Selfless Love.

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Feb 2, 2016

Selfless Love. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 57 times)

Hi guys, this is my new story. I hope guys will support me again for for this story.


Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Even though Khushi was adopted into Gupta's family. Payal was the one who was always been their first priorty because Payal is their own blood. Khushi yearn for her real parent's love. She want someone who will love her selflessly. Although whole world blame and hate her. She hope that person will trust her even without any evidence to prove her innocence. embrace her and tell her everything will fine.

That why's she loved Arnav Singh Raizada.. 

She thought he love her..

She cared for him.

She trust him to trust her..

But he did?

He hate her..

He broke her heart into million pieces..

He killed her soul..

Now she is thinking about it.

'' Was it possible to someone like that to even exist?'' She wonder.

'' If he really exist then..Can he really live in this cruel world?'' she thought.

And what if that person is really exists?

To be Continue. . .

Don't worry guys I'll never make Khushi to pair with anyone else so be cool..




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Feb 4, 2016

Hi guys. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 34 times)

Hi guys I'll update this story's first chapter tomorrow.

And thanks for support.

Feb 4, 2016

Selfless Love. (Chapter 1 Is Up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 43 times)


This story start from where Arnav leaked the video footage of Khushi fall into his arms to the media, attacked by a roadside goons and saved by Shyam Manohar Jha.

Chapter 1.

Babuji bring Khushi back to home safely. Shashi thankful to god for send that man to save Khushi.

Later at night.

Some goons broke into their house.

They hit Shashi's head with a wood and make him unconscious.

They threatened ladies with showing knives to shut up their mouth.

And take Khushi forcefully with them.


 After 2 hours...

At Brothel House.

Karan Singhania is stand in centre of house.

"So did you finish the work that I gave you?"He asked Maya the Brothel House owner.

"My men already has brought her here. So where is my money?" She demand for money.

He handed her a bundle of money.

"There are 2 lakhs in it." Said Karan.

She happily take that money from him.

"So you want her that much enough to make you kidnap her?" She raised her eyebrow at him.

He let out a huff.

"She? For me?" He laughed.

"Not even in my dream. She is not my type." He added.

"Then? Why did you bring her here for?" She asked.

"For Yuvraj Singh." He said.

She froze on that spot.

"Yuvraj Singh? The top businessman in India?" She gasped.

"That's right. And I heard that he likes an innocent of type girl. That's why I told you to kidnap her." Said he with evil smile.

"But why must be her?" She asked him.

"That because.. When I saw her on television .. I am sure that this girl can charm that Yuvraj Singh with Innoncent face of her. If that happen then I will get a million dollar worth contract with him." Karan smirk.

"So you're going to offer her to him for that contract ?" Maya asked him.

Karan nod in agreement.

"Maya.. Let her stay here until tomorrow night. You know what I mean right?" He asked her.

"Don't worry Karan we won't even put a finger on her because she is Yuvraj Singh's property." She assured him.

"Did Yuvraj Singh know about her?"She asked.

He nod No.

"No. This is a surprise offer for him." He said.

Maya smirked the things get interesting.



Early morning at YM.

A peaceful morning for everyone at YM.

Yuvraj Singh was sitting on sofa with his brothers and drinking a coffee that his mother Sandya prepared for them after coming from gym.

Yuvraj Singh the top businessman of India, he became one of the top 5 richest young businessman in Asia in just a few yaers, some people are call him a talented man and some call a him genius guy.

His one look is enough to make any girl to fall for him. Some rumours are saying that he is a playboy who use girls like a tissue paper and he like a innocent look girls.

He is most eligible bachelor. And a gorgeous man that any girl wish could to have.

But now Ria saxena stepped into their mansion with plan to ruin their family's peace.

Watchman tried to stop her but she didn't. .

Then this mansion's new maid Sharadha tried to stop her at main door and successfully did it.

"Who are you? What you want?" The maid asked Ria.

Ria put on a sad face.

"I need a justice!" She shout while holding a baby in her hand.

"Justice?" The maid was confused.

"This is mine and Yuvraj's child." Said Ria while pointing at baby in her arms.

Sharadha shocked at her words.

Yuvraj and his family who was sitting in living room heard it too.

Yuvraj come near them.

"My child?" Yuvraj asked softly while look at the child.

Yuvraj's parents Sudiv and Sandya watch everything silently.

"Haan.. It's your child." Said Ria.

"My child.." He mumbled slowly.

"But I never met you before.." Said Yuvraj.

"You're lying! You'd promised me to marry me!" She shout with tears in her eyes.

This mansion's servant Dev suppress his laugh.

Yuvraj's brothers looking at her with mocking smile.

Her tears roll on her cheeks.

"Stop crying." Yuvraj said with smile.

"Come inside and let's talk about it." Said Yuvraj.

He sat on sofa and ask her settle down too.

She sat down.

Ria confused how could he still calm even after the blames she throw at him.

Yuvraj look at her.

"Can I lift that child?" He asked.

"Huh.. Sure." She said with confused face.

She give that child to him.

He carefully take that child from her and smile kindly at that child's Innoncent face.

"So is it girl or boy?" He asked her while look at her.

Ria start getting scared what to answer.

''It's a girl." Ria said it with sweating face.

Yuvraj smirked.

"Oh? Is that so?" Yuvraj asked with smile.

"Yes.." She answered nervously.

She wonder how could he give her such a charming smile.

"And about our marriage?" She asked him.

Yuvraj get up from a sofa and give that child back to her.

"You can stay here for now." He said with blank expression.

And left from there.

Ria is so happy that she can became Yuvraj Singh's wife.

"He is so handsome and rich. If I marry him then will become rich too. That's why plan this.." Thought Ria with evil smile.



At same time..

In Yuvraj's room.

Yuvraj talking with his first younger brother Jeeva.

He order jeeva to arrange a duplicate DNA report.

Jeeva nod in agreement and before he go he ask Yuvraj a question.

"That child is a boy right bhai?" He asked with smile.

"Yes.. It's a boy." Said Yuvraj.

Jeeva smirked and went from there.

To be Continue. . .








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Feb 22, 2016

Selfless Love. (Chapter 2 is up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 48 times)

Here we go guys my update.

Chapter 2.


Everyone in YM gathered at living room include Ria and that child.

Jeeva show the DNA report to everyone. 

Ria paled.

"So Miss.Saxena do have anything to say?" Jeeva asked to Ria.

Ria look Yuvraj with eyes full of fake tears.

"No! He's lying.. She is our child Yuvr.." She was cut off by Yuvraj's second brother Sharav.

"Stop.. Don't dare to utter his name with your disgusting mouth." Sharav's eyes turn red in rage.

She trembled in fear.

Yuvraj speak up.

"Miss.Saxena.. You know what? An O blood type parents can't have child with AB blood type. I have a O type blood and you too." Said Yuvraj while looking at her eyes.

"She is our child.." She plead but cut off by Yuvray.

"He." Said Yuvraj.

"What?" Ria asked in confusion.

"That child is boy not a girl." He said clearly.

"Nonsense. She is a girl..." She said in nervous.

"Really? Would you mind if I check it?" Jeeva asked her.

She stood in silence.

"It's not your child right?" Yuvraj asked softly.

She looked at with wide eyes.

"How do you..?" She asked.

"I know that." Said Yuvraj.

She smile sadly.

"So you have catch me red handed."Said Ria

"So let's handover her to the Police Yuvi bhai." Sharav suggested.

"No please don't" She plead.

Yuvraj stopped sharav.

"I need money for brother's operation that's why I did this.. But after coming gere I totally smitten by your look. Please don't complaint this to the Police. Please believe me I need to save my brother." She plead at Yuvraj.

"Stop spouting lies." Sharav said in anger.

"Stop Sharav. She is saying truth." Said Yuvraj.

Yuvraj looked at Ria.

"I will help you to save your brother." He said.

 Ria can't believe what she hear.

"Really? But what can I do in return?" She asked.

"Work at my office. You can have a monthly salary." He said with a smile.

She can't believe it. She blame him and humiliated him in front of his family but he willing to helping her even after everything she did to him. Just what is he?

"Are you so dumb that didn't know it's gender?" Jeeva asked her.

"This child .. My brother and his wife adopted it from orphanage. And I forgot to check it" She tell the truth.

"Your sister in law?"Asked Jeeva.

"She died in accident a day after adoption. And My brother has a brain tumor." Ria said with sorrowful face.

"So are you going to give this child back to that orphanage?" He asked her.

"She.. He is my responsibility now." She stated.

"You can stay here for now... You don't have a place to  stay.. do you?" Yuvraj asked Ria.


She nod No.

"So stay here." Said Yuvraj.

"But other family members opinion?" She whispered.

Sandya spoke up.

"My son Yuvraj's words are absolute." She said with smile.

Later at Kitchen.

The maid Sharadha asked Dev aboat Yuvraj.

He told her that...

He work here in YM for 6 years. As to his knowledge.

Yuvraj is Sudiv and Sandya's adopt son. When they adopted him he was a 5 years old child. Yuvraj was a lost child and adopted by them even though they had a 3 year Jeeva. Yuvraj is strange guy. Who won't tell lies, break promise and a most strangest thing never saw Yuvraj touch any woman even his mother Sandya.

Sharadha gasp at the fact.

"That's why you smile that time when that Ria accused Sir is lying." She asked him.

He nod.

At Yuvraj's room.

Yuvraj finished packing his luggage.

"Bhai why are you going alone.. Let me come too.." Jeeva begged Yuvraj seriously.

"No I go alone this time." Yuvraj said firmly.

"Do Anu know this decision of your?" He raised his eyebrow.

"No I didn't tell Anu about and you tell do not tell Anu about this ok?" He asked Jeeva.

Jeeva couldn't help but nod.

A teasing smile appear on Jeeva face.

"By chance are you met a girl?" He asked Yuvraj.

"Jeeva you know I can't and won't touch any woman other than HER." Said Yuvraj.

"Yeah I know that but why are you so restless to go to Lucknow?" Asked jeeva.

Yuvraj sighed.

"I don't know Why but I feel like being called by someone there." Said Yuvraj.

"I think bhai you're getting crazy after that weird dream of yours." Said Jeeva.

Yuvraj rolls his eyes.

At heaven.

A God of Destiny and God of Love watching everything.

"Why are you showing this Yuvraj Singh when we have pair up Arnav and Khushi?" A god of love asked him angrily.

Destiny God shut him up.

"Shhhh... Don't utter his name so carelessly here!!" GD warn him.

"Whose name? Arnav's? " He asked GD.

"No Yuv.."GD shut his own mouth.

"Yuvraj?" Asked GL.

"I said don't say it!" He warn GL again.

"But why? Why are you scared of names of mere human?" GL asked in confusion.

"Mere human you said? He is our former Lord. I mean Lord of gods." Said GD.

"But we already have Our Four Brother Lords. And I never have heard of a fifth one." Said GL.

"It's actually A Five Brother Lords and he was a strongest amongst them. A 3 thousands years ago he descended as to the earth as human to lead a humanity to the right path as a King but he got into a curse." GD said sadly.

"Curse? What kind of curse it is that even could hurt a Lord of Gods?" GL asked him.

"Curse that so common among humanity... LOVE.. He fall in Love with a human and forget his responsibility as Lord." Said GD.

"But what connection do he have with Arnav and Khushi?" Asked GL.

"He have lot of connection with them for example.. He has blood relationship with Khushi." Said GD.

"So Khushi is sister of Lord of Gods?" Asked GL.

"No she is his GRAND DAUGTHER." GD made a correction.

To be Continue. . .


Khushi and Yuvraj meeting.






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Feb 24, 2016

Selfless Love. (Character Sketch) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 37 times)

Character sketch.

Arnav Singh Raizada. (28 years old)

Arrogant and ruthless business man and had a bad temper. Loves his sister a lot more than anything. Had a dark past. Doesn't believe in gods. A bachelor who doesn't believe in love and marriage relationship. A diabetic patient.

Khushi Kumari Gupta. (24 years old)

A girl with good heart and love her family. Yearn for love. Want a love marriage. Believe in god. She loves jelebi a lot.

Yuvraj Singh. (27 years old)

A genius business man and a family man. Owner of YS Group Of Company. An adopt son of Singh Family. A former lord of gods and brother of other lords. Love humanity lot. A kind man. Grand father of Khushi.

Jeeva singh. (25 years old)

Yuvraj's first brother and he proud to say that. People call him a king of heart breaks because he often dump his girlfriends because something. Going to office with Yuvraj.

Sharav Singh. (20 years old)

Yuvraj's second brother. Going to famous XYZ College. A last year student. Hoping to join his Brother's company after graduation. Loyal to his brother Yuvraj. Couldn't bare a word against his brother Yuvraj.

Sohil Singh. (18 years old)

Yuvraj's third brother. A silent person. Adore his brother Yuvraj in behind silently. Going to same college sharav as first year student.

Sudiv and Sandya Singh. (50 years old)

A lovely couple and parents. Always support and believe Yuvraj. Want Yuvraj to get married.

Anu. (17 years old)

Yuvraj's PA.

Payal Gupta. (25 years old)

A silent girl who can't speak against her Amma and Buaji. Treat Khushi as her own sister.

Shashi Gupta. (54 years old)

A humble man. A good father to Payal and Khushi. He was been friend with Khushi's late father. Respect his sister Madhumathi.

Garima Gupta. (49 years old)

Shashi's wife. Payal is her first priority even though Khushi is her sister's daughter.

Akash Singh Raizada. (27 years old)

Arnav's brother. Work at AR Company. Loves his family. Silent and shy person .

Anjali Shyam Jha. (32 years old)

Wife of advocate Shyam Manohar Jha. Worshipping her husband as god. Love her family especially her chothe. 

Shyam Manohar Jha. (35 years old)

A lawyer. Married to Anjali because of money. A womanizer.

Devyani Singh Raizada. (70 years old)

Grandmother of Anjali, Arnav and Akash. Always worried about Arnav's future.

Aman Mathur. (28 years old)

Arnav's PA. Often get scold his boss Arnav and gets used by it.

Manorama Singh Raizada. (47 years old)

Akash's mother. Loves make up and touch ups. Treat Anjali and Arnav like her own children. Hate middle class people because it's remind her old days.

Manohar Singh Raizada. (50 years old)

Akash's father. Couldn't speak against his wife nor mother. So he keep himself silent when they argue to each other.

Nandkis**** Malhotra. (25 years old)

Like to act cool and tease people around him. A cheerful person. Come from Sydney.

Lavanya Kasyap. (24 years old)

ASR's current girlfriend. Likes to wears short dress.

A modern type girl.

More characters will come soon..

Sorry if there any mistakes.

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Mar 7, 2016

Selfless Love. (Chapter 3 is up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 52 times)

Here go my update.

Chapter 3.

"So Khushi is sister of Lord of Gods?" Asked GL.

"No she is his GRAND DAUGTHER." GD made a correction.

"GD! Who give you a permission to address that human girl as Lord Amit's grandchild?"An angry voice come from behind.

GD and GL turned back.

God of Calamity stood there with blood shot eyes it's clearly shows that he is really angry.

GD sighed and look at GC.

"I know that we can't accept her but we also can't deny the fact GC." GD tell him the matter of the fact.

GC fisted his fingers in anger.

"This is all because of that woman. Because her our Lord Amit(Yuvraj) is suffering in that human world." GC said in hurtful voice.

"I know that we all love him but he had made a decision and his decisions are absolute for us."GD said sadly.

GC give up and went away.

GL watch everything silently.

At YM.

Jeeva come back from Airport.

"Did you drop him?" His mother Sandya asked him.

"Haan Maa." He answered back with sad face.

"I'm worried about bhai. He always will be got into the trouble if we leave him alone." Said Jeeva.

"I'm worried about his marriage." Said Sandya.

Jeeva sighed.

"Bhai and marriage?" Jeeva laughed.

"Stop laughing Jeeva! You know how much I and your father are worried about his future? I'm afraid.. What we will do if he stay as bachelor for his life long?" She asked him.

"I don't know Maa.. But since last Month Yuvi bhai is acting weird." Said Jeeva.


Yuvraj was a person who will wake up on early morning.

But today he didn't come to breakfast yet. So Jeeva went to Yuvraj's room to wake him up.

Yuvraj's room.

Yuvraj waked suddenly from sleep and breathing hard.

Jeeva who come into the saw that and hurried to him.

"What happen bhai? Are okay?" Jeeva asked in concern.

"A woman... She.."Yuvraj stopped suddenly.

"Woman?" Asked Jeeva.

Yuvraj avoided his questions and went to take a bath.

(Flashback ends)

He explained what happened to Sandya.

"Since that he often suffering from a nightmare maa." Said Jeeva.

"I don't care about his decisions anymore... I'm going looking for a bride for him."She stated.


Gupta House.

Shashi and Payal are worring about Khushi.

Payal suggested Shashi to give a complaint to the police.

Shashi agreed with her.

"Stop Shashi!" Buaji stopped Shashi.

"Why Jiji?" Asked Shashi.

"Don't go to the police." Buaji said with stern face.

Garima agree with buaji.

"That's right Shashiji. Our Payal bitiya's marriage had been call off because that Khushi. Now who will be come to marry our bitiya again if they know that khushi had kidnapped. Who know what they did to her." Garima said with out any shame.

Shashi can't believe it how can they behave like when they know that Khushi is in danger.

He slapped Garima.

"How? How can so cruel to your sister's daughter.. Your own niece?" He ashamed of her.

"I don't care that bi**h's daughter. All I care is about my daughter!" She responded angrily.

"And if you went to police... I will kill myself! Understand?" Said Garima.

Shashi feel so helpless.

"Someone please help my Khushi bitiya..." Shashi cried in heard.

At Night.

XYZ Hotel.

Karan Singhania arranged a second key to Yuvraj's room and handed it to Khushi.

Karan look her her head to toe.

"Not bad. Maya prepared you beautifully." He smirk.

Khushi glared at him.

Karan come closer and whispered to her.

"You bi**h! You dare to glare at me haan? I will show you who I am after this." Karan said angrily.

"If you or he come out of that room before 2 hours because he is disappointed of you. I will kill your family understand?" He asked in threatening tone.

She nod in fear.

"He is in room No.221. If you try to escape or ask help at someone I will finish your family. Remember that!" He said to her.

Khushi nod again and went in elevator.

Room 221.

Yuvraj think about that dream.


"He raped me!" A woman with short hair point at him.


"This is our child. Please.. I can't abort our baby." Another woman with long hair cry.


"Please don't leave me. I love you." That same long hair woman plead him.


"You're avoiding me because her right? Why? Why you did cheat on me? What you do with her? Did you sleep with her?" That long hair woman asked him angrily with tears in eyes.

(Flash end)

Yuvraj sighed.

Who are they? 

His heart is telling him it's not just a dream but a memories.

But he didn't even know that women.

He shook his head and went into bathroom.

At outside of room.

Khushi stood there in infont of his room door.

"What I am going to do now? What if I refuse and he try to force me? Should I just kill him to protect my dignity?" A lot of questions are running on her thought.

"That right! I will kill him if he try to do that. Dadaji said that A woman should defence herself to protect her dignity. I will protect my dignity from him as much I can. But if situation go out of control then it's not wrong.. I will kill him." She decided.

She opened the the door with key and went into room.

She closed the door and lock it.

Khushi look around the room but no one there.

Then Yuvraj come out of bathroom. 

He didn't notice Khushi.

Khushi pick the vase to hit him with it.

Yuvraj's phone rang up.

He answered the call with smile.

"Hello? Anu.. How are you?" Yuvraj asked happily.

Khushi just hear a one side conversation.

"Me?.. I am at.. (can't lie) Lucknow.." He said it and sighed.

"Don't worry Anu I am fine. Ok I will try my best to not get into trouble ok?" He said softly.

He chuckled. 

"You're in Delhi not London? When did come home? Ok.. I will be back soon after meeting with Mr.Singhania. I miss you too." He cut the call.

"Speaking with wife? So he is betraying his wife?" Khushi misunderstood him.

She try to hit him with vase from behind but he dodged it.

Khushi gulped.

"He know that I am going hit him?" She wonder in shock.

Yuvraj turn back and look straight into her eyes.

"Who are you? Why are you trying make me unconscious?" He asked her.

"Unconscious? I want to kill you! You!!" She try to curse him but she can't because of his face remind her of someone.

"Kill me? With that?" He asked while point at vase.

She nod with confused face.

"You've a better option you know? Look at that." He point at knife on table that beside her.

She put a vase down and picked that knife.

"Don't come near me. Understand?" She asked while showing that knife.

He suppress his laughter.

"No I don't understand. Who are you and why are you here?" He asked her.

She rolled her eyes.

"Don't act you don't know anything about this. You're the one who order that guy Karan Singhania to bring me here right?" She asked angrily.

"No. Why I have to do that?" He asked her while stepping forward.

She started stepping back and hit hard on door's knob.

She hissed in pain.

"Are you ok?" He asked in concern.

"Don't come near me. I won't let you to touch me." Said Khushi.

"You want me to satisfy your lust right? You're looking like a decent man but in real you're betraying your wife." She accused him

He frowned.

Khushi highly frustrated by now.

"Wife??" Yuvraj muttered.

"I won't betray her.." He said sadly.

She don't know why but it's killing her to see him with that sad expression.

"Don't worry. I won't touch any other women than my wife." He assured.

"Believe me.." Yuvraj muttered slowly.

She feel that he's someone that she can put a trust on.

She nod.

"I will call that Singhania now." He informed her.

Then after try call him.

"It's switch off." He said to Khushi.

Khushi frowned.

"You don't believe? Then take this mobile and try to call him." He gave her.

She shook her head.

"No.. I... I believe you." She said slowly.

"Then there is no way any more. I go and meet him." Yuvraj said and head to the door.

"No..." Khushi stopped him.

"He will kill my family if you or me go out before 2 hours." She said with tears.

Yuvraj sighed.

"Then we have to wait until 2 hours." He announced.

They settle down on sofa.

"I'm sorry to trouble you." She apologise. 

"It's ok. What we are going to for 2 hours now?" He asked her.

She wonder he is going to do something to her.

"Ok. Let's talk about you and your family." He suggested.

"My family?" She asked.

Yuvraj nod.

"I'm Khushi Kumari Gupta. Gupta family adopt me into their family when I was 8 years old." Said Khushi.

"Your real parents?" He ask her.

"They died in an accident." She blinked her tears away.

"Hey? You're crying.. I'm sorry.." Yuvraj said.

"No it's ok. I had never shared my to anyone that's why." She gave a little smile.

Infact she is happy that she had shared it with him.

He try to cheer up her.

"Let's talk about your loved one." He said with smile.

"My first love is my dadaji. He's was so handsome and kind you know. Unfortunately he died so soon. I don't remember his face but all I know is he is a handsome man and my father told me that the one who named me Khushi is My Dadaji." She said with big smile.

She is praising Yuvraj without her knowing the truth that he is her Dadaji.

"Then my Dadi. Shailaja Raichand a kind lady, she love Dadaji a lot you know. She always cry at night because of missing Dadaji." She sighed.

"They love each other."Said Khushi with wide smile.

But her smile dissappear after seeing Yuvraj.

Yuvraj face is pale.

"What happen? Are you ok?" She is worried seeing like that.

He clutched his heart.

"It's throbbing hard.." He thought.

"I will be ok don't worry Khushi." He assured her.

She sighed in relief.

"I thought you will die.. Thank god that you're ok." She said.

"You're the one who want me to die right?" He tease her.

"Yeah but not now.. I don't know why here I am in dangerous situation but still I feel peaceful, fearless and happy. It is because of I'm with you?" She asked.

"Everyone says that too. But you're in dangerous situation?" Yuvraj asked her.

"That's right. After 1 hour Karan Singhania will take me to that brothel house again. That woman Maya will be sell me some other man. They also kidnapped school girls and sell to some brothel in Bombay." Khushi said to him.

"I will come with you to that house." Yuvraj said firmly.

Khushi was surprised.

"But why?" She asked him.

"I never went there.. so to know the route I have to follow you." Yuvraj muttered.

"I asked why are you coming there?" Khushi asked in worry.

"To save you and that girls you know. I think Anu will be really be mad at me for getting into trouble again.. but it's ok." Said Yuvraj with smile.

"You're crazy. They're dangerous. They've gun and you have nothing." She said.

"Money can be a weapon at times you know? What if they've a weapon? Don't worry they can't hurt me. " He said confidently. 

But Khushi still couldn't stop worry for him.

To be Continue. . .





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Apr 10, 2016

Selfless Love. (Chapter 4 is Up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 51 times)

Hi guys! Here we go my update.

Chapter 4.

Sheesh Mahal.

ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA step into his old room. Sheesh Mahal the cursed place in his life, the place where he was born, spend his childhood with his Di, where his mother Ratna killed herself.

Now he had bought back this place back.

He hate this place.

But at same time he love this this place.

Because of her.. Deepika Sharma.

The woman who took care of him in his childhood, She is so kind to everyone, He never seen someone who beautiful as her till now. She always told him be kind and patience to others as her but what she get from other by her kindness?

He can't protect his maa and Deepika didi. 

Damn it!

That's reason of his protectiveness for his Di.

Khushi Kumari Gupta. (Inform by his source of information)

Name of the girl ruined his event.

He still remember her face till now.

He shut his eyes tightly.

''Her eyes..'' thinking of her eyes really similar to..

His eyes widen at his own thought.

Her eyes really similar to his Deepika didi's eyes.

''That be true!? Could be this Khushi kumari gupta is her daughter?!'' Arnav thought.


8 years Arnav pulled Deepika's end of pallu.

"Will you leave me?'' Little Arnav asked her sadly.

She's surprised by his sudden question.

She caressed his face softly.

''Aww.. Oh my Arnav who told you this?'' She asked him soft tone.

''That bad maids.. I heard them talking about Mamma and you. They are saying you that you will leave after mamma wake up from coma.''While looking down.

''Please don't leave me..'' Arnav at verge of crying.

She hugged him.

''Arnav don't cry ok?'' She shoosh him.

''I don't want you to leave.. Please don't leave me didi..'' said Arnav in pleading tone.

She broke the hug.

"I'm sorry Arnav. I have to leave after your mom wake from her coma.'' She sighed.

''So you are going to leave me?'' Arnav in anger.


''I hate you''Saying that Arnav went out from there in anger.

After few hours.

His anger deceased. He went to her room.

He stood at door and saw her sitted in her bed.

''I'm sorry.'' Said Arnav.

''For What?'' She raised her eyebrow.

''I said I hate you na that's why. Are angry at me?'' He scared what if she hate him?

He heard her giggle.

''Why are laughing?'' Arnav confused and bit angry, is she making fun of him?

''Why would I hate my dear Arnav? But why did you said it when you don't really mean it?''She asked him.

''That I was really angry.. I thought if I said that so would you come to ask sorry and you will say that won't leave me but you didn't do that.'' With really disappointed face.

''Come here Arnav'' She called in to sit beside her.

He obeyed her.

She smiled at him.

''I won't ask sorry for the matter that i don't have fault at.''Said Deepika.

Arnav pouted.

''And Arnav stop saying words that really don't mean because that could hurt other people.'' She try to make him understand.

''Ohh?? That mean.. Did I hurt you didi?'' He asked with guilty face.

''No Arnav. I know that you don't mean that so it's okay for me but what if you said that to other people they will really misunderstand you. So don't it anymore ok'' look for his answer.

He nod.

''But how did know you that I don't mean that didi?'' He asked playfully.

''Because in your dictionary 'I hate you is I love you'' She answered.

He stare at without a blink.

''I have decided!'' He said while stand up from bed.

''Decide what?'' She asked him with smile.

''When I grow up, I'm going will marry your daughter. So Me, her, you can stay together.'' He said his great to her.

That smile dissappear from her face.

''What happen didi?'' He noticed that, Deepika Sharma a person who will smile always no matter what happen now.. This is not didi that he know.

''I.. I don't have child.. Arnav.'' Said Deepika.

''But you said that you're married.'' He slightly confused.

''I'm a widow'' A tear drop a from her eye.

"What's widow?'' Arnav asked curiously. 

''Ok no more questions. Let go it's a dinner.'' She changed the topic and wiped her tear.

Arnav went to have a dinner with her.

Flashback ends.

"No it's impossible for her to be Didi's daughter,this may be just a coincidence to have similar eyes.''He stop himself from hoping.

From born till he turn to 10 year old she took care of him after that she left him alone.

He still searching for her but still he didn't even get a single clue about her whereabouts it's like she has disappeared into thin air.

He take out his phone and call Aman.

''Aman give address of that Khushi kumari gupta. I have to meet her.'' He said in stern tone.

He cut the call after getting what he want.

He is going to meet her.

Not for her but her eyes.

Ring.. ring.. 

His ranged.

It's from detective that appointed to search for Deepika didi.

''Hello?'' Arnav answered.

''Sir it's Detective Rahul.'' He said

''I know it's you! Why did call me? Come to the point!'' Arnav said rudely.

''Sir it's about Deepika Sharma...'' He hesitate to say.

'Did they found her? Where's she? How is?' Lot of things running in his mind. But he heard detective's hesitating, just one thing he need her to be.. be safe.

''How is she?'' Arnav asked in concern.

''Woh sir.. I'm sorry to say this but .. She is no more.''Detective felt sorry for Arnav becauce he know desperately Arnav is searching for her.

''What do you mean by that? You can't be seriously..'' Arnav chocked his own words.

''She's died in car an accident 16 years ago.'' Said Detective.

The phone slipped through his hand and the call get disconnected.

''She dead? Seriously in car accident? She leaved him forever?'' Why gods are so cruel to him?

Why'd someone so kind like her died in car accident?

Yea that's right gods not even exist.

May be that's why.

His legs feel so weak.

''I hate you didi! You left me..'' Arnav said slowly.

''In your dictionary ' I hate you is a I love you''Her words ranged in his mind.

Arnav chuckled, that's right.

His eyes blurred.

He fall unconscious on the floor.

To be Continue. . . 

Comments please guys.

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Sorry if there any mistakes.

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Apr 19, 2016

Selfless Love. (Chapter 5 is up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 51 times)

Thanks for waiting. Here we go my update.

Chapter 5.

"You're crazy. They're dangerous. They've gun and you have nothing." She said.

"Money can be a weapon at times you know? What if they've a weapon? Don't worry they can't hurt me. " He said confidently. 

But Khushi still couldn't stop worry for him.

''Trust me Khushi.. I will save you.'' Said Yuvraj.

She look at his eyes. 

His eyes are full of confidence, without any fear.

''Why? Why are you helping me?'' She couldn't help but ask him.

A soft smile appear on his lips.

''Who knows? Maybe It's because of your helpless condition or maybe it's just me who too kind to everyone.'' He let out a little laugh.

Seeing his smile really made her mad.

''What if you got hurt while trying to help me?'' Khushi asked angrily.

''So what? I don't care about that you know.. Why are you caring for me Khushi?''Yuvraj asked her.

She can't answer for that.. Why she is hell worried about this stupid stranger?

Yuvraj sighed hard.

''Khushi.. It's ok if you don't want me to help but think about that girls who was kidnapped by them, about their future.. They're innocent girls Khushi. Even if you don't need my help I will still want to help you and these girls.. Because that is me..'' Yuvraj said firmly.

Khushi stunned by his words, What will he get by this? Nothing.. 

She gave up on make him give up.

Later at Brothel House.

Maya's goons brought Khushi back from the Hotel and locked her in a same room with that school girls.

In that room.

Khushi saw these girls scared of what might happen.

'Maybe Yuvraj ji is right.. These girls future will destroy if they were sold to Mumbai' Khushi thought.

And Khushi also saw some of them have a bruises, she went near them and ask.

''What happens to you guys? Where did you guys these bruises?'' Khushi asked them, they hit these girls?

One of them answered.

"We did try to escape Didi but they caught us and..'' She start to cry.

Khushi hugs her.

''And what happens?'' Khushi asked.

''They beat us Didi.. They stab the girl who gave idea of escaping.. with a knife to dead.'' She cried hard.

Khushi feel her skip a beat at her words.

'What will they do to Yuvraj ji if they know that he came here to help us?' Khushi thought.

Brothel House's Main hall.

Yuvraj entered into their den calmly.

Maya saw him and stand up in awe.

She stared at him shamelessly. 

"Who is this handsome guy?'' She wondered.

''Who are you?''She blurred out in curiosity.

''Yuvraj Singh.'' He introduce himself.

She stood there totally speechless, Yuvraj Singh the billionaire is here in her house, before her.. Now she understands why girls are going crazy just by his name, He's so handsome that making her so excited.

''I'm Maya owner of this house.'' She said and pull her hand to a hand shake with him.

Yuvraj stared at her hand.

''What? Do you want shakehand with me?'' Yuvraj asked her.

She nod.

''I don't want to do that..'' Said Yuvraj while looking around.

She feel disappointed. Did he just reject her? Maybe he don't have a interest in older women.

''What you want?'' She come to the point.

''Khushi.. I want Khushi.'' Yuvraj muttered.

''Khushi? That new girl? Didn't he just slept with her at hotel then why he is here now?'' She thought.

''Shakil bring that Khushi here.'' She ordered her most trusted and strongest goon.

He nod went to bring her.  

''Please take a sit.'' She lead him to the sofa.

They settle on the sofa.

''Do you like her that much enough to make you want her again and again?'' She asked him.

Yuvraj glared at her.

''I want her.. Not for a night. How much money do you want to let her go with me?'' He asked her bluntly.

Maya was really surprised at his words.

She take a look at his face looked he is really serious about it.

''Huh.. 2 crores.'' Said Maya after thinking hard.

''2 crores?'' His voice sounds surprised.

Maya frowned.

''Did I asked too much?'' She thought.

''That is so cheap.. Khushi worth more than this.'' Yuvraj muttered.

''10 crores?'' Maya asked.

''Khushi is more precious than that.. Ask more..'' He look so bored.

Maya smile evily.

''He is crazy! He is willing to pay more money for that girl?''She thought.

"Ok then you decide how much you want pay for her?'' She asked him slyly.

''No.. I..Can't don't..'' Said Yuvraj.

"Ok then this final .. 25 crores?'' Maya asked again.

Yuvraj sighed hard and agreed.

Shakil bringed her down.

Maya run hug Khushi.

''You're lucky charm!!'' Maya beamed in happiness.

Khushi looked puzzled, what is happening here?

''Khushi come here.'' Yuvraj call her.

She slowly went near him, look at him in confused.

''This man is want to buy you for 25 crores.'' Maya said it to her.

Khushi's eyes widen.

''What? What are doing? What about other girls? They killed the girl who gave idea of escaping and beats other girls. Why didn't you just call the police?'' Said Khushi.

Then she just realised she said it in loud voice.

She saw Maya and goons angrily face.

And Yuvraj groan ' Khushi has just spoiled his plan.'

Maya face turn red in anger. 

''So you bi**h asked him to help you?!'' Maya shouted in anger.

''Shakil kill her now!'' Maya order him. 

Shakil move forward to Yuvraj and Khushi.

Khushi got scared like a hell.

''Khushi stay behind me.'' Yuvraj said.

She hide behind him.

''Move or I will kill you together with her.'' Shakil threatened Yuvraj.

She got scared by hearing that if he got hurt by trying to help save her?

''Don't save me Yuvraj ji.. I don't care about what will happen to me but I don't want you get hurt because me..'' She said and cried.

Infact no one will care her even if she die.. That's what she thought until now but..

She stop crying after hearing his words.

''I do! I DO CARE ABOUT YOU! If can't save you now I will regret until my last breath. Stop spoiling my another plan and just stay behind me.'' Yuvraj said in loud voice.

It's first time she see him talking in loud voice, it's feel little scary.

''And you.. Do as you wish.' Yuvraj point at Shakil.

''But before you should think of your own situation. This house has already surrounded by my bodyguard who had an army training and a stalker with sniper. One wrong move of goons with dead of YOURS.'' Yuvraj warned her.

Maya laughed.

''You are kidding me right? Or has your brain gone mad because of fear?'' She asked and laughed again.

Yuvraj smirked.

''Do I looked like kidding you?'' His face is dead serious.

'No.. It can't be true..'' She thought in fear.

''No don't kill me...'' and turned toward Shakil.

''Shakil don't do anything!'' She ordered.

But Shakil didn't looked he will obey her.

''So what if you die? I don't care about that! This guy is pissed me off!'' He charge to attack Yuvraj.


Maya fall on floor.. Dead.

Khushi horrified seeing Maya's dead body.

''She was shot in head from outside of that glass window? Then what Yuvraj ji just said about his bodyguard is truth?!'' Khushi asked in heart.

To be Continue. . .

Comments please guys.

Silent reader at least please hit a thank.

Let me know how my update was.

Sorry if there any mistakes.

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Apr 22, 2016

Selfless Love (Chapter 6 is Up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 49 times)

I'm glad to see your comments so thanks you very much guys!

I know there lot mysteries in story, don’t worry I will reveal it soon.

Chapter 6.

Khushi horrified seeing Maya's dead body.

''She was shot in head from outside of that glass window? Then what Yuvraj ji just said about his bodyguard is truth?!'' Khushi asked in heart.

Here Shakil was trying hard to fight with Yuvraj but his all attacks were easily blocked by Yuvraj.

''Is this all you got?'' Yuvraj mocked Shakil's fighting skills.

Shakil totally frustrated by it.

''Damn it! At this rate I can't even dream about beating him. He is so strong.. I have to use my dirty trick to beat him!'' Thought Shakil.

Some other goon hit Khushi's head from behind.

Khushi fall unconscious on floor.

Yuvraj pushed Shakil away and run goon who hurt Khushi and other to beat them to the pulp until they lose their own conscious.

Without Yuvraj's knowing Shakil come slowly from behind and pull Yuvraj's hair hard.

''Haha! Now how are going fight me? I'm going kill you..'' Shakil's loud voice turn off when he saw sight of Yuvraj standing

before him.

"Then the hair I just pulled is a wig?!'' Shakil shocked.

Yuvraj stood with long red hair.

''You have done a really a grave mistake. You definitely going to regret for it!'' Said Yuvraj.

That wig fall on the floor from his hand.

''You've hurt my Khushi and those innocent girls. I and my brother gave a male humans more strength than female to protect them not to hurt them. Why did you hurt them? You killed that girl right? Who did gave you rights to do that?'' 

Yuvraj asked in stern tone.

Yuvraj seemed like a different person.

Shakil feel his whole body turn numb.

''I.. Amit.. Curse you to die.'' Yuvraj muttered and turn other side.

''Arrrgh!!'' Shakil scream in pain before he close his eyes forever.

After some minutes. . . 

''What happen?'' That's what Yuvraj asked in his mind.

He don't remember what happened after his wig pulled off by that Shakil.

That right Khushi... She is hurt.

He need to go to Khushi.

Khushi's POV.

What happens!? Ohh that right I has lose my conscious.

I try to stand up but I can't and about to fall on floor then suddenly a strong arms hold me tightly.

Who is that? I can't his face because my eyes still blurred.

But I can see something really red.. It's beautiful and soft.

I closed my eyes to feel the warmth of this person.. It's so nostalgic, like warmth of my late parents.

And I lose my conscious again.

Khushi POV end.

Yuvraj's POV.

I saw Khushi, she is trying to stand up and about fall back on floor.

I run to hold her tightly. For a seconds remembered that I forgot about something really important. I did her touch her.

I can touch Khushi.

And she lose her conscious in arms.

Yuvraj's POV end.

Yuvraj lift her in his arms, went to his car, he safely made on back seat, went back to sit on driver seat, he wear his wig and drive back to the hotel.

At hotel.

In 221 room.

Yuvraj put Khushi slowly on the bed and sit beside her.

''Just who are you Khushi? I can feel that you're so precious than anything to me, I can touch you while I can't even touch her my mother Sandya. That woman asked me how much money I will for pay you.. I can't answer that question because you're priceless for me but I don't know why.''Yuvraj whispered.

He kiss her forehead.

''Rest well'' Yuvraj smiled.

Then someone knock the door.

Yuvraj opened then and said.

''Come in my dear stalker.'' Yuvraj invite that person in.

''Stalker?'' That person respond while come in the room.

''Haan. What else I call a person who stalk me?'' Yuvraj teased.

''I was hell worried for you and didn't even care about me at all'' That person said while sulking.

''Ok ok.. I know how much you care about me after seeing that woman died.'' Yuvraj teased.

"Yea. How can I stay still after seeing her ordering her goons to kill you. That's why I shoot her.'' That person said furiously.

''Ok I am sorry Anu. I did my best not get into trouble but ..'' Anu cut him off.

''Thank god I came know about you going Lucknow otherwise who know will happen to you by now'' Anu muttered.

''But who did tell you about it?'' Yuvraj asked, He already warned Jeeva to not tell.

''Your temporary PA. Don't worry I have already fired her.. I don't like her at all. Her and her dress... Disgusting, I am sure that you are uncomfortable to working with her ?'' Anu asked.

Yuvraj nod.

''Don't worry Mister.. Now I am here and I will start work as your PA again.'' Anu said cheerfully.

''Come to the point I have booked another room for you to stay since you can't stay in same room as her.'' Said Anu while handed a room key to Yuvraj.

''I did manage to figure out that your guessing is correct police were supporting Maya, you did right thing by not to go to police. I did talk to Commissioner to file the dead of Maya and Shakil as police encounters so we don't have to worry about   it. And as per your order the identity of Khushi and other girls will be hide from media so they can live normal life.'' Said Anu.

Yuvraj nod.

''And I did some research on her background as per your order.'' Anu stated.

''Her name Khushi Raichand but her surname changed after being adopted into Gupta family. Foster father Shashi Gupta, he own a sweet shop in his neighborhood, he was really a good friend to Khushi's real father Mr. Aashish Raichand. Foster Mother Garima Gupta, married to Shashi Gupta, younger sister of Khushi's real mother Mrs. Aditi Raichand. Madhumathi Khanna, a widow and staying with her brother Shashi Gupta. Payal Gupta daughter of Garima and Shashi Gupta.'' Anu informed.

Yuvraj look at Gupta family photo.

''About her Grandparents ?'' Yuvraj much more curious about it.

''Mr. Daksh Raichand and Mrs. Shailaja Raichand. Mrs. Raichand died because of Heart disease and Mr. Daksh Raichand died because of some illness. I am unable get their photo.'' Said Anu.

Yuvraj was disappointed.

''Anu.. Good Night.'' Yuvraj muttered and went to his room.

''Goodnight Sir..'' Anu wish him with smile and went back.

Room 324.

In Yuvraj's dream.

He hugged her tightly from behind and whispered in her hear.

'I love you' He kissed her cheek.

She smiled while looking at book that she holding.

'I love you too Daksh ji.'' She said but still focused on book.

'Names book? Are still looking for a name?' He asked her.

She nod.

'I still can't decide a perfect name for our baby.' She sighed looking her baby bump.

'Come.' He made her sit on the bed.

'But I have decided. Aashish for baby.' He said while stroking her hair softly.

'But I want girl.' She pouted her lips.

'But Shailu It's boy.' He said.

She still believing it's girl.

'What if our baby is girl then what will you name her?' She asked him.

'Khushi.. She will be our Khushi. Our little happiness.'' He said that kissed her baby bump.

End of the dream.

To be Continue. . . 

Comments please guys.

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Silent reader at least hit a thank please.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes.

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Apr 24, 2016

Selfless Love. (Chapter 7 is up!) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 41 times)

Thanks for your comments guys I'm really glad. Please keep support me and my story .

Here we go guys my update.

Chapter  7.

At heaven.

Every gods, goddesses and thier servants assembled at the great hall of heaven.

"We are all assembled here together for really important matter.'' Said God of Destiny.

''Shakil Ghor.. That human has died in really mystery way.. Some of you must've noticed it.'' GD said look at the other Gods.

God of Lust nod.

"I noticed it. There is no wound in his body other than bullet shot. But as long I know his body must be shooted 2 hours later after his death that mean the police in human world trying to make it like an police encounter. But the one who killed him someone else.'' God of Lust said while stripping his clothes. 

That pissed GD most.

''Stop strip you idiot! (Look at everyone) Sorry I have loss my temper.'' He apologised to everyone and glared at GL.

GL wear his clothes back.

''I apologise for my behaviour. As you all know I can't stop myself from stripping my own dress. And come to the point Shakil is not saint for your all knowledge he have done lot of sins and now he's currently in the hell. But the problem is the way died is really abnormal for a human. He was cursed by someone and that someone is definitely is among us.. Who is that?'' God of lust asked.

'Cursed?' Everyone thought.

Still no one answered.

God of Time stood up from his.

''I have to tell something really important.. I know who did that but..'' The god of time hesitated. 

''Come tell us.'' Said God of Wealth.

''That is curse of Lord Amit.'' GT said.

Everyone gasped .

And some of them start ask questions.

''Lord Amit is Alive? Didn't you told us that Lord Amit went to eternal sleep?''

''Where is he now? In that human world?''

''Why did he go to that place again?''

''Silence!'' White Lord Shout in anger.

''Dare you guys start questioning about my dear brother decisions?'' White Lord's turn red in anger.

They apologised for indecent behaviour.

''But my Lord why you did you hide the fact that Lord Amit is alive?'' God of Wind asked.

Green sighed and answered.

"That's because we don't want you guys go and mess with his life as a human again. He probably won't remember you anymore.'' Green Lord said sadly.

The yellow lord agreed with green.

''That's right! We know you guys love our brother Amit but we can't let the matter of Amit is in human out, because demons out there can target him for his power.'' Said Yellow Lord.

''But his human body can't bear his all power right?'' God of strength asked.

Blue Lord nod.

''Amit has no power now. But he can be targeted because of misunderstanding by those demons. We can't take a risk on his life. Do you guys understand? No matter what happen don't let this matter out.'' Blue lord warned them.

Thay agreed for sake of their Lord Amit.

Then a question a raised.

"How did he cursed that Shakil if he had no power now?'' God of Strength asked.

''Even if he went that world as human, there still somethings that he can't change about himself no matter what. And his words is one of those. He can cursed anyone to whatever he want but as you know he won't do that unless it is necessary.'' Said Yellow Lord.

Later after meeting is done.

The four Lords sighed.

Lot of questions from those god is a troublesome but no matter what they keep the identity of Amit beimg Yuvraj from them.

Only few of them know it from the start.

Then start seeing what happen with Yuvraj and Khushi.

''That human girl is that woman's blood?'' GD asked.

The Lords nod.

And they saw Yuvraj kiss Khushi's forehead. 

''GD what you think of Yuvraj kissed her forehead?'' White Lord asked.

GD hesitate and said.

''Lord Amit is her Dadaji but he don't remember.. and it's indecent kiss a girl without her knowing.'' His face flushed.

The Lords start laughing.

''Do you really think that he is just kissed? Truth is he healed her wound on her head. When that goons hit with wood, she was injured. If he did leave her like that she would have a troubled in seeing.'' Said Green Lord.

''He healed her with kiss?'' GD asked in confusion.

Yellow Lords nod.

''That's right. He have a healing saliva, he probably don't remember it now and he can feel it that's why he kissed her.'' Said Yellow Lord.

At hotel room no.221

Khushi waked up saw Yuvraj sitting on the couch.

He saw her wake up and said.

''Hey you're waked? Good Morning.'' Yuvraj said.

''Yuvraj ji? Where I am now?'' She asked while looking around.

''We're at hotel. This is your coffee.'' He handed a cup of coffee to her.

She took and drink it.

"Yuvraj ji have to go home now.. Babuji and Jiji must have been worried for me...'' Said Khushi.

Said that she wake up from bed.

''Let me drop you.'' Said Yuvraj.

She nod.

Other side Anu was talking in phone.

''What?! You have gave them an appointment to meet Yuvi Sir?'' '' I don't a damn about any ASR! Just cancel the meeting.'' ''Why you can't?'' Anu asked furiously.

His expression changed in shock.

''Yuvi Sir did what?!? He is the one decided to meet that Raizadas?'' Anu asked.

And cut the call.

Damn it! I can't do anything right now! His decisions are absolutes.

For 2 years Anu is trying hard to not make Arnav and Yuvraj meet each other but now all the hard work gone waste.

Now Anu has to protect Yuvraj from that Arnav Singh Raizada.

To be Continue. . .

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