Second Love and Marriage 2

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Sep 8, 2017

Part 29 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 243 times)


It was after two days.. Everyone in the house are talking with him except his father.. Even though they are all talking, he knew no one forgive him..  .. Khushi behaved professionally with him in the office.. He can’t expect her to behave normally like others.. She suffered lot more than him..

Arnav and Akash are in the study room discussing about the fashion show which is in three days.. Akash is talking with him normally though he too din’t forgave him

“ Hmm.. Akash.. Can I ask you something ??”asked Arnav..

“  haan Bhai..” said Akash looking at him confused..

“ What is going on in between payal and you ??”asked Arnav..

Akash looked at him wide eyed..

“ N.. Nothing” stammered Akash

“ Don’t lie Akash.. I have seen you many times giving looks at her.. If there is nothing between you then why did you kissed her and she kissed you in your room” asked Arnav..

Akash looked at his brother shocked..

“ How do you know ??”asked Akash..

“ Aryan saw you both kissing.. “ said Arnav..

Akash cursed himself  for getting caught and finally thought to say him..

“ Yes.. I love Payal but she doesn’t love me” said Akash..

“ What ?? Why ?? I don’t think soo Akash.. I can see she too have some feelings for you” said Arnav..

“ May be but she won’t accept me” said Akash..

“ but why ??’asked Arnav..

“ Because I am your brother” said Akash shocking Arnav..

“ What ??”asked Arnav..

“ yes.. She was afraid that even I too leave her at the mandap just like you did to Khushi.. I know she is thinking very irrational but if we think from her perspective, she is not wrong too.. She lost her father, her bubbly sister.. ” said Akash..

“ But Akash, there is a difference between you and me..” said Arnav..

Akash smiled sarcastically, “ The only thing in her mind is not to trust Raizada boys”

Akash left from there silently while Arnav sat thinking what to do..




The Fashion show of AR went well.. It was a huge success making other fashion houses sleepless.. Anjali’s marriage preparations are going to start from day after tomorrow..

Anjali and Akash returned from Office.. Arnav too came from Khurana’s office at the same time.. All these days, he was busy with AR, so he din’t get time to visit Khurana company and Arjun gave him permission to work in AR… After hearing how Arjun and his mother helped Arnav, Anjali asked Ratna to invite them to her marriage.. Ratna too agreed and invited Arjun and Sharada for marriage who accepted the invitation..

“ Chachi.. Where is Mumma ??”asked Anjali..

“ She and Avinash Bhai went to Gupta’s house.. Madhu jiji came..After two years.. There must be definitely some reason.. So, Bhabi and Bhai went to meet her” said Chachi..

Anjali and Akash were surprised hearing it.. Buaji came to Delhi and that too Gupta house after two years..

“ Where is Aryan Chachi ??”asked Arnav not seeing  his son around..

“  NK took him out on his bike for ice cream” said Manorama..

“ What the !! Ice cream!! Again “ said Arnav..

“ Nk Bhai is spoiling him too much these days” said Anjali..

“ Aryan is not ready to listen” said nani..

That is when Ratna and Avinash entered the house.. Avinash is looking stressed and confused while Ratna is fuming in anger.. Everyone looked at Ratna’s face worried… Both sat on the sofa..

“ Ratna.. What happened ??”asked Nani..

“ That woman got mad” almost shouted Ratna angrily..

“ Who ??”asked Nani..

“ Who else !! That Madhumati Gupta.. how dare she ??”said Ratna gritting her teeth angrily.

“ Ratna!!” Called Avinash in a stern tone..

“ Don’t shout at me Avinashji.. Don’t think I will respect her after what she is thinking to do Khushi.. How can she even think to spoil Khushi’s life ??”shouted Ratna angrily..

Everyone looked at her frightened and confused more over afraid what stunt did Buaji pulled which made Ratna soo much anger..

“ Calm down Ratna.. What happened ?? Say first” asked Nani..

“ I will say sasumaa. Madhu jiji brought an alliance for Payal” said Avinash..

Akash eyes grew wide hearing it.. Arnav looked at Akash’s  reaction with a worried face..

“ So what is wrong in that ??”asked Nani..

“ There is nothing wrong in that.. But the problem is the boy’s family put a condition.. The boy has an elder brother who have already two children and his wife died two years ago.. They asked Khushi’s hand for their elder son.. They are some far away relatives to Shashi, so Garima too knew about them.. The boy’s brother is not a good man.. He have all types of bad habits and above all he is 17 years elder than Khushi.. Madhu jiji want Garima to say yes to this marriage but Garima strictly denied it..  Garima said she can even keep Khushi unmarried in her house for life long but won’t marry to such a person.. So, Madhu jiji is threatening them she will break all her ties with them too” said Avinash..

Everyone are spell bound hearing it.. Arnav fisted his hand in anger..

“ What is wrong with Madhumati ?? Is she mad ??” said Nani too angrily..

“ How can she even think to spoil Khushi’s life like this ?? She had already suffered a lot and why does Madhu jiji want to spoil her life more ??” said Manorama too angrily..

“ I am afraid Amma.. I am afraid that Khushi will agree to marry that man.. You know she is already blaming herself for whatever happened and now  she won’t allow madhu jiji too to ties with them.. So, she will definitely agree for this marriage..” said Ratna crying.

“ Ratna.. It won’t happen.. We will talk with Khushi and you have seen how Garima is talking against this and raising her voice.. It is first time that Garima raised her voice against Madhu jiji.. She won’t accept it soon..” said Avinash..

“ but you know how Khushi is.. “ said Ratna..

Avinash got a call from office and he sighed hearing it..

“ I got  a call from office.. I need to go.. You don’t take stress. We will definitely do something..” said Avinash then turned to Anjali, “ Anju.. Take your maa to our room”

Anjali nodded her head and took Ratna to their room followed by Nani and Chachi.. Akash too left from there disheartened hearing about Payal’s alliance.. Avinash glared at Arnav who is lost in his own thoughts.


Arnav is at the poolside thinking about Khushi.. He din’t understand why Buaji is doing this.. Khushi is her own brother’s daughter for god sake.. There is no mistake of Khushi in whatever happened.. being angry with her is one thing and spoiling her life is another thing..He need to do something.. Already Khushi suffered a lot due to his mistake and now he can’t let any injustice done to her.. On thinking , he got only solution.. To solve Akash and Payal’s love story.. For that, he has to know whether she loves Akash or not..



Payal on the other hand is in her bedroom is feeling restless.. From the time, Buaji said about the proposal, she is feeling restless, frustrated.. She have an void feeling in her heart.. Her thoughts are going to Akash.. She never thought any other man than Akash.. It is true that she loves Akash but her fears din’t allow her to respond to him.. She always had some crush on him from childhood and even he too always showed his interest on her..  On the day before the marriage of Arnav Khushi.. he proposed to her.. Feeling Shy, she just left from there not answering him.. But the next day events turned out to be worse for them.. Shashi’s death, Khushi depression took on toll on them.. Both were busy supporting their families.. It is only one year back, Akash again proposed her but this time she has lost her trust in him.. After seeing what her sister went through because of this love, she is not ready to give chance to any man.. But now, when the thought that she is going to be some one else’s than Akash, it is killing her..





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Sep 16, 2017

Chapter 30 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 252 times)


Arnav is waiting at the college to talk with Payal.. He is very nervous.. He know Payal won’t even like to see his face let along talk with him but he has to do this for his brother , Akash and for Khushi.. If Payal won’t agree to this marriage then automatically Khushi’s alliance too won’t go forward..

Soon, the college is over and all the students are coming out.. He wauted patiently and finally Payal came.. She din’t saw him and talking with her friends.. She bid good bye to them and going towards parking for her scooty when Arnav went there..

“ Payal!!” Called Arnav.. She turned and looked at him.. She was shocked and confused seeing him there..

“ You !! What are you doing here ??”asked Payal..

“ I want to talk with you” said Arnav..

“ But I don’t want to talk with you” said Payal and was going but Arnav “ It’s regarding you and Akash”

Payal stopped on her tracks hearing it.. She looked at him with wide eye..

“ What !! What are you talking ?? I don’t know anything.. there is nothing between me and him like you are thinking” stammered Payal.

Arnav raised his eyebrow and said “ When did I said there is something between you two and how do you know what I am thinking about you both”

Payal gulped hearing it and looked here and there..

“ Akash din’t say anything to me Payal.. I observed you both and found out there is something between you two.. I asked to Akash about it and he said about you both.. He said you rejected his proposal.. Because of me.. Payal.. There is a lot of difference between me and Akash.. He really loves you.. He is not like me.. You know he is not himself from yesterday after hearing Buaji brought an alliance for you.. On one hand he is thinking for you on the other hand worried about Khushi.. “ said Arnav.

“ What do you want now ?? “asked Payal..

“ Give a chance to Akash.. For now, reject the proposal brought by Buaji.. in that case, even Khushi’s alliance too will be stopped..” said Arnav..

“ My Di’s marriage won’t happen with that man.. That is sure.. But regarding my marriage, I can’t say anything.. I don’t love your Bhai.. I will never trust raizada boys.. I don’t want to go through that same pain which my Di underwent.. So, go now” said Payal and left from there..

Arnav stood there defeated..




Arnav entered Akash’s room who is lost in his own thoughts.. He went and stood beside him..

“ Akash” called Arnav brining him out of his thoughts..

“ Are you OK ??” asked Arnav..

Akash nodded his head as Ok but he very well knew he is not..

“ Thinking about Payal” asked Arnav.. Akash nodded his head..

“ Did you try to talk with Payal ??”asked Arnav.

“ I did but she is not lifting my call” said Akash.

“ Why don’t you say to Maa and Papa about your love ??”asked Arnav..

“ No use.. If I say them about my love, they will go to Gupta house and ask them , even then Payal denies she doesn’t love me.. Maa and Papa too can’t do anything when she only denies” said Akash..

Arnav sighed hearing it.

“ When did you propose to Payal ??”asked Arnav..

“ The day before your and Khushi marriage.. “ said Akash..

Arnav looked at him shocked..

“ What !!” asked Arnav..

“ Yes.. I proposed her that day and she gave a positive response.. She ran away from there blushing.. But after that day, everything changed.. I proposed again a year back but she denied then” said Akash..

Arnav hung his head down low.. Now, he is the root cause for the failure of his brother’s love story.. He left from there silently..

Whole night he thought about it and came to an idea.. When he is the reason for his brother’s love to be hindrance, then he has to rectify it..




Khushi is in her room getting ready for the office.. Buaji left yesterday creating a havoc.. Garima clearly said she is not ready to give Khushi’s hands to that man and even she doesn’t want to think Payal’s marriage soon.. Buaji left from there angrily.. Khushi doesn’t know what to do.. She doesn’t want to make their relation with Buaji bitter and so, she is ready to even marry that person but Garima denied her.. Garima even took promise from Khushi that she will never oblige to Buaji’s this alliance or any other thing which will ruin her future..

Her mobile rang and she saw the number.. It was from an unknown number and the true caller read Arnav.. She was confused why Arnav is calling her.. She lifted the call.

“ Khushi!!” called Arnav in a husky voice..

“ Why did you call me ??” asked Khushi in a non chalant voice..

“ I want to talk with you” said Arnav..

“ What !!” asked Khushi..

 “ Not here.. Can you pls come to meet me at orchid restaurant at 11’o clock” asked Arnav..

“ What !! Why should I come there ?? If you want to talk something, then say me over phone.. I won’t come anywhere” said Khushi..

“ It’s about Payal” said Arnav.

“ Payal !!’ asked Khushi surprised..

“ yes.. it is about Payal.. If you care for her future, then come to meet me” said Arnav..

Khushi thinking for sometime, said “Ok” and disconnected the call..

Arnav sighed in relief hearing it.. Only Khushi can make Payal understand Akash.. He knew Khushi won’t think Akash as him.. She knew how Akash is.. If he says Khushi about Akash and Payal, then she definitely understand them and unite them both putting some sense in Payal’s brain..



Khushi is waiting for Arnav from the past ten minutes in the restaurant but still there is no sign of him.. What  did he wants to talk about Payal ?? This thought is eating her brain.. In her thoughts, she din’t observed when Arnav came.. He cleared his throat to bring her out of thoughts.. She looked up at him.. He smiled to her which she din’t reciprocate..

“ Why did you call me ?? What is it that you want to talk about Payal ??”asked Khushi..

“ Coffee or Tea” asked Arnav.

“ Huh” Khushi looked at him confused..

“ Will you take coffee or tea ??”asked Arnav..

“ I need nothing.. Say what you want to say.. I don’t have time” said Khushi in a irritated voice..

Arnav sighed and said “ Akash and Payal love each other”

Khushi’s eye grew wide that her eyeballs may come out..

“ Wh.. What are you saying ??” asked Khushi..

“ This is the truth.. I observed them many times and I even asked Akash who confirmed it.. “ said Arnav..

Khushi stood still for few minutes trying to sink the truth into her mind.. Arnav looked at curiously but couldn’t understand what is going on in her brain..

“ Now.. What I want to say is …” Arnav is going to say something but Khushi stood up , “ I  know what you will say.. I will look this matter from now on”

Khushi almost scurried away from there leaving a confused Arnav..

“ Unbelievable.. She din’t even let me complete my words” muttered Arnav to himself..





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Oct 3

Chapter 31 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 212 times)


In the evening:

Arnav came into his parents room.. Anjali and Ratna are sitting on the bed looking at the dresses..

“ Maa.. You called me” said Arnav sitting on the bed..

“ Haan Bhai.. Today me and mumma went to shopping for Aryan.. See his dresses” said Anjali showing him the dresses..

Arnav looked at them and said “ They are all very nice..”

“ Paa” came Aryan to the room running.. Arnav took him into his lap.

“ Aryan.. These  dresses are for you” said Anjali but Arnav looked at her wide indicating NO but it is already late.. Aryan, the clever child he is caught it..

“ Mine!!” said Aryan taking the dress.. Arnav hit his head with his hand..

“ Paa..” Aryan gave the dress to Arnav and started to take off his dress..

“ What is he doing ??”asked Ratna looking confused.

“ He wants to wear this now.. If he sees any new dress, he won’t listen anything.. He wants to wear it at that instant..  That is why Anju I signaled you” said Arnav.. Anjali bit her tongue..

 “ Paa’ called Aryan asking Arnav to remove the dress..

“ No baby.. Not now.. We will wear tomorrow” said Arnav but Aryan is not ready to listen.. Even Anjali tried but he din’t budge..

“ Aryan.. This dress is not for you.. This is for Shashank ( neighbour’s child) “ said Ratna.

Aryan looked at her once and threw the dress angrily onto the floor.. Anjali and Ratna opened their mouths into a big O while Arnav nodded his head at his stubborn son’s anger..

“ Bhai.. He seriously have your temper” said Anjali.

“ Yes..” said Arnav patting Aryan’s hair lovingly..


That is when Akash entered the room angrily..

“ Aki Bhai” said Anjali looking at him.. Arnav and Ratna looked at him who is looking no less than a volcano.. They have never seen him in this avatar..

Akash straightely came and held Arnav’s collar angrily making the spectators shocked..

“ I thought you changed but no.. You never change.. After all you experienced from that Sheetal, I thought you change your perspective towards others but no.. What do you want ?? “ asked Akash angrily..

Arnav was shocked by his brother’s act and confused by his accusations..

“ Akash.. Leave his collar first” said Ratna.. Arnav made Akash leave his collar and asked calmly” What happened Aki ?? What are you soo angry now ??”

“ What happened ?? As if you don’t know” said Akash..

“ I don’t know.. Now don’t talk in riddles and say what happened “ asked Arnav too irritated..

“ What did you talk with Khushi ??”asked Akash..

“Me.. I just said to her you and Payal love each other.. I was going to say to convince Payal  for your both marriage but she said she understood and left from there before I can say something..” said Arnav..

“ But she came to me and asked me to forget Payal.. she even said that she will fix Payal’s marriage with that guy whom Buaji brought and for that she is even ready to marry that guy’s brother” said Akash..

Arnav looked at him shocked and his hands fisted in anger.. Ratna and Anjali are just silent spectators in this.. Akash and Payal love each other.. They never knew about this..

“ This girl.. She got mad.. Come with me” said Arnav holding Akash’s hands took him with him..




“ Khushi” Arnav shouted entering into the Gupta house..

Khushi who is in her room and Garima who is in the kitchen came out from their respective works.. Payal is not there in the house.. Even Raizadas too followed Arnav seeing his anger..

Garima frightened seeing Arnav angrily shouting for Khushi.. She thought he may hurt Khushi even others were afraid..

Khushi came down and stood before him..

“ What happened ??Why are you shouting ??”asked Khushi angrily..

“ What did you say to Akash ??”asked Arnav gritting his teeth.

“ The same thing which you wanted.. Why are you being angry now ??”asked Khushi..

“ Oh.. Then what is it that I wanted..” asked Arnav sarcastically.

Khushi turned to Akash, “ Akash.. What did you say to your brother ?? Why is he shouting coming here ?”

“ Talk with me Khushi.. ”asked Arnav..

“ Ok Fine..” said Khushi facing him..

“ What did I said you at restaurant ??”asked Arnav “ You din’t even let me complete my words and you assumed something on your own..”

“ I din’t assume anything.. I know what you wanted to say and conveyed the same to your brother” said Khushi..

“ What is that I wanted ??”asked Arnav..

“ I know you won’t like Payal becoming Akash’s wife.. For you, we are gold diggers and Characterless people.. I Know you  will say that even Payal tried to trap Akash and became successful in it.. I don’t want to hear anything of that sort from your mouth towards my sister..” said Khushi..

Arnav closed his eyes in despair.. Others too had tears in their eyes hearing it..

Arnav gulped down his throat.. he can’t fell weak..

“ I am sorry Khushi for making you think like that.. But that was past Khushi.. I realized what you people are and what grave mistake I did by blaming your family.. I just called you at the restaurant to ask a favor from you.. Payal too loves Akash but  she is denying it only  because of me.. I want you to talk with Payal and made her understand about Akash.. Akash is your friend and you know him very well.. He was there whenever you were in trouble, you think a person like him will betray Payal” said Arnav in a calm voice..

Khushi din’t know what to say.. She can feel sincerity in his voice..

“ I Know what Akash is.. He will never betray anyone but I don’t know why you got a misconception   that Payal too loves him.. I have  asked Payal about it and she clearly said to me she doesn’t have any feelings for Akash.. I can’t force her for anything” said Khushi..

“ NO Payal loves Akash” said Arnav..

“ In your dreams Mr.Raizada” came a voice from behind and they all turned to look at Payal who is standing at the door.

Payal came near them, “ How the hell did you thought that I love your brother ?? I have been saying your brother that I don’t love him but he is not listening.. Seriously, do you both Raizada brothers have some problem with your brain..”

“ No need for you to lie Payal.. I have seen in your eyes how much you too love Akash” said Arnav..

“ Then you need an Ophthalmologist for sure” said Payal..

“ Stop being stubborn Payal.. Why don’t you just accept the truth ??”asked Arnav..

“ The problem is not with my sister but you Mr.Raizada.. You first stop assuming things and being stubborn.. Why are you forcing my sister when she is saying she doesn’t love Akash ??”asked Khushi angrily..

“ She is lying Khushi” said Arnav..

“ Stop it Mr.Raizada.. My sister never lies to me.. When she said she doesn’t love Akash, then she doesn’t.. “said Khushi..

Payal looked away guiltily   hearing when Khushi said she never lies which din’t go unnoticed by Arnav..

“ Bhai.. Let’s leave” said Akash.. He was too disheartened hearing all this..

“ But Akash…” Arnav is going to say something but Akash left from there.. Raizadas too followed him to console him.. Payal went upstairs while Garima followed her daughter..

Arnav came near Khushi and said “ What if I prove that Payal too loves Akash ??”

“ Then I will give my sister’s hand in your brother’s “ said Khushi..

 “ Three days.. Within three days, I will prove to you that Payal too loves Akash” said Arnav confidently..

“ I am waiting then” said Khushi too with same confidence..

Both of them part their ways oppositely.


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Oct 12

Chapter 32 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 214 times)

The atmosphere in the Shantivan is anything but shanty(peace).. Everyone are lost in their own thoughts.. Arnav and Akash have locked themselves in their respective rooms.. Others are in the hall trying to digest what happened some time ago.. Even Avinash is too shocked hearing his younger son loves Payal..

“ Badi maa.. Can’t we do anything ??”asked Lavanya..

“ What can we do ??”asked Ratna..

“ May be we can convince Payal about Aki Bhai” said Lavanya..

“ We can’t do that Lavanya.. How can we force any person to love other person ??”asked Avinash..

“ I just hope everything sort out soon..” said Ratna and left from there..



Khushi is in her room pacing back and forth angrily blabbering to herself..

“ How dare he to challenge me ?? What does he think of himself ?? He will prove that Payal too loves Akash in three days.. Even I too see how he will prove it… Areee.. Payal herself said to me she doesn’t love Akash.. Why will my sister lie to me ?? I know Akash is a good guy.. Why will I deny if Payal really loves Akash ?? The audacity of that Laad governer..” Khushi is muttering to herself enough loud to others hear..

Hearing a chuckle, she turned and saw Garima and Ratna looking at her smiling.. They both came inside the room..

Khushi went near Ratna, “ Ratna Maa.. I am sorry for hurting Akash but what can I do.. Payal doesn’t love Akash.. I can’t force her to accept someone on whom she doesn’t have any feelings.. If  Payal really loves Akash, then I will be very happy.. I Know Akash is a good guy and keeps her happy.. “

“ I understand Khushi..” said Ratna sighing “ But I am seeing a change in you”

Khushi looked at her confused..

“ After soo many days, we have seen old Khushi.. The way you are pacing around the room and blabbering to yourself reminded of olden days Khushi” said Garima caressing her cheek..

Khushi was surprised hearing it.. she herself din’t notice it until they both say..

“ You even called Arnav Laad governer” said Ratna and left from there followed by Garima leaving a thinking Khushi..



The next day:

Today is Anjali’s engagement.. Whole RM is decorated with flowers and lights.. Everyone are busy with works from morning..

Evening arrived and the guests started to come for the function.. Avinash and Manohar are greeting  the guests.. Ratna and Manorama looking after the snacks and beverages for the guests.. Akash and Nk looking after final minute preparations.. Anjali is getting ready in her room with the help of Lavanya and her friends..

Arnav is in his room making Aryan ready for the function but he is lost in his thoughts.. He is feeling nervous to meet relatives and friends in the function now.. Until now, no one knew he came back.. He din’t meet any of their acquaintances even when he went out or when working at AR.. During fashion show, he stayed away from the media and all others.. He don’t know what will he answer them if they ask about Sheetal.. He is not ready to face people but it is essential..

Taking deep breathe and consoling himself, he came downstairs along with Aryan.. Their relatives and family friends were surprised seeing him.. They started whispering among themselves seeing him..


The boy’s family arrived and it is the time for engagement.. Ratna introduced Arnav to them.. Soon Anjali is brought down for the engagement.. Rings were exchanged and Shagun is completed.. The drums played and all are dancing happily congratulating the couple.

Ratna and Manorama  came to a group of  women with Aryan in Ratna’s  arms..

“ Ratna.. Is he Arnav’s son ??”asked one of the lady.

“ Yes.. He is Arnav’s son Aryan..” said Ratna then turning to Aryan” Aryan.. Say hello to aunty”

“ Helo” said Aryan..” When did Arnav came ??”asked the lady..

“ Few days back” said Ratna..

“ Where is his wife then ??”asked other one.. Ratna couldn’t understand what to say.. She knew she has to face this question today..

“ She died during her delivery” said Manorama understanding Ratna’s turmoil.

“ What !!” said the ladies shocked.

“ yes.. Sheetal died during her delivery” said Ratna.

“ Ohh Poor boy.. “ said the women.

“ So, you forgave Arnav and accepted him again..Very good.. Honestly saying Ratna that day I din’t like what you people did.. How can you people abandon your own son for a girl like Khushi ??” said Kavita, one of the woman..

Ratna felt uncomfortable hearing it.. She don’t want to be rude with this women which spoils the party..

“ Kavita is right Ratna.. Leave it all.. It is past.. Now, do you have any plans of marrying Arnav ?? If so, say me my niece is there. We don’t have problem even if it is second marriage.. Arnav Bitwa is soo handsome that no one will believe he is a father of two year old boy.” Said Malini..

Ratna and Manorama looked at her flabbergasted..

“ Well.. We can’t see Guptas here.. Where are they ??”asked Kavita..

“ They didn’t came” said Ratna.

“ Good.. Finally you get rid off those people.. I will say even you remove Khushi from the job too.. Who knows one day she will make everything on her name as Arnav said.. We never knew Gupta’s are really such a characterless people and gold diggers and that Khushi.. She is a characterless girl and who knows how she is winning deals in AR.. Girls like them will have lot of techniques to lure men and make them their clients.. Ask Akash too to maintain a distance from her.. Who knows now her plan failed in trapping Arnav, so may be she must be trying to lure Akash too. . Arnav really did good thing with her.. .  Serves her right “ Kavita is going to say something but she heard “ Enough”

They saw Arnav who was behind them with anger looking eyes.. Ratna looked at him accusingly as if saying it is all because of you..

The drums were stopped and everyone looked at Arnav..

Arnav came near them and said loudly, “ Auntyji.. Don’t you dare to say a word against Khushi or Guptas.. Guptas are not gold diggers or characterless people.. It was my misconception.. It was my mistake to blame them when they are innocent.”

Then he  turned to crowd and said” Listen to me carefully.. Most of you know what happened two years ago, and it was solely mistake.. It was my misunderstanding that Guptas are gold diggers.. I am a big fool to let go off a pure hearted girl like Khushi..  It is because of me , shashi uncle died.. Khushi is not a characterless girl.. She is not a gold digger.. She is a gem of person.. The only mistake she did is loving me.. I trusted a wrong person and choose a wrong person as my better half that is why I am suffering today.. As my family is saying, my wife Sheetal is not dead.. She is alive.. She betrayed me.. She married me only for me but when my father excluded me from his properties, she showed her true colors and left me along with my son.. So, next time, anyone raising their mouths and hands towards Guptas or Khushi, think ten times.. Sorry for interrupting the function like this..”

There was a pin drop silence for a minute in the hall.. Then there were loud whispers..

Arnav went near Ratna who is looking at him shocked, took Aryan from her and left to his room.



Thank you @ Arshisarunmoon, @ lesh85, @ AYUSHIVISHU. @ Nishal, @ Rani, @ reena, @ Amelia, @ Tarrun17, @ Nupur, @ Londoner, @ sasi, @ Angelinarshi, @ Candie, @ arshigeet, @ Lily30, @ Arshi_sri, @ Veronicaa19 : Agree with you point dear.. Even I too read in many FF’s where Arnav hurts her and she forgives him.. I will be irritated then.. That I why in most of my stories I will make Khsuhi strong and make Arnav realize his mistake.. From the FF’s which I read where Khushi always forgives Arnav only I got the idea of Why is it always me ? season 1 story for  a strong Khushi.. Regarding this story, I will say just wait and watch… , @ Noordina, @ Sandy, @ Merlin, @ _CrystalFlames_, @ n, @ Latha, @ Madhu1210, @ lazydoll, @ rereshmi24, @ Khushali, @ Pari for your valuable comments..

Oct 26

Chapter 33 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 234 times)

Hi guys,, Here you all go for a longgg and filmy update..


Next morning:

Akash entered Arnav’s room.. Arnav just then came out of washroom after getting bath.. Aryan is sleeping on the bed..

“ Is he ok ?? Why is he still sleeping ?? He usually gets up by this time” asked Akash and checked his temperature..

“ He is fine.. Tired from yesterday’s function..” said Arnav..



Avinash is in the hall reading newspaper but he is looking here and there as if searching for someone.. Devyani understood whom  her SIL is searching.. Aryan.. He is searching for Aryan.. Even though he is still angry with Arnav and he acts as if he doesn’t care for Aryan but still somewhere in his heart he too loves Aryan but hiding it.. It is his routine daily to sit  in the hall every morning for reading newspaper but more than reading news paper he always would be admiring Aryan who would be playing in the hall.. Devyani and Ratna noticed it many times but they din’t ask him.. They knew one day he will take Aryan in his arms.

Ratna came with coffee both for her mother and husband.

“ Ratna. Where is Aryan ?? Is he ok ??” asked Devyani purposely gaining her SIl attention..

“ Don’t know maa.. I am going to see him. He usually wakes up by this time” said Ratna and started to upstairs..



“Why did you came Aki ?? Do you want something ??”asked Arnav.

“ Yes.. I heard you challenged to Khushi that you will prove Payal loves me in three days” asked Akash.

“ Yes..I was coming to talk with you about it” said Arnav going towards his wardrobe and taking out a small bottle from it.. He gave it to Akash who looked at it and his eyes widened..

“ Poison” said Akash..

“ Yes.. Commit suicide attempt” said Arnav.

“ What the..” came a voice from the door and both looked at their mother..

“ What is it Arnav ?? You are asking him to commit suicide..” asked Ratna angrily..

“ Relax mumma.. Listen to my plan first” said Arnav and explained them his plan.

“ Do you think it will work ??”asked Akash.. Arnav assured him with his eyes.

“ Trust me in this matter” said Arnav then turning to Ratna, “mumma, You have to make sure no one should be in the house”

“ Ok.. I will take care of that..But Payal really loves Akash naa” asked Ratna trying to confirm again..

“ Yes Mumma.. By the end of day, you will come to know” said  Arnav..




It was afternoon.. Khushi is in the office.. Garima and Payal are in the hall watching TV.. Though Payal is watching TV, but her thoughts are somewhere else..

“ Garima Bhabhi!!” came HP running into the house..

Both of them looked at him startled..

“ What happened HP ??”asked Garima..

“ Woo.. Akash Bhaiyya.. Don’t know what happened.. He is unconscious .. No one are there in the house” said HP crying..

Payal rushed out of the house followed by Garima and HP. They went to Akash’s room. He is lying  there unconscious..

“ Akash!!” Payal shook him but he din’t respond.. She patted his cheeks but of no use.. Tears streamed down from Payal’s eyes while Garima is looking at her shocked..

Arnav came rushing into the room.. He sat beside Akash.. He too called him but of no use..

“ Call the ambulance” shouted Arnav..

“ We did Bhaiyya” said Hp.. Soon the ambulance arrived and Arnav lifted up Akash when poison bottle fell down from his hands.. Payal and Garima gasped seeing this..


Akash is brought to hospital and immediately led to ICU.. Payal sat down crying.. Garima is looking at her puzzled.. She is getting some doubts..

The family too arrived and everyone are crying while Ratna is just faking.. Manohar is consoling Avinash who sat down with tears..

‘Chote.. How did this happen ??”asked Nani hugging him..

“ I don’t know him.. I just entered the house and servants said Akash is unconscious.. I rushed to him and tried to wake up him but he din’t.. When I lifted him up, I found poison bottle.. He attempted suicide Nani” said Arnav..

Khushi came when Arnav is saying this.. Payal looked at her sister and rushed to her..

“ Di..” Payal hugged Khushi crying.. Khushi too hugged her and looked at Ratna who is faking her crying.. she knew that much about her Ratna Maa.. Then she looked at Arnav who is also faking but all others are crying.. So, this is all drama..

Khushi consoled Payal and made her sit on the chair. She went near Arnav and Ratna who are beside each other..

“ Very good plan” said Khushi while both looked at her shocked..

“ Don’t look at me like that Ratna Maa.. I know you both very well when you cry and smile genuinely and when you both fake..” said Khushi..

“ Well then… keep your mouth shut for sometime” said Arnav.

“ You don’t need to say me.. Even I too want everything to be clear now” said Khushi..

“ Then be ready to lose” said Arnav.

“ Let’s see who loses” said Khushi.. Ratna looked at them shocked..



The doctor came out of the ICU.. Everyone rushed to him..

“ Doctor.. How is my son ??”asked Avinash in a broken voice.. Ratna and Arnav felt guilty seeing him.

“ His Condition is very bad Mr.Raizada.. He is not responding to the treatment. It looks as if he doesn’t want to be alive..” said the doctor.” We can’t do anything until he responds to the treatment..”

The doctor left form there..

“ Ratna.. Go and talk with him.. He will listen to you” said Nani crying..

Before any could go, Payal rushed into the ICU.. Arnav followed her and the family too.. Payal was going towards Akash but Arnav pulled her back.

“ Don’t you dare to go near my brother.. It is because of you he committed suicide” said Arnav.

But Payal pushed him aside and went towards Akash.. She sat on his bed and cried..

‘ Akash please wake up.. You can’t do this to me.. Plz come back.. I Love you Akash.. I love you a lot.. Plz, I can’t live without you.. I am sorry for hurting you. I was really fool to think you may cheat me.. I am sorry plz come back.. I love you” said Payal crying leaning over his chest..

“ Is it ?? You love me!!” came a voice and Payal looked up at Akash who is smiling at her showing his teeth.. He sat down on the bed..

The family were shocked first for Payal’s confession and again for Akash..

“ You are OK !! You consumed Poison naa” asked Payal with disbelief written all over her face..

“ Do you really I will leave you easily and go ??”asked Akash..

“ So, this is all your prank” asked Payal angrily.. Akash nodded his head..

“ Akash.. What is this ??”asked Avinash angrily” Do you know what we went through ??”

“ I am sorry Papa” said Akash lowering his head..

“ Is this the way to make Payal confess Akash ?? Didn’t you thought once about us ??”asked Nani and “ Ratna.. Why are you standing still ?? Ask him why he did this ??”

“ Maa.. woo..” Ratna stammered seeing Avinash’s angry face..

“ So, you knew it” asked Avinash.. Ratna din’t dared to look at him.. everyone looked at her accusingly..

“ Whose plan is this ??”asked Avinash.. Ratna and Akash looked at Arnav who looked away from the family..

“ I can’t believe this” said Avinash and left from there angrily..

Others too left from there.. It was now only Akash, Arnav, Ratna, Khushi, Payal and Garima..

Khushi went near Payal and asked “ Why did you lie to me ??”

“ Di.. I am sorry” said Payal not able to look into her eyes..

“ What do you say now Khushi ??”asked Arnav..

Khushi looked at her Garima who nodded her head reluctantly..

“ I will give my sister’s hand to Akash.. “ said Khushi..

Arnav, Akash and Payal’s eyes glew happily..

“ I don’t know how to handle the situation at house.. Avinash ji and everyone are angry with me for supporting them with this plan” said Ratna..

“You should have thought once again Ratna Maa before accepting for this stupid plan” said Khushi.

“ Excuse me.. Did you just say this is stupid plan ??”asked Arnav.

“ Yes..” asked Khushi.

“  Well yes.. The credit for this plan goes to you “ said Arnav.. Khushi looked at him confusingly..

“ I will remind you if you forgot.. Eight years back you too did the same Khushi.. Our neighbors daughter too loved some guy and she was not ready to accept it, so you made this same plan to confess her feelings.. I just followed your foot steps here” said Arnav.

Khushi din’t say anything.. Ofcourse she remember it.. The guy asked her to help him get his love and she helped with her this stupid idea.. She even made Arnav her partner in this plan who reluctantly agreed to it.. What happened after that is something she never forget.. The girl’s parents came to their house complaining against them but Arnav took whole blame on him.. He din’t let her open her mouth and he was scolded by Ratna and Avinash..

“ Are you there ??”asked Arnav snapping his fingers in front of her..

Khushi looked at him and left from there without saying anything..





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Nov 9

Chapter 34 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 185 times)


After Ratna, Arnav and Akash returned from hospital, no one talked with them.. This went on for two days.. Finally they all forgave them as it is Anjali’s marriage preparations started and Akash proposal should be taken forward..


Today Arjun and Sharada are coming from Newyork to attend Anjali’s marriage.. They have landed in Delhi and Arnav went to receive them from airport..

Ratna and others welcomed them warmly..

“ Arnav.. I want to see Aryan first”said Sharada..

“ Ji Aunty.. He is in the garden” said Arnav and led them both to Gupta’s garden..


There, in the garden Aryan is playing with rabbits along with Payal and Lavanya.. Khushi is sitting there on the swing looking at them..

“Aryan” called Sharada..

Aryan looked up hearing his name and squealed out seeing Sharada.. He ran towards her happily.. Sharada lifted him and kissed him..

“ I miss my Aryan” said Sharada hugging him who wrapped his hands around her neck.. Payal, Lavanya and Khushi looked at them adoringly..

“ Me too” said Aryan..

“ This always happens Mumma.. You always forget me when ever you see Aryan” said Arjun in a complaining tone then turning to Aryan” Champ..  All these days, mumma sole concentration was on me and now again it shifts to you.. Come here”

But Aryan denied going to Arjun and turned away his face making others chuckle..

Arnav introduced Lavanya and Payal to Arjun and Sharada.. When he is going to introduce Khushi, Aryan patted Sharada cheeks and showed Khushi calling,” Maa”

Khushi  din’t know how to react and she kept Namaste to her..

“ I have heard a lot about you” said Arjun forwarding his hand.. Khushi gave him handshake..

“ I am thinking to work with AR designs.. I have an offer too for it.. We will discuss about it later” said Arjun..

“ AR would love to work with Khurana’s” said Khushi..

Aryan slapped Arjun’s hand which is still holding Khushi.. He blabbered something angrily in his baby language..

All looked at him puzzled..

“ Khushi.. His possessiveness for you is growing day by day” said Ratna..

Khushi just faked a smile.. She don’t know what to do.. Aryan is getting very close to her.. He will come to her house as soon as she arrives from office.. He won’t leave her house until he gets sleep.. Ratna will come and take him back when he slept.. Even Khushi is working on her laptop, he will be quietly playing and sometimes chatting with Payal in his baby language.. Payal too likes him a lot and her day won’t end without playing with Aryan..

Aryan’s closeness to his daughters is really making Garima tensed.. She doesn’t want her daughters to get hurt and she doesn’t want to be rude with little boy..



In the Night:

Arjun entered Arnav’s room and saw him at the poolside.. Aryan is sleeping on the bed surrounded by pillows..

“ Arnav” Called Arjun.. Arnav looked at him smiling..

“ This place is very nice” said Arjun looking around the poolside..

“ Yes.. This is my favorite  place..  I have a lot of good memories attached with this place” said Arnav..

“ Shall we sit ??”asked Arjun” I am here to talk something important”

Arnav nodded and both sat down to talk..

“ What is it  Arjun ??”asked Arnav..

“ I don’t know what to say and how to say” said Arjun.. Arnav frowned looking at him..

“ Woo.. I like  a girl and want to marry her” said Arjun..

“ What !! When did this happen ?? Who is the girl ?? Where is she ?? I am soo happy for you.. Have you said to aunty ?? She will be on cloud nine..” said Arnav genuinely feeling happy for his friend..

“ Slow down Arnav.. I din’t say anything about this to mumma.. I have just seen the girl this morning and it was love at first sight” said Arjun..

“ This morning !! Where !! Who is the girl ??”asked Arnav

“ Khushi” said Arjun..

Arnav gasped hearing it..

“ What the hell you are talking Arjun ??”asked Arnav angrily standing up..

Arjun too stood up,” I am not talking anything wrong Arnav.. I like Khushi and I want to marry her. said Arjun..

“ But Khushi wont’ agree to marry you..” said Arnav..

“ Who knows.. What if her family accepts me and she too agrees with them.. I have full faith in me that I will make her love me.. I will change her with my love” said Arjun..

“ No.. That won’t happen.. I won’t accept it” said Arnav angrily..

“ Why won’t it happen ?? Who are you to accept or not ?? I will make her my wife” said Arjun..

Arnav held Arjun’s collar and said, “ Don’t you even dare to think about Khushi like that Arjun”

“Why ?? What’s your problem if I marry Khushi ??”asked Arjun..

“ Because she is mine dammit.. Khushi is mine.. I love her..” said Arnav gritting his teeth..

Arjun smiled at him, “ This is what I want to listen”

Arnav left his collar astonished, “ What !!”

“ Yes Arnav.. I just want to know whether you realized your feelings for Khushi or not.. So, I just played this prank “ssaid Arjun..

“ Unbelievable” said Arnav..

“ So you have finally realized that you love Khushi “asked Arjun..

“ Yes.. I love her… I have always loved her  but I have never realized” said Arnav..

“ Your ego never let you realize it Arnav.. Khushi was always around you displaying her love for you.. You din’t realized your love until she got lost from you..” said Arjun..

“ Yes.. I was a big egoist then.. Because of that Sheetal Kapoor manipulated me” said Arnav.

“ No.. You let her manipulate you  Arnav.. Sheetal said her father’s best friend who is also middle class man betrayed them using his daughter and she fed doubts in your mind that some day Gupta’s too do the same and you believed it slowly..” said Arjun..

Arnav smiled faintly, “  I am also a human being Arjun.. I am not any god not to get manipulated.. When Sheetal said about his parents and Bhai committed suicide because of her father’s best friend’s betrayal, I felt sorry for her.. But never a thought came to mind about Guptas.. It was only later, she said my family seems more like hers and Guptas seems more like her father’s friends family.. I shrugged off first.. But later on, she instigated me slowly against Guptas.. Truth to be said, I sometimes amaze for her manipulative ways.. She is an expert in it..  She made me fall for her..She even made me leave all my other friends.. She became pregnant and  though I was not prepared for the baby, I was happy.. It was only then I was serious about our relation.. With the help of pregnancy, she made me dance on her tunes as she knew I love my baby a lot and would do anything for baby..”

“ Manipulative ****” said Arjun angrily.

“ Shut up Arjun.. Don’t say foul words around Aryan.. I don’t want him to learn     those” said Arnav.

“ But whatever I said is true ??Isn’t it ??”asked Arjun and Arnav nodded his head..

“ Now What next ??”asked Arjun..

“ I don’t know..” said Arnav..

“ As a friend I want your happiness but I know it is not easy.. Loving Sheetal is not your mistake but defaming Guptas and breaking Khushi’s heart is entirely your mistake.. I don’t think anyone in Khushi’s place will be able to forgive after what you did..  I just some miracle happens and you both would be happy” said Arjun..

“ I hope so” whispered Arnav..

“ Ok.. I will leave now.. Good night” said Arjun and left from there..





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Arjun Khurana:

Sharada Khurana:

Nov 21

Chapter 35 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 262 times)


Today is Anjali’s marriage Day..

The day Raizadas are waiting for has finally came.. It is morning and wedding is in the evening.. But there was a lot of hustle bustle in the house with decorations, caterings, relatives..

Ratna entered Anjali’s room with a tray in her hand.. Anjali and Lavanya are talking about something.. When they saw her, they both smiled..

Ratna went near Anjali, kissed her forehead..

“ My daughter has grown up.. Now she will get married and leave me” said Ratna with tears.. Anjali hugged her mother crying..

“ Why is it always only a girl has to leave her house after marriage mumma ??”asked Anjali coming out of the hug..

“ I wish I had an answer for that” said Ratna..

“ Don’t worry Badi maa.. Even Anjali Di goes, I am there naa you can pamper me” said Lavanya trying to lighten the situation..

“ But you too have to marry and leave one day” said Ratna..

“ Don’t worry.. I will marry a man who will agree to become ghar jamaai” said Lavanya.

Ratna and Anjali smiled hearing it..

“ Ok..  See your wedding lehenga.. This is soo beautiful” said Ratna showing it to Anjali..

“ I have already seen it mumma.. It is just upto my expectations” said Anjali..

“ Ok.. I have to go now.. Have lot of works.. Keep it in the cupboard” said Ratna and was going but Anjali stopped..

“Mumma.. Khushi Di din’t attend any of my marriage funtions.. Ask her to attend marriage atleast” asked Anjali.

“ I tried Anju but she doesn’t want to.. I won’t force her” said Ratna.

“ Mumma.. I have apologized to her and why is still she angry on me ?? Garima aunty and Payal are attending the functions naa” asked Anjali.

“ Khushi is not angry with you Anju.. She is not ready to come because she is afraid.. She doesn’t want to remind of her marriage functions which were held in this house.. It reminds her of broken marriage, her father’s death.. So, she is avoiding all the functions of marriage..” said Ratna.. Anjali was startled hearing it.. She never thought in this way..

Arnav who was outside the room too heard it.. He felt ashamed of himself..



In GH:

Khushi entered Payal’s room who is lost in checking her Mehendi.. Payal and Garima attended other functions of Anjali’s marriage.. They are going to be Payal’s in laws and so, Ratna persuaded them to come.. Finally, Garima agreed and Payal too.. But Ratna couldn’t persuade Khushi how much she tried..

“ Payal!!” called Khushi and Payal looked at her sister.. Khushi went near her and extended a packet for her..

“ This is for you” said Khushi.. Payal took the packet excitedly and opened it.. There was a lehenga with matching jewellary..

“ You don’t have a new dress for Anju’s marriage.. So, I brought it.. Did you like it ??”asked Khushi..

“ Wow..Di.. I love it.. You are the best” said Payal and hugged Khushi kissing her cheek..

Khushi smiled at her kissing her forehead.. Then remembering something, Payal showed her hand..

“ Di.. See. How dark my Mehendi became.. It is nice naa ”asked Payal..

Khushi nodded her head smiling..

“ Everyone are saying Akash loves me a lot, so, it is very darker.. ”said Payal still looking at her hand, “ This reminds me your Mehendi on your marriage.. Yours  was more darker this....”Payal stopped saying realizing what she blurted out. She looked up at Khushi who stood rooted to the spot..

“ Di..I am sorry.. I din’t mean….” Payal is going to say something but Khushi left to her room and locked it.. Payal stood there cursing herself for loosing control..


Khushi sat on the bed numb.. She looked at her hand.. Yes, her Mehendi was very darker and everyone teased her that Arnav loves her a lot but what happened.. This whole marriage thing is reminding her of her own broken marriage.. So, she is avoiding to attend it.. She don’t want to attend a marriage function facing him.. It will bring all her bitter memories.. She doesn’t want them now.. How much she portray as  a strong woman in front of everyone, only she knew how broken she is inside..



Arnav and Akash are in the hall instructing the decorators regarding decorations.. Arnav could see his brother’s enthusiasm and glow on the face.. He is happy..

“ You are glowing too much” said Arnav..

“Our Anju is getting married today Bhai” said Akash smiling..

“ Is it because of Anju getting married or the reason is something else ??”asked Arnav in a teasing manner.

“ Bhai.. “ Akash chided while Arnav smiled seeing his brother blushing..

They both saw Aditya’s father, Dinesh  coming into the house with a tensed face.. Both looked at each other..

The elderly man spotted them and came near them..

“Beta.. Where is your father ??”asked Dinesh..

“He must be somewhere here uncle” said Arnav.

“ I need to meet him immediately.. It’s very urgent” said Dinesh.. He is visibly trembling..

Both the brothers looked at each other.. They understood something is very wrong..

“ Come with us uncle’ said Arnav and both of them led the old man to study room where his father and his chacha talking..

Lavanya who saw Dinesh went to Anjali to inform about this..


Arnav knocked study room and his father asked to come in and the trio entered the room. Seeing Dinesh, Avinash is confused and surprised.. He invited him and made him sit..

“ What happened Dinesh ji ?? Why did you come here ??’asked Avinash..

Dinesh din’t say anything, he took out a paper from his pocket and gave to Avinash..


On the other hand, when Lavanya informed about Dinesh’s arrival to Anjali, she rushed to study room.. From the morning, she is getting a bad feeling something is going to happen and she is feeling restless.


When Anjali reached the study, she saw her father reading a paper with horrified face.. Even her chacha who is standing beside her father is also looking shocked..

“ Papa.. What is it ??”asked Akash.. Arnav went near his father to take the letter but before that Anjali took it from him which read..

Dear Anjali,

I can’t marry you.. I am sorry.. You already know that I loved a girl in my past but she cheated me and left me.. That is when this alliance came and I thought to give second chance to this and I really liked you but somewhere in my hear ti still love that girl.. Even though she cheated me, I can’t hate her.. I thought may be after marriage I will fall in love with you.. But now, the girl whom I loved came back.. She realized her mistake and came back to me.. She asked me for a second chance and I still love her Anjali.. I can’t forget her and move on with you happily..  I know my parents won’t agree if I marry that girl just before two days of marriage.. so, I am going from the house today.. I thought to meet you person and say everything but I don’t have that much courage.. I know I am being selfish here and I can’t do anything for that because I want my happiness and it lies in that girl.. If possible forgive me..


Anjali stood there like a rock reading it.. Even Arnav and Akash who read it too were shocked..


History repeats and Karma bites back







Thank you @ AYUSHIVISHU, @ Londoner, @ Avni, @ Arshi_sri, @ Sandy, @ Noordina: You understood my point very well dear.. “Life for a life”, @ Amelia, @ sasi : I understand your point dear.. Arnav was dating Sheetal in an illusion that he loves her.. He never crossed his limits with Sheetal until she spiked his drink which resulted in her pregnancy.. Coming to manipulation, it happens.. Any human being can be manipulated.. Human brain is weak to get manipulated easily and people like Sheetal know how to use their skills. In that a person can’t think straight.. , @ arshigeet, @ Malarun, @ n, @ lesh85, @ Nishal, @ Tarrun17, @ Arshi95twilight, @ Shambavi23, @ Merlin, @Lily30, @ Nourhan khattab, @ Candie, @ reena, @ Arnavkushiarshi, @ lazydoll, @ Pindborg, @ Angelinarshi, @ Latha, @ Miabindu for your valuable comments..

Dec 11

Chapter 36 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 241 times)


Avinash looked at his daughter helplessly..Arnav held her tightly who is leaning on his shoulder..

“ I am sorry Avinashji.. I never thought my son will ever do this” said Dinesh..

None of them said a thing until Ratna and other ladies came into the room..

Seeing the gloomy faces and crying Anjali, an unknown fear surged in Ratna’s heart..

“ What happened ??”asked Ratna.. Manohar silently gave the letter to Ratna who took it with shaking hands.. She gasped reading the letter and stumbled but Akash held his mother.. Ratna rushed to Anjali who inturn hugged her mother crying..

“ I don’t know what to do Avinashji.. I have asked my men to search for my son and bring him within evening so that we can perform marriage..” said Dinesh..

“ I am not going to marry your Son uncle” said Anjali with a determined voice, “ I can’t marry a coward man who just ran away without informing his fiancee or parents.. I don’t need a man like him in my life..”

Ladies looked at her shocked while gents looked at her proudly..

“ But Anju, what about the marriage that happens today ??What will everyone say ??”asked Nani.

Anjali din’t say anything to say about it.. The only worry to her is not her stopped marriage but her parents reputation..

“ Let them say whatever they want.. The mistake is not my daughter’s.. We will say them what happened ??”said Avinash..

“ But this society always blames a girl only Avinashji.. Do you think they will believe if  we say that the groom ran away, no they will say the girl must have done something.. They will find fault in girl not in a boy. Why Should I make you understand when we are already seeing it in Khushi’s case ?? We couldn’t find a groom for Khushi until now because of what happened on that day” said Ratna but immediately regretted seeing the pained faces of Garima and Payal.. Others  too felt sad hearing it and looked at Arnav who is lowering his head..

“Then what should I do Ratna ?? I can’t bring a groom for Anju within evening and perform her marriage” said Avinash..

No one said anything.. It is the truth..

Manohar asked Dinesh to leave from there who left apologizing again.. Payal who left as soon as she heard the news returned with Khushi..

Khushi rushed to RM as soon as she heard the news.. She knew how much it pains if the marriage is stopped.. she never wanted any girl to undergo the same pain..

Avinash left from there along with Manohar.. while others sat in the study sadly not knowing what to do.. Khushi took Nani to her room followed by Sharada..



In Nani’s room:

“ See bitiya.. What happened ?? Once because of Arnav, your marriage is stopped in this same house and now Anju’s marriage too..” said Nani crying, “ I think this is the punishment for the pain this family caused to you”

“ No Nani.. Please don’t say like that.. Everything will be fine..” said Khushi hugging her.. They both stayed silent for few minutes when Sharada entered the room. She sat with them and then said, “ If you don’t mind, I have a proposal for you”

Nani and Khushi looked at her confused..

“ If you accept, my son Arjun will marry your grand daughter Anjali” said Sharada.. Nani and Khushi looked at her shocked..

“ I know this is soo sudden.. Don’t think I am doing this as a favor or with pity.. I really liked Anjali and I would be glad if she becomes my DIL” said Sharada..

“ But your son…” Nani hesitated..

“ He is ok with it.. I am asking only after he agreed..” said Sharada..

Nani sat there thinking and Khushi too..

“ I know you people need time.. You can take your time” said Sharada and left from there..

Nani sat there thinking for nearly fifteen minutes..

Nani looked at Khushi and then asked, “ Khushi Bitiya.. You are handling AR.. You have business contacts, so find out about Arjun.. Until then, I will talk with Avinash“

“Ok Nani” said Khushi and went aside calling Aman to find out about Arjun..


Nani entered the terrace where Avinash alogn with Manohar, Arnav and Akash is there..

“ I need to talk with you” said Nani to Avinash who nodded his head..

She then informed him about Sharada’s proposal which made him shocked and surprised.. Even Arnav too is surprised hearing that Arjun doesn’t have problem..

“ But we don’t know about him anything ??”said Manohar..

“ Chachu.. Arjun is my friend and I am seeing him from the past two years.. He is a really good guy and he doesn’t have any woman in his life.. “said Arnav, “ The decision is yours”

Finally after two hours of their own research , Avinash agreed for marriage and informed about the same to Anjali who is shocked…

She straight away denied the proposal saying she is not in a mind set to think and can’t believe any man as of now..

Avinash asked her to talk with Arjun once and clear off her mind but she din’ t agree.. Khushi finally convinced Anjali atleast to talk with Arjun once..

Arjun and Anjali talked with each other… Finally, they both agreed to this marriage and the marriage preparations were resumed again..


“ Khushi.. Stay for the marriage “ asked Ratna..

“ No.. Ratna maa.. I will go” said Khushi and left from there..

“ Wish that day, Khushi too got someone like Anjali is getting Arjun today..” said Ratna to Akash who is beside her..

Akash hugged her mother side ways..

“ She will mumma.. Khushi will get the best man in her life who always keeps her happy..” said Akash..

“ You know when I read the letter today, only one thing came to mind.. God is punishing us.. He is punishing in the same way we made Khushi suffer.. Even though it is only Arnav who hurted her but I feel I am also responsible somewhere.. I shouldn’t have encouraged Khushi’s feelings towards Arnav.. I gave her all unnecessary hopes in her heart.. She had weaved many dreams with him and everything ruined in a few minutes.. I thought today god is ounishign me in the form of Anjali..  It pained me Akash more than anything today when I came to know that my daughter’s marriage is stopped.. I am not saying that it din’t pain me when Khushi’s marriage stopped.. It did.. But he intensity today as a mother is more.. I was helpless.. I was afraid of this society and Anju.. I today, really understood the pain of Garima.. But still they din’t even say a word and stood support to us..“ said Ratna crying..

Arnav who is hearing his mother’s words left from there silently..



Anjali, on the other hand stood in front of the mirror looking at her reflection.. Today she is experiencing how it feels if the marriage stops.. She understood how Khushi felt that day.. She understood how fool she has been trying to unite Arnav and Khushi.. Now, being in Khushi’s place, she can never forgive Aditya.. Then she shouldn’t expect Khushi to forgive Arnav..

“ I give up devimayya.. I give up now.. From now onwards, I won’t do anything to make Bhai and Khushi Di to unite.. If they love each other truly and if their love is strong, then you only do something and untie them..” thought Anjali to himself..



Precap: Arshi Marriage




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Dec 22

Chapter 37 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 282 times)

In the evening:

Anjali is in the room getting ready for marriage.. her life took a drastic turn with in a day..

“Di.. “ Lavanya came there, “What are you thinking ??”

“ Nothing Lav.. I am thinking  about Khushi Di.. How she must have felt when her marriage is broken and above all she even lost Shashi uncle too” said Anjali.

“Yeah Di.. You are right” said Lavanya.

“ It seems like history is repeating.. See Arnav Bhai betrayed Khushi Di and seems like god wanted us to know the pain how it feels if  a girl is betrayed at Mandap.. So, he stopped my marriage.. I deserve this” said Anjali.

“No” came a voice and they turned to Payal who came there with flowers tray heard it.. Both Anjali and Lavanya looked at her..

Payal came near them, “ No girl deserves this.. I know Arnav Singh Raizada betrayed my sister but we don’t want any ill to happen to you Anjali Di…  We don’t wish for any girl to undergo what we went through”

Anjali and Lavanya looked at her surprised..

“Even you too have grown up Payal” said Anjali smiling..

“ That is why Aki Bhai fell for her” said Lavanya in a teasing manner.. Payal blushed hearing it..

“ Ohho.. See how she is blushing” teased Anjali..

“ Not only that Di.. See, she even wore the same color as Aki Bhai.. Couple goals” said Lavanya..

Payal ran away from there not able to bear any more.



Arjun and Anjali’s marriage is completed with all rituals.. Most of the guests have left, only few are present..

Ratna called NK near her, “ NK.. We need these things for tomorrow puja.. I forgot about hem..Go and bring them now”

“Ok Badimaa.. I will take Arnav bhai with me” said NK taking list from her..

Soon, NK and Arnav left to bring necessary items..





When NK and Arnav reached RM gates, they saw a van standing at Gupta house.. Arnav looked at it suspiciously.. He had seen it somewhere.. Then it clicked him, It was the same van which followed him and Khushi during Nainital trip.. A fear rushed in him..

“ Bhai” NK shook Arnav..

“NK.. Khushi is in danger” said Arnav and was going to get down from the car.. That is when something unexpected happen..  A few goons brought Khushi forcibly and made her sit in the van. Both Arnav and Nk were shocked.. Even before they can understand, the car zoomed off..

“NK.. You go and inform others.. I will follow the car.. Track this car through GPS” said Arnav and almost pushed NK out of the car..





The environment in RM is very pleasant.. The marriage which they thought won’t happen have happened and they all are very happy.

They are making Arjun and Anjali play some games when Nk rushed inside the house panting..

“ Aki Bhai.. Bade papa.. “ Nk called loudly getting everyone’s attention on him.. They were confused to see NK’s state and rushed to him..

“ What happened NK ??”asked Akash..

“ Aki Bhai.. Some one kidnapped Khushi Di in a van.. Arnav Bhai is following that car.. We need to go immediately” said NK..

Everyone are shocked hearing it..

“ Khushi.. My baby!!” cried Garima..

“ Garima.. Nothing will happen.. Khushi will be fine.. It is the time to be strong..”said Ratna consoling her..

“Let’s go NK” said Avinash then turning to Akash, “ Akash.. Inform police about this”

Everyone rushed out of the RM including Anjali and Arjun too.. Nani and Sharada stayed back to take care of Aryan who is sleeping..








Arnav, on the other hand followed the van.. He was surprised when the car was stopped at an old temple.. Why did the kidnappers stopped at old temple ? He got down from the car and immediately rushed to temple.. There were a lot of stairs.. He climbed up the stairs and the scene he witnessed caught away his breath..

There Shyam is trying to marry Khushi forcibly.. There was a pundit who is chanting mantras fearfully.. Shyam held Khushi’s hands tightly while Khushi is struggling.. Khushi’s mouth is tied with a cloth so that she won’t scream.. There are nearly ten goons around them..

“Shyam!!” shouted Arnav angrily..Shyam looked up at Arnav shocked while Khushi happily..

Arnav marched towards Shyam and pulled Khushi from his grip..

“How dare you **** ??”Arnav shouted and punched Shyam’s nose.. Shyam’s goons came to his rescue and started to beat Arnav.. Arnav too started fighting with them.. Arnav is only one and the goons are nearly five to six.. Soon, they started beating Arnav..

“Arnav ”Khushi is going towards him but Shyam held her hand tightly.

“Shyam.. Leave me” Khushi said angrily..

“ No way Khushi.. I am not going to leave you today” said Shyam and again took her to the mandap.. He asked pundit to start the mantras..


“Akash!!”hearing Khushi’s whispered voice, Shyam looked up at the Raizada boys fighting with his goons.. Seeing them, Shyam immediately took mangalsutra to tie in Khushi’s neck.. Khushi tried to push away but Shyam’s hold is stronger on her.. That is when Someone hit on Shyam’s head.. Shyam screamed and left Khushi while the other one pulled Khushi.. The person who hit Shyam is none other than Payal and Ratna pulled Khushi.. Shyam felt a little dizzy and held his head.. He shake his head and when he saw his goons were defeated.. Khushi is with Payal who is hugging her sister..

“How dare you Shyam to do this ??”asked Avinash angrily..

“ You ****.. How many times I warned you to stay away from Khushi ??”asked Arnav too angrily.. Guptas and Raizadas are surprised hearing it..

“So, it is you who tried to harm Khushi at Nainital trip too” asked Akash..

“ Haan yes.. I did it but I din’t asked them to hurt Khushi.. I asked them to kidnap Khushi then too but Arnav spoiled my plan then and now.. I love Khushi.. Not from now but from childhood but she never acknowledges me.. Always Arnav, Arnav, Arnav.. I want her at any cost, so I did this..” said Shyam shamelessly then turning to Khushi, “Khushi.. It would be better if you marry me or else..”

“Or else.. What will you do ??”asked Khushi, “I will never marry you”

“Oh really.. First see this and then answer me” said Shyam and extended his phone to Khushi.. Seeing the mobile Khushi’s eyes grew wide..

Arnav rushed towards her and took the mobile.. Even he stood immobile seeing it.. It was the video taken during their Naintal trip when they stayed back at the dhaba.. Arnav is giving drops in Khushi’s eyes.. It was taken in such an angle as if it looks like they both are kissing.. Arnav being Shirtless give more scope for it..

Akash  who is confused by Arshi behavior   took the mobile and was shocked.. One by one everyone saw it and were spell bounded..

“ Now.. What happened ?? Cat caught your tongue” asked Shyam laughing..

“ Mumma.. This is not true.. I am just giving drops to Khushi’s eyes and you know I am injured, so I removed my shirt” said Arnav looking at her mother and others..

Ratna  nodded her head as if she understood.. Arnav can see the trust in his family’s eyes.. if not him, they will definitely trust Khushi..

“ Ohh Arnav.. Your family may believe you but this society won’t believe you..” said Shyam then turning to Khushi,” Khushi.. If you won’t marry me now, then I will upload it in the internet.. Then see the whole Raizada, Gupta and AR’s reputation is in your hands now.. You are MD of AR and role model for many of the girls with your successful career. Arnav has already cleared to everyone you are innocent but now again your reputation will be at stake”

Arnav deleted the video in the phone and gave to Shyam who smirked, “ Arnav.. Don’t you think you are too foolish.. I have many copies of this video.. My one phone call to my men and the video goes viral. I have asked my men if I won’t call them within 9 pm, they will upload it in internet..”

By now, Shyam’s goons surrounded Raizada family with guns..

“Khushi.. I am giving you two minutes time.. Either marry me or I am going to upload it.. If I won’t call my men, then they will upload it automatically. Also your family will be dead..” said Shyam looking at his watch..

“Shyam.. You are doing wrong.” said Avinash gritting his teeth.

“30 seconds over” said Shyam

“Shyam beta..My daughter already bear a lot..plz don’t spoil her life.. I beg you” said Garima crying.

“One minute completed” said Shyam

“Shyam.. Do you even know the consequences of your actions ??”asked Akash.

“30 seconds left.. I am ready to call my men ”said Shyam looking at his phone..

Everyone are helpless only two souls.. One is thinking how to stop this and other one lost in her own thoughts.

“10 seconds” said Shyam

That is when something unexpected happened.. Arnav held Khushi’s hands, pushed the goon on his way and took her to the mandap.. He took vermillion and filled her head, then he took Mangalsutra and tied in her neck..

Arnav then lifted Khushi in his arms and completed seven rounds..

“ Marriage is completed.. Now you both are husband and wife” declared the priest.

Everyone  stood still  for a minute seeing what happened.. It took them few minutes to understand what happened..

“Arnav!!”shouted Shyam angrily..

Arnav put Khushi down and faced Shyam..

“What!! Now she is my wife.. I don’t think whatever in the video is wrong now..” said Arnav.

“You can’t do this.. I won’t accept this” said Shyam angrily.

“Who are you to accept ?? This marriage happened in front of devimayya and she accepted it whole heartedly.. We have completed all rituals of marriage and priest said we are husband and wife now” said Arnav.

“Khushi is mine.. “shouted Shyam and rushed to Arnav holding his collar..

“Shyam!!” A voice roared and everyone looked at the woman who came there angrily while Shyam gulped.. There are four well built  men with her..

“Meghana” Shyam gulped seeing her..

“ How dare you to cheat my sister ?”said one of the guy with her..

“ There is nothing like that Meghana.. See, Khushi seduced me and brought me here” said Shyam..

Meghana slapped him across his face..

“I heard everything..Now time to show what I am” said Meghana and her four brothers took him along with them..

Shyam’s chapter is closed and now everyone turned to look at Arshi.

“Di” shouted Payal when she saw Khushi falling unconscious..

Arnav who is beside her held her in his arms..

“Khushi” everyone rushed to her..

Garima took Khushi into her lap from Arnav.. They patted her cheeks but of no use..

“Let’s take her to the house” said Avinash then turning to Akash, “Akash.. Call the doctor”

Soon, Khushi is led to the Gupta house while everyone followed..








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Jan 1

Chapter 38 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 308 times)

 A very long 10 pages update.. Expecting more thank you and comments..

Khushi is brought to Gupta house.. Everyone are spell bound how to react to what have happened.. But for now, Khushi is their priority..

“Doctor.. How is my daughter ??”asked Garima to the doctor who came out checking Khushi.

‘She is fine Mrs. Gupta.. She is just shocked” said the doctor, “ I have given her injection.. She will wake up soon”

Everyone sighed in relief hearing it..

Then their concentration went to Arnav who is standing lowering his head.. Aryan is in his hands..

Avinash looked at him gritting his teeth..Sensing his father’s anger, Arnav signaled Lavanya to take Aryan which she did..

Avinash rushed to Arnav.. Arnav closed his eyes expecting a slap from his father but it never came..

“I don’t even want to spoil my hand slapping you.. You never fail to disappoint me”said Avinash..

“ Why Arnav ??Why ?? Why do you always hurt that poor soul ? First you hurt her, insulted her love.. Now, why did you marry her ??”asked Ratna crying..

“I know mumma I shouldn’t have done that.. But at that time, I felt it right.. It is the only thing I can do to save Khushi’s and our reputation..That is the only way I can save her from Shyam..” said Arnav.

“ But Bhai..We could have taken out some solution” said Akash..

“What solution is there Akash.. That **** will keep it in internet.. Then Khushi and our reputation will loose.. I tried to control the situation..” said Arnav.

“Wow.. the person who couldn’t control his wife from going to other man is talking about control” spatted Payal her words at Arnav..

Arnav’s heart clenched hearing it while others gasped hearing it..



Khushi, on the other hand got up from the bed.. She looked around and got confused.. She then remembered what happened.. She touched her forehead and found sindoor and then her neck with mangalsutra.. A lone tear escaped from her eye.. She is hearing noises from outside.. She got down from the bed and came out of the room.. She saw whole of Raizadas and Guptas in the room.. At the end stood Arnav Singh Raizada.. Her blood boiled seeing him.. Arnav looked up at the same time..

“Khushi!!”whispered Arnav..Everyone looked at her..

Khushi walked towards Arnav and stood in front of him..



Khushi slapped Arnav hardly on his cheek.. She held his collar angrily..

“What do you think of yourself Mr.Raizada ??Who the hell have given you the permission to marry me ?? “asked Khushi..

“ I know Khushi I shouldn’t have married you like that but I don’t regret marrying you.. I just saved your reputation.. Once, because of me your reputation is spoiled and I don’t want it to ruin again that too because of me.. So, I just felt what I felt right at that moment.. But I won’t pressurize to accept this marriage.. It is purely your decision to accept it or not.. “said Arnav..

Khushi stepped back hearing it..

“What do you want ??’asked Khushi..

“It is not me Khushi this time.. It is You.. Only you.. Your decision matters me.. If you want to come in life, then you are always welcome and if you don’t want, then I think I deserve it..” said Arnav..

“How do you even think that I will accept you as my husband after what happened and after what I went through ??’asked Khushi..

“ I know” said Arnav gulping down his feelings..

Khushi went from there into her room..

“Let’s move to our home” said Akash and Raizadas left from there before asking Guptas to take care..





“I can’t believe this” said Ratna sitting on the bed.. Avinash is lost in his own thoughts..

“ I always wanted Khushi as my DIL but not like this” said Ratna.. Avinash placed his hand around her shoulder assuring her..





Anjali is sitting on the bed lost in her own thoughts.. The door clicked and Arjun entered the room.. She was too lost in her own thoughts that she failed to notice him..

He cleared his throat bringing her out of the trance.. She looked up at him and stood immediately..

“ I am sorry.. I just din’t notice you” said Anjali.

“It’s ok.. Are you lost by today’s happenings ??’asked Arjun..

“ Yes.. it was like a roller coaster day for me” said Anjali.

“ I can understand” said Arjun..

“Do you think what ever Bhai did is right ??”asked Anjali.

“ I don’t know..On one side I think he shouldn’t have doesn’t hat on the other side I think if he din’t have married Khushi, then Shyam would have released the video.. Then the consequences will be more worse than now” said Arjun.

“Yeah.. May be Devimayya want them to be together” said Anjali.. Arjun shrugged off his shoulders..

“ Arnav has given Khushi a lot of pain and it is not easy to forget what he did.. But I have seen Arnav too repenting for his deeds.. Only time can cure everything and make fine” said Arjun..

“Yeah..Hope so” said Anjali..

‘Let’s sleep then” said Arjun” You take the bed and I will sleep on recliner”

Anjali nodded her head and both of them slept.. Even though sleep is far away for them.. Not only between Arnav and Khushi, a new bond formed between them also.




Arnav is in his room.. He slept beside Aryan hugging him close..

“ I am very selfish and bad.. Isn’t it Champ ??”asked Arnav to sleeping  Aryan..

He can’t believe what he did but he won’t regret it.. He married Khushi.. But he won’t force her to accept him.. He is fine with any of her decision.. But still his heart pains in one corner with the thought what if she won’t accept him..




Khushi slept peacefully due to the effect of medicine.. But Garima is having a sleepless night.. She can’t understand what is going on in her daughter’s life.. Arnav married her.. Now what.. Whole relatives of Raizadas came to know about it as they were present for Anjali’s marriage.. Soon, it will spread to whole Delhi.. She is afraid of her daughter’s future now..


On the other hand, one other soul is there feeling restless.. It is none other than Akash.. He is afraid what impact Arshi marriage fall on his relation with Payal..






Next morning:

Raizadas got up with heavy hearts and confusing  minds.. They did all their c****s.. All the relatives who are present for Anjali’s wedding came to know about Arshi Marriage..

Ratna came to Gupta house.. She saw Garima in the garden.. Garima looked up at her..

“Where is Khushi ??”asked Ratna..

“She is taking bath Bhabi.. She din’t speak anything until now..” said Garima..

Ratna sighed not knowing what to say..

“ I have informed Madhu jiji” said Garima..

“What !! Why ??” Ratna said shockingly..

“ She is the only elder in our house Bhabi and later when she came to know about this she will create a ruckus.. It is my duty to inform her” said Garima..

“ Now too she won’t sit quiet.. Don’t know what drama she will do.. I just hope she won’t hurt Khushi more with her words” said Ratna..

“Even I am worried for that Bhabi..” said Garima..

“ I will come later.. You don’t take any tension.. Everything will be fine” said Ratna and left from there..






Aryan is giving Aryan tough time in wearing clothes.. Little boy is unaware of the situation in the house and his father’s disturbed mind.. So, he is adamnant for wearing clothes..

“Aryan” shouted Arnav angrily.. Aryan looked at his father and burst out into cry.. Ratna entered at the same moment..

“ Arnav.. Is this the way to behave with child ?? Why are you being angry with him ??” asked Ratna angrily..

Arnav din’t say anything and Ratna lifted Aryan in her arms, left from there glaring at him angrily..

The day passed in a wink and it is evening..







Payal came and informed Raizadas Madhumathi and asking for  them.. So, everyone left to GH..

“ How are you jiji ??”asked Avinash..

“ I am fine” said Madhu in a stern voice.. Garima and Khushi are standing in the hall. Khushi looked at Arnav who is looking at her and looked away immediately..

‘When you people are taking your DIL from this house ??”asked Madhumathi.

“ Jiji.. You should have known by now in what circumstances the marriage happened.. How can we force them ??”asked Avinash..

“Is marriage a joke ??”asked Madhumathi curtly.. Avinash don’t know what to answer..

“ We can’t force them.. Ask your son why did he married when he can’t accept Khushi..”said Madhumathi then turned to Arnav, “Who asked you to marry her like a hero and now why are you denying ??”

“ I am not denying Buaji.. Khushi is more than welcome in my life and I am ready to accept her as my wife but I don’t want to force her” said Arnav..

Buaji went near Khushi, “What is your problem now ?? This is what you always wished for.. Isn’t it ?? Then what happened now ?? You should be happy by now.. Isn’t it because of your love towards this person my brother died.. When you got hat person, why are backing off now ??”

Khushi had tears in her eyes hearing Buaji’s words.. Garima came to her side..

‘Buaji..Di won’t go anywhere” said Payal too..

“You just shut up” shouted Buaji over her..

Buaji turned to Avinash, “ However the circumstances may be the marriage have happened.. We can’t deny she is your DIL now.. A married girl place is at her sasural.. So, take her to your home now”

“We are sorry jiji.. We can’t force Khushi.. If she wants to come, then our doors always welcome her..” said Avinash..

“ What is there to force ?? She is your DIL and she has to be in your house” said Buaji  then turning to Khushi, “And you.. Don’t you dare to use your tears on me.. I am not going to fall for them.. You are now Raizada DIL.. This sindoor and mangalsutra are not a joke.. They have a high place in our society.. You can’t deny your marriage happened infront of devimayya..Now, Go and pack your bags.”

Arnav got angry hearing it, “ Buaji..I don’t understand what is your problem.. We all don’t want to force Khushi in this marriage.. Then why are you hell bent on forcing her.. “

“What is my problem ??Ofcourse the problem is mine.. If people came to know about marriage and she is staying still in her maayka after marriage, then what will they say.. They will blame us.. The Guptas.. They will blame my brother.. I don’t want anything like that to happen.. “ said Buaji then turning to Khushi, “ Isn’t it enough what disgrace you brought to my brother ?? Leave him in peace atleast after death”

Khushi looked at Buaji stunned and more tears fell down from her eyes..

“ Stop it jiji.. Don’t blame my Khushi for anything and don’t force her for anything..” said Garima..

“Wow.. Great then.. Why did you call me here ??’asked Buaji..

“Mumma din’t called you.. She just informed you what happened here”said Payal.

Buaji glared at her angrily while she gulped down and hid behind her mother..

“ Fine then.. Do whatever you want.. Bring more disgrace to my brother.. He loved you all his life more than anyone and now you people are not even leaving him even after his death.. “said Buaji crying..

“Jiji..Plz.. Don’t cry.. ” said Avinash and going to say something when Buaji stopped him

“ No.. Don’t say anything.. I just wanted good for my brother’s family but no one here is understanding me.. I don’t have any respect here.. So, I am going now.. I will never step in this house” said Buaji and was going when she heard, “Wait Buaji”

Everyone looked at Khushi.. They all can somewhere expect what she is going to say..

“ You want me to go my in laws house naa.. Fine then.. I will go” said Khushi.. Garima closed her eyes..

“Khushi.. You don’t have to” Ratna is going to say something but Khushi stopped her..

“ I am not over Ratna maa.. I will come to your house as only your DIL not as anyone’s wife.. I will fulfil all duties as DIL but don’t expect anything from me as wife..  I will stay in separate room..And yes, I will become mother to Aryan but only if your son doesn’t have any problem “ said Khushi..

Ratna looked at Avinash who nodded as Ok.. She then looked at Arnav who also nodded his head.. It is enough Khushi will be in his house for now..

“Ok.. As you wish” said Ratna..

“What !! Khushi.. Are you mad ??What are you saying ??Why don’t you accept him as husband ?? You will go as DIL but not as wife” said Buaji..

“ Madhu jiji.. Why are you worrying now as Khushi agreed to come to our house ??  When we don’t have any problem then you shouldn’t have.. After all, she is coming as DIL to our house not to your house.. So, don’t worry.. Your Guptas name won’t disgrace” said Ratna in a mocking tone..

Avinash glared at Ratna angrily for talking with Madhumathi like that but she cared less..

“Ok.. Fine then.. What problem will I have when you don’t ?? Do whatever you want” said Madhu and went to her room..

Avinash came to Khushi, “ Beta.. Think again if you want.. Don’t come under any pressure”

“ No uncle.. I am saying this after thinking only…”said Khushi..

“Are you sure ??”asked Ratna.. Khushi nodded her head assuring her..

Ratna kissed her forehead..

‘Let’s move. We need to prepare for Khushi’s  Grihapravesh” said Ratna and others left from there..

In all this, they din’t observed when Aryan came.. He came near Khushi and pulled her saree.. Khushi looked down at him and smiled..

Aryan rubbed his stomach, ‘Alyan hungly”

“ You are hungry” asked Payal.. Aryan nodded his head..

 “ Aryan.. Come..” Arnav came forward to take him but he turned away his face from his father angrily.. He stretched his hands towards Khushi and she lifted him up in her arms..

“Did you forgot you shouted at him this morning ??”said Ratna, “ He is angry”

Arnav sighed not knowing what to do..

“ We will feed him” said Payal.. Arnav nodded and left from there giving final glance at Khushi and Aryan..







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