Second Love and Marriage 2

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Chapter 9 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 202 times)


Arnav came to the dining table where Anjali, NK and Lavanya are waiting for him. Nani and Chachi are present there to have breakfast. Arnav took Anjali’s beside seat with Aryan in his lap.

“ Jiji. Come for breakfast” shouted Manorama.

“ Coming” said Ratna from the hall. Soon she too came and sat for the breakfast. Ratna, Manorama and Nani completely ignored him. but the trio had a question in their minds, where is Sheetal ??

Anjali had already asked HP to make Arnav’s favourite food. So, she served him his favourite breakfast. Arnav started having breakfast while feeding Aryan in between. He is often stealing glances at his maa, nani and chachi  hoping they would see him atleast for once but it din’t happen.

Aryan got cranky as he is sleepy. He started to throw food when Arnav broguth it near him.. So, Arnav got up.

“ I will put him to sleep” said Arnav.

“ But Bhai have your breakfast. HP will look after Aryan until you finish” said Anjali.

“ No Anju. He is sleepy and won’t listen to anyone” said Arnav and took Aryan form there.

“HHBB. Anjali baby. Why did your so called brother came only with his son ?? Where is his wife ??”asked Manorama.

Anjali din’t thought they will ask her about Sheetal, so she said” Hmm. Actually Sheetal died during delivery”

The three ladies were shocked hearing this new piece of information.

“ What ??”asked Manorama.

“ yes. Sheetal died after giving birth to Aryan. From then, Bhai is alone taking care of Aryan” said Anjali.

The trio felt sorry hearing it not for Arnav but for the little boy who got devoid of mother’s love even before he understands importance of mother.




It was in the evening. Akash entered the house shouting” maa. I am home”

He sat on the sofa loosening his tie, keeping his head on the sofa head, closed his eyes. He felt something at his legs and opened his eyes.

To his surprise he found a ball at his legs. Whose ball is this ?? There are no small children in house to play. Ratna came there with his coffee and water glass in a tray.

“ Maa. This ball” asked Akash. Ratna signaled him towards Aryan who is standing looking at them for his ball. Akash understood who Aryan is..

When Akash and Ratna both looked at him, he smiled cutely at them. Both of them can’t resist and smiled back to him. they can be angry with Arnav but can’t be harsh with little child.

Akash extended the ball to Aryan and he took it smiling. Aryan’s eyes fell on water glass Ratna is holding in the tray.

He signaled at water to drink making a weird sound.

“ You want water ??”asked Ratna. Aryan nodded his head cutely. She held glass for him and made him drink water.

After finishing, Aryan said” Thank u”

Ratna and Akash looked at him amazed for his manners. Ratna patted his head softly. Aryan left from there with the ball.

“ We can’t be harsh with child mamma. There is no mistake of him” said Akash.

Ratna nodded his head and said” Poor baby. He got devoid of his mother’s love at such a young age”

Akash looked at her shocked” What ??”

“ Hmm. She died during delivery” said Ratna not even willing to say Sheetal’s name. Akash too felt sorry hearing it.

 Anjali who watched the whole scenario felt happy. She knew her family never hold grudges with Aryan. Now Aryan is her medium to make Arnav close to family. One work is successful making Aryan close to family. She have faith that seeing Aryan daily and looking his cute antics, her family’s hearts melts.




Akash is coming out of the room talking over the phone when he heard giggles from Arnav’s room. He peeped in and found Anjali, NK, Lavanya sitting on the bed and Arnav on the recliner. Aryan is standing in the middle of the room with his ball playing.

“ Bhai. Why isn’t he coming to us still ??”asked Lavanya pouting.

“ Lav. Didn’t  I said to give him sometime ??”said Arnav

“ How much time Bhai ?? It is already ten hours you came” said Anjali.

Arnav smiled at his sister’s complaints. They are dying to be close to Aryan but his stubborn son is not allowing them.

“ You both have squeezed him out when he came.. so he is not ready to come” said NK.

“ Aryan. My champ come here” called NK.

Aryan looked at him and went near him. but when Anjali tried to hold him, he turned his back.

Anjali opened her mouth wide seeing his straight denial.

Aryan’s eyes fell on Akash and he squealed in happiness. He threw ball at Akash as if to catch him. that is when Arnav noticed Akash standing there. His little brother have grown as young man. There is no boyish look in him now.

Aryan rushed to Akash who held the ball. Arnav came to him. Both the brothers looked at each other. Akash wanted to hug his elder brother who have always been his guide. Mentor but refrained himself.

“ How are you Aki ??”asked Arnav.

“Hmm.. Fine” mumbled Akash enough audible to Arnav not meeting his eyes. He looked at Aryan and passed his ball smiling. Then without waiting for a second, he left from there.

Arnav sighed seeing it. he can’t expect good behavior from them.




It was night. Everyone seated at the dining table. Aryan is sleeping, so Arnav left him in the room securing with pillows.

“ maa. Where is papa and bade papa ??”asked NK not founding them.

“ They both went to one of their friend’s party. They will be late” said Ratna.

Everyone sat having dinner silently until Akash observed Payal who came there looking at Arnav angrily.

Payal came sometime back. she was in good mood when she came but seeing Arnav changed her mood.

“ Payal” whispered Akash enough audible to everyone.

All looked at Payal who faked a smile to them.  She came to the dining table. Arnav observed her. She too had grown up. Not able to meet her eyes, he looked down at the plate.

“ Lavanya. You friend Deepthi asked me to give this to you” said Payal forwarding a book.

“ Oh.. Thank you” said Lavanya.

“ Payal Bitiya.. Join us for dinner” said Nani.

“ No Naniji. It’s ok. I will leave” said Payal controlling her tongue and anger.

“ are Payal why are you behaving like a new one here ?? Come and have dinner with us” said Nani.

“ Let it be Naniji. What if some people here think that we are looting your money by eating your food ??” came a direct answer from Payal making the Raizadas shock. They all knew about Payal’s sharp tongue but now it is direct.

Arnav closed his eyes and his fingers tightened on the hold of spoon.

To control the situation, Lavanya said” Huh.. Payal. Tomorrow I am going for shopping. I have to bring a lot of stuff as the marriage is nearing.. will you come with me ?? Let’s do shopping together for Di’s marriage “

“ Lav. It is your Di’s marriage not my Di’s that I will go for shopping… Didn’t your Di made it clear that Guptas should not attend any functions ?? So, when we are not even attending, then why do I need to go for marriage shopping ??”asked Payal.

Raizadas felt like they had eaten a bitter medicine mostly Anjali. Arnav was startled hearing it.

“ Payal !! Anju said it in anger..” said Nk trying to persuade her.

“ Nk Bhai. Isn’t it truth that comes out in anger..  there is a saying that the words we say in anger are the words we have in our heart from long but couldn’t voice it.. So, we have decided to fulfil Anjali Di’s wish after all she is groom. She must be happy in her marriage not tacky by seeing us.. So, Guptas won’t be in marriage functions and you can enjoy to your fullest..” said Payal and left from there.

Ratna silently left from there leaving her food. Akash followed his mother giving a deathly glare to Anjali who herself is feeling guilty now.

“ What is this Anju ?? Is it true ??” said Arnav

“ Bhai. I was in anger and din’t realized what I said. I din’t mean to say those words” said Anjali.

“ You are doing the same mistake as me Anju.” Said Arnav and left from there.

Nani and Manorama were surprised hearing Arnav’s words. Anjali sat there holding her head. She really needs to control her tongue.

“ Anju. Do you think  Payal mean whatever she said ?? Doesn’t they attend the functions ??”asked NK.

“ I don’t know Nk Bhai. I never thought they will take my words seriously. Let’s talk with Khushi Di. if this is only Payal’s decision, we can change it. but if Khushi Di too has same opinion, then no one can change it. Khushi Di even won’t listen maa and papa’s words.” said Anjali sighing.




Precap: Arshi Meet


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Chapter 10 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 230 times)

Arnav came down for water in the night when he saw his father and chachu coming into the house. both looked very exhausted. Avinash looked up and saw Arnav.. Ratna had already informed him about his arrival.. Both son and father stood looking at each other. Avinash was the first one to come out of the trance and left from there without a word.


In the room, Avinash sat down after freshening up with Shashi’s photo. Ratna came and sat beside him. She placed her hand on his shoulder assuring.

 “ How could he blame Shashi ?? Din’t he know what Shashi means to me ?? He is aware of Shashi’s favours on us.. It was Shashi and Madhu jiji who took me and Manohar with them when our parents died. Our chachaji took away all the property and threw us both out of the house….. I was only 14 then. Though, I had many friends, no one came to help me. Then Shashi took me and Manohar with him. Madhu jiji welcomed us with open hearts. They both lost their parents at young age. Madhu jiji was running a  sweet shop. Their house is a multi storied  portion. The only income is from the shop and the house rents….. For six years I lived and Manohar lived with them, but neither Shashi nor Jiju looked us like outsiders. Madhu jiji even paid our School and College fees…. Even though, me, Shashi and Manohar worked for part times but it is not enough to pay colleges fees. But when I turned 20, madhu jiji said one of her clients said we can file a case against my chachaji for our property…. But we din’t have enough money to file a case as it costs a lot. Shashi encouraged me to file case and I filed  a case against my chachaji.... And as I thought my chachaji had a lot of money, he started to influence the lawyers. Efficient lawyers always demand high money but a lawyer came to deal my case….. I was surprised first but Shashi convinced me to agree. After few days, we won the case and we got the right ful property of ours... Then I thought to start a business in Lucknow but Shashi persuaded me that Delhi will be good and have lot of opportunities. We  don’t want to leave them but they both finally convinced us.

That is how we reached Delhi, I started up business here. Then we heard that Madhu jiji met with accident. We both went to Lucknow. Since Madhu jiji  needs bed rest for six months Shashi took charge of sweet shop. He can’t able to manage it alone. ..In our that trip, we came to know Shashi mortgaged his house for our lawyer’s house… when I confronted him, he talked as if it is not a big deal.  We insisted them both and make them shift to Delhi… When I tried to bring back his house he denied straight away… He took promise from me that I will never pay back money for that house. Later he brought back his house when he started his sweet shop here in Delhi, luckily it got more fame and he started another two shops...  We both wanted to be close as always, so we brought land and build this houses. And after marriages too, our bond always grew.. Madhu jiji never got married taking care of us and she moved back to Lucknow after Shashi’s marriage. Everything was perfect until two and half years ago..”

“ Why did he do this ?? I was always proud of him as  a father. He always made my head held high. I thought he was the most understanding child of all. Did we were bad parents ?? We have always respected his wishes. We joined him in the school he wants, college he wished… When he got seat in Harvard, though we are not willing to send him away from us, but not to upset, we agreed. I always wanted him to take forward my construction business, but he denied and said he wanted to start a fashion house. we agreed to that too as his happiness was our priority…. Even after all these, he still thought that his parents won’t let him marry the girl whom he love. Why ?? Why couldn’t he trust us ??  He could have atleast said to us that creating all that drama. Because of  him, an innocent girl is still bearing the consequences and society’s taunts for her failed marriage.” Said Avinash. Ratna placed her head on his shoulder as a  sob escaped from her.

Arnav who was at the door heard everything his father said. His heart pained seeing the suffering of his mother and father. He silently left from there wiping his own tears.




Next morning:

Arnav came down along with Aryan in his arms. Anjali, Nk are present in the hall.

“ Good morning Bhai and Good morning champ” said NK.

“ Good morning” said Arnav.

“  Goo moning” said Aryan too cutely.

“ Bhai. Are you going somewhere ??’asked Anjali.

“ Haan Anju. I have to visit Khurana office. Arjun asked me to take care of a problem there” said Arnav.

“ Oh.. Okay but Aryan is going with you.” Asked Anjali patting Aryan’s back lovingly. He din’t say anything as he don’t like when someone pinch his cheeks.

“ Yes.. There is a kids room for the staff in Khurana office” said Arnav.

“ Oh.. Okay then. Bye” said Anjali.

Aryan waved at them both much to their happiness.




In the evening, Arnav reached the devimayya temple along with Aryan. Anjali called him and asked to come to the temple. He visited the temple many times. So, he directly came here.

When he entered into the temple, he saw Anjali, Nk and Lavanya waiting for him.

“ Shall we go ??”asked Arnav.

“ Bhai. We have to take some pooja things. Wait until then” said Lavanya and Nk leaving from there. Only he and Anjali was present.

Arnav got a call from Arjun. He put Aryan down. There was a lot of hustle bustle in the temple. So, he needed a silent place to talk.

“ Anju. Look Aryan. I will attend this call” said Arnav.

“ Ok. Bhai” said Anjali.

“ Aryan. Be with bua” said Arnav and left. Anjali looked at Aryan who is looking at the place curiously. He is excited to see people, lots of colors.

Just then Anjali saw a girl fell down on her knees. So, she went there to help the little girl. She made the girl stand up and consoled her not to cry.

“ Anju. Where is Aryan ??’ asked Arnav who came there after finishing the call.

“ bhai. He is here” showed Anjali the place where Aryan was standing sometime before. But he was not there.

“ Bhai. He was here only now” said Anjali panicking. Even Arnav too got afraid.

Nk and Lavanya came there with pooja things. They were too frightened.

“ I asked you to take care of him Anju. How can you be soo negligent ??’shouted Arnav angrily.

“ Bhai, let’s search” said Nk. Everyone went in different direction to search.

They searched everywhere but Aryan was not there.

“ A little boy is standing in the middle of the road” they heard one of the people talking. They rushed  to outside of the temple. Then they heard Aryan’s cry. When they looked at the scene infront of them, their hearts stopped for a bit.

There Aryan was standing in the middle of other side of the road. He was crying not knowing how to go. That is when they saw a car coming speedily in Aryan’s direction.

“ Aryan” shouted Arnav and tried to go but vehicles on their side are not allowing. The car came soo close to Aryan. Arnav’s breathe stopped. Anjali and Lavanya closed their eyes not able to see.

That is when something happened which no one expected. A woman in pink saree lifted up Aryan and rushed to other side of the road saving him. In the process, both fell down on the ground but lady held Aryan close so that he won’t get hurt.

“ Bhai. Let’s go” said Nk. Anjali and Lavanya saw Aryan safe in someone’s arms and sighed in relief.

Khushi, on the other hand came to the temple to drop Payal. She is talking over the phone parking her car when she heard a loud cry of a baby. She looked around and saw a little boy standing in the middle of the road. Then she saw a car approaching fast towards him and ran to save the boy. She lifted up the boy and fell down on other side.

Khushi got up with Aryan. He was soo frightened and hugged her tightly crying.

“ shh..beta. don’t cry. See you are safe” said Khushi patting his back lovingly. She felt a  strange sensation when he hugged her.

She brought him out of the hug and looked at him. His eyes attracted her. His eyes are just like him thought Khushi. Aryan too is looking at her with those innocent eyes. He too felt an attraction to her.

“ Don’t cry. Good boys don’t cry” said Khushi wiping off his tears with her fingers gently. She then kissed him on his both cheeks.

“ Where are your mumma and papa ??”asked Khushi. Aryan again hugged her burying his head in her neck. Khushi again patted his back lovingly.

“ Aryan” she heard a voice calling.


Arnav, Nk, Anjali and Lavanya came to other side of the road. They saw Aryan in the woman’s arms who saved him.

“ Aryan” called out Arnav.



Khushi turned back hearing Aryan. There stood Arnav with his siblings. Arnav and Khushi froze for a minute. They din’t expect this meeting. Both stood there looking at each other with wide eyes. Their eyes reflected surprise, shock and finally pain. Arnav observed her. she is having more matured look on her face. her eyes doesn’t have previous glow and chirpiness.

Khushi observed Arnav who is still looking same as earlier. His eyes held some pain which she don’t know why..

“ Paa” Aryan’s voice brought them both out of the trance. Khushi averted her gaze from him quickly.

Aryan threw out his arms towards Arnav who took him from Khushi. Arnav hugged Aryan tightly and kissed him on his forehead.

Khushi looked at others who looked uncomfortable. She faked a smile to them to which they returned.

 Payal came there. She too have witnessed the scene. She doesn’t have any grudges with little boy, so she doesn’t have any problem in her jiji saving him. She knew her jiji would have done the saved any child in that place and the child happened to be Arnav’s.

“ jiji. You are hurt” said Payal.

Other four members looked at her. Khushi’s elbow is bleeding.

“ It’s just a small one Payal. I am ok” said Khushi

“ Ok. Come let’s go back” said Payal.

Khushi nodded and both the sisters left from there without giving any glance the four standing there.




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Chapter 11 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 202 times)


Arnav and others came back to RM. Aryan is still crying as he was afraid. Arnav took him to the room directly. Ratna along with Akash present in the hall saw the disturbed faces of her children. By the look at Aryan’s face, she could say he is frightened and Arnav’s distraught face too said something happened.

NK, Anjali and Lavanya sat on the sofa. Manorama and Nani too came there.

“ Did something happen ??”asked Ratna.

“ Haan Badimaa. “ said NK and narrated the incident.

Everyone of the elders eyes grew wide. They too felt a shiver in their spine.

“ Anju. When will you learn some responsibility ?? You are soon going to be married. you can’t even take care of  child” said Ratna.

“ Mumma. I just went for a wink and Aryan left” said  Anjali.

“ Thank God. Khushi Di came as Aryan’s savior. Otherwise…” Nk stopped not even want to remember what will happen.

“Yeah. Even she got hurt too” said Lavanya.

Ratna was lost in her own thoughts now hearing Khushi and Arnav met..

“ Did you guys thanked Khushi ??”asked Akash.

“ No Bhai. We din’t get time. We were soo shocked with the incident and Payal took away Khushi Di” said Lavanya.

“ Aryan is soo much frightened by this. he is crying in the car too” said NK. The three siblings left to their rooms.

“ What are you thinking mamma ??”asked Akash to Ratna.

“ Nothing” said Ratna and left from there.


On the other hand, Arnav consoled Aryan after a lot of attempts. Poor soul, was soo much frightened. He made him sleep on the bed and sat there thinking.

He remembered his encounter with Khushi. He expected to see her but not so soon and with this type of incident. Today if Khushi wasn’t there, he would have Aryan. She came as his savior. It is not first time they were saved by Guptas. It happened before too.




Anjali entered her room cursing herself for being negligent.  She remembered her conversation with Akash last night. She was lost in her thoughts about Akash’s earlier words.

It was after dinner she is in the room when Akash entered.

“ Anju. I am not really liking what you are doing. These days you are talking too much. Because of you now Guptas are not coming to marriage” said Akash.

“ Bhai. I din’t mean what I said. I was in anger” said Anjali.

“ yeah. You are also just like your elder brother. First says nonsense and later regrets” said Akash.

“ He is your brother too” said Anjali “ We can’t  abandon him. And for Guptas, I will ask mumma and papa to talk with Khushi Di, even then they don’t listen it’s not my problem. I already have lot to deal with Bhai. Don’t spoil my mood”

“ Did you forgot if not for Khushi, by now you wouldn’t have been alive ?? if not for Shashi uncle, we too would have been fatherless just like them. Your marriage, your wish. Do whatever you want” said Akash and stormed out of the room.

Anjali remembered the day Khushi saved her life. She was 11 years and Khushi was 14 then. The two families went to devimayya mandir located at the outskirts of Delhi. After the puja, Anjali saw a butterfly. In order to catch it, she forgot the surroundings and ran behind it. It is only when she heard her name, she realized she is on the middle of the road. A car is coming fast in her direction. She heard her parents and Khushi’s parents shouting her name. She was soo shocked to react but in a minute someone pushed away harshly. She fell on the ground but she heard aloud scream of her family members. She got up and looked at Khushi who got hit by the car. everyone rushed her to the hospital. She had a bad head injury and was in coma for whole four months. Later she was recovered better.


Another incident happened the next year, Akash and Lavanya were kidnapped by his father’s chachaji. He demanded his whole property. His father obliged and went along with Shashi uncle and her chachu to release them. Meanwhile, they had already informed police. There some fight happened in which her father’s chachaji pointed gun to her father but in the nick of time Shashi pushed her father taking the bullet. The bullet hit close to his heart. He was in observation for two days. Doctors said it was a miracle he survived.

Exactly today Khushi again saved Aryan. They really owe soo much to Guptas but they ended up being reason for their hurt.

But in all these what gave her peace is her work became easy. Even devimayya wants the same like her. So, she created an incident where Aryan gets attracted to Khushi when she saves him.

Anjali Singh Raizada is not a fool to hurt her family unnecessarily. She loves her family a lot. Now she knew by her action of  brining back Arnav for her marriage hurted the family.  But she is doing it for the final happiness. Her family might be thinking that Arnav will hurt Guptas again.  But he won’t do it now. Because now his brother knows what Guptas are ?? How wrong he is in judging the people ?? He knew what gem he had lost choosing over a wicked girl. He is regretting for hurting his family especially an innocent girl and she can see it. From the time she came to know about Sheetal’s betrayal, she was planning this. She thought how to bring back Arnav but to her luck the opportunity came in the form of her marriage. So, she emotionally black mailed them to which they had to agree. But her anger made the matter worse by asking Guptas not to come for her marriage rituals.

From the time Arnav came back, she is thinking how to make Aryan close to Khushi. Because Aryan is going to play key role in uniting Arnav Khushi. Both of them suffered a lot in their lives. She knew Arnav don’t deserve Khushi  but as an younger sister she wanted her elder brother to be happy. Someone who loves him more than anyone and who could it be other than Khushi. She knew no one can love Arnav as Khushi did.




“ Di. Is it paining ??’asked Payal applying ointment to Khushi’s wound. She is crying in between.

“ No” said Khushi smiling.

“ Don’t lie to me” said Payal sniffing “ Ofcourse it pains. If I were you I would have cried by now with pain”

“ Because she is Khushi not Payal” came a voice and they both looked at Akash and Ratna at the door.

Khushi smiled to them and both came near to them.

“ What do you mean by it ??”asked Payal to Akash.

“ Khushi is a strong girl and you are not. See you are dressing her wound and crying as if someone is dressing her wound. Thank god you din’t became doctor otherwise you would have scared out patients to death. ” said Akash.

“ Who said you that ?? I am very strong girl” said Payal.

“ ****roach” shouted Akash.

“ Aaaahhhhh” Payal jumped beside Khushi hugging her tightly closing her eyes.

She opened her eyes when she heard the trio laughing sound. She looked at them. Akash fooled her.

“ This shows how strong you are “mocked Akash at her.

Payal fumed in anger.” I will see you later”. She wnet from there stomping her feet.

“ Is the wound deep ?? Should we consult doctor ??’asked Ratna to Khushi.

“ Nahi maa. It’s just small one. Payal is making fuss over it“ said Ratna

“ When is Garima coming ??” asked Ratna.

“Day after  Tomorrow maa” said Khushi.

“ Tonight. Don’t cook anything. I will send food” said Ratna.

‘ No need maa. I will manage” said Khushi.

“ With this one hand. “ asked Ratna “ Or Payal will cook ??”

“ Oh God No. Khushi it would be better you agree to what maa said than eating Payal’s food. You don’t want to be hospitalized. Do you ??’said Akash.

“ Shut up Akash. If Payal listens then you are dead” said Ratna then turning to Khushi “ I will send food for you both”

Khushi had to agree finally. While going back, Ratna came back to Khushi, cupping her face asked” Are you Ok khushi ??”

“ I am fine maa” said Khushi and hugged Ratna to which she reciprocated.




It was night. Arnav sat down beside Aryan. He got fever. He gave his regular tablets to him and put him to sleep.

He went towards poolside to talk with Arjun keeping an eye on Aryan who is on the bed.

Arnav updated him about he problem in Khurana company and measures to solve it. He finally said about today’s incident.

“ What !! Arnav… How is Aryan now ??”asked Arjun.

“ He is fine but soo frightened. He has  slight fever. “ said Arnav.

“ Are you OK ?”asked Arjun.

“ I  am not fine Arjun. Truth to be said I felt my heart stop when I saw Aryan was about to * choking* hit by the car. You know he is the reason I am living. But Khushi saved him in the nick of time.” Said Arnav.

“ Aryan is fine now. Don’t think about the incident anymore and make yourself weak. Did you thank Khushi ??”asked Arjun.

“ No..” said Arnav in a lowered voice.

“ You should have Arnav” said Arjun.

“ I din’t get time” said Arnav ‘ but I will thank her “

“ Ok. Take care of yourself and Aryan” said Arjun and they both disconnected the call.

Arnav stood there thinking about Khushi. Her face is calm. She is looking well matured. Her usual chatter and charm is missing. The spark whenever she sees him is missing.  Her smile to his siblings din’t reach her eyes.  Does he think she will come running to him like earlier after what he did ??





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Chapter 12 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 167 times)


It was in the middle of night. Arnav got up and checked Aryan’s temperature. His temperature is high and he is shivering in his sleep. Arnav got panicked. Usually Aryan’s fever reduced whenever he is given his regular medicines but now his fever increased. He din’t understand what to do. He doesn’t know any doctors here in India. He immediately rushed to Nk’s room and knocked the door.

A Sleepy Nk opened the door only to find a tensed Arnav.

“ Bhai.. What happened ??”asked NK in sleepy tone.

“ NK. Aryan is having high fever. I gave his regular medicines  but the fever got high and he is shivering. Do you know any doctor ??” said Arnav.

NK’s sleep flew away hearing it.

“ Bhai. I don’t have any doctor’s number. Wait Akash Bhai has doctor’s number” said Nk. They both rushed to Akash’s room and knocked the door.

Akash opened the door with sleepy head. But seeing the panicked form of his brothers, he got tensed.

“ What happened ??’asked  Akash. Nk explained to him about Aryan’s health.

“ yes I have doctor’s number. I will call him” said Akash and rushed for his mobile. In the next few minutes, he called the doctor and asked him to come to Shantivan. Nk meanwhile went to Anjali and Lavanya informed them who were panicked.

They all went to Arnav’s room. Arnav sat beside Aryan patting him. poor baby is shivering due to fever.

Akash and others felt sorry seeing him in that state. Arnav almost had tears seeing Aryan’s state. They have never seen Arnav in such a distraught state.

 They waited patiently for the doctor. After fifteen minutes, doctor arrived.. he checked Aryan, injected him and prescribed some medicines. He asked them to give those meds for every two hours until the fever reduces.

“ I will bring the medicines” said Akash and left from there. Arnav started to pace in his room with Aryan in his arms who is crying due to injection.

Akash brought medicines Arnav made Aryan have his medicines and put him on the bed.

“ You all go and sleep.” Said Arnav to his siblings.

“ It’s ok Bhai. We will stay” said Anjali.

Arnav sat on one side of the bed while Anjali on the other side. Akash sat on the recliner while Nk and Lavanya occupied one sofa each.

They almost hadn’t slept whole night. For every two hours, alarm of everyone’s mobile rangs and they all wakes up. Arnav gives Aryan medicines.





When it was six in the morning, Ratna went to Akash’s room to wake him up but to her surprise he was no there. She then looked in study and Nk’s room. He was not there even NK is missing. She then observed Anjali and Lavanya is also missing.

She came to Arnav’s room following her conscience. There she saw Arnav and Anjali on either side of the bed sleeping in sitting position. Nk and Lavanya on the sofa in the same position. Akash on the recliner. She went near Akash and shook him calling “ Aki”

Hearing her voice, everyone woke up.

“ Maa. What are you doing here ??’asked Akash.

“ I should ask you that” said Ratna “ What are you all doing here ??”

“ Mumma. Aryan had high fever last night. Aki Bhai called doctor. “ said Anjali.

They all observed a concerned expression in Ratna’s face and how her eyes darted to sleeping Aryan.

Anjali checked his temperature.

“ The fever has reduced” said Anjali smiling.

“ Anju. You all go to your rooms and sleep” said Arnav.

“ Aki you asked me to wake up early as you have an early meeting” said Ratna.

“ yeah. I forgot about it.” said Akash “ It’s ok. I will ask Khushi to attend the meeting” said Akash. Everyone left from there giving a last glance at sleeping Aryan.



At the dining table, everyone arrived except Arnav. He said he can’t come leaving Aryan alone. So, Anjali served in a plate and asked HP to take the plate to Arnav’s room.

Manorama came there along with Ratna. She gave a small bowl to HP.

“ Aryan should eat this as he is having fever. “said Manorama “ Give it in the room and say what I said”

Anjali smiled seeing her mother not giving directly to HP instead make her Chachi gave food for Aryan. She knew her mother must have made Khichdi for Aryan.




After the breakfast, Akash came out to go for office. Ratna too followed him. They both saw Payal talking over the phone. She was wearing a yellow chudidar looking stunningly beautiful with open hair. An yellow rose adorned her head.

“ Yeah. I am coming. I am looking for auto and will come soon” said Payal and disconnected the call.

“ Payal. Why are you going by auto ??”asked Ratna.

“ Credit goes to your son aunty. Because of him Di left for office early and now I have to look for an auto” said Payal.

“ Where is your scooty ??”asked Akash.

“ I gave it to servicing.” Said Payal.

“ Ok fine then. Aki will  drop you to college” said Ratna.

Payal was horrified by the idea. Going with Akash alone. She can’t that risk. He won’t even leave a chance to flirt with her.  Akash on the other hand mentally thanked his mother.

“ Huhh.. No aunty. It’s ok. I will manage” said Payal.

“ What manage ?? Why are you behaving like  you are an outsider ?? Many times Aki dropped you and Lavanya to college naa.” Asked Ratna.

“ Haan Payal. Come “ said Akash.

Ratna held Payal’s hand and took her near the car and forced her into the car. Akash smirking  sat in the driving seat.





“ What is soo special today ??’asked Akash.

“ Nothing. Why did you ask that ??”asked Payal.

“ Hmm just like that” said Akash but he still felt dissatisfied.

“ Why are you taking this route ??’asked Payal seeing him changing the route.

“ Let’s take a long route” said Akash.

“ What ?? I will be late to the college “ said Payal.

“ You don’t have first hour class. So, don’t worry” said Akash. he even knew about her time table grunted Payal to herself.

“ Actually I am waiting for the day where I will take you on long drive.. only you and me” said Akash.

Payal gulped hearing it… she  avoided looking at him..

“ Did you thought about my proposal ??”asked Akash.

“ I already said it is a NO” said Payal stressing on NO.

“ I also said to think again” said Akash. Payal just turned her head to other side. Akash’s mobile rang and he lifted the call. It was from one of his clients. So, he can’t deny. The phone call took for twenty minutes to Payal’s relief

Her college came  and he stopped the car cursing the client. she was going to get down when he stopped her.

“ Don’t you know minimum manners to thank me ??”asked Akash.

“ Why should I thank you ??”asked Payal.

“ For dropping you to college “ said Akash.

“ You dropped me because I was left because of you otherwise my Di would dropped me. And one more thing I got into your car on Ratna aunty’s insistence. I am not dying to get into your this damn car” said Payal.

“ Well ok then. I will thank you for getting into my car” said Akash and even Payal could understand what he meant, he kissed her on her cheeks.

Payal’s eyes grew wide and she pushed him hardly getting out of the car.

“Payal!!” Akash shouted back but she ran away.




In AR:

Akash entered Khushi’s cabin. She smiled looking at him.

“ How did the meeting went  ??”asked Akash.

“ It went well Akash. “ said Khushi.

“ Sorry Khushi troubling you. “ said Akash.

“ It’s ok Akash. But Are you ok ??”asked Khushi “ I mean I thought that when you asked me to handle the meeting, you were not well”

“ I am perfectly fine Khushi. Last night, we din’t slept well” said Akash.

“ Why ??” asked Khushi. Akash explained her what happened yesterday night.

“ ohh. How is he now ??”asked Khushi.

“ Aryan is fine now” said Akash. Khushi just nodded her head.

Anjali entered the cabin with some files..

“ Di. These are the files I am working on. I completed them” said Anjali. She is feeling  guilty over her earlier words but they can’t be unprofessional.

Khushi took them and said” Designers are working over your wedding dresses. They will start if you give the sketch of your wedding lehenga too”

“ Ok. Can I bring the designer here ??”asked Anjali.

Khushi and Akash frowned looking at her, so Anjali said “ I mean the designer can give more ideas how to work on it “

“ Ok” said Khushi and engrossed in the work. Akash left from there while Anjali left thinking..





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How Anjali came to know about Sheetal will be disclosed in future updates ?

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Chapter 13 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 213 times)

Arnav is in the room looking at Aryan who is sleeping. His temperature reduced but still he is weak. He was arranging clothes in the wardrobe when he remembered the gifts he brought for his family. He din’t gave the gifts to them. He took out all the gifts. He thought to give them now. Aryan just slept so he won’t woke up. He took the gift and left the room securing Aryan with pillows.

He first went to Nani’s room. Nani is watching TV where some preaches are going on. He knocked the door and she looked at him. Surprised she kept the TV on mute. Arnav entered the room.

“ Nani. I brought this for you” said Arnav and forwarded the gift. Nani looked at him once directly and looked away showing her rejection.

Sighing, Arnav placed the gift on the couch and left from there.

The same scene repeated when he went to his Chacha-Chachi’s room.



Finally he came to his parents room. His heart is beating loudly and thos would be his direct conversation with his mother. He looked in the room. Ratna is searching something in the wardrobe. He knocked the door.

“ Haan HP come in. Amma’s medicines were over. Go and bring them.” Said Ratna but when she din’t get any response she turned and looked at Arnav who is standing at the door.

“ Why did you come here ??’asked Ratna to Arnav.

“ I came to give this gifts” said Arnav. it is the direct conversation between the mother and son duo for the first time.

“ We don’t need your gifts. Leave from here” said Ratna.

“ Maa. I..” Arnav is going to says something but Ratna turned away her face.

Arnav felt a prick in his heart when his mother turned away her face. He silently kept the gifts at door step gulping down the lump. HP came there them/

“ mam saab. You called me” said HP.

“ Yes..Go and bring maa’s tablets. “ said Ratna and then showing gifts “ remove these from here”

Arnav heard it and couldn’t say anything. He just left from there taking his gifts back.





Arnav entered the room with a sad face. He sat on the bed patting Aryan’s back lovingly. Will his parents ever forgive him ?? He had to apologize them. Even before his parents, he have to apologize Shashi uncle and Khushi first. He had not seen Shashi uncle or Garima aunty from the time he came. He heard that Garima aunty went to lucknow as Buaji is not well. May be Shashi uncle too accompanied her.

“ Bhai” Anjali knocked his door. He looked up and smiled to her. She came to him and looked at Aryan.

“ Did Aryan’s fever reduced ??”asked Anjali.

“ Yes.. I just fed him with khichdi HP brought” said Arnav.

“ Maa prepared it Bhai.” Said Anjali.

“ I know “ said Arnav. Anjali looked at him questioningly.

“ I tasted it before feeding him and I understood it is made by mumma. “ said Arnav. Anjali nodded her head understanding then her eyes fell on the gifts.   

“ Bhai. These gifts…” said  Anjali.

“ I brought them for you all.” Said Arnav and extended her gift.

“ Thank you Bhai.. Don’t say me this is my marriage gift” said Anjali.

“ No. This is not..” said Arnav.

“ Hmm OK. Because I want something from you as my marriage gift” said Anjali.

“ Now what ??” asked Arnav with a little bit of worry.

“ Not more. Don’t worry. I just want you to design my wedding dress” said Anjali.

“ What !! Anju what are you saying ??”asked Arnav “ I am not a designer now.”

“ I know bhai but you are a fashion designer. You have dreamed to establish a fashion house. You are great designer bhai. So, it won’t be tough for you to design” said Anjali.

When Arnav din’t say anything Anjali held his chin and pleaded him. He finally have to agree.

“ Thank you Bhai” said Anjali hugging him.

“ Ok. Tomorrow you have to come to AR. You have to meet the stitching department and deal with material, everything” said Anjali.

“ What !!AR” said Arnav. He was feeling uncomfortable. “ But how can I Anju ?”

“ Bhai. Plz.. come What’s problem in that ??”asked Anjali.

“ Ok. I will” said Arnav. His sister is the stubborn girl.

“ Did you gave Nk Bhai and Lav their gifts ??”asked Anjali.

“ Nope. Not yet. I just went to give others” said Arnav.

“ Did they accepted their gifts ??”asked Anjali.

“ Nani and Chachi din’t say anything. I just took placed them in their rooms. But mumma * choking a bit* din’t accepted them” said Arnav sadly.

Anjali placed her hand on his shoulder assuring him.

“ I will give NK, Lav and Aki after they return” said Arnav composing himself. Anjali nodded her head.

“ Hmm.. Anju!! I brought gifts for Guptas too” said Arnav hesitating.

Anjali smiled at him “ Good Bhai !! I will give them”

“ No. I will give them” said Arnav and went near wardrobe brought the gifts.

“ See. I have brought this for Payal, this one for Khushi, this one for Garima aunty and this one Shashi uncle” said Arnav.

Hearing Shashi’s name, Anjali’s smile flattered. Bhai still doesn’t know about Shashi uncle’s death thought Anjali.

“ Bhai. Actually woo….” Anjali is going to say something when Chachi came in rushed “ Anjali Bitiya. Come fast. The jeweler had come. Ratna Bhabi is calling you”

Before Anjali can say anything, Chachi dragged her from there.





Akash is standing at the balcony of his room. He can have a good view of Gupta’s garden from his room. Garima aunty is examining the plants. She returned back an hour ago.

His room door knocked and he asked the person to come in without looking. It was only when Arnav came and stood beside , he saw him. Arnav smiled to him but he Akash din’t respond.

“ I brought this for you” said Arnav extending his gift. Akash looked other side not taking the gift. Sighing Arnav kept the gift on the table. He turned around to go back when his eyes fell on Garima. Her face devoid of sindoor, hands without bangles and no mangalsutra. His eyes grew wide.

Akash looked at Arnav to see why he is not leaving ?? Seeing the shocked look of Arnav’s face, he followed the gaze. He saw Arnav watching Garima with shock but din’t understand why ??

“ What happened ??”asked Akash frowning.

“ Aki. Why is Garima aunty not wearing mangalsutra and sindoor ?? That means Shashi uncle….” Stopped Arnav not able to say further.

“ Did you really don’t know about Shashi uncle’s death or Are you pretending ??” asked Akash.

“ Shashi uncle’s death!!” gasped Arnav with shock.

“ When did it happen ?? How ??”asked Arnav.

Akash gave a sarcastic smile to him, “ Shashi uncle died on the same day as soon as you left the altar accusing them. He had an heart attack as people started whispering bad about them.  Which father can take if his daughter’s marriage stopped at the altar and the groom accuses his family ?? Which friend can take when his loyalty was questioned ?? Don’t you know the value of Shashi uncle.. For papa, he is not just a friend. He is more than that. He was like a big brother to him. Did they ever behaved like gold diggers ?? Didn’t you know whatever we are now is because of Guptas ?? Did you forgot how Shashi uncle took the bullet to save papa ?? That day if he din’t take the bullet, we would have become fatherless in our childhood only.  Papa was always proud of you but this is what you gave him. His friend’s death.? It’s ok if you won’t love her, but why din’t you said about your love to us. How could you even think that maa and papa won’t listen to your words ?? Don’t you know how much maa papa love us and respect our likes.. And Khushi. What is her fault in it ? Because of your deeds, she was tagged as characterless girl. No one came to marry her. She is not that same khushi anymore. I din’t find my old friend Khushi. Papa lost his best friend and I lost my best friend because of you Bhai.  You were once my role model. I wanted to become like you but now I don’t even like to see your face Bhai. Why Bhai ?? Why did you do this ?? You made everyone cry and see now even you are not happy. You too lost your love, your wife.  I am not cursing you but I am saying if you could have once said about your love, the situations today would have been different”

Akash left from there putting his heart out while Arnav sat on the chair hearing his brother’s words. Shashi uncle died because of his words. Khushi was tagged as characterless. He damaged it to a great extent.  How can he compensate this loss ??






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Chapter 14 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 190 times)

Arnav stood at the poolside lost in his own thoughts. His conversation with Akash disturbed him soo much. The fact that Shashi is no more is getting hard for him to digest.

“ Bhai!!” Anjali came there. Arnav looked at her.

“ You are looking soo dull from evening. What happened ?? “ asked Anjali.

“ Anju. What happened after I left ??”asked Arnav.

“ When ??”asked Anjali confused.

“ On that day. After I left altar “ said Arnav.

Anjali looked at him puzzled but she knew he has to know what happened.

“ Shashi uncle is no more Bhai” said Anjali.

“ I know. Akash said to me” said Arnav. Anjali now understood why he is dull ??

“ That day after you left ………”



Khushi was standing at the balcony of her room looking at the stars. Her memories went to the fateful day she lost her father.

As soon as Arnav left,

Flashback :

Arnav left hurling accusations on the Guptas. Soon, the guests started whispering.

“ So this is what going on ?? This girl was always behind him to marry him. How cheap ??”said one of them.

“ What type of father is he ?? He used his own daughter for money and property. “ said the other one.

“ I thought something will be there from the start. Otherwise why would the rich Raizadas would make a middle class girl their bahu even though they are friends.”

“ We never thought they will be character less people. Which family would teach their daughter to trap a rich man ??”

Few more accusations were going on when a loud noise boomed in.

“ Enough” shouted Avinash angrily “ Not  a word more about my friend and his family. Leave you all from here”

The guests left from there whispering to themselves.

“ Papa” Payal’s scream made them all see at Shashi who collapsed holding his chest. Everyone rushed to him but Khushi stood still looking shocked.

Shashi was rushed to hospital and was taken into emergency.. everyone are waiting anxiously in front of the ICU.

The doctors came after sometime out of the ICU with sad faces.

“ Doctor. What happened ??”asked Avinash.

“ We are sorry. We tried a lot but couldn’t save him” said the doctor.

Everyone stood there  rooted to the spot. Doctor patted Avinash’s shoulder and left from there. He slumped down on to the chair when his brother held him. Garima fell down unconscious. She was shifted to other room. Everyone was crying.. the person who was one of the heads of their family is no more..

The most shocked another soul is Khushi. She can’t digest what the doctor said.  The ward boys brought Shashi’s body in a stretcher.

“ Papa” Khushi  barely whispered and rushed to him but she was pushed off  on to the floor. Shocked, she looked at the person who pushed her. It was none other than her Buaji.

Even others too were puzzled when Buaji  pushed off Khushi. Ratna and Manorama lifted up Khushi.

 “ Buaji.. Papa ” Khushi went near her but Buaji slapped her hard on the cheek.

“ Don’t you dare to come near my brother “ said Buaji with her eyes red in anger.

Everyone looked at her with wide eyes.

“ It is because of you Khushi everything happened. It is you who killed my brother. If not your love for Arnav, this all mess wouldn’t have happened. Today everyone raised their fingers on my brother’s upbringing. My brother always loved you. He fulfilled your every wish as a father. This is what you gave him in return. Insult, death. It would be better to be infertile than having a daughter like you. I brought up my bother with these hands. I protected him. For me he was my son more than a brother but today because of you I lost him. You are the murderer of my brother. I will never forgive you Khushi. Never.. I am cutting all my relations with you. From today along with my brother, you are also dead for me “ said Madhumathi Gupta angrily.

Khushi stumbled backwards registering Buaji’s words. Then again she said” haan. Don’t come to final rites of my brother. You have lost that right.”

“ Jiji. What are you saying ?? What is her mistake in this ??”asked Avinash.

“ What is her mistake ?? The entire mistake is hers only. If not for her love on your son, this all wouldn’t have happened. I have warned my brother to reconsider over this alliance as our status won’t match. But he din’t listen to me saying his daughter loves your son.. now see what happened. What all accusations my brother have to bear because of this girl ?? He left this world not able to bear them. She killed my brother and I will never forgive her. I don’t allow her to atten my brother’s funeral/ “ said Buaji crying.

Khushi slumped down on to the floor crying bitterly. Payal went and hugged her sister.

“ I killed my papa” said Khushi crying.

Flashback ends.

“ As said Buaji din’t allowed Khushi Di for Shashi uncle’s funeral. She went back to Lucknow. She is in touch with Garima aunty and talks with Payal but with Khushi Di she won’t even acknowledge her. she din’t visited once in the two and half years. with all these incidents, Khushi Di went into depression and emotional trauma. She would sit along for weeks crying. The doctor advised us to keep her busy. So, she joined in AR. She always kept busy herself and we too made sure of that.  She came out of her shell but still until now sometimes she gets into emotional trauma and looses conscious. She is still using the medicines” said Anjali wiping her tears. She couldn’t see Arnav’s reaction as his back is facing her.

“ I just hope you realise what mistake you made Bhai” said Anjali and left from there.

Arnav sat on the nearest chair holding his head in hands crying. What did he do ?? Why did he became a stone hearted person ??  His mistake is too big to amend.


On the other hand Khushi stood looking at the stars,” I am sorry Papa. I killed you. I am a bad daughter”

Saying this, she slumped on to the floor when Garima entered her room. She looked at her daughter and rushed to her taking her into arms.

“ I am sorry amma. I killed papa” said Khushi crying.

“ No. it is not your mistake Khushi.. You din’t killed your papa” Garima consoled her and made her sit on the bed bringing into the room.

“ No. I killed him. I am a bad daughter. Forgive me amma” murmured Khushi.

“ shh. You are not.. you are a good daughter” said Garima making Khushi gulp her meds which she usually take whenever she have an emotional breakdown.

Then Garima sat hugging Khushi whispering she din’t killed Shashi. Soon Khushi fell asleep due to meds. Garima made her sleep on the bed and covered her with blanket. She kissed Khushi’s forehead and left from there wiping her own tears. From the past two and half years, Garima is dying inside seeing her ever cheerful daughter in depression and trauma. Wish that day never came in their lives. How many times she tried to made Khushi understand there is no mistake of hers but she won’t listen to anyone.



The landline in the GH rang and Garima attended it. hearing the other person on the line, she got worried. It was from Payal.

“ This girl always brings something or other to my head” thought Garima and called Akash for help. But he is not lifting the call. She din’t understand what to do and finally called Ratna.





Akash came back from long drive and parked the car. He was disturbed after his outburst to Arnav and so he went on to long drive.  He was going towards the entrance when he saw Garima and Ratna coming along with Payal.

“ Maa , aunty. Where did you went ??”asked Akash.

“ What to say Akash ?? This girl always brings something on my head” said Garima looking at Payal angrily.

“ Payal went to college without her purse. She was bound to give treat to her friend. She din’t observed that her purse is missing until the waiter came for money. So, she called Garima. We both went there to pay” said Ratna.

“ I din’t understand how could she forget her purse and that too at the hotel.” Said Garima.

“ Amma. I remember very well I have taken my purse. I even took money from jiji” said Payal.

“ Payal. Is it your purse ??”asked Akash showing a clutch.

Payal’s eyes widened seeing it and snatched it from him.

“ This is mine. So, you have stolen it” said Payal angrily.

“ What the… I din’t stole it. Ms. Payal. Today morning when I dropped you to college you left it in my car. I observed it just now and thought to be yours. I was going to return back  it to you now” said Akash.

“ No. you must have definitely kept it with you knowingly.” Said Payal..

“ Shut up. You left it by your mistake and now blaming him. careless girl” said Garima and left from there.

“ Payal. It happens sometimes. It is good you dropped it in Akash’s car only” said Ratna and went off from there.

“ Now say me truth” said Payal.

“ You are too intelligent sweet heart. Yes, I have seen it earlier when you dropped while descending from the car. I called you but went off with attitude” said Akash.

“ That is because you have kissed me” said Payal and bit her tongue. Then composing said, “ Today because of you I felt insulted. Don’t know what Arjun must have felt about me ??  What did he think of me ??”

“ Who is that Arjun ??’asked Akash angrily.

“ None of your business” said Payal and was going when Akash held her wrist and pulled to him.

“ Who is that Arjun ??” asked Akash with  a dangerous tone.

“ He is my classmate” said Payal gulping seeing his anger for the first time.

“ Stay away from him. you are mine. Get that in mind” said Akash. Payal pushed him off angrily and rushed into her house. Akash stood there calming down his anger.

This whole scene is witnessed by Arnav from his room’s window. He wondered what is going on. Did Akash loves Payal ?? thought Arnav.





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Chapter 15 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 229 times)

Next morning:

Anjali entered Arnav’s room only to see Aryan sitting on the bed while Arnav is dressing him up. He was giving tough time to his father.

“ Good morning Bhai and Good morning my cute pie ”said Anjali.

Arnav and Aryan both looked at her.

“ Good morning Anju “ said Arnav buttoning Aryan’s shirt.

“ goo moning” said Aryan..

“ Bhai. Seems like he is giving tough time to you” said Anjali.

“ It is daily routine Anju. This boy always have a problem wearing clothes.” Said Arnav. Aryan looked at his father angrily grunting.

“ Haan baba. I am not saying about you” said Arnav. Anajli smiled hearing it. She can see how difficult it is for Arnav to bring up Aryan alone with out family support. Finally he finished him up dressing, neatly combed his hair.

“ My Prince is ready finally” said Anjali.

“ Anju. You be with him. I will take bath” said Arnav.

“ Ok bhai. I am going for aarti. I will take him” said Anjali.

“ What ?? Downstairs.. “ Arnav hesitated.

“ Don’t worry Bhai.” Said Anjali and lifted Aryan, went downstairs.




At the downstairs, everyone looked at Aryan but din’t say anything. Aryan looked at Akash and gave him his cute smile. Akash reciprocated the smile.

Ratna did aarti singing a song. Aryan was looking at her wide eyed. As the aarti completed, she gave aarti to everyone. When she came near Anjali, Aryan tried to catch fire. Both Ratna and Anjali caught his hands.

“ Aryan you will get hurt” said Anjali. She looked at her mother who took away her hand immediately.

Ratna distributed laddoo as Prasad to everyone. When she gave one laddoo to Aryan, he showed other hand too. So, Ratna gave him.

“ Thank u” said Aryan smiling taking a bite from laddoo.




After the pooja, Anjali brought Aryan into the hall.

“ Aryan. I will take you to somewhere” said Anjali.

“ Di. where are you taking him ??”asked Lavanya.

“ I am just taking him to garden Lav. Take coffee to Arnav Bhai” said Anjali and left from there with Aryan.




Lavanya brought coffee to Arnav. He is at the poolside talking with someone. She waited for him to complete the call.

“ Lav. Where is Anju and Aryan ??”asked Arnav taking coffee from her.

“ Bhai. Di took Aryan into the garden” said Lav.

“ Ok..but ask her to be careful. He will pluck out the flowers” said Arnav.

“ ok. I will” said Lavanya and left from there.



Anjali brought Aryan into the Gupta’s garden.

“ Come Aryan. I will make you meet with someone. You will like them” said Anjali.

She went to a small kettle like house and opened the door of it. Soon two cute white rabbits came out of it.

“ See Aryan. They are rabbits” said Anjali. She took the ear of one of the rabbit and patted it. she looked at Aryan who is giving weird glances to these unknown creatures.

Hearing some noises Khushi came to see into garden only to find Anjali and Aryan.

“ Anju.. you here” asked Khushi. Anjali and Aryan looked at Khushi. Aryan recognized her and his face was lightened seeing her.

“ woo Khushi Di. I brought Aryan here to make him meet with chunnu munnu” said Anjali.

Khushi just faked a smile while her eyes darted to Aryan who is looking at her without blinking with a cute smile. Garima and Payal too came there. Garima understood who the baby is.

“ Aryan. See “ Anjali brought them near him. But Aryan got afraid seeing them. It is first time he is seeing them. He let out  a cry and rushed to Khushi hugging her tightly by legs. He hid himself more into Khushi’s legs.

Khushi as well as others are surprised by his gesture. Anjali mentally patted herself. Aryan looked up at Khushi still crying. She can’t see tears in those chocolate brown eyes..

Khushi sat on her knees to his level and wiped off his tears. Aryan hugged her tight making her flabbergasted. Even Garima and Payal too were puzzled.

“ Shh. Don’t cry.” Said Khushi bringing Aryan out of the hug. She signaled to Anjali to bring the rabbit.

When Anjali brought rabbit near him, he got more frightened and hugged Khushi more..

“ Shh Aryan. See. It won’t harm you” said Khushi and started patting rabbit lovingly.

Aryan looked how Khushi is patting it lovingly.

“ See. It won’t do anything” said Khushi smiling at Aryan “ You too do it”

She took Aryan’s hand and made him touch the rabbit.. he was afraid first but soon he liked the feathery touch. He started to pat it with excitement.

Anjali fed some grass to rabbit. Observing it, Aryan too took the grass and fed the rabbit. He squealed out in happiness when the rabbit eat the grass fed by him.. He hold on to them squeezing.

“ Don’t squeeze them. By babies will be hurt” came Payal to the rescue of rabbits.

Khushi rolled off her eyes smiling. Her sister and craziness to these rabbits. Payal showed him how to handle them carefully.

“ Di. Badi maa is calling for breakfast” said Lavanya coming there.

“ areey. Aryan got acquainted to chunnu munnu” said Lavanya taking one of the rabbit into her hands.

“ Come Aryan. Let’s go. Time for breakfast” said Anjali.

Aryan who was now attached to rabbits put a sad face.

“ We will come later” said Anjali seeing his sad face.

Aryan looked at Khushi in whose arms he is. He smiled at her and kissed her cheek startling her. even others too puzzled seeing it.

Anjali and Lavanya opened their mouths wide. Here they are with him from past two days, they even begged him to give a puppy but he straight away denied nodding his head now for Khushi, he gave a peck..

Anjali lifted him up into his arms. Aryan waved a good bye to them smiling. Khushi stood there smiling touching her cheek.

Garima looked at Khushi with an worried expression. She doesn’t want her daughter to get close to Aryan and get hurt again.

“ Amma” Khushi shook Garima bringing her out of the thoughts.

“ What happened amma ?? Where are you lost ??”asked Khushi.

“ Khushi. Stay away from that boy” said Garima. Khushi was stunned hearing it.

“ Amma. What are you saying ??”asked Khushi..

“ Haan yes. Stay away from that boy. What if Arnav comes and blames you saying now you are trying to use his son to get close to him ?? No NO.. It would be better you stay away from that boy. I know it is not possible to be harsh on little boy but try to avoid him as much as you can “ said Garima hastily.

“ Yes jiji. Amma is right. That man is capable of blaming you again “ said Payal.

“ Amma, Payal !! Don’t worry. I know my limits.. I am not old Khushi.” Said Khushi..





In AR Office:

Anjali and Arnav arrived into the AR. Aryan also accompanied them as NK and Lavanya was also not there to take care of him.

Arnav looked around the office and he was truly impressed. The interiors, infrastructure is flawless. It was maintained well and the staff were working silently.

The lady staff were looking at him without blinking. They were almost drooling over him.

“ wow Bhai. Even after a father of two years boy, you still have a lady following..” said Anjali in a teasing manner. Arnav just smiled hearing it.

“ Until now only gent staff was distracting, now after your arrival even lady staff too will get distracted” said Anjali.

“ I din’t understand “ said Arnav frowning.

“ The lady boss of AR too is so beautiful that  every man drool over her but her one glare is enough for them to shut their eyes and mouth. You know everyone calls her here as hitler’s sister” said Anjali.

“ Well who is this lady boss ??”asked Arnav.

“ Khushi Di” said Anjali observing his reaction.Arnav stood stilled for a moment.

“ She works here !!!!’ asked Arnav.

“ yes Bhai. She is the MD and 45 % share holder.. I said you yesterday naa” said Anjali.

 “ yes she said to him and he forgot. Now how can he work at place where Khushi is” thought Arnav.




Anjali introduced the designer to Arnav. They both were discussing about the fabric and other things. Arnav put down Aryan. He and Anjali were deeply engrossed in discussion.

On the other side, Khushi and Akash were coming towards Khushi’s cabin after completing a meeting. They too were discussing something.

Aryan looked here and there around. He saw Khushi and Akash coming.

“ MAA” shouted Aryan loudly and ran towards her.

Arnav and Anjali who heard it looked at Aryan who is running towards Khushi shocked.

Khushi and Akash too heard it.  They looked at Aryan who is coming towards them. Whom did he call as Maa ??

Aryan came and hugged Khushi’s legs smiling at her.

“ Maa” said Aryan looking at Khushi who eyes are now wide with fear.






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Oct 15, 2016

Chapter 16 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 195 times)


“ MAA” shouted Aryan loudly and ran towards her.

Arnav and Anjali who heard it looked at Aryan who is running towards Khushi shocked.

Khushi and Akash too heard it.  They looked at Aryan who is coming towards them. Whom did he call as Maa ??

Aryan came and hugged Khushi’s legs smiling at her.

“ Maa” said Aryan looking at Khushi who eyes are now wide with fear. She looked at Arnav who is coming towards them.. She again looked at the small boy who is looking at her with innocent smiles.

Arnav came there and took Aryan into his arms. Aryan looked at his father now.. Akash and Khushi too looked at him who is looking disturbed..

“ Paa. Maa” said Aryan, he is holding Khushi’s pallu in his little hand.

“ She is not your Maa” said Arnav camly.

Aryan nodded his head as No and again said” Maa”…. He leaned over to Khushi spreading his arms towards Khushi to take him into his arms.

“ Aryan!!” Arnav said with a stern face making the little boy look at his father who is now angry. It is the first time his father is shouting at him with anger.. Big fat tears rolled down from Aryan’s cheek and he bursted out into a cry..

Anjali quickly came and took Aryan from Arnav..

“ Bhai. He is a child.. why are you shouting at him ??”asked Anjali angrily and took away Aryan from there.

Arnav then looked at Khushi and Akash who are looking at Aryan.. He doesn’t want Khushi to feel uncomfortable and he doesn’t know why his son called her as Maa. He never called anyone until now not even Arjun’s mother..

He looked up at Khushi who have an unpredictable expression.. Her eyes which he used to study earlier are now void of any expression.. Before he could apologize for his son’s behaviour, Khushi silently left from there without even giving a glance to him..



On the other hand, Anjali took Aryan to the garden at the outside of the office.. She consoled him and made him quiet.. She felt sorry for the little boy.. it was all because of her.



Khushi reached her cabin and closed her eyes.. the word Maa from Aryan is ringing in her ears. For a second, she wanted to take the boy in her arms but refrained herself from doing that.. She very well knew Arnav won’t even like his son close to her anywhere.. Then how can he allow his son to call her as Maa.. The guy who hurted his own family for his love will agree his son calling the girl whom he hate most as Maa.. No… Never.. Arnav loves Sheetal a lot and he won’t even think of any other girl.




Arnav entered the cafeteria where Anjali and Aryan are present. He saw Anjali making Aryan drink milkshake.. He went near them. His stubborn son turned to other side seeing his father.. Arnav smiled seeing his son’s antics.. he is exactly like his father in anger.. He signaled to Anjali to go which she did… Arnav went and sat in front of Aryan.. He hugged him tightly..

“ Aryan.. Sorry baby. I am soo sorry” said Arnav kissing his forehead..

Arnav looked at Aryan whose are looking sad, “ Papa is sorry..” said Arnav holding his ears..

Aryan smiled to him and kissed his cheek.

“ So let’s continue with milkshake” said Arnav and made Aryan drink the remaining .



It was in the evening.. Arnav waited for the work to be done.. Anjali took Aryan with him.. it is already six in the evening, so most of the staff already left.. He too came out of the office when he spotted Khushi going towards the parking.. He thought to apologize her for Aryan’s words, so he started towards the parking.



Khushi was going to open the door of her car when she heard a voice “ Khushiji”.. She knew whose voice it is.. Rolling off her yes, she turned to look at Shyam.. He came walking towards her..

“ What do you want Mr.Jha ??”asked Khushi..

“ I heard that Arnav is back to his family..” asked Shyam.. Khushi din’t say anything..

“ well why should we talk about him now.. Say me Khushiji. Did you thought about my proposal ??”asked Shyam.

Khushi looked at him with disgust and turned away her face.. She is going towards her car when Shyam held her hand. She looked at him shocked for his guts..

In the next second she slapped Shyam hard on his face.. The slap is soo hard  that he stumbles few steps back..Shyam was puzzled by her reaction..

“ How dare you to slap me ??”said Shyam angrily and rushed towards her when someone held him and punched on his nose.

His held his bleeding nose and looked at the person who is none other than Arnav.. Khushi too was surprised seeing Arnav came for her rescue..

“ Arnav!!” shouted Shyam..

‘ Don’t shout Shyam.. leave from here otherwise you will be awarded with more slaps.. “ said Arnav angrily..

“ I will see you both later.. you have to pay for hurting me” said Shyam and left from there angrily..

Arnav turned to Khushi, “ Khushi !! Are you Okay ??”

“ What do you think of yourself ?? Who the hell have asked you to interfere in my matters ?? ” asked Khushi straightely seething in anger.. He was taken aback by her reaction.

“ Khushi. I was just…” Arnav stopped when Khushi said” What just ?? Haan.. What just ?? You just thought me as a damsel in distress and came to help me.. I don’t need your help Mr..( thinking for a while what to call him as he isn’t Raizada) What ever.. Why are now coming to help a characterless girl like me ?? I deserve all this.. Didn’t  I  ?? “

Arnav was flabbergasted to see ever cool Khushi bursting out like lava..

“ Khushi…. I came  “ Arnav again started but Khushi din’t let him to continue..

“ Haan I know why you came ?? To blame me again that I am now trying to use your son to trap you  because today your son called me as Maa. Isn’t it ?? Ofcourse any person in your place who loves his wife more than anything will think the same when his son calls a characterless girl like me as Maa.. you must be now thinking  that I am trying to take your Sheetal’s place..But I am not going to explain you anything as I don’t waste my energy by trying to  make someone like you  understand.. You can think whatever you want.. I don’t care. But I won’t sit quiet if you blame.. I am not that old Khushi who will take every blame and hurt given by you with open arms.. I won’t leave you easily this time if you hurt me or my family.. Get that in your mind” Said Khushi angrily and left from there towards her car..

Arnav stood there rooted for her accusation.. He came to apologize her but she din’t even heard his entire words.. She has changed soo much.. She is not the Khushi he knew.. The Khushi he knew will never hurt anyone with her words or actions.. He has never seen her talking anyone with angrily but here she is erupting out like a volcano.. What have he done to her ?? thought Arnav..He turned back gaining courage to talk but she has already started the car and  passed from him without giving a glance to him..



Anjali is in the room working over her laptop giving timely glances at Aryan who is playing in her room as Arnav is no there.. Lavanya and Nk came into the room. Both of them went near Aryan and kissed his cheeks.. Nk gave him chocolate which he took with a big smile..

Lavanya and NK came and sat opposite to Anjali..

“ Where is Bhai ??”asked Lavanya..

“ He is in the office talking with designer” said  Anjali shutting off her laptop and placing it aside.

“ Di.. Akash Bhai is home and we heard him talking with Badi maa” said Lavanya.

Anjali looked at them confused.

“ We heard him saying that Aryan called Khushi Di as Maa today in the office” said NK.

“ yeah yes.. Aryan called Khushi Di as Maa” said Anjali..

“ But why did he call Khushi Di as Maa “ asked Lavanya.

“ How do I know ??”asked Anjali.

“ You know everything Di. It is you who taught Aryan to call Khushi Di as Maa. I have seen it today morning” said Lavanya.

Anjali sighed and said” yes.. It’s me”… She went towards the door and locked it..

“ Why Anju ??”asked NK.

“ Simple NK Bhai.. I want to unite Arnav Bhai and Khushi Di. I want her to be my Bhabi” said  Anjali.

“ You are doing a mistake Di. Do you think it will happen ?? I know Sheetal is died, but may be Bhai still loves her.” said Lavanya.

“ Ofcourse Bhai still loves her.. Remember, he left all of us for her.. Now when Aryan called Khushi Di as Maa, what if Bhai thinks Khushi Di is doing all this purposely and blames her again Anju ??”asked NK.

“ NK Bhai. That won’t happen.. Bhai doesn’t love Sheetal anymore..He hates her” said Anjali.

Lavanya and Nk looked at her unbelievable look.

“ Bhai now realized what mistake he did. He  came to know the true colors of that Sheetal” said Anjali.

“ I din’t understand anything” said Lavanya.

“ Sheetal is alive.. she is not dead” said Anjali. Nk and Lavanya looked at her with wide eyes.

“ What??” said both..

“ yes… She married Bhai only for money and she betrayed him” said Anjali.

Nk and Lavanya looked horrified..

“ How do you know ??”asked NK.

“ Nk Bhai. Remember few months ago, I went to Mumbai to attend my friend’s marriage.. A hotel was booked for us and we boarded there.. Then one day, while I was in the lobby, I spotted Sheetal. I was shocked to see her.. I looked around may be Bhai be will be with her but she is alone.. She was going somewhere and I followed her.. She was passing through the corridor and met a guy.. They both hugged each other and were standing soo close that made me suspicious.. Later I was shocked when I saw them kissing each other and entering into adjacent room.. I was shocked and thought that Sheetal is cheating over Bhai.. Then the same evening, I saw her again with the same man.. I asked one of my friends to go and enquire her while I stood close to a pillar near them..

Flashback Starts:

Sheetal is standing looking in her mobile when Anjali’s friend Priya approached her..

“ Hi” said Priya..

Sheetal looked at her and asked” Do I know you ??”

“ Didn’t you remember me ?? I am Anjali’s friend..” said Priya..

“ Anjali!!” Sheetal thought for some time..

“ Yes.. Arnav Bhai’s sister Anjali” said Priya.. Realisation dawned on Sheetal.

“ Ohh That Anjali..” said Sheetal..

“ How are you ?? How is Arnav Bhai ??”asked Priya..

“ I am fine but I don’t know how Arnav is “ said Sheetal.. By this time even the guy with Sheetal too came there..

“ How don’t you know ?? he is your husband naa” asked Priya..

“ He was my Husband.. I left him” said Sheetal..

Anjali couldn’t stand there and came near to them.

“ What ?? You left my Bhai..Why ?? He loved you and for you he left all of us” said Anjali.

“ ohh You are also here.. Anjali, I never loved your Bhai. I loved his money.. But when he din’t have money, then I don’t have any reason to be with him“ said Sheetal with no shame.

“ How could you do this ??”asked Anjali with tears..

“ Ohh Godd. You are also a big sentimental fool like your Bhai.. You know he too pleaded a lot while I was leaving but I have no mercy” said Sheetal with a nonchalant voice.

“ Then what about the baby ?? You were pregnant naa” asked Anjali.

“ Haan I gave birth to a baby boy… He is with your Bhai” said Sheetal.

“ Didn’t you thought about your son for once before leaving your husband ??”asked Anjali.

“ Ohh come on.. The baby is nothing but a trump card for me.. I din’t abort the baby only to keep your bhai with me and dance on my tunes.. He loves children a lot.. So, I just used the baby for my benefit of staying with your bhai. I even thought your family will accept me when they come to know I am pregnant but it din’t happen.. I tried to abort later but it was already late..” said Sheetal.

“ I have never seen such a disgusting woman like you” said Anjali..

“ Think whatever you want.. I did this is for my happiness.” Said Sheetal and left from there followed by the other guy.

Anjali stood there with tears thinking about her Bhai’s condition.

Flashback end..

Lavanya and Nk stood rooted to the spot hearing all this.

“ How dare she even to betray Bhai ??’said NK angrily.

“ What kind of woman is she to leave her own baby ??”said Lavanya

“ From that day, I was feeling bad thinking about Bhai.. I thought to share this with you both as soon as Nk Bhai returns from New York trip.. But he came with news he saw Arnav Bhai. I felt relief hearing he is safe.. Then when my marriage is fixed, I was stubborn to bring him so that I will be able to bring him back to family… Obviously, Bhai can’t say about her betrayal, so he said she is dead.. Both Bhai and Khushi Di suffered a lot.. Bhai now knows what a gem he lost.. I can see regret in his eyes..  Don’t you think Bhai and Khushi Di too deserve happiness ?” said Anjali.

“ yeah you are right.. but do you think this all will work and both will be united “ asked NK.

“ I am just trying my level best Nk Bhai.. Later devimayya’s blessings” said Anjali.

“ I don’t think devimayya will make her favorite devotee go through anymore.. We are with you in this Di” said Lavanya.

“ yes Anju we are with you in this” said NK.. the trio shared a hug they heard a voice of something falling down.

The trio looked at the direction and saw Aryan now Anjali’s lipstick in his hand and applied all over the face.. The trio bursted out into a laugh seeing him.. Not knowing why they are laughing, he too laughed with them cutely..







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Oct 20, 2016

Chapter 17 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 251 times)

Ratna is pacing in the garden restlessly. From the time, Akash told her that Aryan Khushi as Maa, she is feeling restless. She was afraid that Arnav might again misunderstand Khushi.. But why did Aryan called Khushi as Maa.. Unless someone taught him, how can  a two year old boy can call a woman whom he met for two times as Maa.

“ Ratna Maa” hearing Khushi’s voice she looked at her..

“ What happened ?? Why did you call me here ??”asked  Khushi..

Ratna made her sit on the swing and sat beside her..

“ Khushi. Is it true Aryan called you as Maa ??”asked  Ratna..

“ Akash told you” said Khushi.

“ It is not important who said, Is it true ??”asked Ratna.

Khushi nodded her head.

“ Why did Aryan called you as maa ?? I even heard he shouted at the little boy.. I am afraid now.. What if he misunderstand you again ?? “ said Ratna..

“ Maa.. Don’t worry “ Khushi is going to say something when  Lavanya came there.

“ Badi maa. Badi papa came and asking for you” said Lavanya.. Ratna sighed and went from there excusing from Khushi..


As soon as Khushi entered the house, Payal came to her..

“ Di. Is it true  what I heard ??”asked Payal..

“ What is it ??’asked Khushi helping Garima who is arranging dishes on the dining table.

“ That Aryan called you Maa” asked Payal.

Garima’s eyes widened in horror.

“ What !! That boy called you as Maa.. When ?? How ?? Why ??” asked Garima..

“ Amma.. relax” said Khushi and explained what happened.. Garima sat on the chair worriedly..

“ Why didn’t shout over Aryan when he called as Maa ??”asked Garima..

“  Amma.. How can I shout at little boy ??”said Khushi.

“ Why ?? When his father shouted at him, why can’t you shout at him” said  Garima.

“ Exactly.. He is Aryan’s father and he has every right to shout on him but what right do I have to shout on someone’s child.. I can’t be too insensitive” said Khushi.

Garima still looked worried. Khushi sat beside her and took her hands.

“ Amma. Don’t worry about me.. Even though I can’t shout at little boy, I shouted over his father… He tried to talk with me at parking.. I don’t know what he wanted to talk with me, probably to blame me for trapping his son.. But I made it clear to him that I am not old Khushi and I won’t take any of his blames” said Khushi..

Garima left from there to her room..

Khushi glared at Payal angrily..

“ Payal.. Why did you even raise the topic before Amma ?? Don’t you know about her blood pressure” said Khushi…

“ Sorry Di. I couldn’t stop myself after hearing it” said Payal.

Khushi just nodded her head reluctantly and took the food plate to her Amma’s room.



Arnav is at the poolside lost in his thoughts.. Khushi is thinking he will blame her that she is trying to trap Aryan.. Well, he deserve it.. After all the mess he created, how will she think good of him.. But that Shyam, didn’t he got married then why he is behind Khushi, Shameless ****… His thoughts went to the past :


One morning, Garima came to RM.. She went to Ratna who is in the kitchen..

“ Bhabi..” called a tensed Garima..

“ Garima what happened ??asked Ratna looking at her face..

“ Bhabi.. Khushi is saying she doesn’t want to go school. Yesterday too she said she doesn’t like to go school… I thought not to force her.. But again today, she is saying she won’t go school. When I shouted at her, she locked herself in the room. I think there is a problem but she is not saying to me.. Yesterday too, whole day she was silent and lost in her thoughts..Even Shashiji is not in the town. I don’t know what to do..” said Garima.

“ What ?? I can’t believe this..The girl who always jumps to go school doesn’t want to go. Then there must be definitely some problem” said Ratna..

“ Haan Maa. You are right” came Arnav too there “ Khushi and not going to school.. she wants to go school even when she has fever”

“ Come. Let’s go” said Ratna and Garima, Arnav followed her to GH.

They knocked Khushi’s room door. She din’t open but when she heard Ratna’s voice she opened the door. her face is red with crying and eyes puffy. The trio gasped seeing it.

Khushi moved into the room and sat on the bed.

“ Khushi. What happened ?? Why are you crying ??”asked Ratna

“ Nothing Ratna maa.. Amma scolded me” said Khushi.

“ Don’t lie to me.. Garima will scold you hundred times in a day for your antics but you never cried. There is something. What is it ??”asked Ratna..

Khushi din’t said anything. Ratna made her look into her eyes..

“ Won’t you say your Ratna Maa ??”asked Ratna. That’s it Khushi bursted out into a cry and hugged Ratna.

“ Shh.. What is the matter ??”asked Ratna patting her head.

“ Rakesh” said Khushi..

“ Who is this Rakesh ??”asked Arnav..

“ He is my classmate. He gave me love letter and proposed to me. He warned me if I din’t accept his proposal he will pour acid on me” said Khushi crying “ I am afraid to go school”

“ What the.. How dare that guy ?? “ said Ratna.. Garima too was afraid..

“ Bhabi. What should we do now ??” asked Garima.

“ What is there to do Garima ?? We are going to complain about him to principal. “ said Ratna angrily..

“ But what if he do something later to Khushi ??”asked Garima..

“ Aunty don’t worry.. I know that idiot and he doesn’t have that much guts” said Arnav.


Next day, both Ratna and Garima that day went to Khushi’s school and complained to principal about that guy.. He assured that he will take care of it and informs his parents. He called Rakesh to his cabin who came with bandaged leg and red nose.. They all shocked at him shocked..

“ How did this happen Rakesh ??”asked principal.

“ Sir, yesterday I fell down from my cycle” said Rakesh stammering.. They all were confused hearing it.. His wounds doesn’t look like he fell from cycle.. Rakesh went towards Khushi and said” I am sorry for my behaviour Khushi.. You are like a sister to me.. Forgive me”

Khushi’s jaw dropped hearing it.. Two day’s back he was warning her and now he is pleading her.

Even though Khushi forgave him when he apologized, he was suspended for the week.

Flashback ends

Arnav sighed remembering it.. No one knew that he was reason behind Rakesh’s broken leg and red nose.. That day when he came to know about Rakesh, he went to him, punched his nose and beat him.. He warned him to stay away from Khushi.. Not only Rakesh, he also warned Shyam earlier too.. He observed how Shyam was oogling at her always when ever he comes to RM… So, he warned him to stay away from Khushi then too..






After one week:

It was a week that Aryan called Khushi as Maa and Khushi shouted over him.. Arnav din’t took Aryan to office from that day.. He goes daily to discuss the design and he completed the design which was liked by Anjali.. Khushi completely avoids him in office.. He tried to apologize her many times but she just treats him as non existent material… Talking with house is next to impossible.. He observed Arayns till calls her as Maa. She is avoiding Aryan too. Whenever Aryan goes to play with rabbits, Garima and Payal won’t allow Khushi to come out.. Even if she comes out, they will take her inside the house.. The look on his son’s face when Khushi walk away is something which he can’t  see. He now felt how Khushi must have felt when he walked away from the altar.





Today is the last day he will be coming to the office.. He completed all the work..He was coming towards the corridor  when he saw Khushi coming from the opposite side.. He thought to talk with her.. seeing him approaching her, Khushi started to walk fastly.. In walking fast she sprained her ankle..

“ ahh” she hissed in pain holding her leg. Arnav rushed to her..

Before he can held her, she stopped him showing her hand “ Stay away”.. Arnav stood there helplessly.

Khushi tried to walk but couldn’t due to pain.. Arnav looked here and there for some one but din’t find anyone… Finally, he came to her and held her shoulders in support. She tried to shrove off but he held tightly and made her sit on the nearest chair..

“ Thanks for your help.. Go from here” said Khushi.. Arnav din’t listened to her and took her sprained ankle in his hands.

“ Are you dear Mr. Arnav ??”asked Khushi angrily trying to take her leg from his hands but his grip became more tighter.

“ Let me see Khushi” said Arnav.

“ I don’t need your favours” said Khushi..

“ Why are you being stubborn ??”said Arnav..

“ I am like this only.. leave my leg” said Khushi but Arnav twisted her ankle. She closed her eyes in pain and held his shoulder for support..

“ It’s over” said Arnav and kept her leg on the floor. Khushi opened her eyes and felt the pain gone..

She stood up and Arnav too got up..

“ thanks “ said Khushi and was going but Arnav said” I am sorry Khushi”

Khushi halted and looked back at him.

“ For what ??”asked Khushi.

“ For everything what I did to you.. For each and every pain caused to you by me.. For every tear you and your family shed because of me.. I know my sorry won’t make everything fine again… My sorry won’t bring back Shashi uncle, My sorry won’t undo the mistakes made by me..My sorry can’t bring that old cheerful Khushi back.. But I have nothing than my sorry.. I know I committed a sin  and there is no redemption for it  but I want you to know I am regretting..  Feeling sorry and ashamed of my behaviour.. That day at the parking I wanted to say this to you.. But you misunderstood me.. No, I am not blaming you again.. After what I did, it is common for anyone to think like you.. I Know I deserve this cold behavior from you and my family.. But plzz don’t avoid Aryan.. He really likes you a lot..  Think whatever you want.. That I am being selfish again for my son but plz don’t keep away Aryan.. As soon as Anjali’s marriage happens, we both will leave from here, until then don’t avoid him….Also thanks for saving Aryan at the temple that day.. “ saying this Arnav left from there..

Khushi stood there stunned hearing his words…







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May 4, 2017

Chapter 18 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 215 times)

Hi friends, I am back and as you all voted I am updating this story first… You all must have forgot the plot by now.. ofcourse why won’t you when myself have forgotten the plot..

So, here is the story  up to now..

Raizadas and Guptas are friends residing in Delhi.. Raizadas are rich while Guptas are middle class people but that din’t stop their friendship. Arnav is the elder son of Raizadas while Khushi is the elder daughter of Guptas.. Khushi loves Arnav from childhood while Arnav rejects her always showing some reasons. Khushi completely transformed herself for Arnav.. Raizadas and Guptas thought to knot their children in marriage.. Marriage date was fixed.. Arnav agreed for marriage but on the day of marriage, Arnav came to mandap marrying Sheetal who is his girlfriend.. He blamed Guptas as gold diggers.. Arnav’s father became angry on Arnav for blaming his friend and cut all the relations with him.. Arnav left from there angrily along with Sheetal who is pregnant.. Now after two and half years, Arnav is living alone with his son in Newyork..  In India, Anjali’s marriage got fixed.. She wished to have all her three brothers for marriage and blackmailed her parents to call Arnav.. They agreed half heartedly.. Anjali even blackmailed Arnav and made him come to India.. he said to everyone that Sheetal dies during delivery but she is very much alive.. Arnav came to know the extent of his deeds after returning.. He learnt that Shashi died the day he blamed him and Khushi tagged as characterless.. He was feeling guilty but his guilt won’t undo anything.. Arnav’s son Aryan is getting close to Khushi.. In between Akash and Payal’s love story is going on.. While Akash is continuously proposing Payal but is rejecting him… Arnav apologized to Khushi for his deeds but he knew it won’t reduce amount of pain they have undergone..

It was after two days of Arnav’s apology to Khushi.. She had already informed about Arnav’s apology to Garima and Payal even Akash too.. She din’t find Aryan these two days as he was down with cold….


One fine evening, Akash entered Gupta house to discuss something about a project with Khushi.. Aryan followed Akash and found him going into GH, so followed him there..

Khushi and Akash were sitting in the hall working on their laptops when Aryan saw them..

Hearing his giggling sound, both of them looked up and saw Aryan.. He was standing with a ball in his hand smiling at them.. Both of them smiled at him.. He came near to them.

He stood beside Akash and peeped into his laptop.. He sat beside them for sometime looking around the house.. He then roamed around the house examining it.. He opened the refrigerator and saw something..

Aryan then came near Khushi.. He held her hand and pulled her calling “ Maa.. Come”

“ Aryan.. Where ??”asked Khushi but he kept on pulling her hand.. So, Khushi followed with him.. He took her refrigerator.. He opened it and indicated towards something..

“ You want cake ??”asked Khushi… Aryan nodded his head.. Khushi smiled to him and gave him the cake…

He sat silently beside them eating the cake  while they both were working eyeing him in between..

That is when Garima and Payal who went to temple returned back.. Garima saw Aryan but din’t said anything but Payal was glaring at khushi..

“ What ??”asked Khushi..

“ You gave my cake to Aryan.. I brought it to eat after returning from temple but you gave to him” said Payal in an accusing tone..

Khushi rolled off her eyes.. She thought Payal may be angry for allowing Aryan into house but here she is concerned about the cake.. She is one of the impossible kid..

Hearing Payal’s words, Aryan forwarded the cake towards Payal..

“ I don’t want it” said Payal irritated.. Aryan’s face fell seeing her irritation..

Khushi, Akash and Garima felt bad seeing it..

Garima glared at Payal angrily..

“ Aryan.. Eat it..” said Khushi giving the cake.. Aryan pointed his fingers towards Payal’s direction..

“ No aunty won’t say anything… you eat it” said Khushi and fed him the cake..

“ Is this the way to talk with  the kid Payal ?? I don’t understand your antics.. Still behaves like a child” Garima said angrily.. Payal went from there feeling bad.. She din’t mean to hurt to little boy but it happened unintentionally.

Aryan still sat for sometime.. Garima gave Prashad to the trio..

“ Thank you” said Aryan cutely to which Garima and Khushi looked surprised for his manners…Aryan played some more time in GH when they heard Arnav’s voice calling out for him in the garden..

Akash took Aryan and went into the garden.. Arnav sighed in relief looking him.. Akash gave Aryan to Arnav.. He thanked Akash and took him inside the house..



Next morning:

Aryan woke up early and din’t let his father sleep too.. So, even Arnav too has to got up early… He bathed Aryan and brought him down.. No one din’t get up until now except his mother.. He saw HP coming with milk..

“ HP. Will you  look after Aryan some time ?? I will go and take bath” said Arnav.. HP agreed and Arnav went from there but not before asking Aryan not to make mischief..



Ratna was coming downstairs hurriedly.. She woke up a little late and now has to go mandir..She was walking speedily when she collided with Aryan who was playing with his toys.. He fell down on his butt. Then she saw Aryan who is looking at her..

Ratna came to his level and asked “ Aryan.. Did you get hurt ??”

He nodded as NO but she checked  him..

“ Why did you woke up soo early and where is your papa ??”asked Ratna.

“ Arnav Bhaiya went to take bath maam sahib.. he asked me to take care of Aryan baba” said HP

“Ok.. I will do puja  and I have to leave for mandir.. Go and check whether maa is ready or not” said Ratna.. HP went from there..

Ratna held Aryan’s hand and took him into the mandir.. She started preparing for puja while he sat beside her observing everything and in between giving her what she wants..

“ Ratna.. shall we leave ??” came Nani there.. Aryan looked at her and smiled to which she reciprocated..

“ haan amma. Let’s go” said Ratna “ Where is this HP ??”

Just then HP came there and Ratna asking HP to take care of Aryan tried to go but Aryan hugged her legs not allowing to go.

“ What happened Aryan ??”asked Ratna..

He waved outside as if saying he too wants to come.. Ratna tried to persuade him but he din’t listen.. Finally having without any option, she took him with them..


The same evening:

Khushi and Akash entered the house nervously along with Anjali.. They straightely went to study room where Arvind and Manohar are waiting for them..

“ Bhabi.. Seems like there is a problem” said Manorama.

“ haan Manorama. They are looking very tensed” said Ratna..

“ Haan Badimaa. Anjali Di said some  of the designers resigned suddenly this morning. There is a fashion show in two weeks and now if the designers left, it will be difficult and even the textiles stopped sending material to AR.. The designers leaked some designs to rival company” said Lavanya..

“ Hope the problem solves soon” said Ratna worrying..




In the Study:

“ Papa.. We don’t understand anything what to do now ??”asked  Akash..

“ Did you have a talk with any of the resigned designers ??”asked Avinash..

“ They are not even lifting the calls uncle” said Khushi.

“ How many designs were leaked ??”asked Avinash.

“ Four or five papa.. That too designed by them” said Akash..

“ No problem then.. We will look for other designers.. “ said Avinash..

“ Even if we will get one designer, then we will manage uncle” said Khushi..

Anjali thinking for a while “ Then we can ask Arnav Bhai”

Everyone looked at her shocked..

“ Don’t look at me like that. If we ask Arnav Bhai will definitely help us. Khushi Di you have seen my wedding lehanga.. Isn’t it ??”  asked Anjali

Khushi nodded her head.. She couldn’t deny the designs were bad because they were soo good..

“ I think the idea is right uncle” said Khushi.

“ Khushi!!” said Avinash with an un believable look..

“ Uncle.. it is only for our AR.. Can’t we even do this for our company ?? If we don’t put our personal grudges aside, then we have to close AR..” said Khushi..

Thinking for a while Avinash and Manohar too agreed.. Anjali went and called Arnav who is in his room..

Though confused, Arnav came to the study and found how everyone are nervous.. Anjali explained him the whole problem..

“ Bhai.. will you help us ??”asked Anjali..

“ Ofcourse I will Anju” said Arnav smiling..

“ But the textiles are not supplying material to us “ said Akash..

Thinking for a while Arnav said, “ No problem.. Singhania’s has textile factory too.. I will talk with Arjun regarding this matter. He will help us”

“ Are you sure Bhai ??”asked Anjali..

“ Haan Anju.. Arjun will definitely help us’ said Arnav… he then went aside to talk with Arjun..

Avinash looked at Khushi who is lost in her own thoughts.. He knew she must be uncomfortable to work with Arnav but she is doing this for AR..

Arnav came back  from talking with Arjun..

“ Arjun agreed to help us.. We will get material supplied from tomorrow” said Arnav.

“ Thank you Bhai” said Anjali hugging him..

“ But what about the leaked designs to our rivals ??”asked Khushi…

“ When is their fashion show ??”asked Arnav..

“ Just four days before ours Bhai “ said Anjali..

“ Then we can make some changes in the leaked designs and we can publish them in two or three days… They will think that we have made some changes in the leaked designs and won’t bother much  but in real we will be making some new designs.. They will come to know about it only on fashion show day.. Let all the present designers continue their work.. We can design some more in leaked designs place..” said Arnav “ and the connect all the systems to one main server to avoid any more leakage of designs..  No one should know about the designs changed other than us”

Everyone nodded hearing it.. Arnav’s plan is good and they can say their fashion show will be a hit..

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