Arshi TS: A Change!

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May 25, 2016

Arshi OS: A Change! (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 128 times)


Tears rolled down her cheek watching her husband playing basket ball with his ex-girlfriend and her son. She shifted her vision to the left where all her family members were cheering for them and no one, no one of them, were bothered about her.

She walked out of the basket ball court dejectedly when she saw some college girls standing there watching the game.

“What a cute family na?” One of the girl said and the another girl said, “Ha, they both look perfect! And that boy looks exactly like his father!”

Khushi stopped and turned back to see their object of vision and her heart broke beyond repair on knowing that the ‘perfect’ family the girls were referring to was none other than HER husband, Sheetal and Aarav.




He was enjoying the game being the referee till he saw how Nannav and their guest was making fun of his best friend. He watched how she walked out of the court dejected and then stood outside watching them play. He looked at Nannav playing with Sheetal and Aarav and a sudden fear engulfed him.

He looked at his best friend Khushi who had tears rolling down her cheek. None of the family members noticed it but he did! He knew, she was in pain!

He shifted his vision once again to the playing ‘couple’ and for the first time in his life felt disgusted of his brother. He looked at Khushi again but she was not there.

Seeing no one noticing him, he walked out of the court and ran towards Khushi when he saw her stopping and also heard the girls’ talk.




Khushi ran from the place to a garden and sat there crying her heart out.

Her mind went back to the days when she and her Arnav ji were happily living. Their dates, dinners, late night drives, everything flashed in her mind. But everything changed when she entered – Sheetal!

She cried remembering how Arnav ji shouted at her as she did a DNA test of Aarav and his. But what else can she do? How can she not suspect him when a boy walks before her behaving exactly like him? How can she stay calm when that boy who behaves like him happens to be his ex-girlfriend’s son with whom he was in relationship for 2 to 3 years?

“Khushi ji...”

She heard a familiar voice and looked up. She saw NK sitting next to her and asking,

“Are you okay?”

She nodded and he said, “I know what your problem is! It’s Sheetal right?”

She kept mum and he said, “I can see Khushi ji. Everyone in the house is taking you for granted. They do not care for your feelings because they believe that whatever and however the matter is you won’t leave them and you’ll definitely forgive them!”

After a pause he continued, “Do you know what your negative point is Khushi ji?” Khushi looked at him and he said,

“You’re so good!”

Khushi looked at him confused and he said,

“Khushi ji, being good in this world is also bad. You need to fight for yourself. I know Nannav loves you but he takes you for granted. In fact, everyone at Raizada mansion takes Khushi for granted. Fight for yourself Khushi ji. Can’t you see it, they are treating a guest better than you! Sheetal holds a position in the house while you do not.”

Khushi wiped her tears and nodded. Taking a deep breath, she said, “I have decided something Nanhe ji. You need to help me!”

NK smiled and nodded seeing her determination.

He knew,

His feisty friend is back!





“But where are they?” Arnav asked again and HP said politely, “They didn’t come home Arnav bhaiyya. I thought she is with you all.”

“Where did they go?” Anjali asked and everyone stood tensed.

It was when the game finished Arnav noticed that Khushi is absent. Everyone searched her everywhere and then noticed that NK is also missing. They had called up home and got to know that they were not there too! They searched them everywhere and returned home in the hope that they would have returned but no!

 “This girl....why the hell can’t she take calls?” Arnav muttered in irritation as Khushi didn’t pick his call and nor didn’t NK.

On finding an opportunity, Sheetal said,

“How can Khushi go like that with NK when her husband is waiting for her? It’s high time she behaves like an adult!”

Everyone kept mum which fuelled Sheetal.

“I think she and NK went for some shopping. They would return when they want. We all are worrying unnecessarily.” Sheetal said and again no one said anything.

Everyone moved towards the living room and sat on it ordering HP to bring coffee and snacks.

“ASR, the game was awesome!” Aarav said and Arnav smiled. “Ha Arnav,” Sheetal said, “Do you remember our college days when we both were against the whole college team!”

“Really?” Akash asked and Arnav said, “Ha, we both were the best of the college and were the captain and vice captain of the basketball team. We were given a name....err...”

“Awesome twosome!” Sheetal said. “Bingo!” Arnav said and they both hi-fived.

“Now that I’m also there, we’ll be Awesome threesome!” Aarav said and everyone laughed, forgetting the very truthful fact that Khushi is STILL missing!



It was then everyone heard some voices.

Everyone stood up and looked towards that direction and got the shock of their life.

There was Khushi Kumari Guptas Singh Raizada walked to the living room wearing a knee length floral frock and high pointed heels with her long hair cut into layers and curled a bit. A mangalsutra adorned her neck and a diamond bracelet in her hand. Her right hand had a white purse and she walked to the living with NK who was holding many bags.

“Khushi....” Arnav said coming out of the shock.

Khushi stopped and looked at him.

“Khushi ji, NK bhai, where were you?” Anjali asked, “We were so worried!”

“Worried?” Khushi asked sarcastically, “I think I should go for an eye check up because as per my vision you people were enjoying here rather than being worried.”

Everyone stood rooted by hearing such a tone from Khushi for the first time.

“Khushi you could have informed me that you’re going for shopping!” Arnav said angrily.

“Why should I inform you? You are my husband, I agree but I have my own freedom! I’ll go wherever I wish to!” Khushi said in equal anger.

Everyone stood shocked and Sheetal said grabbing the chance,

“Khushi, is this a way to talk to your husband? He was hell worried for you! And what do you mean by you’ll go wherever you wish to. He is your husband Khushi! At least respect your husband!”

Khushi looked at the family who were keeping quiet as if agreeing with her and said, “Who are you to command me Ms. Sheetal Kapoor! You’re just a guest here. Don’t behave like you own the place. And regarding my behaviour with my husband, it’s a matter between us. So, you better stay in your limits!”

“How dare you talk to my mother like that?” Aarav shouted angrily.

“Teach your son some manners or else I’ll beat the hell out of him!” Khushi said dangerously and walked away.

Everyone looked at each other and Sheetal burned in anger.

“NK, at least you could’ve informed me!” Arnav said angrily.

“Wo kya hai na Arnav, you were busy with your ex-girlfriend. So I thought not to disturb you!” NK said sarcastically and walked away holding the bags.





“Khushi what the hell is this?” Arnav asked angrily as he entered the room.

Khushi who was arranging her clothes in cupboard turned to him and asked, “What?”

Arnav walked to her and pulled her to him by arms, “What the hell are you doing? Why are you behaving so rudely?”

“Why does it bother you?” Khushi asked rudely freeing herself, “I’ll behave the way I like! You needn’t worry about that!”

“JUST STOP IT KHUSHI!” Arnav shouted.


“Khushi, you insulted Sheetal and Aarav. Why did you do that?” He asked angrily.

Oh, so it’s about Sheetal and Aarav! Khushi’s eyes were filled. Her husband is not bothered on her change in dressing or her behaviour. He is bothered because she shouted at his ex-girlfriend and son. Feeling anger bubbling in her, she shouted,

“Why does it matter to you if I insulted Sheetal and Aarav? How are they related to you? Oh I forgot, she is your ex girlfriend right? So there is a high chance that Aarav is your son! Ah, he behaves exactly like you, talks like you, eats like you....and you’re also attached to him. Hmm...I think he is really your son! Go and ask Sheetal if you both had any se....”

“KHUSHI!!!!!!!!!!” Arnav shouted and raised his hands to slap her but stopped it in mid-air.

Khushi stood shocked seeing his hands raised. She hid her tears and shouted, “WHY DID YOU STOP? SLAP ME, COME ON, DO IT!”

Arnav withdrew his hand and stormed out of the room angrily while Khushi slumped on the floor crying her heart out.

“No Khushi....don’t be weak!” Khushi said wiping her tears, “Recall what Nanhe ji said. Fight for yourself. It’s high time that Raizadas learn to treat their daughter-in-law properly.



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May 26, 2016

Shot 2: An Outburst (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 147 times)

Sorry guys, this is not an OS but a TS (Three shots). It just slipped out of my mind and i wrote it as OS. Don't worry, this shot will have three part and here is the second one. It'll have one more part which will be updated tomorrow or day after tomorrow.



Lying on the bed Arnav turned back and saw his wife sleeping with his back facing him. He had came back in the evening and apologized to her for raising his hand but she had nodded and walked away.

This is not his Khushi!

The Khushi he knew was very polite and understanding. She used to forgive every mistake of his and used to hug him and say, “It’s okay Arnav ji!” But today nothing of that sort happened.

His mind recalled her dressing. She had walked into the house wearing a frock and is now sleeping wearing a black night gown and robe. Her long hair is now layered and curled. If he is not wrong, she has dyed brown colour too!

What is wrong? What happened to Khushi that she changed? What happened in one fine evening that she went with NK and bought some modern dresses.

He recalled NK’s strange behaviour during dinner. Neither did he talk to anyone nor did he eat well. He wasn’t acknowledging anyone except Khushi. He denied when Payal tried to serve and didn’t eat anything made by her.

What is wrong with him and Khushi?

Hours and hours of thinking made him sleep.





The next morning everyone walked to the breakfast table and Nani said looking at the dishes, “Arrey, why are you number of dishes less?”

Payal looked down and said, “Wo Dadi ji, today Khushi didn’t come for making breakfast. And HP is also in leave. I couldn’t manage everything.”

“Hello hi bye bye, Khoon bhari taang, then what are you good at huh? Can’t even make one breakfast!” Manorama huffed and sat on the chair.

“Arnav ji, I’m sorry,” Payal said, “I didn’t make toast and juice!”

“It’s okay Payal!” Arnav said and took a paratha.

“Where is Khushi ji?” Anjali asked and Arnav said, “She is coming!”

Sheetal and Aarav walked to the breakfast table and Aarav said, “Where is my toast and juice?”

“Wo Aarav, I didn’t make toast and juice today. Have paratha for a day!” Payal said and Aarav said, “Nahi, I need toast and juice!” He said stubbornly.

“But Aarav, I didn’t make....” Payal said and Aarav said angrily, “Then make it!”

“She is not your servant who’ll cook for you!” A voice came from behind and everyone turned back to get shocked.

There was Khushi standing in a black skinny jeans, white shirt and black boots. Her hair was left open and she had applied minimal makeup.

Khushi walked to them and everyone gaped seeing her walking perfectly in the heeled boots.

“Aarav, you’re a guest here. So behave well! You have to eat whatever is made here or else you’re free to have from a restaurant!” She said sternly.

“Khushi, he is a child...” Sheetal said and Khushi said coldly, “I also know that he is a child. I am not blind. But can’t you see how your ‘child’ is behaving? If you’re not correcting him then he’ll repeat it again and again and it’ll become his habit. It’s Payal jiji’s goodness that she is not slapping him. If it was me, then your son will be now in ICU!”

Everyone gaped seeing her tone and words.

Sheetal covered immediately, “Wo, I’m sorry Khushi. But I cannot be stern with him. You know, he...he don’t have...father” She began her tear session.

Everyone stood up from their position and moved to console her while Arnav stood angrily. He moved to Khushi and whispered in her ears, “What was the need for that? Leave it Khushi, why are you hell bent in troubling them?”

Khushi ignored him and said loudly, “It’s not my problem that he do not have father. If your son badly wants a father then tell him his father’s name. If you cannot go back to Aarav’s father, then remarry! Being fatherless is not a licence for him to misbehave!”

“Khushi ji....leave it...” Anjali said holding Sheetal’s shoulder tightly.

Khushi rolled her eyes and sat on the chair and served herself.

Everyone settled for breakfast and Mamiji asked, “Phatti sadi, why didn’t you make breakfast today?”

Khushi looked up and said, “Is it written in Indian constitution that women should cook food for her in laws?”

Everyone shot looked at her and Khushi said, “I’m not a servant here whom you all can order. I deserve a position here which I never got. I’m not a toy whom you all can play with! I’m a human being who deserves respect. So stop ordering me. And by the way, Mrs. Manorama, you are also the daughter-in-law of the house but I have never seen you stepping inside kitchen. Why is that?”

Manorama stumbled for answers and everyone looked at each other.

Khushi continued, “Anjali ji is also daughter of this house. Why isn’t she cooking?”

“Khushi stop it! Di doesn’t need to cook!” Arnav shouted.

Khushi said, “Yeah you’re right! Why should she cook? She is ASR’s sister and thus can sit and relax on her big bed crying over her cheat husband, isn’t it?”

Anjali looked at her with tears and Arnav said gritting his teeth, “Khushi stop it!”

Khushi ignored him and said, “Anjali ji doesn’t need to cook, she doesn’t need to work, she doesn’t need to go to market and buy vegetables, she doesn’t need to iron clothes....who is she? Oh yes, she is Ranisahiba, hai na?”

Ignoring everyone’s glances and Anjali’s sobs, she continued,

“Manorama ji doesn’t need to cook; after all she is the great Manorama Singh Raizada! Mrs. Manorama ji, before taunting me and my sister for being middle classes, let me remind you something, you were the servant of Raizada Mansion who made the son of this house fall in love with you using your charms! If you can call me phatti sadi then I can call you something offensive. So from today, I should not hear the word ‘phatti sadi’ from your red-lipstick-covered mouth, got it?”

Everyone sat rooted and Khushi said turning to Anjali,

“And you Anjali ji, your leg is handicapped not your brain. The more you remain in this house away from the world, the more you’re spineless. If your husband cheated you, accept that and move ahead. If you’re planning to cling on your brother and family then let me remind you something, this family is not helping you but making you more and more depended. If you have a little of self-respect and shame in you, then set off to work and earn money rather than walking around as a chronic patient!”

“KHUSHI STOP IT!” Arnav shouted not able to take it anymore.

Khushi rolled her eyes and said to NK who was looking at her in awe.

“Nanhe ji, let’s go. It’s time!”

“Where are you going?” Payal asked.

“To bank! I need a loan!” Khushi said casually.

“Loan? WHY?” Akash asked.

“Because I’m starting a company!” Khushi said as a matter of fact.

“WHAT?” Everyone asked in shock.

“You? You’ll start a company?” Sheetal asked in an amused expression.

Khushi’s gaze turned harder and said sternly, “I’m not like you who would stay at your ex boyfriend’s house enjoying the luxuries there and who would go at late night parties leaving your son alone at home. I’m more independent than you and I have some talent unlike you who is good at nothing. I’m a great cook and I’m gonna start a catering company! Is it okay with you Sheetal madam?”

Sheetal was stumped and she sealed her mouth.

“Let’s go Nanhe ji!” Khushi said and NK nodded and followed her.






“Where is Khushi?” Arnav asked NK who came back home at the evening without Khushi.

“She is at her friend’s home. I’ll go and pick her up at night!” NK said and was walking away when Arnav stopped him.

“What is happening NK?” he asked.

NK looked around and found that Sheetal and Aarav are not present and smiled sarcastically and said, “So you got time to think about her? I thought you were busy with your ex girlfriend and her son!”

“NK, what are you...” Arnav began when NK asked directly with no tinge of embarrassment of shyness,

“Tell me the truth Arnav. Is Aarav your son?”

Everyone gasped and Arnav shouted,


“I’M NOT OUT OF MY MIND, YOU ARE!” NK shouted and everyone flinched at his tone. This was the first time NK was raising his voice.


“NK, you are crazy!” Akash said.


Everyone stood numb not able to react and NK said,

“Sheetal and Aarav always behave badly with Khushi ji. Have you ever noticed it? Well how would you? You all are busy proving that Aarav is like Arnav. You all take Khushi ji for granted. Not only Khushi ji, Payal bhabhi too. But Payal bhabhi is too spineless to fight against that but Khushi ji is a real tigress and decided to fight back it!”

Payal looked down when NK called her spineless. It’s true too! Why can’t she react when Mami calls her khoon bhari tang and taunt her unnecessarily?

NK continued, “You all changed her! She now believes that no one at this house loves her. In fact I also think so. You people treat her as if she is a servant here! Let me remind you all something, she is the daughter-in-law of the house. Have you all ever treated her as one?”

After a pause he said, “Do you know why she is starting company? She wants to be independent. She wants to be of Arnav’s status. You all always remind her that she is a middle class girl who can never walk on heels and can never wear jeans. SHE IS TRYING TO BECOME A HIGH CLASS GIRL BECAUSE YOU ALL HAVE PROVED THAT ONLY HIGH CLASS GIRLS ARE TREATED WELL IN THIS HOUSE.

Why is di not working in kitchen? Because she is ASR’s sister and a modern sophisticated yet traditional lady. Why isn’t Manorama maasi not working in kitchen? Because she is a great fashion diva as she herself proclaims and owns a high position in this house. Why isn’t Sheetal cooking in kitchen? Because she is the guest here, top of that she is a modern and stylish lady. WHY IS IT THAT ONLY KHUSHI JI AND PAYAL JI NEED TO COOK? JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE MIDDLE CLASS GIRLS, JUST BECAUSE OF THAT!”

NK finished and turned to Payal and said, “Fight for your rights Payal bhabhi or else very soon you’ll be a doormat of this house!” And he stormed to his room.

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May 27, 2016

Last Shot: Realization (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 187 times)

Last Shot: Realization


Greeting Hari Prakash who opened the door for her, she walked inside. Nanhe ji had promised her to pick to her up but he had a sudden emergency as his friend is in hospital and she had come home in an auto.

She walked in and saw the whole family waiting for her.

Removing some strands of hair that were on her face, Khushi walked past them ignoring every soul of living room.

“Khushi ji...” She heard Anjali calling her.

Khushi turned back. Crossing her arms under her chest, she said emotionless, “Yeah”

Anjali limped to her and held her shoulder, “We’re sorry Khushi ji. NK bhai ne sab bata diya. We all have hurt you! Please forgive us!”

Khushi looked away and Nani said, “Hume maaf kijiye Khushi bitiya, we all did wrong with you.”

“Hello hi bye bye, phat....sorry Khushi bitiya,” Mami said, “I have made kheer for you. Have it, have it!” She said in her ‘mamiji’ style.

“Khushi ji, we’re sorry!” Akash said, “We all never thought how you would be feeling. We....”

Payal cut him and said, “Khushi, Aarav is not Arnav ji’s son. You’re misunderstanding. To be honest, we all are reason for that misunderstanding and we are really sorry for that!”

“Sheetal is a cheat Khushi ji!” Anjali said and Khushi shot looked at her.

Anjali nodded and said, “After NK bhai told us about your change, Chotte enquired about Sheetal. She had adopted Aarav from an orphanage and trained him to behave like him. Sheetal is now arrested and Aarav returned to orphanage.”

Khushi nodded and said coldly, “So, it required NK to place a mirror before you. My change didn’t make you realize your mistake. Nanhe ji had to explain it. That shows how much you notice me and my position in this house!”

“Khushi ji....” Anjali called out and Khushi walked upstairs ignoring others.



She entered the room and found it decorated with candles and roses.

She looked around and saw all her favourite dishes placed on the table there and her favourite song playing in the stereo.

She felt someone hugging from behind and she needn’t turn behind to see his face. It’s him!

She freed herself and turned to him.

“What’s all this?” She asked coldly.

Arnav said with a puppy face, “I’m sorry!”

Khushi nodded and walked away when he caught and pulled her to him.

“Arnav....****o mujhe!” Khushi said angrily.

Arnav left his hold instantly hearing his name as ‘Arnav’ from her mouth and the tone she used.

“Khushi main.....”

“Just stay away from me...” She said and turned when he held her and turned her. Cupping her face, he said softly, “I know I hurt you a lot. But please forgive me. Please...”

Khushi freed his hand and walked out of the room.

“Khushi...” Arnav called out her name and ran behind her.



She walked down the stairs and reached the family members. Arnav too reached there and Khushi said to all,

“You all want me to forgive you all?”

Everyone nodded yes.

“Hari Prakash ji, bring glass plates for everyone!” Khushi ordered and everyone looked at each other and HP gave glass plates to everyone.

“Now, you all drop it down!” Khushi said.

“What?” Arnav said.

“DROP IT DOWN!” Khushi ordered and everyone dropped their glass plates down and it broke with a sound.

Everyone looked at Khushi.

Khushi said to all, “Now look at your broken glass piece.”

Everyone did the same.

“Now say sorry to that!” She said.

Everyone looked at her.

“SAY SORRY TO THAT!” Khushi ordered.

“Sorry” Everyone mumbled at the broken pieces.

“Did it come back to its original shape?” She asked and everyone looked at her with tears.

Khushi walked and everyone realized that truth in horror.

 They have wounded her beyond imagination.





Dressed in a white night gown and a robe tied over it, Khushi sat before the huge mirror, combing her hair. Applying some lotion creams on her face and hands she got up from the dressing table and walked to the bed when she saw him standing at the door in tears.

Ignoring him she got on the bed and covered herself with the duvet. Turning off the lights, she closed her eyes preparing to sleep.

She felt him laying near her and she turned and lied with her back facing him.

She heard him asking in a broken tone, “Will I be ever forgiven?”

She didn’t answer and clutched the bed sheet tight and bit her lips preventing the sob which was ready to come out but unfortunately she couldn’t control her emotions. She sobbed audible to him and felt his arms sliding to her stomach.

She felt him lying close to her with his chest touching her back and his large arm hugging her small frame. He hid his face in her thick hair and whispered, “I’m sorry Khushi”

Wiping her tears, she removed his hand from her stomach and moved a little away from him towards the end of the bed and whispered but audible for him, “I cannot forgive you for every mistake of yours Arnav ji. I’m your wife, not your robot who would do nothing but obey you.”

“Khushi main....”

She cut him and said, “I have some works regarding my company and have to wake up early tomorrow. Let me sleep!”

“Did you get loan?” He asked.

She hummed.

“I could have helped.” He said a little hurt that she didn’t ask his help but took a bank loan when he have crore in his account.

“You earn for your di and family, not for me!” She said.

“Khushi!” He said offended, “How can you say that?” He held her arm and turned her so that now she is laying flat and he on his elbows looking at her.

“I mean each and every word I say. Millions that you have in your account is wasted on your mami who knows nothing but buying jewellery and your di who knows nothing but spending money lavishly on superstitional poojas!”  She said sternly.

Arnav looked down and Khushi said,

“Did she even think about my words in morning about doing work? I know she did not! She just want to stay as a parasite forever. It’ll be good if you explain it to your darling di that earning money of our own and buying a cup of tea with that money is something that you’ll never get sitting inside this air-conditioned home!”

And with that she turned and slept.





The next day passed in a swift as Arnav tried to talk to Khushi but she avoided him and was busy in her company works.

The evening came and Khushi came back home with an equally exhausted NK. They both slumped on the sofa and HP gave them juice.

“Khushi ji....” She heard a voice and saw Anjali and Payal sitting on her opposite sides.

She sat up straight and asked, “What?”

“We have decided to work!” Anjali and Payal said.

Khushi smiled faintly and said, “Good!”

“Thank you Khushi ji. You made me realize the truth. I should move on in my life rather than being dependent on my family,” Anjali said holding Khushi’s shoulder.

Khushi smiled widely and said softly, “It’s okay di. I’m glad that you decided to work. Where are you working?”

Anjali smiled and said, “I have my LLB degree. I used it and I got the job of junior advocate at Mathur law firm!”

Khushi hugged her and said happily, “I’m so happy for you! Congratulations di!”

They withdrew and Khushi turned to Payal and asked, “And jiji what about you?”

Payal smiled and said, “I’ll have to hunt job using my BCom but if my sister is willing, I’ll join her catering company as chef!”

“JIJI!!!!!!” Khushi squealed and hugged her tight.

NK smiled seeing the scene and said, “Glad that you both realized the truth!”

Anjali and Payal looked at him.

“No matter how much rich your background is, earning our own money gives a proud which cannot be replaced by anything in this world. And women, they are not just housewives, they also deserve a place in society! I’m happy that you both have decided to stand on your feet!” NK said and Payal and Anjali smiled.

“Khushi....we’re really sorry!” Payal said, “We have hurt you a lot by comparing Aarav and Arnav ji. Please forgive us dear, please....”

“Ha Khushi ji....please....” Anjali said.

Khushi smiled and nodded.





Dinner was a joyous affair as Khushi forgave everyone but Arnav was worried because she still didn’t talk to him.

Mamiji had cooked the dinner and the food was extremely tasty. Even Nani who always finds faults in her daughter-in-law gave her a necklace as a reward for such a tasty dinner. And mami was saying, “Hello hi bye bye, saasuma, is this my first rasoi that you’re gifting me?” And Nani had said, “Ha Manorama, this is the first time you’re stepping inside kitchen for cooking after your marriage!” And everyone roared into laughter.



Arnav walked inside his room after having a discussion with Akash on the new project when he stopped at the entrance.

The room was decorated with candles and flowers and in the middle of the room stood Khushi in a red saree and her hair left open.



“I’m sorry!” She whispered softly holding her ears.

“It’s me who should apologize!” He said softly holding her hands which are at ears.

“I acted stupidly. I shouldn’t have misunderstood you!” She said looking down at the floor. 

“Even I should’ve noticed your insecurity. I was busy blaming you!” Arnav said softly.

Khushi looked down and bit her lips to prevent her sobs. She felt him hugging her and whispered in her ears, “I love you Khushi! You know that, don’t you?”

She hummed and hugged him tight biting her lower lip harder to prevent her sobs.

“How could you even think that Aarav is my son? Itna bhi bharosa nahi hai mujhpe?” He asked softly.

Khushi clinged on to him and said in a broken voice, “I trust you more than anyone else. Par...whole family was noticing the likeness....”

“You could’ve shared it with me!” He said softly.

“I’m sorry!” She said crying.

“Forgive me,” Arnav said with his voice chocking, “I had promised you to keep you happy and ends up in hurting you more! I’m sorry Khushi! I should’ve noticed your insecurity. I should’ve suspect Sheetal. I should’ve...”

They withdrew from the hug and she wiped her tears and said, “Let’s start afresh Arnav ji. Forget everything!”

Arnav smiled faintly and asked, “Am I forgiven?”

She nodded and hugged him.




Cuddling to her husband’s arms, she hid her face in his chest and said to herself,

‘It wasn’t his fault. Neither wasn’t it mine! It was just a bad dream! A sudden fluctuation of my mind when I concluded that Arnav ji doesn’t love me while the truth is he loves me the most.

He is also at fault. He never saw that I was feeling insecure when he shared his relationship status with Sheetal. He didn’t see my insecurities when he was mingling with Sheetal and Aarav. He didn’t notice anything.

I am also at fault. How could I doubt my Arnav ji? Yeah, he is ignorant and a bit short tempered but he has a golden heart. I shouldn’t have doubted him.

The whole family is also at fault. They shouldn’t have compared someone’s child with MY Arnav ji. That was so childish of them!

Everyone is at fault!’

Khushi said to herself and snuggled more to her husband who was asleep hugging her little frame with his large arms.

Laying her head on his chest, she murmured after giving him a kiss on cheek,

“I love you Arnav ji....

And we’re going to start afresh. And I promise, there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding between us!”

And she slowly drifted into sleep.

For a new day!

For a new beginning! 

I do have a theme for the sequel of this Three Shot. If you need a sequel for this story then please vote.

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No need of sequel
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