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Feb 23, 2017

Elitists next part is up ;) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 38 times)

Chapter 18


Khushi…” I call her once in mini garden of Arnav’s. She doesn't look back at me or reply.

I put my hand on her shoulder. Just as I turn her to face me, she hugs me, startling me!

“Hey! What's up? Why are you crying? Hush!” I try to sooth her but she sobs like a child. I feel my heart breaking. I know how she feels but it's her fate.

After few minutes she pulls away and wipes her tears away.

“I got you,” I tell her wiping her tears with napkin that I always keep with myself. In case Lisa decided to vomit, I would use it.

“You okay?” I ask sitting beside her. I put my arm around her shoulder. She looks surprise but I ignore it.

“Hey!” I side hug her.

“I am tired,” is all she says.

“We can postpone this marriage, if you want,” I say softly. At least for my brother, I can bear some drama even though I feel pity for her.

“No!” she tell me, “I want it to end today,” her voice is full of determination. I sigh.

“You don't have to do this, you know, Arnav can wait a bit more.” she shook her head.

“No,” she gets up “I will get ready in a minute.

“I will help you,” I say getting up and holding her arm, I drag her to her soon to be room.

“Is my family here?” she questions me once settled in front of mirror.

“Yesh they will be here any minute,” I assure her. I don't think I will be able to bear so many low caste people in our house but i guess I can adjust for one day. Why did her brother chose a maid to fall in love with?

“What did he saw in you?” I ask Khushi out of nowhere while helping her wear the pieces of jewelry.

“I don't know! And I don't want to know anyway.” her reply surprise me.

“You are still sour about whole thing?”

“You mean, I shouldn't be sour?” she replies and before I can say anything she continues “I shouldn't be sour about that fact that I cannot conceive?”

“I know you are hurt, I understand-” she cuts me off.

“No you don't understand. DAMN it. You don't. Have you ever felt empty from inside? You have a daughter, you can conceive and you have love of your life…” she whispers the last part but i hear it. Zayn.

“Its their wedding too!” i bit my tongue.

“I know.”

“Khushi,” I take a deep breath and continue “I know my brother an A-hole, he really is. But you know he really loves you. I have never seen him so desperate for anyone.”

“He doesn't love me,” she looks at me from the mirror, her brows furrowed.

“He does!” i tell her.

“No he doesn't!”

“No he does!”

“No he never loved me because you do not destroy the people you love and he destroyed me.” I have no words to reply. Maybe she is right but my brother doesn't lie. Sure, his ways of showing affection are different and quiet rude but i am not going to explain her. It's not my job. Arnav will do it himself.

After few minutes, she is ready with no makeup but red lipstick which she said she liked and kohl that she said her mother had always worn.

“You look beautiful,” I tell her honestly. But she just looks blankly.

I leave her alone at her request.

“Di…” I hear Arnav’s worried voice and roll my eyes.

“When did you turn into a love sick puppy?” I raise my eyebrow and he seems to care less about my remarks.

“How is she?”

“Good enough to smile,” I tell him and he bite his lip.

“I will see you soon,” he tries to enter the room but i stop him “She is ready and you can't see her before priest’s permission.”

“But-” he tries to protest but i cut him off “She is alright Arnav,” he looks worried “Trust me,” and he nods.   

“Send khushi’s family in your room, I am going to get ready. I need to pamper myself after all its my only brother’s marriage,” he chuckles and kisses me on my cheek whispers a ‘thank you!” and goes away to call her family.

I sigh. What I see in my siblings’ life is destruction and one-sided love. What can I do? Get my ass ready to wipe their tears when their hearts will break. I know, it's not a profitable deal. Khushi will not fall for Arnav, not so easily. And Zayn, well, he is an a-hole. I saw nothing but a good looking man with angry eyes and clenched fists when he had come to see us a Friday ago and our grandmothers. He had been weirdly silent. From where I see it, he is a hard nut to crack and I am worried for my baby sister.

One thing is sure, no one can get away by hurting my siblings. I am going to beat the sh*t out of him if he dare to hurt Lavanya.

“Break my sister’s heart and I will break this pretty face of yours,” I had told him that day. And he had looked in my eyes an had shook his head.

After 3 hours

“You are husband and wife”

Two mechanical figures: Zayn and khushi has followed the rituals with no emotions and then there are my siblings who look red with happiness like they have just conqour the world. 

This is how one-sided love felt like? I think looking at my husband who is side-hugging me.

I look at my brother and sister as they both stood their with their spouse. I sigh in happiness. Arnav takes my blessings after taking from our elders. Khushi does the same. Same goes with Lavanya but Zayn doesn't bend.

“I don't believe in blessings,” is all he has said from the time he came here.

I see Arnav holding khushi’s hand softly and Zayn did it already. I sigh. They are married! 


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Elitists next part is up ;) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 37 times)

Warning: this chapter contains a bit mature stuff and language. Plus it's part A, part B is yet to be post.


Chapter 19 


I can't help falling in love with you....

Arnav’s POV

Adrenaline pumps through my body as I hear priest say, “You are husband and wife.” Never have I ever imagined to be so whipped for a woman. I had always thought, women were distraction and burden. But I guess that's love, differentiating a person from the whole world. And I love it. I love the feelings khushi brings with herself. It's all mine now. I don't care if she likes me or loves me back. All I know is that, we are together and she is safe.

I hold her hand, firmly, letting her know that she is mine.

“I don't believe in blessings,” I hear Zayn’s cold voice. I glance at his direction and see at my sister smiling, I feel lighter. That's all I wanted. Her happiness.

“Arnav, Zayn, take your brides’ upstairs,” sister chirps in her usual half bossy and half caring tone.

“Why upstairs?” Zayn frowns at my sister’s order.

“Your room is arranged upstairs,” my sister smiles wickedly. I roll my eyes, she is irritating Zayn with her gestures, she doesn't like him much.

“well,” Zayn begins, “My bride will stay with me and nobody gets to dictate US.” He smiles at my sister as if mocking and challenging.

“My sister will not stay in your-”

“-Sis” I cut her off, “Nobody gets to interfere in Lavanya’s life, let her decide.”

Well here goes Zayn Malik taking my sister away with him to his hours and khushi hugs her family as if meeting them one last time. I wish it was the last time they met. Not that I hate her family, they are kind enough to smile at me, it's just that any person associated with khushi except myself, irk me. Call me crazy but I feel like, the person would one day steal her away from me. And I would not be able to do anything.

Back to my bride. She is not crying because she doesn't want me or any of my family member to see her weakness. Well, I respect her, she is so strong. It makes me love her even more. It's wrong, she is so perfect. She can't be real?

“Arnav, take your bribe upstairs.” I obey this time. Our mansion is empty now.

“You will not fall, stop struggling.” I say scooping her in my arms.

“I don't trust you Mr Raizada,”  comes her fierce reply.

“Love the way you lie,” she just rolls her eyes without replying. That's how she does that, ignores me and I don't think i like that.

Once in room, I drop her on the floor gently and I stare at her. Beautiful. I bite my lip and walk closer to her, she doesn't walk backward. She looks in my eyes and I guess she knows what I intend to do.

I pin her to nearby wall and stroke her cheek, “I want you!” my voice comes out huskier. She doesn't say anything. “Khushi…” I ask for permission and she stares back at me as if thinking deeply.

“What if I say no…” she says and I sigh.

“I will not bother you.”

“Move away!” I raise my eyebrow and she shrugs in response. I move a few feet backward.

She walks past me toward the shower room and I look at her walking away. My eyes not leaving her.

She looks extra ****y and I really desire her but it seems like I have to wait. I chew my lip. WAOW, all the sacrifices I am offering for her. I have never done this for anyone before.  

I hear sound of water falling and it strangely turns me on. I sit down on the bed and drink cold water. And lay down.

No groom is as lucky as I am. Sleeping without **** on my first wedding night. ‘stop being so sensitive!’ my mind mocks me. 'Well who the hell have such wedding night? Where groom isn't allowed to touch his bride?' I reply irritated. 'Well who the hell blackmail a girl to marry them?'

I sigh frustrated. 'Then why the **** can't they forget the past and move on?'

I sense the door unlocking and instantly turn my head in that direction. There she comes wearing her favorite clothes: Kurta and Salwar.

She walks in my direction and looks at me earnestly. I raise my eyebrows, “Don't tell me you want me to leave the room now.” I say sarcastically.

“You said you want me,” her voice calm and I feel funny feelings in my stomach. F*ck! I sit up, silent. My f*cking tongue is tied. Or maybe I am nervous.

“I am ready!” my jaws touch the ground and I look at her wide eyes.

“You sa-id….” I am speechless. Get a grip b astard. I curse my own self.

“I didn't say no,” she rolls her eyes “I wanted to freshen up.” I stare at her face still not convinced. But the whipped man in me is ready. Ready to make her his.

I walk up to where she is standing. I cup her face and she looks in my eyes.

“I am not exactly a gentleman, you know…’ I trail off nervously.

“We'll see!” her voice firm and confident. And this sh*t isn't settling with me.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she replies instantly and if I am not wrong I sensed neediness in her voice.

“We can wait,” I tell her moving away but she frown.

“Today or never!” she grits her teeth.

“You are threatening me?”

“No giving my verdict.”

“What if i don't accept it?”

“I will never let you near me again. Or maybe find someone-”

“-you won't dare to!” I cut her off.

“I don't love you Arnav and the only thing that can keep us together is ****.” she cups my cheeks. Current passes through my body, “I really want this to work. I Want to move on.” she says with wet eyes. And I think I am all over in love again. F*ck it, i am doing it for her.

With trembling hands, I hold her wrists and hug her. Tightly. She feels my heart beat and caresses my back.

“Why did you sleep with Zayn?” I ask breaking the hug and she looks in my eyes.

“I love him.” it f*cking hurts when she says these words for zayn and not me. “It wasn't for revenge. He deserved that.”

“I don't deserve anything in your eyes?” I question her “Who am i to you Khushi? Why you want to move on with me?”

“I should question you the same!”

“I love you,” I furrow my brows.

“Love doesn't give you the right to do what you did. Why don't you just say you are selfish b astard?”

“Fine, I am.”

“I will be honest,” she says “If you could let me run away, I would. But you will not. So what's the point of fighting?” my heart breaks into pieces. “I want peace, I am tired of fighting with myself.”

She ISN'T mine. She is nobody’s. I know this now. her heart is too expensive for me to buy.

“You know,” I move closer, my breaths mingle with hers, “I will shower you with everything you want khushi, just say you love me and that you are mine.”

She stays silent…

I feel a tear leaking from the corner of my eye. I clench my jaws, staring at her cold expressionless face I ask, “Is this what you want?” she nods instantly.

I move a bit closer, our lips touching. “How do want me to love you?” I ask in soft, broken voice. I am thankful the room is dark because I am literally crying.

“Like you always wanted to.” I bite my lip. She is giving me herself and I can't f*cking breath. I am overwhelmed. Why the fact that she doesn't love me like I do is hurting so much? Was I expecting too much? Wasn't I the one who thought I wouldn't care if she likes me or not? Why am I bothered so much now? Why the f*ck she controls my life?


I move closer, I can hear her heartbeat and I place my lips on hers. A jolt of current passes through my body. Khushi hold my shoulder to support herself. I suck her lower lip and enter my tongue in her mouth. I cup her ****s. To my surprise, khushi kisses me back with the same passion or maybe i am just imagining things? This is all just a dream and i will wake up alone?

“Never have I even tasted something so sweet,” I tell her and scoop her in my arms. I lay her on the bed and hover her tiny body with mine. I cup her face with one hand and supporting myself with the other one. I place kisses on her jaws and bury my face in her neck.

“You are so beautiful,” I sigh in her hairs. I slip my hand under her neck and unzip her Kurta.


Arnav’s Diary

There she laid with her beautiful eyes shining like thousands of stars packed in them. Her black hairs on her shoulder and pillow, spread like a river at night, black in the moonlight. I couldn't take my eyes off her perfect bosoms, never have i ever touched something so soft and beautiful. Her waist, i could hug and sleep all my life. Her slender legs, white as milk and I kissed every inch of them. She is my fragile queen. The beautiful woman who rules my heart.

I was inside her, she gasped, moaned and called my name and I felt proud, for the first time in my life. I felt complete. I felt responsible for the woman lying beside me, sleeping peacefully.  

I kissed her everywhere I could reach but still felt I was missing something. That something was her smile that she used to flash at everyone but not me. I needed that smile. But i guess I am not lucky enough to get it.

I felt her soft skin and I lost it all. I was like a wise man getting fooled by his beloved knowing that he was being fooled but it didn't stop him because he was so f*cking whipped. It was divine night and I swear God was celebrating too. I felt it. I felt happy.

"Wise men says, 'only fools rush in'. But I can't help falling in love with her. Shall I stay? Would it be a sin? If I can't help falling in love with her. Like a river flows, surely to the sea. And so it goes, something's are meant to be. [She can] Take my hand, take my whole life too. For I can't help falling in love with her. (Originaly by Elvis Presley) 

I know, why she slept with me. She did it with me to forget Zayn just like I slept with Sheetal to forget her. The day she would kiss me just because she wanted me and not to forget her lost love, that will be our real first night after marriage. I will wait for it, even if it means to wait for whole of my life.  

Her eyes asked me, ‘Promise me you will love me selflessly.’ even though no word escaped from her mouth. And at once knew I was responsible for her and there was no running back. I am her only family and She is mine. She accept it or not but deep inside She knows i care.

She told me she wasn't mine but she will never let another man take what she gave me.

“I would prefer to die than to cheat on you. I want you to trust me.” and now with this, i am making you witness of our one-sided love story and promise.

I trust no one but you. Probably because you are the Arnav my mother lost in storms.


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Elitists next part is up ;) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 30 times)

Chapter 19


Breathless, I stand there staring down at my feet. Suddenly I feel shy. I have never felt this before. The feelings are beautiful but they are controlling me. I gulp down sliva. I think sweat bead form on my forehead. I hear vague voices of people around me until my brother holds my hands and ask me something which I reply in a yes. 

 In a second I feel his warm fingers on mine. I look on his hand which was holding mine. His single touch is so dominating. I look up and stare at his side profile. It is beautiful. You find everything beautiful about him, my mind mocks me. I don't really care today. I am not defending that I am not THAT crazy or stupid or blind. Today, I admit it all.

I feel tug in my hand and realize he-I mean we are moving. I hug my sister, kiss her on the cheek with ‘I love you,” she wipes her tears and I look at my brother and shoot a weak smile. I am physically tired.

Sitting beside him in his Ford ‘70 which, I know, is his favorite model. Too old and boring for a person like me or anyone of his age but that's him - Zayn Malik. The car becomes alive and I feel my hands sweating.

“When did you buy this car?” I ask all of a sudden.

“My maternal grandpa left me.” I find myself smiling. He didn't reply really nicely but still he did.

We are married, I have him, now what? Suddenly my mind is flooding with questions.

Having **** with didn't occurs to me, not yet. Not that I am a virgin but I have never slept with a man I love. It's different, after All.

I steal a glimpse of his side profile and find him staring on the road ahead and I may add, looking handsome as hell. My throat dries.

He drives for 25 minutes and here we are in front of a small but a beautiful house. I am saying, this house is beautiful because Zayn lives in this house. I would not even dream to pee there but it's just another sacrifice for the man I fell in love with.

He opens the door for me which I think is very gentle move. I don't take my eyes off him. My trance is broken by his aunt aka Garima, khushi’s mother holds my arm and takes me with her behind Zayn who enters some code and we are in.

I was taken in a room big enough to call a bedroom with a wooden bed placed in the right corner. The bed is big, i mean big enough for at least four people. It's simple polished with clear varnish accompanied with two side tables. A long mirror hung on the wall that faces the bed. The floor is nude with no carpet. Walls are painted yellow. There are so many Art pieces hanging on the yellow walls and I wonder from where he got them? He can't possibly afford to buy these?

“He made these?” I ask to his aunt who is standing beside me probably because she is too nice to leave me alone in this place.

“He did!” my eyes widen and I feel pride. I smile. I have fallen in love with HIM. So what if he hates me, he is worth suffering for. He is a gem.

I've heard guys talking all the corny sh*t with me but i thought it was all fake. But my own corny thoughts for zayn confirm One thing I was and I am head over heels in love with zayn. And when you are in love, imperfections seem more than perfect. Mrs Gupa makes me sit on the bed and leaves.

Zayn Malik wasn't a bet. He was not a toy. Zayn Malik wasn't an obsession. Zayn Malik was/is the love of my life. He has, without even trying, melted the walls around my frozen heart. And he can't get away with it. He has to be with me.

I stare at the photo hanging a few feet away from mirror. A girl with no face, just a silhouette drowned in bright colors. The girl seem to have lost herself in a world where there ain't no way back or no way at all.

I stare at the picture until door opens and my heart races faster than Marathon racers when they're running in the ground because the time is slipping like sand from their hands. I look up at the shadow of the man, the man I call my love. Sweat beads form on my forehead. My hands shiver and turn cold like it's freezing. But it isn't.

He sits in front of me and looks at me with those dark brown eyes. Those eyes, I had first liked him for those eyes, Something he shares with my brother.

I feel his warm fingers on my right cheek just below my eye socket.  

He one by one takes the jewelry off. I am half naked but still he hasn't touched me that way. I stare at him too lost in his eyes to realize I am exposed but even if i know, i don't care.

“You are beautiful,” I hear him and red color starts making way on my face. He traces my jaws, softer than anyone ever did. His one hand caress my waist.

“You can make them fall on their knees,” his hand moves from my jaw to neck then to my shoulder.

“Lavanya,” I lay breathless. My name from his mouth sounds like music. Its wrong, I can't be this madly in love.

He traces my bosoms, one by one, all the time looking in my eyes.

“You know that, don't you?” even if I didn't know, I nod in a yes. At that moment, he could even make me agree to die. I would die without a doubt.    

“But,” he says moving away, “You don't turn me on.” for a second I lay there trying to understand what he meant. And when i realize. I am devastated as a f*cked-up-sour loser would be. “I can't kiss you, it's wrong to kiss a woman you don't love and probably will never.” I have lost my voice. I am dumbfounded, not in a good way. I don't even move or try to fight or try to stop him while he left the room. Hell, I don't even try to cover my half-naked-self. I just witnessed the unexpected. I thought I would have him like my mother had my father.

But i failed.

So I do, what anyone would have done, I cry. I cry for hours. No one to stop or hear my sobs. I want him but he is far away. Why? I have no answer.


Is Khushi that good?

Reading his diary, i know she is. At least for Zayn. And maybe her brother too.

“My mum is dead...it can't be true.

“...I love khushi.”

“...It's wrong khushi is so perfect.”

“...She can't be real.”

“...I wish I could kill everyone who hurt her.”

From their childhood to adulthood, I only find HER there. Not that I read the whole thing even if I want. it is a thick one but whatever I read is all about either khushi or someone named Trisha I guess his mother.

“...All the love and care for the one whose warm embrace is the only want i have. The glow and color of her cheeks, her eyes and the shine in them, have caged me and chained me up. I don't seem to move anymore. I have fallen in love with such a beauty that no amount of words, poems or explanations can define her alluring and graceful presence. The affect she has on me can only be felt by any psychic (who if exists)....That's the love of my life…khushi.”

 The most recent scribbling by Zayn Malik.  

Something within me asks me to continue. I did and I regret it. For hours I sit there and read.

Zayn would never look at me the way he looked at khushi when she was wearing his mother's dress. He has scribbled everything and it hurts.

I knew he wasn't mine but i still tried. I knew, a part of me screamed louder, that I would fail…

It's 2 am now, I keep the diary in the side table drawer. And drown in sleep. That's all I can do.


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Elitists next part is up ;) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 28 times)

Chapter 20


They say home is where the heart is, but my heart is Wild and free. So am I homeless just heartless? Did I start this or did it start me? So many winding roads, so many miles to go".  

Zayn’s Pov.

“Zayn Malik wedded Lavanya Raizada.” I hate my name too, now. Great! I roll my eyes and throw the court paper somewhere in small living room of mine. I am 110% sure that miss Lavanya knows that she is nothing but a beautiful creature which isn't attractive enough to mesmerize me. I don't really care about her, but i am miserable.

It wasn't the part of the plan to do what I did a few minutes ago with her. I didn't intend to humiliate her in any way but i wanted to hurt her, I wanted her to feel what its like to be played like a toy. And I am sure she tasted the bitter side of her so-called love.

I walk in kitchen and open the small refrigerator, pull out whiskey, pour myself some in glass which was gifted to me by Khushi at my 16th birthday. She had told me, ‘if you ever drink, you must drink in it and remember not to get too much drunk.’ those days of my early teen when I would party with my high school friends a lot. My grandma was alive back then.

And now, I get drunk heavily with this one glass. It reminds me of her and i drink to forget her. Real good combination. It's like cutting yourself to numb the pain. But hurting yourself more, instead.

I look around the dark kitchen, i can hear her sobs. I close my eyes, it's f*cked up. It wasn't suppose to be like that. No It wasn't. I am suppose to be with with khushi not with Lavanya. This house was decorated according to her taste, for her felicity, not for Lavanya. Khushi loved art, not Lavanya. I painted khushi not Lavanya. I wrote for Khushi not Lavanya. My heart cries for Khushi not for Lavanya. Khushi motivated me not lavanya. Most importantly, I loved khushi not Lavanya. Why is she not with me? Why am I alone? Why? I have no answer other than accepting what I have. But i am not accepting Lavanya ever. She didn't deserve anything. It's khushi who deserves all this. Lavanya should have been in jail for doing What she did to khushi.

Maybe God wants you to move on! A voice within me whispered. But no, I know God knew I won't be able to move on. He knew I wouldn't fall in love again.

"They say love is for the loving, without love maybe nothing is real. So am i loveless or i just love less?"

Falling in love is like swimming in sea, you keep on swimming, if you are lucky enough to get your desired destination, you leave happy but if it's the other way around, you are f*cked up so bad, you don't even love your life no more. Just keeps on swimming in cold sea, alone.

But one doesn't die just because it's hurting too much, one dies when one is hopeless. And I, Zayn Malik, still have hope. It shines like a firefly in my heart. It warms me up. The thought of getting khushi one day is still there. I haven't given up. A silly part of me still hopes, Arnav may get into an accident or die with heart attack or maybe khushi would divorce him or maybe he would divorce her himself. Or maybe I would fall in love with someone better than khushi, but I know the last one is the most false hope of all of my hopes.

I wonder how people can live without the person they loved so much. I get up, Giving up on my whiskey. Her sobs are rising and I have no time for drama in my life. I want peace. I haven't even finished one bottle. I leave everything on the shelf and walk out of the house.

The house is clean, thanks to aunt Garima. She is being so nice to me, I love her as much as khushi loves her. She took care of my grandma when she was on her deathbed.

Walking on the deserted road, I look in the space, just thinking and missing.

You know people say, you don't miss the person but you miss the loving services and felicities they provided. They are right. But not all the people are missed for that. I miss khushi, because I miss the feeling she brought with herself. I don't miss her services, I miss her smile, the beautiful laugh, her signature expressions: widening her eyes and gasping with her mouth open.

“Zayn.” I hear a deep voice from my right side. I turn my head in the direction of voice and furrow my brows. There sat Mr. Shashi outside his house on the small cement bench. It was built for Khushi and I. It's on the left side of the entrance door of Gupta house, between my and khushi’s house. Our houses are almost entwined. My house is bigger than gupta house. When i get out of my house Gupta house is on my right. The long street of houses, some interconnected, some separate. Ours are in the far corner of the street, last one is mine and second last is theirs.

“What are you doing here, uncle?” I ask as soon as I reach closer to him.

“What are you doing here at this hour?” he questions me firmly.

“I came to eat some air.” I lie and sit beside him.

“Me too,” he takes a deep breath and continues, “we both are lying.” I see him narrowing his eyes in dim light of small bulbs in street. He looks at me with those grey eyes, his face full of regret and disappointment. I knew in that moment, gloom wasn't only my companion. Khushi’s whole family was suffering too. They were guilty for being poor and weak.

“You should rest, uncle,” I put my hand on his thigh and pat it softly.

“How can I?” he turns his head in my direction and says, “I have never been ashamed of my poverty. I am now.” he looks away and takes a deep breath, “I am the one guilty here.”

“No you aren't,” I tell him honestly. I respect him, he was the man who was there for khushi when she had no one. I have seen him loving khushi and she was always treated equal to their blood daughter. I sometimes used to wonder if they both (Garima and shashi) were real. They never fought for money, even if they had nothing to offer, they would just smile warmly. And it hid away every pain. I have never seen him this vulnerable before.

“Another lie.”

“This time, it's not.” I tell him and take my hand away from his thigh and put it back in my lap over my other hand.     

He looks in my eyes and sighs. “Do you think she would be happy?”

I don't think about what khushi does. Nope! Because I know khushi. I know what she must have done. They probably have consummate their marriage. She must have kissed him. I feel a painful twist in my stomach. F*ck.

“I believe so.”

“How could you be sure Zayn?”

“From Where I see, he will not hurt her in anyway. He loves her.” I trail off. I really hope he does. I want khushi to be happy,

“You don't hurt the people you love.”

“You do,” I swallow a lump formed in my throat and look down at my feet, “Sometimes desire overwhelms every other emotion.”

“But you never hurt her.”

“You don't understand uncle.” I sigh, “If I was Arnav, I would do the same. We cant judge people just like that. We must try to walk in their skin to see how they feel.” I explain in low voice.

“Why are you here Zayn, why not with you wife?”

“No amount of explanations can justify what she did to khushi and I.” I furrow my brows suddenly angry.

“Zayn but Arnav did wrong too"  yeah he did wrong too but there is a difference between khushi and I.

“uncle I understand your doubts. Khushi will be loved. That's all I have to clear your doubts. I hope you trust me and take care of yourself for Khushi. I am answerable to your daughter.” I say a bit louder this time and my voice is confident as f*ck.

I am confident about the fact that she will be loved. Arnav Singh Raizada knows my eyes are on him because he has the most important person of my life and off course I will not let him harm her in any possible way.

“Zayn..” I look at him expecting him to continue, “I don't trust that man.” I sigh.

“Maybe you should have a meeting with him. He is a nice guy.” i know he is a nice guy, i saw that man that night. He was as lost as i was years ago. He hides someone else behind that facade he wears.

Mr shashi looks thoughtful. “You should sleep.” he nods and gives me a weak smile. I smile back. He walks back inside.

“You are right. I ought to meet him and have talk about stuff like men do.” he says turning from the main door and I nod.


I walk in my house and decide to go upstairs under the stars.


The night went away and I spent it talking with stars and wondering If they heard me and replied back.

"Oh since love left, i have nothing to fear. When I start feeling it's come too far, I lay on my back and stare up at the stars and wonder if they are staring back at me."


Song by passenger HOME


Apr 6, 2017

Elitists next part is up ;) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 38 times)

Chapter 21

                                                   "Past in perspective" 

Arnav’s POV

The morning after what seemed like the most beautiful yet incomplete night of my life shows up. I wake up and find her sleeping, her back facing me. She is here and it was all real.

The room is lighten up, way too bright for my liking. I close my eyes too tired to get up. It was a tiring night as much it was pleasurable. I think I doze off because I find myself sleeping when door knocks. I groan. Why would they disturb me now?

I open the door, yawning. Marrie stands there with her eyes casted low.

“What are you doing so early in the morning,” I say irritated. Marrie, so far is the best maid but she has terrible schedule that keeps on interrupting my schedule.

“Sir, it's 8:30 a.m.” I roll my eyes.

“Don't you remember, it was my marriage yesterday? Can't this man get some peace woman?” I scoff.

“I am sorry sir but there is message for you.”  She still doesn't look at me. It's good because I am not in good state.

“What message?”

“It's from kh- I mean, Mrs. Raizada’s father.” I furrow my brows as she hands me a piece of paper. “Do you need anything, sir?”

“No!” I say staring at the piece of paper, “Just don't disturb me. Thank you very much.” she leaves with a ‘You're welcome sir.”

I close the door and sit on the sofa right in front of our bed and read the paper.

“I would be glad to receive you with khushi today. Spend this day with us. -Shashi Gupta”

I bite my lip. Spend this day with us, I re-read this part thrice before keeping the paper on the coffee table.

I sigh. Would they really ever accept me? Or would I like them? The first part doesn't bother me much but the second one does. I am not a man to be around if I hate you or dislike you. I am allergic to people who don't meet my expectations. My expectations mean person’s behavior and his or her relationship with my family. If it's good, you got my back but if it's f*cked up, you are f*cked up too.

I lazily walk to the shower room and unlock it. Once inside I let the hot water take the tiredness away. After all, we still have few rituals left to follow. According to my sister, they are countless. But according to me there is only one and that is: our reception.  

After showering I stand in front of the mirror and admire the marks she has left on my front and back. Her nail marks. I bite my lip, they are seducing me. 'Even the air she breath in seduce you,' a voice in my head whispers and I smirk. It's true but i am not ashamed.

Suddenly, a thought pops in my mind and I frown. Why would she sleep with me? There could be possibly two reason which I assume: number 1 is, she has accepted me. Which I know is totally wrong and it shows my ignorance. Second reason, which seems too real and acceptable, is that she used me to forget Zayn. like I assumed earlier, it's true. 

I thought I didn't really care, last night was good as it lasted but right now, I feel like I was tricked. My hyperactive mind articulating the situation. I was tricked and I Didn't mind being tricked as long as it was khushi who tricked me. But now that I'm conscious, I feel betrayed.

It somehow makes me feel like a toy. It does. I feel like I was used. And it makes me want to hurt her, I avoid thinking about it too much. But i can't stop the voices in my head. They tell me she was using me and I ought to defend myself. Or I may end up hurting myself.

“She will use you like your father used your mother to satisfy his first love’s quench.” the loud whispering make me turn away from the mirror. I inhale and exhale to calm myself down. But it doesn't work.

I get out of shower room. Grab my track suit and wear it. I leave the house to eat fresh air and to calm myself down.

This is one of the morning when my mind is hell bent to kill every single positive vibe. I sit on the empty bench in the park. Small kids who don't go to school yet, are playing and their parents are enjoying the sight that their kids are offering. I don't like kids, it's not because they are not good or what so ever. It's because, I believe, I will not be a good father. Thanks to my father for this insecurity.

My father married to Aliya at the age of 24, Aliya was 22. They both were happy, had a daughter named Anjali. They loved and pampered her a lot. Soon after 2 years, Mrs Raizada was pregnant again, this time a boy. But when they were in New York City, enjoying holidays, she met with an accident and lost her 6 months old baby. She had cried for days because doctor told her she would never be able to conceive again. My father loved Aliya. He couldn't see her broken and one evening asked her, what he could do to make her happy. And she told him, she wanted a son. A boy. He proposed an idea that they could adopt one but she insisted on having a son from his father’s sperm, who would look like him.

My father had thought about it and tried to convince Mrs Raizada but she was adamant. She told him to get married with another woman. Which he of course refused to do. 

After a month, my father got married and kept his wife in a separate house. He would go and have **** with 21 year old Payal. Who was too naive to understand who and what my father actually was. Her parents had got her married to my father thinking him to be a good gentleman. He was good only for one woman and that was Aliya.

He used Payal and when she gave birth to a son, my father snatched the baby from her and divorced her. The baby was me. And I was told that Aliya was my loving mother. And she was loving but I later discovered that she was manipulative. I was told that I was the only hire of Raizada empire and was too good to deserve anything less than the best.

At the age of seven, I first saw my real mother. She was standing outside the school gate. Being a witty kid, I discovered, this woman was here everyday and she was no one’s mom. She wore old clothes and I went to elite school where mothers wore designer clothes and showed up rarely. So I knew she was here for a reason. One day when driver was late, I interviewed her. I asked her questions but she had just shook her head and said nothing. I would later discover that she was too overwhelmed to answer his question.

The year went by. I turned 8. I didn't find her there any more after that day. But on my birthday, I received a package. It was sealed tight. I hid it in my bag. This package was from my mother. It was a knitted sweater of sky blue color and a card on which scribbled were the following words,

“Happy birthday little man, Live long. Your mother - Payal.”

I couldn't hid it for more than two days. I was disturbed and later my so called mother had me blurt all the stuff about Payal.  

“Is she my mother?” I had asked her and she had scoffed.

“Do you doubt that I am your mother?” I shook my head. Off course I didn't. “She is lying.” she had held his shoulders and squatted in front of him, “Next time you see her, throw this gift on her face and tell her "b itch I hate you. Stay away.” I had nodded and did as I was told to. I had, however, kept the gift with me. I liked it.

That day was the last day, I would see her. She had cried and hugged me. She told me that she wasn't lying but it was all in vain. I was blinded by my step mother’s love. I was too young to understand a thing.

Aliya had interfered when my mother had hugged me one last time. Aliya had called the police and reported then that Payal was a crazy woman, trying to seduce and then kidnap her beloved son.

That day was the first day when I questioned my identity. I didn't get answer not before 10 years. I find it all out on Lavanya’s 13th birthday. Lavanya was born after 5 years of my birth. It was surprise but doctor called it a miracle. Aliya gave birth to a girl.

Aliya was talking to my father, in drunk state, she kept on chanting about random stuff and when I passed by their room. I heard her laughing and I stopped, curiosity got the best of me.

She was chanting about how Arnav (I) was born and how they tricked Payal. For the first time in 18 years of my life, I felt I was worthless. I had cried that night. That was the night I gave up the thought of trusting people because I was betrayed by my own family. And I still don't trust people.

I had tried to find my real mother but was disappointed. A year later, I find out that she died of cancer, a year before I found out the truth. I met my maternal grandparents but they refused to acknowledge me. I was as bad in their eyes as my father. My mother left me a letter and few sweaters, she knitted for me. My father soon, knew about my discovery and we were not on talking terms after that. They both died in a road accident when I was 20. I didn't cry. They deserved to die long before they broke my mother's heart. But I still miss them...

I really loved them. But I love my mother more who died craving for me. But my so called loving parents did left me with insecurities that made me who I am and piles of money, all for me. And who I will be in future…

I made more and more money after they died until I met khushi and married her. It's different now but i am still the same 17 year old guy, who is afraid to trust and lose himself… 



Apr 27, 2017

Elitists next part is up ;) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 31 times)

Chapter 22

Arnav’s POV

I walk into living room and greet my sisters. Sisters mean Lavanya is here. I excuse myself from my grandma and walk into ‘our’ room. I think I can call it that. I need to freshen up. I glance in every corner of our room but she isn't there. I nibble my lip and stroll toward bathroom. I wonder if she is inside so I knock it once but she isn't there.

 I lay down on the well made bed and throw my head back closing my eyes.. I sometimes wish to thank marrie. But alas. I know, I won't.

The door slid open but i don't look in its direction. She walks in. I hear her foot steps nearing. I low key wish, she will stroke my head but she walks away in the changing room. I hear door close and open my eyes. I didn't know I was holding my breath.


Getting up, I grab my phone from the side table. I lay back and start scrolling through messages, so many emails. All the people congratulating me. I call my PA. Time to get back to work!

“Hey, what's up!?”

“Everything good sir?” I roll my eyes. Yeah I just had a depressed morning topped with my legally wedded wife’s aloof behavior.

“Tell me what's in our plate today.”

“Sir, are you-”

“-Yep, go on! Tell me,” I don't want to shout at anyone. No matter what, last night was still the best night and it does have good effects on me.

“We…” he continued telling me stuff and I hear it attentively until door of changing room opens and she walks out wearing red sari. I think I forgot to blink my eyes. My mouth opens to say something but it fails miserably. She doesn't acknowledge my presence or rather ignores it. My eyes travel down to her flawless waist. Pictures of me holding it flood in my mind. She was here and I was here and we both were here and we did THAT!

‘get a grip!” I blink my eyes. Sometimes you have to thank the invisible YOU that keeps you on track. I do the same.

“I will be there after lunch.” I tell my PA and clear my throat twice.

“Are you going to office?” she finally turns around and faces me. I nod my head trying hard not to show how nervous or whatever the hell I am. She doesn't say anything but turns her back to me. Applying kohl.

“You want something?” I ask slowly, carefully.

“No,” comes her instant reply.

I know i am not suppose to do this but i do it anyway. I walk close to her and dig my face in her hairs, holding her waist, I press her back to my front. “You look beautiful.” I whisper.

“Your sister wants to see us at lunch on time.” she tells me. Indirectly telling me she DOESN'T care for what I think of her. I break away from her, turn her around and cup her pretty little face.

‘Did she acted rude or something?” she rolls her eyes.

“She is sweet as honey and even if she was bitter,” she pats my arms away, “I wouldn't care!” and she walks away. I bite my lip.

Instinctively, I follow her and stop her in the middle of the room. “What was last night if you don't care?” I dare asking what I fear listening the most: her rejection. We both look in each other’s eyes, standing few feet away from the other.

“I thought you knew.”

“I don't know, make me understand.”

“I can't.”

“You have to!” I say firmly.

“I cleared it yesterday. I am not repeating stuff for you!” she turns to leave but i hold her wrist to stop her. I am not done yet.

“You fzcking have to!” I shout at her face.

“No I will not!” she shouts back.


“-I gave you what you wanted, what else do you want?” I stare at her face for few seconds.

“You did this to forget Zayn.” I say at last. She seems surprised and sighs. She pulls her wrist out of my grip.

“Think WHATEVER you want! I don't care.” she leaves.

I stand there for few minutes.

I was right! She did this to forget him. Suddenly the sweet taste of yesterday night turns as acrid as a toxic can be. I close my eyes and sit on the bed.

She is killing me. I swear I didn't think it was such a big deal. I though my love was enough but maybe nothing is ever enough for me.  

She hates me, I don't mind! But the fact that she loves someone else does. It is killing me. Maybe that's what that son of b astard meant when he said he was leaving me to die.

Didn't I wrote yesterday that I would wait for her to love me?

‘But you have never been good at waiting!’ my brain remind me and i think it makes sense but I am wrong again nothing can ever make sense to my fzcked up brain. Truth is that I always overestimate my powers. My emotional intelligence was never strong enough to alert me about what the fxck I was doing. When i met her 2 years ago, it was alright. I thought, I could seduce her but I was proven wrong. I thought what I felt for her was lust but I was fzcking wrong again. I never realized, she was taken until it was too late. It might have been easy to let her go 2 years ago but now it is out of question. Then I thought, I would be able to persuade Zayn but I was again proven wrong. I thought it was easy to keep Zayn away from khushi but I was fxcking wrong again. She went and slept with him. I thought I would never hit my wife but I was wrong again! I did that too!

And now when I thought I could wait for her to accept and love me, I am wrong again! I can't wait. It's painful. I would have been easy if she had just hated me and not loved Zayn. It would be easy to sleep at night knowing that if she wasn't thinking about me then she wasn't thinking about someone else either… Now I have these feelings that I won't get sleep anymore. She will think about another man while I lay beside her.

My wife would think about another man while I, her husband, lay in her bosom. That's what kills you with no blood spilled, no physical pain felt, no tear shed. Just sighs and inner battles. And she will never hear my inner voices, she will never know I am hurt, she will never realize that I am dying.

I walk out of ‘our’ room and drag myself to where lunch is being served: dining room. I don't feel hungry anymore.

“Why didn't Zayn come?” I hear my elder sister asking Lavanya.

“He went to work!”

“You kidding me?”

“He had some important work.”


“Sis stop!” I tell her or to say shout at her. I don't want to see or hear about Zayn fxcking Malik. But no matter how much I try, he won in the end. His words came true. I glance at khushi’s side profile. And I realize, I am fxucked up!


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Nest part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 37 times)

Chapter 23

Arnav’s POV

Afternoon at office was miserable. I have been thinking about khushi and trying to understand or to say read her complicated mind. It's unlike business deals. I can't manipulate her mind. She is too strong for that.

I think it's going to rain as I look out the glass window. Gloomily, I walk out of my office.

“I don't understand how to make a woman happy!” I tell Aman who is walking behind me.

“The only thing that can melt woman is gentleness and love.”

“Hmm…” I bid him bye. I don't think his advice is helpful.

It just leaves me perplexed. Am I not loving her? Off course I am. It's she who doesn't care. And was I harsh anywhere with her? Okay just a few times when I got mad but otherwise I am always gentle with her...I don't want to think about her...but I can't stop either.

I see my house and sigh. The guard opens the door of my car. I get out and walk in.

I see my sister sitting in living room. “What are you doing here at this hour sis? Is lavanya alright? Is she gone?” I ask, my voice laced with concern.

“What the hell do you think I am doing here? Waiting for my good for nothing brother.”

Waow she is angry.  


“-You were suppose to take Khushi to her parents house!” she glares at me and I sigh.

“I forgot!” I say mentally cursing myself.

“Are you tired of your wife already?” she questions standing in front of me.

“What makes you say that?” I ask a bit angry. Why is she being so judgmental?

“Your attitude!” she replies with her arms folded on her chest.


“-Arnav you are ignoring her and listen I am not interested in whatever goes between you two but this **** is important. You are acting all petty and I can see my egoistic brothers there. Are you expecting her to love you without you even trying?” I seriously think sometimes that my sister is a psychic. She surprises me time to time. I bite my lip. “If you are expecting that you are delusional my dear and it's such a shame…”

“I am trying...alright?” I try to defend myself.

“I don't see that!”

“She just- I don't know.”

“Then know her before it's too late. And zayn will come to fetch lav.” and she walks away leaving me more perplexed. I enter my room after debating with myself.

She is wearing the same sari and looking more beautiful now or am I imagining things? I think I am imagining because she is smiling and is looking at me and she said something that sounds like “Good evening!” I wet my lips startled at the sudden gesture of my new bride. I keep on looking at her until she grabs the bag from my hand.

“Good evening,” I clear my throat. “You alright?” I ask dumbly.

“Yeah…” she replies softly.

She starts walking away with my bag in her hands. I follow her. “Khushi…” she turns to face me, “I-” I take a deep breath, “I am sorry, I forgot to take you today.” 


"Your parent's house..."

“Its okay.” she  and starts walking away again.

“You aren't angry?”

“Should I be?”

“No- I mean yes after all it was my mistake.”  

“Arnav I forgave you, happy?” she smiles again. Am I dreaming? I wonder... 

I sit on the sofa still in shock until she stands in front of me and says, “I told babu ji that we would come for dinner.”

“Will they like me...I mean.” I trail off nervously. I don't want to let her down.

“It depends on your behaviour.” she shrugs her shoulder. She sits beside me. “I didn't sleep with Zayn to avenge you!” I clench my teeth.

“I don't want to talk about it.” I say sternly. Not now when my mood is so good.

“But I want to. You keep on bringing him up all the time-”

“-Because you keep on thinking about him while I am there beside you!” I cut her off angrily. How dare she accuses me of bringing that **** up between us?

“Emotions and thoughts are wild horses. Nobody could control them...can you do that?” as much as I am angry I hate to admit that she is right. But she is wrong in thinking about him...I just want her to think about me. I hear her sigh, “I just wanted to make the point clear. It's up to you now, believe whatever you want.” she says tiredly.

“And you do not care about whatever I think?” I ask looking in her eyes now.

“I don't know.” I furrow my brows. Is she as confused as I am? I smell that though. “I just want to be happy.” she says dejected. All my anger washes away seeing her so sad all of a sudden. F*ck will I ever understand what my wife wants?

I hug her tightly. I like to believe that she hugs me back. “And I just want to make you happy…” I cup her face and place my lips on hers. She kisses me back. The kiss lasts for only few seconds and we're proudly interrupted by Marrie who just looks down blushing.

“What makes you disturb us? Seriously you have perfect Timing to ruin anything worthwhile.” she looks down embarrassed. Khushi glares at me.

“What do you want, dear?” she asks gently like her past self when she was happy. I am ashamed to agree that I am jealous of Marrie too now. She has never talk to me like that, another sigh.

“...Are you going for dinner tonight...Madam was just ask-” I cut her off and say “-We better know what to do tell my sister and don't you dare disturb us again.” all my frustration out on one person and I feel Khushi’s gaze on me but I choose to ignore.

“Imagine what happen to your room if Marrie choose to take a day off?”  she says disappointed. “I pay her for that!” I say coolly.

“You don't pay her for your rude behavior?”

“I do.”  I roll my eyes and look away irritated.

“I forgot you could buy people, anyway.” she says and walks away from me. Great we were just doing fine but….f*ck it, I don't care. Yes I can buy people, what she gonna do about that? 'Question your sanity and trust me you won't like it!' a voice whispers within me and I sigh. Marrie is happy with what she does. All my employees, at the end of the day are happy and bid me a happy goodbye but khushi at the end of the day is always upset with me. For instance take this one recent occasion, we were doing so well but she just walked away because I was rude to a maid! And I am going to pay for being rude as well but then she goes on to say that I am not sane. She indirectly meant that.

“Get ready we are going!” I tell her before walking out of our room.

I sit in outdoor garden and enjoy the weather. Wind is blowing slowly and is cold despite the fact that it's been hot day. The summer lasts longer than winter. Even though I love winter.

I see the gates open and my guts tell me it's Zayn so I walk up to confirm my doubt. Well it is him. I glare at him. He doesn't look surprise. As usual wearing his serious, passive and do-not-bother-me-or-imma-punch-you-in-the-face look. I roll my eyes.

“Hello! Would you just stare at me or call my wife? We are getting late.”

“I'm not your servant.”

He doesn't reply, pulls his phone and call her. “I'm here…” he says to Lavanya who I guess picked the call on first ring.

“Why don't you stay for dinner?” I ask trying to act like a gentleman. Well I and khushi Will be away so him eating with my family will not bother me. Moreover he will not bother us when we shall dine with my 'in-laws'.

“We are going out tonight,” he replies without looking up from his phone. Playing a game I guess.

“Things are going well, then.” I say more to myself but he hears me.

“Ask your sister!”

I ignore his last comment because I know Lavanya Will lie so it's better to leave it just like that.

“What do you do Zayn.” I don't know why but i want to converse with him and get some tips on “how to make khushi happy?” you know.

“Stop acting!” he rolls his eyes, “You know what I do better than me...”

“Well, then. I want to know what is-” I stop for for second then continue choosing to ignore my hyperactive brain this time. “what is khushi’s favorite place I mean where she wished to go.” he stares at me to a second I almost regret asking already. He looks thoughtful.

“She wanted to go to Lucknow but couldn't. It's the place where she was born and raised until you know she lost her family then shifted here.” he trails off. “She likes food from dhabha and if she is mad at you, buy her funnel cakes…She wanted to see Banaras too-” just then my sister arrives. Couldn't she be late for few minutes more? I was getting important information out of the man.

But no worries I absorbed every word he said. My sister dramatically bid goodbye to Lavanya. Zayn looks rather irritated at my sister's so many weird rituals. She has learnt all these from our so called mom. But she was their real mom so I don't try to stop them for that. She tries to put the red and white colour on Zayn’s forehead. “I am allergic to colours.”

“These are natural, don't worry!”

“No!” he gently pulls her hand away and my sister glares at him. But he ignores her glares.

They leave after few seconds…

Well, time to make my wife happy. 

Jul 3, 2017

Elitists next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 32 times)

Chapter 24

Khushi pov

It's been a week and whole day to our marriage. After that dinner at my parents house, I have learnt that I could trust Arnav, just a little bit more. He had been patient and gentle with my family. Even though my elder sister wasn't in her good mood, he never lost his temper. I was glad and smiling all the time. He was trying, I realized when he chose to ignore my sister’s bitter remarks. And how gently he talked with my aunt, mother and babu ji.  

He didn't look like a bad guy. He was just a normal man.

After that he has been strangely busy at office.

In this whole week, we haven't talked or ate together. He is that busy!

I don't mind though but I still feel lonely sometimes. Anjali is always busy and I guess Arnav keeps Marrie with me at night by paying extra money.

“He is just hard nut to crack. He has a mind of his own and when things don't go his way, he gets irritated and egoistic that he is, he challenges the situation and manipulate it the way he want unless fate interferes.” his sister had, yesterday while drinking tea, perfectly summed his personality in two lines.

I like Anjali. She can be rude and way too straight forward for a person like me who is introvert but she is original. She doesn't give a ****. But i also know she is selfish when it comes to her family. In her friendly manners I have noticed threats thrown in my way for even thinking about hurting Arnav in anyway.

Nevertheless, I like being alone and think over my life.

I have accepted this life, now what?

A small voice in my head prods me to continue my education and take good advantage of Arnav’s wealth. I should educate myself enough to fight any harms in future. But i don't want to go to university or college. I'm not yet ready or maybe I’m just scared that I would freak out because panic attacks have been intense lately. I chose not to tell Arnav about it, he is busy with his work anyway.

today i have discovered that I could use Arnav’s study room and read books as many as I want. I have always gazed at this room filled with piles of books, arranged neatly on old wooden shelves, with amazement that would soon turn into longing for library. Back then I was maid and I couldn't use it, now I'm his bride and I'm told it's all mine. That doesn't make me happy as it would have when I was a maid.

I had all the problems when I was a maid but i was happier , now I have no problem but I'm unhappy.

I realize I prefer being a maid then his wife but i shut the voice within me.


I close my eyes and drowsiness overcomes my senses. I fall asleep only to be waken up, after sometime, by a hug that startles me even in my sleep.

“Its me, don't worry.” I hear his husky voice and sigh.

“You scared me.” I breath out in relief. 

“Ah I'm happy I did because you look hotter when startled.” he smirks and I roll my eyes.  

“Don't do that again, I may freak out and kill you!” I say coolly.

“I must confess to my dearest love that, I would die happily!” I look at him for second, the room is dark but I can see his features, he is handsome! I must confess. But he looks tired.

I flutter my eyelashes and say, “Are you hungry?” he nods his head and grabs my hands, starts kissing it. I push him softly, “I will bring food. Go freshen up!”

“As you say, missus.” I roll my eyes.

He is so corny!

After few minutes, I return with food and find him already freshen up and talking with someone on phone. I place the food tray on the coffee table and start refilling water jug.

“I will call you soon.” he cuts the call.

“Give me some work too sweetheart. Don't tire yourself like that!”

“I won't melt away by this little job.” i say placing the jug on the table.

“Oh my porcelain doll-”

“-correction, titanium.”

“Yeah, titanium. Hard to please and hardest to make her fall in love with me!”  he articulates and I sigh.


“You not gonna eat?” he asks sitting on the recliner.

“Its 11 p.m. Mr Raizada.”

“You gonna watch me eat then?” he raises his eyebrow and I laugh a bit.

“I'm going to sleep!”

He looks at me and nods. I furrow my brows in confusion but let it go.

I lay on the bed and sigh. Come on sleep now take me over, I'm ready to surrender. But  I lay there until Arnav joins me.

“Hey!” he caresses my cheek, tenderly.

“Hmm.” I say lost in his touch. This man has warmth in his touch that I crave. When I'm alone I want his touch, it makes me forget everything. It makes me feel good. I know i shouldn't be feeling this but one can't control their physical desire for certain someone like za- no I'm not thinking about him. My heart beats faster. No I don't want to think about him. He is no one. I have a husband and I'm suppose to think of him not HIM!

“You okay?” he asks noticing my lost self.

“Ye-ah” I clear my throat.

“Well I was saying that we are going somewhere tomorrow be ready at 8 AM, yes! Right after breakfast.”

“Where are we going?” I ask surprise at his sudden announcement.

“Somewhere far away from here!”


“-Shush. Trust me and don't question me now.” he kisses my nose oh-so-softly sending shivers in my body.  

“Love…” he whispers softly. I look in his eyes, “Good night!” he says and cuddles me like a child.

I close my eyes feeling drowsiness overpowering my senses.

Morning was kinda rush. He grabbed just few things and we had breakfast in hurry and now I'm sitting on the passenger seat, literally dying with curiosity.

“Where are you taking me?” I ask like tenth time now since morning.

“Oh come on you are so impatient.” he says dramatically surprised.

“Shouldn't I be?” I say defensively. 

“And she is defensive, beware!” he whispers quietly but I hear it.

I fold my arms on my chest and say smartly, “I heard that!”

He shook his head a little, “She has sharp ears too,” he whisper yells in shock. 

“I heard that too,” I giggle and he shot a glance at my direction.

“And she has the most beautiful laugh.” he confesses lost somewhere. He awfully reminds me of Zayn so I look away.

“Khushi, do I remind you of him?” he asks after a moment.

I stay silence.

“Do I?” he stops the car and questions again

“Yes...he-he used to say that.” I say lost.

“Its okay to think about him...I understand.” he says painfully slow and in lower voice.

Before I know warm and fat tears roll down my cheeks. I hiccup and he looks at me instantly.

“Shhh” he cups my face and continues, “It's okay.”

“Why are you not angry?” I ask him unsure of his reaction.

“Because, I understand you- I somehow get what you feel….I don't know if I'm being clear or not but i want to make you happy and if thinking about him make you happy then I'm okay with that. Yeah…” he leers at me the entire time while he says that.

He touched my heart with those words.

Oh words! They are cruel! They are cruel! Why I call them cruel? Unkind words would break my heart while soothing and kind words would lead me to hope. And hope, it's too dangerous for me.

But i still hope for better.

I just hope!

A wrong step or right? I have no idea...  


Read my new OS To se naina Lage! On the thread Min of mine. It's the sequel of sense. 

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Aug 22, 2017

Elitists next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 31 times)

I Have an important announcement to make: I MADE this story up and YOU DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. ALL the content is fictional, events, places, rules, everything is fictional. THANK YOU! 

Chapter 25


Lavanya’s POV

“Do I look ugly?” I question myself as I stare at my reflection in the mirror. “No! NO I am not unpretty! He has his eyes shut.” I console myself. It’s all wrong. I am going crazy.

A week and a whole day to our marriage and he still has not talked to me. He is ignoring me. But when did he ever pay attention? It was just me who was always trying. Stupid me. So f*cking stupid. So like my mother. The painful thought crosses my mind and I close my eyes.

It was all wrong, too. She was crazy, too! But the difference is that her mother at least manipulated her father but she cannot do that with zayn. He wouldn’t understand me. He was a bad news, I knew that from the start. But I thought it would be all adventurous and I trusted my own charm that worked on everyone out there. It’s different.

My phone rings and I attend the call instantly.

“Hi Amir! Yes! I will come in a minute….you stay there...don’t talk to anyone..okay how much?...bye” I keep the phone there. Lock the house and run in the corner of the street where Amir give me a tiny package. I hand him money and run back in my house.

My phone rings as I walk in our bedroom again. I see my sister’s name flashing on the screen and smile. “Hi… yes I am okay...how about you?....he is at work….at 7 pm….okay see you then.”

Zayn will come in 2 hours, he would walk inside the kitchen, cook dinner, eat and place it back in the fridge so I can eat as well. He will then grab that one particular glass and walk upstairs along with a bottle of whiskey which was always half filled probably because he doesn’t want to get too drunk, I think.

He comes home exactly on time, I open the door and stare at his face for sends, he raises his eyebrow and I move away, giving him room to walk in.

“I cooked, yeah…” I say when after freshening up, I see zayn walking into the kitchen. He looks at me suspiciously. I sigh. “I brought this self-help book. It pretty much taught me everything about cooking.” I lie. Yes i brought the book but I still don’t know how to cook. He nods. Would he talk? No, he doesn’t. I set up the table and he sits on one of the two wooden chairs and we start eating in complete silence. Our small triangle dining table makes us sit closer to each other. It is not larger than a coffee table. He smells of roses or is it just my imagination? I stare at his neck and his side profile as he eats ignoring my stares. I want him to tell me to eat but he doesn’t acknowledge my stares.

I see him losing his sanity and I ask, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah…” he lies.

“You aren’t okay!” I turn him to myself holding his shoulder. He refuses to look at my face. He bite his lower lip and says, “What is happening to me?”

“You are tired its nothing.”

“Khu- what are you doing here?” he pushed me away not so harshly but enough for me to fell down from the chair. I stand up so does he.

“I am not-”

“Khushi leave me alone, alright? What wrong have I ever done to you?” I stand there flabbergasted. He is crying like a child and whispering. “I hate you! Go away!”

I walk up to him and embrace him as if I am his mother. But I feel like a mother, I feel the need to protect him. I feel the need to love him. I whisper, “It’s okay!” because that’s I can say. He wets my shoulder with his non-stop crying. And I stand there letting him cry for another woman.

“I miss you, khushi…” he keeps on saying that it hurts. Khushi doesn’t deserve all this love. She doesn’t deserve this amazing man. It is I who love him, I deserve him and I must have him. Suddenly bile rises up in my throat. I break the hug and place my lips on his. He kisses me back, I have no idea why, but he does.

“I drugged him, and made love to him. That’s how we consummate our marriage. That night was the first and last time I would touch him like that.”     

Khushi’s POV

Sitting in his big plane, I wonder how rich he actually is! I look around and watch him walking toward me. I sit up straight as he sits right beside me.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I furrow my brows. He has got a call and he walked away angrily and then he comes back saying nothing happened.

“There IS something. If you don’t want to tell me, it's another thing.” i say sharply.

“Well, a **** just hit into my car but it’s nothing.”

“Is the man hurt?”

“I don’t know...but my car is ****ing damaged. It was my favorite..”

“Is it completely destroyed?”

“No! Just front lights. The guy was on bike” he replies irritated.

“Its just a small damage why are you so mad?” i say calmly.

“Really? I am not mad. I am gonna make him pay for the damage. Don’t worry.”  

“How much?”

“About 20,000.” he looks at me with a frown on his face, “Why are you so interested.”

“Just like that.” I lie.

He puts his arm around my shoulder and places his head on my shoulder.

“Did I tell you, you look magnificent?” i sigh. No you didn’t! But i don’t care. I don’t say anything.

He pulls away after few seconds as the announcement reaches our ears that plane was to take off in few minutes.

“Are you scared?” he asks me and I lie again, “NO.”

“Khushi, what’s wrong? You are off.” waow you noticed! I roll my eyes and look out of the plane window into the space.

“I am talking to you.” he turns me around.

“Why are you so heartless?” I grit my teeth.

“What did I do now?” he asks confused.

“You are suing a man of something he did accidently when you know he can’t afford to pay you back. And you don’t even care if the man was hurt or not”

“You are fighting with me for a beggar? Come on these poor people suck a big deal.”

I suck in a deep breath. “Congratulations, you married a beggar! I was poor too before you got me caged in your good for nothing castle.” I say angrily pushing him off me. My blood is boiling. Really? I married this arrogant ****, waow!

“Your real parents were rich. Your pricky relatives chose to hand you over to broke Guptas” he says coolly.

“Leave me alone Arnav.” my head is exploding and I may end up saying something I would regret later.

“No, I am not. You can’t push me out for that beggar!”

“I can! Because you insult me every time you call him a beggar.” I shout at him.

“Don’t shout!”

“Why not?”

“Khushi…” he tries to calm me down but I just push his hand away which was trying to reach me.

“You hate my parents, don’t you?” I ask breathlessly.

“Yes.” he says firmly and i see his eyes hardening. “You didn’t deserve the life they gave you. And for ****’s sake stop calling them your parents.”

“You really are heartless.” I laugh emptily.

“I am honest, that’s it.”

“Yeah..” and I burst into tears. “You married me because you thought., ‘after all she isn’t really a beggar. She was once upon a time, rich.’ and what if my parents weren’t rich?”

“No! I promise, I didn’t think that. I don’t care about anything of that sort.” but I don’t trust his words.

“Leave me alone.”

“I won’t.” and he hugs me despite my resistance. He hugs me for minutes and when the plane takes off and I feel scared, he holds me closer and tighter as if he senses my fear.

He buries his face in my neck and I cry. I don’t even know why I am crying. The fact that he hates my parents, somehow matters. It hurts. I hate him for his attitude.

I think I fell asleep because when he pulls away I sit up startle.

“We are about to land,” he says softly and I nod.

“I…” he holds my hand, “I am sorry...I really am. I didn’t mean to hurt you. You...but...well.” he sighs, “I have worked my ass off, this whole week, I didn’t sleep for nights because I wanted this week to be special for you and I just ruined it, I realize. Can you just for one week forget what happened? Please…”

“I would but…” I look in his eyes as I say this, “But tell me: Why are you so bad?.” he answers almost instantly.

“Because I was raised the way I am. And well I guess, I am like my father.” he withdraws his hand and sits straight. “But I respect you and I never ever disrespected you in my heart even when you were a maid. I discovered about your parents just a few days before our marriage. I...I love you.” I stare at his face and he looks like a 12 year old innocent child and I wonder who he really is. I have somehow started liking this arrogant ****. Because he really is real, whenever he is around me and manages to touch my heart every time even if i want to hate him. and even after messing up everything, he manages to make up for me.

"I refuse to live with an arrogant bastrd!" 

"You hate me..."

"I hate your attitude."

"I will try to...change myself." and I naively trust his words. maybe he will change...

The plane lands and I hold his hand tightly. He seems used to all this.

“Don’t worry, you will get used to it.” he smiles as he pulls me out of the plane with him and drags me towards his car. And sigh. Yes i will get used to his planes and him.

“Welcome to Banaras!” I stand there breathless and he cups my face and smiles.



**Spoiler Alert**

More and more drama awaits 

Nov 15, 2017

Elitists next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 24 times)

First of all I am sorry for the late update. you know update would be late but still. secondly, its a short update. 

Chapter 35

Banaras is not really that special for me but khushi seems to enjoy the views. The colorful streets; people walking by, throwing glances at us; children every now and then running past us and brushing their bodies with our legs. khushi laughs every time a child ran past her. I don't really understand why her likes and dislikes are so weird. So opposite to mine.

We are walking to this particular temple and khushi thought it wasn't good for me to not pray. I should accompany her. And I decided to sacrifice my will for her.

“How did you know, i wanted to come here?”

“I guessed.” I lie straight through my teeth.

“I mean, only Zay- never mind.” I roll my eyes. Yes you told that son of a B itch everything, I understand.

“I thought you would be happy.” I say trying to change the topic. She must be thinking about him.

“I am happy!” she grins and I smile. Yes! That's What I want.

“Do we have to walk all the way?” I say wiping sweat off my forehead.

“Yes,” I roll my eyes irritated and then she adds, “when I was five, my father brought us here, my mum made us walk all the way to temple. She said, it will make God happy.” i wet my lips and smile. This is for the first time she has said anything about her past. I don't mind walking if it makes her happy. If it makes her open up to me.

“Mine didn't believe in anything of that sort.” I lie. I have no idea about my real mother so...the fake one will do the job, right?

“Why?” she seems surprised.

“Cause she thought it was bull****.” she frowns, “I mean, she was a Hindu but not a devoted one.”

“Ohh.” she sighs and laughs awkwardly and i wipe sweat beads off my forehead.

“Here” she offers me her handkerchief and i take it.

“You say thank you.”

“Thank you.” i imitate her and she laughs. It’s so easy to make her laugh.

“We are here!” she squeals in happiness and excitement. A very bright, colorful and ancient temple stands in front of us and soon my wife starts running in its direction forgetting me.   

I follow her silently. I secretly hate this place too, now. She forgot me because of it.

She stands there in front of the idol with her dupatta on her head, her eyes closed and hands joined to pray.

Her side profile, in sunlight, is the most beautiful sight. I stand in trance. Staring at her with my eyes slightly wide and my mouth a bit open.

She snaps her fingers in front of me and I breath out.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

“You look beautiful. It's...its unfair.” I say breathlessly.

She blushes or i am just imagining stuff. I blink at her.

“Are you blushing?”

“Shouldn’t I?” she asks coolly.

“I...I...Do you care about my complements?”

“Shouldn’t I?”

“Can’t I get a single straight answer?”

“Sure. Ask me again.” she says and starts walking out of the temple. I follow her like a puppy.

“Do-Do my compliments matter?”

“Why are you shuttering, Raizada?” she says and I know she is smiling even when her back is facing me.

“Because I care.” I reply, suddenly losing all my arrogance.

“Because I care, too.” she replies and then adds, “Maybe I do.”

I hold her hand and we walk to the hotel in complete silence.      

Lavanya’s POV

“F*ck!” i wake up hearing him hiss.

“F*ck….What the hell am I doing here?” he asks looking around. His eyes fell on my naked body and he looks even more surprised. “Did I-?” he gasps and I have an urge to hold him and tell him not to panic but I dont move. “I...I...I H-RT YOU?” I sigh. He is an angel, so soft and pure. I look down, my heart and mind conflicted.

“Lavanya answer me.” he cups my face, his eyes filled with tears of guilt, pleading me silently to prove him wrong. I sigh.

“It’s noth-”

“Don’t lie, tell the truth.” i stay silent. Tears roll down on his cheek. He wipes them away with one hand, the other still on my cheek. He moves close to my face places his lips on my forehead and kisses me with gentleness. I close my eyes living the moment. “Please tell the truth.” he pleads and I feel my lips moving automatically.

“I drugged you.” his fingers turned cold on my skin. I feel him moving away from me. Now, its my turn to cry. I gulp down the lump in my throat.

“You did what?”

“I love you.” he laughs at my confession. The one of laughs you mock people with. Cruel.

“You know what?” he stands up, pulls his hairs frustrated. “I don’t care...nothing matter anymore...I...I don't want to see you face again…”  .

He leaves.

Everything is over now. Did it ever start?


Thank you all for your patience and love :* 

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Elitists last part is up!