TS:The Guy at the Gazebo

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Dec 21, 2015

TS:The Guy at the Gazebo (By Rockinriya) (Thanked: 67 times)

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I am not sure if anyone does remember this extremely tardy girl who wrote the guy series,but I am kind of back! :) I had taken a hiatus due to mounting pressure of studies,and  they have not passed away.In fact the pressure is really on now,which is why I found myself yearning for an outlet to write again.And so here it is.My writing has gone a bit rusty,so please bear with me.

And a big thank you to farheen di(I4arshi) for encouraging me to do this.And also coffee green!Love you!

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Clutching my bag closer to my body,I ran-as fast one can in pencil heels-towards the gazebo that stood in the centre of the garden,praying hard that I don’t fall down.I slip a bit,but regaining my balance and taking off my heels,I run again.

The torrential downpour has me all wet.But honestly,I can’t  blame the London weather.Normally I live for these sudden bursts of rains,but today was not one of those days.Not today.

I finally reach the gazebo,and running up its stairs, plunk my bag and heels down on the sole bench that occupies the space.Opening my chignon bun,I let my hair,now dripping wet,free and ruffle them in an attempt to get the water out.

It’s almost 6 in the evening,and no scope of any slowdown in the rain.Huffing I  sit down on the bench and let my head drop against the bench.Massaging my head with my fingers,I try to use the new method of acupressure I tried.

Just relax khushi.Take a deep breath in and relax.

I try.And fail.

After such a long and emotionally draining day all I wanted was to get back to my cozy apartment,run a bath,and just lay in the tub with a glass of red wine and soothing music.But here I am,in the middle of a garden,in a gazebo,amidst a downpour which shows no sign of stopping.

Sighing,I take out my phone to skim through the messages I received.Apart from the business deals,snapdeal offers,quora updates and other usual stuff,the only messages I have are asking me how I am.

Are you okay khushi? Please message when you are feeling up to it.’

‘It was hard,but the hard part is over now.Try to be happy.’

‘You made the right decision.But are you okay?’

‘I am here for you.Call me whenever you want.’

I sigh and shut the phone off.I cannot go through all of this again.

I walk over to the pillar and leaning against it watch millions of droplets of water fall down from up above,drenching everything wet,misty,beautiful.It used to give me such pleasure feel those drops of water make way down my skin,tingling me,refreshing me.But now I just stand here,looking how dull the sky had become.

‘Maybe I need to get out of here,out of this life I am now stuck in’,I muse to myself.

Just then I hear footsteps,like someone climbing the stairs to the gazebo.I turn and the sight that greets me renders me silent.There,taking off his jacket while shaking his head was…

“..Arnav” I whisper.

He looks up.

“Khushi?” he murmurs,half confused and half surprised.

“Khushi,is that you?” he says,this time a smile adorning his face as he walks forward,his arms open for a hug.

Despite everything that happened today,or had been happening for the past years,I smile.I genuinely smile and rush to hug him.

He still smells of warm summers and fresh peppermint,I think to myself as I pull back.

“Arnav Singh Raizada,my my,how you have grown!” I grin,looking him up and down.

Gone were the avengers t-shirts and ripped jeans.He was now sporting a plaid white shirt-highlighting his worked out body which I could clearly feel through my hands on his biceps- jeans and an incredible smart shaped stubble.This was not the guy I went to college with anymore,he had grown into a handsome man.

He gave me his famous lop-sided smile-something I love- as he holds me back and looks me up and down, “I daresay khushi,so have you,into a beautiful lady if I might add.”

I smile,yet a faint blush taints my cheeks.

“Thank you.But tell me,how are you? And where have you been? We haven’t talked in months! The last time I knew you were flying to cuba and then nothing!” I speak in a flow,wanting to catch up with my best friend from college.

“Calm down khush.Let’s sit down first.” He laughed and pulled me down beside him.

“It is such a coincidence,is it not,both of us here,at the same time! But I am so glad I met you!” I speak excitedly.And I am,I really am.

He smiled and whispered, “So am I.So,yeah,I went to Cuba and then Vegas and now I am finally in London.”

“For how long?” I ask,hoping he would stay.

“Hopefully,quite long.” He says,a twinkle in his eyes.

“I am glad.” I smile. “So how has the hotel business been,huh? Finally living your college dream?”

Arnav singh raizada,my best friend from college,a person who stood by me for years,making me laugh,teaching me economics and being the best friend one could have,was sitting with me.He always dreamt of carrying on his family legacy of hoteliers,and expanding it even further.And if his Wikipedia page has something to say,he is doing really well.

Shrugging modestly he puts his arm behind me on the bench, “You could say that.How have you been? Corporate job serving you well?”

The temporary rush of energy of seeing my friend after long finally settles and I sober down.

“Hmm…yeah it’s fine.” I mumble,looking down at my hands.

“And…um,how’s Nick?”

I look up at him to find him looking away from me.I look down again.How do I answer this question? That he is a rat,a pig, a jerk? After today I am not sure if I can even speak his name,not for some time,leave alone narrate all that happened.But this is arnav,I can talk to him right.He is probably the only one who would actually care for me,not sympathise.

“Khushi?” his voice brought me out of my reverie.

“Huh?” I quickly looked up to find him looking oddly at me.

“I asked how’s…you know…” he looked away from me again.

I took a deep breath in and let it out.Say it khushi.

“Arnav,I am divorced.”

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Dec 23, 2015

TS:The Guy at the Gazebo (By Rockinriya) (Thanked: 75 times)

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“What?” Arnav looks shocked.I look down again and try to control the tears trying to burst free.

“I divorced him.In fact I am just coming from the final hearing.” I choked. “It’s over.” I whispered.

Don’t cry.Don’ cry. I keep chanting to myself.

Nobody says anything for a moment.I still look down and I can feel arnav beside me,his body tensed.And just then he takes my hand in his.

I look up to his face and what I see in his eyes breaks the last shred of resolve I had.A sob escapes me as I throw myself in his arms,and his arms immediately go around me.

I cannot stop the crying now.My body racks as I sob,hiccupping.I don’t try to stop crying.Clutching his shirt I let all the pain,all the sorrow flow away.His arms run soothing circles on my back,but he doesn’t say anything.I am glad he doesn’t.The fact that he is here is enough for me.

I don’t know how long we have been sitting like this.But my tears have dried.Arnav must have sensed it for he pulls back,his hands on my shoulders,and looks at me tenderly,

“What happened Khush?”

And I break down again.I let it all out.

Half of the time I cry,and had it not been his steady embrace,I wouldn’t have got through half the story.

I tell him all about it.How Nishant’s adultery brought an end to our three year marriage.I cannot speak his name without contempt,and Arnav  seems to share my opinion.I tell him every single detail,of how I found him with his new girlfriend,the lengthy court proceedings,sympathy and advices from friends,and the final hearing today.

“You know Arnav,the thing is,as I left the court today,I didn’t feel grief or sorrow that  our marriage was coming to an end.Not really.What I felt was anger.Anger for all the time,my love and my life I wasted on a relationship which was so negative and consuming.It’s like it ate away a part of me.I didn’t feel like me anymore.I don’t even know why I was in it anymore.

I am glad it’s over,not so glad about how I feel right now,but glad anyway.Though you have no idea how…just…thank you for being here at this very moment arnav.”

I look at his hand gently stroking mine.He stops the action and takes my hand completely in his and looks at me.

“I will always stand by you khushi,you know that.I just wish I knew about this earlier.For you to have gone through so much,for so long.Why didn’t you tell me? I would have been here at the first call.” His words carried a tone of regret.

“How could I!” I sit up straighter,looking him in the eye, “After all I dug my own grave! You did tell me,you advised me against being with him,you did.You saw right through him,and yet I married that…” I don’t continue for the fear of crying again.I still remember that day clear as day,the last time I saw Arnav before this.


“Khushi,think about it again.That guy is a known flirt.Everybody knows that…” my best friend  looked at me pleadingly.

I sigh.I have heard this many times.

“But Arnav,he has changed.For me.Don’t you see? Under that typical exterior,he is really sweet,and kind.And he loves me.”

“And you believe him? Khushi,he doesn’t know love.Khush,I cannot see you getting hurt.”

 He looked at me imploringly,his eyes intense,his fists clenched.In moments like this Arnav feels a bit different to me,but I shrug the feeling off.

“How can you say he doesn’t! He confessed it to me! And how can you talk about love arnav? A person who hasn’t been in love cannot understand this connection.” I almost yelled.

“I don’t know love? I don’t? Nobody knows it better than me! You don’t even…” Arnav stood up and pounded his fist on the table.For a moment I thought he would continue,but he stopped.He kept staring at me,trying to calm down.

I gulped.I didn’t expect this. I expected that arnav would not be happy about the relationship,he always had been protective about me.But I didn’t expect this reaction.

I thought assuring him about my feelings might calm him down,so I whispered, “I think I love him too Arnav.”

I stare into his eyes,and somehow it seems that something has shifted.For a moment I thought I saw something flicker,but suddenly there is a curtain of indifference.

He picks up his bag and pays half the bill,he knows we always split it,and looks at me again.Somehow his expression breaks something inside me.He looks broken.

“Well then I wish you all the best.”

And he left.


That day he had left for his home,then Cuba,and then I didn’t see him again.

That is until today.We talked rarely.He didn’t come to the marriage,citing work as an excuse,but I knew.He did congratulate me,and always wished me on my birthdays.But somehow,I knew our relationship had changed.

But having him by my side,holding me,comforting me,it was like I got a piece of myself and our friendship back.I felt that I was already healing.

“Don’t say that khushi.” He whispered,taking both my hands in his. “It doesn’t matter anymore,does it? It has passed. And wasn’t it you who was always quoting Pride and Prejudice, that you think of past only as it gives you pleasure?” he smiled a little,and I was glad he was trying to lighten the mood.

But I was surprised.  “You remember?”

He smiled his signature smile, “How couldn’t I? You were always quoting that book every chance you got.”

“And yet you never read it once.” I teased him.

“Actually I did.”

“You what?” I asked,shocked.

Biting his lip,he looked at me with that adorable face he made whenever he was  caught doing something, “Yeah,I thought you are always cribbing how I never read your favourite novel.So I read it.I read it every year on your birthday.” He keeps looking down,though I can see his ears are a little pink,his give away.

I just keep looking at him.I am touched.And suddenly it clicks.And I gasp.

Arnav looks up at me,raising his eyebrows.

But I don’t look at him.I replay the words he said that day,replay every memory with him,all that he did for me,the emotion in his eyes,everything.

I don’t know love? I don’t? Nobody knows it better than me!

I raise my eyes to his and whisper, “That day,that last day,you said that nobody knows love better than you…” His eyes widen a bit as he looks at me.

And finally,I understand.

“….who did you love Arnav?”

He keeps staring into my eyes,eyes dark as night.I can hear the heightened breathing of both of us,I can feel my heart beating against my chest,can feel the chilled breeze blowing in the aftermath of the rain,but I keep staring at him.And he stares back.

And finally he whispers.


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Dec 26, 2015

TS:The Guy at the Gazebo (By Rockinriya) (Thanked: 64 times)

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I keep staring at him for a moment.There is no deceit,no hesitation in his eyes.There is that emotion which I witnessed that day,but in my naivety never understood.

Did he always love me? Since then? But he never told me.Would things have been different if he had? Would we be together,happy? Did I too feel something for him?

I knew the answer to that.I did.It was fleeting,but for some time I did start feeling something more for arnav,but then we were best friends,and thinking of it as familial love I shrugged it away.Could it be more? Was it more?

All this time my mind is racing with questions,he begins to get nervous.

“Say something khushi.” He whispers.

What do I say? What do I ask? I have so many questions,but not a single one was forming on my lips.But before I could think more I spoke.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Arnav have a dry snort and looked away.

“You always did know how to hit the mark,didn’t you?” Taking a deep breath he bit his lip, “You have no idea how many times I have asked myself that.How I have regretted…”

He turned towards me and stared into my eyes,allowing me access to each emotion flickering in his eyes.

“Khush we were best friends.When I started falling for you,I didn’t know what it was.By the time I knew,it was too late.You were already with him.How could I say anything then? I couldn’t come in way of your happiness…so I left.I couldn’t see you with him.”

I kept looking at him,tears forming in my eyes.

“You couldn’t say anything? Why Arnav? You could have.We could have talked about it,sorted it all out.You know we could have.Why didn’t you then? Why did you leave me?” My voice choked at the last word but I kept looking at him.

“Because I was scared.” He whispered.

“Scared?” I breathed.

He nodded,not meeting my eyes, “I couldn’t,I just couldn’t lose your friendship khushi.If you didn’t feel the same way about me,it could have killed our friendship,and that would have killed me.”

“Well it did get murdered arnie,these three years,our friendship has been in a coma!” I yelled.

The corners of his lips lifted a little,but the pain in his eyes remained.I could tell it was not all.

“What was it Arnav? Why didn’t you give yourself even a chance?”

And at that he looked up at me,and I saw something in his eyes I never did.Vulnerability.

“I was scared to get my heart broken.”

I gasped.

For a moment we kept quiet.

Tears were now rolling freely down my face.Where have we reached in these years,while we could have been somewhere else,happy perhaps? Our fears,wrong decisions,sheer stupidity brought us to this point.These three years,a lesson-a difficult lesson,have taught me something and I know,guarding our hearts against the fear will not help.

Gingerly I reach out to his hand,mustering every breath of courage I can.

“Arnav,I too am heart broken.Perhaps in more ways than one,but I am.And I know it is too early to talk about the future,but I think,I believe that we can help each other mend.These three years have taught me a lot,and the day today,even more.I do not know what holds in future for us but I do know that I cannot let things go unsaid today.”

He was staring at be unblinkingly,listening to each word intently.I gulped and finally said,

“Arnav,would you like to give a chance to this,to us?”

His eyes glimmered  and his hold on my hand tightened.Bringing my hand to his mouth reverntly,he sighed against it and nodded.His lips lifted into that lop sided smile of his,my favourite,and a part of me hoped that it would become a regular part of my life.

Somehow,I knew it would.


2 years later

Clutching my bag in one hand and his hand in another,I rushed towards the gazebo that stood in the centre of the garden.I almost slip a bit,but an arm around my waist steadies me and he leads me to the gazebo,almost pulling me up the stairs.

We pant as we stop running,our clothes all wet from the unexpected rain that burst from heaven.I look at him and catch him looking at him with that lop sided smile of his.I smiled back.

“Do you remember this place?”

“How can I not? This place was my second chance.” He smirked,pulling me towards him,his hands around my waist.

I put my arms around his neck and sigh.This feels perfect.These two years felt perfect.Well almost.It did take some time for us to get over the past and move on,but we did,together.We cried,apologized and again cried together until no tears were left.

My lips found his midway as his hold on my waist tightened.I sighed into his mouth.It all felt so perfect.This,us,felt beautiful.I never could have felt this whole,this complete with anyone but him.

Pulling back and resting my forehead against his,I mock whispered,

“Hey,did I tell you something?”

He whispered back, “What?”

“I love you.”

He smiled my favourite smile and kissed the top of my nose.

“I know.”

“Hey,you are supposed to say I love you too.”

He laughed and took my hand in his and kissed each of my fingers,leaving the one with my engagement ring for last.

“I thought there was no question about that.”

“Well there had been a problem about miscommunication with us earlier so I would prefer to be clear.” I spoke sotto voce.

He chuckled and whispered in my ears, “I love you.”

And smiled my favourite smile.

~*The End*~

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Dec 28, 2015

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