My very own Arnav

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Aug 8, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 45 times)


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)

Khushi's POV:

My life is perfect. Awesome parents, amazing Bua, sweet friends, freedom to live my life as I want, spend as much as I want.. Well almost perfect; until I saw him...

How can somebody be this perfect? this gorgeous? this stylish? Is it even possible? Is it even legal??? (ha, ha, so now I'm officially crazy too.)

I'm so silly. I'm not a teenager anymore. In fact, I am the heiress to Gupta Industries. I always took pride in the fact that I was not lovestruck for any guy till now. My dad has been and will always be my hero. I have never ever cared a damn about any guy up until..HIM.

Since I saw him, my heart and (so-called logical) brain have been in a tug of war.

  • He's gorgeous (says my heart), Oh come on he's just a guy (says my brain); 
  • Are you blind (says my heart), Relax you are over-reacting! (says my brain); 
  • He's smart and amazing (says my heart); He's probably just a tad better than others (says my brain); 
  • He's handsome (says my heart); Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder (says my brain); 
  • Really are you blind??? Just shut up...; You shut up!!!

The result- lack of peace!!!

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Gupta Family:

Shashi Gupta, the CEO of Gupta Industries, is a tough businessman with a no-nonsense attitude. His brother Shashank Gupta, though, is a more relaxed casual going individual. Shashank Gupta, on many occasions, does not totally agree with his elder brother and has had a few confrontations with him before. But he was always careful to back out from his arguments as he was aware of his elder brother's toughness. 

Shashi Gupta, an astute businessman loves his family a lot. The naive Khushi is the apple of his eye. Although he let her do whatever she wanted, he had an invisible rein on her life throughout. Be it the school/college where she studied, the type of friends she has, or the type of places where she went on vacations. Shashi Gupta always indulged his daughter in every way. He would let her invite her friends home for dinners on weekends, would let her shop to her fill, would let her go to places on holidays (though he would always ask his sister- Madhumati Gupta to accompany his daughter). 

Shashi Gupta was well aware of his daughter's beauty and hence was naturally very protective of her especially from the opposite gender. Since Khushi was brought in a very protected environment, she was not familiar with the ways of the world. Having been born with a silver spoon in her mouth and having had everything ready at her beck and call, Khushi is a sweet, straightforward, confident girl yet naive. There was no reason for her to be jealous in life nor did she have to pine for anything in life.. well not yet...

Garima Gupta and Yasha Gupta (married to Shashi and Shashank Gupta respectively) shared a good relationship with each other until the death of Yasha Gupta ten years ago. Though Preetham was devastated with her mom's death, she was able to find a mother figure in Garima, thanks to Garima's selfless efforts. Preetham then turned to become an introvert as she grew up. Though Khushi tried to make her younger cousin feel comfortable and wanted, Preetham chose to move out of the country for higher studies. Shashi Gupta was not willing to send Khushi out for further studies; hence she ended up studying completely in Delhi. She currently has less than a semester left to complete her bachelors in business administration. 

Madhumati Gupta, the sister of Shashi and Shashank Gupta loved her brothers and her nieces equally, though secretly the sweet-natured humble Khushi was her all-time favorite. She was fiercely protective about Khushi and was happy with her brother's decision of not sending Khushi away for further education.

On a normal day at Gupta Industries:

Shashi Gupta was in the last conference of the day with the executive director of apparel Mr. Sinha, Head of production Ms. Seema Gopal, Head of quality control Mr. Chaturvedi, Head of Fashion Designing Ms. Sheetal Arora. Gupta industries had been trying hard to secure its position as one of the leading textile industries in India since the past 3 years and had made considerable progress. 

Keen on discussing the various strategies to further their development, the focus was shifted to changing fashion trends and as the head of fashion, Sheetal suggested that she would put forth a presentation by the first work day of next week. 

The conference then complete, Shashi Gupta treaded out tired chuckling to himself that age was catching up with him. The first sight of his princess walking up the steps slowly, lazily eyeing the employees in the office took his weariness off. He welcomed her warmly and asked for snacks to be sent to his cabin along with her favorite jalebis. They caught up on her college, friends and other stuff while having tea and snacks. Shashi Gupta had to attend an important phone call hence stepped out to one of the empty conference rooms leaving Khushi alone in his cabin.

Aug 8, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 47 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)

Khushi's POV: 

Arnav Singh Raizada... 

Like everyone says it sounds like a royal name, but he is not a descendant of any kings or nawabs. Yet the truth is: he is the prince that rules my heart !!!

Arnav- meaning Ocean. Just like his name, he is an introvert, does not open up to people easily and is difficult to understand and fathom. He is hardworking, extremely smart, serious, does not talk much, does not mingle much with others; Although I have seen him laughing with his friends- Akash, Aman and Aman's wife Nisha at the party given by Gupta industries when dad won one of his deals. I heard from his friends that his family means everything to him. He loves his family a lot.

I tried talking to Arnav a few times, he did not bother about me much. He responded to the casual questions that I asked and then that's it. He is not like the other guys in the office who try to make conversations to impress me or dad. It has been more than 6 months since Arnav joined the office. Many a time I tried making small talk with him but couldn't elicit any interest from him. Dad says I am his princess, Bua says I am the most beautiful girl she has ever seen. But why does Arnav not find me interesting???

I don't understand how those hep girls in my college make conversations for hours together with total strangers!!! Why couldn't I ever make a decent conversation with him that lasted more than 30 seconds? Why do I feel my heart races whenever I try to talk to him? It would be so embarrassing if he found out that I hyperventilate every time I try to talk to him. My heart and my body betray me in his proximity. This is more than a crush, more than an infatuation, it's plain craziness. 

Look at him speaking to the Head of Designing Sheetal Arora and listening to her intently. I am totally jealous. Does he respect smart and beautiful women? Am I not one of them? 

He is an excellent designer himself. He is also smart and enterprising. Dad respects him a lot for his abilities.

Ah, my heart!!! Does he even know that I exist? My evil brain instantly answered this time, of course he does! Remember our first meet with him?!:

Gosh that was a complete disaster- 4 months back: I had a headache and since dad was in a conference, I decided to make my own coffee. With my strong extra hot coffee in one hand and typing a message to my friend Payal on my IPhone in the other hand, I made my way out of the cafeteria to bump into a strong hard chest dropping my extra hot coffee on his white shirt. He looked daggers at me. I was so shocked to see it was Arnav that I had a headlong collision with, that it did not strike me that I had to say sorry; And finally when I started apologizing, my mouth opened and closed like a goldfish without any sound. If his looks could kill, I would have been dead that day. He controlled his temper probably because I am his boss's daughter. He left from there in a huff. Absolute total disaster...

And since then, from the past 4 months, I have been trying to say sorry for what I did and pathetically failed. Just because I blabber in front of him incoherently, does he think I am a bimbo?

Devi Maiyya save me!!! I seriously need your intervention here. Can you hear me up there???

(End of Khushi's POV).

Aug 8, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 55 times)


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)

Present Day: (In Sheetal's cabin on the First Floor)

Sheetal AroraSo, ASR what do you say? Will you be able to complete the designs before next Monday so we can include them in the presentation?

Arnav: Sure Sheetal. 

Sheetal: ASR, You will be present with me in the conference as you have a huge role to play regarding these new designs. Also I have a favor to ask you.

Arnav: Go ahead!

Sheetal: I need you to help me with the presentation that I'll be putting up for next Monday. It's an important one, it's before the big heads in the company. I want it to be impeccable. I know you are extremely good with presentations since our university days in Harvard. Please help me with this. 

Arnav: Not a problem at all. I'll help you out with the presentation.

Sheetal was Arnav's senior by three years during his post grad at Harvard. Even though he was not well acquainted with her at the university since she had graduated by the time he joined for masters, he knew her through common friends. Sheetal was extremely smart, resourceful, career oriented and ambitious.  She had graduated with honors and was one of the most popular alumni at his university. However, when Arnav joined Gupta Industries, they clicked well since they realized that they had gone to the same university.  

Present Day: (In Shashi Gupta's cabin on the Second Floor)

Khushi was lost in thoughts looking down at Sheetal's glass cabin where she could see Arnav and Sheetal talking.

Shashi Gupta: Khushi, are you ok? Where are you lost?

Khushi: I'm fine dad, just thinking about something.

Shashi: And may I know what that something is?

Khushi was very embarrassed and was not sure what to say.

Khushi: Nothing important dad. Do you mind if I go back home? I have exams coming up and need to be prepared.

Shashi: Sure sweetheart. Don't exert yourself too much. Remember, you can straight walk into a job here at our company right after you finish your course if you are interested. Your grades will have no impact on that. 

Khushi: Thanks dad, but I don't want to work here since I will be treated specially. I would rather learn work somewhere else and then be seen as your competent daughter here.

Shashi: Khushi! (Khushi stopped with her right hand on the knob of the door before she opened it and turned to look at her father)

Is there something that's troubling you beta? Your mom said that you have not been eating well.

Khushi: Nothing of that sort papa. Just the exams, I guess. Bye papa. Come home soon.

Shashi: Bye beta.

After Khushi left, Shashi thought to himself: "I know you well beta, there is definitely something that's eating you. I will get it out of you soon."

Monday of the following week after the presentation (In the conference hall):

Shashi Gupta and the other executive heads were very impressed with the presentation. Arnav was projected well in front of the big shots in his company not only due to his designs but with his help with the presentation and ideas regarding marketing the designs. Samar Kaushal, the marketing head was very pleased with Arnav's views and praised him wholeheartedly.

Shashi Gupta: I am very pleased with you young man. Sheetal told me how you helped her with the presentation and I am also happy with your designs. 

Arnav: Thank you sir.

Samar KaushalThanks ASR, We will also be implementing your ideas on marketing the designs. 

Arnav: My pleasure sir.

Shashi: ASR, I want you to travel to Bombay to help Mr.Neil Becker who is the fashion head in our Bombay branch. They can surely use your expertise. It will also help you network with important people there.

Arnav: I will definitely travel sir. I hope you don't mind me travelling next week since I want to wrap up the work, so I don't leave anything pending and overload Sheetal.

Shashi: I agree. Your travel dates and tickets will be mailed to you soon. I suggest you prepare for at least a week's stay in Bombay.

Arnav: Sure sir.

Arnav was well congratulated by his colleagues and friends. He was very happy. He started his motorbike and was about to drive off when he saw Aman walking out with an irritated expression on his face. 

Arnav: What's up man? Why do you look like that?

Aman: Nisha took our car today to her workplace. She was supposed to pick me up, but she just sent a message that she is stuck in a meeting and will be delayed by at least an hour.

Arnav: Chill Aman, Come on, I'll drop you.

Aman: Thanks man. I owe you one. 

Arnav: Well, if that means getting a home-cooked meal by Nisha, then yes you definitely owe me. 

Aman: Glutton! 

Arnav: Shut up man, do you want a ride or not?

Aman: Oye, You can't ditch me now. 

Aman got on Arnav's bike and they started towards home.

Aman: I am happy for you ASR. I know you since the 5th grade. I know how you struggled after your parents passed away. I want you to realize your dreams.

Arnav: Ya Aman, You know me better than Di or Nani. Mamaji and his family accepted me and Di after my parent's death. I am forever indebted to them for that. Mami sold her jewelry to send me to Boston for my higher studies at Harvard. She did not, for a second, stop to think how they could fund for Ajit's, their own son's, education. They trusted me so much. Now it's time I pay them back. They took care of Di in my absence. I willingly took up the entire responsibility of the household now. I'm glad I'm earning well. I just wish Nani's and Mamaji's health gets back to normal.

Aman: Totally agree with you man. Also I realized one thing. I think I know why you love Nisha's cooking so much now.


Aman: Since it's not your Nani but it's your Mami who cooks now-a-days. Poor you!!!

Arnav: I have to agree with you. Mami's cooking definitely sucks! 

Aug 9, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 40 times)


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



After a few Days at Gupta Industries (GI): 

Khushi kept walking up the stairs to her dad's cabin while looking around for a glimpse of her prince. She was here everyday from the past three days but couldn't see him. She wasn't sure whom to ask about Arnav's whereabouts as it might attract undue attention. 

Just then the doors of one of the conference rooms opened and Shashi walked out with Shashank, Mr.Sinha and Ms.Seema. They were still talking about something for which Shashi's PA, Rita was nodding her head profusely. Khushi understood that Arnav was not in the meeting and was disappointed. She went to the cafeteria to grab a coffee.

Just then Sheetal walked up to Khushi and started a casual talk with her. Sheetal, being very ambitious and manipulative, was always careful to look courteous with Khushi as she knew how important Khushi was to her dad. Soon, Rohit Sharma who is the senior manager in apparel section joined them at their table for coffee. Since the day he joined, Rohit, a handsome man in his early thirties, was bowled over with Khushi's beauty. Being the heiress of the Gupta Industries made her even more attractive to Rohit's eyes. 

Khushi did not want to be rude to her dad's employees, hence indulged in a general talk with Sheetal and Rohit although with disinterest. Sheetal noticed how Rohit was trying to hit on Khushi whereas he was unable to elicit her interest and laughed to herself. Khushi was hoping Arnav would walk into the cafeteria but got bugged when Rohit kept asking her questions. She was too drowned in Arnav's thoughts to realize that Rohit was trying to hit on her.

She finally bid bye to them and walked to meet her dad. She was just in time to catch a conversation between her dad and his PA where Rita was telling Shashi that they had to wait until Arnav came back before they could finalize something.

Khushi caught on to that, and asked " Papa, where did Arnav go?"

Now Shashi, though surprised, hid it well in front of his PA and said casually, "Beta, he is in Bombay this week to help in our branch over there." 

Shashi saw a flicker of disappointment in Khushi's eyes and was surprised.

Later Shashi and Khushi went to his cabin but Khushi did not want to stay back long. When she told her dad that she wanted to go home, Shashi agreed but kept thinking if he was missing something.

Few Days later at Chandni Chowk market in Old Delhi:

Anjali kept bugging Arnav that he had not bought her anything for her birthday.

Anjali: Chote, you missed my birthday last week and did not buy me a gift. That's why we are here. Now stop complaining and start shopping with me to compensate for what you have done.

Arnav: Di, how many people do you need to shop for your gift? You came here with Mami and Ajit. Why did you have to drag me along?

Anjali: Stop whining Chote. Today is Sunday. Can't you spend time with your family at least on weekends?

Arnav: My point exactly Di. Today is Sunday which means I have to report back to work tomorrow. Anyhow my idea of spending time with family includes spending time with family at HOME.

Ajit: Bhai, there's no point discussing now since we are already here. We might as well enjoy this outing with the ladies.

Arnav: Really Ajit? 

Mami: Hello hi bye bye Arnav bitwa, since you are here anyways, why don't we buy some sarees for me?

Anjali: Ha Mami, why don't you buy some considering it was my birthday last week?

Arnav: Unbelievable!

Ajit chuckled at his crazy family and at his Bhai's irritation.

In the same market on the other side: 

Payal had dragged Khushi over to Chandni Chowk to buy some stuff. Khushi had come over sulking. 

Payal: Khushi stop sulking and enjoy the market.

Khushi: It's so crowded Payal. Why did we have to come today of all days?

Payal: Not everyone can afford like you can Khushi. This is the place for me. Moreover today is sunday. Obviously there will be people.

Khushi: Half of Delhi is here.

Payal: Shut up and help me select some hand bags.

Anjali pulled her family through the crowded streets and finally ended up bumping with a beautiful girl knocking down half of her things onto the ground.

Payal: Hey lady, watch where you are going!

Anjali: I should be saying the same to you. Can't you watch and walk?

Arnav heard someone scream at his sister and was enraged.

He caught hold of limping Anjali before she fell down. "Di, are you okay?"

He rounded on Payal and blasted her for being reckless. 

Payal would not take it lying down and was about to scream back when she was pulled tightly back by Khushi. Khushi had noticed Arnav catching Anjali and then calling her Di.

Khushi immediately hissed in Payal's ears "Shut up Payal, it's him. Zip it, don't fight".

Payal's eyes widened as big as they could. She whispered back in Khushi's ears "Do you mean Him? As in your prince?"

Khushi nodded shyly. Payal became quiet immediately as she knew what Arnav meant to Khushi.

Arnav dusted Anjali's sari and then noticed Khushi starting at him. He was surprised to see her in a place like this. 

Arnav: What are YOU doing here?

Khushi: I..

Payal was shocked to see her confident friend blabbering in front of him. She decided then and there that Khushi needed her help. She went to introduce herself as Khushi was in no position to make any talk.

Payal: Hi, I'm Payal. I'm Khushi's best friend.

Arnav looked at her up to down but did not extend his hand.

Payal then looked at Anjali and in a sweet voice said "I'm sorry about the little bump we had."

Anjali was surprised at the sudden turn of events and decided to go with the flow.

Anjali: Chote, do you know her? (Pointing towards Khushi)

Arnav: (Glaring at Anjali for calling him Chote in front of others) Di, this is Ms.Gupta. My boss Mr.Gupta's daughter.

Anjali's and Ajit's eyes popped out. They were stunned to see her in a place like this. 

Anjali recovered faster and smiled at both the girls. "Hi Payal, Hi Ms.Gupta. I'm Anjali, Arnav's sister. Sorry about what just happened. It's very nice to meet you both."

Khushi: Thanks Anjaliji. It's really nice to meet you all. We are sorry about what happened too. Please call me Khushi.

Arnav thought to himself. "Wow! So Ms.Gupta can also talk sometimes with people."

Khushi had seen Arnav after more than a week and couldn't help shyly stealing glances at him every now and then. Payal pinched Khushi on her arm and told her to not make it that obvious.

When Khushi hissed in pain at the pinch, and start rubbing her arm, Arnav said to everyone in general "I think we should get going".

Ajit and Mami were also introduced to both Payal and Khushi. They exchanged pleasantries. Mami and Anjali were totally taken by Khushi's beauty, and humility.

Mami: I like your ear rings Khushi bitiya. Are they diamonds?

Khushi: Ji aunty ji. Thank you!

Anjali: And your dress looks beautiful too..Khushiji

Arnav, though, was not pleased with the interactions and thought "What cr*p!". Ajit meanwhile had his mouth still dangling open at Khushi. Arnav gently closed his cousin's lower jaw with his right index finger and gave him a serious 'what the!' look. 

He broke the cosy meeting in the hot market and said "Di, Mami. It's time to get going."

Khushi was unhappy that she couldn't talk to Arnav but was happy that she was able to meet his family.

Anjali: Ha Arnav, Bye Khushiji, bye Payal. We should catch up sometime.

Mami: Ha bitiyas, Come home sometime. I would love to make samosas for you.

Ajit choked on the coke in his hand listening to his mom's talk on samosas. Arnav couldn't hold back a chuckle and rubbed his cousin's back. 

Khushi was totally lost seeing his s*xy smirk and half hidden chuckle.

She thought to herself "Devi Maiyya was super focussed on her job when she made you."

As Arnav's family started moving away, Payal pulled her friend with force. She chided Khushi.

Payal: Khushi, have a hold on yourself. I agree that he has killer looks but that doesn't mean you mumble and jumble in front of him. No wonder he has never noticed you.

Khushi: Shut up Payal. Not just any looks. He looks like Adonis, the Greek God. I get really nervous everytime I see him. Moreover our first meeting did not go very well. 

Payal: Ha lady, I know about your first meeting very well. You have recited that story at least a million times. If you had chanted Devi Maiyya's name that many times, she would be standing before you!!!  

But I have to accept, you have got it bad, really bad!!! But today at least you will have sweet dreams sweetheart!

Payal chuckled.

Aug 9, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 35 times)


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)


On a cool rainy weekend some days later at Gupta Mansion (GM): 

Garima: Khushi... Khushi ...

Khushi: Amma, I am on a call with my friend.

Garima: With Payal?

Khushi: No Amma. It's Deepu.

Garima: Remember we have a part to attend in the evening. You have 3 hours left before we get going.

Khushi: Uffo Amma, why would I need so much time to get ready?

Garima: Because...

Khushi: Hold on Amma. Deepu, I'll call you back later (She said and put her phone down).

Now what is it Amma? Khushi asked Garima.

Garima: Beta, we are going to Mehta's grandson's first birthday party. Mehta industries is a big name in India. There will be big shots from various fields attending the party. We represent Gupta industries. You, being the daughter of the head of Guptas, have to look at your best. 

This is serious Khushi. Don't take it lightly. I left a designer gown from our selection on your bed. Get dressed up well. We leave from home at 6.

Khushi: Ok Amma, but should I really come? I mean is it not sufficient if you and papa attend the function?

Garima: No Khushi. You have to be there with us. We have kept you hidden from the business world for long. I think it's time you made acquaintances who meet our status. 

Khushi: Amma I don't care about all this. I will get very bored there. Papa will be talking to his business associates, you will be busy with the ladies. I will feel left out. Khushi pouted trying to get her Mom to do her bidding.

Garima: I know what you are trying to do and it's not going to work this time Khushi. You don't have friends there since you have made none. It's high time you start making connections in the high society and learn how to move around in these circles.

I expect you to be ready on time!!!

Garima left giving Khushi an ultimatum.

Shashi, Garima and Khushi entered Mehta's palatial house at around 7 in the evening. Khushi wore a Burgundy colored Off-the-shoulders Floor length dress with laced arms. She looked ethereal. Garima noticed a lot of youngsters stare at her daughter in awe. She was filled with motherly pride.

The Guptas were welcomed warmly by Mukesh Mehta, the head of Mehta groups. He introduced them to his family. His elder son- Abhishek Mehta, his elder daughter-in-law Priya, and his grand son Vishal. The Guptas wished Vishal on his birthday. Mukesh then introduced them to his younger son Abhinav Mehta who had just come back from London a few months ago and was getting integrated into the business like his older brother. 

Abhinav was totally floored looking at Khushi. He saw a combination of beauty and innocence carried well with superb grace. He started a casual talk with Khushi and gently nudged her to follow him as she would get bored with the business talks of elders. 

Garima was very happy that Khushi was getting along well and making friends. Abhinav took Khushi to his group of friends and introduced her to everyone. Chatting along with them with simple smiles, Khushi was surprised that she was not as bored with the party as she thought she might be.

When the Guptas returned home, it was almost midnight.

A few days later at Gupta Mansion (GM): 

Khushi came back home from college in the evening and found herself staring at the Mehta family in the living room. She quickly extended her courtesies, and sat down with her parents and Bua to chat with the guests. Mukesh suggested that Khushi take Abhinav with him and show him the house around for which Garima readily agreed. 

Khushi took Abhinav inside showing him the house, then took him into the vast lawn. She showed him the lilies and started talking about how she loved gardening. All the while, Abhinav stood mesmerized listening to her. 

Khushi and Abhinav chatted for a while and then went back inside when he was told it was time to go back home. Khushi watched Abhishek raise his eyebrows at Abhinav as soon as they entered the living room. She then saw both the brothers smile at each other.  Mukesh Mehta left telling Khushi that they would be meeting her soon.

Although she was intrigued, Khushi was too tired to find out the reason for their visit. "Tomorrow is sunday, I can talk to papa leisurely" thought Khushi and crashed on her bed.

The next day at GM: 

Khushi was summoned to the study by her family after breakfast. She found her parents, Chacha and Bua waiting for her.

Khushi: What is it papa?

Bua: Bitiya, there is something important that we want to discuss with you. Sit down first.

Garima: Khushi, I am very happy to say that Mehtas were here yesterday for a marriage proposal. They are interested in having you as their younger daughter-in-law, Abhinav's bride.

Shashi: Beta, this is a very good alliance. Abhinav is a well educated decent guy. We want you to think about it.

Khushi was stumped. She took a few seconds to react and understand what was happening around her. How could she do this? How can she think of someone else? It can't be. No way!!! It's only Arnav, Arnav and Arnav. No body else. She was still in her own thoughts when...

Garima: To say the truth Khushi, I was ecstatic when they proposed Abhinav for you. I mean, they match our status in every way. The guy is very interested in you too. This would also be a good boost to Papa's business.

Shashi watched his daughter closely. He saw her stunned expression, soon after he saw her look dejected. He did not like it a bit. This was his princess they were talking about. He wanted to reassure her.

Shashi: Beta, it's true that the alliance would be helpful in our business too, but I'm not selfish to sacrifice my daughter for my business. Moreover, we are in a very stable condition. You have nothing to worry about. There will never be any force on you. Speak your heart out Khushi!

Garima was about to say something to convince her daughter for the alliance but Shashi stopped her with his palm. "Wait for her to talk" he said to his wife.

Khushi could be stubborn when she wanted; after all she had the gene from her father!!!

Khushi: Sorry papa, I cannot. I do not mean to disappoint any of you but I cannot do this. I'm really sorry. 

Khushi was choked with tears and was unable to continue. She ran upstairs to her room wanting to be left alone for a while.

Aug 9, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 42 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



At Gupta Mansion on an unpleasant sunday morning: 

Khushi cried a lot. The tears were not only because her family thought about someone else for her, but also due to Arnav's complete ignorance towards her. 

For the first time in life, she felt miserable and helpless. 

Shashi Gupta realized something was really wrong. He was unable to place it exactly. He saw his sister and wife rise from their seats to follow Khushi up to her room. He gestured them to wait. He wanted to talk to his princess first. He wanted to know what was going on in her mind without any untoward pressure.

Shashi came to Khushi's room and knocked on the door softly. He could not control himself from going in when he heard her soft sobs. He rushed in, made Khushi sit up on the bed and started talking to her.

Shashi: Beta, We are very sorry if you are hurt because of this proposal. Don't worry about it. Like I said before, you will not be pushed into anything. But I really want to know what made you so sad. Please tell me what's going on.

Khushi could not answer. Her tears would not stop.

Shashi understood that she needed time. He made her wash her face with cold water, ordered the servant to make some tea for her and got her out into the garden. They sat under the canopy in the garden chairs. Madhumathi and Garima watched them silently from far.

Once tea was served with some snacks, Shashi and Khushi drank in silence for a while. Slowly Shashi started talking about some random stuff to cheer Khushi up. Then he started asking her some simple questions.

Shashi: Khushi, what really got you so sad?

Khushi was shy to talk to her father about her prince. She kept looking here and there not sure what to answer. Her Bua then came and silently joined them under the canopy. 

Bua: Khushi, do you remember how I always tell you that you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen? Khushi nodded. Your smile is the best thing on your face. You don't look good without a smile sweetheart. Can I have my favorite smile once? Please?

She kept prodding Khushi until she smiled. 

Bua: Now tell me do you think we are pushing you into marriage? Khushi shook her head in a NO.

Bua: Do you think we are trying to send you away from the house? Khushi shook her head in a NO. 

Khushi: But then I don't want to ever go away from you all. 

Bua and Shashi looked at each other and smiled.

Bua: Do you not like Abhinav? Khushi nodded a yes.

Shashi: (Confused) So you like Abhinav? Khushi instantly looked up and said NO.

Bua: Did he not behave well with you anytime? Khushi shook her head in a NO.

Bua: So, that's not the reason you dislike him? Khushi was silent.

Bua: Ok then, is there someone else you like?

Khushi's head shot up and she looked at her dad and Bua with scared eyes. Bua instantly understood.

Bua: Who is it Khushi?

That question got the immediate attention of Shashi and Garima. They looked at Khushi who was sitting with her head bent and eyes on her intertwined fingers.

Shashi: It's ok beta, don't worry. Tell us who it is.

Khushi took a deep breadth and decided it's either now or never. She said in a low voice..

Papa, it's Ar...Ar...Arnav.

Shashi: Who?

Khushi: Ar... Arnav... Arnav Singh Raizada.

To say Shashi was shocked was an understatement. Bua and Garima did not know who this person was.

Shashi: ASR? 

Khushi nodded an yes. 

Garima: Who is he Shashi?

Shashi: He works for me at Delhi Gupta Industries in Fashion designing branch.

Garima was disappointed. She did not expect Khushi to fall for a mere employee of Gupta Industries.

Garima: Khushi, since how long has this been going on?

Khushi: He does not know Amma. I like him but I have never spoken to him much.

Shashi: So it's not two-sided? 

Khushi: No it's not. He does not know about my feelings papa.

Shashi: Ok beta, give me sometime. I need to think about this. 

Garima: But Shashi, what will we tell the Mehtas?

Shashi: Let's keep that on hold for now Garima. Anyways, since Khushi's exams for the last semester are coming up, let's tell them that we need to wait until they are done. That will buy us some time. Meanwhile let me think for a solution regarding this.

Bua asked Khushi to come inside so Shashi and Garima can talk regarding how to go on about this.

Khushi and Bua went back to Khushi's room and spent the rest of the day chatting about other things, looking at old picture albums and reminiscing old times. Bua was able to successfully divert Khushi.

Monday Morning at Gupta Industries: 

Shashi Gupta was earlier than usual in his cabin. He had called his friend Swaroop who was a private investigator and requested him to investigate about ASR.. his professional and personal lives. Swaroop promised he would get back to him within 48 hours

Shashi also decided to talk to his other employees about ASR. 

Thinking of a plan, he casually walked down to the cafeteria. Most of his employees were present; Some catching up on week end gossip over coffee while the others busy with their phones and having breakfast. 

Shashi glanced around and found the object of his interest- ASR having coffee and chatting with Aman and Akash. He was smiling at something Akash was describing animatedly. 

Shashi watched him more. Previously there was no need to watch him, but now the situation demanded so. He was inquisitive about what made his daughter fall for ASR. True, he was hard working, well educated, dignified, extremely intelligent and resourceful; Not to mention very handsome

"Hmm" Shashi thought, "this is not sufficient. I need the background check from Swaroop first."

Just then Sheetal entered the cafeteria and was surprised to see the boss there. 

Sheetal: Good morning sir.

Shashi: Hi Sheetal

Sheetal: Sir, do you need anything from the cafeteria? I can get it sent over to you.

Shashi: No thanks. I was to see how everything was going on here. Shashi tried to smoothen it out. "Is our cafeteria good enough Sheetal? Do we need any changes?"

Sheetal was surprised, but then said immediately "No sir, we have a good cafeteria here. Our employees really like it. I will check with others and incase of any negative feedback I will let you know."

Shashi: Alright, let's get back to work.

(Two days later) Wednesday at Gupta Industries: 

Shashi had received a report from Swaroop in the morning regarding Arnav. Everything was clean. Shashi had also enquired about Arnav in a very sophisticated way from Sheetal as she was the fashion head, and also from other department heads during the past two days. He did not find any black mark on Arnav.

The same evening, after dinner, as the entire family sat down in the living area, Shashi declared that he was 'ready to talk' to Arnav regarding Khushi. Garima was perturbed. Shashi comforted her by saying that he had enquired about Arnav and did not find anything negative about him. 

Khushi was rapturous. Bua held Khushi's right palm in her left and smiled at her warmly. Though Garima was not convinced, looking at Khushi's excitement, she could not say No. 

Bua and Khushi went back again to Khushi's room while Shashi and Garima chatted on for a long time.

Bua started asking and teasing Khushi regarding how she first met him, and what exactly had happened between them. She wanted to Know how Khushi started liking Arnav.

As Khushi started talking to her Bua about him, she realized how deep Arnav ran in her blood. She then suddenly realized that it was not just a crush, or an infatuation or craziness...

She was head over heels in love with Arnav, her Arnav...

Aug 9, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 42 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)


Friday of the same week at Gupta Industries: 

Shashi decided it was time!!!

Shashi Gupta had called his PA Rita to block him and ASR off for an hour or more during the first part of the day. Rita blocked both of them from 11 AM onwards assuming if their meeting extended, it could spill over into lunch, thus giving them a decent buffer. She was, however, completely unaware of the nature of the meeting.

Arnav reached Mr.Gupta's cabin in the second floor unsure of the meeting since neither was he informed nor was he prepared. He assumed it had something to do with the Summer collection that would be coming up soon.

Arnav was actually surprised first thing in the morning to see his schedule blocked off that too with the big boss. He was astounded, though, when Sheetal told him that she did not have an invite for this meeting.

Sheetal being the head of Fashion designing department where Arnav worked, he wasn't sure why he would be needed in a meeting without Sheetal's presence. Sheetal, being the ambitious person she was, was furious that she had been sidelined. 

Arnav entered Shashi Gupta's cabin and was greeted warmly. He took a seat and looked curious to know the reason for the meeting.

Shashi Gupta: Good morning Arnav. How are you?

Arnav: I am doing good sir. (Arnav was clearly unhappy with the way Shashi took his first name instead of the conventional ASR. It sounded too informal to him and made Arnav uncomfortable.)

"A man of few words" Shashi made a mental note.

Shashi: I am not here to discuss business Arnav.

Being the professional he was, Shashi continued "I'm sorry for blocking you off in the middle of the day and taking away your office time. But I have to do this."

Now Arnav was truly nonplussed.

Arnav: No worries sir, please go ahead!

Shashi: Arnav, you know how I'm impressed with hardworking youngsters. In addition, I like your character and professionalism. You are not just an amazing employee but a good person as well. 

Arnav was clueless where this was going.

Shashi: Arnav, I don't want to beat around the bush anymore. I really value you and I would like you to marry my daughter.

Bam... Arnav was sure he heard wrong. "I should've listened to Di and had my breakfast even if it was made by Mami", he thought.

But a few more seconds of silence started clearing his mind.

Arnav: What? Come again...

Shashi now took a deep breath and said "Arnav, I want you to marry my daughter Khushi".

Now Arnav was enraged, his temper soared up. "How dare Mr.Gupta thinks he can just wing it on my face? Without bothering to ask my opinion, how dare he orders me regarding marriage as if it's as simple as making a presentation?" he thought. 

Now even though he was super temped to leave Mr.Gupta's cabin then and there, Arnav controlled himself as this was his boss. If not his designation, he had to at least respect the old man's age. 

Arnav: Mr.Gupta...

Shashi thought "Oh, so it's Mr.Gupta now instead of sir, this guy is surely pissed."

Arnav repeated: Mr.Gupta, I'm not sure what made you come to this conclusion yet I'm flattered that you consider me as a potential suitor for your daughter. But I should say, I'm really sorry to disappoint you. I cannot accept this alliance. If there is nothing else we need to discuss, I think I should get back to my work.

"Wow! smooth and precise" Shashi made another mental note. Shashi had not expected this.

A few minutes of uncomfortable silence reigned in the cabin. 

Slowly Shashi started speaking: I am not completely done Arnav. I would like to know why you rejected my proposal.

Arnav had to tighten his fists and grind his teeth to control himself from exploding. "I really need anger management classes" Arnav thought.

Arnav: First of all, because we belong to different financial and social strata of the society. I would like to marry a common middle class girl who would understand and blend in well with me and my life style.

Secondly, your daughter is born and brought up in luxury, she will not be able to accommodate in our house within my family.

Lastly, I am not interested in marrying your daughter. Period.

Shashi was pissed now. He thought "Sure, this guy can cut with his tongue".

Arnav then excused himself saying he had to get back to work leaving Shashi to ponder over the disastrous meeting.

Aug 9, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 56 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)

At Gupta Mansion: 

The weekend went off in a frenzy as the Guptas had relatives visiting them from Sydney, Australia. It was Garima's paternal cousin Madhu Kapoor and her husband Rajendra Kapoor with their son Nandu Kapoor fondly called NK by everyone. 

NK and Khushi had not only been great cousins but very good friends thanks to the Kapoors visiting India at least once a year for month-long stays. NK was fascinated by Hindi even though he sucked at it big time.

This distraction worked well for Shashi in three ways:

One- Shashi could give time and space to Arnav after the disastrous meeting. 

Two- Shashi could cool his mind and start thinking about other possible solutions for the problem.

Three- Khushi was fully occupied by NK and his parents showing them around Delhi and playing the perfect host.

A Month rolled by:

Arnav had never mentioned the proposal to his friends or family and carried on with his work as usual. Even though Arnav knew there was a silent volcano brewing in the boss's cabin, he carried on with Shashi as if there were no hard feelings after the meeting that ended on an ominous note. 

Shashi pretended the same way while still trying to work around the problem. 

A warm saturday afternoon after NK and his family returned to Sydney, Shashi sat back in his study at Gupta Mansion and pondered over the discussion with Arnav that happened a month ago. 

He had been keenly observing Khushi through the last month and realized various things. Although Khushi looked occupied with NK, there were many instances when she was deeply lost in thought. She never voiced them out to her parents or Bua. Every time Khushi paid a visit to Gupta Industries, there was an underlying wave of restlessness and anticipation that could not be concealed by her. Her eyes would start searching for the One person she liked to see and then would follow him everywhere.

As much as he tried, there was no denying the fact that his daughter was hopelessly in love with Arnav. Garima was unhappy with Khushi's choice and tried to convince her to accept the Mehta alliance time and again over the period of one month and failed miserably. Shashi was also very tempted to convince his daughter and would have been thrilled if she had agreed to marry Abhinav. Knowing Arnav's opinion regarding the proposal, Shashi wanted to protect his daughter from getting hurt.

But Khushi was tough as stone, she would not budge from her choice. It was only Arnav for her. Finally it sunk into Shashi. The only person she would accept as a spouse was unfortunately the same guy who was not interested in marrying her. 

Khushi was not aware of the discussion that had happened between her dad and Arnav. She kept thinking that her dad had been waiting for an appropriate time to put forth the proposal to Arnav.

Khushi's POV: 

It has been at least 4 weeks since her confession in front of her family. As much as I wish dad could take this proposal forward, I want mom and dad to take their own time to adjust to the fact that Arnav is my choice. I'm glad that it's very clear to everyone in the family now. 

But, what about Arnav? Will he and his family agree to this proposal? What does he feel about me? Does he ever even think about me? But then what about after that incident 10 days back- Would he now think about me at least occasionally?

Khushi was transported back in time.


10 days ago, Khushi was coming back home after shopping with her friends Payal, Deepu and Sowmya at the mall. Payal and Sowmya's houses are closer,hence they drove to the mall and back in Payal's Scooty. Deepu's brother picked her up from the mall and drove her home. Khushi's driver, Mohan was waiting for her and started driving her back home. Since it was a long ride, Khushi had fallen asleep in the car but was rudely woken up by the sudden brake applied by Mohan. 

The car had a malfunction, and Mohan was desperately trying to get it fixed without freaking Khushi out. It being a poor signal coverage area, they were not able to reach out for help. 

Mohan tried to stop a few cars to see if they could hitch a ride back home. He could always come back for the car next morning. So far the plan had not been successful. 

Khushi was shocked and then thrilled when a pulsar pulled over to help Mohan. The rider of the pulsar being none other than Arnav

That was the time when Khushi believed in divine intervention by Devi Maiyya. Her Devi Maiyya had surely heard her.

Having not noticed her face, Arnav suggested to the driver that he could give the lady a ride back home. Though Mohan was apprehensive about how his boss would react once he found out, Khushi told the driver that she knew Arnav and hence was safe. Arnav noticed Khushi then; and the gentleman that he was, he could not leave her considering the time and the place she was stuck at.

Arnav asked Khushi to step on his motorbike, made sure she was holding on tight and then started off. 

Khushi kept thanking Devi Maiyya all through the way. 

Everytime there was a need to stabilize herself due to the copious numbers of speed breakers, Khushi had to use her palms against his shoulders on the back. She felt her heart thumping in her chest and warmth spreading all across her face and neck. Though the drive was in complete silence, she felt her heart ready to jump out of her any minute. 

Arnav dropped her off at her house, waiting for her to get off safely. Khushi remembered how he looked at her for one second and without giving her a chance to thank him, drove off. 

Khushi so badly wanted to invite him home for a cup of coffee, but was it new that she turned mute every time she was in front of him???

Flashback ends...

Present Day at Arnav's House:

Everyone was chatting and having dinner together. Nani and Mamaji were resting on the Diwaan couch listening to Ajit cracking jokes on Anjali. Arnav was silently chuckling, his chest rising and falling with every one of Ajit's jokes. Anjali was getting more and more furious by the minute while Mami was engrossed in her daily soap on TV.

Nani: I am happy to see my grandchildren having fun. But I'd be ecstatic if I get to see my great grand children. 

This casual comment turned serious when everyone looked at Anjali since she was the oldest of the three. Anjali had an alliance that was broken due to the slight limp that she had. Although the limp was not much pronounced, Anjali was shaken and was not ready to go through matrimonial process. The previous groom's parents had asked an obscene amount of dowry two weeks before the wedding as a compensation for her limp. That had shattered Anjali mentally and she broke the alliance.

Arnav wasn't comfortable getting married without his Di getting married, and hence had rejected many proposals. 

Mami then chimed in: Sasuma, I found an old friend from Lucknow when I went to Mandir yesterday. She said there is a very good alliance from Lucknow for our Arnav Bitwa. What do you think?

Everyone looked at Arnav now. Instantly he was transported to the day of Shashi Gupta's proposal and his refusal.

Khushi Gupta!!! He remembered. How he had seen her at work a few times after the proposal and how he chose to ignore her completely. Hell, he had even ignored her dad as much as possible. Maybe, it was time to search for a new job just to be on the safer side...

But the night he had dropped Khushi off at her place;

Arnav thought- Well it was an interesting night. I didn't know her palms would feel so soft on my back. And once she got down, was it blush that was all over her face and neck? She looked cute... Was she really blushing that hard? Is she that shy?

Forget it... She does not belong in my environment!!! Period...

Anjali: Chote, where are you lost?

Arnav: Nowhere Di.

Nani: So can your Mami say yes?

Arnav: For what?

Mamaji: Arnav, of course for the proposal, to go see the girl in Lucknow.

Mami: Please say yes Arnav Bitwa. Only if you get married, we can start thinking of Ajit.

Arnav: (sighing) fine, do whatever you want.

Anjali: You should come with us Chote.

Arnav: Ok, but it can only be on weekends. Because I don't want to end up wasting my leave.

Ajit: Whatever you say Huzoor..

Arnav glared at Ajit while the others laughed.

Aug 10, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 43 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



Many days later: 

"Life is smooth without any confrontations" thought Arnav. He was relaxed that Mr.Gupta had not brought up the topic of the proposal again. Arnav, an ambitious guy, wanted to make it big in his career. He didn't want any glitches/ road blocks. Having said that, he was also not the one who would use relationships to climb up the ladder of success. He respected himself much more than that, his integrity would never let him do such a thing. He believed firmly in his intelligence and the fruits of hard work.

Arnav and Akash caught up with Aman and Nisha at Aman's place for dinner and movie. Nisha had cooked a simple delicious meal. Later Akash wanted to watch a horror movie while Nisha wanted to watch a romantic comedy. Finally they settled for an action movie. Arnav had liked the "Bourne Series" before, hence he wanted to watch the movie "Jason Bourne". 

The guys started enjoying it while Nisha was bored to death. Throughout, Nisha would criticize the movie with Akash retaliating; and Aman supporting his wife time to time. Finally Nisha was pissed and went to bed before midnight. Arnav and Akash burst out laughing when Aman ran behind his wife to pacify her.

"This is the comfort level that should exist between spouses", thought Arnav. "Ms.Gupta, being the only daughter of a rich father, can never blend in this way with me, my family or friends; neither can I adjust with her lifestyle". 

Arnav had no regrets that he rejected Khushi's alliance.

On a normal day at Gupta Industries: 

Arnav was busy with his work. Earlier that day he had received a call from Mr.Neil Becker, the head of Fashion Designing at Mumbai Gupta branch. Arnav was requested to visit Mumbai to help finalize some designs and to talk about the changing trends for Summer and Fall collection. Arnav spoke about this with Sheetal and made an appointment with Rita to meet up with Mr.Gupta regarding discussing the same.

Arnav: May I come in sir?

Shashi: Come in.

Sheetal: Hi sir

Shashi: Hi Sheetal, Hi ASR

Sheetal noted the slight curt tone that Shashi used for ASR. If she was surprised, she was smart enough to hide it. 

Arnav: Sir, Mr.Becker from Mumbai branch would like me to meet with him to finalize on some selections and discuss about the latest trends for our future collections.

This was the first time Arnav was back in Shashi's cabin after the proposal day.

Sheetal: Sir, ASR has discussed with me regarding the same. I will be conferencing with ASR and Neil from here before the selections are finalized.

Shashi: Sure ASR go ahead then. Our travel desk will get in touch with you regarding the tickets and dates.

Arnav: Sir, Mr.Becker also mentioned that they were understaffed and he needed help. I wouldn't mind shifting my base to Mumbai if necessary. 

Now this was where, both Shashi and Sheetal were stunned. 

"Where is this coming from?" Shashi wondered. "Is this because of the proposal?" He did not voice it out though.

Shashi composed himself quickly.

Shashi: We will see ASR. Let me talk to Neil and we will take it from there. For now, go ahead with the original plan of travelling to Mumbai to help the fashion department there.

Sheetal and Arnav walked back from Shashi's cabin discussing a few things. All the while Sheetal was lost. If she had any doubt about a friction between Shashi Gupta and ASR, it was confirmed now. "What is the cause?" Sheetal pondered.

As they started walking down the staircase, they noticed Rita laughing with Ms.Gupta. Sheetal immediately stopped to have a chat with Khushi, while ASR was silent. Arnav and Khushi did not talk to each other. 

Sheetal noticed how Khushi's eyes lowered as soon as she saw Arnav, and the huge smile on her face was replaced by a rapid blush on her cheeks. Sheetal was irritated. "So little Ms.Gupta has a crush on ASR huh? Could it be that it was a personal and not a professional reason for the friction between ASR and the big boss? Will keep my eyes open from now".

Sheetal was pulled out of her thoughts when ASR excused himself from there. Sheetal watched Khushi's eyes linger on him for a while until he disappeared from her sight. 

Sunday night (party night): 

Mohit worked in Apparel section of Gupta Industries. Being in his late twenties, he was almost the same age as Arnav and his friends. He clicked with them well.

Mohit got engaged to his childhood sweetheart and threw a party for his colleagues and friends. 

Arnav: Congrats Mohit.

Mohit: Thanks guys, enjoy yourselves.

Akash: Really nice place man. Thanks.

Mohit: You are welcome! Excuse me yar, will catch up with others and be back.

Aman: No problem, carry on.

Arnav: This is a good pub. Aman you should have got Nisha too.

Akash: Exactly. Look at the couples dancing. You both could have danced too.

Aman: Nisha is not feeling well; and by the way I can't dance.

Akash: Duffer..

Aman: Shut up Akash.

Sheetal: Do you both always fight like this?

Aman and Akash: Hey Sheetal

Sheetal: Hi guys! Hi ASR

Arnav: Hey Sheetal, would you like to have a drink?

Sheetal: Sure, I would like a Margarita please.

Arnav left to get drinks for both of them. 

Just then a pretty girl stepped in and asked Akash for a dance. Sheetal raised her eyebrows and nodded at Akash to carry on. Aman left to take a phone call.

Arnav (handing the drink to Sheetal): Where is everybody?

Sheetal: Akash is dancing. Aman stepped out to take a call.

Arnav looked in the direction and smirked at Akash's desperate efforts to dance with the pretty lass.

Sheetal kept looking at Arnav and finally asked: ASR would you like to dance with me?

Though Arnav was surprised, he didn't want to look rude.

Arnav: Sure

Arnav took Sheetal's hand and lead her to dance. DJ had changed into a softer beat and Arnav and Sheetal swayed gently to the music. Sheetal, wearing a revealing dress, was trying to flaunt her assets. 

This made Arnav uncomfortable. For him Sheetal had been nothing more than a casual friend. Arnav tried looking around to catch a glimpse of his friends so he could gently shift partners.

Sheetal moved closer to Arnav, and before he noticed, she rose on her toes and kissed Arnav on his lips. Arnav disengaged himself right away, and went back to the bar.

Sheetal felt insulted but composed herself. If she wanted ASR, she had to take this slow. She walked to the area where he was standing and said "ASR, I'm really sorry. I don't look at you that way. It was just a weak moment. I guess the alcohol got to my head. I'm sorry again. Please forget this incident."

Arnav: That's fine Sheetal, make sure this doesn't repeat in future. Let's forget this and move on.

Sheetal: So, are we good?

Arnav: Yes

Arnav decided to be more careful and reserved with Sheetal from then on. He had to work with her closely, heck, she was his department head. He couldn't dismiss her easily.

A couple of weeks later: 

Khushi: You are crazy Payal. Hand bags again? How much of shopping do you do?

Payal: Not just hand bags; Shoes, hand bags, nail polishes and dresses. I am crazy about all of these.

Khushi and Payal were out shopping as Payal wanted to celebrate having finished the exams. 

Payal: We are done with the semester. We are done with the exams. We are done!!! 

I want to talk to your dad and request an internship at Gupta Industries. 

Khushi: Why not? I'm sure Papa will have no issues with that. My parents like you a lot Payal.

Payal: I know. I love your entire family. No, I take it back. I don't like your Shashank Chachu. Preetham is creepy too.

Khushi: Shut up Payal. Preetham is just withdrawn due to Chachi's death. Shashank Chachu feels that I get everything laid out in a silver platter while Preetham does not. 

Payal: I think both of them are jealous that you are way more prettier than Preetham. I also feel you are smarter than her.

Khushi: Preetham is smarter than me. But I have no issues with that.

Payal: No, you are smarter; Preetham is more shrewd and cunning.

Khushi: Preetham is not cunning.

Payal: Open your eyes Khushi. Don't be so naive! Watch what's happening around you.

Khushi: Stop it Payal. I don't like you commenting them anymore.

Payal: Alright Missy. Let's change the subject. How is your hero doing?

Khushi's expression changed instantly. She had a huge smile on her face.

Payal: Tsk, Tsk. Haye, haye! Just his thoughts alone can bring such a huge smile on your face, huh? By the way, did uncle talk to him?

Khushi: Not yet. I guess papa was waiting for my exams to get done. Though, I'm surprised Mom and dad have still not refused Mehta alliance yet. Chachu was not happy when the Mehtas came with a  proposal for me.

Payal: I guess he wanted something similar for Preetham. 

Khushi: Well then, he can gladly have it. My Arnav is sufficient for me.

Payal: My Arnav??? Wow lady, since when did he become your Arnav???

Khushi blushed to her roots. She just realized what she had said.

Payal: You are redder than a tomato now. Chalo, we have more shopping to do.

Both the friends cruised through the mall, carrying shopping bags. They were stopped by a familiar voice.

Anjali: Hi Khushiji, hi Payal.

Khushi: Hi Anjaliji

Payal: Hi Anjaliji, how are you?

Anjali: I'm fine. That's a lot of bags. Is there anything special?

Payal: Ya we are celebrating since we finished our exams successfully.

Anjali: That's amazing. You guys deserve a treat. Chalo, I will get you both ice creams. 

Khushi: No Anjaliji, that's not necessary.

Anjali: Arey, how can you say that? It is necessary. There is no reason to feel akward. Come on, let's go.

Payal: Anjaliji, are you here all by yourself?

Anjali: No, Mamaji and Mami are here with me today.

Anjali introduced the girls to her Mamaji. They exchanged pleasantries with Mami who was happy to see Khushi again.

They got inside an ice-cream parlor and placed their orders chatting all the while. Khushi had fun watching Mamaji crack jokes on Mami.  Payal and Anjali chatted the most. Once they were done, they stepped out.

Khushi: Thanks for the treat Anjaliji.

Payal: Ya, thanks so much. It was fun meeting you all, specially chatting with you Anjaliji.

Anjali: We should catch up more often.

Mami: Ha, Anjali bitiya is right. We should do this more often.

Mamaji: Khushi and Payal bitiya, we would love to stay back longer but we are really pressed for time. If not for the function, we would have called you home. 

Mami: Ha bitiyas, we have lot more shopping to finish today.

Payal: What function aunty?

Mami: Arnav bitwa is getting engaged this sunday.

Khushi froze. She could not hear anything else.

Anjali kept talking: We saw this girl from Lucknow a few weeks back, and Arnav being the stubborn head he is, did not agree soon. It took a lot of convincing from us for him to accept it. We are so glad it's happening...

Payal realized Khushi's state. She didn't want Khushi to break down in front of them. She hurriedly said her byes to Arnav's family and pulled Khushi out of the mall.

Shattered...that's what she was... totally completely shattered...

Aug 10, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 48 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



The same day at Gupta Mansion (GM):

GarimaPayal, what's wrong? Why does Khushi look so pale?

BuaPayal, why did Khushi run up to her room like that?

Payal (Running to Shashi): Uncle, you have to talk to Arnav about Khushi. 



Payal (looking at Shashi and Garima): What does that mean? You have already spoken to him before?

BuaHa Payal, He refused!

Payal was stunned.

PayalWhat? But Khushi doesn't know this.

GarimaShe doesn't. Had she known, she would have been really hurt. 

Payal gasped. 

ShashiBut what's happening Payal? Why is Khushi upset and why were you asking me to talk to him?

PayalUncle, he is getting engaged this sunday.

Shashi, Garima and Bua (at the same time): WHAT???

ShashiHow do you know?

PayalWe met Arnav's family in the mall and came to know through his sister.

GarimaHow do you know his family?

PayalWe ran into Arnav and his family sometime back at a market. That's how we know his family.

GarimaShashi, what should we do now?

Shashi was lost in thought. 

ShashiThere are two ways to handle this situation. The easier way would be- since Arnav is getting engaged anyways, and since we haven't replied to the Mehtas yet, we should convince Khushi to accept Abhinav and forget Arnav.

BuaConvincing Khushi is easier said than done.

Shashi continued: The difficult way would be forcing Arnav and his family to accept Khushi's proposal. 

GarimaLet's try convincing Khushi first.

ShashiI agree. Let's go see how Khushi is doing.

Shashi and the other three ladies went up to Khushi's room. The door was locked from inside. Garima started getting worried. Shashi went to the store room and got the spare key to unlock the door. When they entered her room, they could see Khushi crying broken-heartedly sitting on the floor, clutching her knees close to her chest, her back to the bed. 

Their heart wrenched looking at Khushi in this condition.

Shashi, Garima and Bua tried convincing Khushi for a long time to let go of Arnav without letting her know that he had already refused Khushi's alliance. Payal stood with her back to the wall and watched the scene unfolding in front of her.

Khushi kept crying softly and did not utter a single word throughout. 

Finally after an hour of trying to make her talk and see sense, Garima lost her cool.

GarimaKhushi, his marriage is fixed. You have better alliances in hand. I really want you to forget him and move on. You will be happier in life with a spouse that loves you, rather than a spouse that you love. 

Listen to me beta, I'm your mom. I have your best interests at heart. Trust me, forget this Arnav. Let go of this crazy childishness. 

Shashi and Bua also tried to convince Khushi on the same lines.

There was still no response from Khushi. She had stopped crying, rested her chin on her knees, and had an empty look in her eyes. Payal was getting very worried about Khushi. She alone knew the extent of Khushi's love for Arnav.

Garima decided to give an ultimatum to Khushi.

GarimaKhushi, I want you to forget this guy. Now it's an order. If you don't, I swear...

Garima was cut off by the first words that Khushi spoke after more than an hour. In fact these were the first words that she spoke after finding out that Arnav was going to get engaged.

Khushi (spoke lifelessly): It doesn't matter now Amma. Please do whatever you want. I don't see the point in living anymore.

She then got up, went to the bathroom and closed the bathroom door.

Everyone was stunned to hear the last sentence that Khushi spoke. I don't see the point in living anymore.

There was pin drop silence in the room. No one spoke. It was like everyone was rewinding her words.

Shashi felt a bombshell had been dropped on his head. His bubbly confident daughter looking so distraught having lost interest in life scared him to death. He knew his daughter well enough to understand that she meant every word she said. Fear gripped him. 

"No, I cannot lose my daughter, I cannot lose my princess," Shashi thought, "It's time to bend Arnav".

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