My very own Arnav

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Aug 10, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 37 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



At Arnav's (2-storey) house:

Arnav returned from Bombay after a 10-day long trip. He went to his room, showered, slept for a couple of hours and then came down for dinner to the cozy dining area that was attached to the kitchen. 

Nani: Bitwa, how was the trip?

Arnav: Good Nani.

Ajit: Bhai, how was Bombay?

Arnav: Ajit, this is not the first time I've been to Bombay.

Arnav noticed that his Di and Mami were unusually quiet. The dinner was done in relative silence. "Surprising !!!" he thought.

When Arnav got up to wash his plate in the kitchen sink, he noticed Nani and Mamaji looking at each other with a grave expression. He heard whispers coming from the dining area while he was in the kitchen. The only thing he was able to catch onto was Mami saying "I am not sure how to tell him".

As soon as he entered the dining area, everyone became silent. 

Now Arnav got impatient. "What the hell is happening here?" he said loudly.

When no one responded, but exchanged looks amongst themselves, Arnav lost his temper.

Arnav: I know there is something that you guys are not telling me. You know how I hate when things are hidden from me. I need someone to tell me what happened straight-forward and crisp. Don't beat around the bush.

Mamaji: Arnav, we definitely have something to tell you. But it will take time. I know you are tired after the journey. So we can discuss it tomorrow.

Arnav: No, I am fine and I want to know NOW.

Nani: Alright then Chote, but promise you will not lose temper or interrupt us in between.

Arnav: Nani, why are you asking me to promise all this?

Nani: First promise Chote that you will listen patiently till the end. Then we will tell you everything you want to know. 

Arnav glared at his Nani.

Nani (in a cool tone): Chote, I'm your Nani. Not your subordinate at work that you can try to intimidate. So, if you give your word, we will let you know what happened.

Arnav gave up. "Alright fine. You have my word. Now tell me what happened".

Anjali and Mami looked apprehensive. Ajit looked doubtful.

Mamaji started. "Chote, Yesterday evening Mr.Shashi Gupta visited our house."

Arnav was stunned. He opened his mouth to say something but Nani quietened him immediately saying "Chote, you promised!" 

Arnav grit his teeth and narrowed his eyes.

Mamaji continued.


Anjali opened the door to a well dressed elderly man who introduced himself as Arnav's boss. 

He was welcomed warmly and seated in the living room. 

Shashi: Namaste, I am Shashi Gupta, the CEO of Gupta Industries.

Nani: Namaste Shashiji. I am Arnav's Nani. 

(Pointing towards Mamaji) This is my son Manohar. Arnav's Mama. That is his wife Manorama and their son Ajit. This is Anjali- Arnav's sister. 

Shashi greeted each and everyone of them and was greeted back by everyone. Shashi was impressed with the manners of the family.

Nani: Please sit down. What can we do for you?

Shashi: I have come to ask a huge favour from you. But before that, I need to tell you a few things.

Mamaji: Please go on.

Shashi: I respect people who work hard with sincerity and loyalty. Arnav is one of them. He is intelligent, hardworking, resourceful and is a person with tremendous integrity. In fact, your Arnav is a gem of a person. I admire him a lot. You have instilled very good values in him.

Nani: Thank you Shashiji. It means a lot hearing such praises of our Arnav from a man of your stature. 

Shashi continued: I am not sure if Arnav talked to you about this, but being very impressed with him and his character, I put forth a proposal in front of Arnav.

Nani and Mamaji looked at each other surprised.

Shashi understood that they were not informed by Arnav.

Shashi: I know it's not right to discuss this with you in Arnav's absence. I know he is in Bombay. But please try to understand me when I say I'm desperate.

Shashi took a deep long breath and continued: I have only one daughter. Her name is Khushi. She just completed last semester of Bachelors in Business Administration. I think some of you have already met her.

Anjali (out of excitement) was the first one to interrupt: "Ha Shashiji, I've met Khushi. She is a very bubbly girl". Mami and Ajit nodded.

Mamaji: Khushi is a sweet and humble person. Very down-to-earth. We all like her.

Shashi: Thank you so much. My daughter is indeed a sweet person. 

Shashi: Almost two months ago, I proposed my daughter's alliance to Arnav. Meaning, I would like Khushi to be married to Arnav.

Everyone gasped. There was a minute of complete silence in the room. Shashi waited.

Nani was pondering how to let Shashi know that Arnav's alliance was fixed. Then she started speaking slowly.

Nani: Shashiji, it's a great thing that you could consider my grandson worthy for your daughter. I don't know how to tell you but just recently Arnav's alliance has been fixed with a girl from Lucknow. In fact this sunday is his engagement ceremony.

Shashi (In a low voice): I know! That's why I said I need a huge favor from you and that's why I'm desperate as we are pressed for time. 

Shashi did not tell them that the real reason for his desperation was fear for his daughter's life. Shashi also decided not to mention that the main reason for his presence in this house today is Khushi being in love with Arnav.

Shashi continued: I guess after I spoke to Arnav two months back, I should have come home to you with the proposal. That would have made it much easier. I apologize I did not come to you earlier. I am not here to cause any inconvenience to you. 

But I really do not want to lose a guy like Arnav. Not only do I see him as the future-husband of my daughter but also as the future-head of my company. 

Shashi waited for the impact of his words to sink in. Everyone waited with bated breath. Mamaji instantly realized the meaning of Shashi's words.

Shashi: I know you must be thinking about the Lucknow alliance. If I may take liberty, I promise that I will talk to their family personally and help them find a good groom for their daughter soon. 

Shashi continued: Another thing; I do not want any one of you to be offended by what I'm going to say next. I apologize beforehand if it hurts any of your feelings/ sentiments. I came to know that Arnav's Naniji and Mamaji have some health issues. Since you will be a part of my family, I promise to help Arnav in taking care of you- financially and emotionally. 

While Nani was about to say something, Shashi interrupted and said, "Please consider me as you consider Manoharji. You have all the rights to chide me if you think I'm going overboard." Nani fell silent.

Shashi: Lastly, one more thing I came to know about your family and I would like to help. Since Anjali bitiya is the same as Khushi bitiya, I promise to get Anjali married to a good guy within six months. 

Anjali gasped. Everyone looked at her. 

ShashiLike I said before, in case you think i'm going overboard, you have every right to chide me. This wedding will be positive in every way not only for Arnav, but for all of you. Please don't think that I'm trying to take advantage of you, because I'm not. As you can understand, the only reason I'm so desperate is because I don't want to miss a gem like Arnav and certainly not miss an amazing family like yours for my daughter. 

Shashi: I understand that you would want to discuss this amongst your family. Please let me know your decision once Arnav comes back from Bombay. This is my card. I have written down my personal cell phone number on the back. I really hope to hear a positive response from you. I'll be eagerly waiting for your phone call.

Shashi then turned towards Nani, Mamaji and Mami and folded his hands in greeting. He wished Anjali and Ajit and left.

Flashback ends...

Aug 10, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 58 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)


The next day (Judgement Day):

Shashi left for his office way earlier than usual. He knew that Arnav would be back to office today as he returned from Bombay yesterday. 

Shashi sat with his head on the head rest in the back seat of his BMW and closed his eyes. He had told his driver to take the longer route to the office. He needed to think, to contemplate. He went over the happenings of the past two days. 

Khushi- flashed in his mind. He remembered how he had instructed his family and servants to keep a strict eye on Khushi, monitor her every move and report to him incase anything looked out of ordinary. He was worried for his daughter. Her last sentence- I don't see the point in living anymore- kept running in his head. She hadn't spoken a word after that.

"In case Arnav refuses, what is the next step?" worried Shashi. 

Just then his phone rang, Shashi was happy to see the number he wanted to see- his friend and private investigator Swaroop.

Shashi had discussed everything with Swaroop and Swaroop was the one who provided information on Arnav's family including Anjali's broken alliance. Shashi and Swaroop had gone through different permutations and combinations regarding the issue at hand. Swaroop promised he would help his friend out of this situation.

The driver's voice that they reached the office broke Shashi's thoughts. 

In another part of town: 

Arnav knew Shashi Gupta would be waiting for his response today. 

Arnav sat with his head on the head rest of his bed and closed his eyes. He needed to think, to contemplate. He went over the happenings of the previous day. 

Khushi Gupta- flashed in his mind.

The discussion about the alliance with Khushi, opinions and advices of his family members ran through his head. Arnav was pissed, super pissed. He did not think Shashi Gupta would pressurize him through his family. Mamaji had promised not to call Shashi Gupta until Arnav met Shashi Gupta and discussed things with him straight. Arnav was prepared to explode not discuss.

"Nice move Mr.Gupta, but two can play this game". He had thought. He would not marry a girl whose social and financial status would not match with his own. That would be a disastrous combination. There would be no compatibility

He would not sacrifice his life for anything in the world. 

Arnav was never keen on the Lucknow alliance; He had said "yes" for the sake of family. He had to anyhow get married sometime to someone; Nani and Di were very happy with the Lucknow girl and her family; And Arnav himself did not see any major incompatibility issues between the girl and himself. 

Mr.Gupta offered financial and emotional help (what cr*p!) for his Nani's and Mamaji's treatment. "How dare he? Who does he think he is? I am capable of earning well for my family" thought Arnav. "I may not be stinking rich like the Guptas but still I can fend well for my family. Tsk, tsk, Arrogance of the rich!!! If I marry Ms.Gupta I'll have to tolerate this on a daily basis."

Arnav had decided to throw Mr.Gupta's offer back on his face until...

Until Nani's late night visit to his room yesterday. The only point that Nani made, and that Arnav couldn't contradict was Di's marriage. And they knew how difficult it had been trying to find a decent alliance from the past 10 years. Di, in her early thirties now, had already given up all hope. Di needs to settle down, she deserves a happy life with husband and kids...

Gupta Industries (Sharp at 9AM) the same day:

Arnav walked up to Shashi Gupta's cabin, gave a tight smile to Rita and asked her if he could go in since he did not have an appointment scheduled with the big boss. Rita asked him to go in right away as she had been given strict instructions in the morning to let Arnav enter as soon as he came.

Arnav knocked and walked into the cabin with determination.

Shashi Gupta: Hi Arnav, please come in and take a seat.

Arnav: Thanks Mr.Gupta.

Shashi: Would you like something to drink- coffee or tea?

Arnav: No thanks. Coming straight to the point, Mamaji wanted me to meet you first before we- I mean- my family made up a decision regarding the matter that you discussed in my absence

Shashi: Arnav I'm sorry to discuss it when you weren't there, but I had to, before your engagement. I didn't mean to pressurize you or ...

Arnav stopped Shashi with his palm and said: Don't bother Mr.Gupta. I am not here to discuss or ponder over your so-called reasons. Let's get to the point. I am ready to marry your daughter. But I have some conditions.

Shashi was stunned... and relieved.

Shashi: Sure Arnav, anything you ask.

Arnav: First of all, My position or work relationships in the office will not be disturbed. I will not be treated as the CEO's son-in-law in the office. You will not do me any favours in an official setting. I will grow on my own mettle. We will maintain a strict employer-employee relationship here. 

Shashi: Done! I'll ensure that no one treats you as the CEO's son-in-law here. You will be treated just the way you are being treated now. There will never be any special treatment or breach of employer-employee relationship. 

Arnav: Good. You will do no favours on my family. I don't need your help emotionally or financially. I hope I am clear.

Shashi: Yes, you are. 

Arnav: The last and the most important condition is- You will help me in finding a groom for my sister. After that, the relationship that I share/ not share with your daughter will have no impact on my Di's married life in future.

Shashi was shocked on the clause of 'Arnav not sharing a relationship with his daughter' meaning a separation/ divorce. But then he remembered the love Khushi has for Arnav, and given Khushi's gentle nature Shashi firmly believed that Khushi's relationship with Arnav would turn out to be permanent.

Shashi: I agree to all your conditions Arnav. Please let your family know that they can visit us at our house anytime since your Nani hasn't seen Khushi. We can then discuss how the wedding rituals can proceed. I'll talk to your Mamaji regarding the same. 

Arnav nodded. He said "I'll get back to work" and left.

Aug 11, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 56 times)


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)


Moving on:

The next couple of weeks passed in a frenzy for everyone. There were multiple meetings between the elders, varieties of rituals and finally tons of shopping.

By the end of third week Khushi found herself married. It was a simple wedding graced only by close family and friends just like how Arnav had requested. A bunch of auspicious dates had been given by the pandit to Nani and Arnav had decided to go with the earliest one since his mind was already made up. "Why delay the inevitable?" he reasoned.

During the pre-nuptial period, Arnav and Khushi hardly met. Other than the engagement, Arnav did not participate in any of the rituals. Knowing his mindset, none of Arnav's family forced him in this matter. Garima and Khushi's Bua were unhappy about Arnav's absence but were hushed by Shashi since he very well knew about Arnav's disinterest. 

Shashank had gone to visit his daughter in California after the Mehta proposal had come in for Khushi. He was very surprised when he came to know that Khushi was to be married to an employee of Gupta Industries instead. Shashank and Preetham could not make it to the wedding since everything was rushed up and Preetham was sick during that period.

Aman and Akash were happy for their buddy. Having known Arnav to be the stubborn ass he was, they could not help but feel sympathy for the mild Ms.Gupta. They did not know much about her, but the few times they met her at Gupta party functions, they knew she was a sweet confident girl.

The other employees were shocked and skeptical about the reason for the sudden wedding of ASR with their boss's daughter. While many were envious of ASR for having gotten himself a rich beautiful girl, Sheetal was furious with rage and jealous of Khushi. She was desperate to find out the reason for Arnav's acceptance of this alliance since she knew Arnav would never take shortcuts to success. She even tried asking him but Arnav was shrewd enough to keep the conditions to himself. All the employees were strictly warned by Shashi that his personal and professional lives would be kept separate and ASR would still be treated the same way as before. No one would be giving any special treatment to ASR.

All through the pre-wedding period, Khushi and Payal grew close to Anjali. In her they found a friend and an older sister. Arnav had strictly prohibited everyone in his family from discussing with Khushi the conversation details on the evening of Shashi Gupta's proposal in front of his family.

Shashi, on the other hand, told his wife and sister never to let Khushi know that Arnav had refused her alliance the first time. Shashi also strictly forbade them from telling Khushi the reasons behind Arnav's subsequent acceptance of the proposal. Shashi wanted to protect his sensitive daughter from getting hurt. He did not want her to start her married life on an unhappy note.

Khushi was told by her dad, that the day they found out about Arnav's engagement to the Lucknow girl, Shashi had taken her proposal to Arnav's family, spoken and convinced them for the wedding. When Khushi had innocently asked him what would now happen to the Lucknow girl that was supposed to be engaged to Arnav, Shashi had promised with a smile that he would help them find a good groom for her.

During the period before wedding, Shashi, Garima and Bua had requested Nani to give time for Khushi to adapt into the marriage as she was still young and also since everything had moved too fast. Khushi being the only child, they said they would miss her terribly. Nani understood them and hence decided that Arnav and Khushi would live with Khushi's family at Gupta Mansion for a few months after the wedding.

Now this got Arnav irritated to the core. He refused to comply with Nani's request. But as he had already given his word for the wedding, there was no going back now. Arnav had no other option but to bite the bullet.

"You will pay for this Ms.Gupta", Arnav thought.

Arnav's POV on the wedding night: 

Arnav was sitting in the lawn of Gupta Mansion deeply thinking about the incidents of the past three weeks. He got married today. His life had take a 180 degree turn. He wasn't sure where this would lead to. Arnav hadn't spoken to Khushi at all during this time. Other than at engagement and a few times when Khushi came to talk to her dad at work, Arnav hadn't really met her either. Anjali had tried her best to stir Arnav's interest in Khushi by showing him the pictures (of Khushi) taken at every ritual that he had missed.

One thing is for sure.. Khushi is beautiful... beyond beautiful... the right word would be Exquisite.

She blushed a lot.. every single time she saw him.. she blushed.. He knew it now. She couldn't even meet his eyes.

He was pulled out of his thoughts by a soft tap on his shoulder. It was Anjali with Nani and Mami. 

Anjali: Chote it is time.

Arnav: Hmm

Anjali: Let me take you to Khushi's room. 

I nodded and followed her. Anjali, Payal and Nisha stopped me at the closed door of the room and started teasing me. When I glared at them, they ran away with my wallet. "Unbelievable!!!", I thought.

I got in and locked the door behind me. For a second, I couldn't breathe looking at the vision in red on the bed. She was sitting with knees close to her chest, and a transparent veil on her face and shoulders. 

To say I was mesmerized was an understatement. 

I couldn't stop myself from walking to her. Sitting on the bed next to her, I could see through the veil that  her eyes were looking down. She looked nervous. 

The bed and the room were decorated with flowers and scented candles creating an awesome ambience.

I called her "Khushi". 

She instantly looked up at me with her big hazel eyes. 

"Damn, this is getting really difficult", I thought. 

"Go and change, I'm sure that must be uncomfortable", I said to her pointing to her dress. She did not talk, just nodded her head. 

I saw her getting down from the bed slowly and walking towards the bathroom.

She came out a few minutes later. I saw her walk to the dressing table; she took the Dupatta off after pulling out the various pins attached on her dupatta and hair. 

She then started taking her jewelry off. I could see that she was feeling very conscious knowing I was watching her. She had trouble taking her waist band off, she fiddled with it for a while. I went to her, put my fingers on the hook of her waist band, unintentionally touching her waist in the process. She shivered. This jolted me out of my mood. 

"Damn it, what the heck am I doing?". I looked at her face to see her reaction. She didn't move back but her face had a pink hue. She was obviously blushing. She looked ravishingly beautiful with the pink color on her face.

Beauty with shyness is a devastating combination.

I immediately walked away from her to the attached seating area in the bedroom that had couches and recliner. Closing my eyes, I put my head back on the recliner and took a deep breath. I went over what just happened...

I felt like slapping myself. "Am I that weak to fall for just a beautiful face? I don't know anything about this girl. I was never even interested in marrying her."

"How can I take this marriage to the next level when I am myself not sure about the future of this relationship? Heck, I do not even know how long this marriage will last."

"It is not right to get involved with her when this is not a permanent relationship. This won't be fair to Ms.Gupta". I decided to stay away from Khushi physically. 

An evil part of my brain said- Easier said than done buddy!!! 

Aug 11, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 74 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



Morning after wedding at Gupta Mansion (GM):

Arnav woke up late that morning. He looked at his watch and was not happy that he missed jogging. When he tried getting up from the recliner, he found a duvet roll down onto the floor from his body. He was surprised, he distinctly remembered going to sleep without it. 

"Hmm. Interesting." he thought.

He did not see Khushi on the bed, so he realized she was awake. He went to the bathroom, showered and started getting dressed. 

He heard someone knock on his door. When he opened, he saw Anjali with a big smile.

Anjali: Chote, you are up?

Arnav: Ha Di, what happened?

Anjali: Nothing Chote, Did you find all your clothes in place? I had gotten your suits, jeans, shirts and other stuff. 

Arnav: Thanks Di. You packed well for me.

Anjali: You are atrocious Chote! The only thing you packed and got here is your laptop bag.

Hearing this someone giggled behind Anjali. Arnav angled his head to see Khushi standing at the door. 

Arnav (looking at Khushi): What's so funny?

Khushi (bent her head and mumbled): Nothing

Anjali: Arey, why are you trying to intimidate my bhabhi?

Arnav was irritated to hear Anjali call Khushi as Bhabhi.

When Arnav tried walking towards the door, Khushi took a step towards him as if to say something.

Arnav stopped and asked: What is it?

Khushi: Please come down for breakfast. Everyone is waiting for you.

Arnav: I need to get going.

Khushi: Please eat at least a little.

Arnav was about to walk out ignoring Khushi when Anjali stopped him.

Anjali: Chote, it won't look good. Everyone is waiting for you. Let's go down together.

Arnav (gritting his teeth): Fine!

At the breakfast table, Arnav noticed Nani, Mamaji, Mami, Shashi, Garima and Khushi's Bua sitting and chatting affably. Arnav, Khushi and Anjali joined them. Bua asked Khushi to serve Arnav his breakfast which she did.

Nani noticed Arnav was dressed to step out.

Nani: Arnav are you going out somewhere?

Arnav: Ha Nani, to office.

Shashi: But Arnav, do you need to go today? I mean you just got married yesterday. You are still on leave.

Arnav: Oh, that's fine. I have a few designs to discuss with Sheetal.

Nobody said anything.

Mamaji: Arnav, we will be going back home after breakfast. 

Arnav: We?

Mami: Ha bitwa, Anjali, Mamaji, Nani and myself. Ajit already went home last night.

Arnav: okay. I'm going to office now, but I'll be there home by late afternoon.

Nani: In that case, please get Khushi Bitiya with you. I didn't get to spend much time with her during the wedding. You both can have dinner with us and then get back here.

Nani continued: Shashiji, I hope you are ok with this.

Shashi: Absolutely Devayaniji. We are actually very thankful to you for letting Khushi and Arnav stay with us here.

Arnav remembered how pissed he was when he had heard from Nani about this arrangement. Unknowingly, he fisted his palms, and grit his teeth. Khushi, who was sitting next to him, noticed the change in his body language right away. 

Arnav excused himself from the dining area gently and started walking towards the door. Bua signaled Khushi with her eyes to go see him off till the front door. Arnav noticed that Khushi was following him. He stopped and turned around to look at her.

Arnav: Khushi, be ready by 2'O clock. I'll pick you up and take you to my place.

Khushi (nodding): Sure

Garima, who was watching this interaction keenly, felt like Arnav ordered Khushi. She did not like it a bit. She decided to talk to Khushi later.

Gupta Industries (Sheetal's Cabin):

Arnav: Hi Sheetal

Sheetal: Hi ASR

Arnav: You wanted us to finalize some designs

Sheetal: Yes, I do. But first let me congratulate you on your wedding. How is married life?

Arnav: Thanks and ya, everything's going good.

Sheetal: Don't lie ASR

Arnav: Excuse me?

Sheetal: If everything's going good, why would you be at work the very next day after wedding?

Arnav: That's because I love my work

Sheetal (winking): That you do and definitely more than your wife. Already bored of her?

Arnav (tensing his jaw): I think we should stop focussing on my personal stuff, and start focussing on work.

Sheetal was irritated and disappointed that she did not get the desired response from ASR. She immediately gave a fake smile.

Sheetal: Just kidding ASR. Can't I just tease my newly married friend? 

Arnav raised his eyebrows at Sheetal.

Sheetal: Anyhow, these are the designs that we have. Out of these, I want us to finalize five for summer collection.

ASR: Hmm.

A couple of weeks later at Gupta Mansion (GM):

Arnav had just washed his hair and was standing in front of his closet pulling out some clothes. He was on phone with Anjali.

Arnav: Di, do you remember where my white shirt is?

Anjali: I packed it for you Chote

Arnav: Then where is it? I can't find it here. Where did you arrange in my closet?

Anjali: I only packed your clothes and got them to GM. Khushi is the one who arranged your clothes in the closet.

Arnav: Khushi did that?

Anjali: Ha baba, ask her. I got to go Chote, will call you later.

Arnav smiled. Khushi had surprised him at multiple occasions. She was definitely caring and did not have a snobbish attitude that he had expected from her. 

He remembered an incident that happened just a couple of days after their wedding.


The second morning after wedding; Arnav had gone for a jog, come back, and stepped out after a relaxing shower. By the time he came out, Khushi was waiting for him.


Khushi: Your coffee


Arnav: No thanks, I only take black coffee.


Khushi: I know. This is black coffee



Arnav was surprised and took a sip. It was exactly the way he wanted.



Arnav: How do you know I like this?


Khushi: I learnt it from Di yesterday when we went to your place.


Arnav (smirked): Thanks!

Flashback ends.

Arnav and Khushi had set into a normal routine with each other. They wouldn't talk unless it was absolutely needed. Arnav had gone back to work full-time within two days after wedding. Even though they spoke less, they got comfortable with each other. Both were careful not to interfere in each other's life and cause any inconvenience. There was always a fine line between the two, and both were careful not to cross their limits.

Khushi would meet with Anjali and the rest of his family during day-time most days. Since she was done with her exams, Payal would come by to GM. The girls would catch up chatting nineteen to a dozen; sometimes Garima and Bua would join them too.

Khushi had shown interest in him in simplest of ways- like making sure he had breakfast and meals on time, making sure he had medicines on time. Occasional calling him at work just to check on food and medicines even though the call would be straight to the point and last not more than 30 seconds. 

Arnav frankly had not expected these from his wife. It had always been Di who enquired after him. Even though getting this attention from Khushi was different, Khushi made sure she never overdid/ embarrassed him.

Many a time, he even found her waiting for him so they could have dinner together. Dinners were then eaten in companionable silence. 

As the two weeks rolled into a month, Arnav found that their verbal communication was still meagre.

But with Khushi, her actions spoke louder than words.

Aug 12, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 100 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



2 months post-wedding:

Today was the first day of Payal's internship at Gupta Industries. She had been assigned to Aman. Payal had gotten friendly with Nisha during Khushi's wedding, so she felt comfortable reporting to Aman. Aman showed her around, then finally took her to the cafeteria. It was just 8 in the morning. Most of the employees were catching up with their missed breakfasts and beverages.

Aman walked to Arnav and Akash's table. They greeted each other.


Akash: Hi Payal, what are you doing here?

Arnav: She starts an internship today

Aman (looking at Arnav): How do you know?

Akash: Of course he knows. She is Khushi bhabhi's best buddy.

Payal smiled. 

Arnav: That's not the only reason why I remember.

Aman: What else?

Arnav: Ajit has a good name for her.

Now Akash and Aman suddenly got more interested in the discussion. Payal looked worried.

Akash: I'm eager to know buddy

Arnav (lowered his voice so others could not hear them): Ajit calls Khushi, Di and Payal as "The three musketeers"

Aman and Akash burst out laughing. Payal looked thoroughly embarrassed.

Payal: Arnavji, I thought I was your friend.

Arnav (smirking): No, you are not. You are my wife's friend.

When Payal looked confused, Arnav patted on her back and said "Relax Payal, and Good luck on your internship."

Payal instantly felt comfortable. She gave a big smile and all four of them walked out of the cafeteria back to their work stations.

Two weeks later:

It was a sunday. Arnav was at his house talking to Mamaji and Nani. He wanted to make sure that their health was improving. Khushi wanted to accompany him to his place but Payal had told Arnav that she wanted to treat Khushi for her internship. So Khushi stayed back at Payal's place. Payal planned for a Hindi movie, and then dinner at their favorite restaurant. 

Before they stepped out, Payal's mom pulled them with her to a temple. Payal's mom insisted that they both wear sarees to the temple as she wanted to teach them how to drape sarees. Payal and Khushi left from the temple directly to the multiplex since they didn't want to get late to the movie.

Payal's cousin Ankit was visiting them from Noida. He offered to pick them up from the restaurant after dinner. 

Both the girls had fun in the theatre. They chatted, laughed and joked about the movie. 

Once the movie was done, they walked to a restaurant which was around 15 minutes from the multiplex.

After having desert, Payal called Ankit to tell him to pick them up in his car. Ankit apologized profusely and said he was on his way to Noida as his friend had met with an accident. 

Payal: Oh cr*p! Ankit can't pick us up Khushi. He left to Noida as his friend met with an accident

Khushi: Oh, don't worry. Let's catch a cab home

Payal: It's late and it's not safe Khushi. Why don't you call Arnavji?

Khushi: I'll do that.

Khushi called Arnav and waited for him to pick up the phone.

Arnav (On phone): Ha Khushi

Khushi: Woh, Payal's cousin cannot come as he has to attend to an emergency. Can you please pick us up?

Arnav: Ok, where are you both now?

Khushi: Just finished dinner in the restaurant

Arnav: Text me the address. I'll be there soon.

Khushi: I'll send it right away.

Arnav: Khushi, it's late. Don't step out of the restaurant until I reach there. It's not safe.

Khushi: Okay.

Khushi sent the address to Arnav. Arnav and Ajit right away started on their bikes towards the restaurant. 

Meanwhile, Khushi and Payal felt uncomfortable to stay back in the restaurant as it was past closing time. They stayed for a while and then stepped out as they felt the restaurant staff giving them weird looks. They slowly started walking on the road.

It started drizzling. The road looked deserted. Khushi and Payal felt cold. Their sarees were not of much help against the weather. 

Suddenly a bunch of  three men started commenting them on their looks. The men looked drunk. Payal told Khushi to walk a little faster. Khushi was finding it difficult to walk fast with the sari. One of the men crossed the road, and came closer to Khushi. 

Man: Hi beautiful, I can help you. Would you like a lift?

Khushi: No thank you!

Man: A beauty like you should not be alone on the road. Come with me.

Khushi was getting irritated and scared. 

Man: My friends and I are harmless.

Hearing this, his friends on the other side of the road started laughing loudly.

Khushi took her phone out to call Arnav. The man suddenly pulled the phone out of Khushi's hand. 

Man: Are you trying to call the cops honey?

Khushi was now really worried.

Khushi: Give me my phone back.

Payal turned back and noticed that Khushi was having an argument with the drunk man. She immediately  walked close to Khushi to support her friend.

Payal: Khushi, what's wrong? Come on, let's walk.

Khushi: He has my phone.

Payal: What??

Payal: Ignore him. We can contact through my phone. Let's just get out of here.

In a sudden motion, the man caught Khushi's hand before she could walk away. She screamed. 

Just then, they saw two bikes coming their way.

Arnav and Ajit had reached the restaurant and were shocked to see the restaurant closed and no traces of Khushi or Payal. When they tried to call, they couldn't get through to their phones. Arnav got really worried. One of the restaurant staff who was about to leave pointed to the direction in which Khushi and Payal walked.

They immediately started on that road.

Arnav went ballistic seeing a guy holding Khushi's hand. He then heard her scream.

Arnav got off the bike hurriedly and punched the guy in his face. The guy instantly let go of his hold on Khushi's hand and staggered back. Khushi's phone fell down from the guy's other hand with a thud on the ground.

Arnav immediately placed his left hand on Khushi's bare waist and pulled her close to him. She crashed sideways on his chest.

Arnav and Ajit glared at the other two guys. The drunkard ran to the other side of the road and took off with his friends. 

Arnav looked at Ajit and asked him to drop Payal at her place. Ajit nodded and drove off with Payal.

Arnav started the bike and Khushi sat behind him. Nobody said a word throughout the drive. 

Arnav was angry with Khushi that she had left the restaurant even after he specifically told her not to. But he was more furious with the guy who harassed her. The cold wind during the ride cooled his head a bit. He realized how anxious he was when he couldn't find her at the restaurant. 

"What if I was late?", Arnav thought. That's when it hit him that he was extremely protective about Khushi; He cared for his wife.

As soon as they reached GM, they went straight to their bedroom. Everyone else was asleep since it was late.

Khushi was shaken by the incident, but she was more worried that Arnav was angry with her. She kept looking at him from time to time. He did not look at her.

She went up to him, finally gathering courage and said in a soft tone, "Sorry". That was it. Arnav turned around, pushed her roughly against the wall, and kept his hands on either side of her pinning her on the wall. 

Arnav (shouted): What if I was late? Who asked you to step out of the restaurant onto the deserted road? Didn't I tell you specifically not to get out of the restaurant?

Khushi looked at him with tears in her eyes, then lowered her head and nodded. "I'm sorry", she said again.

Arnav felt a prick in his heart seeing her tears. "It is not her fault", he thought.

Arnav: Khushi (he called softly)

Khushi still had her face lowered. Arnav put his index finger under her chin and gently lifted her head up. 

Arnav: You will not step out of the house after dark. If you are outside at this time of the night, that will only be with me. 

Khushi nodded. Arnav looked at her flushed face, her eyes were red and full of tears. She looked very cute. Arnav tilted his head down and caught her lips with his. 

Khushi was stunned. Slowly she lifted her hands from her side, and caught the edges of his shirt. When he realized she was willing, Arnav couldn't stop himself any more. He placed his right hand on her waist and pulled her closer to him. He put his left hand on her nape, tilted his mouth and deepened the kiss.

Aug 13, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 79 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



Morning after the first-Kiss:

Khushi woke up early the next day. She remembered how Arnav had kissed her last night. She blushed profusely. She looked at him sleeping peacefully on the recliner. A strand of hair moving on his forehead seemed to irritate him. He frowned a bit. Khushi smiled. She went close to him, moved the hair away from his forehead. He relaxed. Khushi couldn't help herself. She kissed him gently on his forehead.


Arnav deepened the kiss further surprising Khushi. Her lips felt soft under his firm ones. Her body felt delicate.  He understood that she was willing. She did not resist him. There were warning bells in Arnav's head that it would get difficult after a while if he didn't pull back now, but he didn't care. He wanted her...badly...

He moved his right hand up and down on her bare back, pulling her further closer and then...

His phone started ringing. (Damn the phone!!!)

Khushi was the first one to realize and gently pushed him back with her palms.

Arnav groaned in irritation. "Who the heck calls this time of the night?", he thought.


AjitHello Bhai

Arnav: what is it Ajit?

AjitBhai, just wanted to make sure Bhabhi and you reached GM safe.

ArnavYes, we did. Did you drop Payal?

AjitHa, I did. I just reached home too.

ArnavGood, will talk tomorrow

AjitBye bhai.

Arnav cut the call and looked at Khushi. Her eyes were down, there was the pink hue (again) on the face and neck. She looked bewitching. Arnav realized what he was doing. He took a deep breath and stepped back a foot. Khushi immediately looked at him questioningly. He understood what she was thinking.

Arnav ran the back of his finger on her cheek to feel the softness.

ArnavKhushi, I know what you are thinking. I want us to take this slow. Do you understand what I mean?

Khushi blushed more if possible and nodded.

ArnavKhushi, go to bed, it's late. 

Saying this, he gently kissed her on her forehead.

Flashback ends.

Khushi's POV:

I can't believe he really kissed me last night. It was real, wasn't it? It definitely felt like a dream come true. 

My Arnav...

Two months ago, how ecstatic was I when dad told me that Arnav agreed to marry me. I was on cloud nine. 

But during the rituals and the wedding I don't know why I had this nagging feeling that somehow he was not interested in this. How scared I was!!!

And then, after the wedding, we rarely spoke to each other. We hardly spent time with each other. I saw his anger, I saw his indifference towards me. It hurt like hell. 

Yet, I didn't give up. Why would I? He's my husband. And I have complete faith in my love. 

We worked through things. He has definitely softened in the process. His kiss yesterday proved that we have come a long way in our relationship. I feel like he is slowly breaking through the barriers. I feel finally he will let me into his heart and life. Finally...

How irritated was he last night when our kiss was interrupted by Ajit's phone call  ! He frowned when Ajit wanted to check if we reached home safe. 

He looks cute when he frowns. He looks more handsome when he is angry. He looks gorgeous when he smiles. He is extremely passionate when he kisses. 

"I'm hopelesssly in love. Beyond any possible treatment". Khushi chuckled to herself.  

A week later at work:

Arnav was working in his cabin when he received a call from Bombay branch.

NeilHi ASR, it's Neil here.

ArnavHow are you doing Mr.Becker?

NeilDoing good ASR. Do you have a few minutes? I hope i'm not disturbing you. 

ArnavNot at all, go ahead!

NeilRegarding the designs we discussed about in your last visit, I have a few questions. It would be better if we can meet in person.


NeilAlso, last time when you were here, you mentioned that you wouldn't mind shifting your base to Bombay. What are your thoughts on that?

ArnavHmm... I'm not sure if I can do that now, but we can talk about it when I meet up with you.

NeilAlright then, I look forward to seeing you soon.

ArnavAbsolutely! Will get my travel plan finalized and will email you.

NeilSure, bye!

Enroute Bombay on the flight:

Arnav was busy checking the powerpoint presentation on his laptop sipping his juice.

Sheetal had accompanied Arnav on this trip as she wanted to be a part of the presentation group. They chatted casually in the flight sitting next to each other.

SheetalASR, A few months back, why did you say you wouldn't mind moving to Bombay? Any particular reason?

Arnav raised his eyebrow.

SheetalI you are an excellent worker. The Delhi branch would miss you then. I was just being curious.

ArnavThat time I didn't. But I don't think I would now.


ArnavObviously, because I need to check with Khushi what her opinion is in this matter. And I don't think she would like to leave Delhi.

SheetalOf course, I understand. Now that you are married and all..

SheetalShe doesn't talk much, does she?



ArnavShe does talk.. moderately. Why do you ask?

SheetalIt's just you are so smart, active and aggressive; whereas she and meek..and...

Arnav was now irritated.

Arnav (curtly): Khushi is not dull and meek. She is just polite and humble. She is a pretty smart and determined girl. 

(Closing the laptop he continued) Now if you excuse me, I'd like to rest before we reach Bombay.

Sheetal (with a fake smile): Of course, I'll let you rest.

Later that night:

Arnav slept off as soon as they reached the hotel in the evening from the Bombay office. He got up from sleep to find someone knocking on his hotel room door. It was 9.30 PM. When he opened, he found Sheetal smiling at him.

ArnavWhat are you doing here Sheetal? (looking at his watch) And at this time of the night?

SheetalUm...I just came back from dinner ASR. I wanted to discuss this file with you over dinner, but since you didn't accompany me, I came to talk about it now. Um..I didn't want to wake you up

ArnavOkay, come on in.

Arnav was in a bathrobe and was looking extremely s*xy. Sheetal couldn't take her eyes off of him. Once, they talked about the contents of the file, Arnav went inside his bedroom to order food for himself. As he was inside talking on the hotel phone, his mobile started ringing in the living area. Sheetal saw that it was Khushi calling him.

SheetalHi Khushi

Khushi was stunned to hear someone else pick up Arnav's phone.

KhushiWho is this?

SheetalIt's Sheetal

KhushiHi Sheetal, Can you please give the phone to Arnav? 

SheetalUm.. he is in the bathroom. I can take a message for him. Do you want to tell him something?

KhushiNo that's ok, I'll call him later.

SheetalAlright, but it's late. We are going to bed. You may want to call tomorrow morning. 

That pricked Khushi hard. She kept the phone down and stared at it with tears in her eyes.

"What is she doing in his room?" Khushi wondered.

Garima: Khushi, who were you talking to?

Khushi (absent-mindedly): No one Amma

GarimaKhushi, since when did you start lying to me? Tell me beta, why do you look so disturbed?

KhushiNothing Amma. 

GarimaWho was it Khushi?

Khushi (sighing): Sheetal

BuaBut Khushi I thought you said you were calling Arnav

KhushiYes, I did

GarimaDid she lift Arnav's phone? in the bathroom, so she lifted it.

Garima and Bua gasped

GarimaWhat is she doing in his room this late in the night?

Khushi felt very uncomfortable. She didn't feel like staying in front of them. "I'm feeling very sleepy", she said and left to her room.

Next morning in Bombay at GI Office:

The conference went well. Arnav and Neil were chatting with each other when Sheetal came to them. Neil excused himself as he had to attend another meeting.

SheetalASR, I forgot to tell you. Yesterday, when we were discussing in your room, Khushi called.

ArnavOh, thanks Sheetal. Excuse me, I have to make a call. 

Sheetal smirked evilly as Arnav left to call Khushi. 

Arnav (On phone): Hi Khushi

KhushiHow are you? Did you take your meds?

Arnav (smiling): I did. You had called yesterday?

KhushiYes, I did.

ArnavYa, I know. Sheetal told me that you called. 

Khushi's heart broke hearing him talk about Sheetal so casually.

ArnavKhushi, are you there?

Khushi (with a choked voice): Yes

ArnavAre you okay?

KhushiHmm. When are you coming back?

ArnavTomorrow afternoon. Will finish a meeting in the morning here and then leave for the airport.


Arnavok then, will see you tomorrow. Bye. 

Khushi couldn't take it anymore. She threw the phone on the bed, and burst into tears.

Back in his hotel room that evening:

Arnav's POV:

Standing in the balcony overlooking the ocean, Arnav was lost in thoughts of... Khushi...

How he kissed Khushi just a week back. How beautiful and pink she looked after the kiss!!! He groaned. His body tensed. His heart raced just thinking about the kiss. 

He had to be sure of the relationship. He can't take Khushi for a ride. He had a ton of things to sort in his mind first.

She is sweet, pure and innocent. An angel in fact. "Am I ready for the relationship? Am I ready for the commitment now?" 

She had never disappointed him. She shared an easy camaraderie with his family and friends. She was never arrogant, never intended to hurt anyone. She always carried an aura of pleasantness around her. She was gentle and amicable.

The past 2 months showed that they shared wonderful compatibility.

They innately understood each other. This was the kind of companion he always wanted.

He realized how anxious he was when he did not find her in the restaurant the other night. He realized how possessive he felt when he saw some guy touch her hand. Heck, she's mine!!! 

He realized how pissed he was when Sheetal commented his wife.

"My wife"...that's right..."Khushi's my wife"...

He realized how good he felt now-a-days when he heard his siblings and friends call her "Bhabhi". He realized how proud he felt every time he saw her blush in front of him or at the mention of his name. 

He smiled. 

He remembered the way she looked at him with big round sad eyes when he said he would be travelling to Bombay for a week. The pain in her eyes had stabbed his heart.

The stay here certainly cleared his head. 

He missed her in Bombay. Even though they kept talking on phone occasionally, he missed her. He missed her lips. 

With a bang, Mr.Raizada realized that he was falling in love with Mrs.Raizada...deeply.

Aug 14, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 102 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



Back from Bombay:

Arnav had a long meeting with Shashi Gupta, the marketing head Samar Kaushal, Head of production Ms. Seema Gopal and Sheetal. They discussed the new trends, exchanged updates from the presentation at Bombay and then finalized the new designs. It was late by the time Arnav could get some sleep.

When he woke up the next morning, Khushi came in with a cup of his usual hot black coffee.

ArnavKhushi, I got delayed last night after the meeting. So I didn't want to wake you up then.

KhushiI know you came in late. Dad just told me.

ArnavAre you okay Khushi? Why do you look so dull?

KhushiI'm fine. Can you come down for breakfast?

ArnavSure, let me shower first. You go ahead.

Khushi chatted with her family at the dining area. Once Shashi left for work, Garima nudged Khushi.

GarimaKhushi, talk to him.

BuaAbout what Garima?

GarimaAbout that girl in his room.

Khushi didn't say anything. She stayed silent.

BuaBeta, this a very sensitive issue, you have to deal with it carefully.

GarimaYou can't stay mute on these things Khushi. How can he even think of cheating on you?

BuaDon't jump to conclusions Garima. 

Garima (angrily): Khushi is one in a million. We had many other better alliances for her. Is this what she gets for choosing him?

BuaKhushi is definitely a gem. And I'm not supporting him either but he doesn't look like he is that kind of a person. 

As Arnav started walking down the stairs, all set in his business attire, the table fell silent. 

GarimaKhushi beta, you have not had anything yet.

KhushiI was.. I was just waiting Amma.

Garima (loudly): Beta, you don't have to wait for people when they get late. They will eat whenever they feel like!

Arnav heard that and realized that the jibe was towards him. He stiffened. He saw Khushi making a plate for him.

Arnav (seriously): Khushi, I have a meeting to attend. I'll get going. You carry on!

With that he left. Khushi felt very sad that he was hurt.

At GI:

Arnav walked out of a meeting a couple of hours later. He was damn hungry as he missed his breakfast and wanted to grab a sandwich before he went back to work in his cabin. 

He was pleasantly surprised to see Khushi talking with some colleagues outside the conference room.

ArnavKhushi, what are you doing here?

KhushiWoh, you didn't eat anything in the morning, so I got lunch.

Arnav was very pleased. "She's such a sweetheart", he thought.

ArnavAlright, let's go into my cabin.

Arnav took Khushi's hand and led her. She was surprised at the ease with which he held her hand. 

They both walked into his cabin. They pulled the extra table towards the couch and Khushi set the dishes on it. 

Arnav did not like the way Khushi was standing away from him while making his plate. He caught her arm and gently tugged her closer to him onto the couch. Khushi couldn't balance herself and fell straight into his lap with the empty plate in her hand. She felt shy and tried to get up instantly. Arnav held her tightly by her waist.

ArnavNo, don't get up. This position is good. I want to eat food this way. 

Khushi blushed hard.

ArnavI'm waiting Khushi. Can you make the plate for me?

While Khushi put the sabzi and chapathi on his plate, Arnav watched her intently. She could sense his eyes on her, she turned more red on her face and neck. Arnav chuckled seeing that. He leaned in and kissed her on her neck. Khushi shivered. Arnav took the plate from her hand, kept it on the table and started placing butterfly kisses all along her neck. Closing her eyes tightly, Khushi held onto the lapels of his coat. Arnav pulled her closer onto him, and leaned in to kiss her lips. As he just started brushing his lips with hers, the door of his cabin opened.

AkashAhem, ahem.. Free PDA guys...

Khushi jumped out of Arnav's lap in embarrassment. Arnav was pissed.

ArnavShut up Akash, Can't you knock before you come in?

AkashBro, when did I ever knock to come into your cabin?

ArnavMay be you should start doing it from now..

Aman caught onto the conversation as he stepped in. He noticed how flushed Khushi was, her eyes were down, and she was seated as far away from Arnav as possible on the couch.

AmanHi Bhabhi, how are you?

Khushi: I'm fine Aman. How are you Akash?

Akash (teased purposely): I'm good Bhabhi. I sincerely apologize for.. um.. walking in on you that..when you both

ArnavEnough Akash, you are making my wife more uncomfortable.

Aman and Akash (at the same time): Ooooooo...... 

They knew Arnav was not very interested in this marriage judging from his behavior before and during the wedding. So, they were delighted to hear him support Khushi.

ArnavBy the way, why are you both here?

AmanArey, just because Bhabhi is here, you want to chuck us out.

ArnavYes, I do. We need some privacy. Now get out both of you..

AkashHoye, you wanted us to step out for lunch, remember?

AmanBut he has more than lunch here now. Bye Arnav buddy, and remember this is office.

ArnavThanks, I'll also remember to lock my cabin next time.

Khushi was completely abashed at this conversation. She looked scandalized.

Aman and Akash left laughing. Arnav locked his cabin and came back to the couch. 

Khushi (not looking at Arnav): I think I should get going.

Arnav (huskily): You are not going anywhere. You haven't fed me yet; and I'm very... hungry.

Saying this, Arnav caught her again and pulled her strongly onto his lap this time. Khushi blushed hard.

KhushiSomeone might come in.

ArnavNope, I locked the door.

khushiThis is your office

ArnavThis is lunch hour. 

Arnav (continued): Relax Khushi, and please feed me.

Khushi took a small piece of chapathi, soaked it in Sabzi and brought it to his lips. Arnav started eating.

Once they finished eating, he kissed her again on the neck and said, "I missed you in Bombay Khushi."

Khushi was very happy to hear that. 

KhushiI missed you too here

Arnav was totally surprised that she vocalized her feelings for the first time. She was always the shy one who hardly used any words in front of him. 

Arnav took her hand, started kissing on her fingers and palm and said, "I'm not leaving you here next time I travel. You will go wherever I go."

Khushi was overjoyed. She felt relief course through her veins. "I trust him, I trust my love", she thought.

She felt very emotional. Arnav looked at her to see a sheen of tears in her eyes.

ArnavKhushi, I have a lot of stuff to discuss with you but not here, not even at GM. I want us to go out somewhere.

Khushi nodded. 

Just then they heard a knock. Arnav groaned as Khushi got up from his lap. Arnav got up from the couch, and opened the door.

Aman (playfully): This time we knocked..

AkashAre you done with your romance buddy? 

The word "Romance" caught Sheetal's attention. She was walking back to her cabin through that corridor.

Sheetal looked into Arnav's cabin and was furious to see a blushing Khushi there. 

SheetalASR, we have a meeting at 1.30. I want to discuss a few things before we start. Can we go to my cabin?

Arnav nodded, looked at Khushi and started walking out. Khushi felt jealous. She knew Arnav had to work with Sheetal closely, but she couldn't take it anymore.

KhushiUm... You didn't take your medicines yet.

Hearing Khushi, Arnav stopped. He told Sheetal, "Sheetal, I'll be there in your cabin in five minutes."

Sheetal almost stomped her foot but didn't have an option other than to leave. 

Arnav went back to his wife, and took medications from her. He told Aman and Akash that he would catch up with them later and went with Khushi to the parking area to see her off.

Shashi Gupta was surprised seeing Arnav and Khushi walking together to Khushi's car. He was astonished when he saw Arnav pulling Khushi closer to him with his hand on her waist, and kissing her softly on her temple, before saying bye to her.

Shashi had been noticing how Arnav was transforming in the past two months, and how Arnav's and Khushi's relationship looked more steady now-a-days. He felt positive that his daughter's love would be reciprocated. Shashi was very contended at that moment.

In the evening, when Arnav, Aman and Akash met up at the parking lot getting their bikes out, they chatted randomly about the happenings of the day.

AmanWaise ASR, I have been noticing one thing since your wedding. Khushi Bhabhi never calls you with your name.

Akash (thoughtfully): That's true man. Guess you scared her that bad with your ASR attitude.

Aman chortled at this comment. They started on their bikes back home.

Arnav kept thinking about what Akash said. It is true that he never heard his name from Khushi's mouth. "But why?", he thought.

That night at GM:

Arnav had to shoot a few emails after dinner. He sat down on the couch in his bedroom and started working. Khushi came in to talk to him a few times, but he told her to not disturb him.

KhushiWould you like some juice?


KhushiDid you take meds after dinner?


KhushiAre you busy with your work?


KhushiCan I talk to you for a few minutes?

ArnavI told you not to disturb me.

Khushi was dejected. Just that afternoon, he was so interested in her, so romantic with her. "What happened now? Why is he so aloof now?", she thought.

Khushi felt insecure. "Did Sheetal say something against me? He was fine with me until he went to meet her. What changed suddenly? How do I find out?", she worried.

Arnav didn't even look at her once. He was engrossed in his work. Once he was done, he closed the laptop and slept off on the recliner. Khushi was stunned. 

"Something's definitely happened. He is very angry with me." Khushi kept looking at him as she fell asleep on her bed. 

Next morning:

Arnav was as usual getting ready to go to office when Khushi got him his coffee.

KhushiYour coffee

Arnav (not looking at her): Hmm.. Are you angry with me?

Arnav did not look at her neither did he answer. Khushi's eyes were downcast. She knew something was wrong.

KhushiPlease talk to me.

ArnavWhy do you feel that I am angry with you?

KhushiYou are not talking to me, you are not looking at me. 

Arnav was silent again.

KhushiYou didn't even take my name once.

Arnav turned around to look at her. "Hmm, why should I?"

KhushiBecause I'm your wife.

Arnav (smirking): Oh, really?

He put his arm around her waist and pulled her close.

ArnavThen why don't you take my name Khushi?

Khushi looked flabbergasted. She didn't know what to say.

ArnavKhushi, I asked you a question.

Arnav started rubbing his nose on her neck and shoulders. He tightened his grip on her waist. "Go on Khushi, I'm listening", he said in a  throaty voice.

Khushi felt butterflies in her tummy. "I feel shy", she murmured. 

Arnav chuckled lightly. "Which era are you from?", he said. "I want to hear you call my name Khushi", he whispered huskily. 

Khushi's skin erupted into goosebumps hearing his husky voice. "Please Khushi", she heard him say.


Arnav: Khushi, my Full name

KhushiArnav... Arnav Singh Raizada

Arnav was euphoric. Without a warning, he pulled her flush to him, took her lips in his and started kissing her passionately

Khushi felt numb with pleasure. She gradually moved her hands up into his hair and held onto him tight. Arnav backed her up to the wall, lifted her head up, pressed himself more onto her all the while kissing her crazily. 

After a long while, he released her lips to take a breath. Khushi was dizzy with happiness.

He looked at her intently and smiled at her state.

He rubbed his thumb on her cheek for a few minutes savoring the pleasant moment.

He suddenly swooped down again, kissed her deeply and said against her lips. 

"Thank you Sweetheart!". He then left.

Khushi collapsed onto the floor leaning her back to the wall. She was delirious with joy.

This is the first endearment he had ever used for her. 

"He called me sweetheart", she kept repeating.

She had no clue how she could go on through the rest of the day. 

She was lost..totally lost.. in her world... in her Arnav...

Aug 15, 2016

My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 101 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



At Delhi International Airport:

Shashi Gupta and Garima were waiting anxiously at the arrival terminal. Shashi checked the flight status and confirmed that it had landed. Garima looked at him expectantly. 

Shashi: The flight has landed almost 45 minutes back. It's time.

Garima gave a big smile. "Probably going through the customs, I guess", she said. 

Shashi: Hmm

Garima: It has been three full years

Shashi: I know. Long time!

They looked around hearing "Badi Maa". Shashi and Garima watched an excited Preetham and a smiling Shashank walking towards them.

Preetham hugged both of them together and then latched herself onto Garima. Shashi and Shashank hugged each other.

Preetham: Badi Maa and Bade Papa, I missed you both..

Garima: Chup, Preetham, I won't believe you. You are coming back after 3 years, is this how much you missed us?

Preetham (pouted): Sorry Badi Maa, but I really missed you every second there.

Shashi and Shashank smiled. 

Shashi: How are your studies beta?

Preetham: Going good Bade papa. I have 4 week vacation before the start of next semester.

Garima: How is your health now beta? You look pale.

Preetham: I'm fine Badi Maa. Just a little weak that's all.

Shashi: You have been gone for 3 months Shashank. I have assigned a few projects under you. Once you settle down, take a look and let me know what you think!

Shashank: Sure, Bhaiyya.

The rest of the drive to GM passed in Preetham telling them about her experiences in America.

At GM:

Bua was overjoyed to see her niece after a long time and hugged her affectionately. Khushi and Preetham squeezed each other tightly.

Preetham: Sorry Khushi, I missed your wedding

Khushi: No worries Preetham. I know you were ill. Otherwise you would never have missed it. How are you feeling now?

Bua: Ha, Preetham, you look pale beta.

Preetham: I am fine now Bua. Just a little weak. 

Garima (affectionately): You will only sleep and eat as long as you are here. You are not stepping out of the house.

Preetham: Oh, no Badi Maa, I was hoping to see my old friends, catch up on my former college gossip, shop with Khushi....

Bua: Khushi beta, did you hear what Preetham said?

Khushi: Huh?

Garima: Khushi, why are you so absent-minded?

Khushi was lost in her hunky husband's actions from the morning.

Khushi: Nothing Amma.

Garima and Bua looked at each other.

Bua: Acha, go now Preetham, have a good bath and come back. Let's have food together.

Khushi and Preetham walked up the stairs to Preetham's room.

Preetham: Khushi, where is Jeejaji? Are you thinking about him?

Khushi blushed. 

Preetham: Oh, so that's where you are. Where is he?

Khushi: He's at work. I'll introduce him to you tonight.

Preetham: Sure. 

Khushi: Go relax, change and come down. Amma made Aloo Puri for you.

Garima and Bua were in the kitchen talking.

Garima: Did you see how lost Khushi was?

Bua: Ha, that is so surprising. She's always so excited to see Preetham

Garima: Poor girl, I think she is still worried about that girl in Arnav's room.

Bua: She has been lost since morning.

Garima: I think she is disturbed. I don't know where this is going.

Bua: I'm concerned about her too.

At GI: 

Arnav, Samar Kaushal, Seema Gopal and Sheetal met with CEO of Ruffel industries as they wanted to collaborate with them on some designs and products. The meeting went well and they grabbed the deal. Since it was late, they decided to dine together at a restaurant. They conversed for a while, and then decided to start back to their homes. 

As Samar and Seema left, Sheetal realized that her car would not start. Arnav and Sheetal tried for a while, but nothing worked. They decided to leave the car locked in the parking lot of the restaurant so Sheetal could send a mechanic to take care of it the next day.

Sheetal: ASR, do you mind dropping me at my place?

Arnav out of decency, did not want to leave Sheetal there at the restaurant. He could wait with her until she got a taxi, but that was probably not safe either. Arnav asked Sheetal to get onto his bike. They drove to her apartment talking about how to proceed further with the Ruffel deal.

As they reached the apartment building, Sheetal got down and invited Arnav to come in for some coffee. 

Arnav: Sorry Sheetal, it's already late. Will come in some other time.

Sheetal: Sure ASR, thanks for the ride. Or I can get you a quick coffee so you won't feel sleepy when you ride back home since it is already late and you have a long way to go.

Arnav: That won't be necessary. I'm pretty fresh. The cool air doesn't let me feel drowsy. Good night.

Sheetal: Good night, see you tomorrow.

Later that night:

Khushi and Preetham were jabbering about old friends and things happening in Delhi when Arnav walked in. Arnav had messaged Khushi earlier asking her not to wait for him for dinner as he would be eating out. Khushi was eagerly waiting for her husband, while talking to Preetham half immersed in his thoughts.

Preetham saw a gorgeous guy dressed in business formals walking into the house. She saw him smile at them with a naughty twinkle in his eyes. She then noticed Khushi get up from the couch watching him, smiling and blushing at the same time. 

Khushi: Preetham, this is my husband Arnav

Arnav looked at Khushi questioningly. 

Khushi: This is my cousin Preetham, Shashank Chachu's daughter. She just came today from California.

Arnav smiled at Preetham.

Arnav: Nice to meet you Preetham. Did you have a good flight?

Preetham (extending her hand): Nice to meet you too Arnav. And yes, thank you I had a good flight.

Khushi was surprised at Preetham calling Arnav by his name when she had called him as 'Jeejaji' during their talks before.

Arnav (shaking her extended hand): Great then, we will catch up sometime later. I have to get back to work early. Have a good night Preetham.

Preetham: You too.

Arnav walked up the stairs, turned back and looked at Khushi subtly indicating to her to come up with him. Khushi understood.

Khushi: Good night Preetham, it's late. Go to sleep. You had a long flight.

Preetham: Ya, good night to you too.

Khushi walked up the stairs to her room to join her husband.

Preetham was, to say the least, stupefied. When she heard that Khushi had refused the Mehta alliance and instead gotten married to an employee of GI, she thought Khushi had made an impulsive decision in her childishness. Preetham was even surprised how her family members had accepted and supported her in this decision, specially Shashi.

Arnav's looks, manners, behavior, his accent, and confidence made a profound impact on Preetham.

She was very impressed with the way Arnav carried himself. 

"Now I know why Khushi was resolute about marrying him", she thought. "He is extremely elegant and polished". 

Preetham went to sleep contemplating.

In Arnav and Khushi's bedroom:

By the time Khushi came into their bedroom, Arnav had gone to freshen up. Khushi waited for Arnav to step out of the bathroom. He came back freshly showered with just a towel around his waist. 

Khushi had not seen him that way before. Arnav knew that Khushi would be affected and wanted to tease her on purpose. Khushi blushed as she realized he walked towards her. Arnav pulled Khushi towards him and put his hands around her waist. She placed her palms on his bare chest.

He started kissing her on her hair, face and neck. "How was your day Sweetheart?", he asked her.

"Good", Khushi mumbled incoherently. 

He started biting her softly on the neck and shoulders, "what did you do?", he said.

Khushi was too bygone in his kisses to think clearly. "Huh?", she said.

He pulled his head back and looked at her, "God, you look bewitching!".

He took his right hand up, sloped her nape, and took her lips in for a long kiss. The passion between them was fierce. Arnav moved his left hand down her back to her hips and squeezed her hard. Khushi gasped. He took the opportunity to thrust his tongue into her mouth. Later, noticing her gasping for breath, Arnav pulled back. 

She looked frail and disoriented. Arnav carried her to the bed, and placed her gently on it. He leaned on the bed to her side, intertwined his fingers with hers and looked at her intently while her breathing started coming back to normal. Khushi opened her eyes, and saw him staring at her. Arnav bent in and kissed her multiple times. 

Khushi moved her hands from his neck to his chest. 

"Do you know one thing? I love the feel of your palms on my body. They are so soft", Arnav kissed Khushi's palms as he conversed with her.

"Do you remember the first time when you put your palms on me?", he continued, "That was when you sat behind me on my bike before our marriage." "I couldn't let go of the feeling of them on my back", he spoke truthfully.

Khushi looked extremely surprised, "You remember?", she asked. 

"Of course I do", he said. "But they feel better on my bare skin", he flashed a smile at her. "And I'm waiting to experience how my hands feel on your bare skin", he croaked.

Khushi turned beet red at this. He kissed her again biting her lower lip.

"This is getting difficult Khushi. If this continues, I won't be able to stop myself", he spoke hoarsely.

"I want to tell you a few things related to our marriage before we commit to each other intimately", he continued, "I swore to myself that I would not take our relationship forward until I came out clean in front of you."

She looked at him with her big hazel eyes with lips parted slightly.

"Don't tempt me more you seductress", he resumed, "That's why we are travelling out this weekend- just the two of us", "For some serious talk and then.. serious..Work". 

Khushi lowered her eyes and giggled. 

"Consider this a, let's say..Micro..honeymoon", he said. 

"Good night darling", he wished and he was about to get off the bed when she held his hand.

"Arnav", she called, "Can you not sleep here?". 

"No, Khushi, I won't be able to control myself. Just three more days and then you won't be able to stop me, even if you want", he winked at her. 

Khushi saw him go back to the recliner and falling asleep. She felt very happy, and very lucky to be married to her love.

Khushi closed her eyes dreaming about her husband completely unaware that someone else in the same house was also lost in his thoughts...thoughts of her man.. her Arnav...

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My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 87 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



At GI (the next day):

Arnav was occupied with work the entire day. There were people working on the legal documents needed to seal the contract with Ruffel industries. The 1st floor of the GI was in an uproar. Ruffel industries was well established in Europe and was trying to expand its base in India. This pact would be mutually beneficial to GI and Ruffel. 

Shashi Gupta was very happy. He applauded the teams that had put in effort for the success; specifically Arnav, Samar Kaushal, Seema Gopal and Sheetal. Everyone congratulated them. 

The CEO of Ruffel industries sent an invite to all Gupta employees for a party held to honor the deal. The employees were invited with their families. It was scheduled to be organized on the evening of next saturday.

Arnav drew in a deep breath of relief that it was not this saturday since he had planned to take Khushi out with him. He was excited about their trip to Manali. He had booked tickets for early morning flight on saturday, so they could reach Manali, spend a couple of days together and get back late night on sunday.

Khushi had asked him a few times where they would be going. Arnav told her that it would be a surprise for her, and hence he wouldn't reveal the name of the place. He knew Khushi was very thrilled about the whole trip. 

"She can be such a kid sometimes", he thought lovingly.

At the Mall:

Payal had suggested to Khushi that she needed to shop before their upcoming honeymoon. She had taken the day off from Aman citing an emergency. 

Khushi (laughing): I can't believe you gave the reason as an emergency and took the today off. 

Payal: Of course, it is an emergency considering your trip is in two days and considering the 'state of your wardrobe'.

Khushi: What do you mean the 'state of my wardrobe?' I have good clothes and tons of them.

Payal: Khushi honey, you need sizzling dresses for this outing and those that can also be taken off easily....

Khushi (turning red on her cheeks): Shut up Payal. You are acting as if you have been on multiple honeymoons..

Payal: I haven't but I wouldn't mind either. The person in question is you now. And I'm very happy about your honeymoon considering the fact that Arnavji did not...

Payal bit her lip. She chided herself. "What was I about to say? God, Khushi doesn't know he refused her first."

Khushi: 'Considering the fact that?' Continue Payal.

Payal (adjusting herself): Nothing, just that you both did not seem lovey-dovey in the start but looks like now romance is in full bloom. 

Khushi (smiling): That is true, initially I was very worried that he was not interested in me. But slowly things have improved. He is more connected to me now. And he is very passionate.

Payal (teased): Hoye, hoye, so, let's get you ready for some passion this weekend. 

Khushi beamed from ear to ear.

Payal (continued): I'm very happy for both of you. I see Arnavji at office everyday. He is a very good person. He is totally focussed on work and is mostly on ASR mode there. Who would assume he would be this frenzied with his wife?

Khushi: Payal, can I ask you something? Promise me, it will stay between us.

Payal: Do you even need to say that? Of course, things always stay between us.

Khushi: How is Sheetal Arora?

Payal: The head of fashion department?

Khushi: Yes

Payal: She is ok, I guess. I mean I don't get to work with her a lot, so I really don't know much about her. But everybody says Arnavji and Sheetal make a very good team. Why do you ask?

Khushi hesitated. She didn't even know where to start. 

Khushi: It's just kind feel that...

Payal: Pagal, say it straight, it's only me. You don't have to worry about anything.

Khushi (taking a deep breath): I feel she has an eye on him

Payal: What? On whom?

Khushi: On my Arnav

Payal: My Arnav huh?.. Well technically now he is only your Arnav.. but I can see someone here is possessive and jealous...tsk..tsk..

Khushi: I'm serious Payal

Payal: Ok, meri maa, I'll keep an eye out. I'm going to be your spy at office. If that Sheetal really has a roving eye on the apple of your eye, I promise we will pluck her eyes out...

Both of them laughed at this heartily.

Payal: Shall we go eat now? I'm super hungry.

Khushi: Sure, Preetham will be joining us here.

Payal: What? Why?

Khushi: She just came back from US yesterday. She gets bored at home, so I invited her to join us.

Payal: Grrr...I hate you Khushi 

Khushi: Thank you, the feeling is mutual...

Smiling, they got into an italian restaurant while Khushi called Preetham and gave her the address. Preetham was already on her way, hence joined them in 10 minutes.

Payal and Preetham exchanged pleasantries and sat down to eat.

Payal: So, Preetham how is life in California?

Preetham: Good Payal, but I miss home here. How about you?

Payal: I'm doing great. Khushi and I finished our bachelors and now I'm interning at GI.

Preetham: Oh, that's awesome! Do you report to Arnav?

Payal was surprised to hear Preetham call Arnav by his name rather than as Jeejaji. Payal's brain started working in a different direction.

Payal: No, I don't report to your Jeejaji. I report to someone else. 

Preetham flinched at the word Jeejaji which did not go unnoticed by Payal.

Preetham: Which department do you intern under?

Payal: Sales

Preetham: Which department does Arnav work in?

Khushi: Fashion designing. 

They caught up on other talks while Payal narrowed her eyes at Preetham. Preetham went to use the bathroom leaving Payal and Khushi at the table.

Payal: Khushi, don't mind me asking you this but why is Preetham so interested in Arnavji?

Khushi: Probably because she just wants to know about her Jeejaji. 

Payal: No Khushi, something is not right. She does not even call him Jeejaji.

Khushi: She just came back from America, maybe she just likes to call everyone by their names.

Payal: America, my foot! You are blind when it comes to your family.

Khushi: I know you have never liked her, but I didn't know that you never trusted her either..

Khushi got a call from Nani and stepped out of the restaurant to speak to her.

Payal (thought): I still don't trust her. Guess I should keep an eye on Sheetal Aurora and Preetham Gupta.

That evening at Arnav's place:

Arnav rode towards his house as he had received a call from Mamaji. Mamaji had asked him to be home by 6 pm.

When he reached home, he found everyone busy. He found Khushi helping Mami in the kitchen. Arnav was very surprised. Khushi had not told him that she would be coming here.

When Mami stepped out of the kitchen to talk to Nani, Arnav sneaked in and hugged his wife from behind. Khushi tensed for a second and then instantly relaxed in his arms recognizing the touch.He snaked his left hand under her saree pallu and started drawing circles on her bare stomach. Khushi arched back into him with her back touching his chest. She placed her left hand on his left hand adoringly.

ArnavHi Sweetheart, what are you doing here?

KhushiNani called me here

Arnav: You didn't tell me that you were coming.

Khushi: Nani told me not to tell you, they wanted to surprise you.

Arnav: Hmm..I see, good that you are here. It's been a long time since we kissed.

Khushi (shyly): Stop it Arnav. You just kissed me today morning before you left to office.

Arnav: That's what I am saying. It's been almost 10 hours.

Arnav started placing light kisses on her back, neck and Mangalsutra.

Khushi: Arnav, someone might walk in.

Arnav: Don't disturb me when I am busy

Khushi (giggling): Do you even know why we are here?

Arnav (kissing her continuously): Nope, enlighten me.

Khushi: Di got an alliance from a good family.

Arnav (lifting his head up instantly): What?

Khushi: Ha, they will be coming here in half an hour.

Arnav: Wait, I need to talk to Mamaji first.

Saying this, Arnav went to find Nani and Mamaji. They convinced him that it was a good alliance from Pune. Mamaji himself had spoken to the groom on phone, and Mamaji's friend had met the groom in Pune personally.

Arnav met with Anjali and asked her if she was okay with this. Anjali, though a little apprehensive, said she was willing to try out. 

The next couple of hours were manic. Shashi Gupta entered the house with the potential groom, Shyam Manohar Jha and his brother Jatin Jha. The Jhas had lost their parents in an accident when they were young. Shyam was a lawyer in Pune while Jatin was training to be one. Anjali and Shyam spoke for a long time in private and felt comfortable with each other. Shyam was already informed of Anjali's previous broken alliance and did not have any issues with it.

Nani called the pandit to fix the dates for Sagai (engagement) and marriage. Shyam requested that he would like the process expedited as he could not afford many absences from work. Shyam also politely asked if they could have the Sagai this weekend before he and his brother would return to Pune.

Arnav was baffled. He and Khushi instantly looked at each other. Sagai this weekend would mean they had to postpone the trip. 

Arnav was upset that Khushi would be disappointed as he knew how excited she was for this trip. He was equally vexed that he would have to wait long before he could talk to her about the past. With him being completely occupied at work on weekdays and then, the celebration with Ruffel industries the next saturday, it would be at least 2 weeks before he could plan the outing with Khushi again. Arnav groaned in frustration.

Arnav was brought out of his thoughts by Nani calling his name. She asked him what his opinion was. Arnav contemplated silently, "This is related to Di's life. It's more important. I can convince Khushi and take her out later." The moment he looked at Khushi again, Khushi blinked her eyes and nodded at him indicating that she would be okay staying back this weekend. Arnav felt blissful that she understood him so well.

Arnav: We are fine Nani. Khushi and I have no objection for Sagai this sunday.

Nani: Fine then Shyam beta, let us have the Sagai this sunday morning so you and Jatin can return to Pune by evening.

Everyone congratulated Anjali and Shyam. While the family was busy with discussions about the upcoming function, Arnav looked at Khushi who was enthusiastically exchanging her views with them.

Arnav (thought fondly): I have to count my blessings that I got married to her. I'm really fortunate to have you Khushi. 

What Arnav did not know is that, he would very soon come to know how lucky he truly was... with that Angel in his life...

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My very own Arnav (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 106 times)

PART-20: (Mega Update)


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



Engagement Period:

The couple of days before saturday passed in a flurry of activity. Since it was a sudden engagement, it was decided that it would happen at Arnav's house itself. Some of the close relatives and friends were invited. On one side, Khushi accompanied Anjali for her shopping; on the other side she also had to accompany Mami and Ajit for the items needed in the rituals. Khushi was fatigued. 

Arnav and Khushi returned back to GM late on friday night. They planned to leave early on saturday to help with the arrangements and stay back at Arnav's place during the weekend. While Khushi was packing their bags for the next two days, Arnav slept off on the recliner. 

Khushi went closer to admire her husband. He looked so peaceful in sleep. How she wished they could go to the surprise that Arnav had planned for her! "But this is Di's engagement", thought Khushi, "And I know what Di means to him". "Di is like my older sister too, Arnav and I can always go out together some other time", Khushi comforted herself and went to sleep on the bed.

The next morning Khushi was all ready to leave early, but Arnav wouldn't budge in his sleep. Khushi didn't have the heart to wake him up. She left to Arnav's place leaving him a note. 

Khushi: Bua, I'm leaving to Arnav's place. He's exhausted and is still sleeping. Once he is awake, let him know that I have left. 

Bua: How are you leaving beta?

Khushi: Our driver will be dropping me in the car. And also please tell him that I took his bag along with mine.

Bua: Sure, beta. We will be there tomorrow morning for the engagement.

Couple of hours later, Khushi called on Arnav's mobile to check if he was awake. When he didn't lift the phone, she called on GM's landline and asked HP to see if Arnav was still sleeping.

Preetham: HP, where are you going?

HP: Preetham Didi, Khushi Didi had called to check if Arnav Saab is awake

Preetham: I will check, you can go back to your work.

Preetham went to Khushi's room. She was puzzled to see Arnav sleeping on the recliner. She sat down next to the recliner on the floor and watched him earnestly. She kept admiring his sharp features. She was delighted to watch him so close. She ran a finger on his chiseled jaw and on the scar on his eye. She felt spiteful about Khushi's luck. "Khushi always gets the best and everything is served to her on a platter", Preetham thought. "He looks so confident and masculine", she mused. Gradually she started kissing Arnav on his face, chin and jaws careful not to wake him up. Arnav started stirring in his sleep. She then kissed him full on his lips and left the room smiling maliciously. 

Preetham had made up her mind.

The day of Anjali's Engagement:

Shyam was getting ready in one room, while Anjali was being decked up by Khushi, Payal and Nisha in another room for Sagai. The house was teeming with relatives and friends. Shashi was talking to Nani and helping out Mamaji occasionally. Garima, Bua and Preetham had reached Arnav's house and were welcomed warmly. One of the kids playing around, by mistake, tore a bit of the sari that Preetham was wearing. Preetham was agitated.

Preetham: Oh god, what am I supposed to do now? Is there time to go to GM, change and come back?

Bua: No we don't have that much time. Ask Khushi if she has any other dress/ sari.

Preetham hated asking Khushi for her dresses but didn't have an option. She went to Khushi and changed into Khushi's anarkali.

Preetham: I hate this dress Bua.

Bua: Arey, this dress looks good on you beta. It is a perfect fit too. Khushi and you are the same size. Waise, I didn't like that saree that you wore before. It is too revealing.

Preetham (exclaimed): It's a designer sari Bua, that too from our GI collection. 

Throughout the function Preetham noticed that Arnav's eyes followed Khushi. She felt a surge of anger whenever she saw them close.

The Sagai went well. Lunch buffet was arranged in the lawn behind the house. Khushi, Payal and Nisha were teasing each other around Anjali.

Nisha (playfully): Payal, Now that you report to my husband, I told you to bug him at work. Why are you not troubling him enough?

Payal: Aman is a nice person Nisha, But since you asked me to bother him, I promise I will. However, there is another guy that I would love to bother at office. 

Khushi and Nisha (at the same time): Who is that?

Payal (naughtily): Akash

Nisha (laughing): I agree, he bothers me too. I would like it if you can retaliate well. I'll disclose to you his weak points later.

Anjali: Arey, why are you behind poor Akash?

This got the guy's attention. Ajit, Arnav, Akash and Aman were eating together.

Ajit: I thought Khushi Bhabhi, Payal and Anjali Di formed the three musketeer group. May be it should be called Four now since Nisha joined. 

Arnav smiled while Akash and Aman guffawed. 

Payal (winking): Sure, since Nisha joined us, we should probably be called 'The Fantastic Four'.

While the guys sniggered at this, Jatin came to join them. Jatin had struck an easy friendship with Anjali and Khushi over the past three days. 

Mami needed some assistance and as Khushi turned to go into the house, Jatin trailed behind her. 

Jatin and Khushi chatted well as they aided Mami with her work. 

Arnav missed Khushi due to the hectic nature of the previous days. He found her laughing with Jatin and felt jealous.

Arnav: Khushi, can you come with me?

Khushi: But Arnav, mami needs my help.

Arnav: I guess Jatin can help her for a while, I need to talk to you. Can you Jatin?

Jatin: Sure, carry on Khushi.

Arnav took her upstairs to his room and shut the door. He pulled her close and slammed his lips on her. khushi was surprised at this sudden onslaught but held onto him tight. Arnav kissed her heatedly. "I have been yearning for you from the past three days Khushi and you have been ignoring me", he said in between the kisses, "I'm going bonkers for you". 

Khushi smiled coyly as she settled her fingers in his hair while getting crushed in his arms "I did not ignore you. I was just busy, but I missed you too", she said against his lips. 

"By now we would have been done with half of our honeymoon if we had gone to Manali", he said. 

"Oh, so you were planning to take me to Manali?", she asked. 

Without answering her, he started kissing her again and moved his left hand under her saree pallu onto her blouse touching her sensually. 

"Arnav", Khushi cried. "Hmm, what happened?", the devil asked with a smirk. "Let me go please", Khushi said. "Never sweetheart", Arnav said as he pulled a dori of the blouse loose.

Khushi moved back nervously pushing him softly on his chest with her palms, "No Arnav, this is not the time. What if someone comes?"

Arnav moved down from her lips and started biting her chin and neck, "Waise, the way you woke me up yesterday morning at GM was awesome. You should do that often", he said.

Khushi was confused. "I did not wake you up yesterday morning at GM, I asked HP to check on you, may be he woke you up."

"Rubbish! You kissed me everywhere on my face and gently woke me up. By the way, I didn't know you were bold enough to smooch me", he said naughtily.

"I did not kiss you yesterday morning. I was here at least two hours before you woke up, so I'm sure you dreamt all that", Khushi giggled.

Just then, Mami called out for Khushi from downstairs and Khushi asked Arnav to tie her dori quickly. As Khushi left, Arnav was lost in thoughts. "I'm pretty sure that someone kissed me yesterday morning before I woke up. It was not a dream".

"If it is not Khushi, then who is it?", thought Arnav.

Back at GI:

Shashank Gupta had joined GI again as he was allotted to work on a few projects by Shashi Gupta. It was midweek, and the workload was huge, prompting many to eagerly wait for the weekend.

They needed a preliminary plan on one of his projects and hence a conference was scheduled with Shashi, Shashank, a few key employees from sales, marketing and fashion. Samar Kaushal, the marketing head led the meeting.

As the discussion progressed, Samar suggested that he would require in-puts from everyone. While most of the members in the committee expressed their opinions, Arnav talked about the trends and conveyed a few ideas for strategic marketing.

Shashank (in an accusing tone): ASR, I think you should only talk about fashion as that is your department. You should not be talking about marketing.

Arnav was offended with the comment. 

Arnav (cooly retorted): I know that I belong to fashion designing. I was just expressing my views, just like everyone else here, on strategies. I don't think that is harmful.

Shashank spoke with malice. He had noticed how everyone at work looked at Arnav with respect and took his suggestions seriously. He was extremely jealous and insecure of Arnav's competence.

Shashank: Just because you are my brother's son-in-law does not mean we will accept any of the ideas that you throw out here. It doesn't give you any right to decide either.

Now, everybody was stunned at this accusation. Arnav was infuriated. This was exactly what Arnav had detested before he got married to Khushi. He never wanted to be looked at as the CEO's son-in-law.

Arnav: My personal life and relationships have nothing to do in this official setting. I strive hard for the betterment of this company like everyone else here. (Looking at everyone in general) Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't see the need for my expertise anymore in this project. So I'm sorry to say that I withdraw from this venture.

Saying this, Arnav stood up and walked out of the conference room. 

There was pin drop silence for a few seconds. Shashi and Samar were enraged at Shashank's behavior. 

Samar: How can you say something like that Shashank? ASR has provided valuable feedback before and has also helped us with good marketing strategies. He is proficient in what he does. The only reason he is in Fashion designing is because, when he came in initially, he was offered a job in fashion as he is himself an expert designer. He just chose to continue the same. 

Sheetal: That's right, when Samar suggested that ASR be moved to marketing because of his ideas, I requested him to stay back at fashion. ASR continued since he couldn't refuse me. 

Seema: ASR's concepts and proposals are amazing. They have brought us success before. He had a huge part to play in grabbing the deal with Ruffel industries. 

Shashi: ASR grew in the company due to his own mettle and handwork and not because he is my son-in-law. In fact, he is very discrete about maintaining his professional and personal lives separate. Nobody in GI looks or treats him special because he is related to me.

Samar (turning towards Shashi): Sir, I'm sorry to say that as much as Shashank dislikes it, we need ASR's skill in this project. So, I suggest you decide how you can convince and bring him onboard. Knowing how tough ASR is, that is not going to be easy.

The meeting was deferred indefinitely.

Shashi and Sheetal tried to find where Arnav was but he had left the office by then. Shashi did not want to worry Khushi, so he did not call her. Khushi was unaware of what had happened between her husband and Chachu.

Arnav needed to get away to cool his head. He was beyond angry. He could have blasted Shashank or reacted more aggressively but Khushi's face flashed in his mind. Shashank was her chachu. Arnav knew how much Khushi loved her family. He had left from there to control his rage lest he spoke something that Khushi regretted in future. He didn't even know how to tell this to Khushi.

He didn't take any calls from his colleagues or Shashi. Aman was able to finally get through to him by late evening.

Aman (on phone): ASR, where are you?

Arnav: I'm outside the city. 

Aman: Are you crazy? I heard what happened at the meeting today. Why are you unnecessarily stressing yourself? You need to eat and take your medications. Otherwise you will faint. Come back home right now.

Arnav did not want to go to GM; he didn't want to go back to his house either to avoid having to answer Nani and Mamaji. Aman understood Arnav's concerns.

Aman: Come to my place ASR. Nisha and I are waiting for you. I mean it, we will wait without eating until you get here.

Arnav: Ok, I will be at your place in half-an-hour.

Arnav had dinner and stayed back at Aman's place for the night. His phone was completely out of charge. He couldn't think in his fury. He was exhausted and fell asleep.

As it grew darker, Khushi started getting worried about her husband. She couldn't get through to him. Shashi on the other hand did not know how to contact Arnav. He called Arnav's house to check casually if he was there, without letting anyone know what had happened.

Khushi: Papa, I'm not able to get through Arnav's phone. Do you know if he is still at office? 

Everyone was seated in the living area in GM when Khushi came to talk to her dad.

Shashi: No beta, he is not at work.

Khushi: Then, where is he? He should have been home by now. He always messages me if he gets late.

Shashi: Khushi, I want you to relax beta. I am also trying to figure out where he is.

Khushi (getting nervous): What do you mean papa? Did something happen?

Shashi (sighing): Beta, Arnav and your Chachu had a clash and Arnav left the office. I haven't see him after that. I checked with his Nani but he is not at his house either.

Khushi burst into tears. "Why didn't you tell me that papa?", she then looked at her Chachu angrily and said, "How could you Chachu?".

Garima was angered that Khushi blamed Shashank. 

Garima: Why do you want to blame chachu? Why don't you blame your husband? Your husband is not a kid that he can get angry and run away from the house. Why didn't he even call you till now?

Shashi: Stop it Garima, don't drag this more. 

Shashi did not want to tell his family members in front of Shashank that it was Shashank's fault and insult him. 

He returned towards Khushi and said, "Don't worry beta, we will find out where he is." 

Garima (mockingly): Don't worry Khushi, he will be back by tomorrow morning.I am sure wherever he is, he will be comfortable tonight.

Khushi (exclaimed): Amma, How can you talk like that about him?

Shashi (bellowed):Enough Garima! Not a single word against Arnav.

Khushi was too upset to respond and ran upstairs to her room. She heard her phone ring and lifted up right away.

Khushi (sobbing): Arnav, where are you?

Aman: Khushi Bhabhi, Aman here.

Khushi: Oh Aman, I didn't see who called.

Aman: Don't worry, Arnav is here in my place.

Khushi: What? Thank god, I was so distressed. Is he ok?

Aman: He is now. He was pretty angry before. He had food and slept. His phone battery is completely down. I thought I should call and let you know so you wouldn't worry.

Khushi: Thanks so much Aman. I will come to your place right away. 

Aman: No Khushi, stay back home. It's already late. I'll talk to him tomorrow morning. He is anyways sleeping now. I don't think he would come to GM tomorrow; you can meet him at our office. 

Khushi: No Aman, I want to come.

Aman: No Bhabhi, please listen to me. Trust me, I'll take good care of him. Good night.

Khushi met her dad in his study and told him that Arnav was at Aman's place. She asked her dad what had happened that enraged Arnav so much. Shashi told her what took place in the meeting. Khushi was stunned to hear that her Chachu spoke to her husband with so much animosity. She went back to her room numb.

Khushi fell asleep slowly, "How can Chachu berate Arnav, even Amma too?" She was flustered that her own family disliked her husband. She was worried about the small storms coming up in her house.

Little did she know that there was a tornado on the way...

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