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Feb 13, 2016

Part 2: THE FIRST FEELING (By Shirishateddy) (Thanked: 1 times)

Next morning Rosid were in Dining Table when the bell ringed.Servant opened the door and they were just surprised to see Simar and Prem. Simar is Roli's elder sis and Prem is Sid's younger brother. Rosid came to know that Premar were supposed to give surprise on the anniversary but their flight was delayed. They came in and got freshened up. After sometime they went on gossiping. Rosim got a room and there, Presid got another.

Simar tells Roli to tell about her and sid. As they didn't know that Rosid knew each other before marriage. Premar were sure, there must be something between them all time. This was the chance they could know everything about their life before marriage. They asked them. Rosid were very lonely after marriage, coz they shifted London leaving everyone in India. This was the first time Premar were visiting them. So they wanted to spend as much as time they could with them. They agreed.

Roli: Let me start with the start. When I saw him, for the first time. Main I was walking near the school corridor, and all of a sudden, someone dragged me and I fell on him. I was lost in his eyes. And suddenly, the large school bell fell down. Then I realized, he saved me, or I was almost under the bell. I was having a butterfly feeling... I crushed on him. My first attraction, my first crush!


Siddhant: The bell created panic in the school. Everyone, ran.. But I, I not just only fell upon her, but also fell for her. Fell in her love.But before some other fall on us, we got up. But in this hit and run, we got apart.  I turned my eyes here and there... then u know what? Then happened the most beautiful moment of my life, when I saw her, she was too looking at me! I had many affairs, but Love, it was for the first time. My first feeling, my first love!

Then he looked at Prem, he was looking at him keeping his hand on his cheeks.

Siddhant: Prem, what are you staring like that?

Prem: Siddhant, You love her so much?

Siddhant: mm... perhaps.

Prem: (smiles)and, evcerything is well after marriage na...?

Siddhant: Nothing is well Prem, I am still waiting for her. We are still apart, being together.

Simar: you mean, u haven't yet forgave him?

Roli: No. and I don't want to.

Prem: why don't you change all this? Why don't you let her live her life? Why don't you let her go?

Siddhant: I can't. My 1 decision spoiled everything, Roli left her study, Married me, and leaving everything, came here, London, only for me, just coz, I m her husband. And now, her parent, they are dead. Where would she go? So, I can't let her go at any cost!!!

 Premar: How long?

Rosid: Forever, Till the end!!!!


to be continued...

short one, but tried my best...

hope u like it...



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