon her back then.

“it must be awkward, isn’t it?”

Naina asked out of nowhere between their conversation.

“what?” Arnav asked confused about where the direction of their conversation is going.

“well, I had figured it out from your ignorance in that market that day. I thought you must have moved on by now.”

“And this is it. I have actually moved on from you.”

Arnav said as a matter of fact. He can very well name the jitters he was feeling sometimes ago. The confusion and all. He was never confused about his feelings for her. It was clear as water. What He was  confused  about is about how to remove this awkwardness between them. Nothing much nothing less.

“Are you sure?” Naina asked.

“well Naina, if you are going to talk then we should talk as adults. Yes this is awkward ! but it has nothing to do with my feelings. There was some time in my life where I loved you, given chance we might have been together now, happily living. But this is not the case. I am married now, Khushi is a nice girl. She understands me like no one. And am happy with this. Life is all good now. I even don’t know when the last time I thought about you.”

“and what about Love?”

This question somewhat make him tongue tied for a moment. And he choose to be honest. When in confusion being honest is the best thing you can do.

“clearly Naina, I don’t understand LOVE. What is it? Last time what I thought Love was, I even don’t remember it now.”

A figure move away from the shadow. Unknown to both of them, far away from the eye sight.

“Khushi? Doesn’t she expect love from you?”

A smile come on this face, enlightening his every features.

“you know Love or no love, I don’t know. But she completes me. Sometimes I think I just get addicted to her. If this addiction is called love then yes I am madly in love with her. The only thing I am sure is if this time she walks away, I may never able to collect the broken pieces of my heart, nor I will want it to.”

“Awww ! seems like someone is in love but don’t know himself”.

“is it that obvious?”

“yes it is!”


Hello Guys !

Don’t know what rubbish I have written, actually I was not in a mood but then lot of my stories are pending so thought to pen it down.

Both negative and positive comments are welcomed. But please let me know how it is by commenting on it.



I am very much excited for IPKKND 3 , please please let the talks of Sanaya joining in be true. so that we can watch the magic float in the air once again

With love

Puspa !   

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Jan 20, 2018

Chapter - 6 (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 32 times)

Hola Guys !

I know ...I know you guys probably have forgotten me. but I didn't.

so here I am back with my boring updates again !

hopefully you all will enjoy my this very short homecoming update ...

okk joke apart.. please guys try to remember me and keep reading and commenting cause hopefully I will bore you guys more frequently in coming future with my stories and updates.

and.... please..please.. let me know what you guys think as a wife or a would be wife or most importantly a girl (if any boys here then respective relations), what should Khushi do?


with lots of love



“Dear Dairy,”

“Love, what is it?”

Khushi look at her slightly snoring husband.

“Arnav ji thinks that he doesn’t understand love. And I am expecting a relation based on love from him. My morning start with his aroma mixed with mine, overpowering all my senses. The first thought that form in my half-conscious mind is to look at his sleeping form and savour it for the whole day, make a print of it in my mind for the time when he will be away at office, for the time when I will be missing him but can’t disturb him.

If not in my conscious mind, he is always there in my subconscious mind. As if he is always there watching me over like some secret camera, and I automatically try to do everything perfectly.

Saying all that happen throughout the day, is the best part of my day. He will give his full attention to me, in between humming in response and I will say as animatedly as I can to make him relax, to make him enjoy my company. To make him miss me when I will be away from him.

I thought all this is love, but he thought he doesn’t understand it. I can’t leave him even if he doesn’t love me. Fate has tied me with him, I don’t know what should I feel. But I know I feel lucky. As if all the things that I ever asked for has granted me in a single moment. Yes, I am selfish. I want to make him fall in love with me, deeply, madly repeatedly. and am afraid if I ever leave the single thread that I am desperately holding into, will never get a chance to hold again.

But won’t it be unfair to him? That he never got a chance to try like I am doing? Does he feel me as a burden upon him? This is as if choosing between your self-respect and love. But then love never ask to sacrifice your self-esteem.

Life is moving in a confused period, please god give me some solid reason to hold into the believe I have in my heart.

Good night.”

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Mar 15

CHAPTER - 7 (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 52 times)

Chapter- 7


The coming mornings saw a silent Khushi and a confused Arnav.

They have returned from their village as the function got end. Although there is no difference in either Khushi or Arnav’s daily routine, same Khushi running after him for every little thing, be it his lunch or hanky. But Arnav can sense a quite difference in everything.

The problem is he can’t complain about it, what would he complain that Khushi has stopped fusing over him? That she no longer forces him to do a thing, that she no longer talks anything that comes to her mind, which he secretly loves to listen. Instead she has become a robot, doing her work perfectly, no more filmy fantasy. Lastly the thing that Arnav notice is her silently watching the newly bloomed orange rose that they have bought thinking red rose plant, consistently with a faraway look on her face.

It is the same condition that afternoon Arnav found Khushi watching that still to bloom bud of orange rose within deep thoughts that she didn’t recognise when he came and sat beside her.

“what are you thinking so deeply?’’

Perplexed as she has not expected someone with her, when she is in deep thoughts don’t know what about.

“nothing much.”

Well Arnav has expected this kind of answer, if not from previous Khushi then from this new form of her. He has tried many times to know what is it that bothers her so much, even he has talked about Neha to know, is it her that bothers her? But no response of her except that same answer “nothing”. He has started even hating the word “Nothing”. What the hell is “Nothing” when all the action is saying opposite. But today he is determined to know what exactly the problem is? He wants his life back in the previous track as soon as possible.

But then the most important questions make itself so obvious, that is “HOW?”, how to approach a question not knowing what the topic is?

After what seems like a thousand hours, with a troubled Arnav and ignorant Khushi, she did say something, rather asked him a most bizarre question that anyone can ask in such delicate situation.

“why this red rose plant bloom to give an orange flower, when I surely brought a red one?”

Arnav look at her, still loss in words, what he would say!

“my whole time I cribbed for a Red rose plant, after a lot of difficulties, I able to make this plant bloom. I have expected a beautiful red rose, which I will gift to you, but at the same time debating over not to pluck the only flower that I able to make bloom. But then your love is something that conquer all, and I have made my mind to give it to you”.

Khushi ended this with a sigh, making Arnav gape at her in surprise, what on Earth she is telling!

 She being ignorant of Arnav’s reaction continued,

“Now as it turns out to be an Orange one, I understand that I am happy, as much as would have been if it were turned out to be a red one. will this make me a fool? That I initially wanted a red one but eventually fell for an Orange one? should I try to convert it to the perfect red one that everyone adores or let it be the orange one that I come to love?”

Her questioning eyes look at him, expecting an answer but what he should answer when he is too confused himself.

Her eyes look away, may be her question is too confusing or too general for others to answer. She silently stands up to go. After some steps she did turn to look at him, but then she turns her face away.

“I am going to my Father’s house, it’s been long time, I have gone there.”

“should I drop you?”

“No, you must be busy.”

Arnav keep on looking at her retreating figure, there is something in her voice that unsettle him very much,

Is it loosing hope?

Why he felt that there is much more to her words, that she wanted to tell much more than she said, why he felt that is it is not about roses, it is about them.



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Mar 31

CHAPTER - 8 (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 60 times)

Hello Guys !

please read and let me know how you feel. I read all your comments they are really positive and help me. some of you have complained that you don't understand what Khushi told. that is because Khushi only saying that way, not directly but indirectly telling Arnav that she has fallen for him even though he is not the perfect one, nor like any prince charming(i.e., red rose) but an imperfect one (i.e., orange rose) but she still loves him, as much as she would have love some perfect one, would it be foolish to love someone that is not anyway near to her prince charming? who even doesn't love her back too.

she is in a state of dilemma, and don't know what to do to sooth her heart, so she choose to go to her father's house to have her mind clear of any doubt.

hope this is helpful for you all to understand the plot better.

keep reading and commenting.

love you guys!

with love Puspa.


Chapter –8


It’s been a week that khushi has left for her father’s house, leaving Arnav sing raizada wandering what exactly went wrong. It is not like they have any major fights. It is normal for everyone, like Khushi want visit her father and went to her maika. But only Arnav and Khushi knew that all is not normal. They talk over phone daily but things are not progressing that smooth way, they usually talk about his health and food, Arnav will ask about her and that’s it.

A very disturbed Arnav told this to their neighbour couple Akash and Payal Malhotra, who are their good friends as like family. While Akash stood for a more reasonable way that to go and directly tell Khushi that He is unable to decipher the cause so she should help him out.

But payal has a very different theory to tell. According to her 95% women wants their partner to figure out themselves the cause of their aloofness, and might get angrier if directly asked. Somehow Payal’s side become heavy and the two men somehow convinced that she is right. After all a woman should know a woman better than men.

So according to Payal’s plan she called upon Khushi and briefly explained how Arnav ji has suddenly fell sick and how they find him unconscious this morning, to make things more realistic she also added that she was observing Arnav from past few days he was very much upset and tensed over something.

What happen then was something expected as well as unexpected. What they expected was a very tensed and guilty Khushi will come running back and will soon say sorry and take care him as before, everything will fall in place like before.

Well that did happen, but with that what the unexpected happen is Khushi’s old aunt Madhumati also accompanying her. Madhumati is a widow from the early age of her marriage, her only hope was her only son Samrat, because of only nine months pregnant at the time of her husband’s demise, she chooses to not marry again and stay with her brother, who is very much willing to take his sister home after seeing the hostile nature of her in-laws. In short Madhumati has seen the brutality of life from a very small age. But she has not let that shadow her child or herself. In fact, she is very jovial, and head strong person. She loves Khushi as her own child and so is Khushi.

Provided any other situation Arnav did appreciate that Bua ji accompanying Khushi, but not in this situation when he wants some alone time with her, to sort things out.

Khushi did come worrying about him, but a single look at her rather expressionless face, Arnav knew that their plan has failed, that Khushi knew it all was fake. But ignorant of all the drama that is happening in her back Bua ji is too tensed, and apologetic. She even went ahead with scolding Khushi for her irresponsible and indifference towards the health of her husband.

With the party settled down comfortably, Bua ji did called upon Shashi ji (khushi’s father) informing that everything is fine, that she will stay here for few days looking after everything and helping her titaliya (Khushi).



“you lied ! didn’t you”.

Arnav is doing some work in their room, as he found that Khushi was proposedly ignoring him.

He looks up from his work to face Khushi whose reaction he can’t guess.

“Khushi listen to me, I just want….”

But Khushi didn’t let him finish.

“Does my emotions have no value for you? don’t you know I would be tensed listening about your health, what if anything serious happened to you? I would have never able to face myself. I might have….”

Days of bolted emotion surfaces, as angry tears roll down her beautiful cheeks, Arnav did matter to her, more than herself. If something happens to him due to her foolish ignorance she might not able to live anymore.

Arnav rush towards her and take her in his arms, she surely has gone through hell knowing his little play. He rocks her as her hiccups subsides. And slowly made her clam down.

Rising her face from his chest, he looks upon the girl he got married two years before, stranger as they both, when things has changed so fast? Sitting in front of him with a red face from continuous crying the girl is not the stranger that he got married into due to constant forcing from his grandmother, but a girl who has somehow made everything in her name, his house, his belongings, his family and his heart. And still claims to have nothing as her but his,

His Wife,

His Orange Rose!

Arnav smile to himself as he refers her as an Orange Rose, but Orange rose suits her, neither purely red as him, nor purely yellow as her, she has become orange, losing in his identity, still holding into her uniqueness, she is an enigma that has make him fall for her more everyday if that is possible.

Orange! Surely a unique one.



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May 11

Epilogue (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 36 times)


After 8 years,

Life is very uncertain so is the lesion given by life. Who knew that the single incident will teach Khushi that not everything in life is like they show on films, so red, so romantic. It is sometimes Orange that we have to deal with. The same case with Arnav, expressing what you feel make the relation stronger and more lively.

After that incident their life has taken a totally unexpected turn, where Arnav has become more expressive while Khushi became more understanding. After all this is what marriage, a sweet compromise from both side. it’s not like they don’t fight anymore, they did fight, but they did make it for each other. Today they are celebrating 10 years of togetherness with their small family of a six-year-old son Ruhan and three-year-old daughter Ruhi.

In room:

“Arnav you still not ready!”

Khushi said exasperatedly, since morning she is seeing Arnav busy in work and with that laptop of his. Today is their wedding anniversary, if not do any special, at least help her in doing some work, but no, Sir is very much busy in his office work.

“one minute Khushi,”

Ohh, that one minute is never gonna happen.

“from morning only I am seeing your one minute. You didn’t help me in anything. At least get ready yourself, it’s almost time for the guests to come.”


Yes! This is the reaction she is getting from morning, either “hmmm” or “one minute”

She annoyingly shook her head and left from there, while Arnav smile to himself behind the laptop.


“Nice party Mrs. Raizada, but where is Mr. Raizada?”

Khushi smile to Mrs. Brigenja, but inside she is fuming in anger. After all, why she not!

It’s their wedding anniversary, all are asking for them but he is now where to see.

“He will be here soon, you know na men and their office work”

Suddenly all lights went off except the spot light that zoomed in on someone whom all are asking for.

“Hello ladies and gentleman, first of all thanks to all of you for being a part of our happiness. Today is a very special day for me, not much clear about my wife although its being the 10th year of togetherness. “

Everyone started hooting at Arnav’s sense of humour.

“you know understanding a girl is too easy, provided you have that experience of being abandon by your wife, while your wife is at her parent’s place being angry with you, and the worst part you don’t know what the hell got wrong”

Khushi has turned totally red by then, what with Arnav and this new attitude of openly expressing everything. If she has some control, by this time she might have just shut his mouth up.

“Every couple here might have gone through this experience once in their life, if not then they must be pro at it unlike us. But sometime when I think about it, I really feel happy that it did happen. Of course I am not going to tell you all in detail or prove myself that how much duffer I was back then, but my talk won’t complete if I don’t some of it.

She might have come into my life some 10 years back; I might have fallen for her at the very instant when I saw her first time. But the realisation of the depth of my feelings come somewhat 2 years after our marriage. I realised love has become a synonym of Khushi for me, we do love each other deeply, passionately, whatever way it can possible. But when it comes to expressing, we thought it is not necessary. But it is. Like yellow and red both need to give a shade of orange.

In these days I come to love this kind of Orange roses, and when I define Orange as a colour of my love, my wife tells that might be my love is less so it is not pure red but Orange. Look now even she is nodding her head”

Everyone turn towards her, while she can’t help but blush to red.

“But I also know that she will every time plant an Orange rose, keep that shade of rose in out bed side table every morning, and if given a choice she will always choose that shade of orange. Colour doesn’t define love nor roses but the memories and the feelings do.

Don’t know what I am telling, may be whatever that is coming into my mind, seeing my wife’s face, I can guess that she is waiting for this little show to over so that she can take a class of mine for telling anything.”

The crowd burst into laughing, cheering and congratulating the couple. all are happy, the kind of happiness you feel when not only the very couple but the surrounding people can feel the love, that is so pure.

What is love, marriage and life then?

A perfect combination of everything, sometimes more amount of red, sometimes yellow but at last all are a shade of Orange. A colour of courage, sacrifice and renunciation.




Thank you guys! for all your supports, encouragements. 

thank you for bearing my irregularities in updates.

this story is turns out be like this, hope the epilogue is not disappointing.

I will update my other stories soon.

till then good bye, take care and have a sound and healthy life.

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awaiting your comments


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