Arshi FF: Memories

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Mar 20, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 46 times)


London Institute of Fashion Technology (LIFT) , London

The college canteen was crowded as usual.

Riya, Melina and Pam sat sipping their drinks and gossiping, As usual, the topic of discussion was him.

"Girls, do you know, he glanced at me during class?" Riya said in excitement.

"Really?" Pam and Melina squealed. Riya nodded and said, "Yeah! OMG, he is so perfect! His face, I would die for it!"

"But he doesn't care Riya!" Pam said, "For the past three years, all girls of the whole college have been trying to impress him, but he doesn't even acknowledge!"

"ASR is a tough nut to crack!" Melina said.


The noisy canteen fell silent at that moment.

All the girls had their eyes at the canteen entrance.

And thus entered the handsome hunk of LIFT!


"Dude, your fans are waiting for you!" Viren, his best buddy, said. He just gave an irritated look and said, "I know that!"

Viren chuckled and said in a low whisper, "Then why don't you smile at them once. The whole college is ogling you for the past three years and you didn't even have a single one yet! Come on dude, these girls aren't that bad!"

"Shut up Viren, I don't time for these ****s!" He cursed in anger.

Viren chuckled and they both walked in the canteen.


He could feel everyone's glance on him. He is so used to it. Wherever he goes he will have a trail of eyes following him. London institute was full of girls who were ready to throw themselves on him, but he was never interested in them.

Dressed in his black jeans and dark blue shirt, he sat on a chair with Viren opposite to him. They ordered for some drinks and kept discussing about some random things when Sophia, the beauty queen of the college, walked to them.

"Hii ASR" she said seductively. He looked up and asked, "Yes, what do you want?"

"ASR, can I be your date for..." "NO!" before she could complete came his curt reply.

"But ASR..." "GET LOST!" He shouted at the top of his voice and Sophia ran for her life. He turned to his left and saw Viren laughing aloud.

"WHAT?" He asked in irritation. Viren held his laugh and said, "Dude, it's the 175th time! I mean, since past three days 175 girls have asked you as their date for tomorrow's prom!"

ASR rolled his eyes and sipped his drink and said, "Waise, you will be going with your Jeevika right?"

"Of course! No doubt on that! But dude, with whom are you going?" Viren asked.

"I'm not coming!" he said. "WHY?" Viren asked in shock! Is this man for real? He is not coming for prom night!!!!

"Not interested! And plus, I don't have a partner!"He said.

Viren sat with his mouth opened like a fish. He recovered from the shock and said, "You don't have a partner! According to my general knowledge, the whole college would love to be your partner!"

"These are not my type dude!" He said with a smirk!

"Oh really, then what is your type?" Viren asked.

All he got as a reply was a smirk.

"I'm going! My class is about to start!" ASR said and walked away.


Viren sat sipping his drink and sighed.

Jesus, when will my friend get a partner? Please send him an angel who would change his khadoos character!' He prayed to his Jesus.

He wasn't sure!

He really wanted an angel to descend from heaven and wave her magic wand on his friend and turn him to a romantic guy.

But he knew,

Aarav Singh Raizada is a tough nut to crack!

Mar 20, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 1 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 70 times)

Chapter 1


"How is she Doctor?"

Doctor looked at the tensed boy before him and said, "Don't worry young man! She is fine!"

"Can we meet her?" a cracked broken female voice asked and the doctor nodded and they all rushed in.


"Bua!" Aarav and Arushi ran to their bua who was lying on the bed.

"I'm fine! Don't worry my angels!" Anjali said smiling as she sat on the bed.

Akash and Payal walked in and hugged Anjali. "Di we're so worried!"

Anjali smiled and said, "Arrey, I'm totally fine!" She turned to Aarav, "Hearing the news of accident you took the next flight huh? Aarav, it was a minor accident and see, I'm totally fine! You should have stayed at hostel and studied for your exams. Its starting next week na? And you are..."

"Bua, bua, relax!" Aarav said smiling. He held her hand and said, "Minor or major, you're very important to me. How can you suppose me to stay at hostel in peace when my bua is lying in hospital bed?"

Anjali smiled through her tears and cupping his cheek said, 

"You're so like your father! Chotte bhi aise hi baat karte dhe."

"After all I'm his son!" Aarav said smiling.

"And what about me?" Arushi said pouting her lips.

"You're like your mother! Sankadevi!" Payal said caressing Arushi's hair.

Everyone had a good laugh.



"What happened next mami?"

Arushi asked without blinking her eyes.

"Nekxt! Arrey humare Arnav bitwa tho phatti sadi ko raat bhar kaam karwaaya! Vo kya kahewat hai? Teep wreting!"(Next! Arnav bitwa made Phatti sadi work whole night. What do we say? Yeah, teep wreting!"

"Type writing mamiji!" Aarav sang as he came inside the room.

"Arrey wahi, wahi! Type Writing!"

"And she did that?" Arushi asked with her eyes wide.

"Hello hi bye bye, aur nahi to kya? Raat bhar jaagke vo puri kiya aur subah yaha leke aaya!"(Of course! She sat awake for the whole night and completed the work and brought it here the next morning!)

"Oh, that was bad!" Arushi cried.

"What's going on here?"

Aarav, Mami and Arushi turned to the door hearing the voice.

Payal walked in and said, "Aashi (Arushi) didn't I ask you to sleep?"

Arushi pouted her lips and said, "Par maasi, let me hear the story!"

"Story? Is this the age to hear bed time story? You're 18 year old!" Payal said narrowing her eyes.

"If the bedtime story is on your parents, then we don't have an age limit for that! Right Aashi?" Aarav said and Arushi nodded her head happily.

Payal smiled and said, "Ok fine! But it's too late now!"

"Maasi, just ten minutes! Pakka! Mami, complete the story!" Arushi chirped.

"Arushi! How many times have I asked you not to call her that? She is elder to you!" Payal said crossly.

"Hello hi bye bye, khoon bhari taang! I'm not old! Samjheo? You childrens, calls me Mami!" (Hey Khoon bhari taang, I'm not old, okay? You kids, call me mami!)

Aarav and Arushi nodded their heads and Payal rolled her eyes and walked away.


"Aarav, when are you returning?" Anjali asked at breakfast table.

2 days have passed since she had a small accident and Aarav coming to India.

"Bua, why are you hell bent in sending me to hostel?" Aarav asked with a pout. Aashi giggled and said, "Bhai, looks like they want to get rid of you and use your room for their kitty parties!"

"WHAT?" Aarav screamed and looked at Anjali, "Bua! You does that!" Anjali nodded her head in a no and said, "No Aarav, this girl is joking! Arushi, shut up and eat your food!"

Arushi giggled and dived into her paratha.


"Anyway Bua, I'll be going tomorrow! But after my exams, I will be here for a month!" Aarav said after finishing his food.

"A MONTH!" Arushi screamed in delight, "WOW BHAI! YOU'LL BE HERE FOR A MONTH! WE'LL ROCK BHAI!"

Aarav smiled and Arushi continued, "We all can go for a family trip! And we'll have loads and loads and loads and loads and..."

"FUN!" Aarav completed in irritation

Arushi pouted her lips

"Why do you pout so much?" Aarav asked in irritation.

"Manufacturing defect Aarav! Your mother used to do that!" Payal said and everyone roared into laughter.


"May I know the reason for this laugh?"

"Urrgh!" Aarav groaned in irritation hearing that voice.

Arushi leapt on her feet and screamed at the top of her voice that everyone had to close their ears to prevent it from any damage.


And she ran into the arms of Nikki a.k.a Nikhil Kis**** or Jr. NK.


"Hey ladoo whats up!"

"NK, Don't. Call. Me. That!" Aarav said in a low dangerous tone.

"But why?" NK asked with a pout and said, "Aren't you the same guy who sneaked into the kitchen at midnight to eat ladoos?"

"NK!" Aarav shouted and NK ran to Anjali and hid behind her and cried, "OMG, Bua, save me from this monster!"

Anjali smacked his head and said, "You kids are growing naughtier!"



Two days passed with his family and now he is sitting on his flight to London.

His lips curved into a smile recalling the antics of his cute little sister which so reminded him of his mother. She is an exact replica of her. The way she smiles, talks and walks, she is a mini KKGSR! The only thing that makes the family remind of her father is her diabetes.

How does it matter if she can't remind them of ASR? He is there na? ASR jr! An exact replica of Arnav Singh Raizada. His ever famous temper, his dressing sense, walks and talks everything resembles him, his father!

He looked at his wrist to see the orange-red thread that Arushi had tied him for last raksha bandan.

His mind drifted to flashbacks.

A 6 year old Aarav ran to his father and demanded, "Papa, give me that red thread!"

"Which thread?" His father asked.

"The red thread which bua tied to you this morning! When I asked her, she told she made only three - for you, Akki chachu (Akash chachu) and NK chachu. I also need one!"

Arnav smiled and lifted his son and made him sit on his lap.

Ruffling the boy's hair, he said, "Aarav, this is not an ordinary thread! This is rakhi!"

"Rakhi? What is that?"

"Rakhi is a very precious thread that every sister tie to her brother on raksha bandan! Do you know what raksha bandan is?"

Aarav nodded a no.

"Raksha bandan is celebration of a great bond - the bond between a brother and sister. To honour this day, every sister in this world tie rakhi to their brothers. Today is raksha bandan, and it was rakhi that your bua tied to me and your chachus today!"

Aarav looked down at him and asked in delight, "That means, every year Aashi will tie one to me?" He then looked at his two year old sister who is sleeping on the bed.

"Of course! When she grow up, she will make a rakhi with her own hands and will tie to you!" Arnav said.

"WOW!" Aarav cried in delight and he jumped from Arnav's lap and ran towards a sleepy Arushi.

He climbed on the bed and kissed her soft cheek and whispered, "Grow up Aashi, and tie rakhi to me!" He kissed her again and said, "I love you sissy!"

Arnav smiled at the scene.

Mar 21, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 2 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 58 times)

Chapter 2


"Haww...too bad dude! You didn't even call me once during these three days! Do you know how much I was worried? I was calling and calling and calling but you...either switched off or not reachable or not interested in taking calls! You forgot me Aarav!"

Viren complained like a child.

"Viren, stop whining like a girl! Do you know, you and Jeevika are perfect with each other. You act like a girl, while she is a complete tomboy!"


Aarav rolled his eyes on Viren's scream and buried himself in the books saying, "Let me study! Don't pester me!"

Viren snatched his book and threw it to the bed.

"What the!" Aarav exclaimed (like his father)

"Keep your what the aside and tell me how Anjali bua is!"

"She is fine! Just had a small accident!" Aarav said.

Viren nodded and said, "How's NK?"

Aarav glared at Viren and Viren chuckled and said, "Ok okay, I know I should not ask about him, especially to you! But tell me why you hate him so much!"

"I don't hate him! I dislike him!"

Viren chuckled and replied, "Well, I don't find any difference between hate and dislike, but tell me why you dislike him!"

Aarav said in irritation, "I have said that to you Viren, a numerous times!"

"But I love to hear that story of yours! Tell na!" Viren said.

Aarav sighed and recalled that tragic incident.

"NK Chachu! When did you come?" a 7 year old Aarav cried happily as he hugged his chachu.

"Just now my boy!" NK said patting his head.

"Aarav, this is for you!" Lavanya said handing a packet for him.

"Thank you chachi!" Aarav said and held the packet.

Aarav opened it and squealed, "LADOO! Lavanya chachi thanks a lot! I LOVE YOU!"

Lavanya smiled and kissed his cheek and said, "You're welcome my boy!"

NK pouted his lips and said, "Lav, you kissed him! From morning I'm trying to get a kiss from you and you didn't give me!"

"NK!" Lavanya whispered furiously as the family roared into laughter seeing Lavanya's blushing face.

But Aarav was not even noticing all these. He was so immersed into his ladoos that he didn't even see his NK chachu's 3 year old son, Nikhil coming.


Nikhil ran to his mother and she lifted him in her arms. He gave her a kiss and was about to say something when he saw his brother gobbling the ladoos.

He burst into laughter and said, "Bhai, you love ladoo so much?"

Aarav looked at him with his mouthful of ladoo and nodded.

Nikki giggled and said, "I will call you Ladoo! Ladoo suits you more!"

Aarav somehow gulped down the whole ladoo and screamed, "WHAT THE HELL! CALL ME BHAI!"


LADOO! LADOO! LADOO! LADOO!" Nikki screamed.

"NIKHIL!" NK raised his voice. Nikhil looked at him scared. NK said, "Is it a way to talk to your brother? Call him bhai!"

"But papa, you call Arnav chachu as Nannav right?" Nikki asked innocently.

NK gulped his throat and looked at others looking at him with a grin on their face.

Arnav said, "NK, it's you who taught him to disrespect his brothers!"

"Exactly right bhai," Akash said, "NK is younger than me but he never calls me bhai! Jr. NK is learning it from Sr. NK!"

"You guys are so mean! I didn't teach him anything!" NK whined.

"Dad," Nikki said, "Whatever it is, I will ladoo as ladoo! LADOO BHAI! LADOO! LADOO! LADOO!"

"NK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Aarav screamed and chased Nikki who ran away.


"Well, that was awesome!" Viren said.

Aarav hummed in irritation and said, "Anyway, go don't irritate me! Let me study!"

"Ok dude! Bye!"


Arushi sighed and stepped into St. Xavier's college, New Delhi.

She took out her mobile and opened her brother's message

All the best my dear sissy,

Have a great day at your college!

And don't worry! You'll be tensed as it's your first day but gradually you'll be alright!

Make a lot of friends!  

She smiled reading his message and replied back.

Best of luck to you too.

It's your last exam today right?

Come home soon bhaiyya.

I can't wait to meet you!

And she put her mobile back to bag and walked into her new college.

She looked at the huge building before her. St. Xavier's college! She was here for pursuing degree in commerce. She looked around to find anyone to ask about commerce department.

But all were in their own world. Boys and girls were chatting and walking in, some were walking out, some were ragging their juniors, some were...

Wait a minute! Ragging!

Arushi gulped down her throat! This is the reason why she was so scared! Seniors will rag their juniors!

Dar mat Arushi! Tu bahot bahadur hai! Arnav Singh Raizada aur Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada ki beti ho tum! Dar mat!' She consoled herself.

But still her heart didn't stop thudding.

Hey devi maiyya, why are you doing this? My father, mother and brother are very courageous and me? I'm the best coward of the century! Devi maiyya give me some strength!' She prayed to her favourite Devi maiyya.

 She looked to her left and saw some boys ragging a girl. The girl's back was faced to her and thus she couldn't see her reactions but she knew that the boys were asking something dirty as their face expressions and dirty smile shows that.

She hurriedly tried to walk away when she heard them calling, "HEY YOU WHITE SHIRT!"

Arushi looked at her dress. It was a white shirt that she was wearing. She looked around her and found that she is the only one wearing a white shirt. Devi maiyya they are calling me! Himmat dena devi maiyya!'

She mumbled prayers and walked to them.

She saw the boys looking at her head to toe.

She looked down at her dress and cursed herself. Why did you have to wear skinny jeans and shirt to college Arushi? And that too on the first day!'

She looked at the boys who were looking at her lustily.

She gulped down her throat and started mumbling prayers.

She heard one boy asking, "Say your name!"

"Arushi" She mumbled slowly.

Another boy stood up from his bike and came close to her. Arushi started to move backward but the boy held her hand and said, "Where are you running away darling?"

"Leave my hand!" She tried to order but it came as a plead.

"Arrey, how can I leave such a beauty?" The boy said with a smirk.


Arushi heard a female voice ordering and looked to her right and saw the girl whom the boys were initially ragging.

She looked at the blue anarkali worn girl standing with anger spitting through her eyes and her hands at hip. Exactly the same way Mamma stands' Arushi murmured to herself.

The girl held the boy's hand and forcefully freed Arushi's hand from his. Holding Arushi's hand and drawing her close to her, she shouted,


"And who are you to say that? Mother India?" the boy teased her.

"Nahi yaar," another boy said, "Yeh to Durga Devi ki beti hogi!" (No yaar, she might be Durga goddess' daughter!)

The girl smirked and said, "Well you guessed it right!"

The boys stopped laughing and looked at her.

She said, "I'm Durga Devi's daughter. Humare goddess Durga nahi, iss college ki principal, Durga Devi Malhotra ki beti hoon main!" (I'm Durga Devi's daughter. Not the goddess Durga, but this college's principal Durga Devi Malhotra's daughter!)

The boys stood rooted and she continued, "So Mr. Bikers, should I mark my esteemed presence in the principal's office and enlighten her with your deeds?"

The boys gulped and said, "Sorry sister, we're just...erm..."

"Having fun!" She completed.

The boys nodded and she said, "Having fun is good! But having fun by destroying someone's fun is not funny!"

And she held Arushi's hand and marched away while all the freshers looked at her with awe.



Aarav and Viren sat in the canteen having food.

"Finally yaar! Exams are over!" Viren sighed.

Aarav checked his watch and hummed.

"What happened?" Viren asked.

"It must be 5.30 at India. I need to call Arushi. It was her first day!" Aarav said.

"Yeah you should! She was really tensed yesterday night when I called her!"

Aarav chuckled and said "Hmm...she is scared of ragging!"

Viren said "And I'm sure she was biting her nails the whole night! Just like..."

"Mamma!" Aryan completed it.



"Really then what happened?" Nikki asked.

"Then, she scolded them so much that they hung their head down in shame!" Arushi said.

"Arrey wah! You have got a super girl as your friend!" Akash said.

"Sach chachu! She is indeed a super girl!" Arushi said proudly.

"Arrey she scolded the boys because her mother is the college principal, not because she is courageous!" NK said.

"Arrey nahi chachu!" Arushi said, "When we were walked to the shopping mall opposite to the college, some boys tried to misbehave with her and she slapped him!"

"WHAT?" Everyone asked in union.

"Haan! She slapped him so tight and threatened to call police but the securities intervened and took them away!" Arushi said recalling the way her new friend slapped the boy who teased her.

"Hmm...She is a wonder girl!" Anjali said.

Suddenly Arushi's phone rang. It displayed Aarav Bhaiyya.


"Bhaiyya!" She squealed as she took the call.

"Bhaiyya, how was your exams? When are you coming home? When is your flight and when will it reach here? You'll be coming soon right? Bhaiyya..."

"Arushi, Arushi, take a deep breath!"

Arushi pouted and said, "Hmm...How was your exam?"

"Exam was easy

 my dear sissy!"

Aarav sang through phone.

Arushi giggled.

"How was your first day?"

"Oh yes, it was AWESOME bhaiyya! And bhaiyya, I got a new friend! She is a wonder girl! Woh principal ki beti hai. Do you know, when I reached college, a gang of boys tried to rag me and held my hand and this girl scolded them so much. She is really courageous. We went to a shop and there some boys tried to misbehave with her and she slapped him tight. OMG, I wish I was so courageous like her!"

"Hmm...I'm relieved. Now you have someone to protect you there!"

"Don't worry bhaiyya! She is there na! The wonder girl! She is really cute and caring! Do you know, within some hours we became best friends!"

"That's good! What's the name of this wonder girl?"

"Shalini! Her name is Shalini Malhotra!"

Mar 22, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 3 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 50 times)

Chapter 3



Aarav and Viren walked out of the airport only to halt hearing a familiar voice calling Bhai.

They turned and found him sitting on one of the chairs.

He stood up and went to Aarav and hugged him tight.

"Suri, you here?" Aarav asked surprised.

Suri a.k.a Suraj Singh Raizada (Akash and Payal's son) smiled and hugged Viren.

Suri said, "Bhai, my exams are over and it's a month hols for me. So I came! I reached an hour before and was waiting for you!"

"But no one told me about your arrival!" Aarav said confused.

"Well that's because no one knows about my arrival! I called Aashi today and she told me that you both are coming. So I planned to come today. I didn't say to anyone." Suri said.

"Oh," Viren said, "You're planning a surprise?"


"Okay then, come let's go!" Aarav said.



"But why didn't you wake me up?"

Arushi pouted like a child at the breakfast table.

Aarav and Viren chuckled. Viren said, "My princess was sleeping na? How could I disturb your sleep?"

"But you should've waked me up! I wanted to see your entry!" Arushi said.

"Well," Aarav said, "you didn't see our entry but you can see someone else'."

"Whose?" NK asked in confusion. Everyone looked each other.

Viren stood up from his chair and announced,

"Dear Raizada family,

Presenting to you,



Everyone looked to their back and saw Suraj descending the stairs.

"SURI BHAIYAA!!!!!!!!!" Arushi and Nikki screamed.

Suraj came down and hugged his parents.





"Bad!" Aarav completed the sentence for his muddleheaded sissy.

"True! Very BAD!" Nikki supported her, "You came early morning and didn't even bother to inform us!"

"Dude, it was a surprise!" Suraj said rolling his eyes.


"Even after this?" Suraj said pouting his lips, extending a packet to Arushi.

Arushi narrowed her eyes at the packet and said, "I don't need any gifts. Don't think you can blackmail me with these!"

"Okay, if you don't want I will give it to Nikki. I thought you wanted iPhone!" Suraj said extending the packet to Nikki.

Nikki was about to take it when Arushi snatched it and screamed, "I NEED IPHONE!"

She tore the packet and pulled out a black-silver coloured iPhone out.

"Aww bhaiyya, I LOVE YOU!" She screamed and hugged Suraj.



"Aarav, here's your coffee!" Anjali sang as she entered the boy's room.

"Aarav?" She looked here and there not finding him.

"I'm here bua!"

She heard his voice coming from the poolside and walked to there and found him sitting with his legs dipped into the pool.

"What's wrong Aarav?" She asked as she sat by his side.

Aarav nodded a no and said, "I'm fine Bua!"

"No you're not! Tell me what happened?"

He kept mum.

After a pause, she said, "Chotte aur Khushi ji ki yaad aa rahi ho?" (Thinking about Chotte and Khushi ji?)

He nodded and looked up to the sky.

He said, "Why did they leave us so soon?"

Anjali smiled faintly and said, "Everybody have to leave some day!"

Aarav smiled faintly and looking at the twinkling stars, said, "They are happy isn't it? I hope I'm keeping my promise well!"

Anjali smiled and said, "They are happy Aarav! You're keeping your promise well! Arushi never ever felt void of her parents' love, just like they wanted!"

"Take care of Arushi, Aarav! Promise me that you'll protect her and keep her happy! Promise me that you'll never let her feel our absence!"

The last words by his mother!

He was just 11 that day.

11 years passed by but their words didn't.

They words still ponder over his ears.

Take care of Arushi

Take care of Arushi

Take care of Arushi

Take care of Arushi

He will!

Not because they have asked him to promise them that, but because he cannot see her sister crying without parents' love.

He became her father, mother, brother and friend!

He became her life!

And she is happy!

She is happy, and so is he, and so is they!


"Good night Aarav!" He heard Anjali bua wishing him and moving out of his room.

He closed the door and walked to his wardrobe.

Opening his diary, he took an old letter.

Switching on his table lamp, he sat and started to read it AGAIN.



Dear Aarav,

After reading this letter, you may feel like cursing me to death, but I can't help it. I'm going my son! I can't stay here anymore! Without Arnav ji, my life is void. I love you, I love Arushi and I love my family, but without Arnav ji, there is no ME.

I want to go to him Aarav. I cannot live without him.

Take care of Arushi, Aarav! Promise me that you'll protect her and keep her happy! Promise me that you'll never let her feel our absence.

I love you my son and tell Arushi that I love her too. I love you both as my life. But I love Arnav ji more than my life.

I'm sorry Aarav.

I'm sorry.

Don't search for me because you won't get me. I'm going Aarav. Don't wait for me!




When he read it for the first time, he hated her.

He hated for leaving them alone for her so called love.

But as he grew up he understood her words.

Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada loved her children but without Arnav Singh Raizada there is no Khushi, because they both were one soul!

But he knew that she won't suicide.

She said about going to her husband in the letter, but she won't do it. Aarav knew his mother better than anyone! She won't do that!

She will live in her husband's memories! That is what she will do! Aarav was pretty sure of that.

11 years passed by but she didn't return.

He searched for but she was not found.

He kept on lying to his family that his mother died along with his father in the accident and they all believed the sole witness of the accident.

He lied to Arushi that her mother is no more.

He lied to Anjali bua that they both died at the spot.

He lied to everyone.

He never mentioned anyone about the letter she wrote for him.

He never mentioned anyone the reason why his mother's body was not found in the accident.

He hid the truth!

He hid the truth that his mother wrote him a letter before leaving them.

He hid the truth that his mother said about suicide in the letter.

He hid the truth!

The truth that HIS MOTHER IS ALIVE!

She is somewhere! Somewhere, even he didn't know!

Mar 23, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 4 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 47 times)

Chapter 4


“This not fair Aashi! Your brothers came for holidays and you’re going to college? Look at Nikki. He took a day off, then why can’t you?”

Suraj asked his sister.

“Bhaiyya, it’s my second day at college! How can I take leave on my second day? Tomorrow is Saturday. We’ll go out for promise!” Arushi explained to her brother.

“Eager to go to college, or eager to meet your new friend?” Aarav asked.

Arushi flashed a wide smile and said, “Second one bhaiyya. I’m eager to meet Shalu!”

“Shalu? Is that the nickname you gave her?” Nikki asked in disbelief.

“Yes, why?”

“Come on Aashi, you should name her something like Jhansi ki rani or Mother India or....”

“Stop teasing her Nikki! She is very courageous and daring! Girls like her are inspiration to cowards....” Anjali said, “Cowards like Arushi!” She added after a pause.

And everyone roared to laughter.

“Waise, when are you bringing her here?” Mami asked, “We’ll want to meet the wonder girl!”

“I’ll bring her today mami!” Arushi promised.

Nikki sighed, “I wish I joined your college instead of Delhi Law College! I could see your wonder girl!”

“Arrey wah! You’re ready to sacrifice your dream to be with a girl?” Aarav asked with his one eyebrow up.

“Isse pyaar kehte hai Ladoo!” (This is called Love Ladoo)

Aarav lost his appetite hearing Ladoo from him.

“Come on Ladoo! I’m calling you ladoo since the past 15 years and still you get irritated with it!” Nikki said.

Aarav sighed and drank his orange juice.



“I’m so sorry Aashi, I can’t come today!” Shalini apologized to her new friend Arushi.

“But why?” She whined.

“Woh kya hai na, today there will be some guests at home! So mamma has asked me to reach early.”

“Oh, okay! You come tomorrow!”

“Pakka!” Shalu promised.

Arushi smiled and she started her scooty and rode off.


Shalini sat in her car and looked out of the window as the driver drove it through the streets of Delhi.


Her lips broke into smile thinking about her.

Her new friend! A total pagal! Always whining like a baby, but cute and have a heart of gold! The princess of her family – of course she would be as she is the only girl of the family – and the most stubborn and demanding one at Raizada house.

Within one day, Arushi have blabbered everything about her family.

Her bhaiyya, who is studying at London, her another bhaiyya, studying at National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmadabad, and her another brother of her age studying in Delhi Law college. Her Buaji, 2 chachus and 2 chachis, her bade mami whom she calls mami, her bade mama and bade mama’s ma who died some years back, her Nana-Nani and Nani-Bua who are at Lucknow and most importantly, her parents!

They died when she was 7.

She didn’t have so much memories of them but all she had of them, she had blabbered it to her.

And after hearing everything about her parents and family, she reached at three conclusions.

1.   She is blessed with a great family.

2.   She has a wonderful brother who became her father, mother and everything since her 7th age.

And lastly

3.   She, Shalini Malhotra, is so much similar to Aashi’s mother.

Shalini closed her eyes recalling how Arushi told about her mother. Her mother’s anarkalis and bangles, furious and feisty behaviour, protective nature, standing with hands on hips, everything resembled her.

Her thoughts were broken as she felt a jerk.

She was pulled forward and her head hit on the front seat.

“What happened uncle?” She asked to the driver.

“Bitiya, our car collided with someone else’!” The driver said fearfully looking at the black Benz which collided with their car. The black Benz obviously screamed at him that it owned to some rich man.

The driver looked at Shalini bitiya who was in full power mode.

And before he could stop, she was on road screaming at the driver of the other car.



Aarav was in a hurry.

His sister’s diabetes medicines were finished and unfortunately she needed it.

She had fainted due to low sugar level and they had brought her back by giving her chocolates but the doctor asked her to take the medicines to stabilize to sugar level.

And so he is driving his car rashly to his home after buying the medicines.

His worry for sister made him violate all the traffic rules and thus resulted in colliding of his black Benz with a white Audi.

His head had hit on the steering wheel and he was patting his forehead to stop the buzzing sound which was troubling his ear when his ear pinna captured a loud pitched voice and sent it to his ear drum. The ear drums sent it to his brain cells which made him realize and understand what those words meant. It meant,


“What the!” Aarav uttered in disbelief.

Until today no one had dared to speak to him like that. His brain cells told him that it’s a girl!

A girl! Wow, and she dares to speak like that to him! HIM! AARAV SINGH RAIZADA!

Determined to teach this girl a lesson Aarav stepped out of the car putting his shades on.



Shalini looked at the man coming out of the car.

Dressed in black shirt and dark blue jeans with black shades on, he looks incredibly handsome!

‘Wait a minute Shalini, what are you thinking? You’re here to argue with him, not to detect the degree of his handsomeness.’ She scolded herself and shouted,


She saw him removing his shades and his chocolate eyes met with her blue ones.

“Look girl, I don’t time for all this ****! I’m in a rush! Now take this and move your damn Audi from my way!” He said rudely by throwing some notes on her.

Shalini looked at the notes that hit her and fell at her feet and then looked at him furiously.


“Sorry? WHY SHOULD I SAY A SORRY and that too to an idiotic girl like you?” Aarav said rudely.

‘Attitude Jerk!’ She muttered to herself and then shouted, “LOOK YOU JERK! I WON’T LET YOU GO UNTIL YOU SAY A SORRY! AND I KNOW HOW TO MAKE JERKS LIKE YOU APOLOGIZE!”

“Oh really? Then make me apologize!” He said coolly and leaned his back on his Benz.

Shalini looked at him in rising anger.


Aarav looked at the cute red anarkali worn little kitten before him.

All the hurry, Arushi, medicines, everything lay forgotten seeing her puffing anger. She really looked cute with her little nose red in anger.


‘I will show this idiot his place!’ Shalini muttered and then did that.

She swirled on her left leg and lifted her right leg in anger and....


Aarav in utter shock and disbelief looked at the girl swirling and then lifting her right leg and...


She kicked him hard on his left chest, right below his shoulder bones.


“AAHH!” Aarav yelped in pain and fell back on the ground.


Shalini puffed in anger and moved towards to fallen guy.

She kept her high pointed heels on his chest and he hissed in pain.

“APOLOGIZE!” She demanded.

“I’m....I’m...Sorry...” He said in between his pain!


She removed her leg from his chest and walked away but not before throwing those notes which he threw to her on his face.

Mar 24, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 5 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 52 times)

Chapter 5

It was a Saturday the next day and all Raizadas were having fun at breakfast table.

It was then Aarav walked down holding an ice bag at his chest.

"Bhai, does it still pain?" Arushi asked worriedly.

Everyone looked at Aarav who nodded a yes and sat at the chair.

Everybody had freaked out when Aarav reached home holding his chest tight with his hand. As he removed his hand, blood oozed out. The ladies applied medicine and observed that it was like he was stabbed!

Aarav laughed at it and said that he was not stabbed but a 'waste bin' had fallen on him and it's sharp handle hit his chest.

Little did they know that the waste bin' was a girl and that girl was their WONDER GIRL!



They all were having breakfast when the calling bell rang.

Hari Prakash, the most loyal servant of Raizadas, walked to the door and opened it to find a girl in a purple and white chudidhar with a stunning smile.

She asked politely, "Does Arushi Singh Raizada live here?"

HP nodded and asked, "Aap kaun?"

"Ji main, I'm her friend, Shalini!"

HP welcomed her in and she thanked him and walked inside.

She looked at the interiors of the living room when she heard a voice from the nearby room asking, "Kaun hai HP ji?"

She walked to that direction and found it to be the dining room and many people were sitting there having their breakfast and in midst of these many people sat her best friend in between two boys and beating a boy with spoon.

She looked at all the people and finally her vision struck at him!

Mr. Jerk? What is he doing here?' She asked herself.

It was then she heard her best friend screaming,



Everyone closed their ears hearing Arushi's shout and followed her vision only to find a beautiful girl smiling at her.


Arushi ran to her friend and hugged her tight and squealed, "OMG SHALU, YOU DIDN'T EVEN TELL ME THAT YOU'RE COMING! WOW, THIS IS AWESOME!"

"'re...I...can't...breath..." Shalini gasped in Arushi's tight hug.

"Oh sorry!" Arushi broke from the hug and turned to the family.

"Mere dear family, this is my best friend, the wonder girl, SHALINI MALHOTRA!"

Everyone smiled and walked to her while her eyes were struck on Mr. Jerk and Mr. Jerk was looking at her.

If looks could kill, then Shalini Malhotra would've been Ashes under Aarav Singh Raizada.

"Shalu, this is my elder brother, Aarav Singh Raizada!"

After introducing everyone of the family, Arushi introduced her friend to her bhaiyya.

Shalini looked at him with narrowed eyes and he looked at her with burning eyes.

Everyone stood puzzled seeing the fire exchange between their eyes. Arushi looked at Shalu and Aarav to and fro without understanding anything.

Shalini looked at his chest and saw that he had his left hand holding an ice bag there. His lips curved into a smile and the next she burst into laughter.

Aarav looked at the Jhansi ki rani who was laughing madly in front of him. Oh, how he wished to kill this slim petite girl! He would have died with salvation after drinking her blood!


"What happened Shalu? Why are you laughing?" Arushi asked.

Shalini answered in between her laughs,

"Seriously Aashi, your brother is putting ice bags on his chest for such a small injury!"

"Small injury!" Aashi frowned and said, "You don't know! Yesterday a waste bin fell on bhaiyya and its sharp handle hit his chest hard. Bechara bhaiyya, he was so hurt!"

Shalini's laugh came to a stop.

She looked furiously at Aarav who was smirking at her.

Waste bin! Seriously, was that what he told at home?

Shalini felt her blood boiling.

She has been insulted! She has been called a waste bin!

Forgetting that he's her best friend's brother, and that she is in his house, she shouted at the top of her voice, much to the shock of everyone present there,


Aarav smirked and calmly said, "Ms. Shalini Malhotra, I called you what you deserve!"


"Oh really, then go on! I'm waiting!" He said and stood straight looking at her eyes.

Shalini took a deep breath, counted 1 to 10 in mind, and said in a not-so-polite tone, "Apologize!"

"Excuse me?" He said.


"I won't because you are a garbage heap!" He said.

"JJJEEERRRKKK!!!!!!!" She screamed and raised her curly fist to hit his stomach but he cleverly held it.

She tried to free herself but he held it tight.

"You idiot! LEAVE MY HAND!" She shouted.

Aarav took a deep breath. Keeping the ice bag at the table and pointed at her and said,

"Look you tomboy, you're standing at my house! Tumari karate practise yaha nahi chalenge!" (Look you tomboy, you're standing at my house! Your karate practise won't go on here!)

And he freed her hand.

Shalini held her wrist which had his fingerprints on it.


She turned to see a gaping family.

Arushi reacted first, "Shalu, what's going on? You know him?"

Shalu nodded and said, "Aashi, your bhaiyya called me a dust bin!"

"Matlab, it was you who fell on him?" Suraj asked with a smirk.

"NO! I DIDN'T FELL ON HIM. I KICKED HIM!" Shalini said in anger.

"WHAT? WHY?" Everyone asked.

Shalini sighed and narrated everything.


"And I kicked him so that he would say sorry. And he did but with a great difficulty, that one word came out of his mouth. And now, he called me a dust bin and he is not apologizing!" She turned to him and demanded,


"What the! Aarav Singh Raizada will never apologize to anyone!" Aarav said.

"Should I kick you again to get your apology?" Shalini hissed in anger.

"If you kick me, then I'll also do the same! Don't think that I'll keep quiet just because you're a girl! Yesterday I was not prepared for the attack but now I am!" Aarav said in equal anger.

"Oh really! Then let me see!" Shalini said and the next moment jumped on him with her curly fists and started hitting him hard.

Aarav fell on the floor and somehow got hold of her hands and held it tightly saving himself from her attacks.

 She was about to hit his stomach with her knee when Suraj and Viren lifted her up in the air and kept her on the floor at a distance away from Aarav.

She removed the hair strands from her face and saw Arushi and Viren helping Aarav to stand up.

"Ok that's enough!" Mami said in an authoritative tone.

The youngsters stopped their fight hearing their tone and everyone turned to her.

Manorama Singh Raizada is a fashion disaster who loves to be dipped in make-up, doing no household c****s and gossiping and having fun. But the death of her husband and mother-in-law awakened the hidden leadership qualities in her. Much to everyone's surprise, Manorama became the family head and managed everyone brilliantly. Akash, Anjali and Arnav for the first time in their life realized that their hello hi bye bye mamiji/ma is a better business woman than them!

"Stop fighting! How old are you both?" She asked sternly with no hello hi and no bye bye.

Shalini and Aarav looked down and Manorama said, "Everyone come to the living room. Let's make a solution for this stupid fight!"


Everyone settled in living room.

"Aarav you did wrong!" Manorama began, "You should drive more carefully. What if Shalini or her driver had been injured? You did the mistake and instead of apologizing you threw money on her! That's wrong! Really wrong! And if Shalini had to kick you to get an apology, I would appreciate her!"

Shalini raised the non-existent collar of her chudidhar and Aarav sat gaping at his mami.

Mami ignored Aarav's look and continued, "Today you again teased her calling her garbage. And you have to apologize to her. So Aarav, apologize to her!" She ordered.

Aarav looked at her with his foul face and said, "SORRY!"

Shalini nodded and smiled evilly.

"Waise Shalu, I have to thank you!" Arushi said with a teasing smile.

"Why?" Shalini asked confused.

"Because you're the first one to make my stubborn brother apologize!" Arushi said and everyone laughed.



"So what about your family?"  Suraj asked.

"My dad died when I was young. I have my mother and uncle! They both are my only family. My uncle owns an orphanage, it's called Sunshine Orphanage!"

"Oh yes I have heard of it!" Arushi said, "We've been taken there during our school days for an interaction with orphans."

Shalini smiled and said, "Sunshine orphanage is like my second home. I really enjoy being there. I feel like I have a big family!"

Everyone smiled at the girl.

"And then is my mother. She is the principal of St. Xavier's college and a very tough and serious lady in front but so soft inside."

"I have met her" Arushi said to her family, "Durga aunty is really sweet. She was very serious at first but later she became very soft!"

"Waise tell me something!" Aarav spoke after a long time, "From whom did you get your over-attacking tendency?"

Shalini glared at him and Arushi smacked his arm and said, "Stop it bhai! You should actually thank her for her feisty nature. It was her who saved me from bad boys, remember!"

"She is a body guard for you Arushi, but a murderer for me!" Aarav said.

"YOU..." Shalini was beginning to shout when Anjali said, "Aarav that's enough! You're unnecessarily teasing her!"

Aarav smirked but his smirk soon died hearing Shalini's words.

"Aunty," She said to Anjali, "He is so different from you all. You all so sweet but him...jerk! I don't believe Aashi," She turned to Aashi, "Is he really your brother?" Turning to mami she asked "Did you adopt him or something?"

Everyone's face paled at that. They all looked at Aarav who had his jaws tight and fists curled. His face looked pale and his eyes red in anger.

For the first time, Shalini felt scared of him!

Mar 26, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 6 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 43 times)

Chapter 6


“What happened?”

Shalini asked to Arushi with her eyes fixed on the retreating back of Aarav.

“It’s true!” Arushi whispered.

“What is true?” Shalu asked.

“Aarav is adopted, Shalini.” Payal replied.

“WHAT!” She exclaimed horrified, “OMG, what did I do?”

Anjali wiped her rushing tears and said weakly,

“Years back, we all visited Pratheeksha orphanage at Lucknow. Pratheeksha is a famous orphanage and we decided to make a donation there.”

“We often visited there and got attached to the place,” Payal said, “Arnav ji and Khushi used to visit there every week as they both felt that the children there are similar to them! They felt very happy when they spent time there.”

“It was then a baby boy was dropped at the orphanage gates. We all were there during the time. We didn’t know who dropped the baby and nor did we enquire. People just throw their babies at orphanage and will never look back.” NK said.

“Khushi and Arnav got attached to the baby. It really surprised us that the baby would only calm down in their arms. The moment anyone take him from them, he will cry out loud.” Lavanya said.

Akash said, “Bhai and Khushi ji, and so did us, got very much attached to the baby. The mere thought of him going away terrified us and that made bhai and Khushi ji adopt him.”

“And he is Aarav! Aarav Singh Raizada, iss ghar ka raajkumar!” Anjali said in between her sobs.

Shalini sat with her head hung low and said in low voice, “I’m really sorry. I didn’t know! I just spoke....I’m...”

“It’s ok Shalu!” Arushi said.

Shalini stood up and said, “I’ll go and apologize to him!”

“Arrey no,” Viren said, “Don’t go now! He may erupt! You don’t know his temper!”

“Let him erupt! I deserve it! I will go!” Shalini declared and made her way towards to the room where she had seen him entering.



“Aarav!” She called out softly.

Aarav was sitting on the poolside with his head leaned backwards on the chair and his eyes closed tightly when he heard a soft voice.

He snapped his eyes opened and looked at her.

Shalini gulped seeing his eyes red. She couldn’t see anger or hatred but it was all red with pain.

“Aarav, I’m so sor.....”

She couldn’t complete when she felt him grab her by her arms and heard him hiss in anger,

“Don’t even spell that word!”

She felt pain shooting her body at her arms. She gulped down the pain and said, “Please forgive me. I’m sor....”

“DONT!” He shouted in anger.

She looked at his eyes. Now she could see anger in them! But beneath that anger lays raw pain! She knew it!

 She heard him saying,

“You don’t have any idea ki tumne mujhe kitna hurt kiya he! Aur nahi tum kahi samajh poangi! So no need for your fake sorry!” (You don’t have any idea how much you have hurt Me. And you will never understand that. So no need for your fake sorry!)

“Aarav, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know...”

“KNOW WHAT!” He shouted at the top of his voice with his grip on her arms growing tighter.


Tears rolled down her cheek due to the pain she felt due to his grip and the pain she felt seeing his painful eyes.



He hissed and the iron grip on her hand grew tighter; so tighter that she could not no longer hold it back.

“Aah!” She hissed in pain and the next moment she felt the steel grip releasing.

Aarav released his hand and moved a little back.

“I’m sorry Aarav!” She said in her cracking voice.

“Leave.” He said in a low dangerous tone.

She said nothing but slowly walked out of the room.

As she walked out of his room, she heard the door slamming shut.




“Mamma, what are you doing?”

A 8 year old Aarav asked him mother who was creating a mess in the room.

Khushi who was pulling out many files from the wardrobe said to her son, “Aarav beta, your papa’s one business file is missing. Can you help me to find it?”

“Sure mamma!” Aarav said and he too joined her in the search.

“The file has AR symbol on it and the name of file is AR-MEHTA DEAL!” Khushi said.

Aarav nodded and started searching.


After long hours of search, Khushi exclaimed, “Got it!”

Giggling to herself she said to her son, “Aarav, we won!”

Getting no reaction from him, Khushi looked at him.

He was standing still with a red file in his hand.

Khushi frowned and looked at the file.

The name of file caught her eyes.




“Aarav...” she called out tensely.

“What is this mamma?” Aarav asked in a whisper.

“Nothing dear!” Khushi said and snatched the file, “It’s nothing”

“Am I not your son?” Aarav asked in a cracking voice.

“What are you saying Aarav? You’re my son!” Khushi said cupping his cheeks.

Aarav shoved her hands off and said, “Then what does this file say? The file says that I belong to some orphanage! Mamma am I an orphan?”


Aarav looked at her with tears rushing out of his eyes and said, “I’m not your son! You didn’t give birth to me like you gave birth to Arushi, like Payal maasi gave birth to Suri and Lavanya chachi...”

“Aarav!” Khushi exclaimed and hugged him tight.

She whispered in his ears, “I didn’t give birth to you. But I love you more than anyone in this world! No matter what the file says, YOU’RE MY SON!”

Aarav hugged her tight and cried on her shoulders.

“Does Bua know? Akash chachu? NK chachu?” Aarav asked.

Khushi withdrew from hug and said, “Everyone knows and they all love you as their own son! Don’t they? Do you think they don’t love you?”

Aarav nodded a no and was about to ask something when they heard footsteps.

Aarav turned back and saw his father coming inside the room.


“Khushi, got the Mehta file?” Arnav asked as he came in.

“DAD!” Aarav cried and ran to him and hugged him tightly.

Arnav looked at him and caressed his hairs. He looked at Khushi who was red due to crying. She held up the orphanage file to him. It didn’t take long minutes for ASR to realize that Aarav has seen the file!

“Aarav, come sit!” Arnav said as he took him to the recliner.

He made him sit on it and Arnav and Khushi sat on floor on their knees.

Arnav cupped his cheek and wiped his tears. “What happened?” He asked his son.

“I’m not your son.” Aarav said. It was neither an exclamation nor a question but a statement.

Arnav smiled and said, “Who told you that? You’re our son!”

“I’m adopted!”

“Aarav,” Arnav said seriously, “Yes you are adopted but that doesn’t mean that you are not our son. You should always remember that we both love you a lot, may be even more than we love Arushi!”

“Aarav beta” Khushi held his shoulder and said, “Blood relations are not the one that make us related to people. It’s love which is above everything. You are not our biological son, you are adopted, but WE LOVE YOU and that changes EVERYTHING.”

“You’re our son, no matter what anyone says, Aarav Singh Raizada is our son!” Arnav said softly.

Aarav nodded and wiped his tears, “I’m your son!” He said in happiness.

He hugged them both.


He is so different from you all.

Is he really your brother?

Did you adopt him or something?



Another flower pot found its way to floor.

His hands were trembling due to rage.

He is so different from you all.

He is so different from you all.

He is so different from you all.






Aarav was about to throw another pot to floor when he heard Suraj’s voice.

He kept the pot down and turned to him.

Suraj walked in to the poolside and stood before him and both stood watching the sky.

“You’re upset.” He stated.

“I’m!” Aarav said.

“Are you upset that Shalini reminded you about it or is that you were reminded about it by Shalini?” Suraj asked.

Aarav turned to him and asked, “What is the difference between the two statements? One is in active voice and the other in passive!”

“Bhai, I’m not here to learn grammar,” Suraj said irritated, “I meant, are you upset that she reminded it to you. Or are you upset that it was HER who reminded it to you?”

“What do you mean?”

Suraj sighed and said, “How many times should I repeat it?”

“No, what do you mean by “it was HER who reminded it to you”?” Aarav asked.

“You should admit it bhai. Shalini is the only girl who didn’t witness your ‘famous’ anger towards girls! I mean you shout at every girl who talks to you, other than Arushi of course, but you didn’t shout at Shalini.”

“I shouted at her. But no one noticed it because her voice was loudest!” Aarav said with a small smile.

“That’s also a point!” Suraj said chuckled.

“Anyway bhai,” Suraj said as he placed a hand on his shoulder, “She didn’t mean it you know. She just didn’t know! And don’t forget, no matter what people say, you’re my brother, not the adopted son of Raizadas. You’re my brother, and will always be my brother!”

Aarav smiled and nodded.



You don’t have any idea ki tumne mujhe kitna hurt kiya he! Aur nahi tum kahi samajh poangi! So no need for your fake sorry!


What did I do? Unintentionally, I hurted him a lot. Not only him, but the whole family.

Shalini thought as she recalled their faces when she said that.

She looked at her arms where there were purple bruises. Her mind went where he held her tight when she was trying to apologize.

He is hurt!

She has hurted him!

Shalini sat on her bed and decided, “I hurted him, and I will apologize to him. I will apologize till her forgive me!”

With that she took her cell and called Arushi,

“Arushi, give me your brother’s number?”

“I have 3 brothers Shalu? Whose number do you need and why?”

“I need your big brother’s number. I want to apologize to him.”

“Aarav bhai? Don’t even try Shalu. Suraj bhai have calmed him down. If you call him and say sorry then I’m damn sure he will break something here! He has already broken 13 flower pots!”

“But Arushi please....”

“Shalu, it’s okay! No need to feel guilty. You didn’t know about it right? So no problem. It’s not that you deliberately hurted him. just leave it!”

“NO,” Shalini said stubbornly, “I NEED HIS NUMBER!”

“Ok fine! I’ll message you. Don’t vent your anger on me if bhai says something offensive!”

“No I won’t! Send it to me!”



“Hello, Aarav here!” Aarav said as he took call of some unknown number.

“It’s me Shalini!”

“What do you want?” he asked rudely.

“I’m sorry!”

“Over? Bye!”

“Aarav, Aarav, no please don’t cut the call! Listen, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know about it. I really didn’t know! If I had a slightest idea then maa kasam I wouldn’t be saying that. Please don’t vent your anger towards me to flower pots. You can scold me, let the pots live. It’s very costly and is.....”

“Excuse me? You called me to apologize or to be the flower pots’ lawyer?”

Shalini bit her tongue. What was she saying? ‘Idiot!’ she mentally scolded herself, ‘You called to apologize and you’re talking about pots!’

“Now that you don’t want to speak I will...”

“NO, don’t cut the call. I called to apologize!”

“Did you apologize?”

“Yes I said sorry!”

“Ok then, bye!”

“Aarav, Aarav...”

“What?” He asked irritated. Surely, something is wrong with this girl!

“Listen, I’m really sorry!”

“Ms. Shalini Malhotra, you’re saying the same sentence for the nth time!”

“So did you forgive me?” She asked excitedly.


“Why?” she asked with a cute voice.

Hearing her voice, he could visualize her pouting her lips. His lips curved into a small smile and he said,

“Why should I forgive you?”

“I hurted you and I apologized. Please forgive me!” She said cutely.

“Do you want me to forgive?” He asked.


“Then apologize!”

“I apologized!”

“Not for those words! Apologize for all the physical injuries you have caused!” He said with a smirk.

“WHY SHOULD I?” She shouted. Then calmed and said calmly, “Why should I?”

“Because you have unnecessarily injured me. Yesterday Arushi’s diabetes medicines were over and I had to get it immediately. I was in a hurry and you kicked me in the middle of road to make me apologize. I reached home and my sick sister was tensed over the fact that I was injured. So to make her no more tensed I lied that a waste bin fell on me. Now tell me, can I tell her that a girl kicked me? Then Arushi would throw a tantrum to know the girl and then apologize to the girl and etc. Instead of taking rest, my sister would run around with a frantic face! So what crime have I done?”

She was silent for a minute and then said,

“I’m sorry Aarav. I didn’t know that Arushi was ill. But you should have talked well. You shouted at me and I got angry!”

“Excuse me? I shouted at you? As far as I remember, it was you who jumped out of the car and shouted at me!”

She bit her tongue and then said, “Huh...wooo....SORRY SORRY SORRY!!! Please forgive me!”

He smiled and said, “Ok!”

“You forgave me?”


“OH thank you so much Aarav! You’re so sweet!”

Sweet? Well that’s the first time someone is calling him sweet. He is famous for his arrogance and rude behaviour and this girl is calling him sweet.

“Aarav, thank you so much!”

“Now that your apology session is completed, will you cut the call or are you planning to carry on the talk saying thank you a numerous times?”

“’re so rude!”

Here you go! She called me sweet a minute before and now rude.


“Bye Aarav....good night!” She cooed and cut the call.



Mar 29, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 7 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 48 times)

Chapter 7

“Are you sure that you’re okay?”

“GOD ARUSHI! WHAT’S YOUR DAMN PROBLEM?” Aarav shouted at his sister as she, for the nth time, asked the same question at the dining table.

Everyone looked at Aarav for his sudden outburst.

“Woo... bhai, I thought you’d be angry since Shalu called...”

“What? Shalini called ladoo?” Nikki asked.

Arushi nodded and said, “She had called me to get his number.”

“So it’s you who gave that monkey my number! I should have guessed!” Aarav said in irritation.

“What happened bhaiyya?” Suraj asked.

“That idiot was asking me not to break pots since it is very costly! She asked me to vent my anger on her and let the pots live.”

He looked at the family who was silent for a minute and then roared into laughter.

Arushi said in between her laughs, “Only Shalu can do that!”

“Seriously bhai,” Suraj said in between his fits of laughter, “She called you and asked you not to break pots! WOW!”

“This girl is really something!” Payal said.

“Bilkul Khushi ki tarah,” Mami ji said.

And that stopped everyone’s laughter.

Arushi nodded and said, “Bilkul mamma ki tarah!”

Aarav looked to his plate and said in mind, ‘Bilkul mamma ki tarah!’




“Shalu.....come and have dinner!” Durga called out.

“Nahi mamma, I’ll have at orphanage!” Shalini cried as she ran into the car parking with her car keys.

She sat in the car and drove it to her favourite place ‘Sunshine Orphanage’.

“Hello Ramu kaka!” She cried as she parked the car and greeted the security guard of sunshine orphanage.

“Namaste bitiya” Ramu kaka greeted her back.


“Shalu DIDI!!!!!!!!!” All the kids cried and ran to her and hugged her legs happily.

Shalini bend down and hugged all the kids of the orphanage and gave them the chocolates she had bought for them.

“Krishna mama!” She hugged her mama. Krishna mama hugged her and said, “Good that you came. She was asking for you.”

Shalini smiled and ran inside a room of the orphanage.


Fresh roses adorned the room which was bright with fairy lights and stars. The wall was covered with photos of a man and a woman along with their two kids. The boy child, who looked 10, was hugging the lady and the girl child who looked 6 was hugging the man. It was a perfect family picture.

Near the window, in the moonlight, was a rocking chair which had a woman on it writing something on a diary.

Shalini walked in and looked at her.

“Khushi ma!” She called out.

Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada closed the diary and looked at her with a smile.



“I did a blunder today!” Shalini cried as she sat on the floor with her head on Khushi ma’s lap.

“What happened dear?” Khushi asked softly.

“Ma, why didn’t you say that Aarav is adopted?” Shalini asked as she withdrew her head from her lap and looked at her.

Khushi smiled and said, “Because for me Aarav is my own son, not adopted. But tell me, how did you know it?”

Shalini sighed and narrated everything.

“Oh my, he would be so hurt!” Khushi exclaimed.

Shalini nodded and said, “I called and apologized to him and he forgave me!”

Khushi smiled faintly and asked, “How are they? Aashi, Aarav, Di, Jeeju, Jiji...”

“All are fine! Everyone are still the same except mami ji. You told that she will be dipped in makeup and jewellery but she is very simple. And no hello hi or bye bye, she is very serious and authoritative!”

Khushi sat with wide eyes.

Shalini nodded and said, “Looks like many deaths in the family changed her!”

Khushi smiled with tears rolling down her cheek and asked, “How is my son? How is he looking? Just like Arnav ji I guess. And Aashi...”

“I have their photo!” Shalini said as she took out her mobile, “Do you how hard it was to take Aarav’s photo without his knowledge? Arushi and others posed happily while I had to peep into Mr. Jerk’s room and take his pic.”

She showed her the pics.

Khushi smiled faintly and said, “My son has grown up! He looks exactly like Arnav ji. Who would say that he is adopted?”

Shalini smiled.

“And Aashi,” Khushi wiped her tears as she looked at her daughter’s pic, “She looks like me.”

“Will you mind if I ask you something?” Shalini asked.

Khushi nodded no and Shalini asked,

“From whom did your son get his arrogant nature?”

Khushi laughed and said, “Arnav ji! He is very arrogant but very soft and good at heart.”

“I don’t know about his heart but your son is A JERK!”

Khushi chuckled and said, “Even Arnav ji WAS! His wife, that’s me, changed him. So you too try to change him!”

“WHAT?” Shalini screamed with wide eyes. “Khushi ma, are you asking me to marry your son?”

Khushi smiled and said, “I would be so happy if you do that.”

“KHUSHI MA..........HOW CAN YOU BE SO CRUEL?” Shalini screamed, “Marrying Aarav is equal to cutting our own throat.”

Khushi giggled.

Shalini grew serious and said, “Why don’t you go there? Go visit them, go tell them that you’re alive!”

Khushi stopped smiling. She looked at her and said, “I can never do that. They all hate me Shalini. I’m too bad. I don’t deserve to be there!”

“That’s just your illusion. They all love you! Arushi blabbers a lot about her mother. Through her words I can understand how much she loves her mother whom she has seen for just 7 years.”

“But I left them when they needed me the most. I know Aarav, he hates me. I’m scared of him Shalini. Arushi will accept me, but not Aarav. I know how much hatred can be occupied in his mind. He hates me!”

“But Khushi ma...”

“I love them all, but I should stay away from them. They all must have moved on and I going there would bring back the haunted memories. I’m happy here. I’ll live with Arnav ji’s memories and you inform me about them.”

Shalini nodded and changed the topic,

“Khushi ma, just look at my fate! Our plan was to befriend Arushi at canteen or at class, but I met her during ragging! And meeting her jerk brother was out of our plan, and that happened with a dhamaka. I never knew that the jerk whom I hit on the road is Arushi’s brother until I saw him at her house today!”

Khushi smiled and said, “That’s called destiny! You were destined to meet them and be in their life.” After a pause she added, “To be in Aarav’s life!”

“KHUSHI MA.....PLEASE STOP YOUR MATCH MAKING!” Shalini screamed and Khushi laughed aloud.

Khushi said in between her laughs, “You cannot blame me Shalini. Even lion needs a lioness. I was Arnav ji’s lioness who could calm him and shut his mouth and you’re Aarav’s!”

“Khushi ma...” Shalini whined and stood up, “Here I came to inform you about your family and you’re busy matchmaking me and your son! I’m going!!!!”

She ran out of the room while Khushi called out aloud, “Come tomorrow”


She leaned on the rocking chair with her mind flashing memories.


“But why didn’t we take Arushi? She too would’ve loved to be here!” a 11 year old Aarav asked his mother.

Khushi looked at her husband who was driving and said to her son who was seated in the back seat, “Aarav, we’re not going for a picnic. Its papa’s business meeting and mamma also have some work at Pratheeksha orphanage. That’s why we’re going to Lucknow.” Khushi said.

“But why can’t we take Arushi when I can come?” Aarav asked confused.

Arnav sighed and looked at Khushi indicating to tell.

“Aarav,” Khushi said softly, “When we adopt children from orphanages, they call the parents and children for a meeting, every year. All these years we went without you. The orphanage authorities said that in the next meeting you should also be there!”

Aarav was quiet for a moment and said, “So there is no business meeting for dad?”

“Yes I have. After that we’ll go!” Arnav said.

“I don’t want to go there!” Aarav said with tears rolling down his cheeks, “Those people are calling me to remind me that I’m an orphan!”

“Aarav did I or did I not ask you to mention that word again?” Arnav asked sternly.

Aarav kept quiet and looked down.

Arnav stopped the car and they both stepped out and made Aarav step out of the car.

They made him sit near a tree and Khushi wiping his tears said,

“You’re never an orphan. You know that right? Papa and mamma loves you!”

“Then why are the orphanage people calling me for the meeting?” Aarav asked sniffing.

Arnav sat near him and wrapped his arm around Aarav’s little frame. He said,

“Aarav, they call for such meetings to know whether the people who adopted kids from their orphanage are taking care of them. That’s why they demand the presence of children so that they can talk to the children and get to know how their foster parents are, not to remind them that they are adopted.”

Aarav stopped crying and looked at him.

“Ha Aarav, they are calling you to ask you whether we are taking care of you.” Khushi said.

“If that’s the reason, then I will go and I will say that I have the BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD!” Aarav cried and hugged his parents.


But Aarav couldn’t say to the orphanage authority that he had the best parents in the world, because he never reached there.

Tears rolled down her cheek when she remembered how the brakes of their car failed and Arnav pushed Aarav and her out of the car. The car smashed into a tree and was damaged beyond repair. She had her head hit on the road while Aarav safely landed on grass bed. Even when her head was bleeding and her mind was drifting to unconsciousness, she could hear her son’s cries and could see her husband’s blood flowing out through the broken car parts. The damaged car was revealing his hand which was blood covered and nothing more.

His whole body was trapped inside the car!

She knew he was gone!

Her Arnav ji was gone, forever!


“How is my son?”

She asked the doctor who was nursing her injured head.

“He is fine madam. Sitting outside.”

“Who brought me here?” She asked.

“An auto driver brought you and your son. Waise, can I have any of your family member’s number. We need to inform them.”

Khushi nodded and told them the number of Akash Jeejaaji.

The doctor went out and after a while she saw her son coming in.

“Mamma....” He cried and ran to her, hugged her tight.

“Mamma...papa....Papa.....gone.....” He said hiccupping.


He is gone!

Khushi felt numb!

Her mind flashed images of the accident, his blood covered hand, the broken car which trapped him.

She sat emotionless with her arm wrapped around her son.


Khushi hugged her diary close and cried and cried.

She cried till sleep overtook her.

Mar 30, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 8 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 48 times)

Chapter 8

“Mamma...papa....Papa.....gone.....” He said hiccupping.

“Aarav,” she said after a while, “Go and get me a cup of tea!”

Aarav looked at his mother and nodded. He ran out to get tea.


“Mamma, tea...” Aarav said when he entered the room but there was no trace of her.

He kept the tea on the table and walked to the bed seeing the paper there.


Dear Aarav,

After reading this letter, you may feel like cursing me to death, but I can’t help it. I’m going my son! I can’t stay here anymore! Without Arnav ji, my life is void. I love you, I love Arushi and I love my family, but without Arnav ji, there is no ME.

I want to go to him Aarav. I cannot live without him.

Take care of Arushi, Aarav! Promise me that you’ll protect her and keep her happy! Promise me that you’ll never let her feel our absence.

I love you my son and tell Arushi that I love her too. I love you both as my life. But I love Arnav ji more than my life.

I’m sorry Aarav.

I’m sorry.

Don’t search for me because you won’t get me. I’m going Aarav. Don’t wait for me!




“Son, where is your mother?”

Aarav turned back hearing the doctor.

“She is gone!” He whispered.

“Gone? Gone where?” Doctor asked confused.

Aarav looked at the doctor and said, “When my family come here, tell them that both my parents died.”

“But your mother....”


The doctor stood rooted not knowing what to say.

Aarav sighed and said, “My mother went leaving us all. She doesn’t want to live. I don’t want my family to know that she left everyone. Tell that she is dead!”

The doctor nodded his head helplessly.


Aarav hugged his mother’s photograph and whispered,

“Where are you mamma? Please come back! I cannot hold it anymore. Every time I see your photograph with garland hanging I feel like killing myself. I want to tell the truth to everyone but I can’t. I can’t tell them till you come back!”

He cried and cried till sleep overtook him.


“Arushi, you okay na?” Shalini asked her friend as they both sat on Arushi’s bed.

Arushi nodded.

Shalini kept her hand on her shoulder and said, “Don’t cry. Please, you look horrible while crying!”

Arushi chuckled and wiped her tears.

Shalini then said, “You’re an idiot. If they teased you then why didn’t you slap them? I know you. You must have stood and pleaded to them.”

“Then what should I do? I’m not courageous like you.” Arushi whined.

“You should be courageous. If anyone tries to misbehave with you, you SHOULD react to it. Don’t think of anything else but slap them. What else are hands for?” Shalini said.


Arushi was walking out of the college without Shalini as she was with her mother when a gang of bikers rode towards her. One look at them and Arushi understood that it’s the same guys who ragged her on the first day.

They stopped the bikes around her and the leader got out.

“So you’re her best friend right?” He said and held her hand.

Arushi tired to take her hand back but his hold became tighter.

“What was her name....ah...Shalini.....Shalini Malhotra huh? Do you because of you and that **** we’re punished by the authority? She is principal’s daughter and that’s the reason you two are shining in the college right?”

Other boys came near her and started touching her.

“Leave me....” Arushi cried as she wriggled in their touch.

“No way that we’re leaving you!” The leader said.

“You should be hurt and then only that **** will be hurt!” Another boy said.

They started dragging her to their bike when a loud voice boomed.



“Thank god someone came to save you or else they would’ve kidnapped you.” Shalini said.

Arushi nodded and said, “He is a saviour.”

“Aashi, I’m sorry. It’s because of me that they are hurting you right?” Shalini said with her eyes downcast.

“No Shalu,” Arushi said, “They are hurting me because I’m a coward. If their anger is towards you they would’ve come to you. But they won’t come because they are scared of you. They know that I’m a coward and they have me as target.”

Shalini sighed and said, “Anyway, today onwards, stay with me and never go alone.”

Arushi nodded.

“By the way, who was it who saved you?” Shalini asked.



Everyone turned towards the voice.

 Arushi looked at the person with tears and saw a well-built handsome man in white polo tee and blue jeans.

He came to them and said dangerously, “Leave the girl, or else...”

“Avin, stay out of this. It’s none of your business.” The leader said.

“If harassing a girl in public is your business, then saving her is my business. LEAVE HER!” The person, named Avin, said in a low dangerous tone.

Avin held Arushi’s hand and pulled her to him. She held his arm and hid behind him.

“Vishal,” Avin said to the leader, “This is the last time I’m seeing this. If I find you repeating it again, know me right?”

Vishal nodded and soon he along with his biker friends rode away.


Avin turned and looked at the girl who was trembling in fear.

“Where is your house?” He asked.

The girl looked up and said, “Vasant Vihar colony.”

“I’ll drop you!” He said.


“Avin! Nice name and nice man! He helped you na?” Shalini said.

Arushi nodded and said, “If he wasn’t there......the area was totally isolated. Thank god he came!”

“But who is he? Which branch?” Shalini asked.

“I didn’t ask him. I was so tensed and afraid that I wanted to run into my house. I ran to my room without meeting anyone and immediately called you. Anyway he is not a first year. The biker gang members and their leader know him and they are scared of him.” Arushi said.

“Hm...must be in their class or something!” Shalini said, “Well, his full name?”

“Avin! That’s what I know. Hey why are you taking his interview?” Arushi asked.

“I want to ask to mamma and know about him. What if he is acting to be a good guy to be in our good books?” Shalini said.

“And why would he do that?”

“Arushi! You’re a very beautiful girl you know! Obviously men would be interested in being in your good books!”

“Shalu, tum bhi na...” Arushi took a pillow and threw to her.

“Anyway don’t tell this to bhai. He’ll make a fuss about it and order me not to go to college!” Arushi said.

Shalini nodded and said, “Arrogant jerk! He takes decisions for you?”

“He loves me Shalu!”

“So? Does that mean he should decide things for you?” Shalini asked with her eyebrows narrowed.

Arushi sighed and said, “It’s not worth of explaining to you. You hate him and so does every action of him. Bechara mere bhai!”

“Bechara, my foot!” Shalini muttered.

Arushi smiled at her words.



“Hii girls, did you finish your girly gossips?” Suraj asked as he saw the two girls coming down.

“With Shalini there it would be boy’s talk bhaiyya!” Arushi said and Shalini glared at her.

She turned and looked around the living room and asked, “Where is Viren bhaiyya?”

“Viren went to his house.” Mami said.

Shalini nodded and sat near Nikki. She asked to Suraj,

“Suraj bhaiyya, at NID what are you learning?”

“Mainly product designing and automobile designing. By learning that you can design the outer structure of product. There are many branches there. I’m interested in interior designing!”

“Oh, so what are your plans after college?” She asked.

Suraj smiled and said, “Err...I haven’t thought about it. For two to three years I might work somewhere and then start my own!”

“Shalu, can I ask you something?” Nikki asked, “Why do you call Ladoo as Aarav but Suraj and Viren bhai as Bhaiyya?”

Aarav looked up from his coffee.

Shalini smiled and said, “Wo kya hai na Nikki, arrogant jerks like him don’t deserve the bhaiyya tag!”

“WHAT THE!” Aarav shouted.

“Look at him, so arrogant. Now he is shouting at me. As soon as I step out, he will shout at you!” She said to Nikki.


“Aarav sit down!” Anjali said, “Why are you getting hyper on silly things?”

“SILLY THINGS? Bua, this girl is unnecessarily troubling me. The day I met her she is a headache for me!”

“YOU CALLED ME A HEADACHE” Shalini shouted and stood up.

“THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE! HEAD ACHE!!!!” Aarav screamed.

“YOU!!!!!!” Shalini screamed and was about to pounce at him when Mami said, “STOP IT BOTH OF YOU!”

Aarav and Shalini instantly stopped their verbal fight seeing mami’s death glare.

Everyone settled down and Anjali said, “Shalini, you’ll be coming here tomorrow right?”

Shalini looked confused when Anjali asked, “Arrey, Arushi didn’t tell you?”

“Uffo, I forgot!” Arushi cried.

Anjali sighed and said, “Shalini, tomorrow it’s Chotte’s and Khushi ji’s I mean Arushi’s parents’ death anniversary. We’re having a pooja here. Will you come?”

Shalini nodded yes and looked at Aarav who was sitting with his jaws tight. She didn’t fail to see the raw pain in his eyes when he heard the word parents’ death anniversary.

“I have some work!” He said and walked upstairs.

“Will he be there this year?” Nikki asked.

“I don’t think so. He never attends the pooja!” Anjali said

“What? Aarav does not attend his parents’ death anniversary pooja?” Shalini asked surprised.

Arushi nodded and said, “Every year, on this day, he won’t be at home. He will go out in pretext of some work.”




“Ha Khushi ma, that’s what Arushi told. Every year on this day he goes out in pretext of work.”

“NO! He should attend the pooja. The pooja is kept for the salvation of soul. And if he didn’t attend....Doesn’t he want his father to be happy?” Khushi said.

“Khushi ma,” Shalini said, “Raizadas are keeping pooja for two ‘dead’ souls, you and Arnav pa. Don’t you feel anything when they consider you dead?”

Khushi smiled faintly, “I told them that I’m going to die. Then they would definitely consider me dead na?”

“But why did you write that you’re gonna suicide when you didn’t.”

Khushi sighed deeply and said,

“I wanted to die. I was all prepared to when my heart didn’t allow me to. A part of me wanted to die but another part wanted to live for my children. But going back was not an option for me. Aarav would have read the letter and would have started hating me. I wanted to go back but I couldn’t. I was a coward. I wanted to die but I couldn’t. The thought of my children wandered me. And thus I came to this orphanage and hid from the world. Your mama supported me and kept me updated about my children. I’m satisfied here. I live with my Arnav ji’s memories and I can know about my children.”

Shalini sighed and said, “I don’t understand you Khushi ma. But I know one thing, if you go back Arushi would be the happiest soul in the earth!”

Khushi smiled and said, “You love her a lot don’t you?”

“She is an angel! It’s been only a week that I met her. Now she is my life! My BESTIE!”

Khushi smiled.

“Did you know someone misbehaved with your angel?” Shalini asked.

“WHAT? WHO?” Khushi shouted.

Shalini sighed and narrated the event.

“Thank god that boy came at time. I want to know about him!” Khushi said, “I can’t trust anyone with my daughter, except you Shalu. Enquire about this boy named Avin.”

“I will Khushi ma. I also have doubt whether he is acting like a good guy to get her attention. Arushi is too naive to understand!”

“Like me!” Khushi smiled.

Shalini chuckled.

“Waise Shalini, can you do me a favour?” Khushi asked, “Can you make Aarav attend the pooja tomorrow?”


“Why? Afraid of him?” Khushi asked innocently.

“Afraid? ME? OF HIM? NEVER! It’s just that whenever I go to him I feel like hitting or slapping him. I don’t want to spoil Arushi’s mood tomorrow!”

“But dear, please, for me....” Khushi pouted her lips.

“You know you are best at blackmailing! Let me try!” Shalini said.

Khushi smiled and mouthed a thank you.


Mar 31, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 9 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 52 times)

Chapter 9


Everyone sat for the pooja when Shalini said, “Why don’t we call Aarav also?”

“He won’t come!” Suraj said.

“Let’s try! Arushi you go and ask him to come! He will surely hear your words.” She said.

“No Shalu, I have been calling him for the past many years but he didn’t come. He won’t come!” Arushi said while adjusting the duppatta of her white anarkali.

Shalini stood up and adjusting her white kurti said, “I’ll bring him. How can he not attend? It’s for his parents na? I will talk to him!” Without waiting for anyone’s reply she walked to his room.

“Aaj to hum Diwali celebrate karengi!” (We’ll celebrate Diwali today) Nikki said.

“Why?” Everyone asked.

“Shalini is going to Ladoo’s room. Dhamaka hoga!”





“Aarav hear me once. I don’t understand why you’re not attending the pooja. It’s for your parents. It’s said that the pooja will help them rest in peace and don’t you want them to be in peace. Their souls would be happy if you...”

“SHALINI JUST GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” Aarav shouted and threw a flower vase on floor.

Shalini jerked hearing his anger. She too shouted,


“MY MOTHER IS NOT DEAD” Aarav shouted.

Shalini stood rooted hearing his words.

His mother is not dead? OMG, how did he know? But there is no way that he would know Khushi ma’s hiding place, that’s orphanage.  She recovered from the shock and acted as if she is unaware.

“What are you saying Aarav? Your mother is alive?”

Aarav looked down and said, “Shalini go!”

“No, I want to know! What are you uttering?” She demanded.

“Shalini, please don’t tell this to anyone, please!” Aarav pleaded.

“But tell me your meaning! What do you mean by ‘MY MOTHER IS NOT DEAD’? Where is she?” Shalini asked.

Aarav sighed and held out a paper to her.

She read the paper and it was the letter Khushi had written to Aarav.

Aarav said, “Her words means that she is gonna suicide but she won’t. I know my mother. She won’t do anything of that sort. She loves her husband but the thought of her children won’t let her die. My mother is the most selfless woman I have ever seen. And there is no way that she will go away for her happiness. She cares for everyone’s happiness and a person like her can never suicide. She is away. I don’t know where she is but she is alive! And one day, she would be back. Although she has asked me not to wait for her, I will because I know her more than anyone.”

Shalini looked at him with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Aarav was too crying. He said.

“Now tell me how can I attend the pooja? The pooja is kept for my parents while my mother is alive. How can I attend the pooja where everyone assume her to be dead and the pandit ji asks us to pray for her dead soul?”

“Does Arushi know?” She asked in a whisper.

He nodded no and said, “No one knows other than me. I lied to them that she died in an accident. Everyone still believes that. Only I knew that she was alive then and went away leaving all.”

Shalini folded the letter and handing it back to him she said, “I don’t know where your mother is, whether she is alive or not, but I know one thing. She would be very happy if you attend the pooja. Because this pooja is kept for dead souls, that’s your father, and if you attend it your father would rest in peace. And everyone knows that your mother’s happiness is your father. So is there any other way to make her happy?”

“But I....”

“Aarav,” She held his shoulder and said, “She would be happy if you do this!”




“But what did she say to you that you agreed for the pooja?” Viren asked to Aarav.

Viren was away at Chandigarh with his family. When he came to Delhi to stay with Raizadas, he was enlightened with shocking news that Aarav Singh Raizada sat for the pooja on his parent’s death anniversary and the most shocking part was that it was the greatest enemy of Aarav who convinced him for that.

“Nothing!” He said.

“You have been telling this to the whole family that Shalini didn’t say anything. But you can’t lie to me. Tell me how she convinced you!” Viren demanded.

“God Viren, just leave it! Tell me how your brother Virat is?”

“Virat...well he is extremely tensed. It’s his 12th board exams! Do you remember how tensed we were during out time?”

“Of course, we both together sat late night studying!” Aarav smiled and said.

“Waise Aarav, you look different!” Viren said.

Aarav looked at himself on mirror and asked, “Different? I’m still the same!”

“You’re smiling, talking freely, were not like this. Did you attain enlightenment or is it Shalini’s magic?” Viren asked with a sly smile.

“Viren yaar....SHUT UP!” Aarav said and smacked him.

“OMG, AARAV ARE YOU BLUSHING???” Viren asked in laughter.

“VIREN.....GET OF MY ROOM!!!!!!” Aarav shouted.

“Ok baba...ja raha hai....” Viren said and went out of the room.  




I won’t be coming today. Not well!

Shalini :) 

Arushi sighed seeing the message.

A day without Shalini – scary and boring. Scary because Arushi was tensed whether those boys would again harass her. Bored because apart from Shalini, Arushi didn’t have any other best friends.

She sat alone in the canteen sipping her apple juice when a voice came, “Hello!”

She looked up and saw the same boy who had saved her from the biker gang, three days before.

She smiled and greeted him.

“Can I sit here?” He asked and she nodded.

“Didn’t Shalini come today?” He asked.

She nodded no but then suddenly asked, “How do you know Shalini?”

He smiled and said, “Who doesn’t know Arushi and Shalini. You both are the stars of the college right?”

“Shalu must be a star but me?” Arushi frowned.

He chuckled and said, “Shalini is famous for slapping boys while you’re famous since you’re the reason why Shalini slaps boys.”

She looked down and her eyes were filled.

“I’m a coward!” She whispered.

“Hey, I was just joking!” He said alarmed, “Arushi I’m sorry. That was just a joke!”

“No it isn’t,” She sniffed, “Shalini gets in trouble because of me. Every day I get into some trouble and she will run like a super hero to save me!”

She wiped her tears and asked, “By the way who are you? When Shalini asked about you, I didn’t know what to say. What is your full name Mr. Avin?”

“Hey, first of all, why was Shalini enquiring about me? OMG, is she coming to slap me?” He asked with a cute expression.

Arushi chuckled and said, “She wants to thank you!” That was the partial truth. Shalini wanted his name and address for enquiring about him as well as to thank him for saving her best friend.

“I’m Avin Robert Ryder, 3rd year BBA.”

Arushi nodded and said, “Can I ask you something? Why is the biker gang scared of you?”

Avin smiled and said, “They are my brothers!”


“Hey don’t freak out,” He said smiling, “The leader of the gang, Vishal, is my cousin brother. So the whole gang knows me and is scared whether I’ll inform their parents. Do you know, all of their parents are friends with each other and everyone has my number to enquire if these boys are doing anything wrong? So in front of me, they are the decent fellows on earth!”

Arushi burst into laughter and said, “Thank god there is someone whom they are scared of!”

“There are two! Me and Shalini, of course!” He said.

“Yeah, Shalini! Every boy is scared of her!” She said.

“I wonder, is there some boy is not scared of her?” He asked.

“Yes there is! My elder brother! They both are the worst enemies on earth. Do you know, Shalini kicked him on his chest during their first meet?”

“WHAT? WOW, tell me the whole story!”He said excited.

“They had a fight at road. Bhaiyya’s car hit her and he refused to apologize and she kicked him. She didn’t know that he is my brother until she came to my house next day. When they both met at house, again the fight started. Whenever they meet, they would be a dhamaka! My brother Nikhil says that whenever they meet, we’ll celebrate Diwali!”

“WOW, that was hilarious!” He said.

“Anyway Arushi, shall we be friends?” He asked and extended his hand.

“Just friends, I guess!” Arushi asked doubtfully.

“Hmm I cannot say that. Who knows someday I will fall for this beautiful lady!” He exclaimed.

“You’re flirting with me?” She asked narrowing her eyes.

“Arrey nahi Band Baja Baaraat ki Anushka Sharma, I was just complimenting you!” He said.

She nodded and shook her hand with his.

“Friends!” She said smiling.

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