Money can buy everything, but for a temporary phase: Gaurav S Bajaj

Apr 7, 2016

Money can buy everything, but for a temporary phase: Gaurav S Bajaj (By Medsuper)

Gaurav S Bajaj, the man who is winning accolades for his performance for Life OK’s daily Piya Rangrezz is one of the most good looking and witty actors in the industry. The handsome hunk got chatty with and gave some cool investment tips in our Lifestyle (Money) section. Have a look…

Money can buy everything in the world?

Yes, money can buy everything, but only for a temporary phase.

Virtue or vice?


First pocket money?

Ten rupees per day. And it used to mean a lot at that time.

First salary?

80K for my first show Palkon Ke Chaon Mein.

Most expensive buy?

My car. It is worth 70 Lakh rupees.

Do you believe in charity?

Yes, I do. But I believe in donating few essential goods to the needy people, rather than money.

Do you ever gamble?

Yes, I have done that quite a few times.

Have you ever stolen money?


Have you ever bought a lottery ticket?

I don't believe in luck but in blessings. I have never ever done that.

Do you invest?

Yes, I do, as my dad suggests.

How much have you saved till now?

I have but won’t reveal the figure (laugh).

Spendthrift or a miser?

Extremely spendthrift.

Dream bank balance figure?

Something that should match my mobile number (wink).

Credit : Tellychakkar

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