Adaalat Season 2 on Sony Tv Show Plot Wiki,Promo,Timing,Cast

Jun 4, 2016

Adaalat Season 2 on Sony Tv Show Plot Wiki,Promo,Timing,Cast (By Medsuper)

Adaalat Season 2 on Sony Tv Show Adaalat was one of the best show of Sony entertainment tv channel. This show was a episodic show in which K.D.Pathak(Advocate) case solve mysteries of criminal cases. This show receives lot of fame among viewers.

Now we get a news about new season of this show. Adaalat is coming back on Sony tv in new looks and with new drama. The new season will be titled as Adaalat Season - 2 .Ronit Roy who is performing  as criminal lawyer Advocate Karan Divakar Pathak a.k.a. K.D.Pathak confirmed about the Adaalat Season 2 show.The show is produced by Contiloe Telefilm's .

Adaalat Season 2 on Sony Tv Show Plot Wiki

Adaalat aired on Sony Entertainment Television went off-air few months ago.But friends, this courtroom drama will be available soon for viewers. You can again enjoy K.D.Pathak action in Courtroom.

Adaalat Season 2 on Sony Tv Show Cast Wiki

We dnt expect much changes in star-cast . We think Ronit Roy and Shraman Jain will again join this show. If we get any news about star cast change we will update it here. Stay tuned with us.

  1. Ronit Roy as criminal lawyer Advocate Karan Divakar Pathak a.k.a. KD Pathak
  2. Tisca Chopra as  criminal lawyer ( KD's Oppose)
  3. Shraman Jain as Shraman, KD's assistant
  • Romit Raj as Varun Zaveri, KD's assistant 
  • Rakshanda Khan
  • Sameer Dharmadhikari
  • Anand Goradia  
  • Amit Tandon
  • Adaalat Season 2 on Sony Tv Show Timing

    Sources inform that the show was quite popular with the masses and to cash in the popularity, the makers have decided to bring a new season of 'Adaalat'. If everything falls in place, the show will soon go on floors.

    • Tv Show Name :- Adaalat Season 2
    • Channel :- Sony Tv
    • Language :- Hindi
    • Genre :- Crime Drama
    • Days :- Sat-Sun
    • Timing :-  08.00pm
    • Starting Date :- 4 June 2016
    Checkout the promo..

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    Jun 4, 2016

    As an actor, I inspire young minds: Ronit Roy... (By Medsuper)

    Popular courtroom drama Adaalat is coming back to the small screen with its second season.

    The talented actor Ronit Roy, who won millions of hearts with his amazing portrayal of the sophisticated, witty yet unconventional lawyer K D Pathak, will be seen donning the lawyer’s robe once again.

    The show has entertained audiences with its gripping story line and exciting court cases and is back with Adaalat 2, which promises to be all the more exciting.

    Taking about the new season, Ronit said, “All those plot points that the audiences didn't like in season one have been done away with this time. While the things that were liked by them would get more prominence, with a new twist to it. There will be two new people joining me. The court room is bigger and better as it is more realistic. There is a lot of KD’s personal life that will be shown in the series. Audiences were asking for KD’s love life too...but as I am not sure who would fall in love with me, we will bring that angle in when we find someone ready to go bonkers for me!"

    As we know supernatural drama is in trend, we asked Ronit if audiences would see such episodes in Adaalat 2. He shared, “I have requested not to have any supernatural elements to it as we are not into that genre. People who are doing that would not want a court room in their fare. There might be a random case related to supernatural series, which might work out well. Let’s not rule out the theory completely. But we will not do it for the sake of it. In fact, KD Pathak has always been against superstitions."

    As Ronit is playing a lawyer in the show, we asked him to pick a serious social issue that he would take up in real life, he answered, “These are the questions that I might be able to answer after I win a seat in the parliament. Unfortunately, I have no plans of doing so. I believe that a country is made by the people. There are a lot of things like law, order, financial, administration, situations of the country’s politics and the general constitution. These are a lot of things and I can’t deal with them. It’s not my job to deal with them. As an actor, I inspire young minds to do well in their lives.”

    When asked about his kids showing interest in the entertainment industry, he observed, “They have a long way to go. They are just students. My son currently wants to be a YouTuber. Every six months, his interests change. Once he is grown up and ready to go to work, we will see what he wants to do.”

    We couldn't afford to not ask him about his fitness mantra. He was more than happy to share his regime, "I am going to be fitter as next year I am doing a mainstream Hollywood film with high-octane action sequences. There is no fitness mantra as such because it's hard work in the gym and hard work on the dining table. Once these two are in control, fitness comes automatically,” signed off Ronit.

    Credit : Tellychakkar

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