Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st December 2015 Written Episode

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Dec 2, 2015

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st December 2015 Written Episode (By Arnav_Priya)

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st December 2015 Written Episode Bindu and everyone rush to the prison area but it is empty. What’s happening in Patliputra? Has our security gotten so weak? Helena wonders if Daastan killed Chanakya. Mahamadhya says it might be. Charu says Mir and Daastan would want to take revenge for Noor’s death. They know that nothing can happen to Magadh till Acahrya is alive. Maybe they only killed him. Bindu regrets leaving Mir alive. I did the biggest mistake. I am to be blamed for Acharya’s death. I forgave Mir. I gave him a chance to attack again. He should have killed me. Why Acharya? I wont let his sacrifice go in vain. I will certainly take revenge! He tells Mahamadhya that he wants Daastan and Mir, dead or alive! They just should not get away. Dharma cries in her room. I will never forgive myself. You (ashoka) kept fighting for Acharya so you both could save me. Acharya wanted Mir to be given death penaltly. I stopped him. Acharya lost his life because of him. everyone’s life is in danger today because of me. He used to say that nothing could happen to Ashoka till he is with us. I realise his meaning now. He hugs his mother. I wont spare them this time. They are Magadh’s enemies after all. He touches her head. I swear I will find Daastan. I will get him punished. If I fail, then I wont see my Acharya for the last time. She looks at him in shock. Mahamadhya gives a half burnt knife to Bindu. The symbol over it is of Khurasanis. This leaves no doubt that Daastan is behind it. Bindu says Daastan has actually stabbed Aryavashi’s. We have to give him a fitting reply. They would not have gone to far. Bindu makes an announcement. Whoever will bring the culprit before us will be given prize money! Ashoka walks in saying that’s not required. The stain that Daastan has put on Maurya vansh will be cleaned by Mauryavanshi only. Allow me to go and punish him. Mahamadhya says this isn’t the right time to go. Bindu is proud of Ashoka. Surely go! Mahamadhya looks on helplessly. Mir and Daastan are near a river. Mir thinks of how they both got out of the prison. Mir throws a sharp rod kind of thing towards Daastan’s cell. Daastan picks it up. Mir coughs and asks for water. He hits the soldier and then frees Daastan. They both kill all the soldiers who try to stop them. They next jump in the river. Flashback ends. Mir asks Daastan where they have to go now. How far are your men? Daastan denies. You are not coming with me. I forgave Noor once as I loved her. You gave her to Bindu. How do I forgive you? Mir isn’t afraid of his threat. If you had to leave me here then you wouldn’t have taken me away from there. Daastan kills him. How could I see you dying if I had left you behind? Mir falls. Daastan says goodbye to him as he walks away. Acharya’s disciple asks Ashoka how he will find Daastan. Ashoka shows them a map. They jumped in the river. They must be hurt. They could not have gone against the tide. They must be tired. Daastan will choose the safest possible route of exit from him which is from the jungles. He will wait for the right time to get out of here. His friend reasons that the jungle is huge. How will we find him so soon? The last rite of Acharya is tomorrow morning. Ashoka reasons that they wont go to him. He will come to us. Acharya used to say that cowards walk in crowd. Acharya’s disciple prays that Ashoka succeeds. He does tilak of Ashoka with the dirt. Ashoka touches his feet to take his blessings. He blesses Ashoka. Helena questions Bindu. How can you let Ashoka go? He is a kid. We know how strong Daastan is. How can we send Ashoka like this? Charu too advises Dharma to protect Ashoka. Dharma asks her if she can stop the storm. I would never want him to take a wrong path but I cannot stop him from fulfilling his duty. This is his duty at the moment. Bindu says I trust Ashoka. He leaves. Charu remarks how Ashoka became great in Samrat’s eyes once again. Helena is worried that Daastan might speak truth before Ashoka if he gets caught. At night, Daastan walks in the jungle. He hears a group of people walking from there. They are all dressed in white. Daastan thinks of joining the group. There can be no better way to get out from here. He cuts his hairs. Ashoka senses something. Daastan kills a man and wears his clothes. He also rubs white colour on his face. He joins the group. Ashoka notices him. He is all alone. Where is Mir or his soldiers? They both ran away together. A guy greets Acharya / Daastan. Ashoka turns. He pours water on Daastan’s face. His identity is revealed. Daastan and Ashoka remove the clothes from around their chests. They take out their swords. All the other group of people stand around in a circle. Daastan says this time you brought your army. Ashoka replies that he alone will be enough for him today. Dharma prays for her son’s safety. Ashoka and Daastan engage in sword fight. On the other hand, Dharma continuously rings the bell in the temple. Ashoka attacks Daastan who gets wounded in the process. Precap: Ashoka does the last rites of Acharya. I vow that I will not sit peacefully till I take revenge for your death. I will certainly give you this Guru Dakshina. I will become the Samrat. Credit: ****box

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