Second Love and Marriage 2

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May 11, 2017

Chapter 19 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 206 times)

Khushi was coming towards her house lost in her thoughts.. It is known that she will be uncomfortable working with Arnav but she can’t let others suffer because of her.. AR and its associated hundreds of employees will suffer if she won’t agree.. She even knew Arnav’s capabilities in fashion designing.. Establishing AR was the idea of Arnav actually.. It was their marriage gift from Avinash uncle.. But everything turned upside down and now, she and Akash are handling AR..

She was lost in her own thoughts when she heard giggling sound. She turned and looked at Aryan who is playing with rabbits.. beside him, Payal is standing hesitatingly. Khushi looked at her frowning..

“ Aryan” called Payal… Aryan turned and looked at her.. She kneeled down to him..

“ I am sorry yesterday for shouting at you” said Payal holding her ears.. Aryan smiled at her..

“ You know I am not a khadoos to shout on a little boy.. I act soo foolishly sometimes but I am not bad. I love children a lot. I brought that cake to eat with soo  much enthusiasm  that’s why  I was irritated.. I am very sorry.. Did you forgive me ??”asked Payal while Aryan nodded his head..

She  too  smiled and took out two big chocolate from her bag.  She extended one  to him who took it squealing in joy..

“ One for you, one for me.. From now on I will bring everything two two..Okay.. One for you and one for me.. You know I even brought two pieces of cake too. Come  tomorrow to my house, we both will eat” said Payal.. Aryan nodded his head again.

“ From now on we both are friends” said Payal extended her hand for a shake hand. Aryan gave his hand to her..She kissed his hands and then on his cheeks tightly imprinting her lipstick. Aryan too kissed on her cheeks..

“ So from now on Aryan and Payal are friends” said Payal.

“ Frndsss” said Aryan in his language..


Khushi chuckled seeing them both.. Her sister is truly one master piece.. She is talking all French with a two year old boy.. Will he understand her forgiveness everything ??... And Only god knows what Aryan understood that he is nodding his head for whatever she is saying…

Khushi went near them. Both looked at her.

“ Di.!!” Payal hugged her.. Seeing Payal hugging Khushi, Aryan too surrounded her legs with his hands.. Khushi smiled and made them both free..

“ Aryan. It is already late.. Go into house” said Khushi.. She took his hand and left him in the garden.. Both looked at him until he enters the house  and turned back to their house..




Arnav came down looking for Aryan… he was coming towards the garden when he saw Aryan coming.. Akash too came  downstairs and saw him…

“ Paa” shouted Aryan happily showing chocolate..

“ Who gave that ??”asked Arnav..

Arnav lifted up Aryan and looked at his lipstick mark..

“ What the…. Who kissed you like this with lipstick mark ??”asked a puzzled Arnav..

“ It is Payal’s lipstick.. She uses strawberry flavor..She might have kissed him” said Akash immediately without thinking.

“ Paal aunty kissy” said Aryan showing chocolate and his cheek.

“ see. I said naa it is Payal’s lipstick only.. “ said Akash.

“ You know very well about her lipstick” asked Arnav raising his eyebrow.. Akash was shocked with his interaction with his Bhai normally and more over he cursed himself for getting caught to his Bhai..

“ I have some work” said Akash then kissing Aryan’s cheek left from there.. Arnav stood there smiling.. His little brother couldn’t even hide his blush.. So, there is something between these two..



Next day, In AR:

Arnav entered the AR.. He came here before but only to talk with Anjali’s wedding lehenga.. He was not introduced to staff.. They all doesn’t know he is elder son of Raizadas…So Akash introduced Arnav as new designer.. Anjali then took the phase and announced that he is their elder brother.. All were surprised hearing it.. None knows Akash have an elder brother..

Arnav and others went to Akash’s cabin. Aman, Akash’s PA followed them..

“ Sir, Arnav sir’s cabin will be arranged in two days.. Until then I arranged his temporary work table along with Khushi mam in her cabin” said Aman.

Khushi looked at him wide eyed.. Arnav felt uncomfortable..

“ No Aman. Bhai will work with me in my cabin.” said Akash..

“ But Sir..” Aman is going to say something but Akash looked at him sternly.

“ Ok Sir. I will do as you say” said Aman confused by Akash’s behavior.. He was an ever cool person but now seeing his angry avatar, he was little bit surprised.

Arnav understood that Akash din’t like Anjali introducing him as their brother..

“ Meeting starts in an hour ”said Khushi.. Akash nodded  and looked at Arnav who agreed. Khushi left from there to her cabin.

Akash took his seat and started working on his laptop neglecting Arnav completely.. Arnav felt hurt by this rude behavior from his brother..


That evening Avinash and Ratna entered the house with fallen faces.. Anjali and others came to them.. Arnav is also looking for answer.

“ Maa. What did Khushi Di said ?? She agreed to come naa for my marriage” asked Anjali.

Ratna din’t say anything..Avinash to kept a straight face..

“ Ratna.. What happened ??”asked Nani..

“ Khushi din’t agree maa. You know she is stubborn and firm in her decision.. she agreed to send Payal and Garima but they are not ready to come without  Khushi” said Avinash..

Anjali thought for a while and said” Ok.. I will personally go and apologize to Khushi Di”

She was going when she was roughly pulled back by Ratna..

“ Don’t you dare Anju.. NO need for you to go and spoil everything there.. Atleast Payal and Garima agreed to come to marriage, now you plz don’t go and spoil that too..I am warning you..If you go, you will definitely end up say something bad if you get angry, so let it be.. Already you have done enough damage.  Now, go inside” said Ratna angrily..

“ But maa..” Anjali is going to say something but Ratna went off from there angrily muttering “ Don’t know what crime I have done in previous birth that I gave birth to children who will always be ready to hurt others”

Anjali and Arnav lowered their heads hearing their mother’s words..



It was in the night when Arnav is standing at the poolside lost in his thoughts.. Aryan is sleeping on the bed when his phone rang.. It was from Arjun..He lifted the  call..

“ Hi Arjun” said Arnav..

‘ It’s me Arnav” said Sharada..

“ Hi aunty.. How are you ?? How is your health ??”asked Arnav..

“ I am fine.. How is Aryan ?? I miss him soo much” said Sharada.

“ He is fine aunty..” said Arnav..

“ Arjun said what happened there.. I really wish your family forgive you soon Arnav.. Even you too suffered a lot” said Sharada.

“ I hope  so aunty but I am relieved that no one grudges against Aryan.. I knew from the start that my family can never hold grudges against a little baby..” said Arnav..

“ And no one can stay away from my Aryan” said Sharada.

“ yeah.. That’s true” said Arnav..

Sharada then passed the phone to Arjun who talked with Arnav for sometime regarding the business and both bid goodbye..




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May 21, 2017

Chapter 20 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 230 times)

It was after one week.. Everything is going smoothly in AR.. The preparations for fashion show is going on fastly.. Arnav is handling everything perfectly.. Akash and Khushi were amazed by his talent.. But the situation between Khushi and Arnav is same.. None dared to cross each other’s path..Both avoided each other.. Akash is the mediator to both of them.. If Khushi wants to convey something to Arnav, she will say to Akash and if  Arnav wants to convey he will say it to Anjali or Akash…

The only good thing that happened is the growing bond between Payal and Aryan.. Both became close and crime partners.. Payal choose Aryan as medium to irritate Akash as Aryan will listen to whatever she says.

Today is the normal working day in AR. Akash is working in his cabin when Anjali came with Aryan in her arms..Akash looked up at them..

“ Hi Champ” Akash greeted Aryan.. Anjali placed him on the couch.

“ Hi achchu” said Aryan calling him as chachu..

“ Anju.. Why did you bring Aryan here ??”asked Akash..

“ Bhai.. He is adamnant so I brought him here” said Anjali..

“ OK… “ said Akash then turning to Aryan “ What does my champ want to eat ?? Chocolates or cake”

“ No Bhai.. Arnav Bhai strictly ordered not to give him any chocolates.. he is eating them a lot these days” said Anjali..

Aryan scrunched her eyebrows at Anjali..

“ Bhai.. I am already late for the meeting..I need to go.. Take care of him” said Anjali and scurried away from there even before Akash could say something..

Sighing, Akash ordered for cake and juice for Aryan then he sat beside him with his laptop..



After sometime, Khushi entered the cabin when she saw Aryan who was busy in his cake..

“ Maa.” Squealed out Aryan in joy. Khushi looked at him surprised.. She and others tried to stop him from calling her as Maa but the little boy is not hearing.. How many they tried to convince her as aunty but still he end up calling her as Maa only..

“ Aryan.. What are you doing here ??”asked Khushi..

“ Anju brought him here. Khushi, Have you seen Aman ??”asked Akash..

“ No!! Why ??’asked Khushi..

“ I need to go now. There is video conference.. I can’t leave Aryan alone here..So, if Aman will be here, I will go” said Akash..

“ Don’t worry Akash.. I don’t have much work. I will be here.. you go” said Khushi..

“ Ohh okay” said Akash and left from there..

Khushi sat beside Aryan with her laptop.. After sometime she looked at Aryan who have completed his cake and spread it around his mouth.

“ Aryan. What you did ??”said Khushi, lifted him up and went into the washroom to clean him up.




Arnav and Anjali entered Akash’s cabin completing their meeting.. They both looked for Aryan.

“ Anju. Where is Aryan ?? You said he came “asked Arnav.

“ Haan Bhai. He was here “ said Anjali then they both heard cute giggles from washroom.. They went near the washroom where Aryan and Khushi are giggling..

“ Aryan. Stop it” said Khushi laughing trying to stop Aryan who is throwing water on her.. But Aryan is nowhere to listen.. He is splashing water on Khushi.. Then his eyes fell on his father and bua who is watching both of them with amu****t.

“ Paa” shouted Aryan waving his hand asking his father to come.


Khushi looked at Arnav and became stiff. She came out of the washroom immediately and placed down Aryan.

“ He ate cake and made his hands clumsy so I was just washing his hands” said Khushi and left from there even before they could say anything..

“ It is first time I am seeing Khushi Di laughing heartily after two years” said Anjali..

Arnav din’t say anything.. He lifted Aryan when Akash came there..

“ Anju. I am going home now.. I will take Aryan with me” said Akash.

“ Home.. Now.. Why ??’asked Anjali.

“ Actually there is a meeting in Nainital regarding the fashion show project.. Aman and Khushi were going this afternoon but Aman got a phone that his brother met with accident so he took leave.. So, me and Khushi are leaving for the meeting” said Akash.. Arnav gave Aryan to Akash who took him and went from there..



In the afternoon, Arnav entered Akash’s cabin only to find worried Khushi and Anjali looking towards washroom.

“ What happened ??”asked Arnav.. Both looked at him.

“ Bhai. Aki Bhai’s stomach is upset now.. He has to leave for Nainital” said Anjali worrying.

Akash came out of the washroom.

“ What did you eat Akash ??’asked Khushi..

“ I ate home made food only Khushi” said Akash.

“ What should we do now ??’said Anjali.

“ No problem Anju. I will go alone” said Khushi.

“ NO Khushi. You can’t go alone” said Akash.

‘ It’s ok Akash. I will manage” said Khushi.

“ No Di. How can you go alone  that too in the car ??  ( Turning to Akash ) Bhai besides you who have idea about project send them with Khushi Di. Problem solved” said Anjali.

Both Akash and Khushi looked at Arnav.. Only he has the idea about the project..

“ Ohh, So Arnav Bhai only knows about it.. (turning to Arnav) Bhai why don’t you go with Khushi Di ??”asked  Anjali.

Arnav was stuttered hearing it. He very well knew Khushi won’t feel comfortable with him.. He looked at Akash who inturn looked at Khushi..

Khushi nodded her head as if she is ok.. She doesn’t have any option. Does she have ?? She can’t let AR ruin for her personal grudges..

“ I will wait at the parking” said Khushi and left the cabin.

“ I will windup the work and come in ten minutes” said  Arnav.

“ Bhai. You go home and take rest.. It would be better if you see a doctor” said Anjali to Akash..

“ yeah. I am leaving now.. “ said Akash.

“ I have already called mamma” said  Anjali.

‘ What the.. Why did you said to mamma ?? She will make a big issue of it” said Akash going out of the cabin..

After everyone left, Anjali stood there with a sorry face

“ Sorry Aki Bhai.. I have to mix those pills in your food to make your stomach upset.. What to do ?? I don’t want to let go this opportunity of bringing Arnav Bhai and Khushi Di close..” thought Anjali to herself.



On the other hand, Arnav and Khushi’s journey is a silent one.. Both felt uncomfortable with each other’s presence and that too alone.. Khushi sat looking out of the window while Arnav concentrated only on the road.. In between they only talked few details regarding project and again both are lost in their own thoughts..

Soon they reached Nainital, clients were waiting for them.. They started the meeting.. Arnav was truly wondered by Khushi’s way of giving presentation and confidence over her face.. He remembered the first time she has to give presentation in school and how nervous she was.. He remembered how she almost got fever with fear.. How he and Ratna boosted her up with courage ?? Still she gave presentation with nervous clearly visible on her face.. Presentations were always Khushi’s weakness…But now seeing her with confidence, he felt happy..

As soon as they completed the meeting, they came out.. Khushi was going towards parking when Arnav stopped her..

“ Shall we have a coffee ??”asked Arnav. Khushi looked irritated when Arnav said “ plzz. I am having a bad headache”

Khushi sighed and walked towards the restaurant..Arnav followed her.. Both sat on a table for four facing each other. They ordered coffee and waited for it..




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May 30, 2017

Chapter 21 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 194 times)

In the restaurant:

 Their coffee was brought and both were sipping their coffee when a girl came and sat at their table.. A guy too came behind her and occupied the other seat.

“ Baby.. Why are n’t you understanding my point ??’said the guy. The girl looked away angrily.

“ Why are you soo stubborn ??’asked the guy.

“ Ohh now it is me who is stubborn.. fine” said the girl “ It is you who is not understanding me”

Arnav and Khushi are just looking at them..The guy looked at Arnav and then said “ Sir, you only say what is right ?? We both  are in love from past three years. I promised her that I will marry her. But see now she is stubborn.. She wanted me to marry now.. I still din’t settled in my life.. I am asking her to wait for two years so that I will be settled but she is too stubborn to hear anything.”

Then the girl, “ I am not understanding.. It is you Rahul.. ( then turning to Arnav ).. Sir, My parents are looking matches for me.. Everyday they will show me a guy’s photo and asking for my opinion..How on the earth I am supposed to be cool ?? I am asking Rahul to come and talk with my parents but he is not willing. What should I do now ?? I really doubt that whether he have intentions to marry me or not”

“ You are doubting on my love” asked the Rahul.

“ Then  what I am supposed to do” said the girl.

“ Hmm… Rahul, I think you should talk to her parents once and make them understand” said Arnav..

“ Mam. What would you say ??’asked Rahul turning to Khushi.

“ I don’t believe neither in love nor in marriage.. Both are just ****“ said Khushi and left from there..

While Rahul and the girl were surprised Arnav was dumbfounded.. Khushi said she won’t believe in love and marriage.. The girl whose sole aim from childhood is to be loved and get married is saying love and marriage as ****.

“ Why ??” thought Arnav

“ Don’t you know the answer” his conscience mocked him..

“Shall we leave ??’asked Khushi bringing him out of his thoughts.. Arnav came out of his thoughts and they both started off to Delhi..



While travelling in the car, Arnav looked at Khushi who is looking out of the window.. He was lost in the past.

Flashback starts:

“ Arnav..Plz I too will come with you” Khushi is pleading him..

“ No way..” said  Arnav moving into the house..

Today is Lavanya’s birthday.. So, both Raizadas and Guptas assembled in RM for dinner.. Arnav came to India from Harvard for his vacation..

“ What happened ?? “ asked Avinash..

“ Papa.. I am going to my friend Arun’s elder sister Ananya di’s marriage tomorrow ” said Arnav.

“ Where is the marriage ??”asked Avinash..

“ In Nainital.. I am starting early morning” said Arnav..

“ What is the problem now ??’asked Avinash..

“ Khushi wants to come with me” said Arnav..

“ What the.. Khushi what will you do in chote’s friend’s sister marriage ??’asked Ratna.

“ Ratna maa. Arun’s younger sister Kavita is my friend and Ananya Di invited me personally over phone” said Khushi.

 “ Then what is the problem chote ?? Take her” said Ratna..

“ No way mumma.. I can’t bear her non stop chattering..” said Arnav..

“ I promise I will sit quiet” said Khushi..

“ Chote.. Take her” said Ratna..

“ Mumma. I don’t trust her in this matter.. But even her friends are going..She can go with them” said Arnav..

Ratna turned to Khushi” Your friends are going !!”

Khushi nodded her head and said “ But amma is not allowing me to go with them”

Ratna looked at Garima as if asking her why..

“ Bhabi.. you know her very well.. She can’t be still at a place for a second.. I can’t trust her and send her with her friends.. They are no less than monkeys.. She will definitely fall in any problem” said Garima..

Khushi looked at her mother angrily for calling her friends as monkeys..

“ You are right aunty.. It is better for her to stay here only” said Arnav..

“ Khushi your amma and Arnav are right.. Also it is not your friend’s marriage to go, it is your friend’s sister marriage.. It is not necessary for you to go” said Shashi..

“ Papa.. you too.. If then, why is Arnav going “ asked Khushi..

“ Why do you always compare with boys ?? You are not going anywhere” said Garima as a final word..

Khushi looked at her parents who are in a fix not to send her.. She looked at Arnav who raised her eyebrow teasing her.. She muttered some curses to him.. She then looked at Ratna who assured with her eyes..


Next morning, Arnav started in his car for  Nainital.. His family bid goodbye for him.. His mother kept breakfast in the car even though he insisted.. After near an hourly drive, he heard someone calling him..

“Arnav,   Arnav…….Arnav” he heard Khushi calling..

“ What the.. Why I am hearing as if Khushi calling me ?? How can she be here ?? I am hallucinating too much..” said Arnav then “ Wow.. see now.. I am talking with myself just like her..I became mad like her..” He shook off his head..

“ Arnav….Arnav…” he heard the voice again..

“ Arnav.. I am in the trunk.. Open the car trunk” said Khushi..

Realization dawned him, he stopped the car, went back and opened the car trunk only to find Khushi Gupta giving him a sheepish smile..

His eyes widened and couldn’t react for while.. Khushi came out of the car trunk..

“ What the hell ?? How did you come into the trunk ??”asked Arnav coming out of the trance..

“ That’s not a big issue Arnav” said Khushi ” Come.. let’s go”

Arnav remembered the smug smile on his mother’s face in the morning..  Khushi sat in the front seat.. Sighing, Arnav went and sat in the driver seat..

“ Mumma is with you in this stunt.. Isn’t she ??”asked Arnav..

“ You are too clever Arnav” said Khushi..

Ofcourse what can he expect from this crazy girl other than this.. Never to forget, his mumma always supports her in her crazy antics.. he understood it is both their plan…He looked at Khushi who is busy in breakfast kept by his mamma in the car.. Now , he even understood why his mumma kept breakfast even though he insisted..


At the wedding, Arnav was talking with his friends when one of his friend Rahul exclaimed seeing someone” Beautiful”

Everyone looked at the direction where he saw only to found Khushi descending stairs in white an gold color lehenga looking breath takingly beautiful.. Arnav looked at his other friends who are looking at her with their mouths wide open.. he fumed in anger..

Khushi came to him straightely..

“ Arnav.. How I am looking ??”asked Khushi..

“ Beautiful.. ” said Rahul..

Khushi shot  a look at him and asked “ Arnav.. I am asking you.. How I am looking ??”

“ Worst” said Arnav airked with his friends behaviour who are oogling at Khushi..

Khushi pouted and stomped her foot saying “ Laad governer”

“ Khushi.. Don’t mind his words.. You are looking beautiful” said Rahul..

“ Did I ask you ??”said Khushi angrily..

 “ Why ?? Even we are praising you “ said Rahul..

“ But only Arnav matters to me.. Not any other man” said Khushi and left from there..


During the wedding rituals, Khushi came and stood beside Arnav.. She was looking as if she is in some other world…

“ What are you thinking ??”asked Arnav..

“ About our marriage Arnav..We too will be performing all these rituals.. Whole house is decorated with fairy lights and flowers.. All the guets will arrive and my cousins will tease me to death..Red is your favourite color..So, everything will be red that day.. Mandap decorated with red roses..I will be dressed in red lehenga .. I will be waiting for you my Raj kumar..We both will take pheras, sindoor and mangalsutra.. Then we will be husband and wife forever” Khushi was going on saying about her dreams while Arnav rolled off his eyes and left from there..

When Khushi looked at her side after narrating about her dream marriage, Arnav was gone.. Even the marriage is completed.. Only she like a fool standing at the mandap..

She went on search of Arnav.. She located him talking over the phone.. She went near him.. Hearing his talks, she understood, he is talking with Ratna.. She snatched Phone from him and talked with Ratna…

Khushi looked at Arnav with his phone in her hands..

“ Give my mobile” said Arnav..

“ Why did you come here when I am talking ??”asked Khushi..

“ Not talking , you are dreaming about something..” said Arnav..

“ Ofcourse about our marriage” said Khushi…

“ Don’t you have any other ambition in your life other than love and marriage ??” asked Arnav..

“ NO.. What does a person need other than love and good partner ?? The only ambition of my life is love Arnav Singh Raizada to death and marry him.. Be with him in every step.. Have three children with you.. Don’t worry, even if I give birth to ten children, I will love you more than our babies. ( Cupping his face).. I love you more than anyone in this world.. No one can take your place in my heart.. You will be the first and last man in my life.. I want to live with you and die with you… You are in my heart and soul..  You are the reason I breath.. Khushi is nothing with our her Arnav..” said Khushi..

Something stirred in Arnav’s heart hearing her confession.. Both are lost in each other’s when Khushi’s friend came there calling her.. Both came out of their trance.. Khushi went along with her friend while Arnav stood there immobile..

Flashback ends.

“ Arnavvvvvv” Khushi’s scream brought Arnav out from his past..

He looked at her and then at front.. A huge truck is coming fast from the other side and was only few metres distance away from them..




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Jun 10, 2017

Chapter 22 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 224 times)

“ Arnavvvvvv” Khushi’s scream brought Arnav out from his past..

He looked at her and then at front.. A huge truck is coming fast from the other side and was only few metres distance away from them..

Arnav quickly turned the steering to other side.. But the truck is very near to them to change suddenly but their luck is good enough and the car changed to other side in the nick of time.. Arnav and Khushi sighed in relief..

“ Are you ok ??’asked Arnav to Khushi..

She nodded her head as OK..

“ I am sorry.. I was just lost in thoughts” said Arnav..

Khushi just nodded her head.. Arnav sighed seeing her.. Because of his one mistake, She changed into an unknown woman.. Once, love and marriage are highest priority and now she don’t believe them.. He is the sole responsible for her this state.. He observed her pale green color saree.. The Khushi who always wears bright colors and was full of life girl is no more..

“ Shall I ask you one question ??’asked Arnav.

“ What ??”asked Khushi..

“I am observing you from the time I returned.. Why are you wearing pale color sarees ??” asked Arnav.

“ None of your business” Khushi cut him off rudely..

Arnav kept quiet.. These days he used of this rudeness in her tone.. He even saw how rudely she talks with her employees too when they commits a mistake.. All are afraid of her temper..


After nearly an hour, Arnav found something unusual.. He is observing from the rear view mirror… A black van is following their car.. First he thought it to be a coincidence, but he remembered seeing the same van at the conference and even at the restaurant too.. Are they following us ?? thought Arnav.. He din’t want to worry Khushi, so he din’t say anything..

He stopped the car when he spotted a dhaba.. Khushi looked at him confused..

“ Why did you stop here ??”asked Khushi..

“ It takes another three hours journey  Khushi… I am hungry.. Let’s eat something” said Arnav and went towards dhaba without giving Khushi chance to deny..

Khushi followed him grunting.. Both sat down to have dinner.. They ordered for food and waiting for it to arrive..



Arnav observed the black car to stopped and around six men got down from it.. They were looking at them and sat down too.. Now Arnav got confirmed that they are following them…. He sat there thinking.. If he continues the journey, they may fall in danger.. What if the goons stop their car and attack them ?? he is not thinking about himself but he don’t want to go against them when Khushi is with him.. The only solution is to stay over here tonight.. In between people, they can’t do anything.. If the night passes, he will inform Akash about this and ask him to bring police..

“ Arnav” Khushi’s voice brought him out from his thoughts. She signaled him towards the food arrived..

They both started eating… Arnav finished fastly and went to dhaba owner..  Khushi looked at him confused… He is talking with dhaba owner and his wife something.. They both are nodding smiling..

Arnav came back to his place.. Khushi wanted to ask what he talked with them but refrained herself..

Arnav was relaxed now. He explained the situation of goons following them to dhaba owner and his wife who understood him well… They agreed to provide shelter for them tonight.. But now the problem is how to convince Khushi to stay here tonight..

Khushi got up when Arnav observed her..

“ Where are you going ??’asked Arnav… She indicated him towards washroom.. He din’t say anything..

After few minutes, Khushi din’t returned.. He looked at the goosn side and found three of them were missing.. Something striked him and went towards ladies washroom..He saw goons holding Khushi who is trying to get away from them..

“ Leave her” said Arnav and rushed to them.. Two goons came towards him while the other one held Khushi.. Arnav started to fight with them.. Hearing the voices, others too came there.. Dhaba owner saw that and asked his servants to save them.. Soon the servants too started fighting with the goons.. One of the servant freed Khushi from the goon.. The owner’s wife pulled Khushi to her side.. The goons are almost  loosing but one of them took out knife.. He strode towards Arnav when Khushi saw that..

“ Arnav” Shouted Khushi and rushed towards him.. But the goon pushed her aside making her fall aside .. in that process, she hit her head to a sharp edge..

Arnav turned around hearing Khushi’s shout and the goon pierced knife into his arm.. Arnav pushed him aside and went towards Khushi who is now wriggling in pain.. Her forehead is bleeding..

“ Beta.. let’s take her inside” said the owner’s wife.. The goons ran away from there..



Soon the doctor came.. He dressed both Arnav and Khushi’s wounds.. He gave some eye drops for Khushi as some dust went into her eyes when she fell down..

Arnav is conscious while Khushi is unconscious….

“ Beta.. We will leave now. Take care of her” said the dhaba owner.. They have given them a room..

“ OK.. Thanks for your help” said Arnav.. The couple left from there..

Arnav stood at the window lost in his thoughts.. He don’t want to inform family as they will worry now.. He can’t make them worry at this time of night..

Arnav heard moaning sound and looked at Khushi who is trying to get up.. he rushed to her and helped her to sit on the bed..He sat infront of her..

“ How are you feeling ??’asked Arnav to Khushi..  She looked at the surroundings confused and it took sometime to realize what happened..

“ Yeah .. Fine.. The goons..” asked Khushi trying hard to open her eyes..

“ they ran away..” said Arnav and gave her a tablet..

“ Take this medicine.. The pain will go away” said Arnav..

“ My eyes are burning” said Khushi..

“ Some dust went in to your eyes.. Doctor gave drops.. “ said Arnav… Khushi took her medicines..

“ Why are you shirtless ??”asked Khushi.. He indicated towards his bandaged hand..She din’t say anything..

Arnav helped her to lay down on the bed again.. He then pour drops in her eyes.. Soon Khushi fell into deep sleep.. Arnav sat there looking at her..



Next morning:

Arnav got up from sleep. He slept  on the chair beside the bed looking after Khsuhi.. The doctor advised him to give eye drops to Khushi for every two hours… So, he din’t have good sleep whole night and even his back sprained due to improper sleeping position..

 He went and opened the door  when he heard the knock.... He saw dhaba owner’s wife standing at the door.. She smiled to him politely..

“ How are you feeling beta ??’asked the woman.

“Fine auntyiji” said  Arnav.

“ Your wife!!” asked the woman..

“She is still sleeping” said Arnav.. He doesn’t want to degrade Khushi’s image.. They thought them as couple and let it be..

“ Ok. Let her.. You come and get freshen up..” said the woman..

“ Ok Aunty.. Before that I need to make call to home.. Our mobiles are destroyed” said Arnav..

“No problem beta.. come” said the woman and Arnav followed her..



Everyone are in the hall with worry brewing up every minute.. Garima and Payal too are present.. Khushi and Arnav din’t return from Nainital.. They are trying for both mobiles but of no use..

“ Avinashji.. Let’s give police complaint” said Ratna..

“  We will mumma.. But just wait for one more hour then we will inform DGP uncle” said Akash.

“ What one more hour  Akash ?? Why can’t you do that now ?? Don’t know in what trouble both are “ said Ratna..

Everyone could see her worry not only for Khushi but also for Arnav.. How much she denies, she is still a  mother and she  can’t stop herself from worrying about her son..

Aryan too is getting cranky from not seeing his father from few hours.. He could sense something wrong seeing the family.. Anjali and Payal are making him comfortable and consoling him but still he is not ready to calm..

“ Even Aryan is getting cranky Aki Bhai.. Plz call DGP uncle” said Anjali..

Akash looked at the tear stained face of the little boy..

Nodding his head, he took out his mobile and was going to dial when his mobile rang with unknown number.. He lifted the call..Hearing the voice on other side, he felt relief.

“ Bhai” said Akash and everyone got alerted..


“ What !! Attack !!...... Goons !!.........How are you ?? And how is Khushi ?? ” said Akash.. Everyone’s eyes grew wide..


“ Yeah.. I am coming” said Akash and disconnected the call.

“ What happened Akash ??’asked Ratna..

“ Maa.. When Bhai and Khushi are coming, they stopped at the dhaba for dinner, then some goons attacked them and both were injured.. So they had to stay at the dhaba for night.. Their mobiles are destroyed so couldn’t call us back” said Akash..

“ Injured !!” said Ratna crying.. Even Garima too slumped on to the sofa..

“ maa.. Plz don’t cry.. Bhai said they were just some minor injuries.. Not to worry.. I am going “ said Akash and left from there followed by his father and chachu..

Anjali observed how Akash mentioned Arnav as Bhai.. but it is not the time to be happy.. Isn’t it ??


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Jun 25, 2017

Chapter 23 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 199 times)


Akash and Avinash reached the dhaba within an hour.. Even they informed DGP who is Avinash’s friend too.. When they reached, they saw Arnav sitting on the cot..

“ Bhai..” called Akash.

Arnav looked at them and got up.. Akash came near to him.. he saw the would on his arm..

“ Are you ok ??”asked Akash.

“ I am fine Akash” said Arnav.

“ Where is Khushi ??”asked Avinash..

“ She is still sleeping” said Arnav and led them to the room.. Khushi had just woke up and trying to sit on the bed..

Akash and Arnav rushed to help her..She sat on the bed.

“ Akash, Uncle.. you” said Khushi surprised..

“ Bhai called us..” said Akash..

“ How are you feeling beta ??”asked Avinash patting her head..

“ I am fine uncle.. My eyes are burning a little” said Khushi..

“ Shall we leave to home ??’asked Avinash..

“OK “ said Khushi..

“ We will leave now.. you come” said Avinash and they all went outside leaving Khushi..



After sometime when Khushi came back, she saw all talking with dhaba owner and his wife.. She went near them..

“ How are you feeling beta ??”asked owner’s wife..

“ Fine aunty” said Khushi..

“ Ok.. We will take your leave now.. Once again thank you for saving our children” said Avinash and took out bundle of notes from his pocket to give them..

“ No Sir, we don’t need money” said the dhaba owner..

“ No plz take it.. Even your furniture was destroyed too..” said Avinash..

Akash and Khushi insisted them to take and they took money with hesitation..

While going back, owner’s wife called Khushi..Akash and Khushi came to her..

“ Did you thank your husband ??” said the owner’s wife showing Arnav.

“ He is not my husband “ said Khushi gasping..

“ Oh.. I thought he is your husband seeing his care for you.. He sat beside you whole night and took care of you.. I once came in the middle of night to check but he was already taking care of you.. He gave drops for every two hours with out missing for your eyes” said the woman..

Khushi was surprised hearing it.. Even Akash too.. But both faked a smile to the woman and  returned taking leave from her




In RM:

Hearing car horn sound, everyone rushed outside.. Akash and Avinash along with Arnav, Khushi got down from the car..

Garima  and Payal rushed to Khushi.. Ratna rushed towards Arnav but stopped in her tracks… Raizadas observed it.. Aryan cried out loud seeing his father.. Anjali took him to Aryan.. Arnav took him in his arms.. Aryan hugged his father tightly…

“ Bhai.. Are you Ok ??’asked Anjali..

“ Yes.. Just  a small wound.. Nothing to worry “ said Arnav assuring his mother more than them..

Ratna went to Khushi and asked about her..

“ let’s go inside” said Avinash and everyone went inside him..

“ You both go and freshen up..” said Avinash..

“ DGP uncle said he will come in sometime,, He needs some details from you both” said Akash..

Arnav and Khushi left to their rooms to get freshen up..



After an hour, they assembled at the hall after breakfast.. DGP to arrived..

“ Khushi beta.. Can you say what exactly happened ??”asked Avinash..

“ I din’t understand anything at all uncle.. We stopped at the dhaba for dinner.. I went to washroom. While I was returning three goons came and held me.. In that time he came and soon there was a fight” said Khushi..

“ NO..” said Arnav.. All looked at him..

“ They were following us from Nainital..  I first saw their black car at the restaurant in Nainital.. Then again I saw them following us… I thought it might be coincidence.. but to confirm it I deliberately stopped  the car at dhaba.. As I thought they too got down from the car.. I got confirmed they were following us.. I din’t understand what to do... They were six and how to stop them if they attack us.. So, I thought it would be better if we stayed at dhaba at night so that we can be safe... I talked to dhaba owner and his wife.. I explained the situation to them and they understood it, got ready to accommodate us for night.. I was thinking to talk with Khushi but before that everything happened.. It was our luck that the goons tried to attack us at the dhaba..The servants and others fought for us... If we were alone then don’t know what they would have done to us” said Arnav..

All shuddered thinking what would have happened… Khushi was surprised thinking soo much happened which she is unaware of..

“ Well done my boy..” said the DGP patting Arnav’s back “ Will you recognise if you see them ?? Or did you see the car number ??”

“ No uncle. I din’t see the car number but I can recognize them if I see them,,” said Arnav…

“ Ok.. I will look into the matter “ said the DGP and left from there..

Arnav left from there taking Aryan who is sleepy….

“ So much happened and I am not even aware of it” said Khushi..

“ But who would follow you and try to harm you “ said Ratna..

“ Papa. Do you think is it any rival of us or any personal issues “ asked Akash..

“ I don’t know Akash.. We can’t say anything as of now “ said Avinash..



It was after two days… Raizadas are going for a temple at the a village near lucknow along with Anjali’s soon to be family.. They are going to perform some special puja before starting wedding rituals…

Akash refused to go as he has lot of work in office but Arnav insisted him to go promising him to take care of  work in office..

Raizadas started off early in the morning.. While leaving, Anjali came to Arnav..

“ Bhai.. We are leaving” said Anjali..

“ Ok take care.. Garima aunty and Payal also coming naa” asked Arnav..Anjali’s face fell hearing it..

“ No Bhai.. They both are going for a relative’s function in Agra… “ said Anjali..

“ Then you could have asked Khushi” said Arnav..

“ No Bhai.. Khushi Di won’t come” said Anjali.. Arnav looked at her confused..

“ Khushi Di stopped going to any functions and she even stopped worshipping god..” said Anjali..

” What the… But why ??” said Arnav.. He knew how devimayya is her best friend to put out all her worries..

“ She considers herself as bad omen to go for any function... In the initial days after that day, everyone called her as a bad omen and inauspicious.. So she stopped attending functions.. After what happened with her, she stopped believing in god… The last day she stepped in the temple is on her marriage day… Until now she din’t step in any temple nor joined her hands for any god” said Anjali… She left from there..

Arnav closed his eyes in pain and disgust.. Pain for Khushi and disgust for himself.. Everything is because of him.. He is root cause for her every pain.. Wish he could erase all her pain..



In the office:

Arnav came into Khushi cabin.. Today Akash is not there to converse between them.. Aman is busy with Aryan.. How many days others will be as a mediator between them..This has to end..

Khushi din’t saw him and engrossed in her work… Arnav cleared his throat to gain her attention… She looked up at him.. She showed him seat in front..

Arnav sat down and discussed about what he came for regarding work.. They completed the conversation and Khushi immersed in her laptop again.. But Arnav still sat there.. Khushi looked at him not leaving..

“ I want to ask you something” said Arnav..

“ Is it regarding work ??”asked Khushi..

“ NO.. It is about you.. “ said Arnav..

“ Leave” said Khushi..

“ What ??”asked Arnav..

“ I said leave.. You don’t have any right to say something about me.. “ said Khushi in a stern voice..

“ No.. I am not leaving..  You have to answer me.. Why did you change soo much ?? You are not the Khushi I know. Why don’t you believe in love and marriage ?? Why do you think yourself  as bad omen Khushi ?? Why did you stop believing your devimayya  ?? She is your best friend naa.. Why Khushi ?? Why are you suffering ?? ”asked Arnav choking a bit..

Khushi eyes turned to red with anger..

“ I don’t owe an explanation to you.. Who the hell are you to ask me ?? What relation and right you have to ask me these questions ??. You have problem when I am sticking to you and now when I am not even coming in your way, then What is your problem now ?? And what did you ask ?? Why I am suffering  ?? Don’t you know why I am suffering ?? I am suffering because I loved a guy who doesn’t have heart.. I am suffering because I loved him  more than my family…. I am suffering because I have gave up all my wishes, aims, goals for him thinking only of his happiness… I am suffering because I am fool when the guy said he doesn’t love me but still waited that some day he will love me… I am suffering because till today how much I tried I couldn’t hate him..” said Khushi and slumped on to the chair crying..

Arnav closed his eyes with tears flowing down.. He wanted to console Khushi but he himself have no strength.. Even his apology can’t undo her pain.. He left from there.. He entered into washroom to cry out his pain.. Both their lives are suffering due to one wrong decision..


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Chapter 24 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 209 times)

Khushi, Arnav and Akash are in the conference room discussing about fashion show when a girl barged into the room.. Khushi’s PA too came behind her asking her to stop..

“ What happened Lisa ??”asked Khushi to her PA..

“ Mam..She is Keerthi… She wants to talk with you but I said you are busy and she barged in..” said Lisa..

Khushi looked at Keerthi, “ What do you want to talk with me Keerthi ??”

“ Maam.. I applied for a loan and it was rejected.. “ said Keerthi..

Khushi looked at Lisa.. Then Lisa said “ Mam.. It is only three months she joined and she applied for a loan of 10 lakhs.. So, you rejected it”

Khushi understood the matter and turned to Keerthi, “ Ms.Keerthi, you know the rules of AR.. We can’t give loan to any employees unless they complete six months  of  joining.. You were joined three months back and how can you expect us to grant the loan ??”

“ Mam.. Please, My father is in hospital.. I need money for his operation. It costs ten lakhs..We are middle class people.. My salary is the only source for my family after my father got bed ridden.. plz mam, I will clear off the loan. If you won’t grant the loan, my father will d..di..die “ said Keerthi crying..

The trio felt sorry seeing her vulnerable state.. They stood silent for few minutes..

“ Mam.. If you are thinking I am lieing, I am not.. See these are my father’s reports.” Said Keerthi giving them to Khushi..

Khushi looked at the reports in her hand..

Akash is going to say something when Khushi said” But still we can’t abide by our company rules.. You can leave now Ms. Keerthi”

Keerthi along with others looked at her shocked.. Keerthi face showed disappointment which din’t go unnoticed by Khushi.. She quickly took the reports from Khushi and left from there.. Her last ray of hope have been crashed..

Arnav din’t like a bit what Khushi did.. They can clearly see whatever Keerthi is saying it is true..

“ Lisa. Cancel my appointments for another hour.. I am leaving for a work” said Khushi and left form there..

Akash too is going from there when Arnav said “ I really din’t like what happened now”

Akash looked at him confused raising her eyebrow..

“ That girl is saying truth.. Khushi could have taken any other option than denying her straightly.. “ said Arnav..

“ You still need to understand people. You are very poor in that department “ said Akash and left from there while Arnav stood puzzled..



In the hospital:

Keerthi  reached hospital after an hour disappointed.. She saw her mother, dadi and sister looking at her expectantly.. Her mother rushed to her..

“ Keerthi.. What happened ?? Did you got the loan ?? Did you convince your boss ??”asked Keerthi’s mother..

“ No maa.. I tried but they can’t give loan” said Keerthi suppressing her tears..

“ What !! But why ??’asked her dadi..

“ It is only three months I joined Dadi.. According to our company rules, they will give loan to those who completed atleast six months “ said Keerthi..

“ Di.. You could have explained papa’s condition..” said her sister..

“ I did but they can’t abide company rules” said Keerthi..

“ Who will save my Shashi now ??”said her dadi crying..

Then a nurse came to them..

“ You are the relatives of Shashidhar right..” asked the nurse..

 They nodded and the nurse said “ Doctor is calling you..His operation is going to start in an hour.. Don’t worry”

“ What !! How ??’asked Keerthi shocked..

“ Your bills are paid off. Go and meet the doctor” said nurse..

“ Who paid the bills ??’asked Keerthi..

“ We don’t know.. You can ask from reception” said the nurse..

Keerthi asked her family to go and meet doctor while she went to reception.. She asked the reception about it who said a woman in pink saree paid off her bills..

“ How can I Know who is she ??”asked Keerthi..

“ Oh I know her.. She is Khushi Gupta.. “ said the receptionist.. Khushi took her treatment for depression in the same hospital, so receptionist knows about her..

Keerthi was shocked to hear it.. Her boss paid off her father’s bill.. she denied to grant the loan but paid the bills.. Surprising and Confusing..

“ When did she left ??”asked Keerthi..

“ She has left just now..” said the receptionist…

Keerthi rushed to outside.. She went to parking lot hoping to see Khushi… There she is.. Sitting in the car closing her eyes.. Keerthi went near her..

“ Mam.. “ called Keerthi bringing Khushi out of her trance.. Khushi looked at her shocked..

“ Thank you mam” said Keerthi.. Khushi got down from the car..

“ Why ??”asked Khushi..

“ For paying off my father’s bills” said Keerthi..

“ Who said  to you ??”asked Khushi..

“ Receptionist” said Keerthi.. She can see Khushi’s face twitching.. She doesn’t want no one to know about this..

“ Mam.. You said you can’t grant the loan” said Keerthi..

“ It is not loan” said Khushi “ I can’t abide company rules”

“ Then is it your money” asked Keerthi.. Khushi din’t say anything and Keethi got her answer..

“ Why  mam ??”asked Keerthi..

“ Because I know the value of father.. I don’t want anyone to loose their father ( Choking)  like me” said Khushi and sat in the car..

“ Take care of your father” said Khushi and drove off..

Keerthi stood there surprised.. She saw thin film of tears in her boss’s eyes while saying the last words.. It is first time she is seeing her ever rude boss emotional..



Arnav and Akash came out of the conference talking with the event management team regarding fashion show..  Akash called out for Khushi’s PA..

“ Did Khushi return ??”asked Akash..

“ No Sir” said PA and left from there..

Akash saw Payal coming.. She came to them..

“ What are you doing in my office ??”asked Akash..

“ This is my Di’s office too” Said Payal “ Where is my Di ??”

“ She went to hospital to help someone’s father” said Akash..

“ Who ??”asked Payal.. Arnav understood what Akash referred to..

Akash then saw Khushi who is coming lost in her own thoughts.. He understood her situation.. He went near her..

“Khushi.. Are you ok ??”asked Akash.. Khushi looked at him and hugged him..

Payal and Arnav rushed to them.. Akash brought Khushi to his cabin and made her sit on the couch.. He sat beside her and Payal on the other side..

“ I am a bad daughter” said Khushi..

Akash closed his eyes in despair.. This is what he is fearing for.. Payal too looked at her sister with fear.. Arnav looked at Khushi puzzled and confused..

“ No you are not Khushi” said Akash..

“ I am Akash.. I am a bad daughter.. I killed my father..” said Khushi loudly holding Akash’s collar shaking him..

Akash held her face and said “ No Khushi.. You are not at fault.. You din’t killed Uncle “

“ No.. I am responsible for my father’s death.. I killed him.. I am a bad daughter” shouted Khushi loudly..

“ I killed my father” she going on said it turning hysterical..

“ Di.. Plz” said Payal..

“ Payal.. I am sorry bachcha.. Forgive me.. I killed our papa.. Because of me you are now without father.. Forgive me bachcha.. I am a bad daughter, bad sister” said Khushi crying loudly..

Arnav is looking at the scene in front of him with more than shock.. He has never ever seen Khushi behaving like this.. She is becoming more hysterical by each passing minute..

“ No.. Di.. You are the best sister” said Payal hugging Khushi..

“ No… I am a bad person.. I killed my father” shouted Khushi loudly..Thanks to the sound proof glasses of Akash’s cabin that employees couldn’t hear her screams..

Akash hugged her tightly and said “ You are not bad Khushi.. You are not”

He kept on consoling her when he felt her weight on him.. He looked at her and saw she was unconscious..

Akash lifted her up in his arms and looked at Payal “ Let’s go home”

Payal nodded and followed him.. All this while Arnav is just spectator of the scene.. It felt hard for him to digest Khushi’s behaviour..

Payal stopped at Arnav and looked at him angrily..

“ My Di is in this state because of you.. You are responsible for her condition.. I hate you.. I hate you soo much” said Payal angrily and left from there..


Thank you @ reena, @ Pindborg, @ Nishal, @ Sandy, @ Arshi_sri, @ Tarrun17, @ Londoner, @ sasi, @ Candie, @ Cutesowji, @ Arshisarunmoon, @ Dazzling02, @ Shambavi23, @ Palika56, @ rereshmi24, @ Lily30, @ Jelebigirl, @ Noordina, @ Priy_Taanu: Hi dear.. I am fine now and my eyes to.. Ofcourse I remember you very well.. Glad to see you back,  @ Arshi95twilight, @ n, @ Latha, @ Madhu120, @ Archanasuresh, @ Khushali for your valuable comments..

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Chapter 25 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 215 times)

Payal stopped at Arnav and looked at him angrily..

“ My Di is in this state because of you.. You are responsible for her condition.. I hate you.. I hate you soo much” said Payal angrily and left from there..


Arnav stood there immobile for few minutes when Anjali placed her hand on his shoulder.. Arnav looked at her with tears..

“ This is how Khushi Di behaves when she gets panic attack” said Anjali..

Arnav din’t say anything and sat down on the sofa.. Anjali left from there..

Arnav sat on the sofa lost in his thoughts for how much time he too doesn’t know.. It was when his mobile rang, he came out of the trance..

He saw the caller id and it was from Arjun. He lifted the call.

“ Hello” called Arjun..

Arnav din’t say anything..

“ Arnav.. Are you ok ??”asked Arjun..

“ Why did you save me Arjun ??” asked Arnav..

“ Huh.. What !!” asked Arjun..

“ Why did you saved me from committing suicide ?? If you din’t stop that day, I wouldn’t have to see all these today Arjun.. Why din’t you let me die ??”asked Arnav..

“ What happened Arnav ??”asked Arjun in a concerned tone..

Arnav explained Khushi’s situation and behaviour to Arjun who inturn to was shocked..

“ I never thought Khushi will be affected to this much extent with my actions.. I have ruined everyone and everything.. There is no repentance for my deeds.. “ said Arnav “ I really wish you wouldn’t have stopped me that day.. I wouldn’t have seen all these”

“ Do you think suicide is solution for everything ? “ asked Arjun..

“ But for my problem it is only option.. I killed Shashi uncle and if I too would have died, scores would be equal.. My death is the only solution” said Arnav in a broken voice.

“ Stop it Arnav.. Your death is not the solution to any problem. You are being coward..You have committed a big sin and now you only have to rectify it.. You are truly regretting, so god will definitely show you a way” said Arjun “ You are not in correct state of mind.. Don’t take any hasty decisions..Think about Aryan before doing any thing”

Arjun disconnected the call while Arnav sat there closing his eyes..




In GH:

Akash brought Khushi to home.. He called doctor on the way..So, when they arrived, doctor too came soon.. He examined Khushi, injected her and prescribed to continue old medicines and left from there.. Khushi is sleeping, so the trio came into the hall..

“ Akash beta!! Sit.. I will bring coffee for you” said Garima..

“ No, No aunty.. it’s ok.. I will leave” said Akash..

“ No.. You can’t go without having coffee” said Garima and went inside the kitchen.. Payal too followed her mother..


After sometime, Payal came into the hall with coffee cup cursing her mother for sending her to give to Akash.. She saw him talking on phone with someone in the garden.. She went near him.. He din’t saw her..

“ No Aish.. How can I even forget you ?? “ Akash is talking cheesily with a girl.. Payal gritted her teeth seeing it..

Akash turned and saw Payal who is angry.. She soon composed herself.. he disconnected the call.

“ With whom you are talking ??”asked Payal..

“ She is my classmate, Aishwarya” said Akash “ Are you jealous by any chance ??”

“ Jealous.. My foot” said Payal..

“ Ok.. Leave it.. What about your Dehradun trip ??”asked Akash.. Payal looked at wide eyed..

“ How do you even know ??”asked Payal shocking..

“ I have my own sources baby.. You will be 24*7 under my scrutiny” said Akash..

Payal glared at him angrily muttering some curses..

“ What are you going to say aunty and Khushi ?? They won’t allow you if you say you are going to a trip with your friends “ said Akash..

“ I will manage” said Payal..

“ Don’t say me you are going to convince them by saying the trip is planned by college” said Akash..

“ yes.. I am going to say that only “ said Payal..

“ Fine then.. I will say the truth to them” said Akash..

“ you won’t do such thing ”said Payal..

“ Of course I will baby.. In no case I am allowing you to go with your friends..I don’t believe them” said Akash..

“ If you say about my trip to mumma or Di, then see what I will do” said Payal threatening manner..

“ You can’t do anything … Leave hopes on your trip because I am not allowing you to go” said Akash and was going to say something but hot coffee landed on his chest making him hiss in the pain..

Akash looked at Payal who is glaring at him angrily after throwing coffee on him.. She, soon realized what she did and closed her mouth with her hands.. She was going to say something but Akash left from there..




Arnav on the other hand was crying.. He messed up big time.. Because of him, Khushi is thinking that she killed her father.. He heard of her depression but never thought it to be so serious.. He then saw the gate in front of him.. He din’t have courage to enter inside.. He still entered with slow steps.. He searched for few minutes and finally found it.. “ SHASHI GUPTA” was craved on the white stone.. He stood in front of the grave of Shashi..

“ I am sorry uncle.. I know uncle you won’t be happy seeing me here.. I know you must be hating me for hurting you and your family.. more than that you will be angry on me or hurting your beloved daughter Khushi.. I know I don’t even have worth to take her name even.. You lost your life because of me.. I am indirectly responsible for your death.. Khushi is not.. Then why is she punishing herself.. I want to help her.. I want to bring her out of this.. I want to see that old Khushi again.. Plz.. show me a way to bring that old Khushi back.. Plz show me  a way to repent my mistakes.. I know you must be surprising now why I am thinking soo much about Khushi now.. It is killing me uncle.. It is killing me  to see her like a machine .. I know you will ask why does it even bothers you how she is… There is saying that we will realize the  value of a person/love only after we loose it.. the same thing happened to me.. I realized her love only after I lost her.. I was really a big dumb man to let go off a girl like Khushi who loved me more than anyone in this world.. You know she loved me more than you and family.. She still can’t hate me.. I want to bring her old self back uncle.. plz help me” said Arnav crying.. He sat there for sometime crying..




Akash entered the house with hot tea stains.. Ratna who is in the hall gasped seeing him.. She rushed to him..

“Aki.. What happened ??”asked Ratna.. Nani and Manorama too came there..

Anjali who came to collect a file saw him and rushed to him..

“ Bhai… How did this happen ??”asked Anjali..

“ Anju.. We can talk later.. Go and bring the ice pack” said Nani.. Anjali nodded and rushed to kitchen while Akash was led to his room..

Soon Anjali brought the ice pack and Ratna started placing it on Akash’s chest.. Though Akash is trying hard to not to show pain but Ratna could see it in his eyes.. She  then applied ointment to him.. He hissed in pain.. Ratna and Anjali are crying seeing him..

“ Maa, Anju.. plz stop crying” said Akash “ I am fine”

“ How did this happen ??”asked Anjali..

“ It was just an accident” said Akash..

“ Mano.. Call the doctor “ said Ratna to Manorama..

“ Ok bhabhi” said Manorama and was going but Akash stopped her..

“ Maa.. I am fine.. No need for doctor” said Akash..

Ratna is going to say something  but Nani said “Ratna.. It is not a deep wound.. No need to worry.. Let him take rest”

Akash too insisted them to go from his room.. Nani led them all out of the room..






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Aug 2, 2017

Chapter 26 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 210 times)


Payal is sitting in her room biting her nails with tension..

“ What did you do Payal ?? You threw hot coffee on him.. How much it burns and pains ?? You will take the whole house on head even a little hot water falls on you and you threw hot coffee on him.. That is why amma always say you to control your anger but you will never listen.. See now what happened due to your anger.. What if  Akash says about this to Ratna aunty and other ?? How will they feel ?? Of course which family will take if I threw  hot coffee on their son ?? And above all What if Amma and Di comes to know about it.. Di will scold me and Amma, she will kill me for sure.. Damn you Payal.. You are in a big trouble now… It would  be better if I go and apologize to Akash.. He loves me naa so he will forgive me.. What if he had already informed the family that it is me who threw coffee on him.. Then I don’t have any option other than bearing their anger.. “ thought Payal to herself.



Payal slowly entered the RM.. She saw no one in the hall.. She saw HP coming downstairs..

“ HP ji.. Where are everyone ??”asked Payal..

“ Anjali baby’s inlaws called.. So everyone left to their house..” said HP..

“ Ohh.. Akash to left with them” asked Payal..

“ No.. He is resting.. He accidentally made tea fall on him..” said Hp and left from there..

Payal sighed in relief.. So, he lied to family.. But still she have to apologize to him for her stupid act..So, she went upstairs to his room and knocked the door..

After few knocks, Akash  opened the door with sleep eyes.. Seeing Payal in front of  him, his sleep had gone far away.. He raised his eyebrows asking her what.. She din’t say anything and entered the room.. A wicked smile appeared on his face seeing it.. He knew why she came,  to apologize him..

“ Why are roaming with out shirt ?? Don’t you have shame ?” asked Payal not looking at him..

“ Attitude!!” thought Akash and answered to Payal, “ Ms. Payal Gupta.. let me remind you this is my room.. I have full freedom to be in my room like I want.. And  the  thing I am being shirtless credit goes to you.. Because of your coffee act, my skin is stinging.. One more thing is I was sleeping peacefully and you came, destroyed my sleep.. I was in a good dream and you spoiled about it..”

Payal din’t know what to say, so she asked “ What are you dreaming about ??”

Akash took a step forward and Payal stepped back until she hit the wall… He stopped in front of her..

“ Do you really want to know what I dreamt off ??”asked Akash with a naughty glint..

“ No.. I don’t want to know what rubbish you dreamt off.. I just came here to apologize.. I am sorry,, Forgive me” said Payal with an attitude tone..

“ Oh.. Did you apologize now ?? “asked Akash in a mocking tone..

“yes..” said Payal..

“ It din’t feel so.. I din’t heard what you said.. come again” said Akash..

“ I know you heard it..I am not going to repeat it.. Just say you forgave me” said Payal..

Akash raised his eyebrows and said’’ Fine then.. No problem if you won’t repeat it again.. If you give me what I ask, I will forgive you.. If you won’t, then I will inform family how hot coffee fell on me.. Ofcourse my mumma won’t say anything to you but she will feel bad and cry.. Do you want make my mumma cry ?? And Garima aunty, she will rip off you..” 

Payal gulped hearing it.. She doesn’t want to hurt Ratna aunty nor she want to get killed by her mother..

“ What do you want ??”asked Payal..

“ Potassium, Iodine, double sulphur “ said Akash.

“What !!” Payal asked him weirdly..

“ Oh my darling is very poor in chemistry naa.. Go baby.. Go and decode it.. When you understood what I want, then come to me to give it” said Akash..

“ What is it ?? You only say.. I don’t have much patience” said Payal..

“ Try to figure it out by yourself” said Akash and pushed her out of the room,  Closed the door on her face..


Scratching her head, Payal came downstairs thinking when she bumped with Aryan who fell down on his butt..

“ Oh.. Aryan..Sorry” said Payal and made him stand up..

“ What are you doing here ??”asked Payal..

“ He is with me Payal.. “ said Lavanya who came there with Aryan’s milk bottle..

“ You din’t went with them “ asked Payal..

“ No!! Aryan was sleeping when everyone left.. So, badi maa asked me to say back” said Lavanya..

“ Oh Ok..” said Payal..

Aryan held Payal’s dress tightly not leaving her..

‘ Let’s go and play champ..” said Payal.. Lavanya went into make a call.

“ Aryan.. Do you  know  what is potassium, iodine, double  sulphur ??”asked Payal.

Aryan looked at her confused and tried to say” Po…Po..”

“ leave it.. How would you know ??”said Payal and took him into the garden to play..

Akash who have been watching this smugged himself.. He was amused when Payal asked Aryan about it.. Crazy girl thought Akash..



Arnav entered the house lost in his thoughts.. He enquired about Aryan and when Hp said that he is in garden with Payal and Lavanya, he went to his room.. He slept on the bed closing his eyes.. He remembered how Khushi supported him in every decision..


“ Mumma, Papa.. Please try to understand.. I want to study in Harvard.. it’s my dream “ said Arnav..

“ No way Chote.. I don’t accept this” said Ratna..

“ yeah Chote.. Your maa is correct.. We can’t send you far” said Avinash..

“ But It’s my dream” said  Arnav..

“ Chote.. You can go to Harvard for your MBA.. But now what is the need to go there to do UG. You can do it here in Delhi university too” said Ratna.

“ No Mumma.. I want to go to Harvard” said Arnav.

“ Stop it Chote. Every time your wish can’t be granted” said Avinash angrily and left from there.



Arnav was sitting in the garden with a grumpy mood. He is angry on his parents. He looked up when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see Shashi standing there.

“ Angry on your Maa and Papa” asked Shashi sitting beside him. Arnav din’t say anything.

“ Avinash said to me everything” said Shashi.

“ Uncle, now don’t say me that papa send you here to convince me.. I want to be in top position. I want to study in Harvard. I want to build my own identity. Studying in Harvard in my dream from childhood“ said Arnav.

“ I understand my boy. Your papa din’t send me here.. But Ratna Bhabi did. You din’t  had your  food in the afternoon. She was feeling sad and she too din’t had her food. “ said Shashi.

Arnav felt bad hearing this.

“ I  will talk  with Avinash and make him agree. Now go and have food. Don’t show your anger on the food. It is bad manners” said Shashi.

“ Will you definitely make papa agree uncle ??”asked Arnav.. Shashi nodded his head and patted his head.

Arnav left from there happily.. He went to his parent’s room to talk with his maa.

To his surprise, Khushi is there with a food plate in her hand.

“ Ratna Maa. Why are you showing your anger on food ??”said Khushi ..

“ Leave from here Khushi.. “ said Ratna.

“ No. I am not leaving from here until you eat” said Khushi stubbornly.

“ Then go and make Chote understand not to go states.. How can he think of leaving us and go to some unknown country ?? He can study here too naa” said Ratna “ he is wrong”

“ No.. We are wrong” said Khushi.

Ratna looked at her wide eyed and said “ ofcourse you will support him always”

“ Ratna maa.. I am not blindly supporting him.. Think  from his point of view.. Try to understand him.. He just wants to study in Harvard. What is wrong in that ?? Everyone  have the right to choose  what they want to study and where ?? Like wise Arnav wants to study in Harvard.. He must have his dreams to be there. Don’t you all know how much he loves his family ?? He can’t live with out seeing you a day Ratna maa. But still he choose to go Harvard.. Think how difficult it would have  been for him too..Why should we come in between his dreams ?? If seeing you stubbornness, he studied here life long there will be some dissatisfaction in him  and  we too have  to be guilty… Also it is not  that he is going to states forever. After completing his studies, he will come back to India and settles here.. Also the technology have improved Ratna Maa.. if you want you can daily talk with him through skype .. For our own selfishness we should not ruin his happiness and dreams.. If his happiness lies in studying in Harvard, why should we snatch  it from him ” Khushi made Ratna understood..

“ When did you became soo big and mature ??”said Ratna looking adorably Khushi.

“ I am always like this only “ said Khushi.

Ratna laughed and said “ Ok, I accept for chote to go Harvard”

“ Really Mumma” said Arnav from the door who saw the whole scene.. Both looked at him with a happy face.. Ratna nodded her head.

Arnav came to her and hugged her happily.

“Thank you Mumma” said Arnav. Ratna caressed his cheek..

“ But Papa…” Arnav hesitated.

“ Don’t worry. I will talk with your papa. Even then if he won’t agree, Shashi Bhai is there he will definitely make your papa agree” said Ratna..

“ Ok.. Now eat” said Arnav and took the food plate from Khushi..







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Aug 22, 2017

Chapter 27 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 203 times)


“ But Papa…” Arnav hesitated.

“ Don’t worry. I will talk with your papa. Even then if he won’t agree, Shashi Bhai is there he will definitely make your papa agree” said Ratna..

“ Ok.. Now eat” said Arnav and took the food plate from Khushi..

Arnav fed Ratna a morsel while Ratna too did the same.. Ratna took another morsel and fed Khushi too.

“ Mumma. Why are you feeding her ?? She might have eaten six times by now “ said Arnav.

Khushi looked at him narrowing her eyes and said “ I won’t eat six times a day”

“ As if we all don’t know how foodie you are “ teased Arnav “ Waise Mumma your little Khushi had grown up. Talking big big words”

“ I am always like this only.. Very matured” said Khushi.

“ Oh.. That is why you were quarrelling with Payal yesterday for a one rupee chocolate..Where did your maturity went then ?? “ asked Arnav.

 Khushi left from there stomping her foot.

“Why do you always tease her chote ??”asked Ratna

“ It is a fun to tease her mumma.. A good time pass for me.. H r face is  adorable when her red nose gets red with anger” said Arnav.




The next day, Shashi made Avinash understood and agree for Arnav’s studies in Harvard..

“ Really Papa!! You agreed” asked Arnav..

“ Haan Chote.. I am sorry for hurting you” said Avinash.

“ Papa !! Plz don’t apologize me” said Arnav” I know you love me and worried for me how I will adjust in unknown country”

“ Yeah.. But you are a grown up boy and I have full trust on my son.. He will take every  decision wisely and one day he will make me proud by his success..” said Avinash proudly.

“ I will papa.. Thank you for trusting me” said Arnav.

“ But I have a condition” said Ratna.

Everyone looked at her..

“ What is it Maa ??”asked Arnav.

“ Promise me that you come back here and settle here with us after your studies are over” said Ratna.

“ Ofcourse Mamma. I will settle here only.. How can I leave you all ?? I can’t live without your mumma.. Already this six years is going to be hell for me with out seeing you” said Arnav hugging his mother..

“ I too can’t live without seeing you Chote” said Ratna crying..

“ Uffo Ratna.. Stop Crying.. See this six years will go in  a wink and your chote will be back to you.. “ said Nani..

Arnav then went to Shashi uncle and hugged him..

“Thank you Uncle for making papa agree” said Arnav..

“ It’s ok my boy.. I know Avinash was worried to send you but he never comes between your dreams.. After  all any parents want their children’s happiness only” said Shashi.


In the evening, he saw Khushi returned back from his college.. He went near her when she is in the garden..

“ Arnav.. Papa said Uncle agreed” said Khushi..

But Arnav hugged her startling her and said” Thank you Khushi.. It happened because of you.. if you hadn’t made mumma understand, then it would have been difficult..”

Arnav came out of the hug and looked at Khushi who stood like a rock.. He shocked with his hug..

“ Thank you” said Arnav and left from there while Khushi stood in a gaze.. She felt butterflies in her stomach..

Arnav turned and looked at her who was blushing like a red tomato.. He smirked himself for his effect on her..


Payal entered Akash’s room angrily.. She decoded Potassium (K), Iodine (I), Double sulphur (SS) from her friend and fumed in anger when she came to know what Akash demanded from her is KISS.. She saw Akash typing something in his mobile..

“ Mr. Akash Singh Raizada” said Payal gritting her teeth..

Akash looked up at her and from her angry red face, he can estimate she came to know what he asked for..

“ Seems like you decoded what I said ??”asked Akash..

“ How dare you to ask me for a kiss ??”asked Payal angrily..

“ Why ?? What’s wrong in that baby ??”said Akash in a seducing tone..

“ Don’t you have any shame to ask a KISS for a girl “ said Payal..

“ Why ?? I am not asking any random girl.. I am asking my soon to be wife” said Akash..

“ I am not going to be your wife.. keep dreaming” said Payal..

“ Let’s see.. You are mine and I will make you mine.. And Payal I know you too love me and I even know why you are rejecting me..” said Akash..

“ You are in a big delusion” said Payal and was going but Akash held her hand..

“ Give me a kiss and go” said Akash..

“Never” said Payal..

“ Fine then.. I am going to family and say what actually happened.. Be ready to answer them” said Akash and was moving towards the door but Payal rushed to him and held his hand..

“ Please.. Don’t” said Payal..

“ Then do what I said “ said Akash

Payal cursing him underneath kissed him on his cheek.. She immediately turned from there as she doesn’t want to face Akash but he held her hand and pulled her to him..

“ I have to return what you gave” said Akash and kissed her cheek… He left her and both were left in each other’s eyes.. But both are unaware of two innocent pair of eyes looking at them confused.



Arnav sat the poolside lost in his thoughts when Aryan entered there.. He went near his papa..

“ Paa..” called Aryan.. Arnav looked at him smiling and lifted him in his arms..

“ What was my champ doing ??”asked Arnav but instead Aryan kissed him on his cheeks, nose, fore head..

“ Oh.. What happened ?? Aryan got soo much love on his paa today” asked Arnav kissing his cheeks..

“ Paal aunty kissy achchu” said Aryan. Arnav din’t  understood and got confused..

“ What ??”asked Arnav..

“ Paal aunty  kissy achchu “ said Aryan showing his cheek..

Arnav then understood, “ Payal aunty kissed Chachu”

Aryan nodded his head.

“ Akash Chachu” asked Arnav.. Aryan again nodded.. Oh, so there is definitely something between them.. He need to find out..

“ Achchu kissy Paal aunty” said Aryan.

“ Akash Chacu too kissed Payal aunty” asked Arnav… Aryan nodded his head.

“ Ok.. Now forget that.. Don’t say anyone about this.. Ok.. It is secret between Aryan and Paa” said Arnav..Aryan nodded his head.

“ Seclet” said Aryan..

“ Yes Secret.. Don’t say anyone” said Arnav.

“ What is the secret between Aryan and his papa ??”came a voice and Arnav turned to see Anjali looking at them..

“ What is it ?? Won’t you say me ??”asked Anjali..

“ No.. seclet. Me, paa seclet” said Aryan..

“ Ok baba.. Keep your and your paa’s secret with you only..” said Anjali.

Both Anjali and Arnav sat down on the chairs..

“ How is Khushi ??”asked Arnav..

“ She is fine Bhai.. She came here and is in the kitchen along with other ladies.. All are making sweets” said Anjali..

“ Why ??”asked Arnav..

“ It is some ritual.. Tomorrow evening, we have to take sweets for the groom family.. So, they are busy preparing them.. In my anger, I asked khushi Di not to attend my marriage but still she is helping in my marriage preparations” said Anjali “ I am really a big selfish woman.. I never wanted to hurt her or others but it happened..”

Arnav placed an assuring hand on her shoulder when they heard someone shouting his name..



In the hall:

Avinash entered the house angrily along with Manohar..

“Arnav!!” Called out Avinash angrily.. The ladies in the kitchen, others in the house came rushing into the hall.. Everyone are surprised seeing his angry form. No one dared to ask him what happened..

“ Arnav” he shouted again and stopped seeing Arnav along with Anjali descending the stairs..

Arnav came and stood in front of  his father..

“Papa!! What happened ??”asked Arnav confused..


Slap echoed in the hall causing everyone gasp while Arnav stumbled back few steps due to the slap by his father..






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Once again, Happy Birthday Barun..

Sep 1, 2017

Chapter 28 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 224 times)

“ Arnav” he shouted again and stopped seeing Arnav along with Anjali descending the stairs..

Arnav came and stood in front of  his father..

“Papa!! What happened ??”asked Arnav confused..


Slap echoed in the hall causing everyone gasp while Arnav stumbled back few steps due to the slap by his father..

Arnav balanced himself and looked at his father shocked.. Aryan cried out loudly seeing his father slapped.. Anjali gave Aryan to HP and asked to take out..

“Papa” said Arnav..

“ Don’t call me that.. Why did you came here ??”asked Avinash..

“ Papa.. I came for…..” Arnav is going to say something but Avinash stopped him..

“ Don’t give Anjali’s marriage as excuse.. You came here for your own benefits.. Isn’t it ?? What do you want ?? Share in this property” asked Avinash..

Arnav looked at him wide eyed.. Even others too were confused..

“ Avinashji.. What are you saying ??”asked ratna..

“ Ask him Ratna.. Ask this man before me.. Why did he came here ?? Why is he trying to get close to us ?? Why is he trying to gain our sympathy  by lieing to us ??”asked Avinash..

“ What did I lie papa ?? I din’t lied anything ”asked Arnav confused..

“ Oh.. You din’t even what you lied.. Ok then where is your wife ??”asked Avinsh..

Everyone  are  again confused why Avinash is asking about Sheetal when he knows she is dead..

“ Avinashji… She died during her delivery” said Ratna..

“ It is a lie.. big lie.. The fact is that his wife is very much alive..” said Avinash..

“What ??”asked Ratna while others too were shocked..

“ Yes.. She is not dead.. I have seen her with my own eyes.. Even Manohar to saw her.. Now I want to know why your son lied that his wife is dead… Is she and he planning something again  ?? Trust  me if this time if you or your wife hurt any one of my family then I won’t spare you both” said  Avinash..

Arnav closed his eyes in pain.. He can’t hear his father’s accusations.. He felt horrible  hearing the accusations of his father when he is innocent.. The fact that his father doubted on him is killing him.. He never wanted his family to know about Sheetal but now it is time for them to know..

“ Why are you not talking  now ?? Why did you lied to us ??”asked Ratna shooking him..

Arnav gulped a bit and said “ Yes.. I lied to all.. Sheetal is alive.. We both are separated”

 “Separated !! What does it mean ?? Why ??”asked Ratna..

“ She want money.. I don’t have money.. So, she cheated me and left me for another man” said Arnav lowering his head..

Now, this is the most shocking news for Raizadas except for Anjali, Nk and Lavanya.. The Guptas too looked at him shocked..

“ What !!” asked Ratna closing her mouth.

“ Yess. She cheated me.. She doesn’t even cared about Aryan.. All she wants is only money” said Arnav looking down..

“ What actually happened Bhai ??”asked Anjali..

Arnav taking  a deep breathe started , “ After we left from here, We went back to London.. I was already offered a job there, so I joined in the job.. We were fine for a month  but then I got a fax from papa asking me to sign the property papers which stated that I don’t have any right on the property.. He excluded me from all the property.. I was very angry on you all, so I signed off them but Sheetal made a huge fuss over it.. she pestered me a lot not to sign the papers as I have equal right on the property.. But I din’t listened to her and signed the papers.. She got angry with me and din’t talked with me for two days.. From then, she always used to instigate me to demand property from you but I always denied it.. She used to fight with me always.. I adjusted thinking them to be mood swings..

 One day, I took her to office party.. There she met by boss.. From then, she frequently used to meet my boss. I thought it to be just friendship nothing more.. I was in an illusion she will never cheat me.. But slowly she started to get away from me.. She used to party with him despite being heavily pregnant.. I couldn’t sit still and warned her to stop meeting my boss.. She seemed understand and stopped meeting him.. But she was meeting him behind my back… Then her due date came and she was joined in the hospital.. Doctors said she had to undergo C-section but she denied it.. She wanted to go for normal delivery.. The doctors said it would keep baby’s life in risk.. I tried to make her understand but she was adamnant.. The reason she said shocked me.. If she undergoes C-section, her beauty will be lost and she doesn’t want scars.. I scolded her and tried to persuade her but none worked.. She was not co operating for operation so doctors couldn’t do anything.. I was really afraid for my baby.. Doctors said there is only few chances the baby will be alive.. I begged Sheetal to go for C-section but she din’t budge at all.. she said she doesn’t care for her baby than her beauty.. I have nothing to do in my hands… I sat there helplessly waiting to hear bad news about baby.. But my baby is a fighter, he survived.. He was soo cute and tiny.. Then again Sheetal had a problem to feed  the baby.. Same thing again,  her beauty will be lost.. The more doctors are trying to convince her, the more she is adamnant.. This time I lost my cool and slapped her…  But still she din’t give up.. She said whatever I do, she won’t feed the baby.. Doctors suggested alternate means for Aryan..

Sheetal was brought back to home.. I took leave and stayed with her for two weeks.. She din’t even took Aryan in her arms in these two weeks.. One day, I wen tout to bring milk and meds for Aryan.. When I came back, my boss is in my house and Sheetal with a luggage. I asked about it…She said she wanted to free from our relation.. She doesn’t have any feelings for me or for baby.. I was shocked hearing it.. I got angry and shouted on her.. Then she said to me the truth.. She never loved me.. She wanted only my money..  She married me for money.. She spiked my drink and got pregnant… Everything from the start was fake.. her love, her care everything is fake.. she did all that for money.. now, I don’t have money.. I am just a mere employee, so she doesn’t need me.. So, she is leaving with my boss.. It was too much for me to digest the fact.. I was in my own shock when she left with my boss.. I was left alone with my two weeks old son..

Later, I went to my boss’s house and begged her to come back atleast for Aryan.. But she din’t listen and my boss threw me out of the house.. I lost my job and when I returned back to home , even it was locked as it was employees quarters.. I fell on the road with no job, no shelter and with Aryan.. I stayed here and there for two days.. I starved for two days and brought Aryan milk with the little money I was left.. On the third day, I couldn’t even buy milk for him.. I don’t have any friends too and my colleagues din’t helped fearing for boss.. I don’t know what to do..The only solution I got after thinking a lot is to give up my life.. ( Everyone gasped hearing this )… I went to near a hill to commit suicide along with Aryan.. I was going to fell down but someone pulled me back.. It was Arjun.. He and his mother stopped there as their car had a trouble and saw me.. He saved me and asked me why I am doing this ?? His mother adviced me not to take any haste decision in the life.. they took me with them to their hotel room.. They took care of me and asked me what happened.. I told him my story and they felt sorry.. They promised me to help me and took me to Toronto along with them.. Arjun offered me a job in his company and Sharada aunty took care of Aryan.. This is how I am living form the past two years..” Arnav stopped saying and looked at his family who were having different expressions..

Avinash stood up and said” Once you insulted someone’s true love and someone else insulted your love too.. I just hope you learned something from this experience..”

He left from there.. Guptas left from there silently not knowing what to say..

Arnav was sitting keeping his head in his hands when he felt a hand on his shoulder.. He looked up at his maa who is looking at him with tears..

“Maa” Arnav hugged her by waist crying “ I am sorry Maa. I made you all suffer, so god punished me.. I know I deserve this for hurting you all”

Ratna hugged him crying.. Whatever he had done is wrong but no mother can stand when she knew her child tried to take it’s life.. The same is the case with Ratna… She may be angry with Arnav but the thought that he tried to take his life is too much for her to bear.. She always wished he know the truth but never wished any ill to happen to him..

Anjali, on the other hand is happy seeing her mother and brother.. She knew her mother won’t forgive Arnav soon but the anger in her heart have vanished.. She saw even others too mellowed down hearing his story except her father.. She knew her father is not easy man to mellow down soon..

“ Paa” Aryan’s crying voice brought them all out of their reverie.. He is crying loudly..

“ What happened ??”asked Lavanya..

“ Sorry mam sahib.. He fell down from the swing” said HP..

“ HP ji.. How can you be soo negligent ??”said  Anjali angrily and tried to take Aryan from him but he din’t came.. He was showing his hands only towards his paa.

Arnav went and took him into his arms.. Aryan hugged him tightly.. Arnav checked if he has any wounds and consoled him patting his back..

“ See Champ.. You are fine.. Don’t cry” said Arnav stroking his hair..

Ratna looked at them adorably.. She understood how difficult it is for Arnav to take care of Aryan alone..

“ I will put him to sleep” said Arnav and took him to upstairs..

“ Chote suffered a lot” said Nani..

“ haan Amma. Arnav too suffered a lot” said Ratna..

Anjali din’t miss how her mother still called her Bhai as Arnav not Chote.. That means her mother still din’t forgive his Bhai..But she is not angry on him..




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