His Hatred

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Mar 12, 2016

His Hatred (By Skyblu) (Thanked: 27 times)

(Since I'm writing here the charactrs cane be assumed played by Barun n Sanaya or you can read it as general fiction)

The Beginning Of Something

Neil worked like crazy the next day drowning himself in reading out numerous files and getting into meets with random company presentations across his firms. All this was because he needed to get out of the mind rankling thoughts of her. The woman had finally lead him into a depressive mode. Thinking of her constantly of how she was doing. If she was healing well or if she got into trouble again. Frankly, she was an accident prone too. All these thoughts still remained in the back of his mind reminding constantly of a pair of light brown eyes which saw through his soul and mostly his mind.

He felt vulnerable and out of depth while he faced her and he didn't like it one bit. The affect of her disturbing his practical mind.

But he had done something bad. He was harsh and cruel to her since he met her and now she was in a hospital. She landed there because he pushed her to it and the guilt of hurting someone came like a swift blow to his conscience.

Evening spread over a blanket of humid air around. Neil sat in his car and treaded it on the main road while thinking a lot of things on the way.

 He walked around the hospital room where she was placed after the twenty hour observation. He walked in closing the behind as he came into the room. He froze and his eyes fell over an empty bed though. He blinked twice.

He hurried and went towards the bathroom. The door was open and it was empty. There wasn't sign of her in the room.

A slow dread circled his mind.

A nurse came in and Neil straigtened.

"Where is the patient that was admitted here yesterday?" He asked her in a little strained.

The woman, around fifty, possibly the head nurse blinked surprised at his enquiry.

"And you are?" She asked, peering up at him through the big round glasses.

Great. He was thrown off the loop suddenly.

"Er..Ah, she is my wife?" He said or rather asked himself the question.

Just plain good. His mind muttered sarcastically.

The woman's face cleared and it spread into a wide warm smile.

"Oh, is she? Ah, she is so stubborn. I hardly could handle her." She said smilingly.


Looking at her face though she didn't sound a bit complaining.

"Where is she now?" He asked feeling exasperated a little.

"Oh, she went around the kid's quaters here. Maybe, creating a new havoc around. Your wife is really an energetic woman mister." She said while sorting the bed.

Neil scowled heavily. Damn her, she wasn't even healed and she was already messing up things around. Kids quaters. Why wasn't he surprised now.

"You don't sound a bit complaining though." He asked the matron curiously.

She looked up at him smiling still.

"Well, I haven't encountered such liveliness for such a long time. She was a breath of fresh air." She sighed sadly..."Are you going to take her away today?" She asked him looking hopeful.

Neil nodded his head.

"I' am." He replied.

Her face fell.

"Oh, then take care of her well." She said while her smile dimmed.."She has the way of getting into the heart unknowingly."

He stiffened while she uttered the last three words. An uneasiness curled around his mind. He turned around and walked out of the room feeling perplexed as hell.

Way of getting into the heart?

Impossible. She was naive, dumb and an idiot of a woman who stuck to him like glue. Her stalking him got to a point of too much now and he needed to get rid of her soon.

Muttering under his breath he followed the signs over the many aisles. He finally got around the kid's section. It was designed as a crush but with beds and cabinets around. The place and walls were colourful and eye stingingly bright.

He winced while walking into the wide hall.

His eyes caught her back. She was there in the middle with little four year old kids surronding her. She had her hand held to the saline drip stand. She seem to hold the attention of the whole group as they stared up at her with mouths hung open and eyes wide in wonder.

Her hands flew in the air in an animated story telling or something.

He leaned over the door sighing heavily.

Why does he find her in every odd place of the world.

He stared at her some before his eyes fell over her waist. He froze while the sides of the blue gown turned crimson.

He cursed heavily and moved forward fast. He turned around facing her but before he heard the hitch in her breath.

His eyes circled into rapid observation. The twitch of her full lips. The widening of her round eyes. The flushing of her cheeks. The quickening of her heart beat and everything. Her chest rose and fell with the strain of taking in a hiss of breath.

He was sure his face looked thunderous. His left hand caught hold of both of her upper arms.

"What the hell are you doing?" He raised his voice while glaring down at her.

She drew back paling a little.

He tightened his hands over her arm hard. He saw her flinch.

Her eyebrows drew together and her lips fadded of the colour.

"W..wh..what happened?" She breathed looking frightened of his anger.

His eyes icy cold.

"You're god damn bleeding, that's what is happenning." He gritted each word harshly.

Her eyes widened a little more and she looked down at her waist. The gown was now soaking. He gulped hard as it sliced through him looking down at the blood.

She lifted her eyes to his slowly and pain seem to dawn on her face.

"Oh, I'am." She agreed breathing a little difficultly again.

Her eyes closed swiftly after that and she collasped over his chest yet again. The first time she did that he had bawled like a kid. It had directly his soul but now the second time she was doing it he didn't know what to do anymore.

A deep anger pumped in his veins.

His hands itched to throttle her being so careful.

His body started shaking again and showed the signs of weakening. He breath deep and hard while feeling her soft body lay completely still over his. Her scent entered into his lungs like a gush of a light breeze. He closed his standing there like a forzen statue as his hands remained to the sides unmoving.

His hands curled into tight fists.

Numerous things ran wild into his mind and his heart raced with those things. Things making him weak and emotional. He felt something else entirely though. A deep clawing hurt. Hers. It stung his eyes and his jaw gritted to hold back the rising emotions.


He glared across at her and he kept doing it until she felt her face heat up with his stare. Dear god, he was frightening. Way way frightening. The grey suit he had on cut him an image of even more a grave statue. Sam gulped hard as she lay there on the hospital bed while the doctor her again after mending up the stitches on her the side of her stomach. And hell, if it did not hurt her. She was given the injection though to numb the area but even then when the needle pierced her skin she screamed like a little girl.

He remained stubborn and sat through in the far corner grimly watching her take in the pain. Sam wondered if he was satisfied. The thought made her wince. He finally was getting the revenge he wanted but though looking at his face she thought otherwise.

The doctor left after warning her to stay put in the bed. She scowled inside. It was awfully bore to lay helpless on the bed. She was always moving around and working. This injury made her feel stuck and stagnant completely to a place.

She plucked at the gown sleeves. Her eyes strayed to his hesitantly. Why was he here? Did he come here to check up on her? Her face flushed with such a thought. Her eyes observed his face. He looked tired and haggard. His jaw had on a little shadow of a beard. His hair lay dishevelled as if he had pulled at the locks frustatedly many a times.

Geez, what made him anxious and angry she wondered. She smiled a little though wincing as she forced it to spread her lips wide.

"I ruined your shirt again." She broke the silence in an awkward try to lighten the mood.

The silence was too grim and intense. A knife could cut through the tension smoothly.

He stared at her unmoving and his jaw seem to tick.

"What?" He asked in a bit out.

Sam's head jerked back at his tone.

"Your shirt. It's ruined." She replied hastily and fell silent again.

Silence was better.

She heard a sigh. An exasperated one.

"Look up." He ordered her sharply.

Sam felt herself straighten and her head went up and her eyes hit his wide. His were narrowed and gulped hard looking at the silent fury in his brown swirling stare.

"Pull a stunt like this one again and I'm going to chain you to the hospital bed forever. Will let you off this time. The repeat of this shouldn't happen, alright?" He warned her in a steely low quite voice.

Sam stared unblinking at his face. Geez, he was scary to an extreme.

His eyes narrowed still more at her silence.

"Alright." She agreed hastily before he thundered at her again.

His face turned into an calm serene set. He got up and she sighed a relief. Thank god, he was going. She stiffned when he turned around again.

"Rest. I'll come in the morning again." He muttered staring across at her coolly.

Sam scowled inside. What was the need for him to come to the hospital again. Ugh, the man was a thorough kill joy.

"Uh..you know I'm already doing good and healing well. You don't have to..uh..um come again here." She said smiling a forced one.

His eyes remained flat and his expression remained a complete poker. She couldn't see through at all. It was frightening how he had the walls high up so tightly.

"Will see you in the morning." He said curtly cold.

Sam flung curses at his face inside her mind.

He cut her talking always so rudely. A true gentleman he was.

His eyes fell over her lips and she saw his lips twitch into a light smile. He tilted his head dismissing her. Sam stared at his back as he left closing the door behind....


To be contd...

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