TS: Love!!! where it goes...

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Dec 13, 2015

TS: Love!!! where it goes... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 124 times)

Deepika, this is for you. You asked me to write Os on this plot on oct 22, sorry for taking this much time. I never written anything on serial based, I just tried something here which came to my mind. I can't make it as OS, so I m writing it as TS, hope you won't mind. I will be waiting for your mail, its more than month we din share any mail till now. Waiting for your response... 

After the reveal of truth about why Arnav married her, khushi was shattered completely she can't believe this will be the reason for this contract marriage. Till now she thought Arnav also have some love for her but after knowing the reason she can't able to digest it. Khushi tried to explain him but he is not ready to listen her talks or any explanation. Every time when she tried to go near him to make him understand, he used to insult and shout at her. 

Finally at one day khushi got angry and shouted back at him, Enough Arnavji...you don't have any rite over me but you married me forcefully without saying reason, Now you listen to me...you itself can't decide all things, Without knowing truth how you itself came to conclusion. Arnav looked at her in anger, he uttered, oh really...what truth I wanna know nothing is left, I saw it already... You were in his arms damn it, tell me its true or not. Khushi tried to say, yes but....Arnav said with gritted teeth, but what...what the hell is remaining now.. Khushi explained all shyam only saved her from goons, he only stayed as paying guest, he is the one who stalking her, with him only she got engaged as he convinced buaji with all lies without telling about Di..... Arnav shouted, stop it khushi... I know you cook jelebies well but now you cooking stories also well.... Khushi tried her best, Arnavji please listen to me. Arnav said in anger, I don't want to listen anything saying he moved out. Khushi cried her heart out by kneeling on the floor. Arnav went for long drive, he recalled every moments about them...when shyam and khushi hugging moment flashed on his mind, he put the sudden brake with gritted teeth, his blood burning like fire. Both had a sleepless nite on that day.

 After that day, Arnav avoided khushi whenever he sees her, he used to go somewhere else. Khushi felt miserable. Arnav got call from London office as he needed urgently there. When Arnav announced to his family while eating dinner, khushi thought to speak with him for last time, to explain the reality. But arnav was busy with his calls and packing, khushi din get chance. 

Next day when he went to Airport, khushi followed him back. Before he going inside, Khushi shouted, Arnavji.... Arnav turned back to her he was shocked and surprised to see her. Khushi came to him running and hugged him saying, please Arnavji don't leave me and go.. She came out from hug and held his hand, Trust me Arnavji...promise on devimaiya there is nothing between me and him, do you think I will cheat our Di, do you think I will cheat you, he is the one who cheated my family saying he is orphan and he don't have family, he only cheating our Di Arnavji, I m also thinking Anjaliji as my own sister Arnavji then how I will cheat her, can't you believe me Arnavji..... Arnav looked at her tears which flowing continuously, he felt someone stabbing his heart. Suddenly flight announcement came, which made him to take her hands from his where she holding. Khushi tried to talk, Arnavji...but Arnav left from there. 

Before going inside, once he turned and saw her who shedding tears like river with closing eyes, he clenched his fist and left from there to get his flight.

 Khushi felt dejected, she felt she lost everything in her life she don't have any meaning in her life, other than loneliness nothing is left with her, she felt like someone sucked her soul and left her lifeless body alone. For whom she have feeling of love, that love itself going away from her leaving her lonely, only filling emptiness inside her. 

Dec 15, 2015

Shot - 2 (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 130 times)

After reached London, Arnav got busy with his work on first two days later he felt loneliness, whenever he closing his eyes, khushi crying face only flashing in front of him which making him also to go through that pain. Arnav can't able to decide what to do...what not to do. His heart knows khushi is innocent she can't able to cheat anyone but his mind playing games showing the flash of her when she was in shyam arms, which making him to get anger more and more, he feels to burn this world itself. Already he saw how his dad cheated his mom by having affair with some other woman. He saw his mom body which was drenched with blood fully on that dreadful day. But after losing his mom, his dad died due to guilt.

 Now he seeing the same atmosphere, only thing is here he loves khushi....yes he loves khushi till now, even after witnessing the scene he loving her in his heart. Whenever leaving her thought coming to his mind, he can't able to think about his life, without her in his life, his life will be empty only no meaning to it. He dreamt about happy life after seeing khushi innocence and purity, she only changed him to Arnav from ASR, she told him many times what life is...how we want to live...how to be happy...and many more things. But now he feels she itself snatched everything from him whatever she gave. Her tears making him to think she can't cheat him as she said at airport. But also got confused thinking then why they hugged each other and why she told to shyam to leave his di. He is in dilemma thinking, which is true... which is not by recalling khushi explanations. 

Finally one question arouse inside him, Can he able to live his life without her....his heart voice echoed, No.... He don't know when, unknowingly she became his life. And now he can't even think about his life without her presence. His heart warned him, if he distanced himself from her then he wanna live his whole life alone. And his heart asked him to believe her, to believe her words, to believe her tears. Atlast he decided to start fresh life with her, because somewhere his heart knows she is innocent. In this distance, he started to miss her so much he missing her presence, missing her aroma, missing her blabber, missing her every small things about her. He finished his work quickly, only to go back India to feel her presence. 

When he came back to home, his eyes searched for only one person who is missing in living hall. Everyone asked about his trip, he replied quickly to go to his room thinking may be she will be there. When he reached his room, his face fallen seeing its emptiness. He thought where she is but din ask to family members too. 

Suddenly pool side door got opened, he felt gust of wind which made him to turn that side, when he turned, his gaze met her tearful eyes. Khushi wants to run and hug him but she stopped herself, when he don't trust her what's the use of being husband and wife, only few days remaining for the contract to finish. Seeing her tearful eyes, Arnav knows she too missed him very much like he missed her. But he din say or ask anything to her. Khushi also silently left the place. Both have lot to say but they kept numb, khushi got fed up by explaining the truth to him and Arnav dont know what to speak with her. On the next days they used to glance each other but they didn't utter any single word, only in front of the family they will talk very few words. 

On one fine day, when Arnav came back from office lately, he was surprised to see khushi who was packing her clothes. Arnav asked, why you are packing your clothes? She replied, I m going to my buaji home. Arnav asked, why suddenly. Khushi said turning her face, today our contract getting over hereafter there is no rite for me to stay at your home, we have to part away. Arnav got blow, he was shocked he totally forgot about this, he dont have words to say, he wish to scream saying, he missed her lot in this months, this is not only his home but also hers she have every damn rite over here, they dont want to part away now or ever, many things he wish to say but dont know what to say how to say. 

Seeing her speed in packing and removing her stuffs, his heart asked him to ask her to stay with him forever. When she zipped her bag, Arnav said, I wanna talk with you khushi. Khushi turned and said, nothing there to talk Arnavji, nothing is left between us, nothing is left in our relationship, I m only your problem na at least after I went from here you all be happy. Before Arnav say something, Anjali called Arnav to come due to some work. When he came back to his room, khushi left the home. 

Dec 15, 2015

Final shot!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 202 times)

Seeing the empty room, Arnav ran fingers on his hairs, he immediately grabbed car key and went to buaji home. On the way to her home  also checking whether she going on road. When he reached buaji home, they welcomed him and asked about khushi beings which means khushi din come still. Arnav answered their questions he dont want them to make tense so he lied that he came for work nearby and came to their home too simply. He left from there in tense thinking about khushi whereabouts. He spent sleepless night on that day, just by searching her on every streets.

 Next day, with the hope Arnav called buaji landline number thinking khushi might be reached there. His hope din die, buaji answered him, morning khushi came to their home and now went to temple. Arnav said ok and disconnected his call, he felt relax knowing she is safe. Arnav called khushi number, but she din pick it which he expected. He went to office thinking evening will go to buaji home. When he went to buaji home, khushi kept distance but others are busy in serving snacks and drinks, he cant able to speak to her alone. Arnav called khushi to come with him but khushi replied looking at others, its long time so I like to stay here for some more days. Garima and buaji also requested Arnav for her to stay. Arnav cant  say anymore after this, he nodded and went silently. Khushi rushed to her room with tears and looked at the window to see Arnav who getting inside his car. She sat down on her bed with shedding tears. 

After that moment, Arnav many time called her and few times went to her home too but she ignored him completely which irking him more, even buaji felt something fishy between them. One day as usual Arnav came to khushi home, garima and shashi went to hospital, buaji went to nearby temple. Khushi only opened the door and gave space for him to come inside. When arnav came inside, khushi asked, why you are coming here Arnavji, stop coming here after, in front of family what you are trying to prove. Arnav got angry, you are my wife damn it, now you ignoring me what are you trying to prove here. Khushi said looking somewhere, I was your ex wife Mr. Raizada not wife, I don't like to see your face also, please leave me alone. Arnav shouted, you are still my wife khushi forget about our contract, you just come with me. Khushi shouted back, its so easy for you Arnavji whenever you want you will marry whenever you want you will push away, I m not your puppet, it was you who arranged this contract marriage , now suddenly what made you change your mind. When there is no trust, nothing is there between us. Now please go from here before anyone comes. Arnav said, Khushi I know what I did that time was wrong but I wish to work out our marriage in good way, why you are not understanding. Khushi shouted, I understood very well Arnavji, I understood about our contract you made one sacred relationship as deal for six months, now all over between us, why can't you leave me alone and let me live peacefully, why again and again coming behind me. Arnav clenched his fist and said, khushi I agree what I did that was completely wrong but that time I din get any other way after seeing you with....khushi shouted, Please arnavji...you married me just because you saw us when shyam hugged me but you din think about me what I will feel, what pain I will go through, do you know how I felt when you tied mangalsutra on me, do you know how I felt when you kept sindoor on my head, do you know how I felt when others hated me...why you going to think about me and my feelings, for you always things wanna happen as per your wish by hook or crook, now also why not leaving me still you want to give more pain to me ah... You can't understand me and my pain when I stayed there thatsy you are standing here rite now. When you can't understand others feelings then why you are following me like.... Arnav shouted, enough khushi..do you understand about others feelings and pain, do you think by giving pain to you, I m happy to see your suffers...Me too dying every seconds damn it, do you know how your tears stabbing my heart whenever you cry, I m not shedding tears like you that doesn't means I m living happily, my heart bleeding damn it thinking about every things which happening around me. Do you know how I felt when I saw you with him, I felt my world itself got shattered, hearing you saying to him to leave my di I cant able to stand anymore. She is not only di for me but also mom, how can I see or hear anymore thatsy I felt the place. Yes I did big mistake by wrongly judged you and forcefully tied you with me. If you said it to me before about this, we both could have solved it together but you hide it from me then how the hell I know, that time in anger I forced you to marry me not because only to save Di...Khushi asked, then for what else... Arnav screamed, because I love you damn it...

 Khushi eyes went wide. Arnav added, Yes khushi I love you that's the main reason I tied you with me forcefully because I can't see you with anyone, if some other gal was in your place I know how to pack her things to send out but it was you so I can't help myself. Yes I din reveal the reason why I married you, do you know why...its because I was scared this Arnav Singh raizada was scared to hear yes from your mouth about relation with him, I din get courage to ask about it which made me to take this drastic step. You know I don't believe in marriage and relationship but do you know why, for every son his father will be a hero for him, even me too thought same but I was totally wrong, my father was a cheater, he cheated my mom by having relation with someone else which made my mom to commit suicide, which made me and my di to become orphan....And now the same thing happening khushi, I m feeling dejected seeing the history repeats.What my dad did to my mom, the same shyam doing to my di. I don't know with whom my dad had relation but this time I thought you and he having relation, I know I did big mistake by thinking like this but what I will think khushi seeing you with him, Seeing you both I remembered about my mom only who were cheated by her husband, My mom loved my dad more than anything but what he did, he made her to commit suicide only by cheating her. This only made me to not to believe in love relationship and marriage and all but after you came into my life everything slowly got changed don't know how. And when I saw you both hugging, I again went back to my shell like before and married you just because you believe in marriage  and thought if we did you won't go away from me but stay with me as my wife. I put contract for six months just because to show you that I won't believe it and for me nothing about it, its like deal...but the truth is our marriage means everything to me not only that time not only now but also forever. May be after our forced marriage you won't believe in our relationship, I won't say wrong about you if you do. You don't like to see my face, you feeling suffocated in my presence na then fine I m leaving now... Leaving for London tomorrow forever, you deserve much better, you be happy..... Good bye forever...Once again sorry for all things what I did with you saying it without wasting single second he stormed of from there. 

Khushi sat on the sofa with thud and cried out with loud sobs. Suddenly she felt someone kept hand on her shoulder, when she raised her head she was shocked to see buaji who silently shedding tears. Khushi uttered, buaji you... Buaji said, I heard everything khushi....its all because of me na I only asked him to stay here and forced you to engage with him without enquiring about that man. I m sorry khushi... Khushi said, no buaji its not your mistake... Buaji nodded as no, it is khushi... You love Arnav beta na... Khushi looked at her blankly. Buaji said, I know you do...even though he did wrong, he realized it and he did everything in anger only but also because of love. Love can't be express only with smile and happiness but also with anger and pain. Whatever happened it happened we can't change it, but now he itself accepted his love then why can't you start fresh life with him.

 Khushi looked surprised hearing it, she thought buaji will be angry after knowing about contract marriage, but she din get, mature people will see only goodness in the relation, and if young people did mistake, elders only wanna forgive them and to guide them. Buaji said finally, you love him still khushi, you cant live without him, you can't be happy if you let him go, its not about who did mistake to whom, its about love for whom we are ready to do anything. Don't let him go away, go to him before its too late....else both will suffer through out your whole life just thinking about others and regretting about decision which you guys made at many different situations. Khushi hugged her with tears saying, yes buaji I can't live without him...I want him...I want my Arnavji. 

Next day, Arnav went to airport without saying real reason to his family, after completing his ticket checking he tried to move out. Suddenly he heard, Arnavji... He turned and saw, he was surprised to see khushi who running and coming towards him. She threw her arms around him saying, I too love you damn it... Arnav broke their hug in shock and said, khushi you.... Khushi wiped her tears and said, haan..I too love you...this time you did big mistake I forgive you but next time you did means....Arnav asked, did means what... Khushi replied, I will make my deal. Arnav asked, what deal... Khushi replied sternly, that I will put contract to divorce you....for six months... Arnav uttered, what the... saying he hugged her again with happy tears and smile. He uttered kissing her neck, strange you are... She whispered clutching his coat, I know it...say something new. Arnav looked at her with smile by raising his eyebrow. Khushi asked, shall we... Arnav nodded and they came out from airport by holding hands to go back to their home only to start a new life and to destroy the evilness from their life and to keep their Di happy...of course to shower their love on other...

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