Checkout: The FIRST promo of 'Adaalat 2' is here and we are excited!

May 7, 2016

Checkout: The FIRST promo of 'Adaalat 2' is here and we are excited! (By Medsuper)

And it's BACK! One of the most critically acclaimed and loved shows on Indian television, 'Adaalat ' is all set to be back with the much awaited season 2.

If you are wondering... you are already aware of this, so what's new? Till now, we have been updating about the various developments going on with the second season of 'Adaalat', but now, the promo is out!

And just as anyone would expect, the promo stands out with total conviction. In a 30 second runtime, we are reminded why is crime still the most alarming thing in our country, how Indians are full of perceptions and how much we loved advocate KD Pathak (Ronit Roy).

The promo portrays a case about a model's suicide, where her boyfriend is the accused one. And as the news becomes viral, how the common people start making assumptions and decisions even before the actual truth is revealed.

Going for the hearing of the court, the boyfriend is hated and protested upon, where one particular person picks up a stone to throw at him. Soon enters our suave, witty and unconventional law maestro, KD Pathak. KD shows a hand full of capsules and asks the guy to take it while the guy refuses as he is shocked. Even after insisting, the man refuses and gets mad at him telling, 'ajeeb zabardasti hai, aap doctor ho kya?' (it's wierd that you insisting so much, are you a doctor?) to which KD just replies in four words, 'aap judge ho kya?' (are you the judge?).

Boom! One reply and the man is forced to shut his mouth.

Then comes the hitting, true and eye-opening dialogue -

'raay rakhne ka adhikar sabko hai, par nyaay dene ka, sirf 'adaalat' ko' (everyone has a right to have an opinion, but the right to give justice is vested only by the court).

The promo makes us go back to the memory lane where KD Pathak, due to his amazing wit, skills and unconventional tactics won the cases with total style.

So, everyone, brace yourself.. to be wowed and bowled over by the best lawyer in town. Because he is back!

Checkout the promo..

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Credit : Tellybuzz

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