Second Love and Marriage 2

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Jun 4, 2016

Second Love and Marriage 2 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 200 times)

Hi  guys, this  is  another  story  of  Second Love and marriage.. Hope you support me with this story like season 1.



New York City:

Children’s park:

A man is sitting on the bench looking around the place. he can see many children around the park  as it is Sunday. All came  with  their  mothers.

“ Papa” came  a  voice  bringing  him out  of  the  thoughts. He looked  at  his two year old son clinging around his legs.

“ Aryan” the man lifted him up. Aryan showed him the direction towards ice cream. The man brought ice cream for him. Aryan got mingled with other kids.

Soon it  became  dark and all the mothers carried their  children to home. Seeing  them Aryan looked  at  his  father, the man knew the  look in his son’s face. He too want a mother  whom he can’t bring. Seeing other children with their mothers, Aryan always feels  bad. But nothing  is  in  his  hands.

“ Come. Let’s go home” said the man lifting Aryan and going to his bike.

The man is Arnav. Only  Arnav who  once was Arnav Singh Raizada. Now he is a common man. The reason he being alive is only because of his son. Because of his own deeds, he lost his family two and half years back.



New Delhi, India:

It was late in the evening. The door bell  rang  and  Garima Gupta  opened the door  to  find  her  exhausted daughter  in front  of  her. she smiled to her and entered the room.

“ Go and Change Khushi” said Garima.

Khushi Gupta entered her room  and  after freshening up, she came into the hall to be greeted by her little sister and mother. The trio had their dinner silently.

Garima entered the room while Khushi is working on her laptop.

“ You still din’t slept” asked Garima.

“ Ten minutes mamma. I will sleep as soon as I complete this” said  Khushi. Garima sat there hesitantly.

“ Do you need something mamma ??”asked Khushi.

“ I need to  talk with you about something” said Garima.

“ If it is about my marriage, then don’t. “ said Khushi.

“ How many days like this ??”asked Garima.

“ Forever. I am not going to marry anyone” said Khushi and shut down her laptop and placed her things in order. Garima sighed  and  went away from there.

Khushi went to her wardrobe to bring her night dress when her eyes fell on her wedding lehenga. She just took it in her hands. A lone tear escaped from her eye remembering the incidents.




This is the prologue guys. So how is it ?? I know you all will have lot of questions. Plz be patient.

Can anyone  Plz make me a banner  for this story ?? If so plz say me.. I will contact  you.

Jun 6, 2016

Character Sketch (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 143 times)

Character Sketch:

Arnav Singh Raizada:  29 years old.  Elder son of Avinash and Ratna Singh Raizada. Lives in New York.  Currently Working in Khurana industries. He has a big family in India who abandoned him due to his one mistake. Loves his son a lot. 

Khushi Gupta: 26 years old. Elder daughter of Guptas.  She was once a bubbly, chirpy and full of life girl but now she is a silent girl. Loves her amma and sister a lot. She is the MD of AR Fashion house.

Aryan Singh Raizada: 2 year old Arnav’s son. He is a cute and obedient boy. Brings smile on his father’s face with his cute antics.

Avinash Singh Raizada: Father of Arnav. A very good person. Loves his family a lot. He handles AR constructions along with his brother  Manohar.  Shashi Gupta is his best friend from childhood.

Ratna Singh Raizada: Mother of Arnav. A very strict person but loves her family a lot. A good wife, A good daughter, good Bhabi and good mother.. Arnav  is the apple  of her eyes. But his one mistake make her threw her son away from the house. Loves Khushi and  Payal too a lot.

Devyani Malik: Mother of Ratna. She lives with Raizadas. Ratna is the only child of her, so she too stays with Raizadas.

Manohar Singh Raizada: Younger brother of Avinash. He too works along with his brother in AR constructions.

Manorama Singh Raizada: wife of Manohar singh Raizada. Very talkative person. Loves everyone in the house.

Akash Singh Raizada: 26 years old. Younger son of Avinash and Ratna. CEO of AR Fashion house and classmate cum friend to Khushi. Always protects as a brother. Loves Payal Gupta.

Anjali Singh Raizada: Daughter of  Avinash and Ratna. 23 years old,  She is the princess of Raizadas. Everyone pampers her a lot. she is  a strong willed girl and works in AR Fashion house. Soon going to get married to Karan Khanna.

Nandkis**** Singh Raizada: Elder son of Manohar and Manorama. 24 years. joined recently in AR  constructions to help his father and uncle. He is fun loving guy and brings happiness with his talks. He stayed with his aunt in Australia for 7 years and came back an year ago, so his hindi is very bad.

Lavanya Singh Raizada: Daughter of Manohar and Manorama. 22 years old. Classmate and good friend of Payal. She is doing interior designing course.

Payal Gupta:  Younger daughter of Guptas. 22 years old. she is in the last year of Fashion designing course. She knew Akash loves her but never reciprocates her feelings. Loves his sister Khushi and Amma  a lot. Hates Arnav to the core.

Garima Gupta: Widower of Shashi Gupta. Mother of Khushi and Payal. Loves her children a lot.

Arjun Khurana: Friend cum Boss of Arnav. He saved Arnav two years back and gave job to him. He treats Arnav as his brother. Knows everything about his past.


Avinash and Shashi are friends from childhood.  So, the children, women are good friends. They both  built their houses next to each other. While Raizadas have a big mansion Guptas house is a two storied building. The two houses looks like  different from outside but  the two houses are connected by the Garden. The two families enjoy their dinner in this garden every weekend.  

Arnav and Khushi are not married to each other. Arnav married to someone. Khushi din't get married to anyone..

Jun 9, 2016

Chapter 1 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 186 times)

IN Raizada Mansion, Delhi:

It is beaming with the laughter of the people. All are in the hall happy. Anjali’s marriage is fixed with Karan Khanna, one of the well known business man in Delhi. They saw Anjali during one of the business parties and liked her. So, they brought proposal to them. Raizadas din’t finds any objection. Anjali and Karan dated for six months. Finally they thought to marry and gave a green signal to marriage. So, now the date for marriage and engagement is fixed. Marriage is after one month and ten days before marriage is going to be engagement.

“ Wow Di. I still can’t believe you are going to get married” said Lavanya hugging Anjali tightly.

“ One or other day every girl has to marry Lavanya. The next number is yours” said Nani.

“ Why are you talking about my marriage Nani ??”asked Lavanya pouting.

“ There are lots of works to do. We have to start from now” said Ratna.

“ Maa. Don’t worry. We are all there naa. We will take care of everything” said Akash.

“ Haan Badimaa. Hum log to ab bude hogayi naa” said NK.

“ Its bade not bude. Bude means old” corrected Ratna.

“ haan  wahi  wahi.” Said NK” Don’t worry. I will take care of everything. You all just sit and watch”

“ There is nothing to see if you take everything on your shoulders Bhai. All the workers will run away hearing your hindi” said  Lavanya and NK pouted hearing it.

Avinash observed Anjali sitting silently. She is lost in some thoughts.

“ Why is my princess looking sad ??”asked Avinash.

Everyone turned their heads to Anjali  and observed she din’t engage in their conversation.

“ What happened Anju ?? Any problem “asked Ratna.

“ Nothing mamma. I am fine” said Anjali.

“ No. you are not. I know it very well. Why are you dull ??”asked Ratna.

“ Nothing mamma. I have a wish. will you and papa  fulfil it  ?? Think it as my marriage gift” said Anjali.

“ Princess asking and father denying. Will it ever happen ??”said Ratna.

“ You are  jealous of my daughter. Won’t you ??”asked Avinash.

“ What the…” said Ratna and rolled off her eyes.

 Avinash smiling turned to Anjali “ What is it beta ?? Whatever it is I will fulfil it beta ??”

Anjali looked at her mother.

“ Anju. Do you think we will deny your wish?? That too when you are going to marry” said  Ratna.

“ Promise me both you won’t deny me” said Anjali. Avinash and Ratna looked at each other.

“ Ok. We promise. We won’t deny you” said Avinash.

Anjali taking  a  breathe said” I want all my three brothers in my marriage”

It took them sometime to analyze her words meaning.

The first one is Ratna to come out of it” Anjali. What type of wish is it??”

Anjali knew her mother is angry. She addresses her as Anjali only when she is angry otherwise she calls her as Anju.

“ You promised  me mamma” said Anjali.

“ But beta we don’t know where he is ??”said Nani.

“ I know Nani. We know where Bhai is” said Anjali. The elders looked at her surprised.

“ So you guys are in touch with him” asked Ratna looking at four children.

“Exclude me. I don’t know anything about it” said Akash.

“ How did you know about him ??”asked Avinash.

“ Six months before NK Bhai met him when he went to Newyork. “ said Anjali.

All looked at NK who lowered his head, then said” I went to meet my friend there. So, I saw Bhai there. He has a son and he is damn cute”

“ Now say mamma and papa. Will you deny me after promising me ?”asked Anjali.

Avinash looked at his mother in law and brother who nodded as yes. He looked at Ratna who have an annoyed look.

“ Fine. You can call him if you want.” Said Avinash. Anjali, Lavanya and Nk squealed hearing it. Ratna looked at her husband angrily.

“ Do whatever you want.. But don’t expect me to forget everything and talk with him and his wife” said Ratna and left from there angrily.

Avinash too left from there. Soon everyone went and only four are present.

“ Wow Di. Plan is success” said  Lavanya elated

Akash looked at them angrily.

“ You all hid such a big fact from me” asked Akash angrily.

“ Sorry Bhai. We were afraid to say you” said NK.

Akash threw an angry glare to them and left from there.



In Newyork:

Arnav got up from his sleep and looked at his son who is cuddling him. He patted him  again to sleep and  got down from bed. He lives in a small house where only a kitchen, small living room and one bed room is present.

The maid  will come and do’s the cleaning of the house for thrice in a week. Arnav after taking his bath, cooked the breakfast and he made baby food for Aryan. When he came to the bed, Aryan is sitting on the bed rubbing his eyes.

“Good morning  my boy” said Arnav and lifted him up.

“ Goo moning paa” said Aryan in his language.

“ Come. Time for bath. Papa have to go for office” said Arnav and took him to give bath.

At the breakfast table, he fed Aryan his food in between taking his breakfast. After the breakfast is over, he arranged Aryan’s things and took his laptop bag. He came to the parking, took his bike and drove off. He stopped the bike after two streets before a big mansion written as Khurana’s mansion.

Aryan squealed out as soon as they got there. Arnav smiled seeing his excitement. Arnav entered the house and found Arjun sitting on the sofa waiting for him.

“ Arnav. you came. “ came Arjun’s mother, sharada.

“ Ji aunty. “ said Arnav.

“ How is my cutie  pie ?? I missed him soo much” said Sharada taking Aryan who happily went to her.

“ Maa. It is only yesterday you din’t saw him. You are saying you miss him” said Arjun.

“ Even if I din’t see him for a day, I will feel hollow” said Sharada.

Arjun patting Aryan’s head” Seriously kiddo, I feel jealous of you. My mom loves you more than me”

“ Shut up. You are getting jealous of a child. Have some shame” scolded Sharada.

“ Ok aunty. We will leave now. It’s time” said Arnav.

“ Ok take care you both. I will send lunch for you both” said  Sharada.

Arnav kissed Aryan’s cheek and bid a good bye to him.

“ Bye Kiddo” said Arjun to Aryan.

“ Bye Aluun( Arjun) uncle” said Aryan.

“ It’s Arjun baby not Aluun” said Arjun.

“ Aluun” said Aryan again and pouted.

“ Fine. This is our routine. I will wait for the day you will pronounce my name as Arjun” said Arjun.

Arnav leave  Aryan  at  Arjun’s house. Arjun’s mother will take care of him as she will be alone. She loves Aryan soo much and treats Arnav as her son. So, when Arnav thought  to  leave Aryan in day care centre, she denied and insisted to leave with her.. Aryan  too is soo close with her..

Both of them came out of the mansion. Arjun went to his car while Arnav towards his bike.

Arjun sighed seeing it. He always asks Arnav to accompany him in car but no, he will deny it and start giving lecture on  professionalism. Soon they both left for the office.


In India:

AR Fashion house:

Akash is lost in his own thoughts. Today’s morning incidents are flashing in his mind. His siblings know about their Bhai and din’t even informed him. they made plan themselves and asked to call Bhai for Anjali’s marriage. What will be the consequences if Bhai comes home ?? He knew what would definitely. His mother is not going to forgive his Bhai soo easily nor even his father. The trio ( Anjali, Lavanya and NK) don’t know the damage his Bhai caused to his parents heart. But he knew, they were broken totally inside. He knew until this day, they couldn’t come out of the trauma and he himself witnessed many nights his father crying holding Shashi uncle’s photo. His mother sleepless nights thinking about Khushi. Truth to be said, even he is still angry with his Bhai. Now along with Bhai seeing his so called wife who is the sole reason for all this mess is not easy for his parents. Why the hell these three fools have to do this ??

Once his Bhai is a role model, mentor, guide  for him. He is the best brother anyone could get. But now the person whom he respects most became pain of his parents and his best friend Khushi. Even the reason why Payal is rejecting him is because he is the brother of Arnav.

How will Guptas react if they come to know about Arnav’s arrival ?? Mostly Khushi, how will she react ?? Isn’t she the most who is affected by his Bhai’s deeds. Her whole  life is destroyed. He knew she would never show her pain to anyone but he can read her eyes easily. They are friends for the past ten years for nothing.

How  he  have to face the person who is root cause of pain of his parents, his bestfriend ??

“ Akash” a voice came bringing him out of the trance. He looked at Khushi wearing a pale blue color saree  looking at him weirdly.

“ Where were you lost ??”asked Khushi.

“ Nothing” said Akash.

“ You can’t lie to me” said Khushi.

“ Come. Let’s go for the meeting” said Akash and left from there. Khushi felt something fishy but left behind him for the meeting.


Thank you @ Arshika_Arshi, @ Shash10, @ sasi, @ Karthika: LAM 2 has a along way dear. It is not possible to complete it soon. , @ Arnavkushiarshi, @ Rasagna, @ Arshicrazyfan, @ Londoner, @ Shambavi23, @ Asyaarshi, @ Arshiforever92, @ Nishal, @ Gowri, @ Myarshi, @ Lily30, @ reena, @ Khushali, @ Noordina for your valuable comments.

Jun 16, 2016

Chapter 2 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 178 times)


In the evening, Akash came back to the house. He met HP on the way to his room.

“ Did maa had her lunch ??”asked Akash.

“ No Bhaiyya. Even Naniji talked with maasiji but she din’t  eat” said HP.

Akash  sighed hearing it. He knew his mother would be upset.

“Bring the food” said Akash and HP left from there to kitchen. He  soon returned with a food tray in his hand. Akash handover his laptop bag to HP and he moved to his parents room. He knocked the door but finding no response, he opened it silently and found his mother sitting on the bed.

He went and sat on the bed. Ratna opened her eyes finding some movement beside her.

“Aki. When did you came ?”asked Ratna.

“just now mamma” said Akash.

“ Wait. I will bring you coffee” said Ratna and is going to get up but Akash made her sit on the bed.

“ HP said you din’t eat lunch today” said Akash.

“ I din’t had an appetite today” said Ratna not looking at Akash.

“  you are upset over that matter. Didn’t you?”asked Akash.

Ratna din’t say anything.

“ trust me maa even I din’t had slightest idea about the trio doing all these behind my back. “ said  Akash.

“ I trust you Aki but  still I can’t digest the fact I have to face him again. I am worried  about Garima and Khushi. It is two and half years that  me and your father couldn’t see directly into the eyes of Garima and Khushi. We din’t even have courage to face them.  It is their goodness  that they din’t held any grudges with us. But still whenever we face them or talk with them, we feel guilty. Who is the cause for all this ?? Isn’t it him ?? How will Garima and Khushi think when they will come to know  he is coming for Anju’s marriage. I know they won’t  think bad about us but still  Akash ”said Ratna.

“ Let him come  maa” said Akash.

“ Aki.. what are you saying ??”asked Ratna.

“ yes maa. Let him come and know  what damage he caused. Let him know how others are suffering  because of his selfishness. Let him regret maa “ said Akash.

“ Is there any use of his regret ?? He is already happy with his wife and child” said Ratna.

“ What’s going on ??” came a voice from behind and they both looked at Avinash standing at the door.

“ hmm papa. Maa din’t had her lunch” said Akash.

Avinash understood  why she din’t had her food. So he came to her.

“ I know Ratna you are upset. Even me too. I know you are thinking about Garima and Khushi  how they feels. Even  I  too  thought  the  same. But we still don’t know he will come or not. Who knows  if he doesn’t want to come . What if he doesn’t have courage to face us and  denies. Anjali still din’t invited him.” said Avinash.

“ What if he agrees to come ??”asked Ratna

“ Then just treat  him  as  a  guest. Nothing more. Also he will come for marriage . He will stay only for a day or two. Don’t concentrate on him. concentrate on your daughter’s marriage. ” said  Avinash.

  “ Yes maa. Papa is right “ said Akash. Ratna nodded her head reluctantly.

“ Ok now come on have the food” said Akash and took a spoon fed his mother.

“ You know maa. Today Khushi brought aloo paratha for lunch. It was really horrible I had ever eat” said Akash.

“ Why ?? Garima  and Khushi makes tasty food naa” asked Ratna.

“Because  Today Payal prepared the food. God.  That was the worst food I had eaten in my life. I just eat only one piece and couldn’t  eat it but Khushi bechara ate it. She said  if payal comes to know about it. she feels bad about “ said  Akash.

Ratna just laughed . Akash successfully diverted her attention telling office stories making her laugh.  Avinash looked at the mother son duo.

“ One son causes pain and the other son soothes the pain” thought  Avinash and left from there.


In Newyork:

Arnav and Arjun entered Khurana mansion  returning from the office. Aryan who was playing saw his father.

“ Paa” squealed out  and came running to him.

“ Haan my boy” Arnav lifted him up and kissed his cheeks.

Sharada came there.

“ Aunty. Thank you soo much” said Arnav.

“ Will you ever change ?? How many times I have said you no to thank me ??”said Sharada.

“ maa leave it. You saying not to thank and Arnav thanking you is common. It is never going to change” said Arjun.

“ Ok. I will take leave now” said Arnav.

“ Arnav. Why don’t you have dinner with us ?”asked Sharada.

“ No aunty. It’s ok. Some other time” said Arnav and left from there with Aryan..


In Gupta House:

Akash and Khushi are discussing about some project when Ratna came there. They both were in the hall.

“ Where is Garima ??”asked Ratna.

“ She is in the kitchen maa” said Khushi. Yes, Khushi calls Ratna maa. They have a special bond. Khushi is very close to Ratna more than Garima. Ratna loves Khushi a lot. The reason is Garima fell ill after Khushi born. So, most of the time, Ratna would take care of both Khushi and Akash as they both are of equal size. so, Ratna have  a special bond  with Khushi.

“ Bhabi. “ came Garima there followed by Payal too.

Ratna forwarding the box she got said” These are jelebis for Khushi. She din’t even had her lunch properly. Akash said to me”

Khushi frowned hearing it while Akash gulped hearing it.

“ What ?? Khushi.. Are you ok ??”asked  Garima.

“ I am fine amma. It’s just I din’t had an appetite to eat” said Khushi.

“ What!! But Akash said you couldn’t able to eat as the parathas made by payal are soo bad. They are soo pathetic that he just had only one morsel” said Ratna.

Garima and Khushi looked at each other while Akash closed his eyes. In the next  minute, a pillow hit him hard on his face making him stumble back.  He rubbed his nose which was red now.

“ How dare you Akash Singh Raizada to say that my parathas are bad ??”Shouted Payal angrily.

“ Payal” glared both Garima and Khushi at her angrily.

“ What ?? Why are you both looking  at me ?? Didn’t you heard what he said ??” said Payal and in the next minute tears rolled from her eyes.

“ Are my parathas that bad  ?? “ said Payal crying. The four looked at her shocked. Ratna just thought to pull her leg but she ended crying.

“ I hate you” said Payal to Akash and left to her room crying. Garima is going behind her  but Ratna stopped her and went behind Payal to console her.

“ Are you okay ??”asked Khushi.

“ I am fine Khushi. Seriously, aunty you should have named her pagal not payal. She is a fire brand” said Akash rubbing his nose.

Garima and Akash laughed out hearing it.

“ What’s going on ??” Came Anjali there.

“ Nothing Anju. Your  brother got a dose from Payal” said Khushi.

“ Ohh. Bhai why do you always tease her ??” asked Anjali.

“ Just for fun” said Akash.

“ And today that fun costed your nose. See how red it became ??”said Khushi. Akash pouted hearing it.

Ratna came down  with Payal who is still looking sad.

“ Akash. Payal wants to give you a punishment” said  Ratna.

“ Oh.. what is that then ??”asked Akash.

“ she will  make parathas tomorrow and you have to eat them” said Ratna.

“ What ?? NO” said Akash.

“ You don’t have any option” said Ratna and looked at Anjali “ Why are you here ??”

“ I have something to talk with Akash and  Khushi Di” said Anjali.

Ratna frowned hearing it.

“ Mumma. I want to discuss with them regarding my wedding function dresses” said Anjali knowing very well what her mother must be thinking.

Ratna nodded her head and left from there. Garima and Payal left into the kitchen. The trio sat down discussing about the dresses.

After half an hour, they came to conclusion.

“ So, Anju. Everything is clear now. We have thought about engagement, haldi, mehendi, sangeet but what about wedding lehenga. “ asked Khushi.

“ We will discuss about it later” said Anjali.

“ Later !!  When?? There is only one month time” said Khushi.

“ Don’t worry about that Di” said Anjali.

Khushi sighed hearing it while Akash understood Anjali’s intentions to some extent.

“ Ok. We will leave now” said Akash and both Anjali, Akash was going from there.

Seeing them going, Payal came into the hall. Khushi went  into the kitchen. Anjali went  forward but Akash stayed back seeing Payal.

She came to him and said” My parathas are  bad naa. Wait and see. Tomorrow  I will deliberately make worst parathas and you  have to eat them”

“ I will love to do that darling. After all, I  should eat your hand made parathas only after marriage. So, I too think it  would be better if I get used to them” flirted Akash.

“ Who said you  I  am going to marry you ?? I will never marry you” said Payal angrily.

“ Let’s see  baby” said  Akash winking at her and left from there. Payal stood there angrily stomping her foot.


Thank you @ sasi, @ Vimalsanju, @ Londoner, @ Farakhan, @ Karthika: I too want to give frequent updates dear.. but busy with my studies.. Aryan is arnav’s son only, @ Lily30, @ amulusheik, @  Santhi nemali, @ I4arshi, @ Noordina, @ Rasagna: Arnav had a wife dear, @ Gowri, @  Archanasuresh, @ Nishal, @ Dhoni, @ reena, @ Arshiliciousmegha, @ Parichay hin, @ shambavi23: You are right dear, @ Jelebigirl, @ Khushali, @ lesh85, @  Mit0905, @ Priy_Taanu for your valuable comments.



No  one from the family knows Akash loves Payal until now. Akash  had  already proposed Payal but she denied him.

Jun 27, 2016

Chapter 3 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 171 times)


In New York:

Arnav sat  infront  of  his laptop  to work . After returning from office, he prepared the dinner, fed Aryan and put him to sleep. Now, He sat down for his work. A loud sound of his phone disturbed him.

He looked at the caller id and it was from NK. He lifted the call.

“ Hi NK. How are you ??”asked Arnav.

“ I am fine Bhai. Can you come to Skype ??”asked NK.

“ What ??”asked Arnav puzzled. Until now, he talked with NK only over the phone. He always wanted to see him and others but never dared to. Now, NK himself  asking.

“ Ok. “ said Arnav  and within few minutes, he saw NK infront of him.

“ Someone wants to meet you” said NK and turned the screen. Arnav saw Anjali  and Lavanya, his little sister. Two and half years !! After  two and half years, he is seeing them. 

“ Bhai!!” both of them called out with a little cry.

“ Anju, Lav… How are you both ??”asked Arnav overwhelmed with happiness.

“ We are fine Bhai. How are you ??” asked Anjali.

“ I am fine Anju. “ said Arnav.

“ What fine Bhai !!  You are looking thin  and pale” said  Lavanya.

“ It’s not that Lav. I am fine. Just work stress” said Arnav “ Now  say what are you doing both ??”

Both of them chatted while  saying about their studies and profession.

“ Bhai. Where is Aryan ??”asked NK.

“ Haan Bhai. Where is  he ??” said Anjali.

“He is sleeping now “said  Arnav.

“Oh. We thought to see him. Nk Bhai said he is very cute” said Lavanya.

“Hmm. Very naughty too” said Arnav.

“send us his pics Bhai” asked Anjali.

“Ok. I will send you” said Arnav.

The trio once looked at each other and nodded their heads. Arnav looked at them frowning.

“What happened ??”asked Arnav.

“Actually we called you to say something” said Lavanya.

“ What is it ??” asked Arnav. Lavanya nudged Anjali to say.

Anjali blushing said ”Bhai. I am going to get married”

Arnav stunned for a moment said “Congrats Anju. I can’t believe this. my little sister is going to marry”

“ But it’s true Bhai. Finally, we are getting free  from her emotional blackmail” said NK.

Arnav chuckled hearing it while Anjali hit Nk’s shoulders.

“When is the marriage ??”asked Arnav. Anjali said the date.

“Congrats again Anju. Wish you all the best for your married life” said Arnav.

“Congratulating me won’t work. I need  my wedding gift. You should give me what I will ask” said Anjali.

“Ofcourse. Say what my little sister wants ??”asked Arnav.

“ I want you to attend each and every function of my marriage” said Anjali.

Arnav’s smile faded away and his eyes grew wide.

“Anju. What are you asking ??”said Arnav.

“I din’t ask much Bhai. I want all my brothers in my marriage” said Anjali.

“ It’s not possible Anju” said Arnav.

“ Why won’t it be possible Bhai ?? Even maa and papa  to agreed” said Anju.

“ What !!  Mamma and papa agreed.”asked Arnav.

“ yes. They agreed” said Anjali. Arnav looked at other two who nodded their heads.

“ You blackmailed them. Don’t you ??”asked Arnav.

“ yes. It doesn’t matter anymore. I want my elder brother in my marriage” said Anjali.

“Anju. Why don’t you understand ??”asked Arnav.

“No. I don’t want to understand anything. If you really  love  me  and care for  me, come to my marriage  and  bless me. I  will be waiting for your yes until tomorrow night. If you won’t come, then I will think  that  my brother doesn’t   love me anymore. He din’t give a damn to his family. ” said Anjali with tears and left from there.

Arnav looked  her retreating figure and sighed. He looked at NK and Lavanya who were looking at him with pleading eyes. He disconnected the connection and closed his face with his hands.

To India!! To his family !! To his maa.

At one side his heart is yearning to go but on the other side he doesn’t have any courage.



In AR:

Khushi is working in her cabin when the door knocked. She called the person to come in.

“ Hi Khushiji” came a voice making her roll off her eyes and look at the person with anger. Shyam Manohar Jha is standing before her.

“ What is it Mr.Jha ??”asked Khushi with a stern tone.

“ Khushiji. How many times I said you to call me Shyamji ?? “said Shyam.

“ There is no any personal relation between us Mr.Jha. Whatever it is professional ?? You are one of the client of our company. That’s it” said Khushi.

“ Haan. How can you say that ?? I am one of the friend of Arnav, the person whom you loved.. oops sorry you  still loves him. But what is the use of it ?? He insulted your love and there is no way you can get him back. when I am willing you to make part of my life, why are you denying ??” said Shyam.

“ Mr.Jha. I don’t want a shameless, untrusty person like you in my life. I am happy with what I have..Leave from here” said Khushi angrily

Shyam is going to say something but his mobile rang.

“ Seems like Mrs.Jha is calling you. Get lost” said Khushi and Shyam left from there gritting his teeth.

Khushi closed her eyes in frustration. This man always sticks to her. He was friend of Arnav. In the childhood, he would be coming to raizada home for studying.. He got married to one of the rich business man sister. His wife is a good girl but too dangerous. She don’t know about his husband’s affairs. If she would have known, by now Shyam would have left the world. Now, he fell behind her even after being married. Disgusting man!!.



The Next day:

Arnav and Arjun are in the office. It was during lunch time. Arjun, even being the CEO will have his lunch daily with arnav.

“ Hi Arnav. Come. Let’s have lunch. Mamma send many dishes” said Arjun.

Both of them sat down for the lunch. Arjun observed Arnav is just fiddling with the spoon. He is not eating.

“ Arnav. What happened ?? I am observing you from morning. You seemed to look dull” asked Arjun.

“ Yesterday NK called me” said Arnav.

“ Oh. What he said ??’asked Arjun.

“ Not only NK even Anju and Lav talked with me through skype” said Arnav.

“ That’s really great. You have seen your sisters” asked Arjun.

“ But…..” Arnav stopped not saying further.

“ What happened ??”asked Arjun.

“ Anju is going to get married” said Arnav” and She invited me for marriage”

“ So what have you decided ??’asked Arjun.

“ I don’t know. One side I want to go and other side I am afraid to face them.How can I face them ?? How can I face….” arnav stopped not saying anything.

“ Khushi!! Right”said Arjun. Arnav just sat lowering his head.

“ You are afraid to face Khushi” said Arjun. Arnav nodded his head.

“ What if she have moved on ??”asked Arjun” What is she have married another man ??”

“ No. It will never happen”said Arnav.

“ Why ?? Soo much confidence.” Said Arjun.

“ Because I know how much she loves me. I am her life and breath.  She loves me more than anyone in this world that she won’t even think of any other man even in her dreams.” Said Arnav confidently.

“ When you know soo much about her then why the hell you left her at the mandap on marriage day??”asked Arjun sternly.

“ Because I was a fool. I was selfish.” Said Arnav.

“ I was blind in that Sheetal’s fake love that I din’t even think once for hurting my family” said Arnav. His eyes misted with tears.

Arjun placed his hand on Arnav’s shoulder assuring him.

“ So what have you thought ??”asked Arjun.

“ I don’t know. What do you think I should do ??”asked Arnav.

“ I think you should attend your sister’s marriage.” Said Arjun.

“ What!! Arjun. I can’t” Arnav said.

“ How many days you will run away from them ?? They too have right to know how you are living. You are not happy here. You are let alone here with your son. If not for you, atleast for Aryan. Don’t he deserve love from your family ?? He too should get love from her dada, dadi, chachu, Bua.. Hope they will melt seeing Aryan” said Arjun.

Arnav smiled sarcastically, “ They threw me out even when they know about Aryan”

“ The situation is different then and now” said Arjun” Even you are suffering here. Let them know it. I know even you are willing to go but can’t”

“ But Arjun…” said Arnav

“ No ifs and buts Arnav” said Arjun.

Arnav sat there thinking while Arjun left from there..

In the evening, while leaving to home, Arnav went to Arjun’s cabin. He looked at Arnav curiously.

Arnav said “ I thought a lot and decided to go India.. I will face them. I will apologize to them for once for my deeds..For that I will go India”

Arjun smiled happily and said “ Ok. I will ask my PA to book your tickets in the next two days”

“ What !! Two days. There is still one month for marriage” said Arnav.

“ yes. Actually I got a message from India that a problem arised in Delhi’s branch. I am thinking whom to send and see now you are going to India. Then why don’t you take care of that problem. “ said Arjun.

“ Arjun. But there is still one month for wedding. Why don’t you send anyone from the office ??”asked Arnav.

“ What’s the problem if you go early there ? I want a trust worthy person to go India and who is more trust worthy than you” said Arjun.

“ But how can I stay one month there ??”asked Arnav.

“ There is my mansion there. You can stay there. If you have problem, then employee quarters are there for Delhi branch, you can stay there” said Arjun.

“ Ok. I will stay in the quarters” said  Arnav but in the next second frowned” But what about Aryan ?? Where should I drop him ??”

“ Delhi branch have baby sitting in the office. So, no need for you to worry. You can have a look on Aryan while working too” said Arjun.

“ Ok fine then. I will go to India” said Arnav. He is still in confused mode.

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Jul 4, 2016

chapter 4 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 175 times)


In Newyork:

In the evening, Arnav and Arjun returned from the office to Khurana Mansion. Arjun explained to her mother about Arnav’s decision.

“ Really beta. You are going to India” asked Sharada

“ Ji aunty. “ said  Arnav.

“ Good decision Arnav. I too think you should face your family. Who knows may be they will forgive you ??”said Sharada.

“ I don’t know aunty  whether they will forgive me or not. But I will seek apology for them. I caused a lot of pain to them” said Arnav.

“ But I will miss Aryan”said Sharada sadly” I will forget my loneliness with his presence”

“ Don’t worry maa. He will return after one month” said Arjun.

“ Yes aunty. You can daily see him through skype. Even Aryan too will miss you” said Arnav.

“ But Still…”said Sharada.

“ Mamma. What will you do when Aryan goes to School ??”asked Arjun

“ Arnav. tell your friend that is why I am asking him  to marry. So that I will get a bahu who will accompany me and I will fulfil my wish of having a daughter.” Said Sharada.

Arjun slipped out from there silently.

“ See. How he is escaping ??”said Sharada looking at his going direction.

“ Don’t worry Aunty. When he finds a right girl, he won’t wait even if you say” said Arnav.

“ Hope that day comes soon” said  Sharada “ You stay here for dinner”

“ But aunty no need for it.” said Arnav.

“ No. I don’t want to hear anything. You will go after two days for one month and I want to spend more time with Aryan” said Sharada.

“ Ok Aunty” said Arnav.

“ Now. Go and freshup in the room” said Sharada showing the room which Arnav uses when he stays there.



After dinner, Arjun came to Arnav’s room. Aryan is with Sharada.

“ Did you talk with your sister ??”asked Arjun. Arnav nodded as NO.

“ What are you looking for ?? Call them on to skype” said Arjun and Arnav called NK to come on Skype.

Within few minutes, both NK and Anjali are on the screen.

“ What did you decide Bhai ??”asked Anjali.

“ Your Bhai is coming to India in two days and stays until your marriage” said Arjun.

“ Really!!’ Anjali jumped happily almost on her seat. She hugged NK who hugged her back

“ Who are you ??”asked NK looking at Arjun.

“ Nk. He is my friend cum Boss, Arjun Khurana” said Arnav.

Both NK and Anjali gave a smile to him.

“Arjun, she is Anjali and he is NK. “ said Arnav and turning to them” Where is Lav ??”

“ She have an exam today. So, she went early to college” said Anjali.

“ paa” came a voice and Anjali, Nk became excited.

“ Aryan!! Come here” called Arnav and Aryan came to him. Arnav kept Aryan on his lap.

“ See there. Chachu and Bua” said Arnav showing the screen.

“ achu. Bua” said Aryan waving his hand to them

“ Bhai. He is soo cute. I can’t wait to hold him” said Anjali.

But suddenly Aryan hovered over the laptop saying” ames  ames”

Arnav held him away from the laptop.

“ What does he want ?? Doesn’t he like us ??’asked NK.

“ No. it’s not that. He wants to play games” said Arnav.

“ Champ. Here take this. “ said Arjun giving his phone.

“ No!! you bad phone. Paa good phone” said Aryan moving away Arjun’s phone

“ Haww What!! My phone is bad phone adn your father’s is a good one. Champ, that’s not fair” said Arjun.

“ I will give him to aunty and come” said Arnav and left with Aryan from there.

Anjali and Nk looked at each other.

“Where is Sheetal ??” asked Anjali to NK.

“ I don’t know. I have never seen or heard about her from Bhai.” Said NK.

“ Sheetal is not there” said Arjun listening their words.

“ Not there!! What does it mean ??”asked Anjali.

Arnav entered the room and sat before them.

“ Bhai. Where is your wife ??” asked Anjali.

Arnav kept an uncomfortable face.

“ Your friend is saying she is not there. Where is she ??”asked NK.

“ She is no more. She died during delivery” said Arnav.

“ What!” both shrieked and looked at each other with shock.

“ That means you are looking after Aryan alone from past two years” asked Anjali.

Arnav nodded his head.

“ We are sorry Bhai” said NK.

“ Why are you saying sorry ?? Ok. I will leave now. Take care. I am coming in two days. I will stay at employee’s flat” said Arnav and disconnected the line.




At the breakfast table:

Avinash and Manohar came to dining table for having breakfast. Only Nani is present and Ratna, Manorama arranging dishes.

“ where are others ??”asked Avinash.

“ HP went to call them. Lavanya left early. She have an exam today” said Ratna.

Akash is coming downstairs when Anjali and Nk came running from upstairs shouting happily.

Anjali held Akash and twirled him with her in happiness.

“What happened Anju ??”asked Akash.

“Arnav Bhai agreed to come to my marriage” said Anjali.

Akash and others were puzzled but din’t show up.

“He is coming in two days and going to stay here until my marriage” said Anjali and again started dancing.

This news surely shocked the family. He will stay for one month with them. Akash and Avinash looked at Ratna who is looking horrified.

But Anjali is in her own world jumping in happiness.

“ I can’t believe this. Bhai is coming. I am going to meet him after two and half years. I have seen his son. He is damn cute” Anjali went on going about Aryan while the family had a bitter expression.

In all this, they din’t saw the person who was more than shocked as well as angry with the news..It was none other than Payal. Fuming in anger, Payal left from there.


Payal came into the house like  a storm and sat on the sofa angrily. Khushi and Garima who are at the breakfast table looked at her surprised.

“ Payal. Come and have breakfast” said Garima.

“ I am not hungry” said Payal.

Khushi and Garima came to her. both sat beside her.

“ What happened ??”asked Khushi patting Payal’s head.

“ He is coming back” said Payal.

“ Who ??”asked Khushi and Garima.

“ Arnav Singh Raizada” said Payal gritting her teeth. Garima’s eyes grew wide hearing it.

“ How do you know ?? Who said you ??”asked  Garima.

“ I heard Anjali Di announcing he agreed to come to her marriage. He is staying with them for one month” said Payal angrily.

Garima’s eyes darted to her elder daughter, who looked stunned for a moment and then soon masked her feelings.

“ What’s wrong in it ??’asked Khushi.

Garima and Payal looked at her shocked

“ Di. What are you saying ?? How can they allow that man ??”asked Payal.

“ Because he is the son of that house. one day or other they have to accept him. we shouldn’t be selfish Payal. They have every right to invite their son. For us, why should they stay away from their son. Don’t hold any grudges with them. ” Said Khushi and left from there.

“ Amma. See how Di is talking ??”asked Payal.

“ You know her. Don’t you ?? Khushi is always like that. Selfless. She is already feeling guilty because of her, Raizadas abandoned him. “ said Garima.

“ It is his mistake” said Payal “ What if he again hurts Di ??”

“ You are there for her. Don’t you ??”asked Garima.

“ Haan. I am there for my Di. I will never allow that Rakshas near my Di. I will punch his nose if he say something to my Di” said Payal.

Garima smiled seeing Payal. She is soo possessive of her Di and loves her a lot.






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Jul 9, 2016

Chapter 5 (Maha Update) (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 205 times)

Arnav is sleeping on the bed. Aryan is cuddling to him. His thoughts were wandering towards his family. He din’t know whether he took right decision or not.


“Arnav. will you marry me after grown up ??”asked a 10 year old Khushi.

“ What!! Marry you. No way” said Arnav.

“ Why ??”asked Khushi pouted.

“ Have you seen yourself. You are soo fat and I don’t want a fat wife like you” said Arnav.

Khushi looked at him leaving sadly.



“ Khushi. Why did you beat the girl ??”asked Arnav angrily.

“ What should I do ?? She wrote a love letter to you. How dare she ??”said a 12 year old Khushi

“ So what. It’s between me and her. you are no one to interfere between us. stay in your limits” Said Arnav.



“ Arnav. When will we marry ??”asked Khushi.

“ What the.. How many times I have to say that I won’t marry you ??”said Arnav.

“ but why ?? See I am trying to become thin. Then you will marry me naa ??”asked Khushi pouting.

“ No” said Arnav.

“ You eat Non-veg and I don’t like it. I don’t want my wife to have non-veg” said Arnav.

“ Ok. From today, I will not eat non-veg” said Khushi.




“ Arnav. Now will you marry me ?? See I became thin to fit to be your wife” asked 14 year old Khushi.

“ No!!” said Arnav.

“ Now what happened ??”asked Khushi.

“ You talk too much and you are soo noisy” said Arnav.

“ Ok. I will change myself. I will talk less” said Khushi.

“ But still I don’t want to marry you” said Arnav.

“ Why ??”asked Khushi.

“ See. I am the topper of my class but you. You are an average student. I want a girl equal to my grades as my wife not someone like you who finds hard to study. I will start a fashion house when I grow up. Then what will you do. Just sit and enjoy my money” mocked Arnav and went from there

“ I will study hard and becomes equal to your grades” determined Khushi.




“ Maa. You know my friend Rithu pierced her nose for a nose pin” said Anjali.

“ It’s good naa then. “ said ratna.

“ What good !! Such a old fashion it is” said Anjali.

“ Anju. You don’t know anything. Nose pin will add beauty to girl’s face. I like it” said Arnav.

The following evening, when he was in his room, Khushi barged in.

“ What the…” said Arnav. He looked at Khushi who is covering her nose with a hand kerchief.

“ What!!”asked Arnav. Khushi slowly removed  kerchief. Arnav saw her nose which is now adored with a nose pin. He looked at her shocked.

“ How is it Arnav ?? Morning you said naa that you like the woman who have nose pin. It will add beauty to a girl. So, I pierced it. I came to show you first” said Khushi.

Arnav stood there looking at her unbelievably.




“ Arnav. I Love you” said a 17 year old Khushi.

“ I don’t love you Khushi” said 20 year old Arnav.

“ but why ?? I have changed myself completely for you. Now what problem you have ??”asked Khushi

“ Our status are very different Khushi. Even though our fathers are best friends but there are status gaps between us. We, Raizadas have a good position in this city while yours is just a sweet shops. We can’t be one. So, it would be good if you stop dreaming to become my wife” Said Arnav..




“ Chote. There is something I want to talk you about” said Ratna over the phone.

“ Say na maa. Why are you hesitating to say with me ??”asked Arnav. Sheetal was sitting beside him keeping her head on his shoulder and the speaker is on speaker mode.

“ It’s about your marriage” said Ratna. There was a silence from the other end.

“ me and your papa selected a girl” said Ratna.

“ Who is she ??”asked Arnav.

“ Khushi” said Ratna.

“ Khushi!!!” said Arnav with an irritating face.

“ yes Chote. she will be perfect for you. She loves you a lot. you too know that. I don’t think no one will be more perfect than her for you.” said Ratna. Arnav clenched his fists tightly. He was going to deny but Sheetal stopped him. Covering the phone, he asked” What ?? I will say to maa about us”

“ No. Say her you need sometime” said Sheetal.

“ What !! I don’t have any plans to marry that Khushi.” Said Arnav.

“ Baby. Listen to me once. Plz” said Sheetal in a convincing voice. Arnav sighed and nodded his head.

“ maa. I need sometime to think” said Arnav.

“ Ok Chote. Take your own time” said Ratna happily. Arnav talked for some more time and disconnected the call.

“ Why did you said that ??”asked Arnav to Sheetal.

“ Arnie. Didn’t you felt how your mother got excited when you said you will think about marriage with Khushi ?? They want Khushi to be your wife from the start. So, if you say No, they will get disappoint. And when they know the reason that you are rejecting her because of me, then they will separate us. “ said Sheetal.

“ But, I think maa will understand me.” said Arnav.

“ uffo Arnav. In this matter, parents can’t be trusted. What if they try to separate us ?? How can I live without you ?? What about our baby ??”said Sheetal with tears.

“ Baby Plz don’t cry. I can’t see tears in your eyes. No one can separate me from you and our baby. I will  do as you say” said Arnav taking her into a hug.





In India:

Khushi is in her car on her way to the office. She sat looking out of the window. Her eyes fell on the devimayya’s temple while going. She heard the temple bells. It is two and half years she entered the temple. Her marriage day is the last day she entered the temple. After what happened on her marriage day, she lost trust in devimayya. From the childhood, she is praying her but what did she got in return. A broken marriage, her father’s death, Insult to her love,  A tag of gold digger.


Arnav Singh Raizada !! The name is enough for her once to get goosebumps. How much she loved him ?? her whole world revolves around him. Her every day starts with his thoughts and end with his thoughts.  She changed herself completely for him. she never liked studies but only for him she studied hard. She never can’t eat without non veg but she left that too for him. There are many little things which she sacrificed for him. She abandoned all her likes and started liking his likes.




It was on her marriage day. She came down for the rituals but Arnav is not present there.

“ Akash. Go and call chote” said Ratna. Akash and NK both went upstairs while she was made to sit infront of holy fire.

Akash and Nk came with tensed faces after sometimes.

“ Maa. Bhai is not in the room” said Akash. Everyone were worried now.

“Check in other rooms” said Avinash.

“We have checked all rooms upstairs badepapa” said NK.

That is when Arnav Singh Raizada entered the hall with Sheetal. There were garlands in their necks. Sheetal’s maang filled with sindoor and neck adored with mangalsutra.

Everyone looked at the couple with shocked faces.

“ Chote. What is this ??”asked Ratna.

“ Maa. I love Sheetal and married her.“said Arnav in a calm tone. Khushi slumped down on to the floor looking at them. It took sometime for everyone to digest what they are seeing.

“When you love her, why did you agreed to marry my daughter ??”asked Shashi angrily.

Arnav din’t say anything.

“ Answer him Chote.” said Avinash.

“ yes. I don’t want to say anyone. What will happen when I say the truth that I love Sheetal ?? Will you accept it ?? No.. And these Guptas will feed you and you all will separate me from Sheetal and baby” said Arnav.

All looked at him puzzled for his mention of Guptas.

“ Baby!! “ asked Akash.

“ yes. Sheetal is three months pregnant” said Arnav. This was another blow for them.

Shashi came and going to slap Arnav but he held his hand, jerked off.

“ Don’t you dare Mr. Shashi Gupta. You don’t have any right to slap me. What is even your status to raise your hand on me ??”said Arnav.

“ Arnav” shouted Avinash angrily.

“ Don’t shout papa. This is the truth. These Guptas are nothing but gold diggers, a blood sucking parasites. All these years they are looting us in the name of friendship. ( turning to Shashi) How many times my father would have helped you in business ?? Even your daughters college fees was paid by my father when you don’t have money…. How many times my mother would have brought dresses for your daughters with our money ?? Don’t  you have any self respect. Why would you have ?? If  you have self respect, then you won’t accept them. Now, all these years looting is  not enough that you want to enjoy our propery legally, that is why this marriage. Right !!. You thought if your daughter will become DIL of this house, then you enjoy this property. ( Showing Khsuhi) Your daughter is another irritating soul for me. I just hate her. You gave her very good training to trap me, that is why she always used to nag behind me saying I Love you Arnav…. Love!! My foot…. How many times I rejected her but still she too din’t leave me. Why would she ?? Afterall she too is your daughter, so she too lacks self esteem. I have never seen a girl like your daughter who would nag behind a man even  when she was rejected by him…. Such a Shameless girl she is.. When she din’t succeeded, you both trapped my parents with your fake good behaviour and convinced for this marriage... You, your daughter and whole family are nothing but a cheap people.  Anyone should learn from Guptas how to trap rich men ?? You are using your daughters to trap rich men.. How Cheap ??” Arnav is going to say something but was awarded by  a slap  making his face turn other side.

He looked at the person who slapped him. it was none other than his father.

“ A word more about my friend, I will kill you. Get lost from here” said Avinash.

“Papa” said arnav.

“ No. I am cutting all the relations with you. My elder son died to me” said Avinash.

Arnav looked at her mother who is looking at Khushi. She is looking blank and shocked..

“ Maa”, He went near her and held her hand but she jerked off her hand.

“ Maa” said Arnav.

“ I don’t know who you are. My elder son died today.Go away from here.” Said Ratna.

“ Maa. What are you saying ??”asked Arnav.

“ Leave from here. You are not my Arnav. My Arnav will never hurt his family. You are dead for us.”said Ratna. He looked at others who turned away their faces too,

“ let’s go Sheetal” said Arnav.

“ No Arnav. How can we go ??”asked Sheetal then turning to Avinash said” You people can’t throw away us. He is the Son of this house and I am the DIL of this house. I am bearing your heir in me”

“ When he is dead for us, then we don’t have any relation with you nor your baby. Go away from here. Never show your faces to us” said Ratna angrily.

Arnav held Sheetal’s hand and walked away from there not hearing her protests. While going back, he finally turned once and said” Listen to me Papa. One day these Guptas will show their true colors, that day you will regret for loosing me and Sheetal”

“ That day will never come” said Avinash confidently.

“ Let’s see” said Arnav and left from there.



“ maam. We came” the driver’s voice brought Khushi out of her memories. She wiped her tears, came out of the car and walked into the Office.





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Aug 7, 2016

Chapter 6 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 172 times)


Khushi is in her cabin when Akash entered. She smiled to him but he faked a smile.

“ I came to discuss about Oberoi’s project” said Akash. They both discussed it for an half an hour. Even after discussing, Akash still sat lost in his thoughts.

“ Akash. are you okay ??”asked Khushi.

“ Hmm I am fine. “ said Akash.. He wanted to say Khushi about Arnav but still h don’t know how she will take it. if he won’t say he can’t be in peace. She will feel betrayed when she see Arnav suddenly.

“ Khushi. I need to say you something” said Akash.

“ Arnav is returning” said Khushi. Akash looked at her shocked.

“ How did you know ??”asked Akash.

“ Payal overheard Anjali’s conversation and told us. You are tyring to say it from the past half an hour. Isn’t it ??”asked Khushi.

Akash nodded as yes and got up from his chair. He came around to her and sat on his knees. He took her hand in his and said” No matter what Khushi. Keep in mind always that this friend will always be with you.”

“ I know Akash” said Khushi.

Khushi’s mobile rang and she lifted the call. It was from her mother.

“ Haan Amma.” Said Khushi.


“ What !! When??”asked Khushi.


“ Ok. You go amma. I will send driver” said Khushi.


“ Ok Amma. You don’t worry. I will take care of Payal” said Khushi and disconnected the call.

“ What happened ??”asked Akash.

“ Buaji’s health is not fine. So amma wants to go visit her. You know she won’t come to Delhi” said Khushi with a low voice.

“ Ok .. Don’t feel sad” said Akash. Khushi just smiled to him.






In Newyork:

Arjun came to Arnav’s cubicle.

“ Is the packing over ??”asked Arjun.

“ No. have to pack today” said Arnav.

“ What is it ?? Tomorrow night you are leaving and you still din’t packed” said Arjun.

“ It’s only mine and Aryan’s clothes. Nothing much I am taking.” Said Arnav.

“ Did you buy gifts ??”asked Arjun.

“ Gifts!! What gifts” asked Arnav.

“ come on Arnav. you can’t go with empty hands to meet your family” said Arjun.

“ Do you think they will accept gifts from me ??”asked Arnav.

“ Accepting or not is secondary and their wish but you have to take them. I will accompany you to the shopping” said Arjun.

Arnav nodded his head and Arjun left from there.





In India, evening:

Ratna is passing through the corridor when she noticed Arnav’s room door is open and some sounds are coming from inside. she was surprised to see the door open. The door is closed from the past two and half years. She entered the room and found the sound coming from poolside. She went to poolside and found some workers building a glass railing around the pool. Anjali, Nk and Lavanya are present there.

“ What’s going on ?? Who opened this room”asked Ratna.

“ mamma. I opened the door.. I asked them to build a railing aroung the pool so that Aryan won’t fell in the pool while playing”said Anjali.

“ Aryan !” frowned Ratna.

“ yes, Arnav Bhai’s son. When Arnav Bhai stays here, What if Aryan fell into the pool while playing” said Anjali.

“ Why will he stay here in this room ?? Make him stay in the guest room” said Ratna.

“ But he is not guest, he is my brother” said Anjali. Ratna looked at her angrily.

“ Don’t look at me like that mumma. Because the truth won’t change. I request you not to hurt Bhai during his stay here” said Anjali.

“ Then ask him to stay away from Khushi and this family. I won’t tolerate this time if he hurts Khushi. And you don’t force Khushi or Payal for anything” said Ratna.

“ Even I too don’t want to force them. I know Arnav Bhai too feels uncomfortable with them around and I don’t want that. If you don’t want Khushi and Payal to hurt, then ask them to stay away from all the functions of my marriage. Ask them only to attend marriage” said Anjali angrily.

Ratna gave an unbelievable look at her daughter who is asking to make Guptas away from family function. No family function will be completed without them. S

“Anjali” came  a loud voice  from behind. Everyone looked at the door only to find Avinash along with Akash, Khushi and Payal standing there.

Ratna looked at Khushi and Payal who faked a smile to her. It is evident from their faces that they heard Anjali’s words.

“ Is this the way to talk with your mother ??” asked Avinash.

“ Paapa.. but”Anjali is going to say something but Avinash shouted” Aplogize to your mother now”

Anjali seeing her father’s anger for the first time turned to Ratna and said” Sorry Mumma”

She is going away from there with tears brimming her eyes but Avinash stopped her.

“ Don’t think that I am not saying anything, I will let you play the way you wanted. I just accepted to call that person it’s because your marriage. Don’t force me to change the decision. One more thing, the person whom you called, your soo called brother, hurts anyone from my family then I will see his end this time. And remember Guptas are also my family.. Ask him to stay 10 feet away from Khushi.” Said Avinash angrily.

Anjali left from there crying. No one went behind her. Avinash finally glaring at Nk and Lavanya who gulped with his anger left from there.

Ratna came near Khushi who faked a smile and said” Maa. Amma said she left the keys with you. So I came to take them”

Ratna hugged both Khushi and Payal together patting their heads. She looked at Akash who assured through his eyes.





It was night. Ratna is standing at the terrace lost in her thoughts. Arnav was always her favorite child. She was beyond happy when he was born. He was her first child. He was always a mumma’s boy. He understand her mother even before anyone.

She always wanted a girl. She was hoping for a girl second time but again it was Akash. But her wish got fulfilled by Khushi. Garima became ill when Khushi was born. So, Khushi will be always with Ratna. She used to take care of Akash and Khushi. Most of the time it will be Khushi always. Akash will be taken care of her mother. She remembered an incident happened in childhood.


Akash came running to Ratna from School.

“ Mamma. I am the topper of the class” said Akash happily.

“ Really ??”asked Ratna. Akash nodded his head.

“ Very good. I will make you favorite Kheer” said Ratna.

That is when Khushi entered crying. Ratna rushed to her leaving her three children.

“ What happened ?? Why is my Khushi crying ??’asked Ratna.

Khushi hugged her more tightly and started to cry.

Ratna made her sit in her lap and started to console her. finally when she stopped crying, Ratna asked the reason.

“ I got less marks” said Khushi “ I don’t like to study. Is it necessary to study ??”

“ It is necessary. Don’t worry. We will change the tuition teacher. Seems like he is not good teacher” said Ratna.

“ But mamma. I got first mark in his tuition only” said Akash. Ratna glared at him to shut up..

“ Now don’t cry. I will make your favorite jelebis. Come” said Ratna

“ mamma. You said you will make Kheer for me” said Akash.

“ I will say HP to make it” said Ratna and took Khushi into the kitchen.

Akash and Anjali pouted hearing it.

“ Bhai. Why will mumma always gives more preference to Khushi Di ??”asked  Anjali “ She loves her more than us”

“ Stop you both. Mamma loves us soo much. She is just doing it to cheer up Khushi. Never think mamma doesn’t love us” said Arnav.

 When she heard those words that day she felt happy for the understanding of her elder son. But he disappointed her in the worst way. He made her look low in her own eyes. He made her break her promise given to Shashi Gupta..




One day, Ratna  went to Gupta house but din’t found anyone. So, she directly went upstairs to Khushi’s room. But she stopped hearing Shashi’s angry voice.

“ What is this all Khushi ??”Shashi is asking Khushi angrily.

Khushi stayed silent.

“ I am asking what is all this Khushi. What does it mean ?? Why did you kept all Arnav’s things ?? what is this ?? His shoe laces, note books, tie, old watch,  tea cup, key chain old shirt.” Said Shashi Gupta.

Ratna’s eyes grew wide hearing it.

“ I love Arnav papa” said Khushi.

“What ??” shouted Shashi angrily “ Do you know what you are saying ??”

“ I know papa. I don’t know from when  but I started loving him. I even proposed him. He said I was fat. So I reduced my weight. It is because of him I stopped eating non veg because he doesn’t like it. It is only for him I am studying hard to meet his standards as he said he wants his wife to be well educated. I can’t live without him papa“ said Khushi.

Shashi and Ratna were flabbergasted hearing it. she did all these things to impress Arnav.

“ Stop it. Are you mad ?? Did you forget the status of both the families ?? Because they are considering us as a family, you can’t dream like that. It won’t be good. We won’t match to their status. So, stop all this from now. I don’t want to ruin my friendship because of your childish love ” said Shashi.

“ Shashiji” Ratna entered the room. She saw Arnav’s things on the bed. Shashi was perplexed with her sudden arrival.

“ Bhabi. Aap…” said Shashi.

“ I heard everything” said Ratna.

Shashi gulped while Khushi lowered her head.

“ Sorry. Khushi is just a child.” said  Shashi.

Ratna went near Khushi and held up her chin, “ I can never bring such a nice girl for my chote”

Shashi and Khushi looked at her shocked.

“ Bhabi. What are you saying ??”asked Shashi.

“ I always wanted Khushi to be my elder DIL. Now when she loves my chote soo much, I am really happy” said Ratna.

“ But Bhabi…” Shashi is going to say something but Ratna said” I know you will our status won’t match. But Shashiji, is it all you know about us in all these years of friendship. Don’t you know we give importance to people than money and status.”

“ yes but” Shashi is still hesitant

“ Don’t hesitate anymore..Today, I promise you. No matter what, Khushi is going to be my elder DIL” promised Ratna Singh Raizada.

But her promise became just a promise which can never be fulfilled. She remembered the day Arnav came back to India for marriage. He brought Sheetal to with him. Khushi and ratna looked at each other sadly. But their confusions were cleared when Arnav said she is just a friend.



Thank you @ dipanwita: I will try to write any diwali scene if I get any idea dear, @ Arnavkushiarshi, @ reena, @ Mit0905, @ Dhoni, @ Londoner, @ Pari, @ khushi, @ sasi: Your dialogues are good dear.. I hope you won’t mind if I use them in future. , @ Sandy, @ Sia123: What the.. Where is Arnav bad in all my stories dear ?? it is only in WIIAM and in this one. He is like this. but in other stories like LAM 1, LAM 2 and SLM1 he is a nice character.., @ Noordina, @ Jelebigril, @ Lily30, @ Nishal, @ Crazy_Priya, @ shambavi23, @ Lazydoll, @ arnavsdiehardfan, @ Fffan123, @ Farakhan, @ Gowri, @ SAKHI, @ Archanasuresh, @ sani, @ yogakopi for your valuable comments..

Aug 13, 2016

Chapter 7 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 167 times)


Arnav and Arjun came to the mall to buy gifts for Raizadas. They purchased all the gifts. Arjun observed how Arnav still remembered the likes of every member of the family.

“ Come. Let’s go. It’s already late. I need to prepare dinner and pack bags” said Arnav.

“ Forget about dinner. I asked mamma to cook. Let us have last meal together before you are leaving” said Arjun.

“ I am going only for a month” said Arnav.

“ Who knows ?? What if something happens and you might stay there forever ?? What if your family forgives you and asks you to be with them ??”asked Arjun

“ It won’t happen” said Arnav.

“ Ok. You forgot to take gifts for some others too” said Arjun.. Arnav frowned hearing it.

“ Guptas!!” said Arjun.

Arnav looked at him wide eyed” Do you think they will accept my gifts ?”

“ But you have to try. Now if you take gifts only for your family and not to Guptas, then your family will definitely think that you are still with the same impression about them. They think you are still thinking them as gold diggers” said Arjun.

“ No. they are not” said Arnav.

“ Then buy for Guptas too” said Arjun  then asked” What does Khushi like most ??”

“ Bangles. She likes wearing lot of bangles that too red color. Anyone can say her coming hearing her bangles and anklets sound” said Arnav smiling.

“ You remember soo much about her” said Arjun then added” If only you had taken right decision, then you would have been happy”

Arnav din’t say anything and gulped down. Purchasing gifts for Guptas too, both of them returned.





The next day went in a wink and Arnav boarded the flight. Arjun and his mother came to airport to give send off to them.

He was sitting in the flight with Aryan is his lap sleeping. He went into Khushi’s thoughts.



It was his birthday after his marriage fixed with Khushi. His family called him and wished him. He was celebrating it with Sheetal when a message beeped up in his phone. It was a video message. He opened it and Khushi came infront of him in the video.

“ Hi Arnav. How are you ?? Hope you are fine. Ratna maa said that you accepted to our marriage (She lowered her eyes blushing). You accepted whole heartedly naa... Say me. you weren’t forced for this marriage naa. Hey devimayya... See I forgot wishing you... Wish you many more happy returns of the day Arnav. May god give you all the happiness in this world to you.... You know Arnav when Akash and others came to know what all I have sacrificed for you, they called me mad... Ofcourse I am mad for you… Akash asked how can I be happy leaving all my favorite things ?? But they don’t know nothing is important to me than you... You are my world and the reason I breathe.... All that matters to me is your happiness even if it is not with me I will be happy if you happy.... I can do anything to see a smile on your face. I love you Arnav. I love you soo much... From when ?? I don’t know..How much ?? I don’t know..lekin  Meri dil ki akri dhadkan thak mein tumse pyaar karti rahunga (But I love you until the last heart beat of my heart ).. Happy Birthday one more time. “

Arnav closed his eyes hearing Khushi’s words.

“ Are we doing correct ??’asked Arnav to Sheetal who also heard the conversation.

“ Ofcourse we are Arnav. don’t fell for her charms and words. “ said Sheetal and brainwashed him again about Guptas.




It was the night of their engagement, Khushi came to meet Arnav. As the door is opened, she peeped in and saw Arnav Sheetal talking. She went near them. Both looked at her.

“ Arnav. I need to talk with you” said Khushi.

“ What is it ??”asked Arnav.

“ It’s personal” said Khushi looking at  Sheetal.

“ Oh.. I will leave Arnav” said Sheetal and was going when Arnav held her hand.

“ What is this Khushi ?? You are insulting my best friend.  Sheetal and I have no any secrets. Do you even know what she means to me ??’said Arnav angrily.

“ I am sorry Arnav” said Khushi then turning to Sheetal apologized to her.

“ Say what you want ??”asked Arnav.

“ Arnav. Are you happy with this marriage Arnavji ?? Did you really accept with your heart’s will ??”asked Khushi.

“ Khushi!! What made you ask this question ??”asked Sheetal.

“ It is just Arnav doesn’t look happy and seemed irritated in today’s engagement. I felt he is doing all this as he was forced to. Say naa Arnav, don’t you want this marriage” asked Khushi.

“ Uffo Khushi. You think too much. Who will force Arnav for marriage ?? He is just irritated due to these rituals. He wanted to skip the rituals  and marry directly. He is soo eager to make you his. But due to this pre-marital rituals, it is getting delayed naa, so he is irritated” said Sheetal in a convincing way.

Khushi blushed hearing it and looked at arnav who smiled at her. She ran away from there.

“ Sheetal we could have said her truth” said Arnav.

“ oh really. Go and say then. Can’t you see ?? She just came to test you. She observed your gaze on me whole the function. You !! Can’t you keep your gaze away from me for a minute ??” asked Sheetal.

“ I can’t because I love you and my baby soo much” said Arnav.

“ Then if you want your baby and me happy, then do as I say “ said Sheetal.

“ But.. why should we hurt Khushi ??”asked  Arnav.

“ Seems like I have to show you the truth. Arnav, I am saying from the start these Guptas are nothing but gold diggers. Today morning, while I was in the garden, I heard the conversation between Khushi and her father. i recorded. See it by yourself” said Sheetal and showed him a  video.

In the video, Shashi and Khushi are talking.

“ Khushi beta. I am finally happy today. You will become rich house bahu” said Shashi.

“ After all I am your daughter papa. Seriously  these Raizadas are big dumb people. Still din’t know that we are using them.” Said Khushi.

“ Let them be like that only. It will favour us” said Shashi.

“ Haan Papa. As you said, we have cleverly trapped them in our web. Arnav always rejected me whenever I propose, so I was afraid may be he won’t agree for marriage” said Khushi.

“ That is why I said to be in good books of  Ratna Bhabi. Her one word is like an order for Arnav. he won’t deny his mother” said Shashi.

“ Haan Papa. You did thought well. As soon as marriage happens, I will make everything mine and threw them all out of the house” said Khushi.

“ I am proud of you beta “ said Shashi.

The video ended. Arnav couldn’t believe his own eyes.

“ I can’t believe this.” said Arnav.

“ What do you mean ?? Do you think I have manipulated their talks and made  story ??”asked Sheetal.

“ No. How can they stoop low ??”said Arnav then anger surged up in him” wait and watch Shashi Gupta. What I am going to do ?? I will bring your true face in front of this society”

If only he had observed the evil smirk of Sheetal, he wouldn’t have committed a mistake. Later on the marriage day, he asked Sheetal for the video so that he can show it in mandap infront of everyone but she had already deleted it.


Arnav came out of his thoughts. Later when he came to know the video was fake, it was already very late..Thank god ! He din’t show the video to all in the mandap. If had shown that fake video to all, may be even his family too would have hated innocent Guptas.

“ Sheetal Kapoor. A manipulative ****” cursed Arnav in his thoughts.







Thank you @ Kshamadeeksha: Can’t bring any jealous track dear ?? Then it will become routine story. Khushi and Arnav are not teens to introduce another characters to make them jealous.. They both are well matured.. sorry if you are disappointed., @ Shambavi23: Dear, Arnav is just guilt of his actions towards Khushi. He still doesn’t love her, so there is no question of jealous when he see her with other men. , @ Pari: Ofcourse Khushi would be strong personality dear.. After seeing soo much, obviously she turns out to be strong., @ sasi: No dear, Anjali is not at all jealous of Khushi, @ Nishal, @ Crazy_Priya, @ Londoner: Aarav is Arnav’s son only and about Sheetal you will come to know in future updates, @ Sillylisa, @ I4arshi, @ Lily30, @ dipanwita, @ Sc12345: I assure you dear.. Arnav will have a tough time to win his family and Khushi's trust again, @ Raadhiyaaa, @ Sukanya, @ Sia123, @ reena, @ lucky, @ Noordina, @ Arnavkhushiarshi, @ lesh85, @ Mit0905, @ Gowri, @ sakhi, @ Anbumathi, @ lazydoll, @ Arshiliciousmegha: Thanks for the long comment. even you made me think about Arnav's character which i din't did all these days.. for your valuable comments.

Aug 22, 2016

Chapter 8 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 216 times)

In RM:

Anjali and Lavanya are waiting in the hall for the time to pass. Everyone knew Arnav is coming today but no one were concerned. Nk went to airport to receive him.

Akash came downstairs with his bag.

“ Maa. I am leaving for office” he shouted to Ratna who is in the kitchen.

“ Wait a minute” said Ratna from the kitchen. Akash stood there.

Anjali came there after talking with NK. She looked at Lavanya” Nk Bhai called. Arnav Bhai’s flight landed”

Ratna who came there gave lunch box to Akash.

“ Here take your breakfast. Don’t skip.” Said Ratna.

“ Ok Maa” said Akash taking from her hand.

“Aki Bhai. Where are you going this early ??  It is still eight”asked Anjali.

“ I have an early meeting” said Akash.

“ What ?? How can you go ?? Can’t you postpone your meeting ??”asked Anjali.

“ And what’s reason ??”asked Akash.

“ Arnav Bhai is coming. he will be here in an hour. Don’t you be there to welcome him ??”asked Anjali.

Akash gritted his teeth hearing it” I don’t find it necessary to welcome unnecessary people”

He left from there leaving a sad as well as angry Anjali there. Ratna too went into kitchen giving a final glare to her.

Anjali not caring to her glances shouted “ HPji. Make the pooja thaal ready”





The flight landed in Delhi. As soon as the announcement is made, Arnav went stiff. He felt nervous suddenly. Finally taking a deep breathe, he got up holding Aryan who was now looking surroundings keenly. He was very much exhausted and sleepy due to long journey.

He came out after checking in. Arjun said he arranged for his stay. He have to look for a cab.

“ Bhai” he heard a voice and turned. Nk was standing there. He din’t knew Nk is coming to receive him. Nk came near him and hugged him.

“ How are you ??”asked NK.

“ I am fine” said Arnav. Nk looked at Aryan” Hey my champ. How are you ??” he pinched his cheeks while Aryan scrunched his eyebrows.

“ Come Bhai. I will take you to your apartment” said NK.

Arnav nodded his head. They both came out. Driver Mohan is waiting for them. He smiled to Arnav to which he reciprocated.

“ How are you Mohan ??”asked Arnav.

Mohan was surprised by his question” I am fine sir.” Arnav never greeted anyone. He had a lot of attitude and shouting over everyone.

They both got into the car and drove off. Arnav and NK were talking while Aryan is busy watching outside.

In his talks Arnav din’t recognized when they reached. It was only when the car stopped he looked out. To his shock, he is in RM.

“ Mohan. What is this ?? I have asked you to take to my apartment. Why did you brought me to Shantivan ??”asked Arnav.

“ Bhai. I asked him to” said  NK.

“What ??”arnav looked at him shocked.

In the next minute, the car door opened by Anjali, Lavanya and almost dragged him out.

“ Bhai” Anjali looked at him with tears.

Arnav too got tears in his eyes. It is two and half years they are seeing each other.

Anjali hugged him to which he reciprocated. Lavanya too hugged him. They had a tearful re-union.

Anjali and Lavanya looked at Aryan who is looking at them confused. Anjali lifted him and kissed his cheeks. Lavanya took him from Anjali and squeezed him out making him scream.

“ Leave him. you are crushing him” said NK.

Arnav took Aryan from them who is now looking irritated by the torture with his buas.

“ Come in Bhai” said Anjali.

“ No Anju. I will go to  my apartment” said Arnav.

“ No way. You can’t” said Anjali

“ Anju. Plz. Everyone will get uncomfortable if I stay here even I too.plzz” said Arnav.

“ NO. you are going to stay here. You have my promise” said Anjali. Arnav looked at her puzzled.

Anjali dragged him to the door. She shouted for HP who brought aarti thaal.

Hearing Anjali shout, Nani and Manorama chachi came there. HP brought thaali. Arnav smiled to him to which he reciprocated surprised.

Anjali did Arnav’s aarti. He looked at Nani and Chachi whose face show that they are not pleased. Even his chachaji who came there looked unpleasant.



Nani, Manorama and her husband looked beside expecting Sheetal but were surprised when they din’t found her. Arnav understood by their looks that they are looking for Sheetal but how can he say what happened ??  His eyes looked for those two persons whom he love and respect a lot, his parents but din’t found them. He knew they won’t forgive him but still he felt disappointed when he din’t saw them.



Arnav entered the house hesitatingly. He looked around. A lot of things changed here. He looked at Nani, Chachi, Chacha. He was going towards them to take blessings but they all turned around and went away from there. Arnav gulped down seeing their straight disapproval.

He turned to his siblings and faked a smile. They to felt bad by their elders gesture.

“ Bhai. Come. I will show your room. You need to take rest” said  Anjali. The trio led him to his room.

He was surprised to his room filled with his and Aryan’s pictures. Seeing him surprised, Anjali said” we asked your friend Arjun to send some pics of Aryan to surprise you Bhai”

Arnav was surprised hearing it but smiled to them.

“Ok. Now take bath and come downstairs. Let’s have breakfast together” said Anjali. The trio left from there.

Arnav sighing placed his luggage on the bed. He first have to make Aryan ready then himself.




Outside the room, Lavanya said” Di. Is it a good idea to bring Arnav Bhai here ??”

“ Lav. What are you saying ??’asked NK.

“ Bhai. You have seen how Nani, maa and papa reacted rudely with Bhai. They din’t even gave him blessings.  Seeing their behavior I have doubt is it a good decision to let Arnav Bhai stay here” said Lavanya.

“ Don’t worry Lavanya. My decision is right” said Anjali with a lot of confidence.





After an hour, the door knocked and Arnav opened the door. Anjali, NK and Lavanya smiled to him.

‘ Come Bhai. Let’s have breakfast” said Anjali. Arnav nodded his head and lifted Aryan from the bed.

“ Hi Aryan. Come to me” Anjali tried to take him but he turned away his face hugging his father more.

“ Bhai. Why isn’t he coming to us ?? We are waiting to play with him “ said Lavanya in a disappointing tone.

“ Lav. We just came back an hour ago. Give him sometime, he will get acquainted to you” said Arnav. Then he introduced the trio to Aryan who seemed though less interested.

Arnav’s mobile rang and it was from Arjun.

“ you people go. I will come” said Arnav.

“ Ok. We will be waiting “ said Anjali.

Arnav talked with Arjun and explained him how Nk and Anjali dragged him into Shantivan.

After completing the call, he was descending the stairs when he looked at his mother. Ratna is standing there giving some instructions to HP.

Arnav stood there with a rush of emotions. He had tears in his eyes looking his mother after two and half years. He wanted to go and hug her tightly as he always do.  Ratna felt someone staring at her. She turned and looked at Arnav who is looking at her. Her eyes grew wider and she too felt a rush of emotions. Her son, who is always apple of her eyes is infront of her after two and half years.

The mother son duo both were just looking at each other. Ratna’s eyes darted to the boy in his arms who is cute. But soon Ratna remembered all the past incidents and turned away her face. Arnav sighed seeing it.



Thank you @ Londoner, @ Lily30, @ Nishal, @ Noordina, @ sasi, @ Aayt09, @ Raadhiyaaa, @ Shah10, @ rereshmi24, @ Archanasuresh, @ reena, @ Arshiliciousmegha, @ Shambavi23, @ Pari, @ Crazy_Priya, @ I4arshi, @ Arnavkuashiarshi, @ sakhi, @ Sillylisa, @ Anbumathi for your valuable comments.


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