I HATE U..............*completed*

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Nov 29, 2015

I HATE U.............. (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 44 times)

Before starting of the story, I would like to dedicate this story to my friend shila on the occasion of her bday….@shila, many more happy returns of the day….may all ur wishes come true :) girls plz do wish her long life :)

Here comes the story….!




“uffff…..finally…..work got over….”payal muttered after resting herself on sofa putting her foot on the table in front of her. While resting herself under fan air, she take tv remote from the table and switched on the tv.


(in tv)

(she put news channel)


“u all know y we are here right now….”the reporter- swati told.


“but I don’t know…..”said payal with a smirk biting apple.


“today for the first time, the business tycoon, one of the top fashion designer in india, Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada is going to conduct a fashion show in Delhi….”said swati in tv.


“oy swati….he already did many fashion shows in lucknow but u r saying FIRST time….”said payal with a chuckle..! one should learn how to smile all the time and enjoy each and every moment making it to be memorable from payal..!! its really a boon to get the talent of spending each and every second with full happiness and hope..!! payal have that boon…..even though its sad or worry situation, she can put smile or remove wordiness from others by telling hopeful words which have kind of magic in them..!! its kind of hard to explain that boon or talent…..only time will reveal it.




(on the other side of delhi)

A man oops little correction….a handsome young man in the sense of all young girls of not only delhi but also all over the world, get down from his SUV wearing a BLACK suit. He had cooling glasses over his eyes and a smart smile on his lips….a smile that girls can die for..!! if anyone tell any girl that if she jump from a 20 floor building, he will come and meet her, then she will definitely jump without thinking any further second…! That much craze girls had about him….he is none other than Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada.


All of the lady reporters except swati stopped their work and kept on looking at him without blinking. Swati chuckled looking at them and moved towards arnav holding her mike not before telling her camera man to follow her.


“Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada, we were informed that there may be the changes of timing in the show….was that news true…?”asked swati.


“no….the show will start at 7’O clock PM at sharp…..”said arnav with a smile.


“and AR designs kept the theme of the show as a secret….can we know about the colour and theme of the show at least now sir..?”asked arnav.


“of course SWATI….(did u guys got a doubt that how did arnav knows her name? 8-) ) the theme of the show is bridal dresses….and….(he removed his cooling glasses while stopping on his tracks and looked at swati with a smile and said) and the colour of the show is RED….” There is a dreamy look on his face for ONLY few seconds which didn’t unnoticed by swati. She knows about whom that dreamy look is for and whom he should have imagined while designing the whole dresses for today’s show..!! a automatic smirk appeared on swati’s face. arnav didn’t miss that smirk on her face.


“AR designs had already sent invitation to all press channels and again im inviting u all to be come to the show and make it as successful one….”said arnav and left from there.


“finally Mr.Raizada revealed the theme of the show i.e., bridal wears in red colour….the color which reflects love…..all fashion world people are eagerly waiting for the grand show that will b held in this evng….over to studio…..”said swati looking at the camera after arnav left from there.


“arnav….really? RED? I can guess y did u chose that colour here…..i know for whom u designed them….”swati thought with a small smile on her face. “khushi…..”she muttered.




(at payal’s house)


“o teri….this swati is too much…she is talking to him as if she doesn’t know him and this arnav too not less in acting as if he doesn’t know her…..” muttered payal and chuckled as her own talks seemed like funny to her..!!

“payal….they should be professional at that moment….u know that but then too u r commenting….thats not fair…”she muttered herself. Thank god no one is at home or else if anyone see her at the moment talking to herself, they would have thought that she has gone mad..!!


“let’s call arnav and wish him best of luck…..”she muttered taking her mobile. While opening her mobile, she muttered “by the way this news should be covered by my pagli stubborn sister KHUSHI na….then y swati covered it?”she thought and put her mobile in loud speaker which is connecting call to arnav’s mobile. “wer must be khushi gone..?”she thought.



(on another side of delhi)


“omg didi………was that hawk is that much big…!!!?????”the kids of 3 to 4 age group of 6 members asked making their eyes big as round moon with the expressions of awestruck and fear..!!

“yes…..that hawk is soooooooooo big……”said a girl in her white chudidar making an innocent and surprised face.

“how much big didi…?”another kid asked still looking with her innocent eyes yet curious ones.

“so much big that it’s wing had covered sun’s rays that Sinbad thought that it was going to be sunset..!!”said that lady.


“hey bhagwan..!!”all those kids said in unison while putting their small palms on their both cheeks and opened their mouths in O-shape with surprised and shocked…!!


“didn’t Sinbad got scared…??”one cute little girl asked in her baby language.

“of course he got scared…y wont he? After all he sat on that hawk’s egg..!!”that lady said

Those kids looked at each other with dumbstruck expressions and asked “later wat happened KHUSHI didi…?” in unison. That lady i.e., khushi laughed and said “I will tell the remaining story after sometime…see ur lunch time started……u all are good kids na…go and have lunch now…go go….after lunch, I will tell the remaining story ok?”she said touching those children’s cheeks affectionately. They all go from there wondering about that big hawk in the story from THE ARABIAN NIGHTS.  


“khushi….”her colleague plus friend riya called her and so she turned around and gave a bright smile to her.

“swati want to talk to u….”said riya handling mobile to khushi.


“hello…”said khushi on phone.

“khushi guess wat…arnav’s show’s theme color is RED..!!”said swati with an exciting voice…!!


Even though khushi got shocked at first, she brushed off her thoughts and said “so wat….?”carelessly.

“u know for whom he must have put that color as theme….”its complete statement rather than question.

“shut up swati….”said khushi and hung up the call.


“Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada…..get ready to face my REVENGE….i will ruin ur show by anyhow today…..bcoz I HATE U…..I HATE U……”she thought within herself with a stern face.




Let me know hows this? And ha I already have two stories in my hand along with collab-unwritten destiny….so I cant give regular updates of this story. I started this story as a gift of my friend shila.


@shila….once again many more happy returns of the day :)



Will meet u all tomorrow with the update of RTMR….till then tc have a nice day ahead :)



With love,


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continue soon
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Dec 10, 2015

chapter 2 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 48 times)

Arnav looked at his mobile which is ringing….he smiled and lifted the call and said “ha payal…”


“arnavvvv…….”a mischiefness is audible in her voice.

“ha bolo….”arnav said but silently prayed in his heart “payal plz don’t tease me now…”he knows very well about his friend plus classmate very well.


“y did u put the theme as RED ah…? Bolo bolo…..”payal is full in teasing mood right now.

“u know the reason very well…..”he said as he cant say lie to his friend.


“ya ya I know that its bcoz MY SISTER i.e., ur LOVE, khushi, likes that colour right?”payal smirked stressing the word ‘love’. Arnav just closed his eyes thinking ‘yelo now she again starts teasing me…’


“u know wat arnav….today swati came to cover ur entry na….actually it was khushi who was supposed to come instead of swati….”said payal.

“really…?”arnav asked with astonishment. “awww she should had come once….i wanna see her…”his voice reflected that he missed her.


“ha then u will fight with her right…?”payal asked while rolling her eyes. she heard his giggle.

“don’t giggle….i never understand y u pull her legs and make her anger and fight with her…..last time I hardly made her agree to meet u and u both end up in fighting with each other like a cat and mouse…uffff……..u don’t know how much she cursed u at that time…”payal said.


“that’s y I got hiccups on that day…hahaha”arnav joked.

“very funny arnav…..but y u pull her legs and make her angry…?”asked payal.

“wat to do payal….she looks more cute when she gets angry, with her red face and angry wide eyes….”he said with dreamy look.


“ahem ahem……someone is deeply in love with khushi….”payal chuckled with a smirk.

“ah….wat else payal? Akash went to office ah…?”asked arnav.

“arnav…..anyone should learn from u how to divert a topic…..”said payal with a smirk….she had a look of ‘I know about u’ on her face.

“its not diversion of topic….its called escaping from the teasing….”said arnav and chuckled. After some time of talking, they both hung up the call after payal wishing him all the best. Payal and arnav are classmates. Khushi and swati are their juniors. Khushi is payal’s younger sister. Payal is married to akash who works in a private company. Their mrg is arranged one and akash is a nice guy who is right now deeply in love with payal bcoz of her cheering and smiling nature. They both live in an apartment in delhi. Even though payal’s parents along with khushi also lives in delhi, they live little far from payal’s place. Payal’s and akash’s apartment is near akash’s office. Khushi comes to payal now and then and spend some time with her and go to her home.




(at evng)


That day khushi came to payal’s house to fresh up….payal’s house is near to the place where fashion show is going to held. Payal saw khushi who is smirking while taking her handbag.


“khushi wat are u planning….?”payal asked as she guessed something is cooking in khushi’s brain.

“im going to spoil ur friend’s show jiji….”khushi said with a smirk.


“kyaaaaaa…..khushi….no yaar…don’t do this…….he worked hard for this show….”payal tried to tell to her sister.

“so wat jiji…I don’t care…..i will take my revenge by spoiling the show and that’s final…”khushi said.

“khushi y are u not accepting the truth? He likes u yaar….”said payal….

“I don’t believe it and I don’t want his LIKE….”khushi said with stern voice. “who will agree him wen he refused me at first huh…”she muttered herself.

“I hate him jiji….bye im going….”said khushi to payal without listening anything from payal and left to cover the show along with her cameraman….but her main intention is to spoil the show or at least try to confuse the show..!!




(at show)

All set ready…..arnav is busy in reviewing the arrangements and dresses. He went to his cabin to take the show topper dress which he kept as secret. The tv in his cabin is playing. And some news channel was running on the tv.


He went to the table and opened the secret door and pulled out the show topper dress which is utterly gorgeous with red and gold combination with lyt silver work. The green border gave an ancient look to it.


“as u see, there are many guests arrived to see the show…..”he heard some familiar voice from tv and uttered “khushi?” and looked towards the tv only to find his lady love looking gorgeous in red combination anarkali model chudidar. 

He kept on looking at her in trans that’s y he didn’t hear anything that she was saying in tv. His mobile ringing made him to come out of his trans. She looked at the screen and found payal’s name.


“arnav….khushi came there to spoil the show….”he heard payal as soon as he lifted the call.

“wat the….!”arnav exclaimed.

“haan….she told she will take revenge on u…..”payal told.

“oh god…this khushi bhi na…..she’s just like a school kid..!!”arnav shacked his head in disbelief..!


“arnav…its not time to think whether she’s school kid of wat….take care that ur show shouldn’t get flop…..dont know wat my mad sister will do..!!”payal sighed.

“don’t worry payal….she cant spoil the show…”arnav smiled looking at khushi’s live telecast at tv. He looked at the topper dress ans smiled thinking “khushi I designed this lehenga for u….u have to wear this on our wedding time…..i am waiting for that day to come fast…..awwww I love u girl…..”he thought and with a smile left his cabin.





That’s it for now…..im waiting for ur valuable feedback on this updates…..if u have any doubts, plz feel free to ask :)


@Lily30, jelebigirl, arnav_Priya, pritiasrfan, noordina, priyanjali, khushisingh96, manuv, jaishrik, rituluvarshi….thank u so much for ur valuable comment….sorry for not mentioning individually bcoz im in hurry now….im waiting for ur feedback on this update as ur comments means a lot for me….thanks again!


Will meet u all with next update as soon as I can….like I told earlier, this story will b a random shot.



With love,


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Aug 28, 2016

Chapter 3 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 23 times)

“khushi..think something khushi…u have TO spoil this hsow by anyhow…”khushi is talking to herself while walking in the park area at the venue. Right now she asked her camera man to cover the event and walking in deep thoughts. A soft but big toy ball hitted her shoulder softly. She let out a soft “ouch” sound from her lips and looked at the direction of the source which pushed that ball.


A cute girl in her white frok came running towards khushi with her small feet and said “sorry aunty” in her baby language. Another small kid who seems to b elder than the first one came after her and said “ruhi, anuty nahi…didi hai..”


“oops sorry didi…”said ruhi-the first kid showing her innocent smile.

Khushi bent down to the level of those kids and said “its ok sweety” while cupping that kid’s cheek. Later she looked at the second kid who is cladded in a red and green combined small lahenga. She got an idea looking at that second kid.


“Mr. ASR get ready to face my revenge…”she muttered in her brain.

“wats both of ur names?”she asked the two kids.

“my name is neha, her name is ruhi…”said the second kid who was cladded in lehenga.


“awww that’s so cute name…”said khushi and started talking to them further.



At few feet away, a man took out his mobile and called to someone on phone.

“ASR, she is talking to ruhi and neha….”he said to the caller on the other said.

“ok aman, observe her every move and keep inform me…”said arnav on the other side.

“ya sure…”saying this, aman hung up the call.


“khushi…u cant spoil my show…aman is keeping eye on ur every move…”arnav muttered himself while walking towards the models room.



On the other hand, khushi made herself acquainted to the kids and got ready to apply her plan.




The fashion show got started and models one by one started to appear on the stage to do their ramp walk to present the designed costumes. All were so damn gorgeous traditional wear and the selection of the models according to the dresses added an extra gorgeousness to the designs.  All designs got presented and it was the time for show topper dress. It was planned as first model will do ramp walk and present show topper dress and then ASR will come onto the ramp and join her. As per the preplanned schedule, the model walked on the ramp with show topper dress and stood at the end of the ramp. All were waiting for ASR’s entry but all of sudden neha came there from somewhere.


All got confused seeing a kid on the ramp whereas khushi smirked and thought “atleast I succeeded in creating some confusion…”


But at the same time, arnav came on to the ramp and lifted neha into his arms. To the surprise of khushi, neha smiled widely seeing arnav.

“does that kid know him before itself that she is smiling so widely?”khushi wondered!


Arnav walked to the end of the ramp where model in show topper dress is waiting for. He had microphone on his ear and as soon as he came to the end of the ramp, he told “good evng ladies and gentleman….i know u all would have been confused seeing this cute kid on the ramp…”he started saying pinching neha’s cheeks lovingly. “it’s a new surprise for all to announce that from now onwards AR designs is going to design children’s wear too…”he added much to khushi’s shocked gaze. “and wat neha-this kid had worn today was designed my AR only. That’s y she has been asked to come on to the ramp to introduce the sample of the design…”arnav said now taking a quick glances towards khushi who had stood infront of the ramp along with her camera man. He could observe that she should b burning with anger guessing how he had cover the situation.


Handling neha to the show topper dress’s model, he asked her to leave the ramp. After she left, he asked “now I would like to hear about ur opinions on the costumes and also I would like to answer ur questions too…”said arnav with humbleness reflected in his voice.



“ASR, the designs were definitely fantastic…..there are no questions to b raised against them, but can u plz tell us y did u chose the theme colour as RED? Is there any special reason behind that?” asked a journalist.

“well, red is a symbol for love and it’s the colour which was loved by my LADY LOVE…”arnav told sincerely taking a quick glance towards khushi who silently lowered her eyes. His confession made her heart to beat fast. She knows whom he was referring to..!!


“oh wow….ur lady love? May we know who she is ASR?”asked a male journalist….its sure that all female journalist except khushi became sad on hearing that ASR is in love with another where as males got happy.

“yeah, I will soon tell u all about my marriage date…im so eager to see her in the lehenga which I designed for her for our marriage and it is none other than the show topper dress in today’s show…”he said taking glances towards khushi now and then…she shoot up her her as soon as she heard the last words..!!


“ur marriage?”asked another journalist who is behind khushi.

“yes…it will b soon, as soon as I pacified my lady…shes angry on me NOW…”he said those words looking straightly at khushi. Her heart beat became fast seeing his straight gaze on her after many months…!!



After some more questions, arnav ended the questioning section not before asking the media to have dinner which was arranged for them.




Khushi is walking besides some rooms may b models rooms in some thoughts about arnav….shes not even bothered about having dinner.

“uffoooo khushi stop thinking about him…u hate him remember? And u were unable to spoil his event today…huh that idiot was successfully managed in covering the situation…that stupid idiot fool…”she muttered… “he had insulted my love…im not gonna forgive him…”she got angry again on remembering how he had insulted her love.


Suddenly she got pulled by someone holding her arm into a vacant room beside her. Before she recognize anything, her mouth was covered by a rough palm where as the door of the room being locked behind her and she was pressed to the door. She annoyingly looked at the person who closed her mouth and find arnav. Her eyes became wide with shock where as he lost in her eyes and the touch of her lips under his palm. He stood so close to her in order to lock the door behind her which made her breathing to go hard.




Hey girls…im back after months….there are many reasons behind my absence but I don’t wanna remember all of them now. Any ways, here is the update…im waiting for ur feedback….


With love,


Nov 28, 2016

update-4 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 26 times)

She was shocked on looking arnav where as he was completely lost in her surprising eyes! 

"Her eyes, always expressive...."his mind reminded him. 

She was the first one who came out of her shock and started struggling and this made arnav to came out of his trans and he removed his palm from her mouth. 

"U? Wat r u doing here and y did u pull me into this vacant room?" She asked looking around the room. Anger was evident in her voice.

"To see u..."he answered instantly. Usually arnav put oil in fire whenever she gets angry bcoz he likes angry avtar of khushi more. But now he didn't want to make her angrier by pulling her legs so decided to answer her instead of back questioning her with "y? Its my wish and I pulled u..."

"Ah? To see me?!!" Confusion was clearly audible in khushi's voice.

"Yes...to see u..."he answered again by looking into her eyes with a smile. They were in same position-he  pinning her to the door of the room. 

"As if u never see me!" She asked.

"Its been many days since I saw u DIRECTLY like this...this much closely...."he said with husky voice. Then only she recognized their position, his breath was falling on her face and her hands were pinned by his on the door....

Her eyes became wide and sensing her thinking, he released her hands and stepped back creating a space between them. Immediately she turned around and her hand went towards the bolt of the door to open it. 

Before she reach the bolt, he pulled her holding her hand and brought her towards the center of the room....

"Khushi I wanna talk to u...."he told. She just glared at him and said "but I don't want to talk to u..." And started walking towards the door again. 

He pulled her hand again taking care of not hurting her and said "but I want to talk to u..." He was so calm. He knew that he needs to b calm to make his khushi talk to him. If he back answered or back questioned her then her anger towards him will increase and he knew that. 

She didn't pay any ear to his sentence and started walking again towards the door. This time arnav didn't have any other option than pulling her towards him by her waist and hold her so that she can't move towards the door...! 

Khushi gasped as she didn't expect this and asked "wat are u doing? Leave me...."

"But u will go out of the room when I leave u....I want to talk to u so I don't have any other option..."he said. 

At one second she was astonished!! "Mr.Raizada has unique ways to stop people..."her mind giggled. 

"OK fine tell me wat do u wanna tell...."she asked giving up after lot of struggling to let go off from his arms.

"I love u..."he said. She looked at him with shocked expression. "I love u" he repeated. 

She gulped the limp in her troat and said "mine was just an attraction like other girls but not love....I was just behind u as I was attracted seeing ur following and money...u don't love a girl like me whose love is FAKE..." She said straight looking into her eyes. There was a pain in her eyes and a guilt in his! He's hearing his dialogues from her mouth after many years. He could understand how much she would have hurt with his words from the way She still remembered the words EXACTLY!! 

"I love u khushi....I love u from the bottom of my heart sweetheart...."he said with honesty. 

"Someone told the above words few years back and the same someone is telling me now that he loves me-the girl who got attracted to him just bcoz of his MONEY and following....."she said looking other ways other than arnav. 

"Bcoz that someone realised that khushi is not like other girls....he realised that her love is true on the moment she slapped me....he regretted his every word, he has been regretting from years....he fell in love with this same girl at the moment she walked away from him as I insulted her love....!! I love her from that day itself but I wasn't dare enough to tell her on the same day bcoz I thought I didn't deserve it when I insulted her and hurt her so much with my words....but later I decided to not give up and wanted to pacify her as I love her....I love u khushi...I love u..."he said and put a kiss on her head. She lifted her head and looked into his eyes....along with honesty, there is a transparent water layer in his eyes indicating that he got tears!! 

"I'm sorry... "He said. 

"One sorry can't stick the broken pieces of heart Mr.Raizada...u said my love is FAKE..."she said all previous hurt got replaced with anger. 

"Khushi common, plz u know that I don't know wat I talk in anger and irritation.... Listen me completely...."he started saying.

But she was not in a mood to listen. "Whatever it is...go to hell..."she said looking other ways. 

"With u, even hell will b like heaven wifey..."he said flirting. 

"What!? Wife? And me? That too urs?" She asked raising her eyebrows. 

"Yes....my soon to be wife..."he said with a wide smile.

"In ur dreams arnav..."she said glaring. 

He pulled her more into him and while bending towards her ears he told "u can't even imagine wat type of dreams I used to get khushi....in my dreams, hamare beech mey sab kuch hogaya hai...EVERYTHING..."he whispered. 

Khushi's eyes became wide. He pulled out a little and said "in my dreams we even had twin children..."he said with a smirk. She is still in shocked condition. "Now once our marriage done na, we can make my dream come true right...."he asked in the mood of pulling her legs. A shiver ran through her spine without her knowledge. Her breath became high which didn't unnoticed by him.

"I hate u...."she managed to whisper controlling her heart beats. 

"U just claims like that but WE both know that we love each other so much....u r just lying. I love you khushi..."he said

She gasped and said "don't say those many times..."

"Say what?" He smirked. 

"That u love me..."she answered instantly as if got hypnotized by him!

"I'm saying bcoz I love u....u too love me and I even can prove that..."he said with a smirk.

"Prove? Is this any maths or science to give proof ah?" She rolled her eyes. "OK then prove how can u say that I love u still when I'm saying that I hate u?" She added.

"U started wearing salwars instead of jeans and tea shirt on which u would b comfortable...just bcoz I told u many times that traditional wear suits u much than modern wear and u looks so beautiful in them right?"he said and her eyes became little wide on thinking how did he guessed it! 

"U r wrong....I started wearing them bcoz I felt like to wear that's it...no more arguments in this matter..."she said stubbornly while looking at some other ways.

He smirked. He leaned forward and asked "then wat about these loud heart beats which would b audible for me? These are too saying that u have feelings towards me..."he said. 

She pushed him a little and said "oh really? Then I used to get these loud heart beats during my viva too....does that means that I had feelings for my viva external?" She retorted with sarcasm. 

Arnav just stood silent with an amused expression on his face. "Leave me...."she asked struggling. He didn't answer but still stayed there quite. With anger, she stamped his feet strongly.

"Ouch..."he yelped and in that pain, his grip on her got loose and using this opportunity she came out of his embrace and started to walk towards the door. This time he didn't held her hand to stop her. Instead she felt a pull on her dupatta and while holding it, she turned around only to find none other than arnav holding the end of the dupatta. 

Before she said anything, he sat down on his one knee and asked "BB....shadi karogi mujhse?" She was speechless as she didn't expect that he would propose her like this. Seeing her shocked expression, he asked again "will u marry me BB?" 

By hearing her nick name-BB given by him, her heart felt happy....but she tried to hide it from expressing on her face. (Ego yaar ego) But it was becoming difficult for her to hide her happiness so she decided to escape from there.

"Leave my dupatta...."she said 

"Nope, not until u answer for my proposal...."he said.

"Whatever....then keep my dupatta with urself only...."saying this she moved towards the door in the process making her dupatta slide from her neck into his hand. 

"With my pleasure my dear BB, Blabbering Beauty...."he said kissing her dupatta and she ran towards the door with a secret blush on her face...!! 


Okkkk first of all sorry for disappearing all these days....there are some reasons behind it...whatever they are but now I'm back, optimistically hoping ur response on the update :)

With love,


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Nov 29, 2016

update-5 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 35 times)

Khushi directly reach her scooty after she left the room. After composing her blush and happiness, she took out scooty's keys from her bracelet and opened the locker in which she put her handbag. She took out the mobile. It had few missed calls and one message. All were from her camera man. She opened the msg and read "khushi I recorded all event. I got a call from my mom. Seems like some emergency had happened at home so I'm leaving. I called u but u didn't respond so now leaving u a msg. Tc, good nyt". After reading it, she thought to call him but later thought not to disturb him so left a msg saying "ok tc of u and ur family...see u tomorrow". 

She looked at her watch which was indicating that the time was 10.45. As her house is far away from there, she decided to go to payal's house and called her and informed her too. 

When she was about to start her scooty she saw its punctured tire! 

"Oh god!" She exclaimed! "How did it happen..!" She muttered herself and looking around to see there are very few people. Almost all left the party venue except few. She thought to take an auto but she needs to walk to main road to get an auto. She stood there thinking wat to do!

A car got stopped in front of her and she saw arnav after he opened the window glass. He looked at her and gave a wide smile. She looked aside. He sounded horn and signalled her to get into the car. She again looked aside. 

He sighed and get down from car. 

"Khushi come I will drop u...."he said with a smile. 

"No..."she said. He knew how stubborn she was and he also had enough patience to deal with her. 

"Khushi, get into car...or else how will u reach home? Even ur Scooty's tire got punctured na..."he said.

Realisation clicked on her brain and so she asked "how do u know that my scooty's tire got punctured?" 

"Bcoz I asked aman to do so..."he said with a sheepish grin. 

"Watttt....r u mad?" She asked with an astonishment. 

"Nope I'm ur lover..."he said instantly. 

"Don't h smart ok? Y did u ask him to puncture?" She asked with a glare. 

"Uffoooo khushi u r a post graduate but even don't know this!?" He said with amu****t! "I asked him like that so that I can drop u at home and by that way can spend sometime with u too right? Arey understand ur lover's heart and mind too yaar....."he said rubbing his palms due to coldness in atmosphere. 

"Lover? U r not my lover...I had already told u that I hate u..."she said. But it was clearly audible that there was a fakeness in her voice and a slight smile on her face which she's trying to hide from his view.

"If so, I'm ur honewala patidev....respect me patnidevi...."he said with a giggle. 

"Stop flirting with me and go to ur house...its already late..." She said looking at her watch which indicated 11.15.

"Exactly that's wat even I'm saying....its already late and I can't leave my wife alone here...get into the car..."he said with stern voice this time. 

"Uuuu....."she was about to tell something but got cut by his words. 

"Look khushi...if u don't get into the car, I won't go too. And u can see that its cold and I didn't had my dinner too as I was busy in admiring u. So if I stand like this, I will b ill....now its ur wish whether to get into car or not..."he said in single go. 

She glared at him and thought "such a strategy stupid....he knows that I can't risk his health, that's y...." He stood there looking at her with an innocent face.

"Ok fine..."she said and moved towards car. Before she reach the car, he went and opened door for her. She got into it. He came towards diver's seat and closed the door and window glasses too. 

"Put seat belt khushi...."he said.  He felt so much happy that khushi get into the car for the first time and started driving. 

After a min, he asked "ur house or payal's?" 

"Didi's..." She said. "How do u know that I stays there too?" She added. 

"Bcoz I know everything about u khushi....I know from payal ..I used to ask her. She's my best friend remember..."he said with honesty. By then her mobile rang displaying payal's name. 

Before she answers it, arnav snatched it and answering it, he put it in loud speaker and said "100 years for u...just now only I was telling about u to khushi." 

"Oh u r with her? No wonder..."she said pulling his legs. 

"Arey her scooty's tire got punctured yaar so I'm coming to drop her in my car....nothing more than that..."he mentally face palmed himself for giving her a chance of teasing him. 

"It got punctured or u asked anyone to puncture it so that u can spend some time with her ah?" Asked payal following a giggle. 

Khushi looked at the phone with shock whereas arnav ruffled his hair with embarrassment. 

"Talk to khushi, she is besides me...."he kept quite.

"Such a nice reason to escape from my teasing Mr.ASR...."payal said. On getting no response from arnav she added "khushi r u there?"

"Ha didi..."she said.

"Did u had dinner or not?" Asked payal with concern.

"No didi....I...I was not hungry so...."told khushi. 

"Arey pagli...I told u many times not to neglect food...."payal told.

"Didi relax....I'm really full and not hungry that's y didn't had dinner...." She said in one go.

"But khushi...."payal was about to tell something but got cut by khushi's words.

"Acha didi, its already late and it will take some time to reach na....u sleep. I'll wake u up when I reach there...ok? Bye" khushi hung up the call before payal say anything. She knows payal will scold her that's y she smartly hung up the call. Well truth to be told, she's so hungry! But she wasn't able to eat as she was locked with arnav in that room. Her chain of thought got broken by arnav's voice. 

"Dil mera, har baar, ye sunne ko bekarar haiii...kaho na pyaar haiii kaho na pyaar haii..."he started singing. Well his voice is so melodious.

"Wat..."she muttered with amu****t.

"Arey its a song yaar SONG....from kaho na pyaar hai movie....don't u remember? The movie which we watched along with our friends during college days....this song is from that movie....I'm just humming it..."he said in single go wantedly reminding her the time where they all went to the movie. 

"Kaho na pyaar haii...kaho na pyaar haiii...."he started humming, she just looked at her hands with a small shy smile on her lips. 

She felt a small jerk and looked out only to find that the car got stopped in front of a restaurant. 

"Y did u stop the car?" She asked.

"Bcoz u r hungry..."he said. 

"No I'm not..."she tried to deny. 

"Ur eyes r showing ur hunger khushi...they don't cheat me....stop being stubborn and come, even I'm hungry too..."he said and without waiting for her reply got down and opened her side's door too. 

They both went inside the restaurant and had their dinner together. And later arnav dropped her at payal's house too. All the while whenever arnav tried to talk to her, she just kept on saying monosyllabic words or sometimes she would kept quite. 

"Such a stubborn girl..."he muttered looking at the way khushi walked into the house and with a smirk turned the car towards his house. 


It's last midnyt. Khushi just lied down on bed and wide awake. While playing with her hair she remembered all the happenings that had happened that day.  

"BB..."she muttered with a shy smile on her face. "It's been many years since I hear that name from his mouth..."she thought and her thoughts drifted to the times where she fell in love with him..! 


Ok I came up with the next update today...eagerly waiting for ur feedback. Update is dedicated to SHILA on the occasion of her bday :)

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Nov 30, 2016

update-6 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 24 times)


(Few years back) 

Khushi was a simple teenage girl who leads very simple life. She was a pampered younger sister of payal. Payal is two years elder to khushi. Payal was studying bachelor's in business management. 

(Khushi's POV)

My payal didi is so cheerful girl. I have a bad temper on my nose always and I'm a silent girl too but didi is completely opposite to me...she rarely gets anger that too veryyyy rare that I never see her in anger since my childhood. She's studying final year of her bachelor's degree now. And today I'm going to join in the same college in the stream of bachelors of electronic and mass communication. Well its my dream to become a journalist. 

I look at my reflection in mirror and start examine my appearance. Well, for some reason I want to look good today. Not bcoz its my first day of college but....but bcoz I'm going to meet arnav for the first time. I smile a shy smile remembering his name. Arnav, he's Didi's friend. Her best friend. A genuine friend. 

I heard about him a lot from didi. Well, to be frank, I like him...kind of crush u know (whispering) hehehe. Usually didi always share about her school and college issues with me including the number of proposals she get. Well, who don't love my didi who's not only beautiful but also cheerful and energetic. Now, coming to the present issue, arnav...my didi has a small gang of five members in their college. Arnav is also one among them. 

According to whatever I heard from didi about arnav, he's handsome that almost 75% of college girls proposed him but he rejected bcoz he thinks that its just their attraction and infatuation. He respects his parents so much. Not only his parents, but also he respects all elders. He has an elder sister, Anjali who is happily married one year back. Arnav pulls her legs and tease her too. Once when some guy was disturbing didi saying he loves her, arnav came in the rescue. He has brotherly affection towards didi and protects her just like a bro. Over all, he is a nice guy. But I neither saw his pic nor know his complete name. 

After minimal make up, I look at my reflection. I am looking simple but cute in my navy blue jeans and white T-Shirt, my hair tied in a poni and my hand adorned with wrist watch and bracelet. Ear had star shaped modern hangings and I wear a silver chain with star shaped pendent on my neck. I'm existed to meet arnav today. "Its just a crush khushi..." I muttered and go out of room. 

After having breakfast, didi and myself started to college. 


I sat beside payal didi in canteen. Arnav sat opposite to me. Gosh! He's so handsome with expressive eyes! He looked at me but I managed to divert my gaze towards the juice on the table before he caught me staring at him. 


(At nyt)

Sleep is not at my eyes...I'm just looking at the ceiling while playing with my hair. 

"How's he?" I heard someone's question.

"Handsome..."I answered without my knowledge. 

Someone's giggle made me come into this world from his thoughts. I found payal didi giggling while turning towards me in sleeping position. Realisation drawn into my mind.

"Who? Whom u r talking about....."I tried to behave as if I didnt have an ounce of knowledge what she's talking about. 

"Arnav....who else?!" She woke up and sat on the bed. I turned to my side avoiding her mischievous gaze. "Madam, I observed how lost u were on seeing him...now don't tell me that u were not staring at him..."she said.

I rolled my eyes and said "ok fine, I stared at him bcoz I liked his eyes as they r so expressive...so wat now..."I tried to sound as normal as possible.

"Oh really? And me, who's ur sister should believe it?" She asked. 

"Hmmmm" I just said and closed my eyes pretending to sleep.

"Ohhoooo seems like my baby sister has a crush too...that too on my friend ah?" She giggled. I thought to pretend as I slept and I succeeded in it. 

"Did u sleep khushi...?" She asked. And I succeeded in making her believe that I slept. I could feel the blanket which she covered and her stroke on my hairs which held affection. Later that she lied down on bed and switched off the bed side lamp. 

I don't know when did I sleep drowning into his dreams.


Its been some days since khushi joined in college. She started feeling free with others. Basically she doesn't mingle with unknowns easily, it would take some time and so now, she started mingle with some friends and payal's batch. Being seniors, they started protecting khushi from raging. 

That day she was going to canteen to meet her didi. She was walking and some guy who was coming opposite to her gave her a dash intentionally. She twirled around with jerk and aboubt to fell down but arnav hold her hand and made her study. 

After assuring that khushi is fine, he looked towards the guy who was carelessly going.

"Hey u..."he called him. That guy looked around and saw arnav. He knew that he's a senior so went to him silently. 

"Say sorry to her by holding ur ears"said arnav sternly.

That guy did as per arnav's order.

"Wats ur name?" Asked arnav.

"Rakesh..."he said.

"Which year?" Asked arnav.

"Second year sir"rakesh said.

"See rakesh....u r not new to this college then. U shouldn't behave like that with girls. We should respect girls. How will u react if any other guy behaves like this with ur sister or mother ah? U will get angry right? But u r behaving the same with other girls. U and myself know that u intentionally gave a dash to her....I'm advising u to change this type of behaviour. Its not good for u. Respect girls..."even though arnav said with slow tone, it was so stern.

"Sorry sister....(turning to arnav) sorry Sir, I won't repeat it again...."rakesh told with regret in his voice. 

Arnav just nodded said "khushi come..." And they both headed towards payal who was watching the whole scene.

Payal knew that arnav would handle him so didn't talk about it further and their casual chit chat started. Even though khushi too involved in the conversation, her admiration towards arnav added respect towards him. His words made an effect in her heart. She smiled widely and started involving in the conversation now and then. 


"That stupid was eating brains of students that's y I escaped from his lecture and came to here to get some peace...poor ur sis was getting headache too...."arnav whispered to khushi. Right now they r in library.

"Awwww...poor her..."said khushi with low tone.

"Yeah I asked her will she come too but she signalled that she can't reach to window to jump out of it..."arnav said with low tone casually. 

"Hawwww means u jumped out of window?" She asked with surprise.

"Yeah....I do like this many times whenever I get bored of classes..."he shrugged. "Hey u don't have class?" He asked seeing her in library at that time. 

"Actually I do have, but some classmates went to movie as today is someone's bday, and some went to park and some went to home, so I was alone so came to labrary..."said khushi. 

"Oh...y didn't u go to movie with them?" He asked.

"Bcoz I usually go to movie with didi or with some close friends..."she replied.

"U dont have close friends in this college?" He asked.

"I have one friend-swati but she got malaria fever so have not been coming to college from few days..."she said closing her book. 

"Ohh..."he reacted. 

"I'll introduce her to u guys when she come back to college..."said khushi.

"Sure....we will b waiting for that..."he said. 

They started talking about random topics and incident. Khushi started giggling silently as arnav told her about one funny incident where they booked their classmate in their class.

"Hahaha arnav....this is too much yaar...poor that guy, I pity him...."she said with low tone in between her giggles.

"But it was fun u know..."he said with a wide smile.

"U have a good sense of humour....u r always like this ah?" She asked putting her palm under her chin. 

"Yeah almost all times...u know wat khushi, I was most studious and silent guy in my school days so didn't enjoy school life much, so I decided to enjoy and create some now....u know wat in our life, when we grown up, after 10 years if we look back to our past, there should b some incidents which put a wide smile on our face....we are responsible if we don't have such incidents. That's y we should create some heartwarming incidents which can put a smile on our face and happiness in our heart....I believe one thing, even though we face any troubles, we should face them with a bright smile. Then with brightness of that smile, that trouble will wash off...."he said with a smile. 

"Wow that's such a nice words...."she said and saluted him in animated manner. Even though she had done that normally, his words had an effect on her HEART..!

"Thank u thank u...."he bowed his head dramatically. 

She looked at the watch and said "if swati were here today na I would have gone to the movie.....I liked songs of that movie...."she said with a pout.

"Which movie?" He asked.

"Kaho na pyaar hai...."she said.

"Ohhh...."he thought for some seconds and said "ok then tomorrow is Sunday na, let's our gang go to the movie..."he said. Yep, khushi too joined in their gang by then. 

"Really?" She asked with excitement.

"Yes...I'll inform payal and others too...."said arnav. 

"Okkk...."she told and after some time they both left library as its time to go to home.


"Didi.....I wanna say something to u...."said khushi with nervousness. 

"Ha tell khushi..."asked payal.

"I...I.....I love arnav" said khushi in one go while closing her eyes. 


Okkkk.....so that's all for today. I'm glad that I came up with the next update today itself. This update is all of flashback. Next two updates too contains flashback. So stay tuned. I will try to update next update as soon as possible. 

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Dec 1, 2016

update-7 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 28 times)

(Flashback continues)

(Next day)

Arnav, khushi, payal and their gang went to movie-kaho na pyaar hai. Khushi sat in between arnav and payal and they all enjoyed so much...the best part is how arnav saw comedy in each and every scene including sad ones too...! 

"Hey how can u see comedy like this in all scenes?" Asked khushi with surprise when arnav showed her the comedy in some sad scene. 

"Bcoz I like comedy and want to enjoy each and every second of my life...actually khushi, I have a big ambition in my life....according to it, I would behave strict in future...so for now I wanna enjoy as much as I can for now...."he said with low tone in theatre. Khushi smiled and turned her head towards the screen but a wide smile appeared on her lips thinking arnav words...!


"Hai rabba...."khushi exclaimed seeing the big mansion in front of her eyes. Payal chuckled seeing her state.

"Didi, seems like we came to wrong address..."said khushi.

"Nope khushi we came to correct address only."said payal and started to move inside.

"Arnav lives here? I mean in this big mansion?" Khushi asked with shock.

"Yes..."payal just said. 

"Is he that much rich?" Asked khushi..."but he never behaved like that and upon that he just comes to college on his bike na..."she added seeing two cars parked near garden of that mansion. 

"Bcoz he doesn't want anyone to know that he's rich...except myself and now u, none in our college know that he's rich..."said payal.

"Seems like I should be away from him....I don't match in his status..."khushi thought with a fallen face.

Payal and khushi were welcomed by the servent who knew payal as arnav's best friend.

"Who's there kaka?"asked arnav from the kitchen. Yep he's cooking in the kitchen. 

"Payal beti..."said ram kaka-a honest servent in the mansion. Payal greeted him and stepped towards kitchen.

"Hey payal, hi khushi..."arnav greeted them. "Wat a surprise visit payal..."he said with a wide smile. 

"Yeah...today is khushi's bday, as today is holiday to the college, we have been visiting our friend's house to distribute sweets...so we came here too..."said payal with a wide smile. 

"Oh wow...happy bday khushi...."he said turning to khushi. She just smiled and said "thank u". Arnav didn't miss how her smile didn't reach her eyes. 

"Okk u both sit in living room, I'll b back in a while"he said and they both went and sat in the living room. Well arnav was in apron with batter in his hands. He washed his hands and took cool drink from refrigerator and after asking ram kaka to bring the snacks that were made by him, he poured the drinks in three glasses and holding that tray he walked towards the living room. 

''Here have these drinks..."arnav said holding the tray. 

"Thank god...I'm so thirsty..."muttered payal while taking the glass.

"Thank me not god..."said arnav with a chuckle. Payal didn't respond as she got busy in drinking the cool drink.

"Khushi take the glass..."asked arnav holding the tray in front of khushi. She just took it with a fake smile which didn't go unnoticed my him. 

"Khushi wat happened to u? U seems like in dull mood?" Arnav asked settling himself opposite to them. 

"That, ask me....she got surprised by seeing ur mansion..."said payal.

Now it lit to arnav's brain.

"Dont tell me that u r thinking that u cant b my friend as im more rich than u..."he said as he got to know about her thinking. 

She looked at him with shocked eyes thinking how could he came to know wat she was thinking about!

"Khushi listen me, this is the reason that I never told to anyone that I'm rich...I don't care of financial status. For friendship, all that needs is the understanding, care and assurance... Financial status don't do anything with friendship. So never bring "rich and poor" between our friendship ok?" He asked with a smile. He explained it in such a sweet, honest and cute way that it put a smile instantly on khushi's face and she smiled widely. She nodded her head. 

By then ram kaka brought pakoras prepared by arnav. 

"Wow arnav...wats special today that u had cooked?" Asked payal.

"Mom and dad went to di's house....I was bored so cooked while talking to kaka..."he said.

"They r so yummyyy...."khushi muttered while munching them.

"Thank u....I'm a good Cook u know..."he said with a wink.

"Hahaha ur wife would b lucky then...."said khushi with a grin but secret blush in her heart had formed. 

after a chit chat of few more min, they both left and before that khushi gave him sweets. 

While they leaving, arnav looked at his wrist and saw a bracelet. He gave it to khushi as a bday gift. Initially she didn't accept it saying "ur wishes r more than enough for me" but as per arnav insistence, she finally accepted it with a wide smile.


(After few months)

"Didi..."called khushi. Its past 1AM. And payal is asleep....but sleep is far away from khushi's eyes. 

"Didi...wake up na...."asked khushi and after some struggle payal woke up and sat on the bed with sleepy eyes. 

"Kya hua khushi?" Asked payal.

"Didi...I want to tell u something..."said khushi with nervousness. 

"Ha tell...."said payal.

"Didi....I....I...I love arnav..."said khushi in one go while closing her eyes. On getting no response from her sister, she opened her eyes slowly and looked at payal who was looking at her with "I know that" look. 

"Khushi r u serious?" She asked khushi. 

"Ha didi....I'm serious..." Said khushi. Payal just kept on looking at her as if giving khushi a chance to tell further. Khushi gained courage and told "I wish to get him as my life partner didi. I started liking his nature when u told about him before I join the college. At first I was just interested in him then that interest turned into crush. He has been just a crush even after joining in college. But when I started talking to him, I got to know about his thinking much and more. He has all the qualities which a girl wishes for her husband's. His understanding nature, respect towards women and elders, his simple philosophies, cheerful nature...I like these all....I respect his thinking....I don't know when did I fell in love with him didi...but all I know is I wish to spend my rest of life in his company. I wish to get him as my husband didi..."said khushi with honesty. 

After a min of silence, payal took a deep breath and told "khushi I know u from childhood.... I know that even though u r just a teenager, u r far more mature than ur age, u can differentiate the difference between infatuation and love....so I'm sure that u r in love with arnav...but wat about him? He too should love u and should ready to spend his rest of life with u right?" She said. Khushi is listening her keenly. 

"Khushi actually the problem here is, arnav got numerous proposals from teenage girls and he believes that love of girls in this age is just infatuation and attraction.... First of all u should express ur feelings to him na? But I can't tell how would he responded to ur proposal. R u ready to face any answer either positive or negative from him?" Asked payal with concern. 

Khushi thought for two min and said "yes didi....I'm ready. I'm ready to face any answer from him....I know that my love is truth and it's not at all infatuation. There is an honesty in my wish to become his life partner. If he doesn't like it, then I won't force him...I won't disturb him further....but I just want to express my feeling to him as in few days ur exams will b conducted and u all will leave college..."khushi said looking down at her palm. Even though she talked like this after thinking so much, the thought of being away from arnav was nagging her heart...!

"Ok....when will u propose him then?"asked payal. 

"I don't know didi. (After some thinking) I think farewell day would b appropriate.... If he says "no" then I would get opportunity of being away from him as he won't come to college after that day...wat say didi?" She asked. 

"Ya...that will b appropriate..."said payal.

"But didi....if he says yes to my proposal, our parents will agree for marriage na?" Asked khushi with questioning eyes. 

Payal smiled and said "khushi to get arnav as a husband or son-in-law, anybody should b lucky. Obviously our parents will agree for the marriage..."

Khushi just nodded her head. "Now don't think much....go and sleep..."said payal and khushi too nodded her head in agreement. She somewhat felt relief on sharing about her love to her didi.


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Dec 3, 2016

update-8 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 32 times)

Update dedicated to anitha :D


(Flashback continues)

The very next day, 

When they all met in college, suddenly khushi remembered her conversation with payal before nyt and suddenly started feeling nervous on remembering that she should propose arnav on the day of farewell. Well, even though there is almost one and half month time for farewell, she started feeling nervous and almost shaking with the thought of she will propose him. 

All the remaining gang went to classes and there were only payal, arnav and khushi presented there. They both weren't interested in classes that day so went to canteen. The tension in khushi was there. Payal went to bring juices to three of them. Arnav looked at khushi casually. Before he observed her nervousness, she thought to cover it and tried to behave normal. But she ended up in talking without stop unlike to her...! But the wrong step that she had taken was, she even didn't let arnav speak or engage in the conversation. Wat to do, all bcoz of her nervousness...! He looked at her with amu****t as he's seeing her like this first time blabbering that too without a full stop, without giving others a chance...!!!! 

"Owow khushi...give ur mouth some rest BB..."he told with a smirk and chuckle. Then only she recognized that she had been talking continuously and looking down with embarrassment while cursing her nervousness with closed eyes.

"Hahaha don't b embarrassed BB..."he said with a smile.

"BB?" She asked confused.

"Yep...its the nick name that I'm giving u now..."he said casually.

"Ok but BB means?" She asked all her nervousness got replaced with the excitement... Excitement of knowing the nickname given by her special one!

"Wanna know?" He asked with a wide smile. 

"Yes obviously.."she answered.

"BB means Blabbering Beauty..."he said with a wink. 

"Sorry I didn't even give u a chance of speaking...."she said slowly with embarrassment.

"Hey common khushi...don't b embarrassed. Vaise u were looking so cute with that nonstop talking BB..."he said playfully with a wink. 


"BB...."khushi muttered herself lying on the bed while playing with her hairs. "He called me as beauty...."she blushed and hide her face in her pillow with a shy smile. 


Khushi stood in front of the mirror while fidgeting with her fingers. She looked at her reflection. She had worn maroon and gold coloured combinational anarkali as arnav complimented her that traditional looks suits her much whenever she wore traditional wear. 

"Didi....I'm feeling nervous..."said khushi with sweated palms. 

Payal just put her hand on khushi's shoulder and said "relax khushi....". Today is their farewell day and so khushi is going to propose arnav. Even though in this one and half month, khushi prepared herself to face anything, right now she's so nervous! Well, who don't b? Any girl would b obviously nervous when she's going to propose her boy.

"Ok didi...." Taking a breath she said "didi, u go, I'll come after sometime" said khushi. Payal nodded her head and went from there.


After two hours, after preparing herself completely, khushi went to college. She directly went to the ground behind the college. She had chosen a vacant area near a tree and sat on a bench.

"Khushi u have to do this, if u don't do then u may not get next chance...."she muttered herself and took out her mobile phone.

She dialed arnav's number. 

"Ha bolo..."she heard his odd way of talking.

"Arnav, can u come to the backside ground of our college? I wanna talk to u..."said khushi. 

After some seconds of silence, he replied "ok, I'm coming...." He wanted to get away from that place so he decided to go to khushi but he didn't know that his that single decision is going to change his life! 

She stood up from bench On seeing him coming towards her. There wasn't cheerfulness in him which she failed to observe in her own tension. 

"Hello arnav..."she said.

"Bolo khushi wat u wanna talk?"he asked directly. 

Taking a deep breath she told "arnav...I love u..."

"Wat?!" Arnav asked with unsure plus irritated expression on his face. 

"I love u arnav...I will b blessed if I get u as my husband...."she said looking down at her fidgeting fingers. 

"Its not love khushi...its just ur teenage hormones..."he said trying to make himself calmdown.

"No arnav...I love u....I'm seriously in love with u....I know it...."she said in one go but got cut by him.

"Shut up....just shut up ok?" All his already irritation started to taking its troll on him..."wat do u know ah? Wat do u know? U don't know anything...y u girls always like this behind me ah? I thought u r different but no...u r not....u r just like other girls who r behind me just for my money or fame. Even though i refuse, u girls just don't leave me in peace and keeps on disturbing me....this is not love...this is FAKE....ur love is just an attraction, its FAKE...."his words got stopped with the burning sensation on his cheek. 

He got a slap...slap from none other than khushi! The world just got stopped for him for that second! He looked at her with shock. There she stood with burning eyes in which anger and hurt were clearly visible! 

She went to him and pulled him holding his collar and said "don't u dare....don't u dare to INSULT my love Mr.Arnav Singh raizada..."while tears of anger and hurt flowing down on her cheeks she continued "I may b just a teenager but I'm more matured than my age. I can differentiate between infatuation and love....I know how I worried when u were not well...I fell in love with u on seeing ur nature...I wanted to marry u on seeing ur respect, helping nature and morals u have! I can clearly say that its not infatuation but love...u understand?" She told in single go and left him with a jerk. 

"U insulted my love arnav...u insulted my love which is so pure and true....."she whispered while wiping her tears. "Now I'm telling u...I HATE U arnav I hate u...I hate u for calling my love as fake...I hate u for comparing me with those girls who was behind u for ur money or with infatuation... I hate u...."she told and turned back. 

"Don't worry...I won't disturb u now onwards like OTHER GIRLS..."she said without looking him and walked away from there towards the exit of the college. The moment was the moment khushi walked out of not only college but also from arnav's life. And that day was the day when arnav regretted his each and every word that he had said in his IRRITATION....! Wat khushi didn't know that she's NOT the reason behind his irritation and something had happened in those two hours during which she was at her home! 

**********(flashback ends)**********

Khushi sat on bed coming out of her thoughts. In these all years whenever arnav's thoughts came, she didn't want to rewind all those memories and kept on claiming that she hates him. But to be frank, she still knows that she loves him and she also knew that she's so stubborn to accept that. But now, after he proposing her for the FIRST time, she thought to think about it once. "But y he said those hurtful words that day? How he got that much love on me?"she muttered. On thinking about that day with her now journalist brain, she got a point. "Seems like he was already in irritation when he came to me and even in phone call too he was sounding angry...means something might have happened?" A hope raised in khushi...."means he didn't mean the words he had told on that day?! Did he tell all them in anger?! But that anger on whom? Seems like something might have happened in college on that day but If so, y didi didn't say anything to me??" Lot of questions raised in her head!


Ummmm okk...is it dramatic? *smiling sheepishly* but this is how I had planned the story one year back. Well now u might have known y khushi was angry. But to know y arnav talked like that, u should wait for the next update hehehe. And possibly next update would b the last part of the story! 

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Dec 5, 2016

last part.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 36 times)

It's been past midnyt. Khushi was in deep sleep with the effect of the sleeping pill that she had taken. She's in deep slumber that she even wasn't in the state to observe that someone had jumped into her room through balcony. 

"How can this girl slept like that without closing the balcony door..."muttered arnav after entering into the room through door. Yes, it was arnav who jumped into balcony by climbing onto a pipe. He looked at khushi who was sleeping throwing her hands on either side. 

"See how much in deep sleep she had been where as I was unable to sleep at all..."he muttered with jealous of her sleep! Least he knew was that she had taken a sleeping pill. 

"Khushi..."he just called her tapping her hand. If she wasn't breathing even breaths, he would had thought that she was dead with the way of her sleep by not answering or moving from the place. 

"Wat the....does she sleep like this always??"he muttered seeing the way she occupied the whole cot with her hands on both side and one leg on one side with a comforter on her which was providing warmth. He managed to sit on the bed anyhow and patted her face and called her again. But still there was no movement. He looked around and found a water bottle near mirror and went to it and brought it. He sprinkled water on her face. Now, she stirred a little and wiping the water droplets on her face in her sleep, she resumed her sleep. 

"Wat the...!"he gave her a weird gaze and thought for a while. He smirked and started pouring that water slowly on her forehead. For few seconds she didn't respond but after that she frowned, later she touched her forehead and on sensing some liquid like thing she difficultly opened her eyes and look at her fingers. She found wetness of water. By then arnav stopped pouring water and kept on looking at her every expression keenly. She turned her head aside sensing someone's presence and saw arnav there. 

"Khushi see u were thinking about him before u going to sleep and now he came into ur DREAM..."she muttered herself and closed her eyes again. 

Arnav looked at her with amu****t on finding that she was thinking that its a dream. He found her cute and so bent towards her and kissed her cheek and told "its not a dream khushi...I'm here in real.." She lazily opened her eyes and touched his cheek. He intentionally sprinkled water on her face. This made her to come into the real world and then realization drawn upon her. With a scream she jerked and sat on the bed. But before anyone woke up bcoz of her scream, he closed her mouth with his palm. All her sleep flew away and she kept on gazing at him with wide shocked eyes...! 

After some seconds, her shock got replaced with bewilderment and she tried to push her hand away from her mouth. But he gripped her both hands in his one hand while the other hand closed her mouth, he told "khushi I need to talk to u or else I won't get sleep at all...." 

She struggled and muttered something behind his palm. He said "I am unable to understand wat u r saying" gosh he's totally became like a kid right at that moment! 

Giving him a serious look, she bit his palm. With a small hiss, he removed it and she told "if u cover my mouth with ur that so called palm, then how can I answer u stupid?" She uttered this in one go and he smiled at her sheepishly. 

"Ya u r right...sorry, so now answer me...I wanna talk to u...plz listen me na...few hours back too u didn't listen me when I wanted to tell u wat happened on that day of farewell party..."he asked with a puppy face. She found him as cute and wanted to pull his cheeks at that moment. But, her anger on him for insulting her and her love didn't decrease yet. But yet, she didn't want to b judgemental so wanted to listen his point of view. 

"Ok I'll listen, tell..."she told with fake anger. In fact she's curious to here his point of view. 

Taking a deep breath, he started saying wat happened on that day in those 2 hrs of time! 

"Before I met u, sheetal came to college" arnav said while looking at khushi. Khushi looked at him with shock. She knew who sheetal was through payal. She was the girl who threw herself on arnav for his money and following. She used to live in the neighborhood of arnav. She had been proposing to him from three years at that time and arnav had been refusing always and used to get irritated. She was also a teenager. 

"Ha khushi that day sheetal came to college to irritate me again. That time she went little far and tried to get intimate with me in front of all....I couldn't tolerate her nonsense and so slapped her against my morals of harming/hitting girls. She got furious as I slapped in front of all and started becoming furious saying 'I won't leave u, u r mine, I'll make u as my slave' etc etc....I tolerated all those but she blamed my parents khushi, she blamed them and even told that she would made them as beggars and slaves...u know na khushi I can tolerate if anybody blames ME but I can't if anyone say a single word against my parents. So I got furious and slapped her again and I was almost punching her but payal and others caught me and sent her away from there... Payal told me to calm down as it was college. But I couldn't, I was so frustrated as that bloody sheetal's words kept on ringing in my ears. At the same time u called me khushi. I didn't want to b at that place and distracted myself so came to u as soon as u called. But I was still frustrated. When u proposed me, I remembered sheetal and instead of u, she came in front of eyes and let out my frustration on u hallucinating u as sheetal..."he told with mixed emotions- angry on sheetal, regret of his words with khushi, love towards khushi. He was looking into her eyes all the while...honesty is clearly visible in his eyes.


(Arnav's POV) 

Her slap, that burning sensation on my cheek brought me back onto this earth! I looked towards her only to find her as khushi not as sheetal! Then realization drawn upon me...! Oh god! Wat I had said...! I clearly saw her hurtful plus anger filled eyes...! She grabbed my collar and said "don't u dare....don't u dare to INSULT my love Mr.Arnav Singh raizada..."while tears of anger and hurt flowing down on her cheeks she continued "I may b just a teenager but I'm more matured than my age. I can differentiate between infatuation and love....I know how I worried when u were not well...I fell in love with u on seeing ur nature...I wanted to marry u on seeing ur respect, helping nature and morals u have! I can clearly say that its not infatuation but love...u understand?" She told in single go and left me with a jerk. 

That moment was the moment that changed my life afterwards! That moment I realised that khushi was far more matured than her age! "I hate u..."she told me and went away from there. Till then I stood there as if my legs got paralised but she went away from my sight my heart told me to go to her. I followed my heart and run towards her but I saw her scooty move out of exit of the college! 

Unknown tears flowed down from my eyes! Tears-tears of guilt, tears of regret, tears of LOSING her...! I don't know y I felt as if I'm losing my whole life when she's going away from me! I stood there for sometime as a statue until I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I turned around only to find payal there. 

"Payal, she left me payal...she said she won't come into my life again..."I said in one go with panic filled voice. 

"Who arnav?" She asked. 

"Khushi..."I whispered.

"U like her right?" She asked after few seconds. I just nodded. She hold my hand and took me to a vacant place. 

"Wat happened arnav?" She asked me after wiping my tears. I told her wat happened few min back. 

"I didn't mean to say all that payal...those words were not from my heart.."I told her.

"U r regretting right?"she asked knowing about me very well. I nodded my head.

"Do u love her?"she asked me directly.

I thought for a moment and told "I don't know....but I do like her...but LOVE? I don't know...!"I was not sure about my feelings. 

"Ok tell sorry to khushi and also tell her that u didn't mean the words that u had said earlier..."she suggested. 

"No payal....I can't...I mean I don't deserve her forgiveness..! How could I say those all harsh words with her....she is my friend yaar, that too my close friend....I can't face her in guilt....I'm ashamed of myself for saying all those nonsense to my FRIEND who's innocent..."I told as the guilt and regret hit me hard. Even though payal told me that khushi could understand if I explain her, I was not ready to face her due to unknown reasons.

"If u don't tell her the truth then I will tell...."she told with serious tone. But I opposed her and told "no payal....I told all those nonsense and I should b the one to explain wat happened and I should b the one to apologize her...and I'll tell her but not now...I need some time to gain courage to face her..." I took promise from payal that she shouldnt bring this topic with khushi. Usually I never fear but at that time I was scared, scares to face her for unknown reason. 

*******flashback ends***********

"After that day I tried to call u many times but u cut my call. I used to feel so lonely khushi. Later I went to London for further studies. I realised that I love u, I realised that I want to get u as my life partner. And I wanted to talk to u khushi but u were so angry that u didn't want to talk to me. But one day as per my request payal brought u to the restaurant to meet me. Do u remember, u were angry as usual and u were looking so lovely in anger and that's y I argued with u and made u more anger..."he chuckled remembering her cute cute expressions. All the while he kept on looking into her eyes. 

He cupped her cheek lovingly and said "I'm sorry khushi..I'm so sorry for my words on that day...but believe me, I didn't mean to tell them to u...I'm so sorry" by then tears started pooling in his eyes. "I love u khushi. I would b lucky if u agree to marry me....will u marry me khushi?" He asked looking into her eyes. 

She looked at him for few seconds and started hitting him with her hands. "U stupid...how dare u to say those words on that day....am I looking like that idiot sheetal to u? U idiot...I will kill u today....do u have any idea how much I missed u all these years..."she started saying all these while hitting him on his hands for every sentence. 

"Hawww khushi its hurting..."he said rubbing his arms when she gave a little break to her hittings. 

She beat him again and said "let it hurt....u deserve it for hurting me on that day..."she beat him again and this time he sat there calm without complaining. By then he knew that she forgave him that's y became free with him. 

After 5 min of taking out her hurt, anger she stopped hitting him. 

"Feeling better now?" He asked her rubbing his arms.

"No...u get down first...."she ordered him and he obeyed like a good boy.

"Do sit ups"she ordered.

"Wat.."he was surprised listening her.

"Do sit-ups until I ask u to stop..."she ordered again. He sighed and started doing sit-ups saying "sorry wifie" all the time. After 50 or 60 sit-ups, she smiled and got down from bed and hold his hand to stop him. She silently hugged him.

"So did my future wife forgive me?" He asked wrapping his arms around her. 

"I missed u soooooo much" she answered and gave a peck at his heart. 

"I missed u too..."he replied. They stood there like that with peace over them after these years. Suddenly he remembered something.

"Y didn't u wake up at the first time?"he asked.

"I wasn't able to sleep so took one sleeping pill" she answered with a yawn. Her sleep is again calling her.

"Khushi y didn't u close the door? Wat if someone entered into the room?" He asked remembering it. 

"None will enter...I just forgot to close..."she answered with sleepy voice. 

"U didn't answer me...will u marry me?"he asked.

"Hmmm I'll give u the honour of becoming my husband Mr.Raizada. but dare u, if u hurt me again na, I'll never forgive u and will leave u forever ha..."she said following a chuckle. 

"I won't give that chance to u ever khushi....u r an essential part of my life..."he said with honesty and gave her a kiss of assurance on the top of her head.

That day was the peaceful day for the two souls after these many years. They cleared the misunderstandings and going to enter into another phase of their lives soon..! The moon smiled at them from the balcony silently blessing them to b happy.

***************The end*************

Okkk...so here it is...is it dramatic? To b frank, the update didn't came out as I wish...! Ok, now I'm waiting for ur feedback eagerly. 

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@noordina...yea dear. U r absolutely correct. Arnav shouldn't have done like that to his best friend. In that guilt and shame only he wasn't ready to face her after that incident but when he was in London, he decided to not let go off his love and prepared his courage. Is it dramatic? *smiling sheepishly* may b it is...but this is wat I had planned one year once. Anyway I'm eagerly waiting for ur feedback on this update :) thanks again.

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