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Dec 11, 2015

| Written Update | 10 Dec, 2015- Suhani Si Ek Ladki (By Kiddo_Star) (Thanked: 1 times)

The Episode starts with Suhani going to Gauri. She applies oil to her hair and asks her to forget everything. She says I felt bad, not angry. Gauri says I should have not spoken to you like this, sorry. Suhani says its fine and explains her that whatever she does was for her good, as she loves her a lot. She ties the hair pleats and shows her. Gauri sees the burn mark on her face and gets angry. She asks why did you make pleats and runs. Rags and Menka stop Gauri and ask why is she angry. Gauri says I don’t want to tie hair. Rags says I will get a good haircut for you, then you won’t need to tie hair. Gauri agrees. Rags says we will go parlor in morning.

Its morning, Suhani takes papers and goes. Rags and Menka fix the parlor appointment. Menka gets a pamphlet. Rags says this parlor is good, we don’t need to take Gauri to costly parlor. Gauri comes and goes with them for haircut. Suhani thinks where did Gauri go and even Aditya did not come. She calls Aditya. He wakes up and says I m at home, Bhavna called and said Gauri asked me to come in evening. Suhani ends call and says why did Gauri call him in evening.

Bhavna thinks of Golu’s vaccination and talks to Sharad. Suhani comes and asks Bhavna about calling Aditya in evening. Bhavna says Gauri said she is going out. Suhani asks with whom. Ramesh says Gauri went for haircut with Rags and Menka. Suhani worries.

Rags and Menka come to that parlor with Gauri and find the place identical. Rags says its Soumya’s house, its good we will be saved if anyone goes wrong. Suhani tries calling Rags. Sharad says don’t worry. Rags and Menka know Dadi’s anger. Soumya asks Rags and Menka how did they come here. Rags says Gauri wants the haircut. Soumya greets Gauri. Soumya calls Suhani. Bhavna asks Suhani not to worry. Gauri checks the haircuts. Rita asks them to keep that design here, she will come and cut hair. Menka argues with Rakhi for free foot massage.

Rags takes Menka with her. The fan turns thedesign magazine paper. The design changesand Rita sees the short hair design. Rags goes and stops Menka from fighting. Suhani comes and stops Rita from cutting hair. Suhani sees the design and asks Gauri does she want this design. Gauri says no. Rita says you kept this design. Suhani asks did Rags choose this. Gauri says yes. Rags says no, I did not choose this. Suhani asks her not to lie and scolds her. She says Soumya called me and I came here, else Gauri’s hair would be like this. Gauri says I don’t want that haircut. Suhani says I will stay with you. Soumya says fine, I will make you ready, come. Gauri agrees.

Rags says Suhani, I did not chose wrong design, stop blaming me. Suhani says sorry. Rags says its not okay Suhani.

Gauri comes home and Bhavna compliments her. Gauri asks Suhani how is she looking, they will take selfie. Sharad says we will take your pic. They all take pics. Rahs and Menka come home. Dadi scolds them. Suhani talks to Gauri. Dadi tells Rags that it was your responsibility. Rags blames Menka. Dadi scolds Menka for spoiling their plan. Gauri thanks Suhani for saving her hair and says sorry, I will never fight with you. Suhani hugs her and says its okay, we fight with one we love. Gauri says it means you and Suhani love each other and fight, when you smile thinking anyone then.. Suhani says it means he is special for you. Gauri closes eyes and sees Aditya. She recalls his laugh on that lady and gets sad.

Suhani asks what are you thinking. Gauri says I was thinking of you and Vyu, how did you realize you are in love. Suhani says I did not know love before meeting Yuvraaj, then we met and I fell in love with him, love succeeds when its mutual. She goes. Gauri says Aditya won’t love me because of my face.

Its morning, Gauri asks Suhani for her phone to see Yuvraaj’s pic. Suhani gives phone. Gauri sees the pics and laughs. Bhavna and Sharad tease Suhani. Gauri says we will tease Suhani, as she teases you. Gauri sees Aditya’s pic and smiles. Suhani takes the phone and sees the pic. Gauri gets tensed.


Suhani scolds Aditya and says you won’t again in this house, else I will forget you won’t come here. He says I m in love, I love Gauri. She gets shocked

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