Tujh main rab dikhta hai

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Apr 19, 2016

Tujh main rab dikhta hai (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 96 times)

Cladding in a peach colour anarkali, holding a glittery gift box and wearing her million dollar smile Khushi entered the marriage hall of her cousin sister Anjali. Anjali was sitting there, looking absolutely breathe taking gorgeous in her marriage attire with her husband Shyam Manohar Jha. And were looking like match made in heaven. Khushi halted at the gateway starring at her Anju di with smile. Oh!! How happy she is looking. I wish she will be always like this, Khushi prayed to her devi maya.

Anjali blushed as some of her friend teased her by her husband’s name. and just then Payal, who was Khushi’s college mate and best friends, found Khushi at doorway. She gestured at Anjali.

Anjali whispered in her ear- go and tell her that buffet dinner is that way and thank her on behalf of me for coming here.

She said that with a glint of anger but hearing that Payal giggled. Anjali glared at her.

Payal stopped and left from there.

Just then a handsome man wearing shrwani came there but with a copyright smirk adorning his beautiful face. Shyam finally spotted his most important guest of that evening, Arnav Singh Raizada.

Arnav gave him a hug- congratulation bhai. I’m so happy for you.

Shyam- but Arnav, don’t you think you have come a bit early on your brother’s marriage. What was the need of this hurry?

Arnav- oh.. come on bhai, you can taunt me later, first introduce me with my bhabi.

Shyam sighed- you know what some one should learn from you how to avoid talk and even commanding after doing a mistake. Great!!

In reply he just got another hug from Arnav which was sufficient to cool down his fake anger. He smiled-ok, stop buttering me by giving me jhappi..

Arnav laughed, Shyam said to Anjali- Anjali, he is Arnav. Ratna Bua’s elder son.(turning to Arnav) and Arnav..

Arnav interpreted saying- and she is my Anjali bhabi. I don’t need this introduction bhai.

He said winking at him.

Arnav turned to Anjali- bhabi, congtrats. Wish you both a happy and blissful marriage life.

Anjali- thank you Arnav. but why are you late?

Shyam- don’t ask him Anjali, excuses are always ready with him.

Arnav wrapped his arm around Shyam- but bhai excuses are only meant for you(he said blinking his eyebrows innocently) but not for any beautiful lady.

Anjali smiled shyly.

Shyam- achha??

Arnav- ofcourse. Unless you tell me bhabi, who would like to answer all his endless question?? Bhai aap honge lawyer apne court mein but ghar mein to judge meri bhabi hai.

Shyam hit him playfully- and you are not allowed to enter that premises of court and you will be sent to jail trying to disrespect  the lawyer within the premises, according the secion…

Arnav exclaimed trying to stop Shyam from continuing his lecture- bhabi!!! Look at that girl.

Anjali along with Shyam turned to see whom he was referring. And there they found khushi who was talking to Payal.

Anjali looked at him- do you know her?

Without thinking Arnav said- yes bhabi.. do you know who is she?

Anjali shook her head in no- NO.

Arnav replied sheepishly- my fiancée.

Shyam’s eyes widen while Anjali chocked. They both looked at each other trying to hide their smile imagining what will be Arnav’s reaction after knowing who was Khushi.

Shyam- ohh.. you did not tell me it earlier?

Arnav- actually bhai we were planning to give you this as a surprise. You know our love story started at NY airport when we first met each other and then it converted to love.. pure love and I proposed her for marriage, she readily accepted so technically she is my fiancée now.

Shyam- hmm.. lovely love story man.

Arnav nodded his head and was about to say something, when he found Khushi coming to Anjali hugging her wishing her- many many congratulations di..  and congrats jiju.

Arnav’s eyes popped out from its shocket and he then met the playful looks of his bhai and bhabi.


It was their first meeting. The beginning of a very beautiful love story.


It was raining heavily, Khushi had already come out from her college before half an hour while it was drizzling thinking she might get some cab but to her bad luck she did not get and over this she was alone that day as Payal was ill. Tomorrow is her dad’s 50th birthday and she have a lot to shop. Staring from cherry for preparing cake to wrapper and ribbons. How will she manage to do all this?

She tried to dial her brother Karan to come there and help her but his phone was switched off. She was now almost wet due to this bad weather over to this the hunger eyes of road side fellows were fearing her also. She was feeling uncomfortable under these nasty eyes.

And there a bike came, the man got down and hurried inside the bus stop where some people were standing. Removing his helmet, he wiped his face. Looking at his watch continuously. His eyes roam around and there he spotted his fake fiancée looking nervous.

Arnav came there- hey.. you here??

Khushi looked at him trying to remember does she know him.

Arnav understood her inner turmoil- Arnav. remember we met in Anjali bhabi’s marriage.

Khushi-ohh… hii. Sorry I could not recognize you.

Arnav- no, that’s fine. But what are you doing here??

Khushi- what does it look like?

Arnav-errr.. I can’t find any scooty near by, so waiting for any bus or cab??

Khushi- yes, but it was my badluck today. Just now I came to know from this uncle that today there is strike for which all mode of transpirations are stopped for 24 hours.

Arnav- I see.. don’t worry, I will drop you at your place.

Khushi- you sure??

Arnav- unless your house is in some graveyard.

Khushi chuckled- scared of ghosts??

She asked in a teasing voice.

Arnav- no.. scared of witch and same time excited to meet her.

Khushi raised her eyebrow- and why this?

Arnav- I have heard that witches are very attractive..

Khushi-actually I have not met then yet, I will explain you their look once I have a meeting with them. Ok??

They laughed.

When they reached Khushi’s house, they saw Anjali and Shyam there. Seeing Arnav there with Khushi they were astonished as well as confused. Arnav smiled looking at them, Khushi went inside after greeting them.

Anjali asked- devarji, kya chal kya raha hai?? Kahi story aaj real track pe to nehi hai na??

Arnav- bhabi, if anything happens like this then you should be happy, right?? After all you will get your sister as your SIL.

Shyam- are you serious Arnav?

Arnav- even if I am, still there is very less chance??

Anjali- matlab??

Arnav- she does not recognize me at first bhabi.

Anjali smiled lovingly- that’s because she had not got the chance to talk to you or know you that day Arnav. and it is obvious in her part not to remember that face in that crowd.

Arnav- hmm..

Suddenly Khushi came there with tea cups. She sat beside Anjali offering everyone. Whole time passed Khushi chitchatting with Anjali, giggling with her and Arnav being lost in her antics.

While they were busy, they saw a little girl of 5 years old came there rubbing her tiny eyes cutely.

Sara- di..

Khushi looked at her- Sara..why did you wake up baby?? You should sleep, you are not well.

Ahana- I can’t sleep without you di. Karan bhai is not here and Papu is talking over phone.

Khushi-aww.. all forgot my baby.

She turned to Anjali and Shyam- di, jiju, I will be back soon.

They nodded and Khushi left.

As Khushi left, Arnav asked Anjali- bhabi, who is Sara?

Anjali- Khushi’s sister..

Arnav- sister!! But she is so younger than Khushi.

Anjali- actually when Khushi one day found Sara on road side when she was just few days old. And took her with her. Uncle and aunty also accepted Sara and from that day Sara is here not as Khushi’s sister but as her daughter. You know she was just 17 when she found Sara.


Laying on his comfort bed, Arnav stared at the ceiling. And his thoughts were driven by the name Khushi.

Few days have been passed. Arnav and Khushi were quite comfortable with each other, for Arnav Khushi was becoming his life day by day, but for Khushi Arnav was just Arnav. her one of the friend among those long list.

The result of karan’s 12th board was about declare. More than karan, Khushi was nervous, counting her devimaya’s name, praying her to give her brother the best.  That day Arnav witnessed the sister in her who was ready to fight with destiny to give her brother the best.

 It was as usual day for Arnav, but Khushi’s face was dull. Arnav asked as he looked at Khushi who was sitting beside him in car after college- kya baat hai Khushi? karan aur Sara theek hai na?

In reply she answered- today is mamma’s death anniversary..

When they both reached at her place, Khushi rushed inside her papa’s bedroom and found him sitting on floor with a devastated state. Running to him,  she engulfed her dad in her embrace and that day Arnav saw the girl who was both a daughter and mother to her father.


Khushi pleaded Akash- Akash.. yaar please talk to Payal na, you know shw has been crying from hours. She did not mean to hurt you, it was just a slip of tongue. And it was because of me her mood was off. So please yaar, forgive her. It was not her mistake.

She pleaded- please..please..

That day Arnav saw that friend in her, who was ready to accept all the mistakes of her friend so that her friend’s life will be smooth without any throne.


Payal dragged Khushi with her towards the mall. finally their exams are over. Rushing inside the mall, both friend enjoyed a lot. Arnav did not know why, he was not ready to leave Khushi even for a day thinking what if he might lost the chance of seeing another new beautiful person in her.

That day he saw a girl, full of dreams and fantasy. Like all girls, she also has thought of a fairy tale of her.

But her face fell seeing something which darrged Arnav’s attention there. And there he found wedding lehenga.

But soon Khushi diverted her mind and started picking up something else but Arnav’s mind was stuck. His fingers caressed the smooth material of that dress before keeping that inside his locker as if it was a precious thing to be treasured.

It was 14th feb. the best day among 365/366 days for two lovers. Going on his knees, Arnav proposed Khushi, the setting sun was witness of this divine moment.

But that day Khushi kept mum.


Hurriedly Khushi came out of her office as she was already late. Hoping for a cab soon, she was almost running. There she saw Arnav leaning against his car, wearing his black suit and glare on his beautiful eyes.

She twisted her lips sadly. She does not like it when he hides his beautiful eyes behind this glare. She admitted that she looks more good in it but she fails to read his eyes at the same time to which she hates.

She came near him- aap yahan kaise?? Work finished early today?

Arnav looked up at her from his phone. Removing his glare, he roamed his eyes from her head to toe. She started feeling nervous all over sudden. Trying to avoid any other next step she tried to walk past saying- let’s go Arnav. I am already late and Anjali di will kill me if I reach there more late.

She was about to go but soon was pinned in between car and him. her eyes got closed, she knew struggling under him at this moment is never going to be fruitful for her so she tried to keep calm her already heated nerves.

Arnav- I don’t like it at all when anyone makes my girl work like this and that too till this late. Why are you working like a machine Khushi?? am not I earning enough?

She raised her face- let’s not talk about this matter Arnav, unless these small talks will lead us to a big rift.

He clutched her arms tightly- what more rift you are thinking is there Khushi?? do you really think everything is fine between us?? Your rejecting to my proposal, ignoring me, not telling me about your next visit to abroad for almost one month…

Her eyes got widen, how did he come to know about her abroad tour??

Reading her puzzle looks he answered- pyaar kia hai tumse, koi ayasi nehi. And its not that difficult for me to keep an eye on my girl’s movement.

Keeping an eye!! What does he mean by this? Was she any criminal?

Anger was coming in her vision.

Arnav asked again- 6 mahine.. 6 mahine ho gaye hai aur tum abhi tak chup ho??

Khushi asked- aap ko sach main jawab janni hai?? Then listen it very carefully Mr.Riazda.. that for me my papa, karan and Sara will always come first. After marriage I can give you the guarantee of giving my all love to your dad, mom and brother and sister but can you promise me the same in return? I am ready to accept all change that will happen, but are you ready to accept change that will come in your life?? My brother is still a kid for me, Sara does not know what she does or not, papa is not well, is this a stage where I should leave them and that too for my happiness?? How pathetic does it sound Arnav??  and about keeping an eye on me, you should concentrate on other useful things in your life and this will be good for you.


Driving in alone road, Arnav came to halt. Getting down from car he stood there. Two weeks have been passed and Khushi was now in USA for her official work. He took the deep breathe and next time his phone rang indicating a call from karan. He answered abruptly- han karan….. ok, I will be there soon.

He drove towards GH. Rushing inside the house, he heard the soft cry of Sara from her room. as soon as he came inside her room, Sara cried even more. Arnav quickly went and took her from karan wiping her tears-shhh..  what happened to my Sara? Why is my Sara crying??

Sara took his hand and placed that on her forehead which was bandaged. She had met with an accident. Arnav kissed her forehead saying- kuch bhi to nehi hai..

Sara buried her face in crook of his neck- arnie.. dard ho raha hai. Didi ko bulao..

Arnav made her seated on his leg- didi!! That means Sara does not love arnie, right??

Sara shook her head in no- no… Sara loves arnie a lot.

Arnav- then arnie promises that after this Sara will not be in pain, ok??

Sara nodded. Arnav made her drink milk then gave her pain killer. He patted her on his chest till she falls asleep. Then turned to karan- karan you go and prepare for your exam. I have ordered food and its healthy. So just have it and go to your room. ok??

Karan- k jiju.

Arnav smiled as he heard karan calling him “JIJU”

Arnav- and where is papa? I have taken the appointment with doctor so you just tell him not to make any excuse tomorrow morning?

Karan nodded and left. Arnav put Sara into sleep and sat beside her caressing her hair. Not knowing when he dozed off.

But his sleep was broken by a soft touch on his hand. He opened his eyes and sat straight trying to see the person and found Khushi there with teary eyes.

Khushi was running behind Aarav, her younger brother in law cum younger brother- Aarav.. I am tired now. Please have this food, you are becoming thinner day by day.

Aarav stopped- bhabi, this is what you thinks only, have you any idea I am 80 kg now and I am looking like a basket ball.

Khushi- haw.. you mean to say I am at fault.

Aarav- yes.

Khushi- how rude!! Fine don’t talk to me after this and most importantly don’t eat anything made by me.

Saying that she was about go, but Aarav held her hand- bhabi.. esa nehi hai.. main aap ko hurt karna nechi chahata hun. Fine don’t be angry and give me what ever you want and I will eat without making any fuss. I promise.

Khushi pinched his cheek- aww.. that’s like our Aarav. And don’t worry if you want to lose weight then I will wake you up by 6 am from tomorrow and you can work out with Arnav. and you will see, whole college will be behind my devar soon.

Suddenly they heard, her father in law’s voice calling- Khushi.. beta where is my specs?? And I can getting my wallet..

They heard ratna soon saying- Khushi, beta first come and tell me how will it look on Arnav?

Aarav- bhabi, next one will be…

He was left in mid sentence, when they heard their sister Aashi- bhabiiiiii.. I am confused what to wear for today’s party. Please help me..

Khushi giggled with Aarav.

And Arnav was standing there with a smile


Tu hi to jannat meri….. tu hi mera junoon (you are my heaven..my final tryst)

Tu hi to mannat meri… tu hi ruh ka sukoon (you are my prayer..my soul’s bliss)

Tu hi akhiyon ki thandak (you are the calm that I seek)

Tu hi dil ki hai dastak (you are in every heart beat)

Aur kuch na janu main..bas inta hi Janu (I know nothing else..now except)

Tujh main rab dikhta hai yara main kya karoon.. (I see my god in you I don’t know what to do)

Tujh main rab dikhta hai yara main kya karoon.. (I see my god in you I don’t know what to do)

Sajde sar jhukta hai yara main kya karoon.. (I can’t help but bow before you)

Tujh main rab dikhta hai yara main kya karoon. (I see my god in you I don’t know what to do)



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