| Written Update | 23 Dec, 2015- Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Dec 24, 2015

| Written Update | 23 Dec, 2015- Suhani Si Ek Ladki (By Kiddo_Star)

The Episode starts with Sharad and Saurabh telling Pankaj and Lata that they won’t force Aditya for marriage. Saurabh asks why did Aditya refuse for marriage, he told us that he loves Gauri. Pankaj says yes, I know but Aditya said he did not know this. Rags asks what, do you think we are fools, Aditya did not know he promised someone of marriage. Pankaj and Lata see each other. Suhani comes home with Gauri and Yuvraaj and says I will say what my parents want to tell Dadi.

She says its not mum and dad’s mistake, they don’t even know it. Rags says it means they did not know. Suhani says they did not know Aditya will do such a bad thing, Aditya used to flirt with girls, we did not know how much he changed, when we knew he has some other girl in his life, we told you all first. Gauri cries. Everyone console her. Suhani says Dadi, its not my parents’ mistake in this. Dadi asks then whose mistake is this. Suhani says its Aditya’s mistake, he trapped Gauri, I told everyone that Aditya is not right for Gauri, he showed he changed and I did not know you all will agree for him. Yuvraaj tells Dadi that this is wrong to insult Pankaj and Lata. He asks Suhani to take Gauri and go to room.

Dadi fills Gauri’s ears against Suhani. Gauri says but Suhani said I will get a nice guy. Dadi asks why, is Aditya not good, why did she tell us that Aditya is flirt. She says Suhani is making excuses, she did not wish you get happy, she is jealous of you, she broke your marriage and heart, I could not do anything. Dadi and Gauri cry.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani how can he change all this. She cries and says I wish I could change all this. He asks why is she crying and hugs her. They hear Menka screaming and rush out. Everyone come there and see Gauri wearing mask again. Yuvraaj asks Gauri why is she punishing herself for Aditya. Gauri says I m doing this because of Suhani. They all get shocked. Suhani asks Gauri why did she wear this mask. Gauri says its true, you told me world is not bad and I have right to be happy, why did you make Aditya away from me, why did you break our marriage. Suhani says its nothing like that. Gauri screams and says I won’t remove mask, as Suhani wants this, she said she is proud of me, but she dislikes me. She says Suhani is very bad, I hate Suhani and leaves. Suhani cries and leaves.

Yuvraaj tells Bhavna that I have to talk to Suhani, she is hiding something from me. Dadi looks on. Yuvraaj comes to room and sees Suhani crying. He asks her whats the matter. She says I don’t know, Gauri wore the mask again. He says I will manage Gauri, but what happened to you, since relation broke, you are behaving strange, tell me the truth, why did this relation break, I know you are lying. She recalls Aditya’s words and cries. She says Aditya did not know before engagement that Gauri’s face has mark. He gets shocked and sits. He says no Suhani, its not like that. She cries and nods. He says it means Aditya left Gauri for that mark.

She says I m ashamed that my brother’s mentality is such cheap, so I did not have courage to tell everyone, I lied, if Gauri knew about this, that the mark is responsible… He says but it was an accident. She says yes, but Gauri is not accepting it. He gets angry and throws the chair. He says I knew it, but how can Aditya do this, how can he judge Gauri on her looks. He sees his and Suhani’s marriage pic and recalls how he judged Suhani by her looks. Suhani says I know Yuvraaj, such small mindset people are useless, such people should not get true love. He cries and looks at her. She asks him not to worry, Gauri is angry, they will explain Gauri together. He silently leaves.

Its night, Bhavna talks to Lata and apologizes. She says we could not tell truth to Gauri. Lata tells Pankaj that Aditya did wrong. Aditya hears them. Yuvraaj looks at the sky. Sharad asks him how is Gauri. Yuvraaj says you remember Sharad, when I was forced to marry Suhani, we were standing here and discussing how will I ignore Suhani on my suhaagraat. Sharad asks why are you saying this now. Yuvraaj says its true, you remember you gave Suhani a name Chai Patti, we used to laugh on her a lot. Sharad says don’t blame yourself.

Pankaj asks Aditya why did you do this. Aditya says I can’t be happy and not even Gauri. Pankaj says Suhani and Bhavna are stuck there, they lied that you have someone else in your life, so that Gauri does not feel bad, are you not ashamed, we are ashamed to call you our son. Lata says you won’t get such nice girl, her values and innocence, anyways no use to explain you now.

Sharad says Suhani told you everything, Bhavna told me. Yuvraaj says its not truth, it’s a mirror, my mistake’s punishment, Gauri is getting it, think how will Suhani feel, I gave her such sorrow, Suhani does not know why did I do this, I ignored her as she was dark, I taunted her infront of everyone. He cries. Sharad consoles him. Yuvraaj says its Suhani, she did not let all that happen with my sister, maybe this is justice, what I did with Aditya’s sister, my sister is getting that pain. He sees Bhavna there. They all cry.


Yuvraaj comes to meet Aditya. Aditya says I won’t change my decision. Yuvraaj slaps him hard. Aditya falls down and gets angry. 

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