Arshi FF: Memories

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May 7, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 35 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 84 times)

Chapter 35

He walked aimlessly on the road unaware that the time is 1am and the surroundings. All he was aware was his mind playing images of his childhood where he was pampered and loved by his mother.


A 8 year old Suraj hugged his mother as he returned from school.

“Arrey what happened to my Suri?” Payal asked wiping his tears.

“Mamma,” Suraj said in tears, “Today, at school, my friends were teasing a girl because her mamma left her. She cried so much. Mamma, will you also leave me? I cannot live without you? Why did her mamma leave her? Mamma, don’t leave me....”

Payal hugged her son. Caressing his hairs, she said, “Why would I leave my son? I love my Suri so much!”

“Sachii? Aap mujhe ****ke nahi jayenge?” He asked happily.

“Never” she pinched the his nose and said.

He smiled and she said, “So should mamma make chocolate milk shake for Suri?”

“Choco milk!!! YAY!” he cried.

“Why did you do that mamma?” Suraj cried as he sat on the middle of the road and looked up at the sky. He burst into tears recalling every promise his mother had given.

“WHY???” He shouted at no-one, “I LOVED YOU SO MUCH! WHY DID YOU THIS TO ME?”

He felt weak. Very, very weak! Abhisekh’s words about Payal played again and again in his mind.

Payal never loved you, nor does she love anyone in this world, except her son, Suraj!

Payal wanted ½ of Arnav’s property for herself and her dear son.

These women who said themselves as her jiji and di knew all about it but never did think for a second to save her from his clutches.

They had Arnav’s children on their fingers and everything under their control

All these years, by serving dabba at Sunshine orphanage you were making sure that Khushi is still there

Even Akash had a little right over the property and they decided to finish of Akash and Khushi

“How could you be so heartless mamma? How...” He fell on the road and kept on mumbling, “I hate you mamma...I hate you....” till he closed his eyes.





Shalini tossed in her bed unable to sleep. She looked at the clock and saw the time as 1 o’clock.

She turned and buried her face in pillow, crying her heart out.


She is gonna see him only after a year!


How will she stay without seeing him?

Shalini cried and cried. ‘I should’ve heard mamma. I should’ve confessed my love to Aarav. Now it’s late. He is going. Going away from me!” She cried her heart out hugging the pillow.

She felt someone caressing her hair and she looked up. And there he was sitting by her side on her bed!

She sat up. Smiling through tears, she lifted her hand to touch him when like wind, he disappeared.

She looked around at her room and then threw the glass which was on the bed table.

Holding her head tightly, she cried in frustration.

“Shalini!” she heard his whisper.

Closing her eyes tightly, she cried, “GO AWAY! Stop coming in my dreams! GO AWAY!”

“Shalini!” She again heard his voice.

She opened her eyes slowly and saw him sitting in front of her on the bed.

She again closed her eyes and said, “Go away, I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming!”

“SHALINI, IT’S ME AARAV!” Aarav said cupping her face.

She opened her eyes and looked at him.

She lifted her hands and touched his face.

“Are you for real?” She whispered and he nodded.

“You’re really here!” She asked holding his shoulder and arms.

He again nodded.

“OMG, what are you doing here? What if mamma see? And didn’t you go to airport? When is your flight? And why did you come here?” She bombarded.

“Shhh!” He said and placed his finger on her lips.

She stopped her rants and looked at him.

He held his palm tightly and whispered, “I wanted to ask you something.”

“What?” She whispered.

“I don’t know when we’ll meet again. I can only come back after a year,” He said softly. Holding her palm tightly and pulling her a bit closer, he asked softly,

“Till I come back....Will you wait for me?”



Clutching the heart shaped locket of the chain which he gifted her with one hand, Shalini stood by the window and waved to Aarav with her other hand, in tears.

He smiled at her and waving back, got into the car and the driver drove the car. She kept on waving till the car disappeared.

She walked to her bed and sat on it. She looked at the place where he had sat and asked that question.

“Will you wait for me?”

No hugs, no kisses, and no I LOVE YOU, just a question. Will you wait for me? She broke down into tears when she clutched the pendant and recalled his words when he tied it around his neck,

“Wait for me till I come back. And when you remember me, just clutch it tightly and you’ll have me by your side.”

She smiled through her tears as she clutched the locket. He loves me!

Aarav loves me!

He didn’t shout out “SHALINI I LOVE YOU” but his eyes were screaming that. His actions were proving that.

“I love you too Aarav” she whispered and held the locket tightly.




He leaned on his seat.

One year!

His family may come to meet him, but he’ll meet her only after a year. How can Shalini come with his family saying that she wants to meet him? And there is no way that he can go back!

One year without her! It’s gonna be tough!

For the first time in his life, Aarav regretted his decision of going abroad for studies. If only, he was at Delhi like Arushi and Nikki....

He closed his eyes and whispered, “Just one year Shalini. After that, we’ll be together, hamesha!”

He took out his cell and messaged her, “Take care...and don’t cry!”

Putting his mobile back into the pocket, he slept peacefully with a smile as her beautiful smile when she waved him from the window played in his mind.



“Take care...and don’t cry!”

She read the message. Wiping her tears, clutching the locket, she slept peacefully with a smile as his warm and affectionate eyes were wide open in her mind.




May 8, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 36 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 87 times)

 Chapter 36


Anjali and Payal fixed cameras in Arushi’s washroom and blackmailed you.

She tossed on bed with the words of Abhisekh not letting her sleep.

Arushi sat up on the bed.


Was her bua and maasi so heartless?

Was they so greedy for money that they valued her dignity less than it?

All these years, the love and care they had showered on her was all fake! They did it for money, JUST for money?

Arushi broke into tears recalling all her sweet memories with them. She so wanted to hug someone and cry on their shoulder. She was disgusted on herself that, that ‘someone’ once used to be her dear bua and maasi!

‘Bhaiyya must be in flight! Should I call him?’ She asked to herself, ‘Will he be sleeping? Let me try!’

She took her cell. Her vision blurred due to tears, she clicked on a name that appeared as Aarav bhai.

“Hello.....” a sleepy voice greeted her.

She frowned hearing a voice not of her bhaiyya’s and said softly, “Who is this? Where is my Aarav bhaiyya?”




Avin was sleeping peacefully when his mind registered that his cell is ringing. Opening his eyes slowly, he extended his arm lazily and took the call without even looking at the caller id.

“Hello...” he said in his sleepy voice.

And he heard a soft beautiful voice over.

“Who is this? Where is my Aarav bhaiyya?”

His mind still in sleepy state, he said, “Your Aarav bhaiyya flew away with wind.”

And he heard an angry reply,

“See, whoever you are, I know that my bhaiyya flying with wind, that is travelling in an aeroplane. Give my bhaiyya’s phone to him. Who are you? Did you kidnap my bhaiyya? You moron!”

His mind became active hearing her high pitched voice. He opened his eyes fully and checked at the caller id and found it as Arushi.

“Arushi? Why are you calling me?” He asked surprised.

“Avin? You kidnapped my brother?”

“Kidnap? Your brother? What are you taking about Arushi?”

“Avin, what are you doing with my brother’s phone? Put my brother on call.”

“Oh madam, before scolding me check the number you have dialled. You have dialled MY number. How can your brother attend my call?”

Arushi checked her phone and realized her mistake.

“Oops, sorry Avin. I was dialling bhaiyya but accidently dialled you! Sorry!”

“It’s okay. By the way why are you calling him at late night? Everything okay?” He asked.



Arushi held back her tears and said with shivering voice, “I wanted to talk with someone. So I called him....”

“Are you okay Arushi?” Avin asked worried.

“No...” she whispered.

“Upset on their betrayal!” He stated.

She hummed.

“I don’t know whether it’s right to say but mourning over split milk is useless. Try to forget it and move on!” He said.

“It’s easy to tell.” She said.

“Come on Arushi, do you think it was easy for me when I came to know that the person whom I idolize, whom I call Ryan uncle, is not my real uncle?” Avin asked.

She sighed and said, “I trusted them Avin. And they placed ca...Camera....chi.....”

Avin sighed and whispered, “Forget it Aashi, and think about the future not past.”

Arushi sobbed lightly and he said,

“Acha ji, you called me at 3 in morning and you’re crying over phone. You disturbed my sleep silly girl, now you can’t cut the call until you make me sleep!”

Arushi chuckled and said,

“I’m cutting the call. I won’t make you sleep!”

No you have to! You broke my sleep!”

“Should I sing you a lullaby?”

“Yes yes yes yes”

“NO, I won’t!” She said sternly.

“Arrey yaar, I was sleeping so peacefully you know, and you girl.....huh....girls!” He sighed.

“What? Complete it! What girls?”

“Girls are.....really....crooked!” he said.

“And you boys are very innocent!” She mocked.

Of course we are! he said proudly.

“Guys are pigs!”

Hey, don’t insult us!He said.


“And you girls are cats who tear our skin just because they are angry!”

“Cats are cute!”

“Cats are selfish!”







And it went on and on and on and on and........




Morning rays hit his face and he lazily opened his eyes murmuring something. He opened his eyes fully and looked around unable to recognize the surroundings.

He sat up on the bed and looked around at the unfamiliar room. He held his head tightly as it was shooting pain into his body.


He heard a familiar voice and turned to find Abhisekh standing near him with a glass of lime juice.

He took the glass and Abhisekh said, “Lime juice is good for hangover!”

He looked down not meeting his eyes and sipped the juice.

Sitting on the sofa over there, Abhisekh said sternly, “How old are you Suraj? 20? 22? Not more than that! You’re an adult and you think it gives you a license to drink?”

Suraj looked at him and looked down.

“Do you have any idea where I found you? In the middle of road when I returning from station. IN THE MIDDLE OF ROAD AND YOU WERE STINKING! ALCOHOL WAS SCREAMING OUT OF YOUR BODY! HOW IMMATURE SURAJ!”

“Abhi.....” Abhisekh was shouting at Suraj when a soft voice called him.

Suraj and Abhisekh looked at the door and saw Mihika standing with some clothes on her hand.

She entered and smiled faintly at Suraj. “How do you feel?” She asked. He nodded and said slowly, “Fine”

She handed him the clothes and said, “These are Abhi’s. You take a bath and change your dress! Go, take a bath and come for breakfast!”

“Nahi...I’ll go....I bothered you enough....” Suraj said when Abhisekh said, “Enough Suraj. Go, take a bath and come for breakfast!”

Suraj nodded hearing his stern tone and Mihika said, “Why are you scaring him?” She smacked Abhisekh’s arm and turning to Suraj, said, “Don’t mind him. You go and freshen up!”

Suraj nodded. “Err...I need to inform....” Suraj began when Abhisekh said, “I have done that. Now stop fussing and take a bath!” And he walked out.

Mihika sighed at Abhisekh’s retreating back and then said to Suraj,

“Abhi is very angry with you. You shouldn’t have drunk! You’re very young for these bad habits Suraj! Do you know how much your father was worried when Abhi called him?”

Suraj looked down and said, “I’m sorry!”

“I know what had happened with you. Jo hua wo bahot galat hua. But, drinking is not a solution!” Mihika said cupping his cheek.

“Go, freshen up” She said and he stood up from bed.




“Where is Suraj?” Arnav asked aloud not seeing him at breakfast table.

“Wo...he is at Abhisekh’s house” Akash said slowly.

“How did he reach there?” Nikki asked and Akash narrated how he got Abhisekh’s call at middle of night saying that he has his son at his house.

“He drank alcohol!” NK asked in shock.

Akash nodded and said, looking down, “It’s my fault. I was into my grief mourning over Payal’s betrayal that I didn’t notice my son! Even Aarav had told me to be strong for Suraj, but I....”


Suraj’s voice came and everyone turned their heads to the entrance of dining area to find Suraj.

He rushed forward and hugged Akash.

“I’m so sorry papa. I’ll never repeat it. I promise you, this will never happen again” He said slowly.

Akash patted his back and said, “I’m sorry too!”

Everyone smiled seeing the father-son duo.




“Shona, meri bacchii....wake up!” Durga ma patted her daughter’s shoulder waking her up.

Shalini opened her eyes slowly and said, “Mamma, do minute...please....”

“Don’t you want to go to college? It’s 8.30!”

Shalini sat up. “8.30! OMG, I have to go to college. I have to meet Aashi! OMG!” She ran to the washroom.

Durga ma laughed at her daughter’s plight.


Standing in front of the mirror, she felt her fingers moving to the locket he had given.

Opening the heart-shaped locket, she smiled at the words written in.

La plus belle fille


(The most beautiful girl, wait for me....)

“Why French?” She asked him as she looked at it.

He chuckled and said, “As far as I know my sister, she is gonna open this and read. If she comes to know that I gifted you this, then it’ll be printed in tomorrow’s paper.”

She chuckled and said, “She can’t read French?”

He nodded no and she said, “What if she Google these words?”

“Let her, then! Anyway, she knows that something is fishy between us!” He said coming close to her.

“Aarav, what are you...” she trailed off when he nuzzled his nose on her face and murmured, “I’m gonna miss you”

“Me too” she whispered holding his arm tightly.

“I miss you” she whispered holding the locket tightly.


 sorry guys. no arshi scene in the update. i promise you a super duper arshi scene in the next update 

May 9, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 37 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 71 times)

 Chapter 37

“AMMA, ARE YOU MAD???” Arushi shouted.






Khushi stood startled hearing everyone shouting at her.

“Arrey, why are you all shouting at me? I just said what pandit ji told me.” she said.

“Yeah right! He told that I SHOULD GET MARRIED IN A MONTH!” Arushi shouted.

Khushi nodded and said, “There are some faults in your horoscope that if you didn’t marry in a month, you’ll spent rest of your life as a spinster!”


“She is 18! 18 is the legal age for marrying” Khushi said.

“There is no way that we’ll let Arushi marry at her 18th age” NK said.

“What’s going on here?” Akash who had come from office looked at the commotion and asked.

“Akash, your pyare bhabhi is saying that Arushi should get married in a month or else she would stay as a spinster for whole life!” Arnav said.


“Akash Jeeju, you know the pandit ji at temple right? He told me this.” Khushi said.

“Our temple pandit ji?” Akash asked shocked, “Then it’s true! He is never wrong!”

“Chachu, you too!” Arushi whined.

“Arushi, earlier he had predicted that bhai would meet an angel. It came true. He met Khushi ji. Later he told Amma that this family would get four angels. It came true. We got you, Aarav, Nikki and Suraj. He is always right!” Akash said.

“Whatever it is, I WON’T MARRY!” Arushi shouted and ran to her room closing the door with a bang.





“WHAT? MARRIAGE?” Aarav shouted over the phone.

“Ha bhaiyya,” Arushi sobbed, “Mamma is all set to marry me off. She even convinced WHOLE family, including papa. She is looking for suitable grooms!”

“God, what happened to her?” Aarav groaned in frustration.

“That pandit ji said something and she took it seriously. I don’t wanna marry now bhaiyya, please!” Arushi sobbed.

“Aashi, Aashi.....don’t cry...don’t cry, I’ll talk to mamma” Aarav said.




“Khushi, she is very young for marriage. Vo abhi bhi bacchii hai” Arnav tried to convince Khushi.

Khushi sighed and sitting beside him said, “Arnav ji, what do you think, this is easy for me? After long 11 years I am with my daughter. But I also want her future to be secured. I don’t want my daughter to stay alone in her life. And I believe that pandit ji!”

“Khushi, astrology is not always correct” Arnav said irritated.

“But Arnav ji, what if it becomes correct? What if she never get a groom due to her horoscope issue? What if she stay alone? I don’t want that!” Khushi said.

“Khushi” he said, “If she is destined to be someone’s wife, then she will be. Nothing can stop destiny!”

Khushi smiled. Leaning on his shoulder, she said, “I know that Arnav ji. But what if this horoscope issue and pandit ji’s words are destiny? What if this takes her to her man? Arnav ji, I just want her happy.”

“She is not happy with the developments now!” Arnav said.

“If she get a good man, she will be happy!” Khushi said, “Di...I mean Anjali ji was about to marry at the age of 18 but that wedding didn’t happen, but still she was ready as a bride at 18 years. I married at 19. Arnav ji, 18 is not a young age!”

“18 is a young age!” Arnav said, “I don’t want my daughter to marry unless and until she is in a position, until she has a name for herself. She should get a job and should be independent.”

“You didn’t think about that when you married me!” Khushi said, “Even my father had dreams about me. Did you think about that!”

Arnav looked down.

She said, “I know you don’t remember anything, so leave it. Talking about Arushi, marrying will not stop her studies. We’ll find her a good man!”

Arnav sighed and said, “Looks like you will not change your decision!”

Khushi giggled. Hugging him she asked, “Is that a yes?”

“Do I have a choice?” He asked.

“NO!” She said and hugged him tight.

He chuckled and hugged her back.

“You know Mr. Ryan Robert Ryder, my Arnav ji is coming back! So it would be better if you go out of his body!” She said cutely while laying her head on his chest.

He laughed and said, “So you mean, his spirit has entered my body?”

She nodded and said with a cute pout, “His spirit hid my Arnav ji somewhere inside. And now, he is coming back! My sweet Arnav ji!” She caressed his stubble.

He chuckled and hugged her tight and patted her back.

Khushi withdrew from the hug and looked at him. "Arnav ji, do you feel awkward here?"

He looked at her confused and asked, "Why?"

"All these years, you lived as Ryan Robert Ryder. Your entire character changed. And now, you're here as Arnav. Don't you feel awkward here? Are you uncomfortable here?" She asked.

He nodded no and hugged her. 

He said, "It's hard for me. But I'm not uncomfortable here Khushi. I love this house, the people here. Even though i don't remember anything, i feel a special kind of affection to everyone here. When I came to know about Anjali di's and Payal's betrayal, i felt sad. When i saw Akash crying, i felt sad. When i saw my son and daughter crying, my heart bled. I love people here!"

"And me?" She asked, "Do you love me?"

He hugged her tight again, nodding his head, said, "I love everyone here!"

"I love you too Arnav ji!" She murmured along his chest.

He smiled and rested his head in her hair. 




“So whole family is ready to marry her off?” Viren asked.

Aarav nodded and Viren asked, “Is that pandit ji right every time that the whole family is taking his words seriously?”

Aarav nodded and said, “He is always right. I don’t believe in god and those things but I believe in him. Every damn thing he had predicted had come true. If he said this, then this is also true!”

Viren said, “I don’t know but I don’t have any belief in it! Anyway, what are you gonna do now?”

Aarav sighed and said, “I talked to mamma but she is not listening. What will I do now? This damn administration of ours is giving us leave too! I cannot go home!”

Viren sighed and said, “I just wanna say something. If Arushi is marrying, make sure that she marry someone who is broad minded and allow her to study and pursue her dreams, not dominate her. I don’t want her to suffer. She is a sister to me!”

Aarav nodded and sighed.




“Amma please....” Arushi whined.

“Aashi, at least see the photo!” Khushi said.

“NO!” Arushi shouted.

“Aashi bitiya,” Mami said, “That pandit ji is always right. You have to obey him.”

“Mami, I’m just 18. I don’t want to marry. I have many dreams mami, please try to understand! I want to study further!” Arushi sobbed.

“Arrey, who said that by marrying your studies and career would end? We’ll marry you off to such a person who will agree to your dreams!” Khushi said.

“Amma, please....” Arushi pleaded.

“Khushi let it be. If she doesn’t wish then we can’t force our decision on her!” Arnav said.

“But Arnav ji....” Khushi began when Arushi said,

“Amma, I don’t want to marry!”

“Then what do you wish? Stay alone forever?” Khushi asked and Arushi nodded.

“I won’t let you do that. You’ll marry and that’s final! And look at this boy!” She shoved the photo on Arushi’s hand.

Arushi looked at the guy unwillingly and said, “Amma, he looks crooked!”

Khushi sighed and said, “Marriage broker gave me this photo.”

Arnav took the photo and said, “She is right Khushi. He does look crooked!”

“Let us meet him and his family once and then we’ll decide” Khushi said and everyone nodded. Arushi sat with a sulky face.




“Why isn’t she taking calls?” Aarav muttered as he dialled her number for nth time. After a lot of rings, she took the call.

“What do you want?” She asked rudely.

“I have been trying you for hours Shalini. Where were you?” He asked angrily.

“Oh, finally Aarav sahib remembered someone named Shalini? I thought by reaching London and seeing skinny mannequins around you got partial amnesia!” She said.

“What?” He said amused.

“I’ve been trying your cell since morning. Why didn’t you take call?” She shouted.

“Shalini, relax. I woke up late today. By the time you were be at college. See, I called you now right?”


“You though I forgot about you?” he asked and heard her silence as a reply.

Aarav lied on his bed and asked softly, “Do you think I’ll forget you? I’m rude and arrogant but am I so heartless?”

“I was scared. You called Arnav uncle and Khushi ma, but not me.” She whined.

“I’m sorry!” He said guiltily.

“What is the time there now?” Shalini asked.


“Haww, it’s 11 at night here!” She said laughing.

“Acha listen, tomorrow onwards we’re gonna get heavy workload so I cannot call you at this time!”

“So you’ll not call me?” She asked sadly.

“Shalini, I said I cannot call you at THIS time. I can only call at 9 o’clock here, that’s 1.30 there! So, tomorrow onwards, start to sleep late.”

“Haww, I cannot do that!” She said teasingly.

“Ok then, we’ll not talk. Bye!” He said smiling and cut the call.

He got up from the bed and started walking towards mess. The next second he got her call. Chuckling he took it and heard her.


He chuckled and said, “Very happy. And no need to sleep late. I’ll call early! Even I was joking!”

“AARAV!” She shouted and he laughed.

“Where are you now?” She asked.

“Walking to hostel mess!”

“What is your food there?”

“Noodles, pasta, burger....”

“Haww, all kind of junk food!” She said.

“We won’t get aaloo paratha here! Yeah, during weekends Viren and I often go to the Indian restaurant here!”

“By the way where is Viren?”

“Out with Jeevika!”

“His girlfriend?”


“ the way, Arushi today opened the locket.”

“I knew it. What did she say?”

“She bombarded me with questions. Who gave you this? What is this written on it? Who is he? Do you love him? Why didn’t you tell me? etc. etc. etc.”

He laughed and said, “How did you manage?”

“I told her that I bought it from Chandichowk and she asked no more questions.”

He laughed and everyone there looked at him as if he was an alien. Aarav Singh Raizada and laughing? In terms of physics, it was inversely proportional to each other!

“Acha, I’ll hang up for now. I’ll call you tomorrow. Good night!”

“Good night Aarav. I miss you!” She cooed.

“I miss you too” he said softly and the call was hung.

The next moment, he received a message from her.

"You know about Arushi’s marriage na? What is your opinion about it?"

He replied,

"I don’t know Shalini. I tried to convince mom but she isn’t listening. Hmm, let me see."

"Arushi is upset."

"I know. Please be with her and raise her spirit. I’ll try talking with mom."

"Ok. Go have your food."

"K...and you go to your sleep."


May 10, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 38 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 78 times)

 Chapter 38

“I’m scared Shalu,” Arushi said to Shalini who was helping her wear saree.

“Don’t worry. Just meet the boy and talk to him. If you didn’t like him then we’ll reject the proposal. But make sure you speak your heart out.” Shalini said.

“Don’t you think this is too fast?” Arushi asked.

“This is fast!” Shalini said, “But don’t worry. You have us!” She hugged her friend soothing her down.

“By the way, where is his pic?” Shalini asked.

“Pic is with mamma.” Arushi said.

“Ok then, I’ll see him when he comes.”

“I didn’t like his face. He looks crooked. Even dad said the same.” Arushi said.

“Let’s see!” Shalini said, “When will Ryders come? Only Sherin didi can calm you down!”

“And here is your Sherin didi!” A voice came and they saw Sherin and Alia standing.

“You look so pretty Arushi!” Sherin said hugging Arushi.

“WOW Aashi di, my soon-to-be Jeeju is gonna faint!” Alia squealed and everyone laughed.






The snacks tray fell from Shalini’s hand making loud sound.

She stood frozen seeing the prospective groom of Arushi.

The boy’s family stood up seeing her and so did the boy.

“What is this girl doing here?” The boy’s chachi asked angrily pointing at Shalini.

“Even I can ask the same!” Shalini said in equal anger, “What are you and your good for nothing family doing here?”

“Mrs. Raizada, did you call here to insult us?” The boy’s chachu asked to Khushi angrily.

“But what’s wrong?” Arushi asked, “She is Shalini, my best friend!”

“BAS!” The boy’s dadi said, “We don’t want any relation from a family who has relation with this girl! She is a curse! A bad blood!”

“ENOUGH!” Shalini shouted, “GET OUT FROM HERE!”


“Dadi? When did you become my dadi? As far as I remember, you declared me out of your family, the day your grandson RAPED ME!” Shalini said.


Shalini turned to Khushi and asked, “Khushi ma, this is the boy you found for our Arushi? HE IS A BLOODY RAPIST! HE IS THE ONE WHO....WHO RAPED ME....WHO PUSHED ME TO HIS HUNGRY FRIENDS.....KHUSHI MA, HE IS MY STEP BROTHER, SHAAN MALHOTRA!”

“ENOUGH!” Shaan shouted, “I’m rapist! Then what about you? You are a ****! A ****!”


Shaan felt his cheek burning and he lifted his head to see a furious Shalini.

“That day I was weak Shaan. But today, I’m not. With your soapy and tricky words, you may fool your idiotic family and court but I won’t let you fool Arushi and her family!”

“You bloody...” Shaan raised his hand to slap her when someone held it.

Everyone looked at Arnav who held Shaan’s hand and came in between Shaan and Shalini hiding Shalini behind his frame.

“Get out from here before I break every bone of yours!” Arnav whispered furiously.


“I SAID GET OUT!” Arnav shouted and everyone got startled hearing the shout.

ASR was back? They did not know. But ASR’s temper was back for sure!






“Yes Aarav, I’m damn serious!” Shalini said over the phone.

“I can’t believe it. What did Arushi say? Did she agree? Dad and mom?” he asked, “Why didn’t they call me? It’s great news!”

“They might be talking to Arushi and trying to convince her.”

“If this happens, I’ll be very happy!” Aarav said.

“Even me! Avin is perfect for Arushi!” Shalini said.

Shaan and family hurried out of Shantivan and Khushi hugged a teary Shalini.

“Shalu, I’m sorry bacha, I didn’t know that it’s them!” Khushi said.

Shalini nodded and said, “It’s ok Khushi ma.” Arushi also hugged her and soothed her down.

“Aashi beta, I’m sorry...” Khushi began and Arushi said, “It’s okay mamma. You didn’t know about him na! Thank god Shalini was here today!”

Sherin held Shalini’s shoulder and said, “Come Shalini, we’ll go upstairs!” Shalini, who was now in tears after recalling all her bitter past, nodded. Arushi, Shalini, Alia and Sherin moved upstairs.



The boys were in Suraj’s room and the elders were in the living room when Samuel Robert Ryder spoke up,

“Arnav, Khushi....actually, Catherine and I wanted to ask something.”

Everyone looked at him waiting for his question.

Catherine asked, “Can we have your daughter Arushi as our daughter-in-law?”

The Raizadas were stumped and Samuel said,

“We like Arushi a lot. Arushi and Avin are friends too. So, we would like them to get married.”

Tania said, “We had discussed about it earlier. But when your call came yesterday, stating that a boy is coming to see Aashi, we thought to cancel the idea.”

“I know,” Samuel said, “Obviously you would like to get your daughter married to a Hindu family. We’re Christians and we know that you will be uncomfortable.”

Catherine said, “All our traditions, culture, everything is different. But we assure you, we’ll keep your daughter happy! We’ll treat her like our own daughter!”

“No bhabhi,” Arnav said, “Aisa nahi hai. We also like Avin. But, we need to ask them right?”

Khushi nodded and said, “We don’t have any issue with this proposal. Religion doesn’t matter, what matters in love between the couple. We need to ask children!”

Everyone nodded.


“What did Arushi say?” Aarav asked again.

“Arushi is busy blushing. She loves Avin, I know!”

“Even I know! The sight of Avin will make her red!” Aarav said.

“But the girl is not agreeing. Don’t know why! Khushi ma was convincing her when I stepped out of RM!” Shalini said,

“And Avin?”

“I don’t know about that. After our call, I’m gonna call him!” She said.

“Ok then, we’ll hang up. You call him. I’ll call my pagal sister!” Aarav said and Shalini laughed and hung the call.







“I’m so excited! Christian marriage! WOW!” Nikki said.

“Me too! I have attended Christian marriage but now, my own sister is gonna have a CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE!” Suraj said.

Shalini laughed and hugging Arushi said, “Our Arushi will look like a beautiful white Lilly flower!”

Arushi blushed and her brothers started their hobby – teasing!

One week passed the proposal!

After lot of blackmailing, Sherin and Alia convinced Avin. Khushi shed one tear and Arushi was instantly ready. Both the families discussed about the marriage and it was Shalini who suggested a mix of cultures.

They would have engagement from church. Then they would carry out pre-marriage rituals of Hindu culture, like Sangeet, haldi etc. After that they would have two types of wedding. First one, from church and the second one from mandir.

Both the families liked the idea and they readily agreed.

But the problem occurred with Aarav. He was all ready to cut his classes and come but Arushi had called Viren to know about their schedules who informed her that they have tight schedule and missing one day class would mean a lot.

And it was how they all decided.

Arushi and Avin will marry from London!



May 11, 2016

New characters (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 34 times)

Hello guys, thought to insert pictures of our new heros.

1. Aarav Singh Raizada (with or without specs...? your choice!)


2. Shalini Malhotra

3. Arushi Singh Raizada

4. Avin Robert Ryder

5. Suraj Singh Raizada

6. Nikhil Kis**** (Nikki)

7. Sherin Robert Ryder

8. Alia Robert Ryder

9. Mr and Mrs. Ryder

Hope everyone liked my choice!

May 11, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 39 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 57 times)

 Chapter 39

Both Ryders and Raizadas had their company guest houses at London and the family settled there.

Aarav and Viren moved to the guest house and they would go to college from there.

The engagement was over and the wedding is on next Sunday.

Everyone was busy with the wedding rituals. Akash designed Arushi’s lehengas for haldi, Sangeet and mehendi. And guess who designed her wedding gown? Her dear papa!

Yes, after 11 years of gap, Arnav Singh Raizada tried his designing skills. It wasn’t as bad as he thought. After one day and two nights, he finished his dear daughter’s wedding gown. Arushi almost cried in happiness seeing her papa’s beautiful design. It was the best dress she had ever seen.


“So Aashi? How do you feel?” Nikki asked as a reporter with a newspaper kept towards Arushi as mic.

“Nikki....” Arushi whined and threw a pillow towards him.

Suraj took the mic and said, “This is Suraj Singh Raizada reporting from Arushi Singh Raizada’s, the soon to be Ryder’s, bedroom. Arushi, our viewers would like to know how you feel as it’s your mehendi tomorrow and you would be writing your fiance’s name on it?”

He extended the mic to her.

Arushi looked down and Shalini held the mic and said,

“Mr. Suraj, I’m Shalini, our bride’s friend. And I will tell you how she feel. As you can see, the word fiance brought red colour to her cheek, so tomorrow you can see her blushing as a beetroot!”

“Shalu....” Arushi squealed and pushed her.

Everyone roared into laughter.



Meanwhile at Ryder’s guesthouse.

“SHERIN...ALIA....STOP IT!” Avin shouted.

“Kyun? What are you planning to do on your honeymoon? Tell us na!”Alia squealed.

“By the way, where are you going? You never told us about it?” Sherin asked.

“We’re not going for honeymoon!” Avin declared.

“WHAT? WHY?” His sisters shouted.

“Because, we have to attend college!” Avin said casually.

“IDIOT!” Sherin slapped his head and said, “You should take your wife out! That’s final! ALIA, BRING MY LAPTOP!”

Alia ran and brought Sherin’s laptop.

Sherin opened Google and searched, “Best Honeymoon Destinations”

“Sherin what’re you doing?” Avin asked irritated.

“SHUT UP!” Sherin shouted and continued her search with Alia looking at the screen.

After hours of search, Alia squealed,

“So it’s fixed. Avin bhai and Aashi di will go to Bali!”

“Excuse me, I’m not going for any honeymoon!” Avin said.

“Why?” Sherin asked.

Avin sighed and said, “Sherin, you know that this marriage is not out of love or something. Dad and mom asked for her hand and they agreed. That’s it!”

“Avin, whatever it is, she is going to be your wife!” Sherin said seriously, “No matter what, she is your part of life now. You should fulfil every responsibility of a husband. She expects you to be loyal to her!”

“I’ll be!” Avin said, “I’ll be a good husband, a good friend, loyal to her. But how can I promise that I’ll love her? I don’t love her. I just see her as a friend!”

“You’ll fall for her!” Alia said, “I’m damn sure! Before my 10th board results come, you’ll be mad in love with her!”

Sherin chuckled hearing her ‘board result deadline’ and said to Avin, “Avin, you need not say I love you Arushi or something. Just be friendly to her, be responsible and be her best friend! For every relation, you first need to be friends!”

“ Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai says, Pyaar to dosthi hai!” Alia squealed.

Sherin laughed and said, “Right! Pyaar to dosthi hai!”






Days passed and it was the previous night of wedding.

Arushi lied on her bed.

I’m getting married tomorrow. By tomorrow evening, I’ll be someone’s wife. I’m no more the same girl! I’ll be Arushi Robert Ryder. I’ll be a wife, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law.

She tossed on her bed unable to sleep. Her mind recalled Avin’s words when they talked about the marriage.

“Arushi, as you see, err....I...I like you, but as a friend. I never felt anything more than that. You’re a very good girl! And you’ll be a perfect wife! I’m ready for this marriage because I think I’ll not get anyone better than you in my life. And my family is also happy with you!”

After a pause, he said,

“Arushi, I promise I will be a good husband, a good friend, a good companion....but I cannot promise you that I’ll love you! I cannot promise you a love story like your parents’ or my parents’. I’ll be there with you always, as a pillar, but....”

“I understand Avin....” Arushi said slowly, “Even I also expect that. I want a good husband but more than that I need a good friend. I want someone who will understand me and my dreams and will never impose his decisions or likes on me. And I think you’re the best person I can ever get!”

He doesn’t love me, but I do!

Arushi said to herself.

“It must be something compromise for you Avin. But for me, this marriage is very valuable. I love you so much! But if you want me as your best friend, then yes, I’m ready for that!” She mumbled to herself and buried her face in the pillow.



I’m getting married tomorrow.

I’m no more a bachelor.

Tomorrow, I’ll have someone beside me as my wife. By tomorrow, I’ll be someone’s husband, son-in-law and brother-in-law!


She is the best friend one can have!

Avin tossed on his bed.

He likes Aashi. But he never felt anything for her like he felt for Shalini. When he was with Aashi, he felt happy but when he was with Shalini, he felt overwhelmed.

He recalled Arnav’s words when he talked with him.

“Uncle, you know that I...I loved Shalini...” Avin said.

Arnav nodded and said, “But you yourself said that you’re gonna forget her!”

“It’s not easy uncle. I’m not able to forget her!”

“Shalini was not destined for you Avin,” Arnav said, “Listen Avin, if you agree for this marriage, then I’ll be the happiest person in the world!”

Avin looked at him and Arnav continued,

“Do you know something? Every parent in this world sent their daughter off with a person whom they barely know. They know them only for two or three months and they marry off their daughter. Even in the case of love marriages, parents do not know the boy, the daughter knows. But my case is different.”

After a pause, Arnav said,

“I have known you for 11 years Avin. I know each and every behaviour of yours and I know that you’re a very good man. There cannot be a better choice for my daughter. If you agree for this marriage, then I’ll happy and tension free because I’m sending my daughter with a man whom I know well, whom I can trust! If you marry my daughter, then the father in me will be very happy because I very well know that you’ll never let a tear fell from her eyes!”

Avin looked at him and Arnav said,

“I’m being selfish here Avin. I want my daughter to be happy and safe. And I’m damn sure, no one except you can keep her happy and safe!”

“I’ll try my best Aashi!” He mumbled, “I’ll be a very good husband!”





Arushi who was tossing on her bed for sleep sat up startled hearing the voice.

She looked to the door and saw Suraj and Nikki standing with some bottles and glasses.

“Arrey, you’re on bed? It’s just 9.30!” Nikki said.

“Aashi, you’re getting married tomorrow! So tonight, WE’RE GONNA ENJOY!” Suraj shouted.

“YYAAAYYY!” Nikki said and Arushi laughed.

“Where is Aarav bhai and Shalini?” she asked.

“Aah! The love birds might be busy romancing!” Suraj said.

“WHAT?” Nikki and Arushi shouted.

Suraj looked at them and said, “Don’t tell that you both are unaware of their love!”

“We know that they both love each other, but have they confessed?” Arushi asked.

“I don’t know but don’t you think Shalini is a bit girly-girly nowadays?” Suraj asked.

“What do you mean bhai?” Nikki asked.

“I mean, can’t you see that the girl is blushing, smiling, caring a lot about her looks. That’s very unusual about Shalini! And plus, I know that they both are romancing because I have witnessed their romance once!” Suraj said.

“WHAT? WHEN?” Arushi and Nikki shouted.

Suraj smiled and narrated the incident when Arnav first came to RM as Ryan and he had gone to Aarav’s room to call him.

“They both were standing close and bhai was caressing her face!” Suraj said.


Arushi and Nikki shouted.

Arushi cried excitedly, “Come on, let’s catch them red handed!”    

And the trio stepped out of the room.




Shalini rested her head on his chest inhaling his manly scent. Hugging him tightly by his waist she murmured, “Don’t leave me...”

Aarav hugged her tight, kissing her hair, said, “I was just joking Shona....why would I leave you? You’re my life!”

She whispered, “Then why did you say ‘Ek baar tumhara haath **** diya, phir dobara nahi pakdoonga’?” (Once I leave your hand, I won’t hold it again)

“That was a harmless joke!” Aarav murmured and patted her back, “I’m sorry Shona...”

She withdrew from the hug. Sniffing her nose and wiping a lone tear that escaped her eye she said dangerously, “Don’t utter such words again or you’ll be killed!”

He chuckled and nodded.

“You come here!” He said and extended his hands.

She hugged him tight and he whispered in her ears, “You’re my life. I won’t even think about leaving you.” She nodded.

They withdrew from the hug and he caressed her face and left a kiss on her forehead. She smiled and looked at him.

He came closer to her and she started taking steps backward. He walked forward and she walked backward till her back hit the wall on the terrace.

He stood close to her. The moonlight that lit the terrace was making her more beautiful. Aarav looked at his girl who had her eyes closed and lips parted. The moonlight caressed her cheeks making her glowing. Her long hair which was open was lying on her front caressing her neck.

He lifted his hand and moved her hair to back from her neck. She gasped feeling his fingers moving on her neck. His fingers rose from the neck to her cheek and he cupped her face with his both hands.

She felt his breath coming closer and closer. She closed her eyes tightly feeling his breath falling on her lips. She held his waist tightly and whispered, “Aa...ra...v”

The next moment she felt his lips on her. Shalini felt numb for a second. His right hand left her face and slid into her thick hair pulling her to him.

She didn’t know what happened next. She lost herself in him. She lifted her hands up to his shoulder and held it tightly. They both kept kissing for a while when they parted for breath.

He rested his forehead on her. He looked at her who had her eyes closed and trying to catch breath.

“I love you Shalini”

He whispered and she opened her eyes at him.

“I love you so much” he whispered and leaned to peck her lips.

She felt numb hearing his words.

How much did she wait for these words?

She felt him pecking her lips and she jerked.

She looked at him who was looking at her. His eyes had nothing but love, care and affection. She smiled in tears and hugged him tight.

“I love you too Aarav....” She mumbled on his neck and he smiled hiding his face in her long thick mane.

3 minutes.....7 minutes.....15 minutes....passed by. But they still stood in the hug feeling the warmth of their partner.

They wouldn’t have broken it if they didn’t hear it.




Arushi, Nikki and Suraj searched Aarav and Shalini in their rooms but as they expected their beds were empty.

They searched for them in the whole house when Suraj pointed out that the terrace door is opened.

Without wasting a minute the trio rushed to terrace and saw the sight.

Their khadoos brother was hugging their best friend.

Arushi had her mouth in O shape while Nikki had wide eyes. Suraj had a sly smile on his face. The trio looked at each other and then called out,




Aarav and Shalini moved apart and looked here and there except their siblings.

“Kya ho raha hai yaha?” Arushi asked innocently.

Suraj and Nikki hid their smile.

“Why are you both here?” Aarav asked.

“Bhai, tomorrow is our sister’s marriage. So we thought to have a small party kind of here. We have bought some drinks and food, so can we have party?” Suraj asked.

“So ladoo, if you romance is over, will you and your girlfriend kindly join our small party?” Nikki asked and Aarav glared at him while Shalini looked down.




May 12, 2016

Arshi FF: Memories chapter 40 Last Part (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 94 times)

Chapter 40 (last part)



“Avin Robert Ryder, do you take Ms. Arushi Singh Raizada, daughter of Arnav and Khushi Singh Raizada to be your wife? Do you promise to love, honour, cherish and protect her, forsaking all others and holding only to her forevermore?" Father asked.

“I do”

“Arushi Singh Raizada, do you take Mr. Avin Robert Ryder, son of Samuel and Catherine Robert Ryder to be your husband? Do you promise to love, honour, cherish and protect him, forsaking all others and holding only to him forevermore?”

“I do”


“I, Avin Robert Ryder, take Arushi Singh Raizada to be my wife. To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and I promise my love to you forever more.”

“I, Arushi Singh Raizada, take Avin Robert Ryder to be my husband. To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and I promise my love to you forever more.”

Rings were exchanged and they both joined their hands.

“Avin Robert Ryder and Arushi Singh Raizada in so much as the two of you have agreed to live together in Matrimony, have promised your love for each other by these vows, the giving of these rings and the joining of your hands. I now declare you to be husband and wife.

May the Lord bless you and keep you happy. May the Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you! May the Lord lift up his countenance unto you and give you peace!

I present to you Mr. And Mrs. Avin Robert Ryder.”

 “Congratulations, you many kiss your bride!” father declared.

Sherin laughed and said, “This is what I was waiting for!” She switched on her camera and shouted, “Come on Avin, do it!”

Everyone laughed and Avin and Arushi stood flushed.

Avin looked at the father and asked with low voice, “Father, is it necessary?”

Father smiled and nodded.

“Come on Avin bhai, it’s a golden chance!” Alia squealed.

Everyone hooted and whistled.

Avin cupped her face and leaned closer. Arushi closed her eyes tightly. Avin leaned closer and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Arushi slowly opened her eyes feeling the kiss on forehead. He withdrew his hand and looked at her. She smiled widely and he too did the same.

“Arrey yaar!” Sherin whined.

“That was cute!” Suraj said and Nikki whistled while the elders smiled.





Two weeks passed the wedding.

Arushi is happy at her in-laws. Of course she would be! After all she has a child-like-father in law and mother in law, a loving Buaji, caring sister-in-law, a naughty sister-in-law, plus a good and responsible husband.

It was really hard for both Avin and Arushi to get adjusted in the bond of marriage. But their trip to Bali made them closer. They are not lovers or couple, they do not have any intimacy or any cosy moment but each moment they spent made their friendship stronger. Each moment they spent made both of them feel warmth and contented in each other’s presence.

Sherin is now graduated from her course. Technically, she is now a journalist! She is on her job hunt and is preparing for an interview at Delhi Sun Rise newspaper.

Alia is busy with her 10th board exams and Arushi is helping her with trigonometry, her master subject.



But things are not alright at Raizada Mansion.

No matter what, Arushi’s absence is screaming in RM. Although she visits them every day evening after her college, she is missed at home.

Suraj went back to Ahmadabad since his vacation is over and everyone is now feeling bored without children’s voice around the house.

Oh yes, Nikki with his noisy behaviour is able to cheer up everybody but Arushi, Aarav and Suraj are really missed by everyone.



Everything was alright, when suddenly, one day, it happened!



“How is he doctor?”

Khushi asked worriedly and doctor said, “He is critical. The accident was very fatal. We need O-ve blood urgently. Could you please arrange it?”

“Doctor, my blood is O-ve” Arushi said instantly.

Doctor asked her to accompany the nurse for taking blood and he turned to Khushi and said,

“We’re trying! Let’s hope for the best!”

And he walked into the operation theatre.


Khushi slumped on the bench and Lavanya and Garima held her. “Khusi, sambhalo apne aap ko!” Garima said hugging her daughter.

NK gave her a glass of water and then turned to Akash.

“Where is that girl?” NK asked to Akash.

Akash pointed to a room and said, “She is being treated there.”

“Who is that girl?” Mami asked.

NK and Akash shrugged their shoulders and said, “Wo ma, she was found along with him in the car.”

Buaji asked, “Hai re Nandkis****, what’s happening with our family? Hope Arnav bitwa is fine!”

Doctor came out from the girl’s room and Akash asked him “How is she doctor?”

“Is she your daughter?” Doctor asked.

Akash nodded no and doctor said, “Well she is alright and asking for her parents. I thought she is your daughter. Let me go and ask her who her parents are!”

NK said, “We’ll ask her doctor.”

Doctor nodded and moved away and NK and Akash moved inside the room.


They entered and saw a cute girl of 6 years sitting on the bed with bandages on her head and hands.

“What’s your name sweetheart?” Akash asked softly.

The girl looked at them with her round big eyes showing fear. She moved back on the bed moving away from them.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, we won’t hurt you!” NK said.

The girl looked at both of them and said in her baby voice, “Ruhi!”

“So your name is Ruhi?” Akash asked and she nodded.

“Where is your papa?” NK asked and she looked down.

“I don’t know...” she said in cracking voice and began to cry.

Akash sat by her side and caressed her hair.

“Don’t cry angel. Tell me your papa’s and mamma’s name. We’ll take you to them.” He said softly.

“Raman Bhalla aur I****a Bhalla” she said in her baby voice.

Akash nodded and asked, “How did you reach here?”

Ruhi started to cry. Hiccupping she said, “Woh I was waiting for Ishima to pick me up from school when some people came in van and kidnapped me....they took me somewhere and.....and tied up me. They were talking about...about...ra...ran...” she stammered not able to pronounce it. “”

“Ransom?” Akash asked.

“Ha wahi!” Ruhi said and continued, “They then carried me in a van saying that they should change the hiding location. I jumped out of the car...and ran....”

“Then?” NK asked.

“I was about to hit by a car. The car stopped and an uncle came out and asked me what happened. I told him and he took me into his car and started to drive. Gunda log started to follow us and uncle increased the speed. Then a truck came opposite and then I don’t remember anything.” Ruhi said crying hysterically now.

Akash said, “So that was how bhai’s car got into accident.” NK nodded.

Akash suddenly said, “NK, if Ruhi is kidnapped then definitely her parents would approach police. You call Abhisekh.”

NK nodded and walked out to call Abhisekh while Akash sat consoling Ruhi.

At the same time he was worried for his brother. His car had gone out of control as the truck approached unexpectedly and in the hysterical moment he had pushed Ruhi out. Ruhi is not much injured but his bhai is.

Will this accident cause something fatal for bhai? Bhai was recovering! He was adjusting well with the family. I really hope nothing bad happens!




“Ruhi!!! Mera bacha!!!!!!” I****a Bhalla cried as she hugged her daughter.

“Ishimaaaaaaaaa!” Ruhi cried on her shoulder.

Raman hugged Akash and said, “Thank you so much for saving my daughter.”

Akash smiled and said, “Don’t thank me. You should thank my brother. He was the one who saved her.”

“Where is he?” I****a asked and Akash pointed to the operation theatre.

“Ishima, I want to thank that uncle” Ruhi said cutely and I****a nodded and said, “We’ll stay here till he recovers.”

“Arrey nahi, it’s okay!” Akash said.

Raman said, “No Mr. Akash, if not for him, we would have lost our daughter. Those scoundrels were planning to kill her. We want to thank him!”

It was then the doctor came out and everyone ran to him.

“How is he doctor?” Khushi asked in tears.

Doctor said, “He is conscious now. You may go inside. Don’t worry, he is perfectly fine!”

Khushi thanked him and everyone rushed inside to find Arnav sitting on bed leaning on the pillows with his one leg plastered.

He smiled and called out weakly, “Khushi...”

Khushi hugged him tight and said, “I was so scared Arnav ji. Thank god you’re safe!”

He smiled and said, “I remember Khushi...”

Everyone looked at him confused. “Remember what?” Khushi asked.

“Everything” he said smiling.


The End.

Epilogue will be posted.

May 14, 2016

Arshi SS: Memories EPILOGUE (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 129 times)


Eight years passed by.

Arnav stood before the mirror and looked at himself.

An accident had took away all his memories and another accident returned it to him. His lips curved into a smile recalling how his daughter and son had hugged him tight choking him to death on learning that he recalls everything.

He buttoned his coat and got ready for the party. Yes, it's his and Khushi's wedding anniversary!

"Arnav ji...." He heard his wife's melodious voice calling him and he turned to her. "Arnav ji, can you please go and solve the new issue of your son and daughter-in-law?"

Arnav laughed and walked to his son's room.

"WHAT'S YOUR DAMN PROBLEM?" Aarav shouted at the top of his voice.




"Come, what's the new issue?" Arnav asked as he got into their room.

"Dad, your bahu is not allowing me to wear this white shirt and blue jeans for the party!" Aarav complained.

"And why is that?" Arnav asked.

"Papa, the reason is your son looks damn hot in that costume and i don't want all girls in the party to aaahhh and ooohhhh at him!" Shalini said angrily.

"I like this dress and I'M GONNA WEAR THIS!" Aarav shouted.

"YOU WON'T WEAR IT!" Shalini shouted

"Shooo.....shooo....stop it!" Arnav cried, "Aarav, if your wife is unhappy then leave it! You wear something else!"

"Papa, you are also supporting her?" Aarav asked in disbelief.

"It's not about supporting! What's the use of grooming up if your wife doesn't drool at you! Come on Aarav, impress your wife not other girls!" Arnav said.

"YYAAAYYYY....Salute you PAPA!" Shalini shouted.

"Whatever!" Aarav muttered and walked to wardrobe to take another shirt while Arnav and Shalini hi-fived.

It was Arnav’s and Khushi’s wedding anniversary and whole RM was decorated with flowers and lights. The Event management was done by none other than Suraj Singh Raizada and his event management company Lilies.

After his interior designing course at Ahmadabad, Suraj had joined a company as interior designer. It was then he got the idea of starting an event management company where he can use his interior designing skills and also management skills. It was how his Lilies bloomed with the help of his father and Arnav chachu.

Nikki is now a well know lawyer of Delhi. He is famous for his excellence in presentation and precision of words. He also won the award of ‘Youngest Lawyer of India’.

Sherin is not the same girl who walked over the entrance of Delhi Sun Rise as a feature writer. She is now the chief editor of Delhi Sun Rise newspaper and is happily married to Samar Rathode, owner of RS constructions, a well known construction company of India, with whom she had a tug of war because she had published the weaker and negative side of RS constructions in her newspaper. Well, after a lot of fighting and issues, they had realized that they both feel for each other and bravo! They are married.

Alia, well she is still the same bubbly and chirpy girl, is on her last year architecture and is planning to join her jeeju’s company after studies.

Well now, coming back to our Raizada siblings – Arushi and Aarav!

Arushi and Avin are happily married now. Years back, Arushi had an accident due to which she was in critical stage. It was then Avin realized that he is madly in love with his wife. He then realized that he feel something special for Arushi, which he had never felt for anyone else. And then he realized that the ‘special’ feeling was nothing but love. When she opened her eyes he had hugged her tightly and shouted, “I LOVE YOU ARUSHI!” From that day, they entered a new relation – husband and wife. Till then they were good friends, but now, they are a sweet and romantic couple who are madly in love with each other.

Did I forget to mention little Ryan?


Ryan Robert Ryder! Yes, Arushi and Avin had named their son as Ryan Robert Ryder, a memory of Avin’s late uncle and also a symbol of love which was showered on them by Arushi’s papa and Avin’s Ryan uncle, Arnav Singh Raizada!

Ryan is two year old and is very naughty, like his mother as per his father and like his father as per his mother! Arushi completed her BBA and MBA and is now working with Avin in Ryder group.

Now coming to our hero, AARAV!

Well, Aarav is a replica of ASR. He took over AR from his Arnav papa and Akash chachu and the world saw another ruthless arrogant business man.

Although he is tough and rough outside, to his family he is a sweet family man. Happily married to his jangli billi lady love, Shalini, he is head over heels in love with her.

Shalini is working with him in AR. She helps him in his work, but the main intension of hers to join AR is to keep her patidev away from the living mannequins! *wink*


Why am I forgetting the little ones?

Readers, presenting to you,

Sharav Singh Raizada and Aalini Singh Raizada!

Naughty twins of Aarav and Shalini.

They are three year old but the two are enough to turn RM upside down. One fine morning Arnav was running around RM with burning chin as the twins had mixed chilli powder in his shaving cream. The same day Khushi was crying out loud that her hair became white all of a sudden and she became very old! But that was the kids prank! They had coloured her hair white during night.



The party was on full swing and media clicked pics of Mr. And Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada.


Krishna mama clicked the family photo of Raizadas where everyone stood smiling.

It was – another memory to cherish!

May 15, 2016

Thank you (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 70 times)

Hello readers,

it's me Archana Suresh.

I want to thank all of you for appreciating my story Arshi FF: Memories. To be honest, i didn't think that the story would click! Glad that everyone liked it and really happy that you all liked the casting! I really thank each and every reader of my story. A special thanks for all those who commented and encouraged me. If there were no comments then i would have probably discontinued the story because it were the comments that encouraged me.



Love you all


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