Life goes on

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Jul 4, 2016

Life goes on (By Shiona) (Thanked: 27 times)

Life goes on

Part one


With every step, her heartbeat rose. She was nervous to see him. Every thought of hers was filled with how she was going to face him after that fateful night. She was able to tell everyone that she had received a job offer in Mumbai and that she needed to start straight away, therefore she would need to leave in the morning. She was unable to watch everything that was happening. Coming out of her thoughts, she realised she was finally home.


Five years. It had been five years since everyone had seen Khushi. Though everyone had been in contact with her, she never came back to Delhi. However, was a different story altogether. It was her elder sister, Payal’s wedding. She had to be there and there was no way that Payal would have gotten married. It had been a mission to get Khushi to come back to Delhi as she adamant on not attending due to work, but in the end she had succumbed to Payal’s demands and returned for two weeks. Arnav on the other hand was not sure Khushi was coming back for the wedding and how long she would be here for. He wasn’t even sure if she would be coming back for Payal and Akash’s wedding after what had happened. It wasn’t like he was excited for her to return after what had happened.


As soon as Khushi came inside her home with Payal who had gone to pick her up from the airport, everyone rushed to welcome her back. Her Amma, Babuji and Buaji showered her lots of hugs, kisses, love and food. After all they had three years to make up for. After catching up with the whole family, Khushi went to her room. After a long hot shower, all the tiredness had caught up with Khushi, and she decided to rest. Suddenly all the memories of the past had come back to haunt her. She didn’t know how she will last in these two weeks. What ever happens, she had to make sure that she showed everyone that she was happy and content with her life. Khushi made a promise to herself that what ever happens, she will not let anything affect her anymore and that no one will ever find out what happened in her life in the past five years.

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Dec 12, 2016

Part two (By Shiona) (Thanked: 58 times)

As Khushi laid back in bed, her mind flashed back to five years ago when everything was good and there was nothing to complain about, how everything turned upside down and how she ended up going to Mumbai.




Arnav and Khushi were inseparable as two 10-year-old kids and Inseparable as two teenagers in high school until they started college. Arnav got a scholarship to his dream university in USA so that he can be on the path to work towards his dream job, which to become a designer in not only fashion, but also in graphic designing. He was hoping to own a business in this area some day.


Khushi was happy that Arnav’s dream was on it’s way to becoming fulfilled. Khushi loved Arnav and was willing to do anything that would ensure his happiness, whereas Arnav was solely focused on achieving his dream that he didn’t realise that Khushi loved him. Two days before Arnav left for his studies, both families were spending time together when the Arnav and Khushi’s parents decided that when Arnav came back from his studies, he will get married to Khushi. Three years had eventually passed and everyone was eagerly waiting for Arnav to return home.


Unfortunately, things changed over time. Arnav was completely engrossed in fulfilling his dream that he couldn’t see anything ahead. He believed that there was nothing more important in life than his dream and achieving that was far more important than anything else.


The day had arrived when Arnav returned home. Khushi was extremely happy and went to Arnav’s house with her family where everyone waited for the newly graduate to return home. Once Arnav got home, he was spoiled rotten. Everyone had a fun time reliving the past memories, making fun of one another and talking about the last three years. Arnav thought that now would be the correct time to tell everyone, including Khushi, however their excitement would not last too long before Arnav dropped a bombshell on them.


Arnav: “I think that now maybe a good time to tell you some good news”


Nani: “Really”


Arnav:”I have decided to get married”


Upon hearing the news, everyone rejoiced, however it was to be short lived when Arnav dropped the bomb…


Arnav: I want to get married, but to my choice, someone that has captured my heart in these three years


~~~Khushi started to feel nervous as to where Arnav was going with this. Each word that came from him started to raise her heart beats, and nothing was starting to make sense anymore~~~


Nani: where are you going with this


Arnav: Nani, I want to marry Meera


Anjali: Meera?


Akash: Who is Meera?


Arnav: I met Meera in the states while I was studying. We became good friends over time. We never realised how and when we fell in love. It just happened. I only realised that Meera was the only girl that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I only realised this when I came close to losing her when she had an accident last year. I felt like without her, my ife would cease to exist. I would be nothing without her.


Nani: Chote stop right there. You do remember what was decided before you left


Arnav: Yes Nani and at that time I didn’t know Meera, I didn’t know I would fall in love. I love Khushi, but as a friend. I have never seen her in that sense. Please try to understand where I am coming from.


~~~Listening all of this, Khushi knew that she couldn’t fall weak in front of everybody. If Arnav was happy with someone else who he loved with all his heart, she would make sure that Arnav and Meera would marry with everyone’s best wishes and blessing. No one would ever stand in love’s way ever~~~


Khushi: Nani, if Arnav wants to Meera and loves her, what is the problem?


Nani: Khushi you know very well that you and Chote were to be married when he got back


Khushi: But Nani, would it right if me and Arnav got married. Neither of us would ever be happy.


Nani: But Khushi, you


Khushi: Nani, if you really want me to happy, please let Arnav and me be happy. If Arnav’s happiness lies in Meera, I would also be happy and content in life that I didn’t come in between two people. Please Nani. At least meet Meera and see how she is for yourself. I trust Arnav’s choice and his choice is never bad. Please Nani for me.


After hearing Khushi’s pleas, everyone finally agreed to meet Meera and see if she is worthy to be the Raizada’s daughter in law. Khushi went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water when Arnav came in behind her.


Arnav: Khushi thank you so much. I knew that if I tried to convince everyone, I would be having a tough time. If you were not there, I don’t know how I would managed everyone. You really are my best friend. I love you yaar.


Khushi: I love you too and really Arnav, you are thanking me. I really want you to be happy in life and want the best for you. Anyway, you helped me getting out of this marriage business. I was looking for an excuse to tell you, but I am happy for you. By the way tell me how is Meera. Do you have a photo of her?


Arnav: I am not showing you here photo


Khushi: Why?


Arnav: Why see her photo when you can actually meet her.

Khushi: What, you mean…


Arnav: Yup. She is here in Delhi now. She doesn’t have anyone. She is an orphan. Right now she is staying in a hotel. How about you go and get ready. I’ll call Meera. Sound like a plan


Khushi. Sounds like a good plan. I’ll go and get ready. See you soon


After Khushi left to get ready, Arnav called Meera and told her everything that had happened and to meet him and Khushi at a nearby café. As for Khushi, she had held in her tears for so long along with her heart tearing up inside. She broke down and cried her heart out, but decided that she had to be strong and strong she would be. Now it’s show time. She would show everyone that she was happy with how things progressed and she was determined that Arnav would marry the love of his life no matter what and with that, she met up with Arnav and both of the headed towards Arnav’s destination.


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