This popular RJ is the new ENTRANT in Thapki!

Jun 5, 2016

This popular RJ is the new ENTRANT in Thapki! (By Medsuper)

After a lot of hurdles (pun intended), Bihaan and Thapki have duly quenched the desire of the TaHaan fans and have gotten together. Their ardent Fans finally got to see their favorite pair confess their feelings for each other and that too full filmy style. 

But problems seem to have more love for the couple than they have for each other. With the aim of insulting Thapki, Shraddha will play another dirty trick. 

In the upcoming episodes, Thapki will call up a radio station and plan a surprise for Bihaan, but the lady will in turn get surprised and embarrassed as well. No points for guessing, the RJ will go ahead and insult Thapki on-air for her stammering problem.   

Wonder why did the RJ pull a cheap stunt at Thapki? Turns out that the RJ named Rahul, will be Shraddha's friend and the lady would have asked him to embarrass Thapki. 

Well, Bihaan will step in to the situation in typical knight in shining armour style and confront the RJ. 

How long will Thapki continue facing the bashing from one or the other quarter?

Credit : Tellybuzz

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