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Apr 21, 2017

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City hospital


“Sid how r u feeling now?” khushi asked while handing him white flowers which she had brought with herself for him




“I’m feeling much better after seeing your gorgeous face khushi! Thanks for visiting me” Sid flirt with her while he accepting her flowers 




She feel little uneasy with his flirting and the way he was looking at her didn’t help her too but nevertheless, she mask her uneasiness and give him a fake smile remembering her mission for which she had come here




“ uhh…  Sid how all this happen with u...pari just informed me today morning that u meet with an accident and u were admitted in hospital” khushi in directly asked him as she don’t want anyone to know about her involving in this matter now




“Don’t know khushi! After the cultural program got over I was going back to home, when suddenly a jeep stop right in front of my car and few man got down from that...I asked them to move but they ignore me and asked what’s my name I told them that my name is Sid then they suddenly started to beat me, I try to fight back but they were very stronger than me so, that’s how I landed up in hospital” Sid said explaining everything and then end it while shrugging his shoulder



Khushi feel guilty seeing Sid condition. His both leg were fracture and his forehead had a deep cut which was bandage, somewhere she was the responsible  for his this condition because of her he was in the hospital…poor guy she thought sympathetically 




“I...I m sorry Sid” she whisper while look down in guilt, she was unable to meet his eyes as somewhere she blame herself for his condition         



“Hi, why r u saying sorry khushi’s not your fault okay! The entire fault was that man fault who beat me” Sid said consoling her with his sugar coated word





She looked at him feeling sorry for him, only if he know that this was work of some psycho who beat him to death only because he dance with her.  



“Ok Sid now don’t stress yourself much and take rest. I will take your leave now, get well soon.” she said while get up to leave from there…   


“okay! Bye… take care” Sid said biding bye to her


“You too…bye” she said with smile and then left from there… little disappointed by the fact that she didn’t get any useful inform from Sid through whom she can find that insane man




It was 7 pm in the evening when Khushi return her home. She  get down from d auto and after paying the auto driver she started walking toward her apartment, it was ten minutes distance from the main road to her apartment. She was walking in a very slow speed in compared to any other normal day. Her mind was clouded with so much of confusion, tension and worry. She felt tired and physically weak as she didn’t have her meal since last night due to the tension and all and today to she didn’t get the time to have anything as she got up very late in d morning so without having her breakfast she went to her clg and there she come to know that Sid actually was attacked by few man last night so she went to him after her clg



She search in her purse and took out her flat keys as she reach in front of her apartment door after opening the door she walk inside shutting the door behind her back. She frown looking around d living room as it’s totally dark, oh no look like again light has went due to power cut. This was not new to her as the area in which she stays this problem was a common problem which everyone person who stay in that area have to face very offend. She fetch out her phone from her purse only to find its battery low ****! When will she learn to always keep her phone charged, she mentally scold herself. She took a gulp looking around d dark living room nothing was visible to her, the phobia of darkness slowly started built fear inside her. She tightly caught her dupatta in her fist fearful looking around the room, something was not feeling right to her. She took a deep breath trying to get a grip on her fear while chanting devi maiya name in her mind, she try searching for a drawer in d living room in which her mother always kept in candle for these type of situation. She was stumble upon something and was about to fall down when she felt someone hold her shoulder preventing the fall down. She breathed in relief but then as she realized someone was inside her house. She panic and was about to shout but before the person pin her to d wall while covering her mouth with one his hand and with other he held her one wrist pining at d wall too.



She try shouting and started struggling hard in his grip to come out of his hold but no use as all her scream came out as muffles. She feels him pressing his body against her to stop her from protesting while his hold getting tight on her wrist by her each attempt. Her chest heavy up and down as she breathed hard sensing d closed approximate B/w them. Fear was making her sense blank. There was no gap b/w their body to even let d air to pass away.   


shhh… don’t move… it’s me… SWEETHEART!” he huskily whisper in her ear sending chill run down her spine. His cold minty breathed fan on her sensitive spot make her shudder under his hold. Her all her attempt of escaping die at d same moment when his words sink in her brain making her go numb in realization and she stay still not daring to even move an inch   


He slowly left his grip on her when he feels sure that she wouldn’t struggle anymore. He fetches out a lighter from his pant pocket and then lightens it bringing in front of her.



You?” she breathlessly whispered in shock voice as soon as his face becomes visible to her eyes.


YES ME” he coldly said looking direct into her eyes


Khushi gasp covering her mouth by her palm. She couldn’t believe her eyes in front of her stood Arnav singh raizada looking her with poker face. She never in her wildest dream had she imagine him to be behind all this mishap.      


Arnav tore his graze away from her face looking around notching that light come back. He shut off his lighter and kept it back in his pant pocket and again focused on khushi, whose eyes still all d while were bore at him looking at him with totally disbelief and shock filled graze as she was still finding all this hard to believe in all this



It’s...its means u were d one behind all this? You r d one who threat me with that gun in Ria’s party, you r d one who send me that video, you r the one who called me last night, you r d one who hurt si..” her further words die in her throat as he angrily bang his fist on the wall just next her head totally shutting her up.  



DON’T” he warned, she swallowed hard looking at his furious red eyes “DON’T YOU EVER DARE TO UTTER THAT **** NAME AGAIN FROM YOUR MOUTH KHUSHI” he said gritting his teeth. She can feel his voice restraining his anger trying hard not to lose his temper on her. She watched as he took deep breath while closing his eyes and quickly opened them in a snap. She panic as he pulled her closed to him by gripping her arms with his rough hand looking at her with clam and composed face. His hold was not so tight but also not gentle on her



Yes I was the one who threat you in that party because you dare to dance with that guy which I don’t like, yes I was the one who send you that video because that was your punishment for disobeying me and dancing with that Sid, yes I was d one who called you last night because I was worried for you and wanted to talked to you, yes I was d one who hurt that Sid because that **** deserved it he even worst then that for plotting evil against you but still I just merely hurt him because I know you will feel guilty that because of you someone has to lose his life that why I asked my men not to hurt him much and admit him in some hospital. I did all this for you but you again even after my last night warning you again went to meet him. Didn’t I very clearly had told you to stay away from him then WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LISTEN TO ME DAMMIT” he shouted at her face in d top of his voice as he says the last line



STOPPED IT JUST STOPPED IT!” She shouted pushed him back with all might causing him to stumble few step back. She breathed hard looking angrily at him. How someone can have no regret and remorse inside him after doing all this? She thought with disgust. She took long stride and reached him and angrily she started hitting him on his chest with her small fist



How could u be so cruel? How could you do all this and easily say like you did nothing wrong. What did you get by doing all this huh? Why r u behind me? Why r you doing all this with me? And what did u just said you did all this for me. Why? Tell me just why it matter to you if I dance with any boys? Why it matter to you if I mingle with boys? Why it matter to you if someone wants to harm me? Why it matter to you if…


Cutting her off



BECOZ I LOVE YOU DAMMIT!” He shouted as he caught her fist and forcibly pulled her closed to him



There was pin drop silent after this. No one speak only d silence was linger b/w them, they feel like time stop still there. Their eyes bore into each other where as one was looking in his lady love eyes trying to read her mind while other was looking totally stunned at him


















His words kept ringing in her ear like a chant as she stood there ghostly frozen in her spot. Did she just hear him right? Or is her ear ringing. She can’t believe that he love her. Arnav singh raizada love her. Suddenly she feels tired by all the happening and stress, her fragile body couldn’t take it anymore .Her knees stared to feel weak while her mind went blank  as darkness flash in front of her eyes and like a lifeless feather she faint in his arms, letting all her weight to be supported by him  



Khushi...Khushi..khushi!!!…wake up... open your eyes dammit” he worriedly said patting her cheeks.


At last not getting any response from her, he quickly lifted her up in his arms and hurried inside her room. Once they reached there he carefully place her on bed making her lay down on it and then sat beside her picking a glass of water from bed side table. He sprinkle few drop of water on her face hoping that she will gain her conscious but no use as she remain lay there still increasing his worry. Without wasting any more time he fetch out his iphone and called Aman asking him to bring a Doctor at his given address ASPS




Hi guys I know many of you might hate this Arnav for doing all this with khushi but please wait for few update soon the reason behind his obsessive behavior toward her will reveal and after few update he will somewhat started behaving soft toward her. Till then please be clam


*Next update will be of lover’s revenge on (30/4/10)




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