Ask Arnav Singh Raizada

Aug 11, 2016

Ask Arnav Singh Raizada (By Thegirlofravens) (Thanked: 8 times)

"Apparently, this is supposed to be contributing to rising PR credit. Absolutely ridiculous. For some reason, I'm supposed to allow you to pry into my life. 

This blog is in no way affiliated with SP, 4 Lions or any of the writers or creators of IPKKND or.."

I have been apparently under a rock for years, I never knew that there was this funny blog existing on tumblr for us fans to ask our ASR anything. He will answer you in his 'charming' way. It's brilliant and will definitely make you laugh as you scroll through the Q/As. 

If you like me didn't know of this awesomeness, do drop by and check it. The link will be in the comment section. Also, do ask him your own questions via message. In his very own words there: 

"Forget your aukhad"

I just thought it was so amazingly creative and couldn't help but share this, I apologize if you already knew and this post annoyed you. To those who didn't - you are welcome. 

Thank you to the maker for making me laugh when I'm sick and down, your efforts are highly appreciated, I'll be visiting the blog every now and then, also will be asking some really odd things. 


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