SS: Shattered Souls

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Jun 16, 2016

SS: Shattered Souls (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 107 times)

I was watching yeh hai mohabbatein's previous episodes today and a plot popped up in my mind. Just penned it down! And yes, this is an arshi ss not based on yhm....




Shantivan, 8.00 am


“Aashi...switch off that TV and come and have your breakfast!” Khushi called out from the dining table.

“Uffo mamma....please let me watch this....its Ruhaan’s concert!” 6 year old Ashwika yelled from the living room.

“Let it be Khushi ji...the girl won’t listen!” Anjali said softly seeing her sister-in-law all set to blast.

“Aise kaise? This girl....” Khushi muttered and Akash said, “Khushi ji, it’s Ruhaan’s concert and you know that Aashi is a die-heart fan of Ruhaan!”

“Ha...if Ruhaan comes up on TV she would forget the whole world around her. Just Ruhaan and Ruhaan and Ruhaan....” Payal said and everyone chuckled looking at the little girl sitting in front of the TV watching her idol.





Los Angeles, 8.30 pm





The security guards stood on his both sides as a wall and he majestically walked through with his ears catching up the crowd calling him.


He could hear the gang of college girls screaming and others waving his hands to him. Smirking, he lifted his hand which had a beautiful R tattooed on it and waved it towards the huge crowd.

Climbing up the stairs, he forwarded his hand to his PA who handed him the guitar.

Walking to the stage with the black-brown guitar which had R printed on it, Ruhaan stood facing the majestic crowd clapping and whistling for him.

Signing the musicians to start, he began.

And the crowd cheered and cheered and cheered....

The magical voice of the 16 year old teen sensation floated through the open air theatre and everyone cheered and danced according to his tunes, forgetting everything and everyone around them.

And the same was in the case of the little girl at India watching her idol performing.







“Aashi....this is the last time I’m telling this food!” Khushi said in a dangerous tone.

“Hmm” Aashi hummed with her eyes and mind fixed on the TV screen.

Nani chuckled and said, “Khushi bitiya, she won’t eat until Ruhaan stops singing!”

As if he heard her words, Ruhaan finished his song.

Aashi turned at her badi dadi and said with her cute anger, “Badi dadi why did you say so? Look Ruhaan stopped singing!”

“He stopped because his song is over!” Khushi said and stuffed her daughter’s mouth with a paratha. Aashi narrowed her eyebrows and chewed the paratha and then suddenly shifted her eyes to TV. Gulping down the paratha, she squealed, “Mamma, look....Ruhaan is giving a press conference.”

“Let finish the breakfast and then tie your hair. You’re getting late for school!” Khushi said feeding her daughter.

“Please mamma, let me watch his press conference!” Aashi pleaded and looked at the TV screen eagerly.





Los Angeles


Ruhaan, you’re just 16 and is the greatest singer the world has seen! Do you owe your success to someone?

Smiling at the reporter’s question, Ruhaan answered, “Of course. If I’m a great star at this age, then it’s all due to one person. My dad! I owe all my success to him! If he hadn’t encouraged and supported me, I would have been a mere 16 year old boy worried about his school works. But now, I’m fulfilling my dreams! It’s all because of him, my super dad!”


What about your mother Ruhaan?

“I don’t have a mother. All I have is my father, and he is enough for me!” Ruhaan said with a smile.


We heard that you’re an Indian? Which state do you belong and what about your family?

“Yes, I’m an Indian. I’m from Mumbai but I had shifted from India 7 years ago. I haven’t visited there for long. And about family is my dad. I don’t have anyone other than him!”







Switching off the TV, Khushi said to her daughter, “Press meet is over. Now go and get ready for school!”

Aashi smiled and said, “Thank you for letting me watch Ruhaan’s concert mamma!”

Khushi smiled at her cute daughter and kissed her cheek.

“Just 16 years and look at him! He is a worldwide celebrity!” Akash said, “How talented right!”

“Ha chachu....” Aashi said, “Ruhaan is the best! When I grow up, I’ll be like Ruhaan!”

“That’s when you grow up! First go to school and learn! Then only you’ll grow!” Khushi said and Aashi ran upstairs saying, “OMG, I want to grow! I’ll go to school and grow up fast!”

Everyone chuckled and then Anjali said, “Khushi ji, what about that?”

“What?” Khushi asked.

“Yesterday...we had a talk!” Anjali said and everyone grew serious.

Khushi sighed and said, “NO!”

Anjali sighed and said, “It’s 7 years Khushi ji! Move on! Please say yes!”

“Khushi, you aren’t even letting us look for a boy for you!” Payal said, “How long are you gonna mourn for that man?” She said ‘that man’ in utter disgust.

“I’m not mourning for him. I have moved on!” Khushi said sternly, “It’s just that I don’t want to remarry!”

“But why?” NK asked.

“I trusted someone and I have cried enough due to that. I’m not ready for doing the same again!” She said.

“Every man is not like him!” Anjali said.

“But every man reminds me of him!” Khushi said and walked away.






Los Angeles


Jumping out from the car, Ruhaan rushed into the mansion. Climbing up the stairs, he ran to the room and found the person he so wanted to see.

Hugging the man who was sitting on his chair surfing something on the laptop, Ruhaan cried, “Hello DAD!”

Ruffling the boy’s hairs, his dad said, “I saw the press meet. You were good!”

Ruhaan said, “Beta kiska hai?”

He laughed and Ruhaan said, “Arnav Singhania ka beta hoon main...baap ka kuch to qualities to hoga mujhpe....” (I’m Arnav Singhania’s son. I have some of your qualities...)

Smiling faintly, Arnav said, “I want you to have my qualities....not my fate!” and he hugged his son tight.

Jun 17, 2016

Character Sketch (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 60 times)

Character Sketch


Arnav Singhania/Singh Raizada

Age: 36

Separated from his family and lady love due to some reasons, Arnav stays with his son whom he loves more than himself. He misses his wife and family so much but never visited them for the past 7 years.



Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada

Age: 31

Once a bubbly and chirpy girl, she is a hell serious and rude woman but a sweet mother and daughter for her family. Separated from her husband due to some reasons, 7 years ago, Khushi stays with her husband’s family and her daughter whom she loves more than her life. She shows her utter disgust and hatred to her husband but deep inside her heart, she still loves him to core.




Ruhaan Singhania/Singh Raizada

Age: 16

Teen sensation and pop star Ruhaan stays with his dad whom he loves to core. He knows about his dad’s past. He wants to unite his dad with his family but do not know the names of his dad’s fairy tale characters, nor does he have their photos.



Ashwika Singh Raizada

Age: 6

A die-heart fan of Ruhaan, Aashi loves her family a lot. She does not know anything about her father and asked her mother once or twice but never got a reply. Understanding that her mother doesn’t like being questioned on dad, she stopped it. Yet, she feels bad when her classmates talks about their fathers.



Remaining characters are the same. Akash and Payal has a son named Ayush (age 4).

This is purely as Arshi SS. Important characters here are Arshi, Ruhaan and the Raizada siblings (Anjali and Akash)

Jun 18, 2016

Chapter 1 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 81 times)

Chapter 1



Shantivan, 10.00 pm



Caressing her daughter’s hairs and covering her with a blanket, Khushi kissed her cheek and moved to her room.

Switching off the lights, she sat on her bed and closed her eyes. She opened it and looked around HER room.

Beautiful paintings and photos of her daughter and herself adorned the walls, a white sofa on the right of the room and a wooden cupboard in the left. Bed at the centre and a glass door connecting to the open terrace.

She herself had redesigned the room. Throwing away the green recliner and replacing it with white couch, converting the poolside to open terrace, removing the grey and white paint to pale blue, she made sure that this room doesn’t remind her of him anymore.

But was she successful? NO

She may erase his traces from the room, but not from her mind.

Burying her face in the pillow, Khushi murmured, “Why am I unable to hate you? Why Arnav ji....why....”





Los Angeles, 10.30 am



He murmured.

 She is crying! He knew that! Miles and miles away from him, she is crying and he could feel that. He could hear her calling him. He...

“ okay?” Ruhaan shook his father’s arm.

Arnav jerked and said, “Yeah...I’m fine!”

Ruhaan nodded and said, “So dad, I have no more shows here right?”

Nodding his head, Arnav said, “Yep, we can go back to Sydney tomorrow!” Ruhaan nodded and was about to say something when Aman Mathur, Arnav’s PA (Yep, the same punching bag of ASR) came in.

“Sir” Aman called and Ruhaan and Arnav looked up.

“Woh, I got a call from an Indian fashion house. They requested for a photo shoot of Ruhaan!” He said.

 “Why?” Arnav asked 

and Aman replied,

“They want Ruhaan to advertise their company and products. Ruhaan has a great market now and I think they want to popularize their brand with his face!” Aman said.

“Which company is it?” Arnav asked.

“AK Fashions – number 1 fashion house of India” Aman said.

“I have heard about them. It’s No.5 in the world!” Ruhaan said.

 Aman nodded and said, “ASR, I....” He trailed off when he saw Arnav looking dangerously at him.

Clearing his throat, Aman said, “Sir, what should I tell them?”

Arnav looked at Ruhaan and asked, “Do you want to do it?”

Ruhaan nodded and said, “It’s been a long time we went to India!” Arnav sighed and turning to Aman, asked, “Where is it? Mumbai?”

Aman looked down and said in a low voice, “Sir, it’s in Delhi.”

Ruhaan gulped and looked at his father.

Aman looked up at his sir.

Arnav sat numb for a while and then roared, “WHAT THE HELL AMAN! YOU KNOW THAT I HATE TO GO TO DELHI!”

Ruhaan said, “Papa, calm down!”

Aman sighed and said, “Sir, I know that! But what should I do? I got a call from AK Fashions and I informed you. Rest is upon you!”

“Reject the proposal!” Arnav said sternly.

Ruhaan said, “Papa, you always says, ‘Don’t mix up personal and professional lives’ and you’re doing that!”

“Ruhaan bas!” Arnav shouted, “We’re not going to India!”

Ruhaan sighed and said, “How long dad? How long are you gonna live like this?”

“Ruhaan, I said...” Arnav began when Ruhaan stood up, “Aman uncle, book tickets for Delhi!” And he walked away saying, “This time, let me decide dad!”





The next morning, Shantivan, 8.15 am



“Well Aashi....I have a good news for you!” Akash said as everyone gathered at breakfast table.

Everyone looked up and Aashi asked, “What is it?”

Akash smiled and said, “Our company is gonna have a photo shoot with Ruhaan!”

“WHAT!” Aashi stood up from the chair.

“They accepted the proposal?” Khushi asked and Akash said nodding, “I got a mail from Ruhaan’s asst. Manager!”

“So I can meet Ruhaan!” Aashi asked with glistening eyes.

Laughing, Akash said, “Your Ruhaan will be coming to our company and yes, you can meet him!”

“WOW.....AKI CHACHU I LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!” Aashi squealed and everyone laughed.

“When is Ruhaan coming?” Khushi asked.

“They’ll reach today evening!” Akash said.

“So soon?” Khushi asked surprised.

Akash nodded and said, “Wo actually, he has finished his work at Los Angeles and was about to go to Sydney when my PA called his manager. So they decided to come here directly.”

 “And what about accommodation?” Khushi asked.

“His PA called and asked us to book hotels. My PA will do it!” Akash said.







Hotel Millennium, 6.30 pm


Inhaling deeply, Ruhaan squealed holding the railing of the balcony, “Dilli ki khushboo....” turning back he saw his dad sitting on the sofa muttering something.

 “Dilli ki khushboo ki saath-saath jalne ka bhi khushboo...” (There is something burning along with Delhi’s scent) Ruhaan sang and Arnav glared at him.

Ruhaan laughed and walked to him. Sitting near him, he said, “Dad, we’re here for work. After that we’ll go back to Sydney but please, before going back, I wanna tour whole India. I have heard that India is really beautiful! Incredible India!”

“Ruhaan!” Arnav said angrily, “Don’t irritate me! Go!”

Sighing hard, Ruhaan said, “I know that you’re thinking about your past. You’re scared of confronting your wife and family isn’t it?”

Arnav looked away and Ruhaan said, “Dad, how long are you gonna do this? I think you should meet them for once!”

“How old are you?” Arnav asked.

“16” Ruhaan said frowning.

“Mr. Teen sensation, stay as a teen. Don’t try to be an adult!” Arnav said.

Ruhaan stood up and said, “Just 2 years and I’m an adult! I have the freedom to say my opinion and I and suggesting you to meet your family!”

“Thank you for your suggestion rockstar!” Arnav said and stood up walking away.

Ruhaan looked at his retreating back and whispered to himself, 

“I wish you have said me your wife’s and family members’ names while narrating your past. If only I knew their names or have their photos, I would have definitely united you with them!”


Jun 18, 2016

Chapter 2 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 119 times)

Chapter 2



Shantivan, 10.00 pm


“Khushi ji....I got a call from Ruhaan’s PA. He and his manager would come to AR, tomorrow at sharp 9.” Akash said as he entered Khushi’s room.

“Ok Jeeju...but I was thinking something. Instead of a photo shoot why don’t we try for an ad?” Khushi asked standing up from the chair she was sitting keeping the file in her hand aside.


“Yeah, we could shoot an adverti****t with him. We could promote our company. You very well know that our rivals are trying to overcome us!” Khushi said.

Akash nodded.

Khushi said, “Our rivals mustn’t know that Ruhaan is shooting for us! It should be a secret!”

Akash said, “I’ll call his asst. Manager and ask about the ad!”

“Why asst. Manager? What about his manager?” Khushi asked.

“Ruhaan’s manager is his father. I’m unable to contact him. I contacted his assistant. And do you know Khushi ji, his voice sounded familiar!” Akash said.

“Familiar?” Khushi frowned.

“Yeah, really familiar!” Akash said.

“Okay, leave call him and ask about it!” Khushi said and Akash nodded and went out.

Little did they know that the ‘familiar’ voice belongs to none other than Aman Mathur, ASR’s well known punch bag!






“YEH SHAADI NAHI HO SAKTHI!” (This marriage cannot happen) The loud voice of Subadra Malik echoed in the marriage hall.



“Aaj Arnav ji aur humari biya hai....vo aayengi...” (It’s mine and Arnav ji’s wedding today. He’ll come!)

“Aayengi?” (Will he come?) Subadra mocked her.

“Aayengi!!!!” (He’ll come) said a determined Khushi.

“Thoda hum bhi jaante hai apne pothe ko...vo nahi aayenge!” (Even I know my grandson. He WON’T come) Subadra said.

“Wo aayengi...use aana hoga....hum uska intezaar karengi.” (He’ll come! He has to come! I’ll wait for him)

“Poori Zindagi chale jayenge use intezaar karke....” (You’ll waste your whole life waiting for him) said Subadra.

“Wo aayengi...” (He will come) said a determined Khushi.


She sat up on the bed with a gasp.

The same nightmare which was haunting her for the past 7 years.

Subadra Malik, the lady who destroyed her life, had exposed her mother in front of the whole family and had cancelled the wedding. After creating the chaos, she went back to the ashram contented on the damage she had caused.

Tears rolled down Khushi’s cheeks recalling how she sat on the mandap waiting for him to come.

She didn’t notice her family asking her to come back. She didn’t notice Anjali, Nani and Mami telling Garima not to apologize for a mistake she never did. The fault was with Arvind Malik. He was the spineless **** playing two timing with two women. It was his fault, not Garima’s.

Whoever the guilty was, it was her who paid for her mistakes.

If only, if only he had turned up on the altar. If only he had come back for her, for his love! If only he had showed up saying, “I’m sorry for being late Khushi”. If only....

Clutching her hair tightly, she whispered, “I hate you! I hate you so much Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada!”

Breathing heavily, she whispered furiously, “You forgot all the promises you gave me! You forgot the bachelor party night when we became one! You forgot the sacred chain you had tied on my neck from the mandir even if it was for the 6 month contract! You forgot everything!”

“I HATE YOU ARNAV!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!” She uttered furiously hoping that her mind and heart would fix and would start hating that man.

But can she ever hate him?

If yes, she would have started hating him long ago.

So it’s a NO.

Khushi can never hate her Arnav ji!






Hotel Millennium, 2.30 am


Standing in the balcony, he looked at the big city before him. Delhi looks so alive and busy even at nights. 

Inhaling the nightly scent of Delhi, he closed his eyes and then opened it looking at the sky.


“Don’t hurt rose for the thorn’s mistake!”

His mother’s words rang in his mind as soon as he saw the crushed rose under the bench.

His mind suddenly flashed to the bachelor party night when they had become one. The words she had said, “Hume bharosa hai....aap pe...aap ke pyaar pe....” (I trust you and your love for me)

How can I do this to her? How can I punish her for my father’s mistake? HOW?

“Yeh sach jaane ke baad kya aap uske saath poori Zindagi bitha paayengi?” (Will you be able to spent your whole life with her after knowing this truth?) Dadi’s words rang.


I can live my whole life and the life after that, with Khushi. She is my angel, my love! I can live with fact I CANNOT breathe without MY Khushi!

I should go!

My Khushi is waiting!


If only, if only he had reached his destination...he would have been with his family! With his happiness, Khushi! If only he had driven his car carefully, Ruhaan would have been happy with his family, playing and laughing with his little sister! If only....

Arnav clutched his hair and whispered, “You’re the biggest mistake in everyone’s life Arnav!

If you weren’t there, Khushi’s family wouldn’t have faced insults due to the Lucknow fashion show video. If you weren’t there, Khushi would have been happy. If you weren’t there, she would have probably married someone who would care and love her. If you weren’t there, Ruhaan would have had a happy family! If you weren’t there, Ruhaan wouldn’t be an orphan!

You’re the biggest curse in everyone’s life!”

He turned and looked at the 16 year old boy sleeping on the bed.

“I’ll fulfil my promise Karan. Your son would grow as you wished! Ayesha, your son would be the best singer of the you wished....” He whispered and looked up the sky gazing at the 2 stars shining brightly.

“I’m sorry....” he whispered, just as he does, for the past 7 years.






Next morning


Shantivan, 8.15 am


“Why aren’t you ready?” Khushi frowned seeing her daughter sitting on the sofa watching cartoon, wearing her pink night dress.

“She said she is on leave!” Akash replied for his niece who was so into the cartoon.

“Why?” Khushi frowned.

Aashi noticed her mom and said, “Mamma, I’m coming with you. I wanna see Ruhaan!”

Khushi sighed and said, “You can meet him in the evening! Now go to school!”

“Mamma please.....I wanna meet Ruhaan!” Aashi whined.

“Aashi...NO....he would be busy in the morning and you can’t meet him. I will surely take you to him in the evening. Pakka promise!” Khushi said pinching her throat.

“Promise?” Aashi asked unsure.

“Promise!” Khushi said.

“Okay then....I’ll go!” Aashi said and ran upstairs.





Hotel Millennium, 8.30 am


“Papa, have you met the owners of AK Fashions?” Ruhaan asked.

Arnav nodded no and said, “Why?”

Ruhaan said, “They are very private people. It’s said that they never revealed themselves. So I just asked whether you met them ever. You were in the business field na?”

“AK Fashions started some 6 years ago, after I left the business world!” Arnav said.

“And that’s why they are successful! If you were there, then no one would ne No.1 because my dad is the best!” Ruhaan said hugging him.

Arnav smiled and ruffled his hair.

“Dad!” Ruhaan whined, “Do you have any idea about the hours I spent in spiking this hair?” He asked and ran to the mirror.

“Seriously, are you a boy or a girl?” Arnav asked amused seeing the boy jumping in front the mirror and doing something on his hair.






AK Fashions, 8.55 am


“So, his manager agreed for ad?” Khushi asked.

Akash nodded and said, “And Khushi ji, do you know the Ruhaan’s dad’s assistant is?”


“Aman!” Akash said.

Khushi looked at him shocked.

Akash nodded and said, “He now works for Ruhaan!”

Khushi said, “Is he mad? Working as Ruhaan’s father’s assistant? Being your PA would give him more money than that!”

Akash sighed and said, “He fought with me and stormed out of AK, remember?”

Khushi sighed and said, “You had insulted his boss, ASR, and the loyal PA of ASR bashed on you!”

Akash said, “I didn’t insult him. I just said the truth that his boss, the great ASR, is just a spineless coward!”

“Akash ji, what about Ruhaan? When will he come?” Khushi asked changing the topic.

“He’ll be here now! Ah, there he comes!” Akash said looking at the black Mercedes zooming into the compound of AK Fashions.

Every employee of AK had gathered for welcoming the rockstar Ruhaan and Khushi stood holding a bouquet of white lilies.

Two black SUVs which came ahead and behind the Mercedes stopped and many men wearing black and black stepped out. They assembled themselves creating a path for their masters.

The front passenger seat of the Mercedes opened and a man wearing white full sleeved shirt and black pant with black tie stepped out. Khushi and Akash identified him as Aman Mathur.

He opened the back door and there stepped out the great pop star, Ruhaan!

Ruhaan stepped out and the crowd broke into screams watching the teen sensation before them.

“RRRUUHHHAAAANNNNN” They screamed and Ruhaan waved to them.

Aman turned around and spotted Akash and Khushi.

Walking to them, he whispered in his mind, “Sorry ASR, but I have to do this! It’s high time that you meet them, your family!”

Ruhaan followed Aman and saw the man and the woman with the bouquet. He smiled at them and Aman said, “Ruhaan, this is Akash Singh Raizada and Khushi Singh Raizada, owners of AK Fashions”

Ruhaan shook hands with them and Khushi gave him the bouquet. He thanked her and handed over the bouquet to his PA, Aliya who was behind him.

“Ruhaan, didn’t your manager....I mean....your dad come?” Akash asked.

Ruhaan smiled and said, “Actually he had an urgent work regarding our passports! Don’t worry, he’ll be on the time of shoot!”

“Yeah, Ruhaan won’t shoot until his dad approves it!” Aman said.

Ruhaan chuckled and said, “He’s right! The designs, dresses, locations everything must be approved by my dad. If my dad is pleased, then I’m sure, that’ll be the best!”

Akash and Khushi smiled and Khushi said, “Come in Ruhaan. Welcome to AK!”

“Thanks” Ruhaan said and they walked inside through the path created by the body guards.

As they walked into AK Fashions, Aman whispered to himself, “ASR, do make a grand entry and god, please don’t make him kill me for hiding the fact that I knew about Akash and Khushi being AK’s owners!”

Jun 21, 2016

chapter 3 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 115 times)

Chapter 3



AK Fashions, 9.45 am


“Okay, so I am a brother who is busy selecting dresses for my sister’s birthday party. I do not find anything good from any shops and comes to AK Fashion boutique. And I find the best there. Is it so?” Ruhaan asked reading the script.

“Yes, so we’ll have to shoot from 2 locations – one from AK boutique and another from any other shop where you express your frustration on the salesgirl there for not presenting a good dress!” Khushi said.

Ruhaan asked, “And what about other characters?”

Akash said, “You’ll have 2 co-stars acting as your parents. You three set off together for sister’s dress. ”

Ruhaan nods.

“So Ruhaan, shall we move to the location?” Khushi asked.

“Did I say that I approve the script?” Ruhaan asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Err...we...” Khushi began when Ruhaan cut her and said, “My dad finalizes things. Without his approval I won’t shoot!” He declared.

“But did you like the script?” Khushi asked.

Ruhaan sighed and said, “It’s okay. Kaafi dramatic hai but phir bhi (It’s a bit dramatic...but still)’s okay...”

“And your costume?” Khushi asked showing the dress for him.

Ruhaan nodded and said, “Good, I liked it!”

Turning to Aman, Ruhaan said, “Aman uncle, when will papa come?”

Looking at the time, Aman said, “Just few minutes!”

“Okay then, I’ll change to the costume. By the time dad will come!” Ruhaan said to Akash and Khushi who nodded and called for their PA to show Ruhaan his area.






“Hello Aman” Akash greeted Aman who was talking with the director of the shoot.

Aman turned and found Khushi and Akash. He signed the director to go who did. “Hello Akash” Aman then said to Akash.

“It was sir for you, remember?” Akash said.

“It WAS but it isn’t now. I’m no longer your employee!” Aman said and turning to Khushi, “How are you bhabhi?”

“I’m fine Aman ji but call me Khushi. I am no longer your bhabhi.” Khushi said politely.

“How are you?” Khushi asked.

“Fine.” Aman replied.

 “By the way, how did you end up being Ruhaan’s asst manager?” Khushi asked.

Aman laughed and said, “I worked in some companies for a while when I met Ruhaan’s dad. He needed an asst and I readily agreed!”

Akash nodded and Khushi said, “You’re still welcome to AK. You know that right?”

Aman nodded and said, “I know that I’m welcome but I won’t come to a place where my boss is being insulted!”

“He is no longer your boss!” Akash said.

“He was, he is and he will be my boss forever!” Aman said sternly.

“Now stop you both!” Khushi said, “Don’t bring up his name here!”

Aman looked at her and asked, “You hate him a lot, do you?”

Khushi looked away and nodded.

“Look into my eyes and say yes ‘Bhabhi’.” Aman said stressing the word bhabhi. Khushi looked at his face and stood mum.

Aman smiled and said, “You can never do that!” After a pause he said, “You can never hate him, no matter how much you try!”

Akash was about to say something when Aliya, Ruhaan’s PA came running. “Sir, Ruhaan is being very fussy! He is shouting and throwing things!” she said panting.

Aman sighed and took his cell dialling a number.

“Where are you sir?” He asked. Akash and Khushi looked at him.

“Sir, your son is throwing tantrums here. If you’re not here in a few seconds, the whole set will burn under Ruhaan’s rage!” Aman said.

“Okay sir!” Aman said and cut the call.

“Where is he?” Aman asked to Aliya while keeping the cell back to his pocket.

“In the room sir!” Aliya said and Aman turned his heels walking to the door and Akash and Khushi heard him saying to Aliya, “Sir will be late for another half and hour!”

And they heard Aliya’s shocked words, “Sir, Ruhaan will burst like a volcano!” Aman nodded and walked to Ruhaan’s room.







“Ruhaan, try to understand...” Akash began when Ruhaan threw the paper of script to the floor and shouted, “I don’t want to hear anything! Change the script NOW!”

“But you said that you’re okay with it!” Khushi said.


Aman sighed and said, “Ruhaan, calm down! I’ll call your dad and....”


“He has some work regarding your passport Ruhaan!” Aman said calmly.

“I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING!” Ruhaan shouted, “AND YOU PEOPLE,” (He said turning to Akash and Khushi), “If you want me to do this ad, then change the script now! And also bring me another costume. This shirt is not of my size. WHO THE HELL DESIGNED THIS? IT’S A FASHION HOUSE AND YOU CANNOT GET A GOOD DRESS! WHAT....” Ruhaan trailed off when everyone heard a stern voice.

“What’s wrong with you Ruhaan?”

Akash and Khushi who were facing Ruhaan stood frozen hearing that voice.

“Dad...” Ruhaan called and ran to him past Akash and Khushi who stood frozen with their backs to that person.

“Where were you dad?” Ruhaan asked hugging his father. “I had some work! But what are you doing here?” Arnav asked a bit sternly.

Ruhaan withdrew from hug and said, “Dad these people are really dramatic. I mean, look at the silly!”

Aman came there and said, “Sir, there is no problem with the script. He is just being fussy!”

“What the...” Ruhaan began when Arnav said, “Ruhaan, give me the script!”

Aman bend down at the floor and took the papers Ruhaan had thrown. Handing it to Arnav, Aman said, “Sir, Ruhaan broke one camera in his anger!”

Arnav glared at Ruhaan and Ruhaan looked down in a puppy face. The director of the shoot came and said, “Yes sir, now we cannot shoot. Our camera is broken!”

Arnav sighed and said, “I’m extremely sorry for his behaviour. And the camera...I’ll pay for it!”

The director nodded and said, “Ok sir, we’ll meet tomorrow. We cannot shoot today!” Arnav nodded and the director called out “PACK UP!”


Akash and Khushi, who were standing with their backs facing him, slowly turned to see Ruhaan’s dad.

Khushi clutched the sides of her saree and bit her lips to prevent tears looking at the man before her. Arnav! Her Arnav ji! He was scolding Ruhaan who was standing before him with vision down. But she heard nothing! All she saw was his angry eyes and moving lips as he was scolding the boy. He is still the same but she noticed 2-3 grey hairs. He indeed looked handsome! Dressed in dark blue shirt and black jeans, he was still looking the same.

Akash stood shocked seeing his brother before him. He was scolding Ruhaan and still looked the same angry man. The ASR! Akash could still see the ASR aroma around him. Ruhaan’s and Aman’s scared eyes was giving him flashbacks on ASR roaring at AR office.

It dawned Khushi. Ruhaan hugged him and called “Dad”. But Ruhaan’s dad and Arnav Khushi looked at Akash who also looked at her in the same confusion.



“This behaviour of yours is intolerable Ruhaan!” Arnav said finishing his scolding session.

“I’m sorry dad” Ruhaan said slowly.

Arnav sighed and turning to Aman asked, “Where is AK’s owner? I need to apologize to them!”

Aman said seeing Akash and Khushi standing behind Arnav, “Sir, they are right behind you.”

Arnav turned suddenly and said, “I’m so sorry for my so...” he trailed off seeing the two figures before him.

Ruhaan saw them and said, “Dad, he is Akash Raizada and she is Khushi Raizada – owners of AK”

But neither Khushi, Akash nor Arnav heard him. They were just staring at each other.


Jun 28, 2016

Chapter 4 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 130 times)

Chapter 4



Aman said, “Ruhaan, go and have your food” Ruhaan nodded and went away but not before hugging his dad. Slowly Aman also walked away leaving the three in the room.

But Arnav never felt Ruhaan hugging him. All he could feel was she standing before him.

Dressed in a cream coloured saree and her hair pinned to a bun, she was looking extremely beautiful but a little older than before. Her eyes seemed to be weak. Her skin seemed to be paler.

He drifted his vision to his brother.

Still the same! He has new specs now and a new hairstyle too. He has grown stubble and looks like a perfect business man not a small boy as he used to look before.

He again drifted his vision to Khushi and saw tears rolling down her cheek. This is something he hated! Her tears! Unknowingly his hand lifted to her face to wipe those tears away.



She was standing in tears looking at him. She was trying to grasp the situation when she saw him lifting his hand to her face. A sudden anger bubbled in her. He wants to wipe her tears when he is the cause for that! He gives her pain and is now trying to wipe it away.

She shoved his hand away and the next moment, lifted her hand and gave him a tight slap!



Akash stood numb seeing Khushi slapping Arnav.


Arnav felt his head turning left under the impact of the slap. He slowly raised his head and looked at her who had nothing but hatred and anger in her eyes.

The next moment he felt her holding his collar.



Akash held her shoulder and whispered, “Khushi ji...calm down...”

Khushi took a deep breath and left his collar.

Akash said to Arnav, “Just go away Mr. Arnav Malik. You don’t belong here!”

Arnav closed his eyes in pain hearing his brother, who followed and supported him in every step, addressing him as Mr. Malik when it was always bhai for him.

He opened his eyes and masking his feelings, said rudely, “I’m not here to bother you or to sneak into your house! Your company contacted me for a shoot with my son and that’s why I’m here. Technically, you called me here! So, it’ll be very good if you people stay away from me, not the other way.” And he walked away biting his lips not to let out tears.

Khushi looked down in tears and felt her brother-in-law side hugging her.

She turned and hugged her jeejaaji tight and cried, “Why? Why did he do that to me? He left me alone at altar, he broke all the promises and he is again and again hurting me....WHY??? WHAT CRIME HAVE I DONE?”

“He don’t deserve you Khushi ji...”Akash said calming her.






Arnav stormed into the changing room of AK and found Aman working on his laptop. Aman heard his footsteps and looked up to see a burning ASR.

He stood up and heard Arnav asked, “Where is Ruhaan?”

“He is in washroom!” Aman answered.

The next moment Arnav caught Aman’s collars and asked dangerously, “You knew it right? You knew that they are AK’s owners!”

Aman looked down and said, “Yes”

The next he received a tight slap. He looked up to see his angry boss who again and again slapped him.

“HOW DARE YOU AMAN? WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU INFORM! WHY DAMMIT?” Arnav shouted and again slapped Aman that he fell down.

It was then Ruhaan came there from washroom. He was hell shocked seeing his dad slapping Aman.

“Aman uncle....” Ruhaan exclaimed and ran to him. Helping him to get up, Ruhaan asked, “What is this dad? Why are you slapping him?”

“Ruhaan, stay out of this!” Arnav warned.

“But dad...” Ruhaan began when Aman said, “Ruhaan, go...”

Ruhaan nodded and walked away sighing.




Ruhaan walked around AK. He was at the AK boutique which was at 19th floor of AK Fashion house. He checked the time and found it to be 1.00 pm.

Rubbing his stomach, he mumbled, “I’m damn hungry!” And he walked to the lift and pressed the ground floor button where the grand mega canteen of AK was situated.





Everyone started murmuring seeing the rockstar Ruhaan entering the canteen. One by one, everyone gathered around him and started getting his autograph.

Ruhaan, who was damn hungry, signed every autograph with a painful expression in his face. Come on, he is hungry here and these people want him to smile for photos and sign his name on their bodies! Urrgh!

Fortunate for him, his bodyguards came to him and cleared way. Thanking his stars and the bodyguards, the rockstar walked to the counter and ordered, “2 hamburgers, 1 pizza, a chocolate shake and French fries...FAST!”

He sat on one of the chairs and could feel everyone’s and their camera’s gazes on him. Ignoring them, he concentrated on his food and started gobbling it. It was then he heard a cute voice calling him.


He turned to his left and found a small girl running to him. She stood before him and said in her cute voice, “Ruhaan, I’m a great fan of yours. Can I have your autograph please?”

Ruhaan laughed and said, “Sure sweetheart but not now! As you see, I’m having my food here!”

“Oh it’s okay! You give it to me after your food!” The girl said.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“ can call me Aashi!” Aashi said.

“Ok you have a pen and paper?” He asked.

“No. Why?” She asked.

“You need an autograph right? So, get me a pen and paper!” He said. “Oh yeah,” Aashi said smacking her head, “Stupid me! I’ll get it now. By then you complete your food!”





“Mamma....” Aashi called out as she entered her mamma’s cabin. But to her surprise, she saw her mother crying and Akash chachu handing her tissue papers.

“Mamma....what happened?” Aashi ran to her mother.

Khushi wiped her tears and sniffing her nose said, “Why are you here Aashi?”

“I came to see Ruhaan!” She squealed.

“And you bunked classes?” Khushi asked faking anger.

“ after lunch there is a function at school. I called NK chachu to pick me!” Aashi said.

“What function and why didn’t you attend?” Khushi asked.

“It’s father’s day celebration” Aashi said.

A silence prevailed.





“Ruhaan, please give me your autograph!” Liza, the ****iest model of AK asked in her seductive voice.

Ruhaan looked up from his pizza to find a barely clothed mannequin standing before him. Urrgh! How much does he hate such living mannequins! He looked up and saw her makeup covered ugly face.

“Sorry mam, I’m having my food here!” He replied rudely and continued to have his food.

“It won’t even take a minute Roo....” Liza said sitting on the chair opposite to him.

“Wait a second, what did you call me?” Ruhaan asked surprised.

“ a short for Ruhaan!” Liza said.

“Call me Ruhaan! Only my dad can call me Roo!” Ruhaan said rudely.

“But baby....even I’ll love you like your dad does....may be even more than him....” Liza said seductively when Ruhaan shouted,

“Don’t you ashamed to flirt with a school going boy who is 10 years younger than you? Are you that much characterless?”

Liza stood up in shock hearing his shout and Ruhaan stood up and lifted his food tray.

Looking at the people, he said, “Even I’m a human being and I need food! I’m having food after hours and naturally I’m damn hungry. So please, excuse me!” And he walked away holding the tray.






Little Aashi came running to canteen holding a pen and paper only to find Ruhaan missing.

“Where is Ruhaan?” She asked with a sad face to Aliya, Ruhaan’s PA.

Aliya pulled the cute doll’s cheek and said, “Ruhaan is upstairs baby. He is having his food!”

“Thank you didi...” Aashi squealed and ran upstairs.





“Ruhaan....” Aashi squealed as she opened the door. Ruhaan looked up from the burger and smiled seeing her.

“Come in Aashi....”

“Ruhaan, here is pen and paper. You give me autograph after having food.” Aashi said sitting by his side.

Ruhaan nodded and asked, “In which class are you studying?”

“First standard!” She said, “And you?”

“I’m in 11th” he replied. “Oh, which school?” Aashi asked and he said, “I don’t go to school. I have personal tutor!” he said with a smile and Aashi nodded.

“Ruhaan, can I call you Roo bhaiyya?” Aashi asked after a while.

Ruhaan looked at her surprised and she said, “Woh mamma says that we should not call elders by their name. You’re elder to can I call you Roo bhaiyya?”

Smiling at the innocent baby he said, “Sure my angel!”

Aashi giggled and asked, “So Roo bhaiyya who is your favourite singer?”

Ruhaan thought for a while and said, “Taylor Swift, why?”

“Taylor Swift?” Aashi asked with a frown, “You should love yourself Roo bhaiyya, you are the best singer!”

Ruhaan laughed and pinching her nose said, “So what? I have an angel to love me....” Aashi giggled and was about to say something when the door opened and a man entered.

Arnav entered the room in thoughts of Khushi when he heard a giggle inside the room. He looked up and saw a beautiful little girl sitting with Ruhaan.

The girl looked at him and for a moment he felt he was looking at him. Her eyes.....he could see a replica of his in her....he looked closely at the girl and found the most shocking part.

Her lips....her so resembled his Khushi...the way she was smiling at him and looked at him with her big brown eyes with resembled him, Arnav could find a form of his and his wife.....

“Dad...” Ruhaan’s call jerked him.

“Oh yeah....looks like you have a new fan!” he said and Ruhaan smiled and said, “Dad, this is Aashi...she is Khushi Singh Raizada’s daughter. And Aashi, this is my dad”

“Hii uncle...” Aashi said chirpily.

But he heard nothing beyond Khushi Singh Raizada’s daughter.

She is Khushi Singh Raizada’s daughter

She is Khushi Singh Raizada’s daughter

She is Khushi Singh Raizada’s daughter

He looked at the baby girl.

His eyes, her lips, his forehead, her hairs, his nose and her cheeks....

His and Khushi’s form of love!

His daughter!

Jun 30, 2016

Chapter 5 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 123 times)

Chapter 5


“Hello uncle...” Aashi again called.

Arnav jerked and saw her patting his hand.

“Hii, I’m Aashi...” she extended her hand.

Arnav chuckled in tears and shook hands with her.

“Why are you crying? Aren’t you happy seeing me?” Aashi asked pouting. 

Arnav laughed and wiping his tears, said, “No, I’m not crying. Something went into my eyes. And why would I be unhappy seeing a doll before me?” He said pulling her cheek.

Aashi giggled and said to Ruhaan, “Roo bhaiyya, your daddy is very sweet....”

Ruhaan smiled and so did Arnav.

It was then Aashi said, “Oops, I forgot to say something important.”

Ruhaan and Arnav looked at her confused and she said, “Today is my birthday and there is a party at home. Will you both come?” She asked in her cute voice.

Ruhaan and Arnav looked at each other and Aashi said, “Woh, invitation card is with mamma. But the birthday girl herself is inviting you both....please come....”

Ruhaan said, “I’ll be there!”

“Sachi?” Aashi asked with glistening eyes and Ruhaan said, “Muchi!”

“And uncle, what about you?” Aashi asked.

But Arnav was in another world.

Uncle! That was what HIS daughter called him. And today is HIS daughter’s birthday! And he is being invited for HIS daughter’s birthday party. What could be more painful?

“Uncle...” she patted his hand. Arnav looked at the girl who again asked, “Will you come?”

“ dear, I have some work...” Arnav began but stopped seeing her sad face.

“I’ll come!” He said at once seeing her about to cry.

Her face broke into a smile and said, “I’ll wait for you both! Party is at 8pm.”

“But why did you go to school on your birthday?” Ruhaan asked, “Usually birthday means a full day celebration right?” Aashi laughed and said, “Mamma won’t allow. She says studies are important than everything!”

“And your papa?” Ruhaan asked and the next moment her smile was wiped off. “I don’t have father” she said slowly.

How would the little girl know that her father is right next to her with his heart bleeding with her reply?

“Oops, mamma will be searching for me. I’ll go now, come for party okay?” Aashi said.

Ruhaan and Arnav nodded and Aashi ran away but not before getting an autograph of Ruhaan and also a selfie with him.

“Dad you okay?” Ruhaan asked seeing his father looking at the way Aashi ran.

Arnav nodded and walked away leaving Ruhaan confused.





“....and I got an autograph from Roo bhaiyya and I also took a selfie....he promised me that he would come for the party!” Aashi said but soon frowned seeing that neither her uncle nor her mom was listening to her.

Crossing her arms, she leaned on the backseat and said in her cute anger, “No one is listening to me!”

“Aashi, keep quiet. I’m really irritated now!” Khushi said and looked out of the window.

Aashi pouted her lips and looked at her chachu who was concentrating on the road.

“Oh yes, I also called Roo bhaiyya’s dad for the party!” Aashi said.

And that caught their attention.

“You did what?” Khushi asked angrily.

Scared of her mamma’s anger, Aashi said, “I invited Roo bhaiyya’s papa for...”

“WHO ASKED YOU TO?” Khushi shouted.

“Khushi ji...” Akash hissed and Khushi closed her eyes calming herself.

“I liked him. He is so nice. So I invited him.” Aashi said slowly.

Khushi kept mum and looked out of the window.






“You okay na?” Ruhaan asked to his dad who was looking out of the window. Arnav hummed and looked out.

Ruhaan sighed and recalled what he heard from the employees.

After Aashi ran away and his father exited the room, Ruhaan went to his bag and started searching his mobile. It was then he recalled that he had given his mobile to Aman.

Searching for Aman he walked downstairs when he saw a group of employees standing near the stairs and talking something.

Ignoring their office politics, he turned to walk away when he heard their words.

“So Arnav sir is back! But how come Ruhaan become his son?”

Hearing his and his dad’s name he turned to them. Hiding behind the wall he listened to their conversation.

“Now what will happen to Khushi mam? Arnav sir left her at the altar and she is still unmarried. Does Arnav sir know about Aashi being his daughter?” One employee asked.

“And how did he become Arnav Singhania? He is Arnav Singh Raizada right?” Another said.

“Hey, keep quiet. If Khushi mam hears his name being taken in office, she will fire us, remember?” Another said.

“Oh yes, she has ordered that no one should spell ASR inside AK campus!” Another said.

“But ASR is back!” Another said.

“No matter what, don’t take his name before her or else we’ll lose our jobs!” another said.

He glanced at his dad.

So Khushi Singh Raizada is the lady love of his dad.

Holy ****! How on earth could he ignore the name Raizada? His dad is Arnav Singh Raizada. Hearing Akash’s and Khushi’s name, it should have clicked in him!

So Akash is his chachu.

Khushi is the same girl whom his dad loves and left at the wedding day.

Aashi is her daughter.

Means, Aashi is his dad’s daughter.

Aashi is his sister!

Ruhaan smiled and looked out of the window.

So this is why dad slapped Aman uncle. He knew about this and kept it hidden from dad. Aman uncle wants dad and Khushi aunty to reunite and so do I.

He again looked at his dad who was still looking out.

I’ll reunite you and your wife dad. I’ll reunite you with your daughter. This is in return for every sacrifice you have made for me. This is my promise dad! It’s rockstar Ruhaan’s promise to you!







“Bua, Maasi, badi dadi, mami....I MET RUHAAN!” Aashi screamed and squealed at little Ayush (Payal and Akash’s four year old son), “Ayu....look I took a selfie with Ruhaan!”

“I also want to take selfie with him!” Ayu pouted.

“Don’t worry he’ll come for my birthday party today evening!” Aashi said beaming and Ayu squealed, “Really?” Aashi nodded.

Aashi and Ayu ran inside to copy Ruhaan’s pics to laptop when others noticed Akash’s angry and Khushi’s glomy face.

“What happened?” Payal asked.

“He is back” Khushi whispered.

“Who?” NK asked.

“As Ruhaan’s dad” Akash said.

“Who is back? And who is Ruhaan’s dad?” Anjali asked annoyed.

“Arnav Singh Raizada!” Akash said angrily.

Everyone stood rooted.

“Arnav bitwa is back?” Nani whispered and Akash said, “But not as ASR. He is Arnav Singhania now; Ruhaan Singhania’s father!”

“How come Arnav became Ruhaan’s dad? Ruhaan is 16 years old!” NK said confused.

Akash shrugged and Khushi walked upstairs not stopping for other’s call.






Sitting in front of the mirror, she pulled out the mangalsutra she had been hiding under a diamond necklace and removed the strand of hair which she had fixed for hiding the sindoor.

Clutching the mangalsutra, she whispered with tears rolling down her cheek, “Why Arnavji? Why did you leave me?”

She broke into tears and cried, “And why are you back now? Why are you hurting me? You didn’t trust me and my Amma. Like you dadi, you also believe that my Amma is the reason why your mother died. You doubted my love to be fake and didn’t come to altar....and WHY ARE YOU BACK NOW?”

She screamed at her own reflection.





Here at downstairs, Aashi had started narrating her experience with Ruhaan and none of the family members were able to go to Khushi’s room as they were made to sit on the sofa by the little girl.

“.....and his pa told that he is in his room and I went there. We talked a lot and I asked whether I can call him Roo bhaiyya and he agreed! It was then his daddy came”

Everyone looked at her as she started narrating about Ruhaan’s daddy.

“How sweet he is? He is so handsome and he talked with me. He agreed to come for party also! I thought Roo bhaiyya’s daddy will be rude and strict, but no, he is very sweet!” Aashi said.

Everyone looked away not being able to take that man’s praises.

Little did the girl know that the person whom she is addressing as Ruhaan’s daddy is actually her daddy!

Jul 6, 2016

Chapter 6 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 110 times)

Chapter 6



Raizada mansion shone like a palace. Of course it would! It was the Raizada princess’ birthday today. All the business giants of the country was invited by the AK group’s owners Khushi and Akash and everyone were enjoying the party except the Raizada family themselves.

“Aashi darling, it’s very late. Come and cut cake....see all the guests are waiting!” Khushi said calmly to her daughter.

Aashi nodded no and said firmly, “I’ll cut the cake only when Roo bhaiyya arrives!”

“Come on baby....he is a big star. Why would he come for your birthday party?” Khushi tried explaining it when Aashi said, “He promised that he would come. And his daddy also said the same. They......oh here they are!” Aashi cried seeing the media and also people running towards the entrance.

“It’s Ruhaan!”

Aashi and Khushi heard someone screaming and Aashi cried, “Roo bhaiyya came! Mamma I told you....see he came!” Aashi ran to the entrance.

Khushi turned back to her family who was standing stiff as a pole with their eyes fixed on the entrance.





“RUHAANNN!” people screamed as Ruhaan and Arnav walked through the entrance steps.

Reporters began their questions, “Ruhaan, is this your father? But isn’t he Arnav Singh Raizada, owner of AR Fashions who vanished in thin air seven years ago!”

Ruhaan chuckled and said, “Can you see him? Yes, don’t you? And so do I! So he did not vanish!” And he walked behind his father who was walking fast to escape the media.

As they got away from the media square, Ruhaan felt someone hugging his waist. He looked down and cried, “Oh my, who is this angel?”

He bend down to the girl’s height and said, “Hello dear angel, did you see the birthday girl Aashi anywhere?”

The girl squealed, “Roo bhaiyya, it’s me Aashi....”

“Oh!” Ruhaan acted surprised, “My goodness! You’re Aashi! You’re looking gorgeous!”

Aashi giggled and then said to Arnav, “Hello uncle!”

“Hello darling, happy birthday!” Arnav said with a smile and handed her over the gift.

“This is from your Roo bhaiyya and his daddy!” Arnav said as Aashi held the gift he gave her. “Thank you uncle!” She chirped.

Ruhaan gave a fake smile and looked at his dad who was smiling. He wondered, “Doesn’t it pain him when his own daughter calls him uncle?”


Aashi led them inside and walked to Khushi. “Mamma, see Roo bhaiyya and uncle came”

Khushi faked a smile and greeted them, “Welcome Ruhaan, Mr. Singhania!” She said without looking at Arnav.

Ruhaan mouthed a thank you and Aashi said, “Roo bhaiyya, come! I’ll introduce you to my little brother!” And she dragged Ruhaan away leaving Arnav and Khushi alone.

“Brother?” Arnav asked. Khushi looked at him and said emotionlessly, “Jiji and Jeeju’s son, Ayush!” And she walked away.

Arnav sighed and turned around to see the ad shoot’s director standing. He walked to him and they began their conversation.





“He’s still the same” Anjali whispered.

The Raizadas stood watching Arnav talking with the director when the Guptas commented.

Madhumati said, “If he comes near my Titaliya I’ll kill him!” 

Nani turned to her and said, “Don’t worry Madhumati ji, none of us will let him near Khushi bitiya!”

“Why is he back, for god sake?” Payal muttered angrily, “I wish he rot in hell! Look at him, after giving all pain to my sister he’s walking away happily with his so called son!”

“But I don’t understand how Ruhaan became his son! Arnav is 36 and Ruhaan is 16. Their ages doesn’t match!” NK said.

“I don’t care!” Shashi, who is now better and void of his wheelchair, said, “If he hurt my daughter more, I’ll not leave him!”

It was then Aashi and Ayush came there with Ruhaan.

“Roo bhaiyya, this is my family!” Aashi chirped.

Holding Ruhaan’s hand, Ayush hopped, “Roo bhaiyya, that’s my mamma!”

Ruhaan folded his hands and said Namaste to Payal who reciprocated it with a fake smile.

“This is Anjali bua, NK Chachu, Badi dadi, Mami and Nanibua ....” Aashi said and Ruhaan smiled at everyone folding his hands and gave a handshake to NK.

“I’m a great fan of you Ruhaan!” NK said, “If you don’t mind, can I have your autograph?”

Ruhaan smiled and said, “Of course!” And he signed his name in a paper for NK.

“Roo bhaiyya’s signature is very beautiful!” Ayush said, “I’ll also practise a good sign for me!”

Everyone smiled and Ruhaan said, “Of course young man! And I’ll be the first one to get your signature!”

“Sachi?” Ayush asked with glistening eyes and Ruhaan nodded.

Ruhaan turned around and said to the family, “My dad also came along! I don’t where he is! I would have introduced him to you all!”

Everyone’s smile faded hearing the mention of his dad which didn’t go unnoticed by him.

“Don’t worry Roo bhaiyya, I’ll find him and will introduce to family!” Aashi chirped and Ruhaan smiled and pulled her cheek.






The cake was cut and Aashi fed her mamma first and her family. She gave Ruhaan a piece too which he accepted with a smile. She went towards Arnav and said, “Uncle, please bend down!”

Arnav smiled and bend down as she fed him cake.

Ruhaan smiled at them while the Raizadas and Guptas stood with disgust expression. Khushi watched the father and daughter with tears about to spill. Hiding it cleverly, she said, “Aashi, come!”

Aashi turned and ran away to her mamma while Arnav watched his daughter’s retreating back.




The party was on full swing but Arnav stayed away from the family. He engaged himself in conversation with the shoot director, who said,

“Sir, there is a problem with the shoot. I have said this to Khushi mam and Akash Sir.” He said when Arnav asked, “What problem?”

“Sir, the couple who were appointed to act as Ruhaan’s parents in the shoot met with an accident! So we need to look for new people!”

“Okay, you arrange someone!” Arnav said.

“It’s not easy to get people in a short time! I have some contacts but all of them are tightened with their schedules. So, I was thinking whether....”

“Whether?” Arnav asked.

“Whether you could do the role of Ruhaan’s father in the ad! You’re his father. You needn’t act as one!” the director said.

Arnav sighed and said, “You can take as much as time, but bring some professional actors!” And he walked ignoring the director’s call.

He walked to the drinks section where he took a glass of wine. He stood there sipping it when he saw his family sitting around a huge table.

Anjali was saying something to Nani and was laughing. 

Mami was attacking her food while Payal and NK were sharing some jokes. Shashi and Madhumati were talking something with Akash. Khushi was listening to Anjali’s talks and everything looked so perfect.

A pang of pain hit him.

Once he was also a part of that little bunch of people. It was there where he belong to! Once it was him in the place of Akash when Khushi’s Buaji would start her rants about Laxminagar. It was him in the position of Payal when NK used to pester him calling him “Nannav”. He used be in Nani’s position listening to what his di was telling.

Once he was in mami’s position, sitting next to Khushi.

Khushi! His happiness!

A lone tear escaped his eyes which he wiped away before anyone notices.

Jul 10, 2016

Chapter 7 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 108 times)

Chapter 7



“Eat it Roo bhaiyya!” Aashi cried putting a plate of Jalebis before Ruhaan.

“No Aashi, I don’t like Jalebi!” Ruhaan said.

“No way, today is Aashi di’s birthday and you have to fulfil her wish!” Ayu cried.

“Eat it!” Aashi ordered and took a Jalebi forwarding it to his mouth.

Ruhaan looked at her forwarded hand and many images flashed to him.

“Roo bhaiyya, eat this!” A little girl of 5 cried holding a spoon of kheer before him.

“I don’t want this Ruhi!” He cried.

“Today is Ruhi’s birthday and you have to fulfil Ruhi’s wish! Eat it!” Ruhi cried forwarding the spoon.

“Roo bhaiyya!”

Aashi’s call jerked him and he looked at the little girl before him.

She so resembles her! His Ruhi! His little angel!

“Eat this!” Aashi again ordered.

Ruhaan looked at her with tears and opened his mouth slightly. Aashi fed him the Jalebi and asked, “Why are you crying?”

Ruhaan wiped the tears off and said, “Wo...these lights are hurting my eyes...”

“Oh, then we’ll go there!” Aashi said pointing upstairs.

Ruhaan nodded and the three kids went upstairs.







The party was growing more and more interesting and joyous when everyone got on the dance floor. Little Aashi and Ayush were the one who began it and soon every guest followed them.

Ruhaan stood far away with his dad who was looking at the Raizada parivaar. Ruhaan sighed and said to his dad, “Why don’t you go and meet them?”

Arnav looked at him alarmed.

“I know dad! I know that they are your family!” He said.

“How do you?” Arnav asked shocked.

“I heard some employees talking at AK and I confirmed it from Aman uncle!” He answered.

Arnav sighed and looked away when Ruhaan said, “You need to meet them and sort it out!”

“There is nothing to sort out!” Arnav said and walked away.

Ruhaan sighed and walked to the family. Raizadas and Guptas faked a smile at him. They liked this boy for sure! Even though he is star, he behaves very politely which is unlikely to all other rockstars in the world. But they hated him because he was with that man whom he calls dad. They disliked him because he considers that man as god and always sings his praises.

Ruhaan asked Khushi, “Will you join me for a dance?” He extended his hand.

Khushi and others looked at him shocked and he said chuckling, “What matters for a dance is height not age! We both are of same height. So....”

Khushi chuckled and nodding her head, gave her hand to him.






In the middle of their light dance, Ruhaan whispered, “Do you still love him?”

Khushi looked at him alarmed. He smiled and said, “I know about you. I know that you all are my dad’s family!”

Khushi looked away when Ruhaan asked again, “Do you still love him?”

“NO!” She said sternly.

“Is it the truth?” Ruhaan asked and Khushi looked at him his face and said, “Yes.”

“If so, then why are you wearing this chain?” Ruhaan asked pulling out her mangalsutra which was beneath her diamond necklace.

Khushi looked at him alarmed and then looked around. Thankfully no one saw them in between the huge crowd at dance floor.

She pulled it back and hid it when he said, “You do love him don’t you?”

Khushi looked away and said sighing, “Even if I love him, I won’t go to him! I won’t commit mistakes again and again!” And she walked away while Ruhaan stood watching her retreating back.







“Anjali bitiya, it’s very noisy here. We’ll go to the garden!” Nani said to Anjali who nodded and the ladies walked to the quiet and calm garden of Shantivan.

“Nani!” Anjali whispered and Nani looked at Anjali who was looking at a direction. Following her granddaughter’s vision, she saw Arnav standing in the garden.

Nani and Anjali looked at each other and then at the Arnav who was standing with his back facing them.

“Let’s go!” Nani whispered and tried to turn when Anjali whispered, making sure that he do not hear them, “Nani, he is smoking!”

Nani looked at his back and saw smoke around him. She looked at Anjali and said, “Let him! Come!”

Anjali looked down and then turned to go when her brace of leg hit the flower pot there.

“Aah!” She cried as she fell down. “Anjali bitiya!” Nani cried.

Nani bend down at Anjali and held her hand to make her stand. Anjali held Nani’s hand and tried to get up when her leg again got locked between the pots and she fell again.

Anjali bit her lips in pain and held Nani’s hand tightly. It was then she felt two strong hands holding her arms and pulling her up.

She looked up and saw her brother lifting her up. Holding her arms tightly, Arnav made her stand and he bend down and pulled out her saree pallu which was got hooked to the pot.

“Di, are you okay?” He asked softly.

Anjali looked at her Chotte! It was now she was seeing him closely after long seven years. He looks a bit old. A few grew hairs and stressed forehead, he looks very weak. But his eyes are still the same which holds nothing but concern towards his di. She looked at him with tears.

“Di, does it still pain?” He again asked holding her arm.

Nani looked at her grandson after seven years! A part of her wanted to hug him and scold him in her sweet way for going away from them. She looked at his figure which became leaner than before. His hands are as thin as a stick, as if he doesn’t have any flesh! His eyes were weak and had lost all his charms.

Anjali was about to say something when she heard NK’s voice, “Di.....”

Anjali and Nani turned back and saw NK coming. “Are you okay? What are you both doing here?” He asked. It was then he noticed Arnav.

He looked at Anjali and Nani and then at Arnav.

“Di...” NK began when Anjali said, “I’m fine NK bhai. My leg hit the pot and he helped me, that’s all!”

Anjali looked at Arnav and said, “Thank you for your help Mr. Singhania!” And she walked away holding Nani’s hand.

Arnav looked away and gulped down the lump formed at his throat when he heard NK’s voice, “Ruhaan is not your son, right?”

Arnav looked at her and said hoarsely, “For me, he is my son!”

NK smiled mockingly and said, “Have a great life, with your ‘family’!” And he walked away.

Arnav stood watching his brother, who knew nothing but pester him, walking away without even calling him “Nannav”.

He slipped his hands to his pocket and took his stress buster – cigarettes.


Jul 14, 2016

Chapter 8 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 103 times)

Chapter 8



Ruhaan was having fun with Aashi and Ayush when Ayush patted his tummy and said, “I’m hungry!”

“You already ate 2 pizzas!” Ruhaan said with his eyes wide.

Aashi chuckled and said, “He is a foodie Roo bhaiyya! He is always hungry!”

Ruhaan chuckled and said seeing Ayush pouting, “Ok we’ll go and eat something, come Ayu!” And the kids walked to the food counter.

Ayush took a big plate of food while Ruhaan and Aashi took juices. Aashi said pointing towards her family, “Come we’ll go there!”

The kids went to the family and sat with them. Although everyone was really uncomfortable with Ruhaan sitting among them, they didn’t show it in their faces.

“Aashi is a great fan of yours Ruhaan!” Anjali said, “She always listens to your music and if your concert comes up in TV, then she won’t even let Nani ji to watch news!”

Ruhaan laughed and Aashi bit her tongue and looked at Ruhaan with puppy face.

Unable to hold her curiosity, mami asked, “Ruhaan, you’re 16 but your dad looks young. How old was he when you were born?”

The smile on his face was wiped off. He looked at everyone and saw that everyone had the same expression on their face. Ruhaan looked at Aashi who also looked at him confused.

Ruhaan faked a smile and gulped down the drink.

“He is not your father right?” NK asked.

Ruhaan chuckled and said, “Why are you people so concerned about my dad? According to my knowledge, you people hates him right?”

Raizadas and Guptas looked at him with their eyes widened and Ruhaan said, “I know everything! And I know who you all are!”

“What are you talking about Roo bhaiyya?” Aashi asked confused, unable to get the head and tail of elder’s conversation.

“Nothing dear! Anyway, it’s time for me to go! See you tomorrow at AK’s office. You’ll come right?” Ruhaan asked to Aashi.

Aashi nodded her head and Ruhaan smiled. Giving her a kiss, he said, “Bye Aashi!”

“Bye...Roo bhaiyya!”








12.17 am

Raizada Mansion


“Akash, why aren’t you sleeping?” Payal asked as she found him standing in the balcony when she woke up for a glass of water.

Akash turned and said, “I was...err....not getting asleep!” And he turned back.

Payal walked to him and asked, “What’s wrong Akash?”

“I was....thinking about....err....bhai....” Akash stammered knowing well how Payal would react. And as expected...

“WHAT ABOUT HIM?” Payal asked sternly.

Akash sighed and said, “I was just wondering why he is doing all this? Why he did all those things? Why he left Khushi ji at mandap? And Ruhaan, how did he get Ruhaan? How can bhai let himself be someone’s dad? How...”

“Look Akash, if you’re so interested in getting answers ask the questions to your so called brother.” Payal said angrily.

Akash sighed, “I know you hate him...”

“I loathe him!” Payal whispered in disgust.

“Even I....but he is my brother Payal! There is an extent to which I can hate him!” Akash whispered.

“Khushi is my sister! And I love her unconditionally! That brother of yours made my sister cry! And I’ll never forgive her!” The possessive-protective sister in her said.

“What if he is repenting and wants to come back?” Akash asked.

“That’s your family’s decision to accept him or not. But I’ll make sure that he stays away from Khushi and Aashi!” Payal said and walked away while Akash watched her going.

“Why did you do that bhai? Khushi ji was your life. You even fought with your di for her! Then why?” Akash whispered.








Next morning

Raizada Mansion


“ the door! AKASH!”

The loud banging on the door broke Payal’s sleep. She sat up on the bed and looked at the time. 6 am!

She walked to the door and opened it to see a furious Anjali standing.

“What happened di?” She asked worriedly.

“Is Akash awake?” Anjali asked.

Payal looked at her sleeping husband and nodded no.

Anjali got inside and walked to Akash. Shaking him she called out, “Akash....wake up...”

“What’s wrong di?” Payal asked.

Anjali sighed and showed the newspaper she was holding to Payal.

Payal looked at the headlines and gasped.

Ruhaan “Singhania” – son of ASR and Khushi Singh Raizada?

New Delhi: Rockstar Ruhaan finally spotted together with his father about whom he sings praises. And it turned out that his father is none other than Arnav Singh Raizada, the business tycoon, who vanished from the business field seven years ago. So, is Ruhaan son of ASR and his wife Khushi Singh Raizada? Why is ASR away from his wife and daughter with his son?

From the sources, Ruhaan is 16 years old but ASR is only 36. So how come Ruhaan become his son? Did he born when his father was 20 years old? So ASR and Mrs. Raizadas were in a relationship years before their marriage or is it that ASR was in a relationship with someone else and Ruhaan is his son with some woman? Is it the reason why ASR and his wife split?

Who is Ruhaan’s mother?

Who is Ruhaan’s father?

Why did ASR and his wife split?

Stay tuned with Delhi Chronicles for further news.


“WHAT THE HELL?” Payal screamed.

Akash woke up and rubbed his eyes. Anjali shoved the newspaper to him and Payal said angrily, “I can’t believe this! Whoever this Ruhaan is and whoever his parents are, I DON’T CARE! THEY ARE DRAGGING MY SISTER’S NAME TO IT!”

“Payal ji, obviously they would! If Ruhaan is Arnav’s son, then obviously the question will turn to Khushi ji too!” Anjali said.

Akash sighed reading the paper and asked, “Did Khushi ji read this?”

Anjali nodded no and said, “She is still sleeping!”

Akash nodded and Anjali said, “Akash, call our PR and ask them to handle it. And yes, we have to stop this news to be telecasted in TV!”

Akash nodded no and said, “Ruhaan is the biggest celebrity the world has seen! The teen sensation! This news would have now been spread all around the world! We cannot stop this news now!”

“Then what to do? We can’t sit back and watch Khushi’s reputation being tarnished!” Payal said, “And what about Aashi? How would she react?”

Akash said, “Give me some time! I’ll think about it! But first, let me go and see him, the person who gave the news to media!” He said and walked to the wardrobe taking a suit.

“Who?” Anjali asked.

“Arnav Singhania!” Akash shouted as he got into the washroom.







Hotel Millennium


“I’ll handle it ASR. Don’t worry!” Aman said and walked away.

“Dad, just stay calm! You know the media guys! They’ll make a mountain out of a mole and will forget about it after two days! So, ignore!” Ruhaan said.

“No Ruhaan!” Arnav said, “Khushi is being involved here! She is being insulted! You’re being insulted! And hell, even Aashi is being dragged in! I cannot ignore this!”

“Then what are you gonna do?” Ruhaan asked.

Arnav sighed and was about to say something when the door of their room opened and Akash walked in.

He threw the paper on Arnav’s face and shouted, “LOOK WHAT YOU DID!”

Arnav looked at him weirdly and asked, “What are you saying?”

“Wow, what an acting Mr. Singhania! Look at the papers! I’m sure you have done this!” Akash shouted.

“WHAT? ME?” Arnav shouted.

“I’m sure you’re the one who gave the news to media!” Akash shouted.

“Excuse me, Akash what’s wrong with you?” Arnav asked.

“Oh please shut up!” Akash said, “I know what you want! You want to hurt Khushi ji again! In fact you want to hurt everyone of the family! That’s why you’re doing this right?”

Ruhaan sighed and said, “Mr. Raizada, anyone could have given the news! Hell, the media themselves were present in the party. So, how can you say that my dad gave the information to media?”

“I’m talking to your dad. You stay away Mr. Rockstar!” Akash said angrily.

“Don’t use that tone with my son!” Arnav said angrily.


“SHUT AKASH AND GET OUT OF HERE!” Arnav shouted. Akash said, “I’m going but dare you try to hurt my sister-in-law, no one will be able to save you from me!”

“Ho gaya aapka dialogue delivery? Now you may leave!” Ruhaan said.

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