Devil That Inside Of Me.

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Dec 7, 2015

Devil That Inside Of Me. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 31 times)


Hi guys this is my new story.

I hope you will guys support me to the end.










"Have you ever faced your other?"


"24 hours a day, 365 days. They can't be together."


"Beginning of a special romance."


"A different triangle love."







I hope will the prologue...




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Dec 11, 2015

Devil That Inside Of Me. (Chapter 1) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 50 times)


Here we go guys my first update of this story.

I hope you guys will like it.



Chapter 1



"I have go to Jiji's marriage hall... I have to go.. Let me go.." Khushi shout at A black suit man but he left from there paying a deaf ears to Khushi shouting.

Then his guards push her into a dark room and locked her.

Her face went pale.

"Please let me go.. I can't stay here..." Plead Khushi.



30 Minutes ago..

She has come to Sheesh Mahal for meet her would be jeejaji, she was mistaken for a model, forced to walk on a ramp, landed on that black suit man's arms, was badly treated by him, he broke her dori and now he had lock her into the dark room.

Khushi gulped.

"This place is so dark. There no light in this room not even little." Thought Khushi.

DARK that word enough to make Khushi shivers in fear.

Her tears rolls on her cheeks.

She can't even open her mouth in fear of darkness.


"Someone please help me... I don't want to be here in dark!" She plead in heart.


She don't want be in dark again. Because of the trauma that she had in her past.


Her eyes widen.


It's became harder to breathe.


"Someone please.." She plead but no one there for her.


She breathe can't anymore.


" Am I going to die? No I don't want to die!" she thought.


Her slowly became blank.


No.. No Devi maiya.. I don't want to die please save me.." She plead her god.




She collapsed on the floor.


3 Minutes later...


She opened her eyes.


Her eyes widen in shock.


"How did I come back again?" She thought.


"And I am in dark.." She added.


She check the door but it was locked.


"Its lock from outside so someone must be lock me in this Damn room." She thought and she wonder who is it..


"How dare they ?" she ask in her mind angrily.


" I must open this door first," She decided to get out there even if she has to break that damn door.


It's been 5 years since last time she did this but she hope this will work now.

Ready 1.. 2.. 3.. Go..


She kick hard against the door.


That made a outside lock break and fall down.


" My Martial Arts and the strength that I had now.. Did help me this time." She said with smirk on her face.


She slow went out that room.


At Main Gate of Sheesh Mahal.


" All I need to do is.. Escape from this place.. Without make any harm anyone.."she said in mind.


Then one of a ASR's guard shock to saw her there and start to approach her.


Then he held her right hand from behind.

"Hey you! Where are going?" He ask her.


She turn face him and gave him an evil smirk.


"Back to the hell. Do you want to go to the hell too?" She ask with an evil smile.


She give a punch on his face with her left hand make his nose bleed and he collapse on the floor.


She run away from there.


After 10 minutes of continuously running fast on the Road made her tired.

Stopped for while and take a deep breath in and out.

"I shouldn't have punch that man but I can't control myself when touched me. So its not my fault but his." She console herself.


She smile while waving her hands in the air.


"This is a feeling of being alive. It's been 5 year since last time I came out." She said.


Her start eyes went blank.

"So I have to go now?" She ask herself but no answer.

Then she fainted on the roadside.


5 Minutes later. . .


Khushi waked up from the roadside.


"Who'd save me?" She ask hersef.

She feel it's hard believe. She lost her conscious at that Dark Room but now she is at Road.

Then she saw a blood in her hand but there no wound in her hand so how's blood is this?

Maybe It's her..

Her eyes widen at her thought.


"It's impossible for her to come back. But if she's back it's possible for her to save me from that rakshas." Khushi said in her mind.


"So she's the one who saved me? So she is back?" She whispered.


Then she realized.

"Hey Devimaiya.. Jiji's Marriage!" She shout.


Later at Gomti Sadan.


That house fill with sadness.

Because Payal's marriage has been call off.


" Don't cry Payal bitiya. Everything will be fine soon." Garima said to payal sobbing.


" I know Amma" Said Payal in her mother's embrace.


"You too stop crying Garima. You should've thank god Payal didn't marry that Abhisheikh.


Khushi enter into the house.


Her eyes fill with tears.

"Babuji..." She ran and hug her father.


" I am sorry, I am always being a bother to you. Now because of me.. Jiji's marriage was been stopped.. I'm sorry.." she said while crying.

Then Buaji shout at Khushi.


" Hey Sankadevi! Who said that Payaliya's marriage was called off because of you?" Buaji ask Khushi.


"What?" Khushi said with confuse tone.


Buaji puts her hand on her head.


" That Abhisheik already has a girlfriend and she is pregnant. His parents has forced him to marry Payaliya because of dowry money. He don't want to betray his girlfriend and his family.. I mean his foster parents.. Yes they're his foster parents so.. today he don't know what to do and at last he drank a poison and left a letter." Buaji sadly explained to Khushi.


" How is he now?" Khushi ask in worry.


" He is in the Hospital for now.. In critical condition." Babuji answered to Khushi's question.

" I hope that he will be alright." said Khushi.

Babuji nod in agreement.


Payal come out of Garima's embrace.


" Where did you go when that time Khushi?." Payal ask weakly.

" Woh..." She look at everyone's face.

Then tell them truth that why did she go there and what happened at Sheesh Mahal.

"Are you ok Khushi?" Payal asked Khushi.

" I'm alright now Jiji." Said Khushi.


Everyone sigh in relief.


Then Khushi realized something.


"Oh god! I had left babuji's shop documents at that Sheesh Mahal.


"Documents? Our shop documents? But it was with me all time." Said Babuji.


"That because I had exchange that documents file with a book." Said Payal.


" Why?" Khushi asked Payal.


"Because I know you're up to something.. That why.." Payal answered.


"But scooter??" Khushi asked in worry.


"Don't worry bitiya I will send Rameshji to bring that scooter back." Said Babuji.


"So I don't have go back to that place again." Said khushi with relief.


Then Khushi remembered about something.


"But Babuji, Amma, Bauji and Jiji I want to tell you something really important." Said Khushi with nervous.


" What is it?" Everyone asks Khushi in same time.


" Someone has helped me when I was at Dark Room." Said Khushi.


Everyone was awe in shock.


Buaji grasp in shock" Helped you in the Dark Room!"


Babuji broke the silence.


" Bitiya U mean She is back?" Babuji asked Khushi.


" Haan Babuji, she is back I mean Nisha is back." Said Khushi.


Buaji slowly sat in the chair.

"Nandkis****! What is going to happen to us now? She is back." Buaji thought loudly.


To Be Continue. . .




Guys I know this story has lot of mystery but I will revealed it soon.








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Jan 28, 2016

Devil That Inside Of Me. (Next part is up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 35 times)

Hi guys sorry for the late update.


Chapter 2 (Part A).


Gomti Sadan fill with a silence for minutes.


"Are you sure Sankadevi?" Buaji asked khushi with fear visible on face, she wish this would be nightmare that someone will wake her up.


"Ji, I am 100% sure that she's back because I lose my conscious in that dark room but when I wake up back I was on road."said Khushi.


Shashi speak up to calm the situation.

" Don't worry bitiya.. We will try to speak with her." said Shashi.


" Speak? With who? That devil?" Buaji mock his so called idea.


Payal and Garima agreed with Buaji.


"Haan Babuji. Buaji is right, she never have been listen to anyone before. And I am sure she will be like that even now." said Payal.


Shashi fall into silence because he knew that whatever they are saying is true.


"I am sorry Babuji because me.." Khushi said with tears in her eyes but Babuji cut her off.


Shashi cupped her face.


" No Bitiya. It's not your fault... Don't ever say that again." sais Babuji.


Khushi nod.


" It's getting late so lets go to sleep." said Garima.


Everyone went to their own room.









Later at Khushi and Payal's room.


(They shared a room)


Payal has already asleep.


Khushi thinking about her past.




13 Years ago. . .


A 8 years old Khushi was travel with her Parents (real parents) in the car on way to go to her new home.

their are moving out of this town.


Khushi was sitting at back sit and parents are at front.


"Why we are going bangalore so suddenly Shivji? And also why we are shifting town at night?" Khushi's mother Khusboo ask her husband Shiv Raichand.


"Khusboo.. That... I.." Shiv not sure what to say.


" What happen Shivji? You weird since you come from your Office today. What happen to you?" she asked in worry.


" I accidentally had witnessing a murder. The murder he has saw my face.. And I saw him too and he is Arvind Malik. He might be try to kill me too so before that happen we are going to escape from him." He explained to his wife.


Then Shiv's face turn pale.


"What happen ?" she asked.


"Khusboo.. Break is not working.." said Shiv in helpless situation.


"Shivji what we are going to do now? Khusboo asked in fear.



To be Continue. . .


I will update Part B later..


















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Jan 29, 2016

Devil That Inside Of Me. (next part is up) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 27 times)


Chapter 2 (Part B).



Khushi worried seeing her mother's scared face.


"What happen maa?" She asked her mother.


"Nothing beta." Khusboo answered her innocent daughter.



Shiv having hard time to control his car but he did it even though he can't control his car's speed.


Tring.. Tring...


His phone rang.


Khushboo answer the call put it near his ear.


"Hello?" said Shiv.


He heard a someone laugh.


"Who is this?" He asked in serius tone.


" Haha.. I'm Arvind Malik. And I am one who send my man to cut your car break wire. So how are you now?" Arvind asked.


Shiv gritted his teeth.



" You!!" Shiv want curse him but Arvind cut him off.



" Hey. Don't waste your last seconds by cursing me.. I forgot to tell you I had set a time bomb in your car. So now you and your family just have a 1 minute. Goodbye..." He disconnected his call with his evil laugh.


Khusboo start worried more seeing Shiv's paled face.


" Kushboo.. He has set a time bomb.. I think this is our end now." Shiv give up on hoping.


" Even if we survive he will try to kill us again.." He mumbled.



" I don't care our life but Khushi.. Our Khushi has to live Shivji." She said in tears with looking clueless Khushi.



" He cut our car's break wire, fixed a time bomb and head of us is edge of cliff now how can she be survive? He ask her.


She turn back to Khushi.


" Khushi beta you trust us right?" she asked Khushi.


She got a nod from Khushi.


" If that true then door open the car and jump now!" Her mother ordered.


" But maa.." She too scared to do it..


" We don't have time. JUMP NOW!!" Her mother shout with teary eyes.


She jumped out of the car.


Car fall down from the cliff and blast.




Khushi covered with the bruises.


"Maa! Papa!" She scream but they never come back.



"It's my fault.. My fault .. They don't survive because of me.." She thought.


It's dark night. She shiver because of fear.


She stay that whole night in that dark place.




To be Continue. . .


















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Feb 15, 2016

Devil That Inside Of Me. (Chapter 3 is up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 29 times)

Here go guys my update.

Chapter 3.

Next day. Someone who was pass by that way saw little Khushi on road covered with bruises,took her to the hospital and complained it to the police.

After Khushi waked up she found herself at hospital bed then police investigate her about her parents. She crying and tell them everything that she know.

"Khushi I know it must be painful for you to go through this.. But you have to accept the reality." Inspector while patted her head.

"So Khushi do you have anyone as your relative?" Asked Inspector.

"Shashi Gupta Uncle." Khushi said slowly.

After that Inspector investigate about Shashi and called him to inform him about Khushi's situation.

"Mr.Gupta do you have any problem with bring her to your home? If have then I will send her orphanage." Said Inspector.

"No Inspector. I don't have a one. From now on Khushi is my daughter." Shashi assured Inspector.

Then Shashi bring Khushi to his home. His Madhumathi, Garima and Payal. They all welcome her her into their family with open arms. And they did a funeral for her parents.

2 Weeks later...

Shashi legally adopted her as his daughter.

Khushi often gets a nightmare about her parents death. And blame herself for that.

Shashi send her another School than Payal's.

She always get bullied by her classmates.

Then one day.

Her classmates Piya and Chira lock khushi in store room. 

She got scared being locked in store room.

She fainted.

And waked up as Nisha.

It's was a first time Nisha appeared.

Being Nisha.

She didn't panicked because of got locked in that room.

She banged at the door many times. It made loud noise.

Khushi's class teacher Geetha who pass by that way heard it and open the door for her.

"Khushi how did you got locked in this room?" Teacher ask her in worry.

Nisha stood in silence.

"Khushi? Me? But I'm Nisha." She wondered.

"Khushi is there anyone bullying you?" Asked Teacher.

Teacher got nothing but a silence in return.

Ring.. Ring...

The school bell rang.

"Next class going to start.. Let's go." Said Teacher.

Teacher start to walk.

Nisha followed her silently.

Later after School time ended. 

Everyone getting out of class except Nisha.

Because she has no idea about going home.

Then Piya and Chira came to her desk.

"Don't be happy just because of you had saved by teacher." Said Chira.

"That's right! If you tell teacher that we locked you in that room then we will show you the hell." Said Piya in threatening tone.

"So you guys who did that. Huh?" Nisha said in mind.

"Understand?" Asked Chira.

"Well.. I understand it very well." Nisha answered with smirk.

Nisha went to teacher Geetha and told her about them.

Later they got scold by teacher and their was called by teacher.


Nisha went to them and warn.

"If you guys mess with me again then I will show you guys the real HELL." She warn them in dangerous tone which send a shiver to their spine.

Teacher Geetha glad that Khushi being open up to her about that bullying case. Teacher often gets worried about Khushi who always silent in class. And had no even one person call a friend. Now she little relaxed.

After that Piya and Chira didn't even dared to crossed Khushi's way again.

One month later...

This whole month like a hell to teacher Geetha.

She confused with Khushi's behaviour.

Then she got a complaint from a male students who older than Khushi about Khushi got into fight with them.

And got know that Khushi behave like another person.

She was shocked and so worried about Khushi.

Then Teacher called Khushi and asked her about it.

"Khushi why did you got into fight with your senior?"asked Teacher.

"Because they bullied my friend Arnav. If they make Arnav sad again then I will broke their every bones in their body" She said it to teacher without any fear.

To be Continue. . . 




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Feb 25, 2016

Devil That Inside Of Me. (Chapter 4 is up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 41 times)

So let's start it..

Chapter 4.


Teacher Geetha called Shashi and Garima to meet them and explained everything about Khushi's strange behaviours. At first they don't believe teacher Geetha's words but seeing Khushi's current state they believed it.

"Khushi is an average student. But on last month exam she got hundred markhs in all subjects. I didn't  mean that she can't get a full marks but a sudden improvement is impossible." Said teacher.

Teacher Geetha suggested to bring Khushi to Psychiatrist.

Garima gasped.

" Are you saying my daughter is mad?" Garima asked in anger.

Teacher sighed.

"No Mrs.Gupta I didn't mean that. I think Khushi has some mental problem. Please console this with some Psychiatrist."Teacher explained seriously to Shashi and Garima.

Shashi agreed with teacher's suggestion and leave the school office with his wife.

Next day.

Shashi and Garima bring Khushi to City Hospital and meet Dr. Gourav Mehra a Psychiatry specialist.

After having a talk therapy with Khushi.

Dr.Mehra came out the room.

"What is happen to my child doctor?" Asked Garima in worry.

"DID." Doctor muttered. 

"Huh?"Said confused Shashi.

"Dissociative Identity Disorder commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder or Split Personality. It's an effect of several trauma in childhood, repetitive physical, ****ual or emotionally abuse." Doctor explained to them.

Garima still looked confused.

"What that's mean doctor?" Asked Shashi.

"Most of us have experienced mild dissociation, which is like daydreaming or getting lost in the moment while working on a project. However, dissociative identity disorder is severe form of dissociation, a mental process which produces a lack of connection in a person's thoughts, memories, action, feelings or sense of identity. Dissociative identity disorder is thought to stem from trauma experience by the person with the disorder. The dissociative aspect is thought to be a coping mechanism of the person literally dissociates himself  from a situation or experience that's too violent, traumatic, or painful to assimilate with that person's conscious self." Said Dr.Mehra.

"You may wonder if dissociative identity disorder is real. After all, understanding the development of multiple personalities is difficult, even for highly trained experts." Doctor added.

Tears rolled on Garima's cheeks.

"Is there any cure for it?" Shashi asked in worry.

Doctor nod No.

"There's no cure for DID, long term treatment can be helpful, if the patient stays committed. Effective treatment includes talk therapy or psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and adjunctive therapies such as art or movement therapy. There is no established medication treatment for DID, making phychologically-based approaches the main stay of therapy." Said Dr.Mehra.

"Fortunately Khushi have a Rescuer Alter (Protective type personality). These type of alter can be of any age and were created to save the original person from intolerable situations. These DID alters are often tougher and braver than the original personality. You should be thank god that she didn't have a any abuser type of personality." Said Doctor.

"And Khushi had told me about her parents death. I think..she blame her as a caused of their death." Doctor said Shashi and Garima.

Their widen in shock.

"But that's not her fault.." Said Garima.

"That's right but she still feel quilty about it. Nisha the protective personality was born of the sense of fear and regret that Khushi felt... And thus, Nisha's braveness and fights."Said Doctor.

"One more important thing. Khushi will not remember what Nisha did or do. And she won't remember any Nisha's memories. That same go for Nisha. And Transition from one to another is offen sudden and brought by stress. If Khushi's heart rate raise up or lose conscious Nisha will appear. Nisha also can appear after Khushi fall asleep and that also same go for Nisha." Doctor explained carefully.

"So we need watch Khushi carefully?" Asked Garima.

"Yes not only Khushi but Nisha also. The best option to keep Nisha in control is.. Try to understanding the alter (personality). So be carefully about what you talk before her. Because you want cure for Khushi. That's means same with killing Nisha. If Khushi cured Nisha will vanish. Nisha is protective personality so if her life in danger than she will do anything to protect herself so be careful. Bring her here to check up next week. And call me if Nisha became out control. " Dr.Mehra advised them.

Shashi nod and thanked Doctor.

After that Shashi told his sister Madhumathi about it. Madhumathi suggested to not to tell about Khushi's disorder to anyone because no matter how you much explain them about DID they won't understand and will address Khushi as a mad girl.

They did try to get close with Nisha but she told them that she is not ready to trust anyone other than herself.

A rumour about Khushi has mental problem start spreading around school so Shashi transfer Khushi to same school as Payal. And they make sure the one who did in school exams is Khushi because if Nisha answer it then Khushi will get a full marks then it make everyone suspicious on her.

Then Khushi got a friend named preeto because of Nisha. Nisha saved preeto from a street dog.

Then time passed away.

8 years later...

Khushi's old was 16. Shashi, Garima, and Buaji starts getting worry about Khushi's future. As long she and Nisha share a same body it's impossible for her to get married in future. And Nisha don't like to be touched by a man.

Khushi start live a happy life because of her family and Nisha. Nisha notice that too.

Nisha sighed.

"Now there no reason to me be to here anymore. Because you're safe and happy. You won't be danger anymore so this is the end for me. I said i don't trust anyone other than myself. Do you know what it's mean? I mean that myself is you Khushi you're my otherself so you're the only one whom I believe. So continue your happy life. For Angel.  From your Devil." Nisha write it down on paper and put on the side table that near the bed and fall asleep.

After that Nisha had stop appearing.

Khushi feel sad for Nisha but she know Nisha want her stay happy so she stay happy.

They went and inform Doctor about Nisha.

"Nisha may be did stop coming after this but she surely will come back if Khushi in danger. So please be careful." Doctor warn them.

And Doctor turn to Khushi.

"And Khushi don't be careless. She will come if you fall in trauma again. So be careful. Because it's rare to alters leave the host so this is your chance to get cure. But it will be difficult."Said Doctor with troubled face.

"Why doctor? Is there any problem?" Garima asked Doctor.

"Khushi you to have control your feelings. You can't have an extreme emotions. I mean you can be happy but not so too much. For example like ride in rollar coaster you will be excited, scared, happy at same time in extreme that will make your heartbeats raise then Nisha will appear again." Doctor explained to Khushi carefully.

"Doctor that also mean our daughter can't get marry right??" Asked Buaji.

Doctor nod.

They froze on the spot.

"If she get married or fall in love it will end up giving Khushi extreme emotions." Said Doctor.

Khushi's parents and Buaji's hopes crushed into pieces.

Then for five years Khushi tried her best to control her emotions for sake of her parents.

Flashbacks End.

Now Nisha is back because the Black Suit man.

It's not like that she hate Nisha.. She really thankful Nisha for lot things. But Nisha's arrival made her family sad and this all because herself.

"If I fall asleep then the one who will wake is Nisha." She sighed.

She take out a paper and write.

"Welcome back Devil. I missed you. I hope you had miss me too. Amma and Buaji might be scold and blame you for come back but please don't lose your temper. And I know you will ask me who did locked in that room(She write everything that happened in Sheesh Mahal)." She finished writing with small smile on her lips.

This how she and Nisha communicate with each other.

To be Continue. . .


Arnav side of story.





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Mar 18, 2016

Devil That Inside Of Me. (Chapter 5 is up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 31 times)

Here we go guys my update.

Chapter 5.

Sheesh Mahal.

''What you mean by she is gone?'' ASR roared in anger.

Guards got scared by his anger.

''Sir.. She escaped.'' Guard said while looking down.

''Really? What were you doing until she escape?'' ASR  asked in anger.

"We're sorry Sir.'' The main guard sincerely apologised.

Arnav sighed.

"How did she escape?'' ASR wondered in his mind.

Then he notice one of them cover his nose with handkerchief.

"Hey you come here!'' Arnav call him.

"Yes Sir..'' He said in nervous tone.

"What happen to your nose?''' Arnav asked him.

''Nothing.. This is because of.. I fall down..'' The guard had hard time to answer that question.

''There's no way I can tell him that girl knocked me down.'' That guard thought.

Arnav went back to his room with I don't care look on his face.


Arnav's room.

Arnav sitted on recliner facing Aman.

''Any clue on that girl?'' Arnav asked him while hold coffee cup.

''Yes ASR. She left her scooter and.. This bag behind.'' Aman stated.

Arnav put down the cup. 

''Good job. There must be something like ID card or driving license in that bag.We can use it to find her.'' Arnav smirked.

"But.. Look into ladies bag is not well manner Sir.'' Aman hesitated.

Arnav gave him a what the look.

''Do it now!'' Arnav ordered him.

Aman gulped and nod in agreement.

Aman open the bag zip and take out things.

A box of jelebis.


Raksha dhaga

And a book title 'how to make 100 type of desserts'

Arnav and Aman palmed their face.

''What the heck is these things?'' Arnav muttered.

Aman chuckled.

''ASR I think this why we shouldn't have to look into ladies bags'' said Aman.

Arnav sighed.

''That scooter.. she definitely will be back to get her scooter back.'' Arnav smirked.

Next morning..

Gomti Sadan.

Khushi's room.

Nisha waked up from bed and saw Khushi's note.

''Black suit man??'' Nisha mumbled.

To be Continue. . .

Comments please guys.

Sorry if there any mistakes.

Let me know how my update was.

Silent reader at least hit a thank.

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Apr 11, 2016

Devil That Inside Of Me. (Chapter 6 is Up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 36 times)

Here wo go my update guys and thanks for keep supporting me.

Chapter 6.

Early morning at Gupta House.

Nisha come out the room after getting ready and went to dining table to have a breakfast.

(Nisha let her hair open)

Nisha sat on chair and have her breakfast.

Everyone stay silent in her presence but they keep staring at her.

Nisha sighed.

''What do you guys want ask me? Why I am here? When I am going?'' She ask everyone, especially Buaji.

Buaji nod.

''I am here for Khushi and I don't any thought about going.'' Nisha mumbled while dip her paratha in dhal.

Buaji stood up in anger.

''Just go back! We don't need you!'' Buaji spat out in anger, everyone else agreed with her.

She snickered. 

"I already had said to you.. I am here for Khushi not for you guys and I won't go back anymore.'' Nisha said calmly.

Buaji left from there in anger.

''If you guys don't like me to stay here then I and Khushi will be leave this house!'' Her stuck them like tunder.

Shashi spoke up.

''No bitiya.. Don't go.. I mean we won't force you to go anymore so don't leave this house.''Shashi try to change her mind.

Nisha rolled her eyes.

''Ok.''She said stood up after finished her breakfast.

After that.

Neighbourhood women come to their home to ask Khushi to join them to go to temple.

Payal and Garima gulped after hearing that.

"Woh.. Wait Kamla ji I will bring Khushi.'' Said that Garima and Payal nervously went to Khushi's room to talk with Nisha about this matter.

Khushi's Room.

''What!? I have to go to temple with blabber mouth women?'' Nisha respond angrily.

''Shh! Don't talk so loud Khu.. Nisha they will hear us!'' Payal warn Nisha.

''So what Payal? Don't give a damn about them.''Nisha said furiously.

''Nisha please I know that you don't believe in God but just please for Khushi.. Please go with them.''Payal plead in low voice.

''For Khushi?''Nisha's slightly confused.

''Haan. Khushi already had promise to join them today but you know now..''Payal try to make Nisha understand the situation.

''That right bitiya! They will suspicious if act differently before them. Please bitiya just this one time.''Garima plead.

Nisha sighed.

''Ok fine I will go them just this once but remember this I am not doing this for you guys but for Khushi.'' Said Nisha while avoiding their eyes.

Payal and Garima went out in relief.

Nisha sighed.

Sheesh Mahal.

Arnav's room.

ASR at really bad mood and roaring at everyone.

''ASR someone is here to meet you.''Aman inform him.

''Who's that? Is that her?'' Arnav asked him.

Aman nod No.

''Then who the hell is that damn it?!''Arnav roared.

Aman gulped.

'ASR it seem like she is not that scooter's owner.''Said Aman.

''Why!?''ASR asked bit curiously.

''Just see it yourself ASR.'' Said Aman.

Then someone knock the door.

''Come in''said Aman.

A middle aged man with moustache step in to the room.

''Nameste Sir. I am Ramesh Chauhal, I'm here to get my scooter back but your guards didn't let me sir.'' Ramesh explained.

''Mr.Chauhal how did came here?'' Arnav asked.

''Woh.. I Lend it to my friend's daughter, she bought it here. Please Sir I need to bring my scooter back to home.''Said Ramesh.

Arnav smirked.

''If you want your vehicle back.. You have call that your friend's daughter here now.'' Said Arnav.

At same time.


Nisha really at annoyed at at gossiping neighbourhood ladies.

After finished praying Nisha slowly escaped from them and went out to take a fresh air.

But she really shocked at her sight of a woman fainting and about fall on floor.

She runs as fast as she can to that woman and held her and support her to the bench near them.

Nisha made her sit on bench and run to bring some water.

After bring water Nisha splash some water on that woman's face to make get some conscious.

That woman gained some conscious but not enough to talk.

''Hey? Are you ok?'' Nisha waved her in front of her face.

Nisha notice her bag on the ground and went to pick it up.

She open the and saw a phone.

''It must be that woman's phone.'' Thought Nisha.

Nisha call the number on top of her recent calls list.

''Hello?'' A man answered the call with husky voice.

Sheesh Mahal.

That man really hesitate to tell about her to him.

But he's sure that will tell him soon because all person in the world are selfish including himself.

At the time Arnav feeling his victory that he got a way know that girl identity. That stupid phone of his ranged.

It's from his Di. She is at temple right? 

He answered the call.


''Huh.. This is phone's owner?'' A beautiful voice spoke up but this voice is not di's

Arnav frowned.

''Yes? That's my sister's phone. Who are you?'' Did his di lost her phone?

''Uh.. It's not important who I am now.. Your sister she has fainted at temple. Can you come here and pick her up?'' She asked.

He was shocked and worried for his Di.

''I.. I'm coming there right now.. Please take care of my sister for a while'' His voice turn lower at the word Please.

Arnav hurriedly went out leaving two other men confused.

To be Continue. . .

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Precap: Beast and Devil's meet.

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May 5, 2016

Devil That Inside Of Me. (Chapter 8 is Up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 32 times)

Here my update, thanks for your comments guys.

Chapter 8.

At temple.

Arnav hurriedly climb the stairs temple and look around.

Then he saw girl and his sister, he rush toward them.

''Di? Are you ok?'' He asked concerned.

Anjali nod yes.

''Haan Chote I'm fine now. All thanks this girl.'' Anjali said to him.

He saw Nisha and shocked.

'She is that girl who ruined my show right?' He thought.

Nisha spoke up.

''Your sister fainted because of starvation.'' Said Nisha to him.

He gave angry look.

''Woh.. Chote I was fasted for your jeejaji's wellbeing today.'' Anjali feel guilty for making him worried.

"Had you lost your mind or what Di? You should have take care of first! And this fasting things for other wellbeing absolutely nothing but nonsense.'' Arnav spat out in anger.

Anjali look at him with wide open mouth. Nisha too look at him but unlike Anjali she keep silent.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?'' He asked in confusion.

''Woh chote this girl also scold me exactly with same words like you after I told her about fasting.'' Anjali laughed.

He look at Nisha.

"Let's go home Di.'' Arnav said.

Anjali nod.

''You too come with us na please..'' Anjali invite Nisha.

"But Di why are you inviting her?'' Arnav was annoyed.

"Chote please let her come with us na .. You know she did help for me in return we at least have to treat her a lunch.'' She make puppy face.

Arnav agreed.

Nisha who bored of those neighbourhood ladies, she agreed to follow Anjali, at least she can use this as reason and escape from those ladies.

They got into the car.

At Sheesh Mahal, dining room.

They're sitted on dinner chair.

Nisha sitted beside Anjali.

Arnav stare at Nisha continuously.

She and Di were chatting like a long time best friend. But he glad his sister is happy.

His sister never had a friends in her life. She always get bullied by her classmates because she is a handicap, after that she stop going and study at home. The only people who understand her is her family and her husband.

They finished their lunch.

''We talked about lot of things but you never told your name.'' Anjali pouted her lips.

''Nisha.. Nisha Khanna.'' She said with smile.

''Nice name.. I'm Anjali jha and this is my brother Arnav Singh Raizada.'' Anjali introduced her brother to her new friend.

Nisha smiled at him.

''Di you wait here.. (then to Nisha) Can I talk to you for a minutes alone?'' Arnav asked.

''Sure.'' Nisha agreed because since she meet him at temple till now he is staring at her like a crazy man, she need to know why.

Arnav lead her a garden.

''What are you want to talk about?'' She asked him.

He push her and pinned her between wall.

Nisha was surprised.

''What are you planning to do huh? First ruined my show now you're trying to be friend with my Di.'' He ask her furiously.

''Ruining your show? What are talking about?'' She asked back.

''Stop trying to be act like an innocent. I know what a girls you want..'' Arnav said angrily.

''You know what I want? Impossible! And you're that black suit that Khuushi mentioned on today's note hmm.'' Nisha thought.

''Now listen carefullly! If I see this face of yours again then I will show you who really I am.'' He threaten her.

Nisha didn't care about his threatening.

Then her eyes start to blur.

'Oh no I have to go home now or else the secret of mine and Khushi will be revealed.' She thought.

"Let me go Raizada..'' Nisha said slowly.

''No I won't what you will do?'' He refused to let her go.

She don't even have to push him now, she feel so weak.

She closed her and lose her conscious.

Arnav hold her tightly.

''Stop acting and open your eyes now?'' He gritted his teeth.

Is she really fainted?

He lifted her in his arms and bring her to his room.

If his Di saw her new friend in this condition, she will kill him.

He slowly put her on the bed, he sit beside her and look at her angelic face. 

Then he look at her from the top to the bottom.

He saw something really shocked.

Her Payal.. That payal is same as the one he gifted to his childhood crush Nisha..

They have same name and same payal.

Are they same person?

He really need to know the answer.. where she was till now, he will wait for her to wake up.

Nisha.. His Nisha who is strong and braver than anyone he know. She saved him many times.

Everything was perfect in his life when he have his Nisha until she got to transfer to another school.. It's because of him he was so weak in his childhood and bullied by Senior students, she fight with them because of him.. Then she got transfer after that incident..

He always keep the secret that he has a crush on her from everyone even her.

He took her hand and kissed it.

''I'm sorry to scare you..'' He whispered.

To be Continue. . . 

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May 10, 2016

Devil That Inside Of Me. (Chapter 9 is Up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 27 times)

Hi guys...

Londoner, Asyaarshi, Lily30, Tparvaiz, Ladylove144, Noordina, Biya: Thanks for your comments.

Chapter 9.

Sheesh Mahal, Arnav's room.

Khushi slowly open her eyes and look around the room, confused by seeing unknown place and got scared by seeing him.. Who locked her in that dark room.

''Nisha..'' She heard his husky voice, he was holding her hand.

She shove his hand off her and try to run from there.

But unfortunately he held her and pull her toward him.

"Nisha.. What happen? Are scared of me? Don't be... It's me Arnav your friend. Don't you remember me?'' Arnav asked softly.

She keep stared at him shockingly,  he know Nisha? He is her friend?

''Hey Devimaiya! What should I do now?'' She asked nervously in heart.

''I don't remember you.. Can you please let me go?'' She try her best to act like Nisha.

His face turn to disappointed one, he just the who still remember about their friendship.

He let go of her hand sadly.

Khushi noticed that, she feel sorry for him but she is not Nisha.

"I will try to remember you.. Give me sometime...'' She said to make feel better. She don't like him but he is Nisha's friend that's why she is saying this..

Arnav smile at her. 

''Ok I have to go home now.. My parents must be worried about me.'' She said while avoiding his eyes.

Arnav sighed hard. That right she has to go home, he can't keep her with him.

Then an idea popped up in his mind.

''Nisha let me drop you home..'' He said.

She nod with forced smile. She scared of him but she has act brave like Nisha.

They back to where Anjali was waiting for them.

''How long I have to wait for you guys huh?! Nishaji what happened to you? Why are you so pale? Did Chote tell you something wrong?'' Anjali threw questions in concern.

Khushi nod no.

''I just feel tired.. I will take my leave now ..' Said Khushi.

Anjali hugged her.

''Bye see you soon. Thank again for help me and become a friend with me.'' Anjali said with smile.

Anjali and Khushi exchange their phone numbers. 

Arnav lead her to his car and open the car door for her.

She and Arnav got into car. 

''Nisha.. Your seat belt..'' He point at the seat belt.

She looked clueless, he lean forward to help her to wear seat belt.

She blushed realising how near his face is with hers.

After finished help her, he realised it too but he didn't show it to her, he wear his and start to drive his car.

''Nisha.. Where your house is?''Arnav asked.

She gave him the address of her home.

(Awkward silence.)

Arnav broke the silence.

''Do you remember me now?'' He asked her.

She shook her head no.

Arnav sighed.

"That Payal that your wearing.. I gift it to you as symbol of our friendship. Now you have grown to be s beautiful woman.'' Arnav said slowly.

She blushed at his last word.

''Nisha let's meet again often from now on. I.. I don't want lose you again.. huh as a friend.'' He cover his words. To be honest he want her to be more than his friend but he can't lose afford to lose her friendship.

''Sure.''Said Khushi.

He got happy by that one word of her.

After reached her house.

''Bye Nisha..'' He said.

''Bye.'' She said and went into her house.

Khushi's Room.

''He was act so badly when we first time met but now... No.. Khushi.. He is misunderstand you as Nisha. But thank god our secret didn't got revealed in front him.'' She said to herself.

She suddenly remember how his face was near hers.

Her face got flushed. She took her notebook out from her draw and write today's note for Nisha.

'Dear Devil. 

It's me your Angel. After you went left me with that black suit man.. I mean your friend Arnav he is the one who locked me in that room. Then after seeing the Payal that we are wearing, I think he recognise you as his friend. He mistakes me for you, obviously it's not his fault to mistaken me as you cause we share a same body. He ask me if I were remember him or not, I said that I didn't remember him but I try remember soon. At first I got scared of him then after get treat well by him I felt little comfortable with him. Hehe you know what? I act like you today in front of him and he believed it. Ok Devil I have lot work to do now good bye.'

She finished writing it with smile. And went to help her babuji at shop.

Sheesh Mahal.

Arnav smiled while thinking about his moment in car with Nisha.

She has changed a lot. Her brave gaze has become soften now.

She is different from what she was in past.

But he still like it. He have to make her fall in love with him.

To be Continue. . .

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Sorry if there any mistakes.

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