ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha...

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Jul 10, 2016

ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha... (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 64 times)

ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha...

FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Collaboration by Anaya Mahi and Sushmita Biswas xo


- This is about a story of Arnav and Khushi who are silent lovers. They go through an arranged marriage in which they fall in love but as I said, it is a silent love. They both are able to speak to each other but choose not to as they prefer to share their love through silence. They share everything through physical intimacy without saying much. They prefer not to speak to each other directly, but that doesn’t mean they don’t. That also doesn’t mean that they never will. Sometimes they do try to speak to each other, but obviously a disturbance occurs–so they choose to express their love in other ways. This is a story of their silent journey, as they learn to understand each other, live with each other, and love each other without the use of words.


1) Arnav Singh Raizada – 26 Years Old:

He is a well settled, family business man of AR Industries who lives in Delhi. He has a dark past, however he chooses not to share his pain with anyone and neither is he cold-hearted because of it. He chooses to go along with Arrange marriage due to his dark past. He lives with his Dadi (Devyani), his brother (Akash), his sister-in-law (Payal), his little sister (Anjali) and their mother (Maya). Maya is Akash and Anjali’s biological mother but is not Arnav’s. She is his step-mother but she treats Arnav like her own. In fact, she is his favorite. He is a hard worker, innovative and has a good nature. 

2) Khushi Gupta – 21 Years Old:

She lives in Mumbai; she is a student and will be sitting her last exams in the next 3-4 months. She is very aspirational and has high hopes from her life, both personal and professional. She has a perfect idea of her Prince Charming; and wants a good understanding with him. She feels compatibility is the key to a successful marriage. She simply wants a loving husband and considerate in-laws. She lives with her mum (Garima Gupta) and dad (Suraj Gupta), brother (Nikhil AKA N.K) and little sister (Ruhi). Her family also has a business, she is also rich but doesn’t act spoilt. She is the life of the house and everyone’s favorite. 


NOTE: Hello people, here I'm with a new story which is replacing 'Pyaar tune kya kiya...' and yes this was a collaboration story I was working with Anaya. In fact this was my very first story and this was also left in mid which now I'll be finishing. So this little preface and soon I'll post the prologue, hope you'll love this story as much you loved my other story.

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Jul 20, 2016

ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha... (PROLOGUE) (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 57 times)


Arnav Singh Raizada, as usual, dressed in his formal three piece suit was sat at his desk checking a file when he gets a call.

Dadi: “Arnav, where are you? I’ve been trying to ring you for ages. Okay, never mind that; come home soon”

Arnav: “Kyu Dadi? Baat Kya Hai?” (What Dadi? What happened?)

Dadi: “Remember I told you about that girl from Mumbai? Today we’re all going to see if she’s compatible for you. Jaldi, come home!”

Arnav: “Dadi, I agreed for this Arrange Marriage because I trust your choice. But I’m really busy today, and I won’t be able to come along. As it is I am not interested in this stuff”

Dadi: “But Arnav, what with the girl’s family think?”

Arnav: “Dadi please, tell them I got held up in a meeting”

Dadi: “But Arnav, it would be really good if you...”

Arnav: “Dadi, pleaseeee.”

Dadi: “Teek Hai Beta, but at least see her photo, and give your approval”

Arnav: “Dadi, I said I trust your choice”

Dadi: “I know, I know, but please, at least look at it once."

Arnav: “Fine, send it to the office”

Dadi: “Okay, I’ll cut off now, take care beta”



A girl dressed in a plain red sari with a simple border was sat in front of the mirror, talking to herself. She was wearing very simple jewellery and makeup as you know what they say – natural beauty is the best!

Khushi: “Hey Devi Maiyya, Raksha Karna! What do I say? How do I speak to them? Oh! How will the guy be? I haven’t even seen his photo! Oh ho, why today? I’m feeling so nervous!” She said to her reflection whilst fixing her hair, “What if they don’t like me, what if they think I’m too modern? What if they don’t let me carry on my education? Why arrange marriage, why?”

NK: “Chill sis, we’re all going to be there. You don’t have to be nervous. Don’t worry, I’ve checked the guy’s background – he’s no playboy” He laughed and hugged her. “What will I do when you’re gone, huh?” He pulled her cheeks. 

Khushi: “Bhai! You’re messing up my hair!”



Aman: "Sir, this just came through for you” He said as he passed him an envelope.

Arnav: “What is it?” He asked blankly.

Aman: “It’s someone’s photograph, I haven’t really checked.”

Arnav: “Okay you may leave.”

Arnav’s thoughts: “Dadi bhi na!” He threw the envelope on his desk to which it flew open.

Arnav felt a pull towards the photo, so he picked it up and to say he was mesmerized was an understatement! He had never felt such a strong feeling towards a girl! And that too – a girl he’s never met...


NOTEHere is the prologue; in this story Arnav’s character is a combination of Salman Khan’s Prem in ‘Hum saath saath hai’ and Akshay Kumar’s Ram in the movie ‘Dhadkan’... I always wanted to see an Arnav who is very calm, obedient and patient. And Khushi’s character is very much like Sonali Bendre’s Preeti of ‘Hum saath saath hai’ movie... she is silent, calm and very obedient to elders type of girl with modern and traditional balance also has a crazy side which she shows only to very near and dear people. So yeah basically Arnav and Khushi are very different personalities then they were in the serial, I really hope you guys like it.

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Jul 31, 2016

ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha... - Chapter 01 (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 52 times)

CHAPTER 01: Tere naina...


Ruhi: “Didi, Didi, They’ve arrived! They’ve arrived!” She screamed out happily. 

Garima and Suraj welcomed them grandly in the traditional way. They were brought into the living room which was all decorated.

Dadi: “Amazing decorations. Very grand indeed...”

Garima: “Well, she is our laadli beti after all.” She smiled. 

Dadi: “Of course...”

Anjali: “So where is the bride then?”

Garima: “I’ll just bring her down now.”

Anjali: “I’ll come with you” She smiled.


Khushi was waiting nervously as she felt her heartbeats get faster when they arrived in her room. Anjali scanned her top to bottom thoroughly and said: “Not bad.”

Khushi was very much uncomfortable with this woman checking her through but remained quiet as her mother was there. 

Anjali: “I’m Anjali. Arnav’s sister.” She said as she put her hand forward. 

Khushi hesitantly put her hand forward and said: “Hi, I’m Khushi...”

Anjali: “I know that." Khushi was very much disturbed by her behavior but said nothing.

Garima: “Chalo Khushi, you still have to meet the rest of the family...”

Khushi smiled and all 3 exited the room.


Garima: “Devyaniji, this is my eldest daughter, Khushi.”

Dadi: “My, my, she is absolutely beautiful. May no one cast an evil eye on your beta” She smiled at Khushi, “Meet my family, this is Arnav’s mother Maya, Arnav’s sister Anjali, Arnav’s Brother Akash and this is his wife Payal.”

Khushi greeted each of them with a “Namaste” and a smile. Khushi had lost interest as soon as she found out that Arnav wasn’t here. She was very disappointed as she was expecting a lot more from him.

Dadi: “Actually, Arnav didn’t come. He had a very important business meeting and he couldn’t miss it. Don’t feel bad, I will assure you it won’t happen again.” She saw Khushi’s disappointed face and changed the topic. 

Dadi: “So beta, what are you currently studying?”

Khushi: “I’m doing my final year in fashion designing.”

Dadi: “Interesting. Do you wish to study even after marriage?”

Khushi: “Yes. I hope there are no objections?” She asked hesitantly.

Dadi: “No, no beta. I’m surprised that it’s such a coincidence. You know my Arnav has his own company in the fashion industry...”

Maya: “Match made in heaven...” She smiled, “My Anjali is in the second year of architecture. I’m so proud of her.” She boasted. 

After everyone asked their general question, they got prepared to leave for the long journey back. Everyone had different thoughts in their mind.

Payal (to Akash): “I really like her; she will be perfect for Arnav!”

Maya (In Thoughts): “Not bad...a little timid but at least she will be easy to control. Nice girl.”

Garima: “So, it was really nice meeting you all and we hope to see you soon.”

Dadi: “Absolutely. We had a lovely time and I most definitely want to take this alliance forward after speaking to my grandson."

Garima: “Bilkul, I hope to hear from you soon...”

Khushi ran up into her room frustrated to which the Raizada’s assumed to be her shyness. Her parents could understand what she was feeling so they answered on her behalf.

Suraj: “Devyaniji, don’t mind please but we would like to speak to our daughter first before taking things forward.”

Dadi: “Absolutely! Take as much time as you need. Actually, here is my grandson’s photo. Do give it to Khushi Beta.”

The Raizada’s left GH leaving the Gupta’s smiling for receiving such a good alliance. They smiled at the picture and knew Khushi wouldn’t deny. 



Arnav was simply lost in her eyes. He was staring at her picture for much of his time now when he was suddenly interrupted by a knock on his cabin door.

Arnav: “Come in...” He was annoyed at Aman for interrupting.

Aman: “Sir, we have been waiting for you in the meeting room for 10 minutes now. Any problem?”

Arnav: “Oh, Oh Urm, No. I will be with you guys in a minute.”

He quickly put the photo in his drawer and was surprised at himself. Arnav (In Thoughts): “How could I get distracted? No, I have to keep this photo out of reach. I don’t want to face yet another heartbreak...”


Khushi: “No Mumma, no papa. I don’t want to marry a guy who doesn’t even turn up for the shagun. I mean, what type of guy is he? He doesn’t seem interested. So why should I bother?”

Garima: “No beta, don’t say that. I’m sure he really was busy. They are such a good family, so the guy must be as equally good, na?”

Suraj: “Yes Khushi, I’ve met Arnav once before in a business seminar. He is a real hard worker which is probably why he couldn’t come today. Believe me Khushi, he is perfect for you.”

Garima: “Just think about it beta.” She handed Khushi his photo.

Khushi: “Today is equally as important, if not more! This is a decision that will change his whole life! I don’t know papa, I just don’t know.” She sighed

Suraj: “Don’t stress beta. No one will force you into this” He kept a hand affectionately on her head and said, “Dheko, some things don’t work out the way we want them to but believe me he isn’t that type of guy. But if you have no feelings towards him, fair enough. It’s purely your decision.”

Garima: “And we are with you every step of the way baby.”

Khushi stared at his photo carefully, and stopped at his eyes. She felt as if she could drown in his eyes and stare at them all day. She didn’t know what it was about him that made her think twice before denying.

Garima: “Look beta, we only know what’s best for you.”

Suraj: “No pressure, but I’m absolutely sure that he is the best one for you.”

Garima: “I mean, you don’t have to decide now, you will get to know each other very well before you marry.”

Suraj: “Absolutely. You can deny any time.”

Khushi: “Mumma, papa. I trust your choice and I know you will choose the right boy for me. I agree to this wedding...” She said after staring at the picture intensely. She surely had an attraction to his picture, but is this love?  Who knows...?


NOTE: Before readers bombard me asking for 'Meant to be...' update I wanna say that I'm working on the update and 3/4th of the update is done... I'll try finish it as soon as possible. But I hardly get to sit on laptop as my Dad is most of the time is working on laptop nowadays, so I hardly get chance to sit. Anyways keep patience I'll update MTB as soon as I write the last part of the flashback and last scene..hopefully won't take much long. Till then enjoy this update and take care people...

With love,


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Aug 10, 2016

ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha... - Chapter 02 (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 63 times)

CHAPTER 02: Baat Humari Pakki Hai...


Arnav (On Call): “Yes Dadi?”

Dadi: “Arnav Beta! They said yes! Such a good family and such a nice girl! We have given the shagun and also your photo. She is a very traditional, well mannered girl. She will be perfect for you! You saw the photo na? I hope you don’t object?”

Arnav: “Dadi, I will speak only of you give me a chance, na?” He laughed.

Dadi: “Haa Beta, Bolo” She also laughed

Arnav: “I told you before. Your choice is my choice. I have no objections” He tried to sound normal but only he knew how he was controlling his heart from jumping out. 

Dadi: “Good! Anyways, I’ll hang up now. We are on our way home”

Arnav: “Teek Hai Dadi. Take Care” With that he cut the call.

After cutting the call, a small smile crept upon his face which he couldn’t control. No matter how much he convinced Dadi, only he knew how much he wanted that ‘Yes’

Those eyes... Her eyes... Oh how he wanted to own them eyes. Oh how they made him feel so special...

Arnav: “What am I thinking? Oh no! Off track again” With that he continued his work but still in her thoughts...



Suraj (On Call): “Devyaniji? Namaste, How are you?”

Dadi: “I’m very well, thank you. We only just left your house and you have ringed? So eager huh?” She laughed

Suraj: “Of course, after all we are going to be relatives now...” He also laughed

Dadi: “That means Khushi Betiya agreed?”

Suraj: “Bilkul!”

Dadi: “Amazing News!”

Suraj: “Hai na? I was wondering if you could send me Arnav’s number. I mean Khushi should get to know him better before the marriage.”

Dadi: “I totally agree. I will send you the number and you please also send me Khushi Betiya’s number. I will give it to Arnav Beta.”

Suraj: “Teek Hai. I will cut off now...”

Dadi: Namaste.”

Dadi (to Maya): “Call the priest to our house! The alliance is fixed! I want the nearest date possible...” She said in joy. 



Khushi was sat on her bed staring at Arnav’s picture. She was lost in his eyes. Lost? Hmmm...Maybe not the right word to use. It was as if her heart was showing the direction in his eyes. They were hypnotizing her while her mind was wandering elsewhere. 

Khushi (To Herself): “I agreed, but what do I do? Why is everything so complicated? Why did he not come? I mean what if this marriage is forced, what if he already has a girlfriend? ... NO NO I trust papa. Devi Maiyya. What shall I do? My mind needs peace. Show me the way Devi Maiyya. Show me the way...”

She was in a serious confusion. On one hand her heart feels a special connection with him, as if they were meant to be. She feels as if his eyes were meant for her. She feels like he wants her just as much as she wants him. But then her mind interrupts stating that, if this was the case; why did he not come? Why has he made no effort to see her or speak to her? Why? She continues complaining to his picture as if he would pop out of it and give her the answers. If only...



Dadi (To Panditji): “So, I need the earliest date. I don’t want to delay such an auspicious day.”

Panditji: “I have matched the horoscopes and the nearest marriage date is 14 days. There is no other auspicious date after that for a whole year.”

Dadiji: “Kyaa? A whole year or 14 days? This is bad. I have no problem with 14 days, but what about the girl’s family? I’ll have to speak to them first.”

Dadi (On Call): “Namaste is this Garimaji?”

Garima: “Ji Namaste...”

Dadi: “I have spoke to the Panditji and the nearest wedding date is 14 days or else there is no auspicious date for the next year! Kya Karu?”

Garima: “Hmmm...The preparation will be very difficult fit in 14 days and 1 year is too far. Oh no, what do we do?” She started to panic. 

Dadi: “I don’t want to lose this alliance Garimaji. We will have to sort something out.”

Garima: “But the preparations in 14 days? How?”

Dadi: “Well if we keep the wedding in Delhi, you can all come down and help with the preparations. That way there will be more people and the preparation will be done in time?”

Garima: “I agree. But where will we stay? I mean we don’t know Delhi very well and it’s too late for a booking?”

Dadi: “No, no. I will sort all of that out. Also, Arnav and Khushi will be able to meet and get to know each other before the wedding, na?”

Garima: “Hmmm...Yeah that sounds like good. But can I speak to my family first? It will also give you a chance to speak to everyone.”

Dadi: “Bilkul. I will wait for your call.”

Garima: “Namaste...” She cut the call when she was bombarded with questions by the family. 

Suraj: “Who was it?”

NK: “What happened?”

Khushi: “Mumma, tell us na!”

Garima: “I will if you let me, na?”

NK: “Sorry, tell us...”

Garima: “Devyaniji has spoken to the Pandit. The nearest auspicious date is 14 days.”

Khushi: “KYAAA? 14 DAYSS?!”

Garima: “Beta, there is no other date until next year.”

Khush: “But 14 days? I mean I haven’t even met my so called Fiancé!”

Suraj: “Garima. I agree with Khushi. It’s too early. There are so many preparations to make and so little time.”

Garima: “Ji, I said the same thing. But the Raizada family have suggested that the wedding can be held in Delhi, so we could go down there and help with the preparations. Under this pretext; Khushi can get to know Arnav better...”

Suraj: “Oh. That is fine then. I mean it is possible. We can handle it so I have no objections.”

Khushi: “But papa. What if in these 14 days I don’t like Arnav?”

NK: “There’s no question about that little one. I mean; I have met Arnav in a business seminar and he is decent. Believe me. There is nothing about him that you won’t like...”

Garima: “It’s up to you Beta. They are waiting for a confirmation.”

Khushi: “Teek Hai. If you all think that is best, I agree...” She said after a lot of thought.

Garima: “GREAT! I will inform Devyaniji now.”

Suraj: “And I will distribute sweets.” He was truly happy.

There it was decided. The Gupta’s would arrive in Delhi after 4 days with their relatives and friends and Dadi would sort out their stay. It seemed like a perfect plan, but Khushi was the only one who was anxious about the upcoming future...

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Sep 2, 2016

ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - DOUBLE UPDATE (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 74 times)

CHAPTER 03(A): “Dhak-Dhak! Dhak-Dhak!”

It was one hectic day. The official ritual preparations had now officially started and Garima was running around here and there trying to control everything. It was 3 full day’s before the Gupta’s arrival to Delhi and they were finding it hard to manage.

Garima: “How are we going to manage all of this? I mean so much work and so little time” She said anxiously.

Suraj: “Don’t worry, just calm down. Let Khushi come home and she will assist you”

Khushi: “I’m homeee!” She jumped into the house with excitement but stopped seeing that her house was a tip “What is going on? Why is the house such a mess?”

Garima: “Your wedding preparations, na?”

One sentence. 3 words. And her mood had officially turned around. 

Khushi: “Don’t remind me” She spoke coldly. 

Garima: “Khushi are you not happy with this marriage?” She said hesitantly.

Khushi: “Mumma, it’s not that I’m not happy. It’s just know...I’m going to marry someone who I’ve never met or spoken to! And on top of this my friends won’t even be able to attend my wedding! I mean it’s all the way in Delhi!”

Suraj: “Beta, don’t worry so much. We will arrive in Delhi a week earlier so you have plenty of time to get to know each other. Here, take his number? Speak to him. Will that make you feel better?” patting her head softly.

Garima: “No, no, no. Khushi can’t ring first, she’s the girl!”

Suraj: “Fine, how about I text Arnav, I mean if I send him Khushi’s number; he may choose to ring her?” He laughed

Garima: “Hmm that sounds better! Happy Khushi?” Khushi fake smiled in return. She was wondering why all this was needed? I mean couldn’t he take the first step instead?



Those eyes, Oh! How her eyes shined, the light brown of the winter trees at twilight. Her eyes reflected the innermost spark of brilliance. It was as if he could see the gears of her mind turning to reveal pure elation and that moment changes every time he looks into them. Every moment he gazes at them, they tell a different story than the last time. Her eyes told him her story in bits and pieces with what words cannot always succeed in communicating. Her eyes captivated his heart leaving him wondering how that is possible...

Arnav: “What am I thinking? Oh I just can’t concentrate. What is happening to me?” His thoughts were interrupted by a beep on his phone. He picked it up to check whose text it was. He was elated to see he had been sent Khushi’s number.

Arnav: “Shall I ring her or not? Why not? I mean we’re going to get married! No no no, what am I saying? I’m in office...” He just couldn’t concentrate on any work, so he picked up his bag and blazer and headed off home. He needed some peace of mind...



Dadi: “Manorama, you order the sweets. Anjali, you and Maya go shopping. Payal and Akash you both speak to the caterers. Everything needs to be perfect and we haven’t got much time left” She said worryingly.

Arnav: “What’s happening Dadi? Wedding Preparations? Already?” He said as he was walking into the house. 

Dadi: “Arnav Beta? Oh I can’t believe I forgot to tell you! The wedding is in 14 days. Actually there isn’t another auspicious date until next year. The Gupta’s shall be arriving in Delhi in 3 days... No problem, na?” She asked hesitantly. She was just hoping for the best. Arnav had nothing to say, he simply left for his room. Dadi took his silence as an agreement and smiled.


As soon as Arnav entered him room, his face broke out in a smile. His heart gleamed with joy thinking about how his life was going to change in the next 14 days.

Arnav: “Shall I call her now? But what do I say? I mean, what if she asks why I rang? Why is this so difficult?” 



It is now one day before the Gupta’s leave for Delhi, and both houses were very much suffocating. Preparation was now in full swing and everyone was just praying it went well...

Meanwhile, in Arnav’s room; he still couldn’t figure out what to say to Khushi when he would ring her. That has been the only thing on his mind since he received that text. Who would have thought the great Arnav Singh Raizada would be at a loss for words?

Dadi: “Arnav...Arnav, where are you?” She said as she walked into his room. “Your here? I’ve been looking everywhere for you”

Arnav: “Well you haven’t been looking very hard, Dadi”

Dadi: “Don’t act smart” She laughed. “I need you to call the Gupta’s. Ask them how many people are coming and if they’ve made any travelling arrangements. After that, make the hotel bookings” With that she exited the room without giving a chance for Arnav to deny.

Arnav: “I’ll ring Khushi. Yaa, this way I will have something to talk about?” He then stops dialing her number. “But I don’t want our first conversation to be formal; I mean what if she feels bad? No, I’ll ring her dad instead” With that he rang Suraj...



Khushi (In Thoughts): “It’s been two days. Two full days and he haven’t even ringed me. I definitely will not ring him. I mean why should I bother? He’s the boy! He obviously doesn’t want to speak!” She said to herself in anger as she washed the dishes in the kitchen...


Suraj (On Call): “Oh Arnav Beta. How are you? Hold up I’ll just give the phone to Khushi” with that he walked to the kitchen and handed Khushi the phone. “A call for you...”

Khushi picked up the phone and put it to her ears: “Hello? Urm... Hellooo?” She was repeatedly saying hello when she heard the phone get disconnected. Arnav cut the phone in nervousness and had no courage to ring her again...

Khushi: “Papa, who was it? The call got disconnected”

Suraj had a cheeky smile on his face and said “Arnav”. Immediately a blush rose up on her face and she ran to her room with the phone. She sat on the floor and hesitantly redialed his number. Arnav picked up on the first ring and Khushi heard him scream at someone, which made her jump.

Arnav (to HP): “Out. I’m on an important call!” His husky like voice made her heart beat faster. She could simply hear nothing but her ‘Dhak-Dhak!’ 

She was elated hearing his sentence. She was glad he was giving her so much importance. She was surprised at the rate of her heartbeat so she held the phone to her chest. He could very clearly make it out that it was her heartbeat. 

She then realizes that he is still on the phone, so she brought the phone to her ear again. He could hear the movement of her bangles and the sound brought music to his ears. 

Khushi (In Thoughts): “Why is he not talking?”

Arnav (In Thoughts): “What do I say? Think Arnav, Think!”

She could in return hear his deep breaths and the rhythm of his heart. She could easily figure out that he was just as nervous as her, which made her relax.

Arnav was just about to start the conversation when he hears a voice in the background.

Ruhi: “Di, Di...”


CHAPTER 03(B): Kuch Kuch Hota Hai...

Ruhi: “Di, Di...Di? Who are you talking to? Oh, let me guess! Jijaji na?” She snatched the phone from Khushi’s hand and was speaking to her Jijaji for the first time...

Ruhi: “Hello Jijaji?” She put the phone on speaker to tease her Di.

Arnav: “Hello Sweetheart, what’s your name?”

Ruhi: “Ruhi... Ruhi Gupta”

Arnav: “Wow, itna kabsoorat naam?”

Ruhi: “Jijaji won’t you compliment my Di’s name?”She said whilst inspecting Khushi’s blushing face. 

Arnav: “You want me to compliment your Di’s name?”

Ruhi: “Yeaah, obv Jijaji”

Arnav: “But then don’t you have to pass her the phone?”

Ruhi: “The phone is on speaker, na?”

Arnav: “Hmmm, well tell your Di that her name itself is happiness. Her eyes speak words that she chooses not to say and...”

Khushi wondered how he was so carefree whilst speaking to Ruhi but nervous when he spoke to her. She could simply blush hearing his words and hide her rouge face from her little one.

Ruhi: “Kya Hai Jijaji? I mean, I asked about her name and you’re talking about her eyes?” She complained.

Arnav: “What was that sweetheart? You interrupted my movie star dialogue?” He laughed.

Ruhi: “What’s the point of the filmy dialogue when your heroine is too shy to give a reply?”She giggled. 

Khushi made a *HAWWWW* face and snatched the phone from Ruhi’s hand. She then started tickling Ruhi whilst Ruhi was screaming with delight.

Ruhi: “Di, Di. Stop it na. Diiiiiii” She giggled.

Khushi: “You think your very smart na? Just because you got your ‘Jijaji’ on your side?” 

Ruhi: “Oh ho Di, you two haven’t even got engaged and you’re already calling him my Jijaji? Itni jaldi kyun?”

She laughed whilst Khushi made a shocked; she didn’t know her little sister was that sneaky. Ruhi took this as a chance to slip away leaving a flustered Khushi.

Arnav was hearing all this from the other side and her voice soothed his nervousness down. He could continuously hear the jingling of her bangles. His heart gleamed with joy at the fact that she accepted him. Khushi then realised he was still on the phone so she picked the phone up to speak...

Khushi: “H...” She was interrupted.

Suraj: “Khushi, have you finished with the phone now? I need to speak to Arnav beta. Jaldi na”Khushi reluctantly passed her dad the phone. She cursed herself for not speaking earlier but she was now satisfied that he wasn’t being forced into this marriage. He seemed happy. 


Suraj: “Hello? Arnav Beta?”

Arnav: “Jee Uncle?”

Suraj: “I wanted to speak about the hotel reservations”

Arnav: “Oh, actually that is why I rang. Dadi asked me to sort everything out. How many people are coming with you? Have you made any travelling arrangements? And...”

Suraj: “Shanti Beta. I will tell you, I’m not running off anywhere” He laughed as they both spoke about the arrangements. 


Khushi (To Herself): “Itna Bura Nay Hai. I mean, how sweet. He was so caring and gentle with Ruhi. I like him a lot more now” She then blushed at her own sentence and hid her face in the pillow.


Meanwhile, Arnav was in the same position as Khushi... she was the only thing that was on his mind these days. He could continuously hear the movement of her bangles, her heavy breathing and her sweet voice that was nectar to his ears. He pulls out the photo from under his pillow, and he continued to speak to it. He laughed at his own plight. He never thought a day would come when he would be speaking to a photo. With the contentment in his heart that she would soon be his, he drifted off to sleep...



Arnav: “Dadi, Dadi”

Dadi: “Hmmm?”She said engrossed in picking out jewelry.

Arnav: “I need you to take measurements for Khushi’s dress. Actually her dresses will be designed in AR”

Dadi: “Good Idea! I’ll ring Garima today itself!” She said excitedly.

Arnav: “Teek Hai Dadi. I’m going to office now. Bye...”


When Arnav reached his office, the first thing he did was pull out his phone. He wanted to text Khushi but he had no idea what to say. He was sat there thinking but couldn’t find anything sweet to say. He thought of a message, typed it but then never sent it. After a lot of thought he gave up and in his haste he sent her a blank message. Satisfied with his text he put it away. “Maybe she will start the conversation after seeing mine” He said to himself...

Arnav: “Aman, Aman! Where are you?” He shouted out.

Aman: “Here, sir” He rushed inside.

Arnav: “Get me a sketchpad and pencils. I also need previous wedding designs and research what is new in the stock market. And quick”

Aman: “Yes sir, may I ask for which client?”

Arnav: “For your Bhabhi” He laughed and walked out of the room leaving a shocked Aman. 

Aman: “Bhabhi? Marriage? ASR smiled? Does that mean he treats me like a brother? Someone Pinch me!” He said whilst turning around, realizing that no one is in the room. 


On the other side Khushi had just woke up from her peaceful sleep when she felt a sudden urge to check her phone. It was as if her heart was giving her a hint.

She checked the phone to see that she had received a text from Arnav. She squealed in delight as she opened the message. She was very much bewildered at the text. It was blank? He sent a blank message? But why?

Khushi (To Herself): “Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, are you playing games with me?” She laughed and replied to his text with a blank message “Chalo, two can play that game” She laughed and jumped out of bed, looking forward to going to Delhi the next day, to meet him...


Arnav receives the message and instantly pulls out his phone. Aman was shocked to see his boss so eager towards a text. Arnav smiles seeing her blank reply and walks to his office. He kisses the blank screen and sends another blank message. This continued throughout the day...


A/N: Hi lovelies, I'm going home Kolkata tomorrow for almost two months because my Mom is sick and is going to get I need to take care of her. So updates will be irregular till October,  hope you people understand.

With Love, 


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Nov 22, 2016

ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha... (CHAPTER 04) (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 65 times)

CHAPTER 04: Ke tu tha yahin kahin...

Finally, the day had arrived when the Gupta’s had arrived in Delhi. They were waiting for a car to pick them up as directed by Devyani. They were waiting for at least 10 minutes, and there was no sign of any car.

Khushi: “There, Dheko. That man is holding a card that says Gupta’s. Finally, Chalooo!” She utterly was hopeless at hiding her happiness. Her parents were satisfied that at least she was now happy towards this marriage. 

NK: “She’s so eager” He laughed.

They all got into the car, where they met the Raizada’s most trustworthy driver, Mohan.

Mohan: “Namaste, you’re the Gupta’s, right? Follow me”

Khushi: “Ji, I’m Khushi. Chale?” They entered the car with Suraj sitting beside the driver’s seat and Khushi, her mother, Ruhi and NK sitting behind. 

Khushi meanwhile was constantly checking herself in the mirror. She didn’t know what it was but she felt she needed to look perfect, but all the more, she got out her handkerchief and fixed her lipstick with it. After a long 20 minutes, they had arrived at the hotel which Arnav personally had booked for them. They got out, thanked the driver and entered the hotel....


Soon after, Mohan received a call from Arnav, asking him to pick him up and drop him to AR...

Arnav: “Handkerchief?” He was confused, because the handkerchief seemed very much ladylike; it even had ‘LOVE’ written on it in stitches and a piece of broken bangle, “Mohan, who used this car before me?”

Mohan: “The Gupta’s. I had to drop them off to their hotel, sir”

Arnav: “And this handkerchief?” He knew what his heart wanted to hear.

Mohan: “Oh, that is Khushi Madam’s” Arnav’s heart was jumping in joy as he received the answer he wanted to, “Just leave that in the car sir, after dropping you off I have to take the ladies home from the parlor, I can return it then, sir”

Arnav: “Hmmm...” Arnav was in deep thoughts, (In His Mind): “So, after tomorrow’s Shagun, it is the Sangeet and Mehndni combined due to short notice, right? Hmmm, well Khushi. I have a gift for you” smiling to himself and pulled out his notepad. He began sketching a mehndi design, which contained his initials. He made extra effort to fulfill every little detail and by the time he had finished they had reached AR. He pulled the paper out of the pad and carefully folded into a small chit. He then wrapped it in Khushi’s handkerchief and placed it in the side pocket of the car.

Arnav: “Mohan, Khushi’s handkerchief is in this side picket, look. Tell her it’s placed there, and specifically make sure that only she removes it. Am I clear?”

Mohan: “Yes, sir”

Arnav: “Thanks, bye” Mohan was surprised; his boss hardly ever said thanks, and that too to him.


Ruhi and Garima both got out of the car and went into the house waiting for Khushi as the driver had asked her to stay back.

Mohan: “Ma’am”

Khushi: “Please, just Khushi”

Mohan: “Ji, Khushiji. Actually, Arnav sir has left your handkerchief in the side pocket of the car. He asked me to specifically give it to you” Khushi smiled and thanked the driver. She excitedly picked the handkerchief up and saw that there was a paper attached to it. She hid the paper and rushed up, in to her room to open it.

Khushi: “WOW. Such a beautiful mehndi design! He even designed it himself.” She squealed in delight as she saw his signature at the bottom. She blushes thinking about how much he cares for every little thing. She texts him a blank message so that he understand she has received it. She sat there for minutes waiting for a reply, when she suddenly got a blank message in return. She smiled thinking that he must be just as crazy as her, for not starting a conversation...



The rituals had now fully begun and today the Raizada’s would be coming to Gupta’s hotel for the Shagun.

Dadi: “Anjali, Maya, Payal. Chalo na, we’re getting late!” She screamed out.

Maya: “Chalo, we’re all here now”

Arnav: “Ruko Dadi. These are Khushi’s dresses for each and every ceremony along with the wedding lengha” He smiled mischievously as he had secretly kept a note for Khushi in the folds of the bag unknown to all. 

Dadi: “Oh ho, this is the first time our Arnav Beta has got involved in anything to do with wedding rituals” She teased leaving a smiling Arnav waving her off.


The Raizada’s had completed the Shagun, and gave Khushi her blessings and then got into a discussion about the upcoming rituals.

Dadi: “So, as decided, in two days the Sangeet and Mehndi will be held together. Due to short notice we have kept them together, I hope there is no problem?”

Garima: “No, no that’s fine”

Suraj: “Has the hall been booked?”

Dadi: “Jee, the hall is in this hotel itself” She said excitedly

Suraj: “Great, that’s even better”

Maya: “Okay, we should get going now”. 

Dadi then stood up and walked over to Khushi. She whispered in her ear: “This is a gift from our Arnav Beta; they are all AR designed clothes”

Khushi: “Thank you Dadiji” She said with a huge smile.

Dadi: "Don’t thank me beta, thank my grandson” She winked and left. 



Khushi: “WOOOOWWW! They’re so beautiful” She said to herself, she knew they were no ordinary clothes. She felt that they were special, in some way...

She got out each and every one of the dresses and studied them in detail. The details were spectacular and seemed as if the designer had looked at every little ounce of detail. In the process, the chit fell it and directly hit her foot. She quickly opened it wondering what it said: 

To Khushi,

I really hope you like the designs as I personally designed them. Since the day I have seen your picture, I have thought of nothing beyond it. You’re like a Pari who came into my colorless life to fill it with colors. So this is a token of my love and appreciation...

From your one and only,



NOTE: Next update will be of 'Meant to be..', so MTB readers stay alert I'll update as soon as I can.

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Jan 1, 2017

ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha... - CHAPTER 05 (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 45 times)

CHAPTER 05: Chup Chup Ke...

Khushi blushes and she too wishes to thank him, so rather than sending him a blank message she sends him a love heart instead ‘?’. 

She immediately receives a text back with two hearts ‘??’. 

She understood that he was waiting for her reply and all she could do was simply smile...



Khushi was stood there excitedly waiting for the one who had designed her dress. She stood there nervously in a Mehndi color lengha with pink and white patterns. She had a matching red dupatta pinned to the side, revealing her milky stomach. Her hair was loosely French plaited to the side, with simple jewelry and simple makeup. Her eyes were frantically looking for him as she scanned the room...

(Khushi's Lehenga)

Payal: “Sorry Khushi, Arnav is not here. You know since it’s the Mehndi, so strictly no boys allowed” She teased as the Raizada members walk toward her, "I know how disappointed you must be...” She giggled at Khushi’s flushed face. 

Maya: “Chalo, enough teasing. Let’s get your Mehndi done” She smiled.

Payal: “This design is good”

Dadi: “No this one is better”

Maya: “Hmm yeah this one is nice” They were all selecting their Mehndi designs as the rest of the members were dancing joyfully.

Khushi sneakily stood up and placed Arnav’s design in the Mehndi designer’s hand, and quickly sat back down again. Finally they all decided on their own Mehndi design including Khushi’s when they see that Khushi’s mehndi is half way done...

(Khushi's Mehndi)

Payal: “Oh, this Mehndi design is better actually. Good choice, Khushi” She smiled at her.

Dadi: “What’s with all the gloomy faces? Why is there no singing and dancing?”

Buaji: “Haiiii Nandkis****ee! Chalo, what’s a Mehndi with no dancing? Titaliya, you start!” She said pointing at Khushi. Khushi had always imagined her Mehndi to be like this so there was no hesitation....

Khushi grabbed all her cousins and they stood with their back to the audience...

Khushi danced to ‘Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna’ pulling Dadi and Buaji along. By the end of the dance, even Maya and Anjali were dancing happily. They were all busy dancing when Khushi felt two pairs of eyes on her. She had a feeling ‘He’ was watching her. Her eyes scanned the whole room but couldn’t find him. Disappointed, she went and sat down staring at her Mehndi.

A few minutes later, she noticed that everyone was quiet. She looked up to see Payal dressed with a blazer on top of her sari and matching office shoes. She asked her with her eyes; asking her what she was doing and was ghastly surprised when Payal pulled her up and started singing.



Pagle se dil ne

Yeh kya kiya...

She pulled Khushi romantically and started acting like Arnav.

Chun liya...

Chun liya...

Tujhko devane ne

Chun liya....

She made Khushi spin and land in her arms.

Dil toh uda uda re

Aasman mein badalon ke sang

Yeh toh machal machal ke

Ga raha hai sun nahi si dhun

Khushi laughed at Payal’s acting, so she decided to help her out. She pulled Payal into a dancing position for couples, and started singing and moving romantically towards her...

Badmash dil toh thag hai bada (Badmash dil toh thag hai bada)

Badmash dil yeh tujh se juda (Badmash dil yeh tujh se juda)

Badmash dil meri sune na zid pe ada.. (Badmash dil meri sune na zid pe ada..)

Everyone laughed, and clapped them on...Ruhi ran up to her Di and also pretended to be flirting with her making Khushi smile. 

Badmash dil toh thag hai bada (Badmash dil toh thag hai bada)

Badmash dil yeh tujh se juda (Badmash dil yeh tujh se juda)

Badmash dil meri sune na zid pe ada.. (Badmash dil meri sune na zid pe ada..)

They both finished with Khushi and Payal in each other’s arms with Ruhi in the middle, laughing.

Payal: “So what if Arnav is not here? You’ve got me, na?” She laughed and winked at Khushi.

Ruhi: “Me tooo!” She said eagerly and giggled


The function had ended with smiles. There was a lot of singing and dancing, and even eating. Garima fed Khushi with her own hands, with tears in her eyes wondering about how much she’s going to miss her when she’s gone...

Garima: “Chalo, let’s go get you changed” She said as they both walked up the stairs. “Oh! I don’t even have the keys. Khushi wait here. Let me go get the keys”

Khushi was just about to walk ahead when she realized something was stopping her from doing so. She turned around to see her dupatta stuck in the door. She realized she couldn’t even do anything, because her Mehndi was not yet dry. She then turned around and tried to pull it with her head, but fails.

She then feels a strong gush of wind behind her, as if someone was calling her. The sudden breeze brushed against her, and she felt as if ‘He’ was there. She subsequently got Goosebumps all over her, positive that he was behind her, but she had no courage to turn around.

He walked up to her and removes her dupatta carefully from the hinge of the door. He slowly but steadily walks towards her and puts his end of the dupatta over her head, and uses his fingers to trail it all the wait down to her shoulders. He sees a blush rising up through her neck as he laid his breath seductively on her neck. 

He could smell a musky floral scent all around him, as he puts his hands on her shoulders to turn her around and see her face. He readies his hands to turn her around when he hears footsteps. He quickly leaves her shoulders and disperses into the room. 

Khushi stood still with her eyes closed, breathing in his scent which was all over her...

Garima: “Khushi? What happened? Did you get scared? I mean I rushed here as soon as there was a power cut” She said anxiously. Khushi denied with her head leaving her in thoughts. Garima left Khushi in her room to change whilst she went to go find her sangeet outfit.

Khushi walks up to the mirror and starts talking to herself: “Did I imagine him? But it felt so real?” She pondered deeply but broke out in a smile when reality struck her, “Dupatta? It was real! It was real!” She jumped up realizing her dupatta was on her head. “He was there, I didn’t imagine him. He really was there” She smiled as she held her dupatta closely to her heart as she once again breathed in his scent. 

She ran to her draw, and pulled out his photo in a hurry. She stared intensely into his eyes, outlining his face with her fingers. She once again went back into the memories of minutes ago and imagines him there. She starts breathing heavily as she once again feels his fingers lingering on her shoulders. However, her chain of thoughts was interrupted by a beep on her phone.

She see’s that she has once again received a blank message from him. She shy’s away thinking about what she should reply. She then leaves her phone, too shy to text back and returns to looking at his photo.


Arnav: “Why isn’t she texting back? Did she feel bad? What if she didn’t like me meeting her like that? Oh no!” he was walking restlessly up and down his room thinking about her reaction. He again sends her another blank message and becomes calm when she replies back with a ‘...’

He understood that she was feeling shy and so he leaves her message there. They both go back to their earlier memories as they drift off into their dreamland...


NOTE: Hi lovely people, how are you all..? Yes yes I know I had gone missing again suddenly but what to do I had exams going which ended yesterday and I got the notice suddenly like 05 days before exam. So with so little time my Dad didn't let me use laptop until exams got over so I couldn't do anything. Anyways it has been brought to my attention that this story has resemblance with a Maaneet story and I know as the story would progress many would find resemblance with some or the other I wanna make a clarification:


This story actually started 03 yrs or so ago but since my co-writer just went M.I.A, it was left unfinished and when I started writing decided to finish it off. The similarities are just co-incidence because we both used the cheesiest and cliques stuffs ever seen in serials and read in book. Like the take Chap 04 for e.g. I mean in every show how it is that the hero and heroine are about to meet yet they don't see one another stuff like the handkerchief idea was somewhat from a hindi movie 'Sirf tum', the hero-heroine were always around each other yet didn't recognize. In this story I used every possible cheesy clique ever seen and so if any scene or story-line is similar with that Maaneet story or any other story, then its just co-incidence, maybe they too tried to have a clique story...possibly if you read a lot then maybe you come across many other stories with similarities in different forums and all. But that doesn't mean like I'm copying them or she is copying just happens when so many stories are written around. And if it was copy then my co-writer would've said something in the beginning because trust me she reads a was us both brainstorming ideas of clique and cheesy, did we came up with all these.

But still if anyone has complains then please tell me and I'll just remove this story from here because I can't do any changes in the story line or make changes in chapters till 20 because they're already written and posted. Now please don't think I'm try to throw a tantrum or offending anyone, I just don't want any problem again. So that being said, I wanna wish all Happy new year and hope this new year beings lots of happiness to all????????

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Feb 24, 2017

ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha... - PART 06 (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 45 times)

CHAPTER 06: Rabba Ve...

The Mehndi had been a jolly affair, followed by the sangeet. There was a lot of dancing and celebration where the Gupta’s and Raizada’s had really started to get to know each other; whereas on the other hand, both Khushi and Arnav were restless wondering when they will be able to see each other properly.


2 days had passed by, and it was now the Haldi. Khushi was getting ready as usual but only after receiving his blank message in the morning. Her morning starts with him and her day ends the same. 

Khushi was getting ready upstairs in her, while Arnav had just finished his Haldi ceremony. His Haldi was also held in the hotel, since all the functions had been there. After Arnav’s Haldi was done, he was sent home to change but he sneakily hid behind a pillar to get a glimpse of his would be wife. 

He managed to see her back figure and was delighted to see her in his design. She was wearing a simple yellow outfit with simple golden-red border and hair in braided (one that Sanaya actually wore in the show 'Chhanchhan'). 

She was made to sit on a stool, with her back towards him. Turn by turn the elder women firstly put Haldi on Khushi and gave her their blessings. Next was Anjali’s turn followed by all the friends and relatives of the Gupta’s. 

Payal: “My turn!” She screamed as she rushed over to Khushi and covered her with Haldi. Both girls started playing around, with the families admiring their bonding already. 


Maya: “The Haldi ceremony is said to remove any nervousness from the groom. But my son seemed to be happy” she teased.

Payal: “He was probably thinking about Khushiji’s sparkling face after her Haldi would be done” she joined it.

Garima: “You’re troubling my daughter so much before her wedding, what will happen after?” She laughed

Anjali: “We will trouble her more, na?” She laughed.

Payal: “Awh yeah. Seen as in he is going to give his wife more priority now” She laughed but Anjali took her comment seriously...

Dadi: “Okay, okay that’s enough teasing for now! The Haldi is so we can bless the couple with fortune and prosperity. So all my blessings are with, dear” She said cupping Khushi’s cheek, “Go get cleaned up Beta, we’ll meet you back down here” she smiled as Khushi got up giving Dadi a hug, got up to leave.

She was now walking in the same direction as him, but he was busy trying to get out of the before someone caught him. They were both reaching the same place when Khushi gets tangles in the curtains, taking Arnav along with her. She was just about to scream in fear when he quickly covers her mouth with his hands, over the curtains. They could only see each other’s eyes and it was enough for Khushi to realize that it was Arnav there. They were lost in each other’s eyes, which seemed to be a never ending road for them both...

*Rabba Ve*

*Rabba Ve*

Arnav slowly lifts his hand up to remove the curtain from her face when he is suddenly caught by his ear and dragged out forcefully.  

Dadi: “Everybody Look! Look who I found sneaking about” Khushi heard this and quickly ran from there blushing. Arnav looked back to see her retreating figure and cursed Dadi for coming at the wrong time. He was going to go after her but failed as Dadi was still holding his ear.

Garima: “Oh ho, Arnav Beta. The wedding is tomorrow. Couldn’t you wait?” She giggled.

Maya: “Arnav, Badmaash” She said as she went over and pulled his other ear.

Arnav: “Maaa, Dadi! You’re hurting me...”

Anjali: “Good! That’s what you get for being mischievous. Nice plan, huh? Was your to-be-wife involved too?” She said sneakily. 

Arnav: “I’m going...” He said pouting as he ran away from them quicker than they could stop him. They all laughed at Arnav’s new side and wished the best for the couple.


Meanwhile, In Khushi’s room she was holding his photo next to her heart to stop her erratic beatings. She was blushing profusely remembering their earlier encounters and could only wish Dadi would have come a little later. She put the picture back under her pillow and went to wash the Haldi off.


Arnav (In Thoughts): “I can’t wait! I mean tomorrow, she will be officially Mrs Raizada. 13 Hours Left. Hmm, Should I text her? I don’t know...Hmmm...” 

After a lot of thought he, texted her goodnight blank text and receiving her message soon after, he falls into a deep slumber eagerly waiting for the next day.


[NOTE: I know it's short but I can't do anything about it, this was written by my co-writer and so I can't do much about the length. Though what I can do is if the response is decent enough then I'll update this story more frequently since I've quite lot of chaps in advance already. So tell me if you want me to update this story more frequently? 

Please don't forget to press thank you and comment.]

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Feb 26, 2017

ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha... (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 54 times)

CHAPTER 7: Ban Ke Titli Ura Ura Kahi Door...


Arnav woke up with a smile, elated, looking forward to the day. He quickly started his day off texting his Khushi, as he jumped up to get fresh.

[SONG LINK: Click here to watch the video ]

Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai

Kahin doooor...

Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai

Kahin doooor... 

Khushi was sat in the beauty parlor for the past away, waiting for her makeup to be done. She was dressed in a red and green bridal wear, with a very heavy golden design. She had just finished placing her bangles on as her Garima helped her to put her nose ring on. 

She instantly replied back to his blank message, and was feeling very much nervous. She was sat in front of the mirror as a few girls did her hair. She was wondering what the future would bring. She was staring at her reflection, wondering about what Arnav would think...

Chal ke khushboo se juda juda juda hai

Kahin doooor...

Haadse ye kaise

Unsune se jaise choome adheron ko

Koi Nooor...

Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai

Kahin doooor...

Kashish: “Oh ho Khushi. Admiring yourself, are you?”

Khushi: “Kashish? You here? I mean I thought you couldn’t make it?” She jumped up to hug her. 

Kashish: “Me? Miss my best friend’s wedding? Kabhi Nai” She giggled. 

Garima: “Actually, she’s wondering about what Arnav will think, hai na?” She interrupted. 

Kashish: “Haa, Khushi’s beauty will add to his pleasure. After all, it is her Suhaag Raat tonight, na?” She winked making all the ladies burst out laughing.

Khushi: “Kashish! Tu Bhi Na! And Mumma? You too?” She blushed profusely whilst in thoughts of their Suhaag Raat.

Khushi (In Thoughts): “SSSsssuhaag Raat? Aaaj Raat? How will it be...I mean...Will we? What am I thinking?” She tried controlling her wild imagination amongst everyone. 

Sirf keh jaaun ya

Aaasmaan pe likh doo

Teri taarifon mein

Chashme Baddoor...

Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai

Kahin doooor...

Chal ke khushboo se juda juda juda hai

Kahin doooor...


Khushi had finally finished getting ready, her makeup, hair and jewelry were done. She stood up and turned around to ask how she is looking, when one of her relatives speaks before her.

Lady: “WOOOW! Such a beautiful wedding dress”

Kashish: “For such a beautiful girl, obv course”

Lady: “Vo toh hai (That She Is) She smiled “I hope nobody casts and evil eye on you Beta” She said as she cupped Khushi’s cheek. “I must say, this dress is so intricately designed”

Khushi: “Hmmm...HE did design it...” She said on proudly.

Kashish: “He? Kyon?” She said teasingly.

Khushi: “Voh, the one I’m going to marry, na!” She said innocently.

Kashish: “And, what is his name...?”

Khushi: “You should know” She giggled understanding Kashish’s intention.

Kashish: “Dheko. She doesn’t even know her husband’s name! I’m going to tell my Jeeju” She laughed and stuck her tongue out like a child.

Khushi: “Nai, nai, nai” She said running after her. “Voh, he...Arnav...designed it” She blushed saying his name as she ran and sat on the bed with thoughts in her mind. 

Kondal vannanaik kovalanay venney

Unda vayan en

Ullam kavarndhanai

Andar kon ani arangkan en amudhinaik

Kanda kangal marronrinaik kanave

Bhoori bhoori aankhein teri

Kankhiyon se tez teer kitne chhode

Dhaani dhaani baatein teri

Udte-phirte panchhiyon ke rukh bhi mode

Khushi (In Thoughts): “Khushi Gupta Singh Raizada? No, no. Khushi Singh Raizada. Naiii...Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. PERFECT!” She smiled to herself. 


Arnav (In Thoughts): “ will be all mine, sirf mera. I’ve been waiting for this moment for too long. No more. You will soon be mine Khushi...Khushi...” He started repeating her name when realization struck him. “Khushi? Apart from the picture, I’ve never seen her face? I mean, we’ve always been interrupted. Ah well...I’m 100% sure that she is just as beautiful as her photo and her heart is...” He said as he was star struck. He eyes were enchanting him with a never ending spell.

Adhoori thi zara si

Main poori ho rahi hoon

Teri saadagi mein hoke choor

Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai, kahin door

Chal ke khushboo se juda juda juda hai

Kahin door...

Raatein gin ke

Neendein bun ke

Cheez kya hai khwaabdaari hum ne jaani

Tere sur ka saaz ban ke

Hoti kya hai raagdaari hum ne jaani

Jo dil ko bhaa rahi hai

Woh teri shayari

Ya koi shayarana hai fitoor..

Akash: “Bhai, Chale? The Baraat is now ready to leave. It’s your big day....” He said excitedly... “WOW, you look amazing in traditional Bhai” He said as Arnav once again checked himself in the mirror. He was wearing a similar shade sherwani, with minimal works...

Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai

Kahin doooor...

Chal ke khushboo se juda juda juda hai

Kahin doooor...

Haadse ye kaise, unsune se jaise

Choome adheron ko, koi Naureen..

Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai, kahin door..

Sirf keh jaaun ya

Aaasmaan pe likh doo

Teri taarifon mein

Chashme Baddoor...

The Baraat had now left.

PRECAP: Finally the wedding....

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Apr 8

ARSHI FF: Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha... (By Kavyanjali08) (Thanked: 92 times)

CHAPTER 08: Saat Phero Mein Bandhe Hum...


The Baraat had arrived at the venue in a grand style. Arnav was carried from the car to the door, by his brothers. He looked around and saw that the Haveli that was booked looked absolutely grand. There were lights, and flowers everywhere, not to mention they were Khushi’s favorite red roses. 

Akash: “Even after such short notice, the wedding venue looks tip-top.”

Arnav: “Influence of the Raizada’s.” He laughed.

They were welcomed into the venue by the one and only, his mother-in-law. 

Garima: “Welcome Arnav,” She said as she did the welcoming Aarti. “Today, you’re going to take away my Gudiya, so I’m going to have to give you a hard time” She laughed. 

Kashish: “Jiju! Hi, I’m Khushi’s Best friend.”

Arnav: “I’m guessing you’re also going to punish me for taking Khushi away, right?”

Kashish: “Spot On!” She laughed. “So here goes the first ritual, Garima Aunty has to hold your nose and lead you into the hall but you have 3 chances to escape. If Garima Aunty catches you, you have to give something to her. Agreed?”

Arnav: “What type of ritual is this? My nose is going to fall off.” He pouted like a child.

Kashish: “Deal or No Deal?” She said with her hands on her hips.

Arnav: “Deal” He said as Garima lead him in by his nose.

After a lot of masti, Garima had finally caught him by his nose and brought him back to the door step.

Garima: “My Gift?” She said putting her hand out.

Arnav: “I have two gifts for you, actually”

Kashish: “All talk! Give na!”

Arnav: “Actually I can’t give you it yet.”

Kashish: “Cheating!”

Arnav: “No, I promise, I will give you two gifts. But after the wedding...I want to give it with Khushi.”

Garima: “My Gudiya has finally found her perfect prince, which is enough for me.” She said cupping his cheek.

Arnav put his hands on top of his mother-in-law’s and wiped her tears: “I know, but this gift is a bonus for giving me your Pari.” He smiled. Garima hugged him tight and he hugged her back. Everyone admired this amazing bond...

Arnav was then taken to the Mandap, where he was asked to give his offering to the holy fire by the priest. Whilst doing so, his eyes were continuously scanning the room for his Pari.

Payal: “Oh ho, Intezaar Ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai” She giggled. 

Arnav: “Bhabhiiii” He complained.

Priest: “Ab Kanya Ko Mandap Mein Bulaeye. (Call the bride to the alter) He said as they all looked up to see Kashish and Ruhi either side of the bride.

A very nervous Khushi with a Ghoonghat covering her face was led by the front by her Buaji. Arnav felt a strong gush of air blow in his face as she was coming closer. He couldn’t stop his erratic heartbeats from beating loud. Khushi reached the mandap and lifted her lengha slightly to remove her sandals. Whilst doing so, her anklets were jingling, creating havoc inside of him. He was getting impatient, and he felt like going up to her and carrying her to him. She was then led by Payal, to the mandap and stood next to Arnav for the Jaimala. 

Buaji: “Chalo, Chalo. Arnav Beta, first you have to put the garland on Khushi Bitya...Khushi Bitya, make sure you make it hard for him” She winked. Arnav then moved his arms forward and delicately placed it around her neck, without any hesitation from her. Buaji, “Hai Re Nandkis****! You can’t even play hard to get” She laughed.

It was now Khushi’s turn and she placed her hands forward to put it around his neck, but failed to do so as Akash pulled him back. She failed 3 times, until Arnav himself bent his head forward to make it easier for her, making her smile. 

Payal: “Oh hoooo, so eager.” She laughed.

Anjali: “You’re letting your wife rule you, already.”

The wedding rituals had fully started, and Khushi was very much emotional. Arnav could understand what she was feeling, and silently comforted her by placing his hand on hers. With every ritual she felt like she was giving a part of herself to him, and during the saat-phere she took, they were holding hands. The sindoor-daan time had come and Arnav was very much excited to see her face.

He carefully lifted her Ghoonghat up and froze as he was well and truly blown away by the glow on her face. He felt contented when he saw that she was looking down and there was a small blush and a shy smile on her face. Dadi had to get him out of his trance by placing his hand on his shoulder, as he placed the sindoor on her parting. A little sindoor hand fell on her nose as the Ghoonghat was again placed on. He was satisfied with the tiny glimpse, and was it was enough to blow his mind into a different dimension.

Priest: “I declare you both husband and wife” He said and everyone clapped happily. 

They were both then told to stand up which Khushi did with the help of her husband. They both then took the blessings from their elders, and shared hugs with the youngsters as there were a lot of tears.

Akash: “Ruko, ruko Khushi Bhabhi no tears yet. We have a surprise for you” He said as both Arnav and Khushi were made to sit down as they watched Akash dance to ‘Jogi Mahi Heer Ranjhna’ from 'Bachna Ae Haseeno'.

Payal and Kashish then danced to a different song whilst the newly wedded couple were holding hands, ready for their new life together...

After all the masti, they both got down for the Bidaai when Arnav notices his shoes are missing.

Arnav: “My shoes?” He said confusingly as a group of girls burst out laughing.

Anjali: “Akash! It was your responsibility to make sure the girl’s side don’t steal his shoes.” She playfully slapped him on his arm.

Kashish: “So, Jeeju...We give you your shoes in return for a gift” She giggled.

Arnav laughed and pulled out some money and placed in her hand as he was given back his shoes. He was then stopped by a little Ruhi who had her hands on her hips. 

Arnav: “Ruhi, right? I’ve got a very special surprise for you” He said as he held out his hands and picked her up. He then put her down right next to Khushi as he pulled out a small box from his pocket and placed it in her hand.

Ruhi: “What is it?” She asked innocently as everyone silently watched the brother-sister bonding.

Arnav: “Open it and see...” He said as she quickly opened it to see a photo pendant. She then opened it up and saw a little photo of Khushi, and a photo of Arnav. He says, “This is so whenever you miss you Didi, you look at this pendant and you remember that she is safe hands. If you accept this gift, it means you’re giving me permission to take your sister away because I need your permission, right?” as Ruhi crushed herself into a hug and wouldn’t let him go.

Ruhi: “You’re going to look after Didi, right? Because if you don’t...” She said tearfully.

Arnav: “I promise” He said pulling out of the hug. “And...Whenever you feel like seeing you Di and I mean whenever... Just give me a call, okay? She’ll come flying over to you...” He said.

Ruhi: “Sach? You’re the best Jijaji in the world” She said as she turned to face a tearful Khushi. Both sisters slammed into a hug as there were many tears. Khushi’s heart warmed up seeing the love and care Arnav had for her family. She just couldn’t help but cry.

It was now time for the Bidaai as Khushi clung onto both her parents, not wanting to let go. She cried her heart out and just didn’t want to face the fact that she was going away from her parents for the first time. And this time forever. Garima tried to console Khushi, but she just wouldn’t listen. Suraj even had tears in her eyes, and gestured Arnav to console her. Arnav came behind Khushi and gently held Khushi’s arms and brought her to his chest as she cried on that. He then brought her in front of her parents as he pulled out a paper. 

Arnav: “Now it’s time for your two gifts” He said as Khushi looked up to see what he meant. He put the paper in Khushi’s hand and gestured her to give it to her parents, and so she did. 

Suraj: “Documents? For what?”

Arnav: “For your new house... in Delhi” He said as Khushi looked up to him in shock.

Garima: “Kya? But...”

Arnav: “I’ve just seen how attached Khushi is to you, and I don’t think it’s fair on my behalf to take away your Gudiya like that. I am a business man, a very busy one” He laughed as he continued “Sometimes it’s not possible for me to travel all the time, so wouldn’t it make it easier if you lived close by? ...I mean after Ruhi’s semester has finished in school, you can all move into this house. The house is only 10 minutes away from Shantivaan and I have even applied for Ruhi’s school. NK can join AR and everyone is happy” He said as Garima’s face welled up.

Dadi: “Arnav is right. Even this is a surprise for us, but today I’ve understood how mature my Chotte has become...Please don’t deny, Khushi Betiya would be much happier”

Suraj: “Today, I’ve understood why people say marriages are made in heaven. We couldn’t have found a better alliance for my baby girl. Thank you Arnav, thank you!” He said as they shared a hug. 

Arnav: “Now for my second gift...A promise. I promise you both that I will look after Khushi better than my own life. I will fulfil all her needs and wishes. She will even continue her study. I’ve already took the details from NK, and after studying she will work in AR as my partner” He smiled. Arnav then walked up to NK and they shared a hug, “Are you ready to work in AR, my brother?” He said as NK nodded happily.

NK: “I know I don’t even have to say this, but please look after my sister. She’s very new to all these responsibilities, and I know your support will lead her to achieve all her dreams. Thanks Arnav, seriously...” He said as they both once again shared a hug.

After speaking to everyone, they all moved out as Khushi was made to stand next to Buaji with a rice plate. Khushi then threw them back with her hands as Garima collects them in her Pallu. It was Khushi’s way of thanking her parents for the love and care they had given her all these years.

Before stepping into the car Arnav promised Garima that they can see Khushi whenever they want, and he hopes to see them settling in their new house soon. It was decided that the Gupta’s would move into Delhi after all Khushi’s exams finish. 

Whilst in the car, Khushi held Arnav’s hand tight and looked into his eyes intensely. It was her way of thanking him for everything he has done for her family. He didn’t even have to do all of that, but yet he chose to. He gave her an assuring smile as they both waited to reach Shantivaan. 



Khushi Ghrahpravesh was done, and even the post-wedding ring game. Of course Arnav himself had given Khushi the ring in the milk as she lifted it up smiling. There was a lot of teasing and masti after that until finally Payal had made Khushi stand up as she followed her to the stairs. Payal led Khushi into Arnav’s room and made her sit on the bed as she put a final touch to the decorations. Khushi was then left in the room by herself as she nervously waited for him to come to her...


NOTE: Hello lovelies, am back! I know I know, a lot of you are angry for been left waiting for so long and am sincerely sorry for that and thank you for waiting so patiently. I am still not very free to update as frequently as I would like but enough to update once-a-while at least, this story would probably be most frequently updated since am quite ahead in the chapters. Anyways, I'll try to update as soon as possible, so have patience am working on other stories but am only one person and can do only so much at a time as I've wedding shopping to do this year *Those who don't know, am getting married by the end of this year, I still can't believe that's going to happen*

That aside enjoy this and I'll be back so with update, until then...

With love.


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