SS: Broken Strings

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Jul 9, 2016

SS: Broken Strings (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 40 times)



Of all the people in the world, I love him the most! My son! He isn’t just my son! He is my life! Khushi changed my life, but when he came....everything hope! I hope they are not hurting my son. He acts as strong but is even scared of a small injection. How will he stay there?

Closing the diary, he looked at the time. It was 12.25 am.

A lone tear escaped his eye.

Every year he used to be here, hugging him and wishing him “Happy Father’s day dad!”

He opened his diary again and wrote in his beautiful cursive handwriting,

I’m sorry son....forgive me....







"I still remember when he called me “Amma”. His first word! My raja! He wasn’t just my son! He was everything to me. If Arnav ji was my heart, then he was my heartbeats. Every night, he used to come to me and kiss my forehead wishing me “Goodnight Amma” in his soft voice and stunning smile.

I wish he was here, wishing me goodnight and kissing me.....I wish I could cuddle him like I used to do in his childhood.....

I’m sorry my raja.....apni Amma ko maaf kardo...."

She murmured caressing her son’s photo.







You’ll cry for every tear of mine....

You’ll suffer for every suffering of mine.....

You’ll die for the pain you have caused to me...

Of all the people in this world, I hate you the most dad and don’t deserve to be called that....for every suffering of mine, I’ll take the revenge from you....

I hate you both....

I HATE YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He scribbled in the dirty notebook in his ugly handwriting.

Jul 9, 2016

Chapter 1 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 48 times)

Chapter 1


“Happy father’s day papa!” Angelina or Angel hugged her father Akash Singh Raizada and cried.

The whole family sat shocked. Akash looked at his brother who had his eyes down at the floor and his fists clutched. Turning at his daughter and glaring at her, he swiftly moved away from her and changed the topic, “Di, what’s breakfast today?”

Anjali who was looking at her sister-in-law, who had her fingers holding the spoon of curry bowl tightly and her eyes closed, said, “ I made Khushi ji’s favourite dishes!”

“Hello hi bye bye...chalo...let’s eat!” Mami said and everyone nodded when Arnav stood up and walked away ignoring his sister’s and brother’s calls. Khushi kept the curry bowl aside and followed her husband.

“What’s wrong with you Angelina?” Akash asked sharply. Angel looked down and bit her lip. “I’m sorry papa!”

“We had told you right? I knew you would wish your papa! But haven’t we warned you not to?” Payal asked angrily, “Look what you have done!”

“Angel, your one mistake has caused Chotte sad! Did you see him? He became so upset! And so did Khushi ji!” Anjali said sternly.

Angel looked down and sighed. She looked at her family and said, “Why should I care? It’s because of Arnav chachu and Khushi maasi that Advay is not here. If you all miss him then why don’t you bring him back?”

“Stop it Angel!” Akash shouted, “We have talked about this before! You’re not a small girl that we have to repeat this again and again! Advay is not well. And he needs to be there!”

Angel looked away and whispered, but audible to everyone, “And who made him unwell?”

“Angel, please...” Payal whispered.

Angel sighed and taking her bag walked away but not before saying to Akash, “Happy father’s day dad! And please ask your brother to visit him, at least today!”








“Khushi ji...” Anjali called out as she entered her bhabhi’s room.

Khushi looked up from the album she was holding and smiled, “Come in di!”

Anjali came in and sat on the bed near her. “Are you crying?” Anjali asked seeing her tear strained cheeks. Khushi looked down at the album and said, “No di, I was just looking at these....”

Anjali looked at the photos and smiled through her tears.

Khushi caressed a photo and said in a chocking voice, “He was such a naughty baby! Look at him, chewing my dress!” Anjali looked at her bhabhi and tears rolled down her cheek seeing her state.

Turning the pages, Khushi said moving her fingers over the photo, “His first step! Thanks to Nanhe ji for filming it! Look at Arnav ji....he is stretching his arms for his son.” And she laughed, “I expected my son to be mummy’s raja...but he turned out to be a daddy’s boy!”

Anjali nodded and clutched Khushi’s hand tightly.

“I’m fine di” Khushi said in a broken voice, “I’m fine! I’m okay!” She said trying hard to smile through her overflowing tears.

“Khushi ji...” Anjali said wiping her bhabhi’s tears.

“I want to meet him” Khushi said in tears.










Aman’s voice jerked him. “Yes Aman!” he asked.

“Err....ASR, they are waiting for your answer!” Aman said.

Arnav looked at his London clients sitting before him and then at his PA. He sighed.

“ASR, are you okay?” his client asked in his pure British accent, “You’re pretty lost during the presentation too!”

Arnav looked away and said, “Err...yeah...yeah I’m fine! Sorry, I was just...lost....If you don’t mind, can we have this meeting later?”

“Sure!” His clients agreed and Arnav stood up walking to his cabin.



“Black coffee, without sugar!” He ordered to Aman who nodded and walked away.

Slumping on his chair, he closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

He clutched the either sides of his chair and recalled what it is today. Father’s day! The day which comes every year and when his son would rush to his room at sharp 12 to wish him!

He never had anyone to wish this day! His father was a cruel **** who cheated his mother. Father’s day held no significance for Arnav Singh Raizada. It was 27 years ago he realized how it feels to be a father. Arnav smiled faintly remembering the day he had held his son for the first time. He was so small that he feared he would drop him. His cute nose was like Khushi’s and he had a sudden urge to pinch his son’s nose! Khushi had laughed at him that day and said, “Arnav ji....don’t pinch his nose like you do to me!”

He chuckled recalling those days when he and his 6 year old son together bothered Khushi. She became hell angry seeing her favourite saree torn into bits. When she confronted them, they both had answered, “We don’t like that saree! You should not wear it!” And Khushi had looked at them both with her signature look with her mouth in O shape.

Arnav looked at his table and took the photo in his hand. It was his, Khushi’s and his son’s photo. It was taken 4 years back when he had passed out his college.

Caressing his son’s face, he murmured, “I’m so sorry Advay!”

“Sir!” Aman came in that moment and Arnav kept the photo at the table. Aman gave him coffee and said by giving him his phone, “Khushi bhabhi is calling Sir. Your phone was switched off. So she called me!”

“Yes Khushi!” Arnav asked.

“Arnav ji I want to meet him...” His wife said in her broken voice from the other side.

Arnav sighed and said by closing his eyes, “Get ready. I’ll come now!” He stood up and giving Aman his phone back, said, “Cancel my meetings and inform Akash that I’m leaving!” and he walked out of AR.







He bit his lips preventing himself from crying out loud. The sharp needle they are piercing into his skin was hell painful. He closed his eyes tightly and sucked the blood that sprouted from his lips. He could feel something being injected into him. Some liquid was flowing into his nerves. Not able to take the pain, he gasped. His vision was blurred and as more and more the injection pierced, the more and more he felt dizzy.

Slowly, Advay Singh Raizada fell into unconscious. While slipping to unconsciousness, his lips moved slowly as an attempt to say, “Happy father’s day papa”









“How is he?” Arnav asked.

Dr. Malhotra adjusted his specs and said, “Not well. We had taken him to Dr. D’souza for a counselling. He became violent and Dr. D’souza was injured.”

“Injured? How?” Khushi asked.

Dr. Malhotra sighed and said, “Advay beat him with a flower vase”

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other in tears and Akash who had come along clutched his bhai’s shoulder to make him strong.

“We have sedated him. He is sleeping now!” Dr said and Khushi asked, “Can we meet him?”

The doctor nodded.






She caressed her son’s thick hair. His eyes had dark circles around it and his beard looked grown. He needs a shave. She shuddered seeing his pale face which showed no sign of life. Biting her lips to prevent her sobs, she leaned and brushed her nose with his forehead. Closing her eyes, she whispered, “I love you baby....”

Arnav stood away watching his son lying on the bed with both of his hands and legs tied to the bed. His pale face and uncombed hair was all enough to tell him that he is not well. He watched Khushi leaning over him and sighed. Staring at his son’s white face, he whispered, “Get well soon my boy....”  

Jul 10, 2016

Chapter 2 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 53 times)

Chapter 2



“Meet Dr. Kiara Chaturvedi” Dr. Malhotra introduced a young girl to Arnav, Khushi and Akash.

Kiara smiled and shook hands with them and Dr. Malhotra said, “From today Kiara will be handling Advay’s case.”  

Arnav and Khushi looked at the girl who looked very young to be a doctor. They both looked at each other. Kiara smiled and said, “Mr and Mrs. Raizada, I may look young but I’m an experienced physiatrist. Don’t worry; your son will be fine!”

“How do you know that we’re thinking about that?” Arnav asked surprised.

She chuckled and said, “As I said, I’m an experienced physiatrist!” And she walked away saying, “See you soon Raizada.”

Arnav, Khushi and Akash looked at Dr. Malhotra who said smiling, “Don’t worry, she is the best!”








She relaxed on the chair of her cabin. It was her breaks and she was sipping her tea. Her thoughts drifted to her younger brother – Advay.

Tears formed in her eyes thinking about her brother’s state. He clearly doesn’t deserve this! If he is suffering now, then it’s all because of Arnav chachu and Khushi maasi. If only they had agreed that day, Advay would’ve been fine!

“How will he be? Is he okay? How is he staying there?” she mumbled, “And that doctor! Idiot! He won’t even allow me to see him. Says only parents can visit him! Idiots!” She muttered.

She clutched the little Devi maiyya idol at her desk and mumbled, “Please Devi maiyya, take care of my little brother”








Night, 11.30 pm


Arnav walked into the bedroom after changing to a tee and track pants to see his wife already on the bed.

He sighed. He knew she was crying beneath that blanket. From the moment they came back, she had locked up herself and cried her heart out. It took Angelina an hour to make her Khushi maasi open the door.

He lied beside her and called softly, “Khushi....”

Khushi turned and suddenly hugged him with all her might. Hugging him tightly as she can, she broke down on his chest. Arnav sighed and lied hugging her.

She drained his tee with her tears and said in a chocking voice, “Let’s bring him back Arnav ji....he is...he is in pain...our son....bring him back....we’ll take care of him! We’ll make him fine! He just need love and care....”

“Khushi....” he murmured painfully, “You know that he is really unwell....he should be there....”

“He is in pain Arnav baby is suffering! Those people, they....they tied his hands....and....” she broke into sobs.

Arnav felt tears rolling down his cheek and said in a chocking voice, “He’ll be fine!”

“I want him to be here...with me....please....” she begged.

“He can’t be here...he needs to be fine!” Arnav said brokenly, “He is dangerous to everyone here!”

“MY SON IS NOT MAD!” Khushi screamed and sat up on the bed. Arnav sat up and whispered, “No matter how much we shout the truth won’t.....”

Khushi cupped his face and said, “He is not mad....he is just restless....just....”

Arnav looked at her and said, “You know that he is! You aren’t just agreeing!”

Khushi bit her lip and said, “My son is fine!”

“He is not!” Arnav whispered in his hoarse voice.

Khushi broke into sobs and kept on saying, “My baby is alright! He is just fine!”

Arnav blinked his tears and whispered, “I wish he was!”








He looked around at his dim lighted cell and clutched the notebook hard. He opened his notebook and started scribbling.

I want to go home....away from here...away from all dim lights here! These lights scare me! These bars frighten me! I just want to be away....with my family!

I’m not mad! Why don’t anyone understand me! I’m fine! I’M ABSOLUTELY FINE!

I want to be with papa. Today is father’s day. I want to wish him, to take him out like I do every year. I want to be with mamma....I want to be with Hanna...

Hanna, my girl....I wanna be with her. I wanna hug her and kiss her and say her how much I love her.......

I love you Hanna...

I love you Papa....

I love you Mamma.....

Please take me away from here....please...I wanna be with you all. Please come to me and get me from here!









Morning, 8.45 am


He sat in his cell eating the stale chapatti and dal. He looked out and saw uniformed staffs dragging a person out of his cell. The person was struggling and kicking.

He knew where they were taking him. To tie him around the chair and pass those terrific shocks into his head! He closed his eyes. He could still feel that pain! He rolled up his sleeve and looked at the injection mark they had given him. He pressed his finger there and took it back in reflex due to the pain shooting through his nerve.

It was then he heard that voice.

“Hello Advay”

He looked up and frowned seeing a beautiful young woman standing before him, outside the cell. She nodded at the staff who opened his cell and many staffs came in.

He jumped on his feet and cried, “No...PLEASE....DON’T TAKE ME TO THAT ROOM!!!! PLEASE....PLEASE DON’T....”

“Ramlal, Rahim....” the woman said, “Go...”

“But mam...” they cried and she looked at them sharply. They nodded and went out silently.

Advay stood at the corner of the cell with his heart beating fast and sweat beads in forehead.

She smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’m not going to take you to give shocks!”

He let out a breath of relief and then asked, “Who are you?”

“Dr. Kiara Chaturvedi” She said extending her hand.

He frowned at her hand and asked, “Why are you here?”

She withdrew her hand and said, “To be your friend, obviously!”

“You think I’m a fool? Physiatrists introduce themselves as friends and then start their treatment!” He said.

She smiled and said, “You’re sharp Mr. Advay Singh Raizada. But since I have travelled a lot to Delhi for you, I should have the privilege to be your friend right?”

“Who asked you to travel a lot for me?” He asked frowning.

She laughed and said, “I was at Ratnanagari when Dr. Malhotra’s call came. Oh, you don’t know Ratnanagari right? It’s a small village in Madhya Pradesh!”

But he heard none after the word Ratnanagari.


His girl, Hanna....

Hanna....Ratnanagari...her birthplace...the place about which she sings praises....

His girl!




A loud scream echoed in his ears. Many images flashed and he clutched his hair.

“Advay, you okay?” Kiara asked.

He looked at her in pure anger and hatred.

She stood shocked seeing his change of behaviour.

“GO AWAY!!!!!!!” He shouted at the top of his voice.

“Advay relax!” She said calmly.

“GO AWAY! JUST GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!” He shouted and threw a glass that was there in the cell.

She jumped out of her skin and somehow dodged the glass. She widened her eyes in horror seeing his taking the mud pot inside the cell.

“GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!” He shouted and threw the pot to her.

She moved away and the pot hit the wall breaking into pieces. The staffs came running and they all caught hold of him.

“Take him to the ward!” She ordered.

“NO....LEAVE ME...I WON’T COME THERE.....LEAVE ME....PLEASE DON’T......DON’T DO THIS!!!!!!!!!” He shouted as they dragged him to the ward.



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chapter 3 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 48 times)

Chapter 3



“Arnav baba....someone is here to meet you!” Hari Prakash informed Arnav who was sitting with the whole family at breakfast table.

“Who?” Arnav asked.

“A girl. She said that she is Advay bitwa’s doctor,” HP said.

“Kiara!” Akash exclaimed and Arnav stood up, “Bring her in!” He said and HP nodded and walked away.

After a while he came in with Kiara beside him.

The whole family watched a young lady in a beautiful white and maroon kurti walking in.

“Hello Mr. Raizada” Kiara greeted and shook hands with Arnav. And she folded hands to everybody there which all reciprocated.

Turning to Arnav, she said, “I’m here to talk about Advay”

Arnav nodded and said, “Come, we’ll sit in the living room!”

She nodded and the whole family sat in the living room. HP gave a glass of juice to Kiara who accepted it with a smile.

She sipped her juice and asked, “Are you all from Madhya Pradesh?”

“No, we’re from Lucknow!” Anjali said.

“Have you ever gone to Madhya Pradesh?” Kiara asked to which everyone nodded no.

“How is Advay related to Ratnanagari?” She asked.

“Ratnanagari?” Everyone asked confused.

Kiara looked at everyone and said, “Has Advay ever been there? Is he related to that place?”

Everyone nodded no and said, “We don’t even know that place!”

Kiara sighed and narrated what happened in the morning.

“He was talking with me but the sudden mention of this place changed his behaviour. He is related to this place! He knows someone from there! Someone who is close to him! Does he have someone special in his life?” She asked.

Everyone looked at each other and hesitated to say.

“I’m his doctor and I can only treat him if I know everything about him!” Kiara said seeing their hesitance.

“Hanna” Khushi said slowly.

“Who is Hanna?” Kiara asked.

“His wife” Arnav said.









“How are you feeling?”

Advay was clutching his notebook in one hand and resting his head in other inside his cell when he heard her voice. He looked up and saw Kiara.

She came in and kneeled before him. “Hello mister, I’m talking to you....”

“Just go away...” He said angrily.

She chuckled and said, “Itna gussa! Chalo, we’ll do something to get rid of your gussa!”

He looked at her. She smiled and said, “We’ll go for a walk. Come!”

He looked at her surprised. “Walk?” He asked excited.

She smiled seeing his excitement and nodded. “Where?” He asked with glistening eyes.

“In the garden!” She said.

He nodded and jumped on his feet. “Let’s go!” He said excitedly as he stepped out of the horrible cell, after one whole month!

“Come on....let’s go....” he cried to Kiara. In his excitement to leave the cell, he didn’t notice that he had left his notebook on the floor which she had noticed.




“So you love football?” Kiara asked as they sat on the garden bench.

“Yep! And basketball too! Dad and I used to play it every evening!” He said with a smile.

“Oh, Mr. Raizada is a good player?” Kiara asked to which he nodded and said, “Dad is the best! When I was in school, he used to teach me and my friends! And we won the basketball championship those days!”

“Wow!” She exclaimed, “And doesn’t your uncle join?”

Advay laughed and said, “He do but soon go out due to his foul play. NK chachu will be the referee and the battle will be between me and dad! You know, he is the best dad! I love him so much!”

“And who wins in the game?” She asked.

“As always him!” He said smiling.

She chuckled and asked, “And what about your mamma? Doesn’t she join you?”

Nodding no he said, “She don’t know how to play. Dad had tried to teach her but she ended up messing with everything. And dad isn’t much patient. He scolded her badly and she declared that she won’t ever touch basketball in her life!”

Kiara chuckled and he said smiling, “They are such a cute couple!”

“And what about you mister?” Kiara asked suddenly.

“Me? What about me?” He asked confused.

“Do you have someone so that I can comment ‘such a cute couple’ for you?” She asked playfully but her eyes bored into him.

As she expected, his fingers clutched his pants tightly and his nerves started protruding out. She looked at him carefully and found his breathing irregular. His eyes were blood red and he was looked murderously at the tree in front of him.

“I know about Hanna!” She said slowly observing his expressions.

He shot looked at her and said in his angry voice, “He told you, isn’t it?”

“He? Your dad? Yes, he told me!” She said.


The attenders came running and Kiara stopped them by showing her hand.

“Why do you want to kill him? He is your father! Whom you love the most!” Kiara said.


“Advay....” Kiara began when he shouted,


The pot crashed in front of her and she looked at him horrified and watched him falling unconscious. She signed the men who held him and took him to the ward.








“Any updates?” Arnav asked to Akash as he entered his study.

Sighing, Akash said slowly, “No bhai!”

“It’s been a month Akash! What the hell are they doing? And they call themselves as police!” Arnav shouted.

“I don’t know bhai! They said they are enquiring but no results yet!” Akash said.

“I need to find Hanna! It’s the only way to bring back Advay!” Arnav whispered.

“Have faith bhai! We’ll find her!” Akash assured him.







“Keep him in the ward for this night!” Kiara said to the attenders nodded and she walked out.

It was night and most of the patients were sleeping in the cell. She walked to his cell and opened it. Stepping inside it, she spotted the notebook.

She had noticed him scribbling something in it the first time she saw him. That was a day before, when Dr. Malhotra mentioned about him to her and took to his cell. She had stood far away and noticed his actions. Even today morning she noticed him sitting with the notebook on his hand.

She bent down and took the dirty notebook.

Rehabilitation Institute for Physiological Disorders (RIDP) was printed on it. “So this is hospital’s notebook which the authority gives to every doctor! How come this is with Advay?” she asked to herself, “He must have taken it from Dr. Malhotra’s cabin.” She spotted a pen and nodded, “Yes, Dr. Malhotra’s parker pen. He uses parker pens. So he took it from doctor’s cabin!”

She took the notebook and walked out of the cell locking it.

She sat on her chair in the cabin and opened the first page of the notebook.

An ugly handwriting greeted her.

She sighed and concentrated hard to catch the words.






After two hours.

She closed the notebook and gasped.

When Dr. Malhotra mentioned about this 27 year old man, she had thought that this one would be done like other cases of her. She had become his friend just like she does in all her cases and was trying the same procedures.

But no!

This is more complex.

She drank a glass of water and looked at the notebook.

She bit her lips while the words in the notebook were again and again coming into her mind.

“I need to meet Raizada family!” She mumbled and looked at the time. 10.00 pm!

“Doesn’t matter! I need to talk to them NOW!” She mumbled and stormed out of the building with her car keys and the notebook inside her bag.

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Chapter 4 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 51 times)

Chapter 4



Kiara drank a glass of water and looked at the tensed faces of the people before her.

She sighed and demanded, “Tell me the full story of Advay Singh Raizada!”

“But I told you about...” Arnav began when Kiara said sternly, “I mean everything Mr. Raizada! I want to know everything about Advay, Hanna and this whole family!”

Everyone looked at each other and Khushi said in her soft voice, “Advay was a very jolly kid. He used to play pranks on everyone here, especially on me! A complete daddy’s boy is he. He couldn’t tolerate a word against his father. He couldn’t even bear di or me scolding Arnav ji. He loves him unconditionally.

As he grew up, he went to Harvard for his studies. Those four years were like four hundred years for everyone here. We used to visit him often at States and he too used to do the same. When he returned back, he joined Arnav ji in his office. Everything was just perfect. A happy life, happy work atmosphere, happy family.....when she entered! Hanna!”


1 and half years before.


“Come on Advay! Just this time!” Rahul, Advay’s friend at AR, said.

“No way dude. If dad or mom comes to know then....” Advay began when Rahul said,

“Arrey, they won’t know. Come! Let’s rock dude!”

“You want to enjoy by dancing at a bar?” Advay asked frowning “A night club would do but a desi bar...” he finished with a hesitation.

“You haven’t visited desi bars right? They are superb! Far better enjoyment than at night clubs! Just come yaar! You can get back home at 10 o’ clock. Tell your dad that you were at my home with me!” Rahul said.

Advay thought for a while and said with a wicked smile, “A small lie won’t harm!”

“Of course it won’t!” Rahul said excitedly, “Let’s go! We’ll call Aashiq, Peter and Rolf too!”

Advay nodded and Rahul ran to get their other friends.





Drinking the desi daru, the boys were having their time when Aashiq cried, “Hey guys, that’s her!”

Everyone turned their heads and Rahul cried, “Oh Mohini! My dear....”

“Advay, that’s Mohini...the hottest girl alive on earth! She is the bar dancer here!” Rolf said.

But Advay heard none.

He just saw the slim beautiful girl dancing on the stage. Her long hair bounced as she danced and her beautiful eyes looking at everyone before her. Wearing a blood red choli she was looking damn irresistible! He suddenly had an urge to kiss those red lips that was moving according the lyrics.

“Who is she?” He asked in daze.

“Mohini!” Aashiq said.

The girl noticed the gang and waved her hand. Advay looked at his friends waving back.

“We often come here. She knows us!” Peter said.

“Hey she is coming!” Rolf elbowed Advay who looked at the girl who was coming to them holding a tray.

“Have your drink boys!” she said placing the tray.

“Mohini’s touch and the drinks are tastier!” Aashiq said as he took the drink for a sip.

She laughed and asked, “Who is this handsome man?”

“Ah, Advay, our friend!” Rolf said.

“A silent type I guess!” she said looking at Advay who just looked at her.

“You’re right! Can you make him alright?” Peter asked.

“Only if he is willing!” She said smirking. Extending her hand she said, “Time for a dance handsome....”

Advay looked at his friends who cheered for him. He looked at the girl and then placed his hand on hers.






Next day

6.45pm at AR


“Dude, why don’t we go to Chameli bar?” Advay asked to Rahul. Rahul dropped his work and looked at him shocked.

“OMG! Is this Advay speaking?” Rahul asked surprised.

“Come on!” Advay said smacking him, “Let’s go tonight!”

“And what will you say to ASR?” Rahul asked with his eyebrow raised.

“I was at your flat!” he said.

“You said that yesterday!” Rahul said laughing.

“Then today I was at Rolf’s flat!” Advay said smirking.

“Hmm...” Rahul said crossing his hands, “Smitten by Mohini huh?”

Advay laughed and said, “Come on dude! Are you crazy?”

“I’m not, you’re!” Rahul said smirking.

“Shut up Rahul!” Advay cried.

Rahul laughed and said, “She won’t be there today! She dances at Chameli bar once in a week!”

“But why?” He asked shocked.

Rahul shrugged and said, “I don’t know! But why are you concerned?” He asked smirking.

Advay nodded a no and said, “I’m not concerned. I just asked!”

Rahul chuckled and said, “Okay then, we’ll go today!”

“Today? No, actually I remembered it now! I have to take mamma for shopping. Bye!” Advay said and ran away.

Rahul stood laughing seeing his friend’s retreating back.





2 hours later


“Come on, will the rain ever stop?” Advay cursed as he drove through lonely streets of Delhi in heavy rain.

Switching on his stereo, he started humming his favourite music that played and looked out of a window.

He was driving smoothly until he saw that.

He suddenly stopped his car and looked at the opposite side of road.

In the heavy rain, under the orange street light, he saw a beautiful girl in a brown skirt and white top dancing.

He lowered his window glass and looked at the girl. His lips curved into a smile. Mohini!

He opened the car door and walked towards her in the rain not even caring that his brand suit is being wet. He walked to her and stood behind her while she danced not knowing his presence.

She was laughing and dancing when she twirled to see him.

She jerked backwards and looked at him.

“Ah! You?” She said recognizing him, “You were with Rahul na? What was your name...err....”

“Advay!” He said.

“Ah yes, Advay!”

“Why are you here?” He asked.

“I’m going to work!” She replied.

“But you’re dancing here!” He said.

She chuckled and said, “I was going to work when it started raining and I danced!”

He smiled. She said pointing towards a shed, “Come, we’ll stand there till rain slow down!”

He nodded and they both walked to the shed.



She took out a duppatta from her bag and wiped her head while he sat on the bench at the shed looking at her. She was humming some song and caressing her hairs. He smiled and asked, “You love dancing and singing?”

She looked and him and nodded. Handing him the duppatta, she said, “Wipe your head!”

He held the duppatta and wiped his head.

“Do you also work with Rahul?” She asked.

He nodded.

“Where do you work?” He asked. “You know where I work!” She said surprised.

“But Rahul said that you dance at bar once in a week!” He said.

She sighed and said, “Yeah, the remaining days I work in petrol pumps and restaurants as a waitress!” He looked at her surprised and she said smiling, “I need to earn money mister!”

He nodded and she said, “I thought you’re a silent type! But you talk a lot!”

He smiled and said, “You danced well yesterday!”

“You also dance well!” She said smiling.

The rain slowed down and she said, “Ok Advay, I have to go! Bye!”

“Bye Mohini!” He said and stood up.

“My name is Hanna” she said.

He looked at her surprised.

“People at bar call me Mohini. They say I dance like Madhuri Dixit danced in ek do teen!” She said smiling.

Advay nodded and said, “Ok....bye Hanna!”

“Bye!” she said and walked away.

“Hanna” he whispered and looked at her retreating back.


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Chapter 5 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 43 times)


Advay Singh Raizada


Kiara Chaturvedi

Angelina Singh Raizada

Chapter 5



“What happened next?” Kiara asked.

“Advay and Hanna started meeting frequently,” Angelina said, “Advay used to go to the restaurant where Hanna works and both used to talk. They became good friends and Advay came to know about her family background.”

“Hanna didn’t have father. All she had was her mother. Her mother is ill and Hanna stopped her education after 12th. She started dancing in bar to earn money. After one year, her mother died and she lives all alone.” Anjali said.

“It was then, one day, the showstopper of AR sprained her ankle!” Akash said.

“So what?” Kiara asked confused with the sudden mention of AR’s showstopper!


“What are you saying Aman uncle?” Advay asked shocked.

“Ha Advay! Liza sprained her ankle!” Aman said.

“Oh god! The show’s within 3 hours and how are we gonna get a new showstopper? Did you inform dad?” Advay asked.

“Do you think I’m crazy? ASR would kill me if he knows this!” Aman said, “Please Advay, only you can help me. Can you please ask any of your friends to be a model for this show?”

“But I don’t know any....” Advay trailed off as he saw Hanna coming to him holding a tray.

Keeping the tray before him, she said with her sweet smile, “Enjoy your meal, sir!” And she went.

“Advay, you there?” Aman asked.

“I’ll call you later uncle!” He said.

“But what about model?” Aman cried.

“Don’t worry uncle, the model will reach there within an hour!” Advay said and cut the call.






“WHAT? ME AND MODEL?” Hanna screamed.

Advay nodded and Hanna said, “Dancing and singing are easy but modelling.....are you crazy Advay?”

“Please Hanna, only you can save me now! The show is in 3 hours and we really need someone now!”

“Your sister can be the model!” Hanna cried.

“Di is not here Hanna! She is away on college trip with her students. You’re the only person whom I know! Please please please do this.....” Advay begged.

“But I haven’t walked on a ramp ever....” Hanna cried.

“You dance in front of a huge audience every week!” Advay said, “Walking on a ramp is much easier than that!”

“But me...” Hanna cried when Advay stood up, “You’re coming with me and that’s FINAL!” He held her hand and dragged her to the car.

As he started the car, she said, “What if I fall on the ramp?”

“No problem!” He said.

“NO problem? Your daddy will kill you for getting such an idiotic model!” Hanna cried.

He smirked and said, “Dad will never shout if anyone fall on ramp!”

“Why?” she asked frowning.

“He had met his lady love from the ramp!” He said.

“What?” She asked excited.

“Mamma had fallen from the ramp straight to dad’s arms! So falling on ramp is not a crime, especially in my father’s eyes!” Advay said and Hanna burst into laughter.

“That was cute!” She said in between her laughs.







“Advay, did ASR know?” Aman asked tensed.

“We’ll inform him after the show!” Advay said, “Where is Hanna?”

“She is in the green room!” Aman said and walked away.

Advay walked to the greenroom.


He knocked the door and hearing no response, he slightly pushed it. The door opened and he entered.

He entered and found her standing in front of the mirror with her back facing him, trying hard to tie her dori.

Advay gulped seeing her backless and he slowly closed the door.

Hearing the door’s closing noise, Hanna turned and found him.

“Advay!” she asked surprised, “Why are you here?”

Advay woke from the daze and said, “I came to call you. The door was open so.....”

“Door was open?” She frowned, “Oh my! I am so tensed that I even forgot to close the door!” She said smiling nervously.

He nodded and smiled.

He saw her taking her hands to her back and he said, “Should I help?”

“Huh?” She asked.

“I’ll tie it” he said.

She smiled nervously and nodded. She slowly turned and Advay walked to her.

Taking the delicate strings on his hands, he slowly tied it. His hands brushed to her soft skin and she gasped. She clutched the dressing table with her hands and he whispered in her ears, after tying the dori, “You look beautiful”  She closed her eyes feeling him standing close to her, his chest almost touching her back.

It was then Advay’s phone rang and he suddenly moved away from her. She opened her eyes at the instant and turned to him.

He moved backwards and took the call. “Yeah dad....yeah I’m coming!”

He cut the call and said to her, “The show’s about to start. Come!” She nodded and turned to the dressing table.

He saw her taking a clip and clipping her hair when he said, “Leave it open!”

She turned to him and he said, “Leave your hair open! I like that.” And he walked away.

She turned to the mirror and unclipped her hair. The long hairs came down the instant and she smiled with his voice ringing in her ears.

I like that.









“And here we have the show stopper of AR presenting to you the exclusive design specially designed by the king of fashion, Arnav Singh Raizada!”

The announcer spoke and Aman whispered to Advay, “Will she do it?”

Advay smiled confidently and said, “She’ll be the best!” He glanced at his father and uncle who were waiting for Sheetal to appear on stage.

He saw their faces going to frown and he smiled. He looked at the ramp where she was coming.

Arnav and Akash looked at each other seeing a young girl walking on the ramp instead of Sheetal.

Aman closed his eyes praying and Advay looked at the ramp. The whole crowd fell silent and was just gazing at her.

Hanna, dressed in a blood red sari and her long hair left open, walked through the ramp elegantly. She looked at the huge audience before her and then looked at the front seat to find Advay, the only person she knew there. She smiled beautifully at him and he too smiled back.

He gulped seeing her walking through the ramp. The red sari that perfectly fitted her highlighting her curves and her long hair that flew in air was looking damn irresistible. He watched her walking through the ramp on her high pointed heels elegantly. He saw her smiling at him and couldn’t help but smile back.

Hanna reached the end of the ramp and then turned back to exit it.

As she walked back to the ramp, everyone clapped for the best showstopper of AR.

Akash said, “Who is she bhai?”

Arnav shrugged and said, “I don’t know but she was awesome!”

Akash also nodded and the brothers clapped for the showstopper.




“After that show, bhai offered her a modelling contract with our company because we found her work good. She accepted that and soon joined our company!” Akash said.

“She shifted to the apartment that AR provides to its staff and within a month became the well paid model of AR,” Angelina said, “In between this, Advay and Hanna grew closer. In other words, they both fell in love.”

“We all liked Hanna. She was a good, traditional yet modern girl! We all wanted Advay and Hanna to pair up but...” Khushi trailed off when Kiara completed, “But you didn’t know that Hanna was actually a bar dancer.”

Khushi looked down and closing her eyes hummed. Kiara sighed and said, “What happened next?”

NK continued, “Advay proposed her on her birthday. Actually he had taken tips from Nannav! Hanna accepted it and we all were happy.”

“But the next day...” Arnav said.



“Okay Aman, contact their managing director and fix an appointment,” Arnav instructed Aman as he walked inside his cabin. Aman nodded and walked out. It was then Sheetal came in.

“ASR, why am I being terminated from AR?” She asked angrily.

Arnav looked at her and said, “We don’t need you anymore Sheetal! Hanna will be the permanent showstopper of AR!”

Sheetal cried, “This is unfair ASR. I’m far more experience than that girl! In fact every model here is experienced that Hanna! How can she be the showstopper?”

“Because she is good at modelling!” Arnav said angrily.

“Or is it that she is your son’s girlfriend?” Sheetal asked.

“GET OUT SHEETAL!” Arnav shouted.

Sheetal scoffed and said, “I’m going! But let me warn you, that girl is not good! She is trapping your son!”

Arnav rolled his eyes and Sheetal said, “Don’t ignore me ASR. Who do you think Hanna is?”

“Get out Sheetal!” Arnav said sternly.

“HANNA IS A BAR DANCER!” Sheetal shouted.

Arnav looked at her shocked and Sheetal said, “Don’t believe me? Then ask your Friday man Aman to enquire. He will also say the same – Hanna is a bar dancer! If you don’t believe that also, ask Peter, Rolf, Aashiq and Rahul. They are Advay’s friends and they will tell you who Hanna is!” And she walked away.




Arnav sat watching her retreating back. He was lost in thoughts when someone knocked his door. He looked at the door and found Rolf.

“May I come in sir?” He asked and he nodded.

Rolf came in and handed him a file.

“Rolf, where did Hanna work before joining AR?” Arnav asked directly.

Rolf looked at him shocked. “Tell me!” ASR demanded.

“Sir, you can ask Advay!” Rolf said stammering.

“Tell me where Hanna worked!” Arnav said sternly.

“Purple Orchid restaurant! She was a waitress there!” Rolf said looking at the floor.

“I’ll fire you if you’re lying!” ASR threatened.

“Sir, she used to work at two places. One is purple orchid!” Rolf said suddenly.

“The other one?” Arnav asked.

“ can ask him...” Rolf stammered.

“Rolf!” Arnav shouted.

“Chameli bar!” Rolf said in his frightened voice.

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Chapter 6 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 46 times)

Chapter 6



“Ok, so you got to know that she was a bar dancer. And you disapproved Advay’s and Hanna’s relationship and fired her. Right?” Kiara asked.

“No, he did something more than that!” Akash said looking at Arnav who had his head weighed down.




“Why did you call me?” Hanna frowned as she entered Advay’s cabin.

Advay who was swirling his chair said, “Nothing! I just wanted to see you!”

“Is that a joke?” She asked. “No, the truth!” He said grinning.

She sighed and turned to walk away when he said, “Stop!” She turned and looked at him. He stood up from his chair and walked to her.

“Will you come out with me tonight?” He asked as he walked towards her.

“To where?” She asked frowning.

“My college friend came back from America. He has organised a reunion party and.....” he said when she cut him in between, “You really need to take a lesson on “How to lie efficiently?”...”

He sighed and said, “Okay fine! I want to take you out for a night!”

“Hmmm....” she crossed her arms and said, “I don’t see your intentions good!”

“Because they aren’t good baby!” He smirked as he stood before her.

“Oh! Then why should I come out with a man whose intentions are not good?” She asked.

He smirked and pulled her hand. She landed on his chest and hugging her by her waist and kissing her, he murmured on her lips, “Because I take out these intentions only on one girl!” 

“And that girl is.....” She asked as she pushed him away.

“The girl who is arguing with me now!” He said.

“I’m not arguing!” She said.

“There you go! You have begun to argue...” he said.

“I’m not...” she couldn’t finish when he slammed his lips on hers.

Kissing her madly for a few seconds, he whispered out in breath, “This is the only way to shut you up!” And he kissed her again.

And that’s how Arnav Singh Raizada found them as he entered his son’s cabin.




Advay and Hanna broke hearing someone clearing the throat. They looked to their left and found Arnav standing.

“Dad...” Advay cried and Hanna moved away from him.

“Red lipstick doesn’t look good on you!” Arnav stated and Advay rubbed his lips while Hanna looked away.

“Err...I’ll....I’ll go...” Hanna said stammering when Arnav said, “What’s your actual name Hanna?”

Hanna and Advay looked at him weirdly. Akash who had come to call Advay heard it and asked, “What are you asking bhai?”

Arnav looked at Hanna and demanded, “Tell me your actual name Hanna!”

“Hanna is my name!” She said.

“Oh, so Hanna isn’t you fake identity?” Arnav asked.

Advay said, “Dad what are you saying?”

Ignoring him, Arnav said, “So Hanna is your actually name. Then who is Mohini?”

Hanna and Advay looked at him shocked.



“I insulted her badly, accused her for trapping my son. Advay stood for her and the battle became between me and my son. My ego got hurt seeing my son fighting with me for that girl and my hatred towards Hanna increased tenfold!” Arnav said.

“Bhai insulted Hanna in front of the whole office. Advay couldn’t bear it and he shouted at bhai. And for the first time in his life, bhai raised his hand against Advay.” Akash said.



Hanna gasped and so did the whole office staff seeing ASR slapping his son.

Advay looked at his father in tears. The last thing he expected in his life was his father slapping him! He bit his lips to prevent himself from crying out hard but tears started to flow down his cheek.


“Bhai...please...this is not the place....” Akash whispered to his brother.

“Of course this is Akash. Let the world know what kind of girl she is!” Arnav roared pointing towards Hanna who stood in tears.

“Dad, this is the last time I’m warning you! ONE MORE WORD AGAINST HANNA AND I’LL FORGET WHO YOU ARE!” Advay shouted.

Arnav looked at him shocked. And so did Akash!

Hanna clutched his arm and whispered, “Advay stop this! You’re shouting at your dad!”

“This is all because of you! So talented you are Mohini! You have trapped him well! Within two months you have made him shout at his dad whom he knows for 26 years!” Arnav shouted.

“Dad stop it!” Advay shouted.

“I will.....but only when this girl goes away from my eyes! I don’t want to see her in your life!” Arnav roared.

“That is never gonna happen! She will not go away from my life because SHE IS MY LIFE! What is your problem dad? Just because she danced in a bar you concluded that she is gold digger! She had her own reasons for that!” Advay shouted.

Arnav shouted at Hanna, “ENOUGH! GET OUT OF HERE YOU ****. YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE!”

“SHE BELONGS TO WHERE I BELONG!” Advay shouted holding her hand tightly who was sobbing bitterly.


Advay looked at him in anger and the next moment did something which shocked everyone present there.

Taking the knife which was there at one of the employees’ cubicle, he cut his thumb and pressed it against her hair partition.

Hanna looked at him shocked. He pulled her close and holding arm tightly, he said to Arnav, “Now she has the right to be here dad. Now, she is my wife!”








“Chotte what are you saying?” Anjali asked in disbelief.

“Ha di, this girl is a bar dancer! She is nothing but a gold digger!” Arnav said angrily pointing at Hanna who was standing in tears in the living room of Raizada mansion clutching Advay’s shirt.

Mami in her usual hello hi style started taunting Hanna while Khushi kept silent. She stood watching her son standing, hugging Hanna sideways.

“Khushi, say something!” Arnav shouted.

Khushi looked at Arnav and then at Advay. “What should I say? There isn’t anything to tell!” She said in low voice.

“So you accept them?” Arnav asked in disbelief.

Holding her head high, Khushi walked to Hanna and caught her hand. Hanna looked at her and Khushi said smiling, “Whatever mishap happened, just forget it! Now you’re my Advay’s wife and Raizada bahu. Come!” She then looked at Advay and said sternly, “I’m not very happy with you. You should have told me about this. And I also do not appreciate this move of yours! I was planning so many things for your marriage......huh you ruined everything!” She finished with a mischievous smile.

Advay and Hanna looked at Khushi with their eyes wide. Arnav and Raizadas stood shocked. Khushi shouted, “Hari Prakash ji, there is a lehenga inside an orange cover in my wardrobe. Get that!” turning to Hanna she said, “That was the lehenga I had selected for my bahu. Go and wear it. We’ll do the grah pravesh ceremony! Advay, take her to your room!”

“Khushi what are you telling? She is a gold digger!” Arnav cried.

“That was what you said when you met me for the first!” She said and walked away shouting for HP.



“So you accepted them?” Kiara asked to Khushi who nodded and said, “I always loved their pair. And Hanna is a good girl. I knew, if she is a bar dancer then she is forced due. I was right! She was forced to do that due to her financial conditions. And who better I knows that struggle? Many times we’re forced to do things for our loved ones and that’s what Hanna did.”

“But no one understood that,” Angelina said, “The only ones who accepted them after Khushi maasi was me and my mamma. Everyone was angry at her and also with Advay.” Sighing at Arnav who was looking down she said, “Arnav chachu insulted Hanna again and again and the more he hurted Hanna, the more his relationship with Advay worsened.”

Akash continued, “Advay couldn’t tolerate our behaviour towards Hanna and he left the house with her. They moved into a small apartment and started living there. Bhai and he got apart and they didn’t even acknowledge each other when they collide inside the office.”

“Slowly, Anjali bua and badi dadi (Nani ji) also forgave Hanna!” Angelina said, “We used to visit them every weekend. Hanna joined as a model in another fashion house and Advay continued in AR. Months passed like this.”

“I begged to Arnav ji to bring him back but he wouldn’t budge!” Khushi said slowly looking at Arnav who was still looking down with his eyes closed in guilt.

“And after 6 months of their leaving, I went to them and brought them back. I had enough. I couldn’t live with my son not talking to me. Although I didn’t want to accept Hanna, I did that for Advay. They both came back and slowly things were getting normal!” Arnav said opening his eyes.

“Days passed and things became normal. Hanna was accepted by everyone. One day Hanna fainted and the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant. Everyone was happy for the pair. After a week, it was Advay’s birthday and a party was organized here.” Angelina said, “But...”

“But?” Kiara asked.

“But nothing went well!” Angelina whispered.

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Chapter 7 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 49 times)

Chapter 7



“Arnav ji....Arnav ji....” Khushi cried as she entered her room and found Arnav busy in his laptop.

She shut his laptop and cried, “Arnav ji, go and handle things downstairs. The decorators are doing some blunders!”

Arnav sighed and stood up, “Can’t you see me working? Tell Advay, he’ll do it!”

“It’s his birthday!!!! We are having party for HIS birthday and you want HIM TO DO THE ARRANGEMENTS?” She shouted.

“Why are you shouting for that?” He asked closing his ears.

“ARNAV JI!!!!!!!!” She shouted.

“Acha baba....I’m going!” He said and walked away.





“Where are they?” Khushi asked tensed seeing the time. It’s been four hours since Advay and Hanna went out and there was no sign of them. The guests were waiting for the birthday boy.

“Khushi don’t worry! He’ll come!” Arnav pacified her although he was tensed.


“What happened to Advay and Hanna?” Kiara asked tensed.

Arnav sighed and said, “We waited for hours and then set off to search for them. We dismissed the party and soon contacted police. Police tracked down Advay’s cell and soon found the location.”

“It was at outskirts of Delhi. In a dark godown was my son blood.....” Khushi said chocking recalling that day.

“What?” Kiara whispered.

“Advay was beaten up to hell. We took him to hospital. There was no sign of Hanna. Police searched for her and tried to track her phone but no use. Hanna was missing!” Arnav said.

“Advay regained consciousness but he never asked about Hanna. We told him she is missing and police are enquiring but he never said anything. He was just a living corpse!” Khushi said in tears.

Kiara nodded and said, “What next?”

Angelina sighed and said, “From that day Advay started behaving weird. He no longer speaks and laughs. He just walks around like a dead soul. He never talked a word! We thought it’s due to Hanna’s missing, but.....”



“Advay...” Khushi called softly as she entered her son’s room and found him sitting on the bed staring at nothing.

Tears rolled down her cheek seeing his state. She walked towards him and sat near him on the bed. Keeping the food tray on the bed, she held his palm.

He jerked and looked at her. Khushi’s heart bled seeing her son’s dead gaze. She somehow smiled and said softly, “Have your dinner raja!”

He looked at the tray and then nodded no.

“Please for your mamma...” Khushi begged.

Advay looked at her and then at the tray.

He smiled faintly and opened his mouth slowly. Khushi smiled and started feeding him.



She wiped his mouth with a cloth and gave him a glass of water. She placed back the plates on the tray and was about to get up when he held her hand and asked, for the first time in the whole week, “Where is papa?”

“He is in his study” she said smiling, happy that he spoke something for the first time in the whole week.

“Is he busy?” He asked softly.

“He is never busy for you my raja....” Khushi sang and walked away.

Advay watched her retreating back with his eyes spitting fire. He slowly shifted his vision and saw his and Hanna’s photo.






“Advay, come son...” Arnav said smiling as he saw him standing near the door. Advay smiled faintly and walked in. He sat on the couch and asked, “Are you busy?”

Arnav sat by his side and said, “Not at all! Now tell me, what is it?”

“What?” Advay asked.

“You want to say something right?” Arnav said.

“How do you know?” Advay asked. “You’re my son! I can understand you!” Arnav said smiling.

“You can understand me. Then why couldn’t you understand my love towards Hanna?” Advay asked angrily.

Arnav was taken aback by his rude tone.


“You knew I love her! You knew that she was my life! You knew she was pregnant! Then why did you do that?” He shouted.

Arnav stood in shock. “What did I do?”

“You’re the reason dad! You’re the reason for everything!” Advay shouted aloud and everyone came running hearing his voice.

“Advay....” Khushi called and Advay showed his palm indicating her to stop. He turned to Arnav and shouted, “What did she do dad? Hanna considered you as god! When I used to behave cold with you she used to shout at me.....she respected you like anything....and what did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO? YOU’RE THE REASON FOR EVERYTHING EVERY PAIN OF MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He shouted which echoed in the whole house.

“Advay....I....” Arnav began when Advay took a glass vase from the side table and threw it towards Arnav.

“Bhai!!!!!” Akash shouted and pulled Arnav back.

The vase crashed and glass shattered in the room.

“ADVAY!!!!!” Khushi cried and ran to him.

Advay pushed her and she fell on the ground with her palm hitting the glass pieces.

“Khushi ji....” Anjali ran to her along with Payal.

“Advay what’s wrong with you?” Akash asked angrily while Arnav stood shocked.

Advay looked at Arnav with blood red eyes. Arnav stood rooted seeing raw hatred for him in his son’s eyes.


“Advay stop....” Anjali said in tears. Everyone was in shock hearing his words. Arnav held his leg tightly gulping down the pain. The table caused no pain to him but his son’s words did!

“Advay....mere raja.....” Khushi cried as she walked to him. She cupped his cheek and said, “What happened? Why are you doing all this?” She asked chocking.

“ASK HIM WHY HE IS DOING ALL THIS!” Advay shouted and pushed Khushi away. Arnav walked to him and held Khushi. Making her stand straight he turned to Advay.

Holding the back of Advay’s neck, Arnav asked, “What’s wrong Advay? What did I do?”

Advay laughed and said, “So you don’t have any idea what you did?” He shoved off his hand. “No idea at all? Did you forget everything so soon? Don’t worry I’ll remind you!” He slid hand to his pocket and took out a knife.

And the next moment he did something that shocked everyone.

“Arnav ji!!!!!!!” Khushi shouted as she saw her son pulling Arnav and holding a knife at his throat.


“He forgot what he did! I’LL REMIND HIM EVERYTHING!” He said and tightened his hold. The knife went deep a bit and pierced Arnav’s skin.

Arnav held Advay’s hand tightly and pushed it away. Akash held Advay and NK somehow pulled the knife away from his hand. Arnav gasped holding his throat and Khushi ran to him.

“LEAVE ME....I WANT TO KILL HIM! JUST LEAVE ME!” Advay shouted hysterically as Akash and NK held him tightly.

Akash sighed and said “NK bhai, leave him!” NK did and Akash turned him to face him. Advay stood facing him and Akash slapped him hard.

Advay fell on the ground due to hard slap and his head hit on the chair there. And he fell unconscious.

Akash looked at his brother who was standing numb with Khushi clutching to his arm and crying bitterly. He looked at Anjali who was standing in terror and shock. Payal was clutching Angelina who herself was rooted. Nani was leaning on Mami who was holding on the door.

He looked at NK who was the only one other than him who was in a state of mind.

Akash turned to Angelina and said, “Angel!” Seeing her not reacting he called sharply, “Angel!”

Angel jerked and looked at him. “Call the doctor!” he said and she ran away nodding her head. He walked to Payal and held her arm making her look at her husband. “Go to Khushi ji!” He whispered.

Payal nodded and walked to Khushi. Khushi hugged her sister and cried her heart out. NK walked to Anjali and pushed her to Arnav.

“Akash, let’s take Advay!” NK said and the both men took Advay to his room making him lie on the bed while Arnav stood numb not reacting to his sister who was shaking him vigorously.







“He is stressed and shocked,” doctor said after examining him, “I’m not prescribing any medicines. I think you should take him to a neurologist!”

“Thank you doctor!” Akash said and led him.

Everyone stood in Advay’s room watching their favourite Advay bitwa lying on the bed.

Arnav stood away still in his shocked state while Khushi hung onto him crying on his chest. Angelina held her Anjali bua tightly and Payal and Mami was by Nani’s side.



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Chapter 8 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 65 times)

Chapter 8



“The next day we took him to a neurologist who told that he is under shock of his wife’s missing. I didn’t accept Hanna at first and that’s why he hates me for that!” Arnav said.

Kiara sighed and said, “Then? Did he hurt you again?”

Arnav nodded and Khushi said, “I used to pack tiffin box to Arnav ji and Advay and jiji packed for Jeeju. One day the next news we heard was Arnav ji was in hospital.”


“Mr. Raizada, please come to my cabin!” Doctor said to Akash.

Akash sat in the chair of doctor’s cabin who said, “Arnav is poisoned!”

“WHAT?” Akash shrieked.

Nodding his head doctor said, “The food he ate contains highly toxic poison. Don’t worry we have removed it!”

“But how come his food was poisoned? Advay also ate the same food!” Akash said.

“That’s what I’m talking about. I tested Advay’s box but there was no traces of poison in that but found something else.”

“What?” Akash asked confused.

“When I tested Advay’s box, the outer surface had traces of the poison but the inner surface didn’t. It means whoever have touched the boxes had traces of poison in his hand!” Doctor said shocking Akash.

“Why would Advay do that?” Akash asked in disbelief.

“I tricked him telling that he needs to give Arnav blood. I have tested his fingerprints!” doctor said.


“His fingers contains poison!”






“Akash what are you doing?” NK asked seeing Akash searching Advay’s cabin. “Nannav is sick and you’re searching Advay’s cabin, why?”

After hours of search Akash got hold of a small bottle which was hid deep in the drawer.





“Yes, this is the one! This is the same poison found in Arnav’s blood!” the doctor declared and Akash shifted his vision to Advay who was sitting far away consoling his mother.




“A numerous times Kiara, Advay tried to kill bhai a numerous times!” Akash said.

Kiara sighed and said, “What about Hanna?”

“We’re searching for her!” Arnav said, “Police are enquiring and so is our private detective. But no trace of her! It’s as if she vanished into thin air!”

“Of course she did Mr. Raizada!” Kiara said and everyone looked at her. “Hanna did vanish into thin air!” She said.

“What?” Everyone asked confused.

“Withdraw the fir of Hanna’s missing and settle the accounts of private detective. You won’t find Hanna!” She said.

“Why?” Arnav asked.

“Because she is dead!” Kiara said shocking everyone.

“WHAT?” Everyone screamed.

Kiara sighed and took out the notebook from her bag. “This is Advay’s notebook. I found it from his cell. In this he has written everything that happened on the birthday party night!”

She opened the notebook and said, “I’ll read it!”

And she began reading the first page.


I can hear her screams! My Hanna, she was screaming out loud! She was begging me to save her....but what did I do? I just laid there with my eyes witnessing how those ****s were ripping every cloth off her body.

My Hanna, my child.....both are gone....

If only I could get up on my feet....if only I could saved her when she was screaming my name....if only I could have saved her when he was coming in....

I hate you dad! I hate you for what you did!

Just once, just once if you had thought of me, you wouldn’t have done that! What did she do dad? She loved and respected could you do that to that poor soul? How could you kill my Hanna?

Don’t think I’ll ever forgive you Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada! I’ll kill you. You will have to cry out loud like my Hanna cried. I want you to feel that pain when you’re dying and no one is there to help’ll die lonely and I’ll be standing far away watching that.....



She stopped reading and looked at everyone who were sitting shocked.

Arnav found his voice and said, “I....I didn’t kill Hanna...what is he telling? I didn’t....”

Kiara said calmly, “I’ll read out the next diary entry!” and she began reading the next page.



I want to go home....away from here...away from all dim lights here! These lights scare me! These bars frighten me! I just want to be away....with my family!

I’m not mad! Why don’t anyone understand me! I’m fine! I’M ABSOLUTELY FINE!

I want to be with papa. Today is father’s day. I want to wish him, to take him out like I do every year. I want to be with mamma....I want to be with Hanna...

Hanna, my girl....I wanna be with her. I wanna hug her and kiss her and say her how much I love her.......

I love you Hanna...

I love you Papa....

I love you Mamma.....

Please take me away from here....please...I wanna be with you all. Please come to me and get me from here!


Kiara closed the notebook and said, “He has written many things in this. I’m not reading out everything. These two entries are most important!”

Everyone was sitting numb and Kiara said, “From what I read from this, I’ll tell what happened that night! He has written it all in this notebook.”

Everyone sat up straight and Kiara began,

“That evening, he and Hanna had gone to mall for some shopping. When they came back to their car someone closed their mouth from behind and they blacked out.

When Advay opened his eyes all he saw was a dark godown. He was tied to a chair and next to him was Hanna tied to another chair. Hanna also woke up and started panicking seeing the surroundings. Advay calmed her down and started to plan for the escape.

It was then many goons came in and they started beating Advay. Hanna was tied to the chair all along and she cried out seeing him being beaten. Advay was too weak to fight against 10-15 goons and he fell down wounded. He had no energy to lift his finger when the goons left him and turned to Hanna.

They walked to Hanna and untied her chair. She stood up and tried to run to Advay when the goons held her and...”

Kiara stopped and Khushi asked, “And? And what?”

“And they.....they raped her....” Kiara said slowly.

Everyone gasped and Kiara said, “Hanna screamed for help and Advay could not do anything but lie on floor in the pool of blood and watch that. Her screams and cries were haunting his ears but he was unable to move a finger. Those ****s destroyed her....completely......”

Kiara sighed and looked at everyone who were in tears. Khushi closed her mouth with hot tears rolling down his cheeks and leaned on Arnav who has his eyes closed.

Kiara continued, “Advay was seeing all this. It was then he heard the goons saying, “Boss came!” Advay watched someone coming to them. None of the goons noticed his eyes open. Due to the pool of blood on his face and floor, his opened eyes cannot be noticed by anyone. They thought he was unconscious but he was seeing everything. He saw a man in three piece suit coming to them with a gun in his hand. As the man came closer, Advay realized his face.”

Kiara stopped and said looking at Arnav, “He realized the the man came closer visible in the orange dim light, he realized that it was his father...”


Jul 23, 2016

Chapter 9 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 53 times)

Chapter 9



The whole family gasped and Arnav sat rooted. Khushi stood up and shouted, “WHAT RUBBISH KIARA!”

“This is what your son saw Mrs. Raizada!” Kiara said sharply, “He saw his father coming closer and HE SAW MR. RAIZADA WITH THE GUN SHOOTING HANNA ON HER FOREHEAD.”

Everyone sat rooted and Arnav said with voice chocking, “I swear Kiara....I didn’t....I mean how can I....he has mistaken....I didn’t kill anyone....”

Kiara sighed and said, “It’s written in the notebook Mr. Raizada. Advay saw your face clearly in the dim orange light there. He was not that dizzy to not recognize his father! He saw you with the gun and he saw you shooting Hanna. You then signalled the men to carry away Hanna’s body and then you walked away. Advay fell unconscious and he doesn’t remember anything after that!”

“I DIDN’T KILL HANNA!” Arnav shouted.

Kiara closed the notebook and kept it back in her bag. She said, “Please sit down!” Everyone sat down and she said,

“Now let me tell you about Advay!” She said, “Advay saw his wife being raped in front of him. Her screams and cries haunt him. When sleeping, sitting idle, walking around, everywhere he is reminded of that night. He could hear her screams clearly. He is under shock! The next shock for him is his father killing his wife.”

“I didn’t do that!” Arnav said exasperated.

Kiara sighed and said, “According to his vision, you did! After Hanna’s rape, this is the one that is creating the shock in him. His father with the gun! That image is terrorizing him! Hanna being raped, her cries, the dim orange lights, your three-piece suit and the gun – these are the things that are terrorizing Advay!”

She gave a pause and said, “Mr. Raizada, your son is having a sort of multiple personality disorder!”

Everyone looked at her shocked and she said, “In this notebook, on one entry he hates you and in the next he loves you. Sometimes he hates his father for killing his love and in the next he loves his father. This is a form of multiple personality. At an instant he is your son, but the next he is Hanna’s husband and there is a lot of difference between being a son and being a husband. At an instant he is reminded of his childhood, teenage where his father was his guardian and companion. But the next, he is reminded of his Hanna’s death where his father was the one who shot her. His mother idolizes his father, in fact the whole family does and this has created an impression that his whole family is against him and Hanna. Everyone loves Arnav and he is under the strong belief that all of you have planned and killed Hanna!”

She stopped and watched the family’s expression.

Arnav sat shocked with Khushi hugging him and crying. Payal sobbed in Akash’s arms who hand removed his spectacles wiping his tears. Anjali was crying bitterly and Angelina was hugging her NK chachu who himself was crying. Nani hand laid down her head on Manorama’s lap and was crying.

Kiara sighed and said, “Do you know where you went wrong?”

Everyone looked at her.

“You shouldn’t have sent him to mental asylum. You should have treated him here!” Kiara said.

“He was being dangerous to all....” Akash said.

“Mr. Raizada,” Kiara said, “I mentioned it before. The things that terrorize him! I think you didn’t listen well. Hanna’s cries the gun, the three piece suit and THE DIM ORANGE LIGHTS! He cannot take these lights. And the cell where he is locked in now is lighted with dim orange bulb. And the more he stays in that orange lighted cell, the more dangerous it’s to him!”

She stood up and said, “I don’t know what the truth is. But according to him, his father killed Hanna,” she turned to Arnav and said, “Now you’re going to prove it to him that you didn’t. Unless and until you show him who the real killer is, he won’t stop his attempts to kill you.”

She walked away but stopped and said to the whole family, “Of what I read from this notebook, I’m sure of one thing – Hanna is his life! He loved her immensely. And watching your pregnant wife, whom you love the most, being raped by 15 men is not a mere sight to watch. Your son is passing through a huge trauma and sending away to a jail was the biggest mistake you people did.” And she walked out of RM.








She walked to the ward after replacing his notebook in his cell and looked at the attenders.

“Dr He is sleeping under sedatives” they informed her and Kiara nodding her head walked in.

He saw the weak man lying on the bed and walked to him. His words which he scribbled in his notebook were raw in her mind. She sighed and took a quilt and covered him.

She saw his sleeping face and caressed his cheek. His cheeks were tear strained and she wiped away the patches of tears. Caressing his hair, she whispered, “Sleep well” and she walked away.








“Arnav ji....” Khushi whispered seeing him sitting on the poolside with his head buried in his palms. Arnav looked up and saw Khushi. She gasped seeing his tears stricken face.

Arnav held Khushi’s hand and said, “Khushi trust me....I didn’t do me please....I didn’t kill Hanna....” Khushi sighed and said, “I trust you Arnav ji. You needn’t justify yourself. Advay has mistaken. He must have seen someone else in his dizzy state!”

“But how could could he think that I...I killed Hanna...yeah it’s right I never accepted her by heart but do you think I’m a monster who would kill someone? I didn’t like her at beginning but later I also accepted her as my daughter in could he tell that I...did....that...” Arnav whispered.

“He is under shock Arnav ji. Even I am. Hanna was.....was raped.....she was killed.....” Khushi said in tears.

“I need to find who it is Khushi! I won’t leave that person!” Arnav said in anger.

“We should!” Khushi said and hugged him, “Please don’t cry. We all trust you!”

“But he doesn’t!” Arnav said in a painful whisper, “My son doesn’t trust me. He wants to see my death!”

“He will be fine Arnav ji...we’ll make him fine! He is our baby na? He’ll come back to us...” Khushi said caressing his back soothing him down.

Arnav sighed and hugged her tight.






She said, “Three days back I met someone who loves their son to death! May be even more than my grandparents love my father!”

“Who?” Advay asked.

“Your parents!” She said.

Advay kept mum and looked out of the window.

“You’re really lucky to have them Advay,” she said softly, “You have them to love you, cuddle you and pamper you! Everyone is not so lucky!”





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