Arshi FF: Payback

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May 29, 2016

Arshi FF: Payback 19 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 135 times)

Chapter 19


Her call came. She will come tomorrow,” NK informed others who sighed in relief.

“Thank god!” Payal said, “Now we’ll start our move against Shyam.”

Everyone nodded and then Lavanya asked, “What about Misha?”

Aman nodded and said, “We need to take Misha somewhere. It’s not safe for her to stay here.”

“Why?” Arnav asked and Aman sighed and said, “I saw Shyam looking at her” giving a pause, he added, “In a wrong way!”

“Then we should move her. We’ll do one thing. We can take her to Asha didi’s destitute home! Asha didi will take care of her and plus, her case is similar to people there! The person she loved and trusted betrayed her!” Khushi said and everyone nodded.

“I’ll take Misha there!” NK said and everyone approved it.





Ruhaan was walking from kitchen licking his ice cream when he hit someone hard.

“I’m so sorry!” He said and looked up to see Mr. Gorilla.

Shyam looked at his shirt which had ice cream stain.

“Sorry Mr. Gorilla, I didn’t see you!” Ruhaan said and tried to walk away when Shyam caught him and said angrily, “You spoiled my shirt kid! You have to clean it!”

Ruhaan laughed and said, “You mean, I should clean it? In your dreams!”


“Are you so poor that you don’t have any other shirt other than this?” Ruhaan asked and the next moment he felt his cheek burning and his head tilting to 60°

His cheek was burning like hell and Ruhaan looked up to see a furious Shyam.

Holding his cheek which was red and swollen due to the slap, Ruhaan shouted, “YOU MORON! HIW DARE YOU SLAP ME?”

Shyam snickered and walked away.






“Khushi, where is my watch?” Arnav who walked inside the room asked. Hearing no response he looked at the bed where she was sitting lost in her thoughts.

He sat beside her and held her shoulder. She jerked and looked at him.

“What happened?” He asked softly.

Khushi looked down and said, “I was just thinking about the events that’ll unfold here when she comes! I hope everything will be alright!”

Arnav side hugged her and assured her, “Everything is gonna be alright! We’ll pull Shyam’s mask in front of everyone!”

Khushi hugged her husband tight and said, “Will everyone believe us?”

Arnav sighed and said, “I don’t care if they all believe us or not. But I want Akash to believe us!”

Khushi looked at him.

Arnav continued, “I want him to realize his mistake. I want him to cry and beg for forgiveness and wish for old days! I want him to see with his open eyes that he won’t get back Payal or Adi, anymore! That’s the biggest punishment for him!”

Khushi nodded and said, “I also want the same. I want him to suffer. Even if others walk out freely, I want Akash Raizada to suffer for his whole life! He has made my jiji and my Adi cry!”

“He’ll pay for his sins Khushi! We’ll make him pay!” Arnav assured her and Khushi hugged him tight and he kissed her hairs.

It was then Sonu ran in.

“Annav (Arnav) chachu...Ushi ma (Khushi ma)...”

Arnav and Khushi broke the hug and Khushi lifted baby Sonu in her arms and asked, “What happened Shona?”

“Ushi ma....Roo baiya’s cheek is reddy-reddy (red-red) and it is big like a balloon.” Sonu said in her baby language.

Khushi and Arnav looked at each other and asked, “What happened to him?”

“Mr. Goila (Gorilla) slapped him...” Sonu said.

“WHAT?” Arnav and Khushi shouted.





Raizada mansion echoed a punch and slap.

Shyam fell down on the floor in the impact of a slap from NK and a punch from Arnav.

“Shyam ji....” Anjali cried and helped him stand up.

“ARNAV....WHAT IS THIS?” Dadi shouted.

“Shyam, this is the last time I’m warning you. Don’t you dare hurt my kids anymore, or else, you’ll have your legs and hands broken!” Arnav said dangerously.




Everyone gasped seeing Arnav slapping Anjali!

Pointing his index finger at Anjali, he said dangerously, “A word against my wife or son, I’ll kill you!”

Anjali flinched at his tone and stepped back.


Everyone nodded! As if they have a choice!





“Don’t worry Arnav, the moment she comes, Shyam’s mask will be off and we’ll lock him behind bars, forever!” Aman assured his friend.

Arnav caressed his forehead which had lines of tension and said, “I assured Khushi but I’m tensed. What if something goes...?”

“Nothing will go wrong! We have to, have to, bring out Shyam’s truth...and Anjali’s too!” Aman said firmly.

Arnav nodded and said, “But Akash....Akash will be very broken!”

Aman nodded and said, “Akash blindly follows his di and jeejaaji and will definitely find it difficult to accept their true colour.”

“Ha Aman....but how can he be a spineless idiot? Arrey, doesn’t he have common sense to wonder where Shyam goes for his so called “trips”? What is the need for a lawyer to travel so much?” Arnav said.

“And Anjali....I don’t believe that Akash believe her when she say that her friend is in hospital, her friend is getting married etc. etc. etc. to get money!” Aman said smiling.

“We need to bring out their face before Akash!” Arnav said, “I cannot let them fool my brother!”



Standing by the poolside, Akash Singh Raizada overheard their conversation and was shocked to core. What was he hearing? His di and jeejaaji’s true face? Mask? What mask are they talking about?

Lost in his thoughts, Akash walked away to his room.



“He’s gone” Aman whispered and Arnav laughed, “Poor Akash! Now he’ll puzzle his brain for whole night!”

“Aur now he will think that we all are at his side and wants to help him to come out of the cheaters!” Aman said laughing.

“Like hell I’m on his side! Although he is blinded by them, he have hurt me and my family enough! I’ll never ever forgive him for Payal’s and Adi’s tears!” Arnav said in anger.

Aman nodded and held his palm to calm down his anger.

In his mind, he also agreed to Arnav.

He can never ever forgive Akash for making HIS girl and HIS son cry.





Lying on the bed, Akash ran his mind through their words.

Akash will be very broken!

Akash blindly follows his di and jeejaaji and will definitely find it difficult to accept their true colour

Arrey, doesn’t he have common sense to wonder where Shyam goes for his so called “trips”?

I cannot let them fool my brother!

I don’t believe that Akash believe her when she say that her friend is in hospital, her friend is getting married etc. etc. etc. to get money!

What were they talking about?

Di and Jeejaaji......

Akash blindly follows his di and jeejaaji and will definitely find it difficult to accept their true colour

Accept their true colour

Accept their true colour

Accept their true colour

Accept their true colour

What true colour are they talking about?

Where Shyam goes for his so called “trips”?

Where Shyam goes for his so called “trips”?

Where Shyam goes for his so called “trips”?

Akash felt his mind going to those days.

“Jeejaaji, where are you going?” Akash asked to Shyam who was walking to the living room with a huge luggage with a sad Anjali following him.

“Woh saalesaheb, I have some important work at Lucknow. I’ll be away for a month!”



“Akash, can you book me tickets for Lucknow? I have some work there!”

“But jeejaaji, you came from Kanpur yesterday!” Akash said.

“’s work! How can I ignore my clients?”


What is the need for a lawyer to travel so much?

True! Akash’s mind said to him. A lawyer doesn’t travel much. People travel from different states to meet a lawyer if he is a famous one. Why would lawyers travel? Okay, if they do have some work....but frequently? Jeejaaji goes to Lucknow every month! What work does he have there?


I don’t believe that Akash believe her when she say that her friend is in hospital, her friend is getting married etc. etc. etc. to get money!

I don’t believe that Akash believe her when she say that her friend is in hospital, her friend is getting married etc. etc. etc. to get money!

I don’t believe that Akash believe her when she say that her friend is in hospital, her friend is getting married etc. etc. etc. to get money!

To get money!

To get money!

To get money!

To get money!

To get money!

To get money!

To get money!


Why would di do that?

Okay, I agree di spent lavishly for pooja and shopping but why would she lie that her friend is in hospital for getting money?


“Akash, I need 50 lakh NOW!” Anjali demanded.

“Why di?” He asked confused at his di’s sudden demand of money.

“ friend hai na, Anupama, she is in hospital now. Her mother does not have money for her treatment and I want to help them. It costs high for treatment!”



“Akash... my friend, Neha is getting married. I need to gift her diamond necklace. Please give me your credit card!”



“Akash, Shyam ji’s client is in serious trouble. He needs 10 lakh urgently!”



To get money!

To get money!

To get money!

To get money!

So it’s all a lie?

STOP IT Akash! He chided himself. How can you believe Aman and bhai?

Aman could be lying. But Bhai.....of course, he is now controlled by Khushi and Payal...and of course Aman too added to the list. They are just lying.

But, they were talking to each other discussing something. So surely they weren’t lying.

So are they right?

Are di and jeejaaji lying?

I cannot let them fool my brother!

I cannot let them fool my brother!

I cannot let them fool my brother!

It means, bhai still cares for me. He do not want them to fool me and wants to save me from their clutches. So it means that bhai isn’t lying and he is genuinely trying to save me.

But why would di and jeejaaji lie? Why would they cheat?


Akash clutched his head in frustration.

PS: I'm really sorry friends but i cannot update my stories regularly from now on. As i said earlier, i'm now in 12th std and my work load is increasing. i also have to study my 11th std portions since i have a nightmare waiting for me, ENTRANCE.

i promise i won't abandon my story. it's just that it won't be regular anymore. but i will update it once in two or three days. please don't stop reading my stories.

May 31, 2016

Arshi FF: Payback chapter 20 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 123 times)

Chapter 20


“Aww mere raja....does it pain?” Khushi asked painfully to her son who was sitting with an ice bag on his cheek.

Ruhaan nodded and Ruhi said in anger, “That dare he slap Roo?”

“Roo baiya...” Sonu crawled to Ruhaan and patting his hand, said, “Let’s kill Gorilla!”

Everyone chuckled and Ruhaan said, “We’ll not kill him but will do something more than that!”

Khushi said, “No Ruhaan, you four won’t do anything against him!” “WHY?” The four asked angrily.

“He slapped Roo...he has to pay for that!” Adi said angrily.

Khushi smiled and said, “He slapped my Roo! And he will suffer for that. We elders will give him punishment!”

“Really?” Sonu asked and Khushi nodded.

“Waise, I came to tell you something,” Khushi said, “Lavanya chachi and NK chachu are going for an outing and wants to take you four with them!”

“OUTING? WOW!” Kids squealed and ran to NK and Lavanya’s room.

Khushi sighed and said to herself, “Thank god everything is okay for now! The kids won’t be here when she comes. I don’t want them to witness the drama here!” looking at devi maiyya’s idol she prayed, “Hey devi maiyya take care of everything!”




NK and Lavanya left with the kids and others, except Nani who was resting in her room, were having breakfast when Anjali asked to Akash,

“Akash...I need some money!”

Akash looked at her and asked, “Why?”

“Wo...I was searching some saris online and liked one. I have ordered it and they’ll bring it today” Anjali said casually.

“How much?” Akash asked.


“WHAT?” Akash asked shocked and Arnav, Aman, Khushi and Payal looked at each other smiling at his worry. Obviously he would be worried. After all he does not have money with him!

“Di...I don’t have money!” Akash said.

“Akash, you started working at AKR right?” Shyam asked.

“I started working at AKR yesterday! How on earth would I have money now?” Akash asked angrily, “And di, what was the need for buying saree? And why did you order without asking me? This is heights di! You’re spending too much on shopping. I never complained because I had money to pay but now I don’t have! Can’t you use a bit of your common sense?”

“Akash!” Shyam shouted, “Is this a way to talk to your di?”

“Ha Akash...” Anjali said faking tears, “I liked it. How can you say this to me?”

“Ranisahiba,” Shyam consoled her and said to Akash, “Akash see you sister’s state. How can you be so irresponsible?”

“Hello hi bye bye....damad ji what’s wrong in what Akash said? Anjali bitiya is spending money lavishly. Even I too used to but now that we don’t have money I’m no longer spending a penny! Neither you nor Anjali is earning for the family! Akash is working hard to earn money and you both are blaming him!” Manorama mami retorted seeing Anjali and Shyam blaming her son.

“Bas Manorama!” Dadi shouted, “Anjali is Akash’s sister and its Akash’s responsibility to fulfil her needs. How dare you insult her that she is not earning? She needn’t earn, she is princess of Maliks and Raizadas! So do not repeat this again!”

Akash got frustrated and said, “You guys shouting will not change the truth! I don’t have Rs: 60,000 with me!”

“Then lend it from someone. Those sari people will come and demand money!” Mami said and walked away irritated with the way Anjali, Shyam and dadi was behaving.




“Bhai...please bhai, you can cut it from my salary!” Akash pleaded in front of Arnav who said,

“Mr. Akash, your salary itself is Rs: 50,000. You’re just a PA so we cannot pay you anything more than that! So how can I cut 60,000 from a 50,000 earning man?”

“Bhai, then cut it from my two months’ salary!” Akash pleaded and Arnav agreed, “Okay fine! I’ll pay for your sister’s ‘darling’ saree!”

“There is only one body and she wants to drape every saree of the world around it!” Aman exclaimed and Arnav chuckled and wrote the cheque while Akash glared at Aman.





“Arnav ji!”


“Are you hearing me?”


“Arnav Ji!!!!”


“When will she come?” Khushi asked to her husband who was busy with files.

“Hmmm” He said without lifting his eyes from files.

“Aap aur aapki files!” Khushi muttered and took the file from his hand and threw it away.

“What the!”

“Keep you what the aside and tell me, when will she come?” She demanded with her hand on her hip.

Arnav rolled his eyes and said, “She will come Khushi. Why are you eager on her arrival!”

Khushi sat beside him and said, “Wo kya hai na...I’m so excited for the drama!”

Arnav chuckled and said, “So my wife wants to enjoy the drama!” She nodded like a child. “So should I arrange the living room into a mini theatre and give you a packet of popcorn so that you can sit back and enjoy the scenes?”

“’re so mean?” Khushi said and smacked his chest and he faked a yelp.

“Aren’t you excited?” She asked him.

“Hmm....NO” He said.

“No? WHY?” She asked with a pout.

“I enjoy seeing you pout, not by seeing the drama downstairs!” He said kissing her cheeks.

Khushi giggled and pinched his cheek. Before he could pull her, she ran away with her tongue stuck out at him.




Akash sat in his room recalling the moments that happened before!

How his di demanded for money and jeejaaji supported her. Doesn’t jeejaaji know my financial condition? He should’ve supported me but he didn’t. He supported di and dadi, she said that I should fulfil di’s needs as she is my sister.

She is my sister, not some glass doll that I need to take care of her. Akash muttered but then thought.

Bhai used to take care of her every need. He used to love her like anything but she rebuked him and said that she doesn’t need his help. How bad must have he felt? He loved di more than everyone in this world and the same di turned her face against him. How broken must have been him?

Akash lied on the bed with his mind playing with Aman’s and Arnav’s words that he had overheard.

Are they right?

Are jeejaaji and di really cheating me?

Are they lying on the needs of their money?

Is jeejaaji lying that he is going for trips?

Is everything going around me fake?

Akash messed his hair in frustration.





“Guys!” Arnav barged into Aman’s room where Payal, Khushi and Aman were discussing something.

The trio looked at him and Arnav whispered excitedly, “She is here!”

“WHAT?” Everyone stood up with their faces glowing.

Arnav nodded and said, “She is standing outside RM and is gonna ring the bell!”

And true to words, they heard a bell.


She is here!

To help the six with her act,

She is gonna set a few things right!


“Who are you?” Akash asked to the lady who came inside the house.

Showing the ID card, she said, “Aradhya Diwan from CBI!” 


Jun 4, 2016

Arshi FF: Payback 21 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 144 times)

Chapter 21


“Who are you?” Akash asked to the lady who came inside the house.

Showing the ID card, she said, “Aradhya Diwan from CBI!”

Everyone stood up seeing a CBI officer before them and Anjali asked, “Why are you here?”

She turned back and called some names and many men came running in with guns.

Turning to Anjali, she said, “We’re here to arrest Shyam Manohar Jha and his wife!”

“WHAT? WHY?” Shyam asked.

Aradhya sighed and went out but soon appeared with someone with her. “Mr. Jha, do you remember this girl?” Making the pale and weary girl before him, she asked.

Shyam got pale seeing her before him but said, “No, I don’t know this girl.”

The girl stood shocked and Aradhya chuckled and said, “But she knows you. According to her testimony and the witnesses, you are herhusband!”

Everyone gasped.


Aradhya ignored him and brought a small girl of 5 years with her. “Mr and Mrs. Jha, do you know this little angel?”

Anjali and Shyam grew more and more pale and looked at each other.

“No, we don’t know her!” Anjali and Shyam said.

Aradhya raised her eyebrows and said, “You can fool your family Mr and Mrs. Jha but not us! You’re under arrest! We have enough proofs to prove you guilty!”

The men handcuffed them and Akash shouted, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? HOW CAN YOU ARREST THEM? WHAT CRIME DID THEY DO?”


Turning to Arnav she said, “Thank you Arnav, thank you Aman, without you both catching these criminals would have been impossible!”

Arnav and Aman smiled and the police took them away.

Looking at the family, Aradhya said, “Regarding their crime, you can ask Arnav and Aman. It was them who took pain to gather proofs against them!”

The family looked at them and Arnav rolled his eyes and said, “This women, her name is Malini, she is Shyam’s first wife!”

Everyone gasped and Aman said, “Shyam has married five times, and Anjali is his third wife!”

Arnav nodded and said, “And this little girl, she is Sonali, whose parents were murdered by Shyam and Anjali” He uttered their names in disgust.

“WHAT?” Everyone shouted and Aradhya nodded and said,

“Shyam and Anjali are not the way you see them. They have a dark face behind the mask they wear. Shyam and Anjali are the own many illegal business including **** rackets. CBI had been searching for them for years!”

Payal said to Akash, “Mr. Akash Singh Raizada, where do you think the money from AR went? All these years AR had nothing but losses. That’s because all the capital from AR is used by Anjali and Shyam for their ‘precious’ businesses!”

“And they are very much talented in shipping small children and women.” Arnav said, “They have different name in the **** market because if they give their original name, their game will come to an end! CBI was searching for them since many years!”

“And Sonali...” Aradhya said, “Her parents were businessmen who were trapped by Shyam. He acquired their land, money and everything and demanded their daughter in return. Her parents refused to give them Sonali and fought with Shyam and his men who tried to take his daughter away. And they were murdered, and Sonali was shipped to California!” She said looking at Payal who was caressing the little girl’s hair who was hugging her tightly.

“Where do you think Shyam is going for his trips? He is going to Lucknow which is his centre of businesses!” Arnav said.

“And Anjali...” Khushi said, “She never loved you all. She is exactly like her father and wanted to enjoy all the luxuries for herself. All of you were just atm accounts of her not her family!”

Aman nodded and said, “And Shyam lusts over women. He is nothing but a bloody rapist! The only girl who was saved from his clutches was Khushi!”

Khushi nodded and said, “He stayed at my house at PG and you all know the rest of the story. Still you all never believed me and my jiji since you couldn’t mistrust your precious damad ji and Anjali bitiya!”

Turning to Malini, Aman said, “Malini ji, I’ll drop you at your home and Sonali....just wait for some hours. Your best friend Ruhi will come!” He patted the little girl’s head who nodded her head and clutched Payal’s hand noticing that everyone were looking at her.

“Doesn’t she talk?” Akash asked in a low voice.

“She lost her voice in shock when she saw her parents being murdered...thanks to Anjali and Shyam!” Payal said rudely and took Sonali upstairs.

“Hope you all understood what happened here!” Aradhya said, “I know you all. Arnav is a good friend of mine and had told me the tragic incidents that happened here years ago! Let me tell you something, even if you repent for your mistakes, it’ll be of no use! It’s too late for forgiveness!” And she walked away while her men dragged Shyam and Anjali.





“Hello hi bye bye.....Anjali bitiya aur damad can they do this?” Manorama said in disgust.

“And like fools we believed them!” Dadi said.

“Saasuma, you always supported the Guptas right? Why didn’t you tell us anything about all this?” Manorama asked.

“I knew Khushi bitiya and Payal bitiya are not at fault because I trust them. I knew Shyam was not a good man. But I didn’t know the Anjali bitiya is also in this dirty game. Chi....” Nani said.

In all this, Akash sat mum, with his mind flashing some past incidents.


You reached this position because of my grandmother, parents and me!

All that’s yours is rightfully MINE!

Waise bhi, I don’t need that piece of sh*t. Who knows if I’m the father of that child?

Tell me, my legally wedded wife, when did this affair started? After you stepped out of Shantivan or before that? Tell me truth, is Aditya really my son?

Tell me truth, is Aditya really my son?

Is Aditya really my son?

Is Aditya really my son?

Is Aditya really my son?

Is Aditya really my son?

Is Aditya really my son?

Akash closed his eyes tightly and realized the disgust he was feeling to himself recalling his dirty words. He hates himself for his own words. He is feeling disgusted of himself! much hurt would he have been.

Payal.....I...What did I do?

Adi....I insulted him, my blood!

Akash clutched his hair.



“We’ll meet someday Akash! And that day, you won’t have anything in your hands. You’ll be no less than a beggar! And I’m waiting for that day!” Payal shouted.

“JUST GET OUT!” Akash shouted, “And ASR, remove the Raizada from your name because you’re not one!”


 Akash clutched his hair tightly and tears rolled down his eyes.

What have I done?

He suddenly stood up and rushed to her room.






“You okay right?” Aman asked to Payal who was sobbing lightly.

Wiping her tears and smiling faintly, she said, “I’m fine!”

He smiled and said, “So now your sole mission of life is complete!”

She nodded and said, “I wanted them to realize the same pain we faced. And now that’s what is happening. I want Akash to cry and hate himself for uttering those hateful words.”

Aman patted her shoulder and said, “They are going to repent for every action of theirs! Your incomplete task is now complete Payal.”

Payal smiled widely and said, “Thank you Aman. Thank you for supporting me!”

Aman smiled.

Payal sighed and said, “Wo....I wanted to tell you something!”

He looked at her and she said softly, “All these days you were a rock support for me. You pacified me and wiped my tears. You supported my son and gave him unconditional love. Aman....I just wanna say....that....I...I love you....”

Aman looked at her shocked and she said looking down, “I love you Aman. May be....even more than Adi loves you!”

Aman just blinked his eyes.

Payal smiled faintly and moved closer and slowly hugged him. “Thank you Aman...” she whispered in his ears, “I lived for my son. Thank you for giving me a hope that I can live for myself!”

Aman smiled faintly and lifting his hands hugged her tightly.

Standing at the door of the room, Akash Singh Raizada realized the truth.

He has lost her, forever!






Hugging her tight as he could, Arnav hid his face in her thick hair. He felt her delicate fingers caressing his back, soothing him down.

He whispered in her ear, “Once I loved her Khushi....I considered her as my mother! But could she?” He sniffed trying to hold his tears and felt her moving her hands up and down on his back making him feel very relaxed.

“Let it go....forget everything....forget that there was once such a person in your life....forget that you ever had a sister!” She said softly, “She don’t deserve a pure soul like you. She deserves hell and that’s where she is! Let it go Arnav have me, your sister Payal jiji, your brother Nanhe ji, best friend La....humare’re not alone....”

He withdrew from the hug and said, “Khushi, we should go back.”

“To London?”

Nodding his head, he said in a quivering voice, “We came here for our incomplete work. That’s revealing Anjali and Shyam and making the Raizadas repent for the mistakes. That’s over. I want to go back. I don’t want to stay here anymore with these people!”

Khushi sighed and said, “We’ll talk with others. If they agree, then....we’ll go!”

Arnav nodded and gulped down a lump at his throat.

“You still love them!” She stated, “You love Akash, you love mami and Nani....”

He nodded and said, “I want to hate them but no matter what I’m unable to. I hate that Akash who accused me, Payal and you but I love that Akash who was once a pillar of mine who used to be with me for everything. Nani, who raised me.....mami, who loved me like she loves Akash....but they are all different from what they are now! I love their old forms which is lost somewhere!”

Khushi held his shoulder tight and said, “Do you want to go back badly?”

He nodded and said, “I cannot stay here. I don’t trust myself. They should rot in hell for what they did, especially Akash. If I stay here, I may end up in forgiving them! I want to go away....”

“I’ll book the tickets!” She said softly and said, “If others wanna come, let them. Or else, they can come later!” He nodded and she moved but not before giving him a peck and whispering, “You have me.....hamesha....”

Jun 7, 2016

Chapter 22 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 124 times)

Chapter 22



4 years later



8.15 am


“ do I look?” Sonu squealed flaunting her new school uniform before her father.

NK laughed and lifted his daughter. Swirling her in air, NK gave her a kiss and said, “My princess looks soooo pretty!”

Sonu giggled and Lavanya came there with a comb, “Sonu...come here....mamma will make your hair!” Sonu slipped from NK’s arms and ran towards her mother who combed her long hair and placed a hair band over it.

“My a good girl at school. Don’t fight with your new friends. And yes, make a lot of friends! If you have any problem, go to your Roo bhaiyya or Ruhi di or Adi bhaiyya.” Lavanya instructed her daughter while getting her ready for her first day at school.

“Ok mamma” Sonu nodded like an obedient girl.

It was then Adi came there calling NK.

“NK mamu....wo papa is calling you!” He told and then saw Sonu. “Arrey wah, my Sonu darling is looking like snow white!” He lifted Sonu in air and gave her a kiss who giggled.

“Adi...” Lavanya said tensely, “Take care of her.”

“Don’t worry mami...I’m there na! I’ll look after my sister! And Ruhaan and Ruhi are also there!” Adi assured the tensed mother.

“But know her....she doesn’t obey anyone!” La said and Sonu squealed, “Mamma....Sonu is a good girl!”

“Yeah right...” NK said, “And the ‘good’ girl slapped a boy of her class....when was it? Yeah, you were in UKG!”

Sonu looked down with a pout and Adi laughed and said, “Don’t worry mamu....we’ll look after the ‘good’ girl!”





“Khushi ma....” Sonu ran to Khushi who said, “ Sonu darling is looking so pretty!” She gave the little girl a kiss and said, “Come, have your breakfast!”

Sonu climbed on the chair near Ruhaan and Ruhi who looked at her as if she is an alien.

“What happened Roo bhaiyya? Ruhi di...why are you both looking at me like this?” Sonu asked confused.

“Who are you?” Ruhaan asked.

“What?” Sonu asked shocked.

“Who are you, pretty princess?” Ruhi asked, “Where is our little Sonu? Why are you sitting in her place?”

“I’m Sonu........” Sonu squealed and Ruhaan said, “No...Our Sonu is ugly....not pretty like you!”

“Khushi Maaaaaa” Sonu started crying and Khushi smacked Ruhaan, “Rula diya mere bache ko!” And Khushi lifted the girl, wiping her tears said, “Arrey, they were teasing you Sonu! You look very pretty and they indirectly said that!”

Sonu frowned at Ruhaan and squealed, “I won’t talk to you”

“Thank god! I’ll have some peace!” Ruhaan said with a relieved expression and Sonu started crying again while Ruhi chuckled and Adi hid his laughter.






“Have a nice day well and don’t get into fights!” Aman said to the kids as he and NK dropped the four pranksters to their school.

“Ok Papa/Aman uncle” The kids said in unison and NK said kissing Sonu’s forehead, “Good luck for your first day Sonu baby!” “Thank you Papa” Sonu said sweetly and Aman said to Adi, “Adi, you should drop her to her class.”

Adi nodded and NK said, “And Adi...make sure she completes her lunch!”

Adi nodded and Ruhaan said, “NK mamu, we all eat together from canteen! We’ll pick Sonu from her class!”

“And don’t worry, I’ll pick her in the evening, after class!” Adi said and the four kids walked to the school.


“Bye Sonu...” Ruhi and Ruhaan waved bye to her as they walked to their classes and Sonu waved bye to them.

Adi smiled and holding his sister’s hand led her to the first standard and the teacher there welcomed them with a smile.







1.00 pm


The door of the operation theatre opened and a middle aged man wearing his doctor coat came out.

He watched Devyani Raizada and Manorama Raizada running to him and asking, “How is he doctor?”

Sighing he said, “He is stable but not conscious. His limbs are broken and might take months for recovery!”

“Can we meet him?” Mami asked and doctor said, “Not now.”

It was then many police men came.

“We got information about an accident case here!” Police said and doctor said, “The man was drunk. It is his fault. Because of his mistake, a small boy who was cycling through that route is also injured.” Turning to mami and Nani, doctor said, “When your alcoholic son comes to conscious, please ask him to stop this drinking habit otherwise more and more people will be on death bed like that small boy lying in the ventilator!”







10.00 pm


“So, you are telling me that our financial base is growing weak?” Arnav asked to NK who nodded and said, “Ha ASR (he calls him ASR in office), for the past one year, we were handling average deals with not much profit. We’re still the number 1 in the rankings but financially, we’re growing weak. We really need a blast!”

“We could have a branch change!” Lavanya said, “Why don’t we got to our Hawaii branch or Paris branch. I think concentrating on various branches of ours will bring us more deals!”

Aman hummed and said, “I think we should opt for a change. Like, for the past four years, we’re handling western wears. Why don’t we try for something ethnical? Something traditional!”

Arnav nodded and said, “We could do something with Hawaii traditions or any other country but the problem is that we don’t have much time to learn their traditional and ethnic wears and try on that. As NK said, we should really have a blast!” He rubbed the bridge of his nose looking at the data sheets.

“So the only option now left is.....” NK said.

Everyone looked at him.

India!” NK said and everyone looked at him shocked.

“India doesn’t mean that we should go to Delhi!” NK said, “There are 29 states in India and we’ll go to Mumbai branch of ours!”

“I think NK is right! Payal and Khushi can help us in the traditional wear!” La said and Arnav sighed and nodded.





2.30 pm


“Saasuma, I cannot see my Akash bitwa like this! I wish Arnav bitwa was here. Only he can control him!” Mami said to Nani.

Nani nodded and said, “How long will Akash go on like this? He does nothing but drink and drink and drink! What will happen to him?”

Mami cried and said, “Please call Arnav bitwa....only he can control my Akash bitwa.....”

Nani looked at her daughter in law in tears.






1.00 pm


“Hello everyone!”

Aman, Arnav, NK and Lavanya were in serious discussion when the door of ASR’s cabin flew open and Khushi and Payal walked in with 2 heavy dabba in each hand of theirs.

Placing the dabba over the table and switching off the projectors and laptops, Khushi said, “Time for lunch!”

“La, here is your favourite lemon rice!” Payal said.

“Here is your favourite Tomato rice Nanhe ji!” Khushi said.

“And this is for you my dear husband” Payal said showing a plate full of delicious malai kofta and aaloo paratha and Khushi said showing badam kheer to Arnav, “Here is your favourite, laad governor!”

They all sat in the couch and began their lunch when Arnav’s intercom began to ring. He switched on the loudspeaker and the receptionist Stella greeted him.

“ASR, an Indian lady has called. She said she wants to talk to you!” Stella said in her pure British accent.

“Indian lady? But who? Is it Mrs. Malhotra, our business client?” Arnav asked and everyone resumed in the eating.

“Actually it’s really strange ASR. She said she is your nanny!”

“Nanny?” Everyone asked with a wild grin.

“Yes....strange! I mean, why would ASR require a nanny? Err...I think the lady might be your child’s nanny!” Stella said confused.

“No, my child don’t have any nanny” Arnav said.

“Nanny.....OMG....Nani!!!!!” Aman said, “Stella might have got confused with Hindi word Nani and English word Nanny!”

Arnav suddenly asked, “Stella what is her name?”

“Err....she said something like...De...Devnya....”

“Devyani?” Arnav asked.

“Oh yes...the same...Hindi names uh.....”

“Connect her!” ASR ordered.




Arnav cut the call and looked at others who by now had lost their appetite.

“What’s your decision ASR?” Lavanya asked.

Arnav looked down and said, “Akash is unwell. He is drinking for the past four years and got into an accident! He is really unwell!”

“We’re not going!” Payal said firmly.

Khushi also said, “He is no one to us! We’re not going!”

“They are right!” NK said, “There is no need to go there for that idiot!”

“But NK....he is unwell!” Aman said.

“So what?” Lavanya said, “Did he look at all of us when we suffered? He is no one to us!”

Arnav looked at everyone and said, “We’re not going, FINAL!”

Everyone nodded while Aman sat thinking.

The intercom rang again and Nani’s voice reached everyone’s ears.

“Arnav bitwa...please come....”

“Me and others are n....” Arnav was about to say ‘not coming’ when Aman butted in and said aloud, “We all are coming Nani ji! We’ll reach there by tomorrow!” and the call was hung.

Everyone looked at him and Aman stood up saying, “We all are going to Delhi, to see Akash!”

“Aman...what...” NK began when Aman called for his PA who came running.

“Arrange AKR’s private jet for tonight 7 pm!” He ordered and PA nodded.

As the PA left, Aman turned to others.

“I won’t come!” Payal said angrily.

“Neither I!” Others also yelled.

“The jet will be ready by tonight 7. I’m going! And I’m going to take kids too.....even if you guys come or not....I am going to India!”


Jun 9, 2016

Chapter 23 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 127 times)

Chapter 23



5.47 pm


Ruhaan was packing his suitcase when Adi came in his room.

“Done with your packing bhaiyya?” Roo asked and Adi nodded.

Ruhaan sighed and said, “I know you’re upset with going there. Those people hurt our parents na....that’s why you don’t like going there na?” Adi nodded and Ruhaan said, “Don’t worry bhaiyya, that 6 foot is unwell. We’ll see him and then come back!”

“And regarding protection....” Ruhi who came in said, “We have our paint sprays and pepper spray with us, right Roo?” And Ruhaan nodded.

Adi chuckled and Ruhi said, “Don’t worry Adi bhaiyya, if those people hurt us again, we’ll punish them by spraying on them. Don’t worry regarding that. Hum haina na...”

“Where are our angels?” Ruhaan asked.

“In the rooms!” Ruhi said and Adi smiled at the mention of angels!





Aman was packing when Payal came inside the room. He saw her and continued the packing ignoring her.

Payal walked to the bed and sat on it. It was then both of them heard a voice, “Amma......”

Payal smiled and turned to her 1 year old daughter, Ashwika Mathur, who was lying flat on the bed laughing and giggling at her. She lifted her angel and kissing her cheek said, “My Shona is having fun?”

The baby giggled and laughed and Payal said looking at Aman, “Aashi, ask papa what he is doing.”

Aman stopped hearing her words and then said continuing the packing, “Aashi, tell mamma that papa is packing.”

“Aash, ask papa whether he is angry with mamma.”

“Aashi, tell mamma that papa is angry with her.” Aman said.

“Aashi, tell papa that mamma is also coming with him.”

Aman stopped packing and turned at her. Payal caressed Aashi’s hair not looking at him. Aman smirked and then said, “Aashi, tell mamma that no one needs to do anything for me!”

“Aashi, tell papa that if I love doing something for him.” Payal said.

Aman smiled and walked to her. Sitting on bed and holding his daughter who was jumping to his lap, he asked, “ Payal madam loves doing things for me!”

Payal smiled and side hugged him. Seeing her mother hugging her father, Aashi also hugged her father.

Laughing, Aman hugged the two important women of his life.





“Khushi...I think Aman is right! We should go there!” Arnav said.

Khushi stopped folding clothes and turning to him said sternly, “If you are dying to meet your brother, you are free to go. But don’t expect me to come!”

Arnav sighed and said, “It’s not that. Aman is right! How long are we gonna live like this? We have to sort out problems! Do you know what Aman said? He said that we should meet them once and make our decision clear to them. He is not asking us to forgive Akash and others but to make our decision clear to them! And now that Akash is unwell, we should go!”

“I won’t come!” Khushi said sternly.

“Ok fine....I’ll go...but I’ll take my Pari!” Arnav said.

Khushi glared at him and shouted, “I’LL KILL YOU!”

Arnav smirked and said, “She’ll come with me!”

“She’ll stay with me!” Khushi said stubbornly.

“Let’s see!” Arnav said and turned to the 2 year old baby girl sitting on the bed looking at her mother and father.

“ angel....” Arnav cooed as he lifted his daughter, Ruhaana Singh Raizada, called as Pari by her father and Jalebi or Poori by her mother, in his arms and rocked her.

“Pari...papa is going somewhere for some days. Will you come with papa? Papa will buy you a lot of ice creams!”

Pari looked at Arnav and smiled.

“Jalebi......if you stay with me, I’ll make your favourite food daily!” Khushi said.

Pari then looked at Khushi and smiled.

“If my angel come with me, Aman uncle is gonna buy her a whole Barbie shop!” Aman who came there said and as expected little Ruhaana ran to his arms.

“Yaar, you’re bribing my daughter!” Arnav whined and Khushi stood with hands on her hips.

Aman laughed and said, “What to say Arnav, kids just loves me!” and he walked away with little Ruhaana in his arms.

“So Mrs. Raizada, let me pack. And yeah, please help me in packing Pari’s dresses!” Arnav said and started to pack.

“I’m also coming!” Khushi declared.

Arnav looked at her who said, “I know what you all are planning. Don’t think you that you men can go to Delhi all alone and have fun! As long as I’m alive, I won’t let you have a bachelor party!”

“Arrey, it’s not bachelor’s ‘married bachelors party’....” Arnav said.

“Arnav ji!!!!!!” Khushi shouted and Arnav smirked.






“I’m not going” NK declared.

“Neither me!” Lavanya also declared.

“Papa.....papa....” It was then Sonu came there.

“Papa, aren’t we going to delhi?” Sonu asked her father who nodded no.

“But I want to go! I want to meet someone there!” Sonu said.

“Who?” NK asked disinterested.

“Akhil!” Sonu said and NK and Lavanya looked at her. “Who is Akhil?” NK asked frowning.

“Akhil is my boyfriend!” Sonu said as a matter of fact.

“WHAT?” NK and Lavanya stood up.

Little Sonu nodded and said, “I had promised him that I’ll meet him during this visit. Papa...I wanna go!”

NK and Lavanya stood shocked. It was then NK’s phone rang.

Sonu snatched it and said, “Private number! It’s Akhil. I had given him your number! You talk to him!”

NK attended the call in shock and heard, “NK uncle...please let Sonu come....wo kya hai na...I want to meet her.....please uncle....I cannot sleep without meeting her.....”

And the call was hung.

Sonu ran away without letting Lavanya to catch her and NK roared,







Sonu ran to Ruhaan’s room where Ruhi, Adi and Roo were waiting for her. Sonu reached there and they four hi-fived.

“Plan success!” Four cheered.

“Oh you know how hard it is to act as a baby?” Ruhaan said holding his throat.

Everyone laughed and Adi said, “You did well Roo....NK mamu will be bursting on La mami like a volcano....”

“But plan is success!” Ruhi said, “They’re coming to India!”

“Did Ruhaan’s pranks ever fail?” Ruhaan asked lifting his collars.

Adi, Ruhi and Sonu laughed and said, “Rockstar Ruhaan’s pranks NEVER FAILS!”






10.30 pm


Akash slowly opened his eyes and saw his dadi and ma standing near him with worried faces.

“Akash are you?” Nani ji asked and Akash nodded weakly and mumbled, “I’m fine”

“Why do you drink so much?” Mami asked crying.

“To forget my pain” he whispered weakly and Nani and mami wiped their rolling tears.

“They all are coming!” Nani said and Akash looked at her.

Mami nodded and said, “We called Arnav bitwa...all coming!”

“Payal.....” He whispered, but audible for them, “Will she come? Adi.....will he?”

“They are coming....” Nani said.

“Will I ever get their forgiveness?” Akash asked broken.

Nani and mami stood silent not knowing the answer for his question.


Jun 12, 2016

Chapter 24 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 126 times)

Chapter 24


Feeling someone’s touch on his hand, Akash slowly opened his eyes and saw his bhai standing near his hospital bed.

A small weak smile adorned his lips and he called out weakly, “Bhai....”

Clearing his throat, Arnav asked emotionlessly, “How are you feeling?”

“Good” he mumbled.

No one spoke anything. A thick tension filled the air and Aman broke it. “Hey Akash, hope you’re fine! You should be more careful while driving! By the way, who asked you to drink?”

Akash chuckled and said, “No one!”

Akash looked at Arnav’s back and saw the person whom he wanted to see – his son. Adi stood away watching him and Payal stood near him.

Akash smiled and slowly lifted his hand indicating him to come near him. Adi saw that but didn’t move from his place. He looked at his father – Aman who signed him to go.

Sighing, Adi walked slowly to Akash and Akash held his son’s hand. “How are you?” Adi heard him asking weakly and said curtly, “I’m fine!” And he withdrew his hand.

It was then the doctor came. He asked, “Who are you all?”

Arnav answered, “I’m his brother!” pointing to Akash.

“How is he? When can we take him home?” Aman asked and doctor sighed and said, “Err....I need to talk to you. Can you come to my cabin?” Aman and Arnav nodded and followed the doctor.





Liver cirrhosis!” Arnav whispered and doctor said nodding, “Liver cirrhosis – Last stage! Alcohol has affected his liver badly.”

“What about the treatment?” Aman asked and doctor said, “I’m sorry Mr. Mathur, but he is in last stage. Nothing can be done!”

“How come no one knows about it?” Arnav said and doctor said, “Akash knows it!”

“WHAT?” Aman and Arnav asked and doctor said, “I talked with him and he said that he knew about this. It’s that he didn’t take treatment!”

“Is he crazy?” Arnav muttered and doctor said, “He said he wants to die!”

Aman and Arnav looked at each other and then stormed out of doctor’s cabin to the room where that idiot (Akash) was lying.






Payal sat on the bed of the master bedroom of Shantivan with her mind lost in thoughts.

She closed her eyes tightly.

Why am I feeling upset? Why do I care whether he is going to die? He is no one to me! Why is his dying affecting me? Payal....Akash is no one to you....he is your past...a bitter past! Why are you thinking about him? He is no one to you!

She clutched her forehead which was throbbing with pain. It was then Aman came in.

“Why did you leave the hospital?” Aman asked and she said, “I want to stay away from that man!”

Aman sighed and said, “At least, you could’ve asked him to take treatment!”

“He is in last stage! Nothing can be done!” Payal said and he said, “He can live for more days!”

“I don’t care whether he live or die!” Payal said harshly.

“Payal...he was your husband” Aman said softly.

“He WAS my husband Aman....he is not anymore! He is just a stranger to me...” Payal said angrily.

“Payal....don’t be harsh...” Aman said softly, “He is unwell. He is gonna’s liver cirrhosis and he is in last stage. Plus that he is guilty for what he did. Please forgive him! Let him live his rest of days peacefully!”

“I can never forgive that man...and you know that!” Payal shouted. Aman sighed and said, “He is unwell....”

“That doesn’t mean I should forget what he said and what he did! He is gonna die....good for him! Let him die in guilt. That’s the punishment for him.” She shouted.

“How can you say like that?” Aman asked shocked.

“Why are you so bothered about him? Aman let me warn you....stay away from him! He is not what you see...”

It was then Adi came in.

“Papa....mamma is right!” He said and turned to Payal, “I heard your talks....mamma you’re right! Let him die...that’s the best punishment for his sins!”

“Adi....he is your father!” Aman said sternly.


Aman sighed and said, “He is repenting for his sins. I think we should forgive him!”

Adi sighed and said, “You’re so good papa. But I’m sorry. I cannot be like you! I’m selfish! That person hurted my mamma, my maasi, Arnav chachu and many others. He hurted me! I cannot forgive him!”

“Nor can I! Whatever it is, I can never forget his words and his sins!” Payal said and walked away with Adi following her.






“Are you upset?” Khushi asked to her sister who was busy making tea.

Nodding no Payal said, “Why should I be upset?”

Khushi sighed and said, “Nothing...I just asked!”

Payal poured tea to cups and Khushi said, “Jiji, do you think we should take Ruhaana to doctor?”

Payal stopped pouring tea and said holding her sister’s shoulder, “I was also thinking that!”

“She isn’t speaking anything jiji....she is two years now. Aashi is only one and she started talking. Even Ruhi, Ruhaan and Sonu talked early.”

“But Adi spoke after two years....I think Pari will also take time!” Payal said.

“But Adi used to make noises but Poori, she is completely mum! Is my daughter dumb?” Khushi said worriedly.

Payal thought for a while and said, “I thought she would take time and will speak eventually. We’ll take her to doctor Khushi....don’t worry! Some children do take time!”

Khushi sighed and nodded.




That evening.

Arnav and NK were at hospital completing the formalities for Akash’s discharge. Khushi and Payal were in kitchen. Mami and Nani were at hospital with Akash. Lavanya and Aman were in serious discussion about their project.

Children were in the garden.

Adi was busy making a portrait of Sonu who was sitting on the garden bench posing for her bhaiyya. Ruhi was looking at herself in her small pocket mirror and adjusting her hairs. Ruhaan was playing guitar and trying out some Bollywood songs while Ruhaan sat on the grass building blocks with little Aashi trying to break the blocks her sister made.

It was then a lady came to them.

None of the children noticed her.

She came closer and closer and reached Aashi and Ruhaana who was sitting on the grass. She slowly bend down and touched Aashi’s hair.

Aashi jerked and looked at her and squealed seeing a stranger near her. Hearing her squeal others got aware and they all went near the lady.

Adi being the eldest asked, “Who are you?”

The lady said politely, “Mr. Aman Mathur called me. He said he want a caretaker for his daughter!”

‘Papa called her?’ Adi thought, ‘Why would papa call a caretaker for Aashi?’

Looking at the lady, Adi asked, “When did he call you?”

“Today morning!” She replied.

Turning to Ruhaan, Adi said, “Roo...go and call papa!”

“Ok bhaiyya” And Ruhaan ran to the house while Ruhi also followed her.

It was then Sonu looked at Adi’s watch and squealed, “OMG, doraemon would’ve started!” And she ran away.

Ruhaana and Aashi resumed in their blocks and Adi sat on the bench with the lady sitting on another bench. Adi looked at the lady who was looking at Aashi lovingly.

For some reasons, he didn’t find this lady good! He didn’t know why but his brotherly instincts were not giving a green signal for this slim petite lady before him. He sat looking at her closely when Aashi squealed,

“Boo boo....” That’s what she calls Adi – boo boo!

Adi turned to her and she said, “Piky (pinky)...” She said pointing at the blocks.

“You want your pink blocks?” Adi asked and Pari (Ruhaana) and Aashi nodded.

“Now you play with this. I’ll get it later!” Adi said as the pink blocks were at house and he had no intention to leave his sisters alone with this strange lady!

“piky......piky......” Aashi said stubbornly.

“Aashi...I told you na...I’ll get it later!” Adi said sternly.

“Boo boo....piky....” Aashi said almost crying. She can tolerate anything but not her bhaiyya’s stern tone. Ruhaana also sat with a crying face and Adi said sighing,

“Ok then....wait here!” He said and ran to the house to get her pink blocks.

He rushed into the house and took the pink blocks when he saw his father coming with Ruhaan, Ruhi and Lavanya.

“Adi....who is that lady? I never called for any caretaker!” Aman said walking to him.

“You didn’t call?” Adi asked shocked.

Aman nodded no and Lavanya said, “But why did she say that you called her?”

Aman shrugged and then asked suddenly, “Adi where is Aashi and Pari?”

It then dawned upon Adi.

While giving up to his sister’s stubbornness, it had slipped out his mind.

He has left his sisters alone there!

He rushed back to the garden and others followed him.

And to everyone’s horror!


“AASHI...PARIIIII” Everyone called out but no Aashi or Pari came out.

In shock, they realized it.

Aashi and Pari are missing!

Jun 18, 2016

Chapter 25 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 107 times)

Chapter 25


“How is she doctor?” Arnav asked worriedly to the doctor who was checking an unconscious Ruhaana.

“She is fine. Fainted due to shock!” The doctor said and went after prescribing some medicines.

“Nannav, I have informed the police!” NK informed and Arnav nodded his head.

Lavanya looked at her friends who were looking hell worried. Aman and Payal were pale and stood numb not knowing how to react. Aashi, their daughter, is missing and Ruhaana was found unconscious behind the bushes.

Pari (Ruhaana) came to consciousness and everyone surrounded her.

“ angel, please tell us...where is Aashi?” Arnav asked in broken voice and others also asked the same but Ruhaana sat numb looking at everyone with her big round eyes.

“Pari....please...only you can tell us. Where did that aunty take Aashi?” Aman begged and Ruhi said, “She can’t speak. She won’t tell us!”

“Ruhaana, please SPEAK UP!” Arnav shouted in frustration but Ruhaana sat on the bed shifting her eyes at everyone.

It was then they all heard a familiar giggle.

Everyone looked at each other and Adi shouted, “This is Aashi’s voice!”

Everyone ran towards the direction of the giggle and to their utter surprise, they saw Aashi with a lady sitting in the terrace and giggling.

“Aashi!” Payal screamed and ran to her daughter. Lifting her in her arms, Payal showered her with kisses. “Amma...” Aashi squealed and kissed her mother.

Everyone walked to the lady and Aman asked angrily, “Who are you? And how dare you take away from daughter?”

Lady looked at everyone in surprise and said, “I didn’t take away your daughter. You people called me here!”

“I never called for any caretaker. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” Aman roared.

The lady looked at him angrily and said, “Listen Mr. Mathur, yesterday evening it was you who called me and asked me to come here today evening as the caretaker of your daughter Aashi.” She took out her cell and showed them the call records. “Isn’t this your number Mr. Mathur?”

Aman took her cell and looked at the number.

Yes! It was indeed his number in the received call list of the lady.

“But I never called you!” Aman said and the lady huffed in anger.

Payal took Aman’s cell phone from his pocket and checked the dialled numbers. She dialled the number whom he had called yesterday evening and the lady’s cell began ringing.

“So, am I lying Mr. Mathur?” She asked.

Aman looked at his phone and said to his friends, “Guys, honestly, I never called for any caretaker.”

“Then who called me from your cell phone?” the lady asked angrily, “Mr. Mathur, I don’t have time for all this nonsense. I’m going!” She said and stormed out when Aman said, “Listen, Ms.”

“Sheila” she said.

“Ms. Sheila, I’m so sorry! There is some confusion. Honestly, I didn’t call you. My daughter doesn’t need caretaker. Someone has fooled you. I’m so sorry!” Aman apologized.

Sheila nodded and walked out.

Everyone looked at each other.

“Yesterday evening I was at hospital!” Aman said.

“Then who used your cell?” NK asked, “And why did that person call for a caretaker for Aashi?”

“One second, “Adi said gaining attention, “If Aashi wasn’t missing, how Ruhaana fainted? Doctor said that she fainted due to shock. What shock? What did she see? Didn’t you see her face pale and scared? I think she saw something!”





Arnav made his angel sit on his lap and asked lovingly, “What happened my Pari? Why are you so scared?”

Ruhaana looked at her papa and hugged him. Arnav caressed her hair and she withdrawing from the hug, closed her mouth with two hands.

Ruhaan who was present there spoke up, “Pari, did someone close your mouth?”

Ruhaana looked at her bhaiyya and nodded. Everyone looked alert and Arnav asked “Who?”

Pari shrugged and Ruhaan asked, “Girl or boy?” And he pointed out 2 fingers. Pari touched the first finger indicating that it is a girl.

“A lady?” Arnav asked confused and his angel nodded.

“Poori,” Khushi asked, “Did you see her face? How did she look like?”

Pari thought for a while and then pulled Khushi’s long hair. “She had long hair like mamma?” Ruhi asked and Ruhaana nodded.

Then she pointed to Payal and Payal looked at herself. “She wore saree?” Aman asked and Ruhaana again nodded.

And then did Ruhaana give the vital clue.

She jumped from Arnav’s lap and walked on the floor limping.

“She has a limp!” NK asked and she nodded.

Arnav, Khushi, NK, Payal, Aman and Lavanya looked at each other.


Long hair!



It’s her!

Anjali Jha







1.30 am


He opened his eyes frowning at the noise of pouring water to a glass. Rubbing his eyes, he slowly opened it and saw his wife pouring water to a glass and drinking it.

“Payal...” he called in sleepy tone, “Aren’t you asleep?”

She looked at him and whispered, “I’m not sleepy”

He sat up on the bed and rubbed his eyes.

“Sorry to disturb your sleep!” She whispered apologetically. He smiled and asked, now free of sleep, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m worried” she stated.

“Because Anjali and Shyam are back?” He asked and she nodded.

He sighed and sat leaning to the headboard. “Nothing will happen!” He said softly.

“They are targeting our babies!” She said in a broken voice, “Pari...she fainted today....they, they are hurting this poor babies for their revenge....they....”

She trailed off as she felt him pulled her hand. She fell on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her waist. Kissing her forehead, he whispered, “Everything will be alright!”

She moved closer to him and snuggling into his arms whispered, “Let’s go back Aman....please....I just want to be away from here...”

Aman sighed and caressed her hairs.

“I want to be at our little world...away from all these people....” she whispered slowly and gradually, her words died as she fell into deep slumber. And she lied hugging her husband.






She woke up not feeling his presence beside her. Sitting up on the bed, she looked around the room which was lit by the moon. There was no sign on him. It was then she saw the poolside door open.

Sighing, she stood up from the bed. Wearing her robe over the red night gown, she walked to the poolside and as expected saw him sitting on the slab of the pool.

Silently walking to him, she sat beside him dipping her legs in the pool and patted his hand jerking him.

“You didn’t sleep?” He asked frowning.

“Why are you here at this hour?” Khushi asked ignoring his question.

Sighing he looked up at the sky and said, “Just talking with mamma!” She smiled and snaking her arms around his, she laid her head on his shoulder.

“She and her husband is out of the jail” he whispered. She hummed and said, “We came here for Akash. We met him and we’ll soon go back! She will not be able to harm us!”

“But she already did!” he whispered.

Rubbing her hand over his arm, she whispered, “No one can harm our family!”

After a long silence, he whispered, “I wish I never had a sister like her!”

She kept mum letting him to open up his heart.

“I wish I was never her brother. I wish I never called her di. If only I saw her true facade before....” he whispered and trailed off hearing her words.

“You cannot change the past” she whispered.

“I can rectify the mistakes I did in past!” Arnav whispered, “And I’m doing that. I declared Anjali Jha out of my life the day I came to know about her ugly truth! But this time, she did something very disgusting. She hurted our babies! And I’m gonna make her pay for that!”

Khushi hummed and whispered, “Don’t mourn over the past Arnav have a big future to smile over....”

He smiled and said, “Because I have my happiness with me...” And he hugged her tight.




Jun 28, 2016

Teaser for Chapter 26 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 67 times)

Teaser for Chapter 26

Glancing at the clock he counted the hours.

One and half hours!

After one and half hours, it’s his sixth death anniversary!

“I have committed a lot of sins Adi and I’m paying for that. I know I don’t deserve to be forgiven but once....for once, please call me papa....for once hug me with the same affection you have for Aman....just for once...consider this to be my last wish......”

Closing his eyes tightly he whispered, “I hated you all those years but those few weeks I spent with you washed my hatred away.....I miss you dad....I love you like I love my papa....I want to hug you like I hug my papa.....and I miss you dad.....”

Jul 3, 2016

Chapter 26 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 83 times)

Chapter 26




10.30 pm


Sitting on his big bed, he gazed at the photograph they had taken during his India visit, His lips curved to a smile seeing the photo. He noticed that he looks good even though he was very weak when the pic was taken.

Realizing that it's late, Adi kept the photo aside on his bed table along with many photographs of his parents and siblings and lied down on the bed.

It's been six years.

Glancing at the clock he counted the hours.

One and half hours!

After one and half hours, it's his sixth death anniversary!

"I have committed a lot of sins Adi and I'm paying for that. I know I don't deserve to be forgiven but once...for once, please call me papa...for once hug me with the same affection you have for Aman...just for once...consider this to be my last wish..."

Closing his eyes tightly he whispered, "I hated you all those years but those few weeks I spent with you washed my hatred away...I miss you dad...I love you like I love my papa...I want to hug you like I hug my papa...and I miss you dad..."







Anjali Jha shouted at the top of her voice as she was brought forcefully into Shantivan. The men refused to leave her and shoved her in front of Arnav.

Anjali stood up and saw Arnav, Aman, NK, Payal, Khushi and La standing before her. Behind them she could see Nani and Mami along with a weak Akash.

She turned to her left and looked at her husband who was equally sweating as her.

"Long time Mrs. Jha..." Arnav smirked.

Anjali looked at them with narrowed eyes. "Why did you bring us here?" She asked angrily.

Aman laughed and said, "Come on Mrs. Jha...we came back after years and don't you want to meet us?"



All he remembers is a heated argument between Mr. And Mrs. Jha and Arnav chachu. At the end of the argument, Mr. Jha had took a gun from his socks and pointed at Arnav chachu. But Khushi mami had pushed Shyam and he had unfortunately pulled the trigger.

The bullet missed his target and hit his dear wife who was standing near Arnav mama.

And that was the end of Anjali Jha.







The clock said sharp 12 and she sat up on the bed looking at the round clock hanging at the wall but with her mind lost.

She looked at her left and saw her husband asleep. She smiled and ruffled his hairs. Even at 40s he still looks like a college boy not a father of 19 year old boy and a 7 year old girl.

Stepping on the floor, she walked to the balcony and looked at the night sky. Many images flashed onto her eyes.

She looked up and closing her eyes said, "May your soul rest in peace, my dear ex-husband!"

"You still have a softness while saying that" A voice said and she turned to see her son standing.

"Why are you here?" She asked confused.

"Just came to see you. I knew you were awake and see...I'm not wrong!" He said with his stunning smile which so resembled his biological father.

She sighed and turned back looking at the sky.

"You still love him, don't you?" He asked as he stood holding the railings of the balcony beside her.

She whispered, "Yes, I do!"

"And you love that man too who is busy snoring breaking the calmness of the atmosphere, don't you?" He asked chuckling looking at his father who was snoring softly.

"Adi," she said with her eyes widened, "He don't snore!"

"Well he is doing that!" Adi said pointing at Aman who was sleeping on the bed snoring.

Payal sighed and said, "Yes he does, often!"

"So you love him too!" He said.

She said yes and asked in whisper, "It isn't wrong to love two people right?"

Adi sighed adn said, "I think so! A mother loves all her children equally...and so does everyone in this world! We all love one or two people equally!"

"But for me, those people are my husband and my ex-husband!" She said in tears.

"Loving someone is not a sin mamma!" He said softly.

"But my love killed him!" Payal whispered.

"He killed himself!" Adi stated.

"For me!" She whispered.

"It was his decision!" He said emotionlessly.

"But it was all for me!" She whispered.

He kept mum.

"Is it wrong if I love Aman more than him?" She whispered.

Adi looked at her.

"I love Aman. I love Akash too. Both have some place in my heart! But I want to..." Payal said when Adi cut her in,

"It's been six year needn't blame yourself for his death!"

"He died because of me Adi" Payal said in tears.

"He was to die anyway. There was no escape from the disease. He was going to die and he did that a bit earlier!" He said.

"He committed suicide...for me Adi..." Payal broke into sobs.

"Also for me..." Adi whispered and walked away.







Morning, 6 am


His sleep broke as he felt something wet on his face. Murmuring something, he slowly opened his eyes to see his wife leaning over him like a fresh beautiful flower.

"Khushi..." he murmured and pulled her to him hugging her by her waist.

"Arnav ji..." she wailed struggling hard to free his hold, "It's 6 am. Nani ji has kept pooja, remember?"

"Oh yes!" He said as he sat up instantly. "Go and get ready!" She ordered as she walked to the dressing table in her white saree and started combing her hair.




He finished his bath and came out to see her having her tea. Keeping the cup on the table, she said looking at nothing, "So it's been 6 years...and he still lives!"

Sighing, keeping his towel on the chair, he said as he took his seat on the couch, "He still lives in our heart!"

"Strange isn't it? He is the one who hurted us the most and yet we're mourning over his death every year!" She said chuckling.

He smiled and said, "No matter how much he hurted us, his last days saw how much he saved us!"

"That's right! I never expected Akash Singh Raizada to be such a great warrior!" Khushi murmured and Arnav nodded.



Raizada mansion echoed with gunshot.

That was the end of Anjali Jha.

In a spur of moment, Shyam Manohar Jha shot the man standing next to him and ran away unable for everyone to catch him.

After the funeral of Mrs. Jha, everyone hoped that he will never return.

Akash, Nani and mami joined them to London and months passed.

And one day, Akash's doctor informed Arnav that he did not come for appointment.

It was then everyone realized that when Akash was getting out of home with their driver stating that he is going to hospital, he didn't actually go there but somewhere else.

Little did they know that he met Shyam Jha who blackmailed him to give him details about Arnav's business!

And little did they know that the morning when Akash get out of the house with the driver was the last they saw him.



"May his soul rest in peace" Arnav whispered as he sat with his wife and family for his brother's barsi.

dear readers, from today onward I'll be posting the teasers in my blog as I don't want the discontinuity in stories.

Jul 17, 2016

Last Chapter (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 128 times)

Last Chapter 



“What do you want?” Akash asked rudely to Shyam who had sent him a message to meet him at a place.

“Ah saalesaheb, I just wanted to meet you! How are you? Heard that you are soon to die?” Shyam said laughing.

“Just shut up!” Akash shouted.

Shyam sighed and said, “Okay then I will tell you why I called you here. I want something from you!”

Akash looked at him.

“Details about Arnav’s business! I want that Akash!” Shyam Jha said aloud.

Akash looked at him shocked.

“You are the only one who know about his business other than Aman and NK. So tell me!” Shyam said.

“I am not working with him Shyam! How would I know?” Akash said.

“Lie! You know and you often give your opinion to Arnav! Don’t try to fool me Akash!”

“Why should I tell you about bhai’s business?” Akash asked angrily.

“You have to!” Shyam laughed and said, “If not, then tomorrow you’ll find your dear son DEAD.”

Akash stood rooted.

“Don’t believe me?” Shyam asked, “I have my men surrounding his school. If you didn’t tell me, then my men will take away him and when he returns you won’t be able to recognize him!”

“You ****!!!!!” Akash shouted.

“No foul words, please!” Shyam said laughing and sat on the rocking chair there, “So tell me Akash!”





After an hour.

“You’re amazing saalesaheb!” Shyam said, “You do a lot about AK Fashions! Thanks a lot!”

“What about my son?”Akash asked.

Shyam nodded and took out his cell, “Ha Lalan, leave the place and yes, cancel the plan!”

Akash sighed in relief. Shyam said, “Okay Akash, see you later!”

Shyam walked away when suddenly he heard a gunshot and the next he knew was him lying flat on the floor with blood oozing out of his chest. He cried aloud and then he felt more and more bullets piercing into him and that was the last breath of Shyam Manohar Jha.



Akash stood with the gun and then looked at Shyam’s dead body. “Now you won’t be able to hurt my family Shyam! My bhai and bhabhi suffered enough because of you and so did Payal and Adi. I won’t let that happen again!”

He looked at the gun and said with a faint smile, “There is someone else too who should go away for them, for them to have a happy life!”

And he kept the gun into his mouth and pressed the trigger.






“Where is Aashi and Pari?” Ruhi asked to Ruhaan who was busy practising.

“Please Ruhi di, I’m practising for the show!” Ruhaan cried.

The rockstar Ruhaan grew up with his ever talented singing qualities making recognition. On his demand, Arnav nodded his head for Ruhaan participating in a reality show at the age of 5. He didn’t got into the finals but he definitely got into the hearts of people. After 2 years, he took part in another show which he won. It was really a shock for Arnav and Khushi to see him buying the 3 crore cheque in front of many adult contestants. It was that day they realized that their son is really special, his talent is really special! And there was no backing now! Arnav encouraged his son and so did everyone and today Ruhaan is one of the topmost singers in Bollywood, at the age of 15!

Ruhi sighed and walked away to search her sisters in Adi bhaiyya room.

Ruhi, now 17 years old, is currently preparing hard for her board exams. She looks exactly like Khushi with her extra long hair and beautiful face. Arnav, Aman and NK do have a hard time keeping their angel away from the eyes of guys drooling over her. But nothing matters Ruhi! She just want to get good percentage in XII and then pass through her entrance exam to acquire her dream of being a doctor.

Adi, now 19 years old, is studying at London Fashion Institute. He wants to join AK fashions as soon as he finishes his course. In the sides of that is his old hobby – painting! He is an excellent artist and his paintings are sold at a huge rate.

And our Sonu darling, now 12 years old, is a badi behan to her little ones and a cute little sissy for her elder ones. Now in class VII she is good at studies and is also a good dancer like her mother.

Ruhaana, now 8 years old, cannot speak. She is studying in 3rd grade now and her dumbness is never a limitation for her. Ruhaana is one of the toppers in the class and is adored by all teachers in the class. Although she feels upset sometimes hearing her brother singing out loud and she unable to, her parents and uncles and aunties never make her feel that she is inferior.

Aashi is now 7 years old and the smallest of the family. She is the pampered princess of the family and is very dramatic and stubborn!




“Aashi....Pari!” Ruhi shouted as she entered Adi bhaiyya’s room to find them gazing over bhaiyya’s laptop. “What are you doing there?”

“Ruhi didi Ruhi didi.....look there is a girl’s photograph in bhaiyya’s laptop!” Aashi squealed.

Ruhi frowned and said, “So what? Why are you using his laptop without his permission? Where is he?”

“He went out!” Aashi said, “This girl is very pretty. Must be Adi bhaiyya’s girlfriend!” Ruhaana nodded her head vigorously.

Ruhi narrowed her eyes and asked, “How do you both know about girlfriends and boyfriends?”

“Roo bhaiyya said that he has many girlfriends!” Aashi said innocently.

“Ruhaan said?” Ruhi asked shocked and the kids nodded their head. “Ruhaan ke bache.....let me see him!” Ruhi cried and walked to Ruhaan’s room.







Arnav, Aman and NK were busy with their work with Adi sitting among them and helping them when Khushi entered, “Office fellows, come and have your lunch!”

The men nodded and walked to dining table to find everyone settled there.

“Nani ji, ye lijiye!” Khushi said serving her. Nani smiled and Mami said, “Hello hi bye bye, I want fruit salad! My weight is increasing!” Payal smiled and gave her fruit salad.

“Adi bhaiyya!” Aashi squealed. Adi looked at her. “Who is that pretty girl? You have lot of photos of her!” Aashi asked innocently.

Adi chocked and everyone looked at Adi wide eyed.

“Girl? Adi, who is that?” Aman asked.

“Adi, you have a girlfriend?” Payal asked.

“Which girl are you talking about, you devil!” Adi asked angrily to Aashi who said in her cute voice, “That girl with red-brown hair and wearing a red dress!”

“For god’s sake! That’s Katrina Kaif. It’s a pic from Fitoor!” Adi said irritated and everyone laughed while Aashi pouted.

Arnav smiled and watched his family cracking jokes and enjoying the time. His mind went back to all those years. The days before Shyam’s ugly truth! Di, Jeejaaji, was all so fun!

He sighed recalling that day! He had forgiven mami, Nani and Akash for those words they had hurled upon him. But forgiving is not forgetting! He will never forget that day! The day that changed his life!

His gaze went to Aman who was just his PA before that day. Today he is his best friend with whom he shares all his secrets. Arnav realized that he trusts Aman more than anyone in this world, may be more than Khushi!

Khushi, his lovely wife, as supportive as always! The days when she was pregnant with Ruhi, her first pregnancy, were the funniest and joyful days of his life. Her mood swings, cravings, midnight fights....she even said that he is having an extra marital affair with Nancy, his PA! Hell, she even fired poor Nancy, who was married and mother of a baby girl, for this reason!

His eyes shifted to Payal who was feeding little Aashi. He smiled recalling the night when he had carried an unconscious Khushi who had trapped inside the guesthouse to Gupta house and she had shouted him for Khushi’s miseries. That was their first interaction. When she married Akash, she was just his brother’s wife. But that day changed that too! Today Payal is his sister, friend, companion everything! From all these years, he realized that this meek and shy girl is actually a jangli billi.

And NK, my lord! The irritating little brother of his is the one he looks onto after Aman. He always considered NK as irritating and good for nothing idiot but the way he supported him that day before the whole family made him realize that this poor-Hindi-guy is something more than what he looks! And it proved right too! NK is very efficient in work and also in managing his family! He is the best father Sonu could every get and the best husband for Lavanya.

And yeah, Lavanya! He thought that she is a fashion diva and doesn’t know anything other than that. But he was wrong! He was the best friend he could ever get! He had hurted her a lot but at his bad times she was the one who helped him! He can never forget the days when she had stood by him and held his hand as a good friend! He was very happy, even more than Khushi, when NK revealed to him that he loves Lavanya and he had taken the initiative to convince Lavanya for marrying NK!

His thoughts suddenly went to Anjali and Shyam! How much did he respect those slimes! Di....she was his mother. He hurted his Khushi for that lady! He shouted at everyone who hurted his di. And what did she do? She backstabbed him! And Shyam.....he was a mentor in his life. Even if he doesn’t listen to his di, he would definitely listen to his jeejaaji. And what was the result! His jeejaaji was nothing but a **** eyeing his Khushi!

A loud voice jerked him from his thoughts. He looked at the source of the sound and chuckled seeing Aashi and Ruhaana climbing on Adi and pulling his hair. Forgetting those old and disgusting people whom he had mistakenly respected in his life, Arnav got up from his seat and walked towards them to stop their fight.






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