Arshi SS: Eternal Love

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Aug 13, 2016

Arshi SS: Eternal Love (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 67 times)




“Will you marry me Khushi?”

Arnav asked on his knees with a beautiful ring forwarded to the most beautiful woman in the world.

She stood in tears and then nodded her head vigorously. She forwarded her hand and he slid the ring to her finger. Kissing her hand, he stood up and hugged her.

“I love you Khushi” he whispered.

“I love you too Arnav” she whispered.







“There is a good muhurat next week. After that the best day is after two years!” Pandit ji said.

“2 years!” Anjali exclaimed, “Nahi, marriage should happen next week itself.”

“But Anjali bitiya, Chotte is in America” Mami reminded her.

“We’ll call him back Manorama,” Nani said. She added looking at the blushing girl on the sofa, “Arnav and Lavanya will marry next week”










Character Sketch 


Arnav Singh Raizada

28 years old owner of AR Industries. Ruthless and arrogant boss he is but different when it comes to his Khushi. Head over heels in love with her. He is currently staying at Los Angeles for a year for his business.




Khushi Arora

 25 years old head designer of AR Fashions, Los Angeles. Head over heels in love with her boss whom she met an year ago when he came there for business works. She loves her parents, Raj Arora and Shagun Arora, and her brother, Ritik Arora, who are her only family.





Akash Singh Raizada

27 year old brother of Arnav. Although it is a small age of difference of 1 year, he calls Arnav as bhai. Hates Lavanya and totally disagrees his bhai’s marriage with her. But his family never hears him.




Anjali Manohar Jha

30 year old sister of Arnav. She is a paediatrician at Delhi City Hospital. Loves her husband and her brother to core. Wants her brother to marry and settle soon.




Shyam Manohar Jha

35 year old crooked husband of Anjali. He is the best criminal lawyer of Lucknow but has some side businesses along with that. None of the Raizadas know his dark side.




Lavanya Gupta

26 year old rich spoilt brat of Shashi Gupta and Garima Gupta. Dreams of marrying ASR and is obsessed with him since childhood. The whole Raizada family loves her and wants their Chotte to marry her.



Ritik Arora

32 year old brother of Khushi. He works for Scotland Yard, London and is one of the best detectives. Loves her baby sister to core and had completed a background check on Arnav when he came to know about him. Finding a clean background he accepted their relation. Currently staying at London.




Payal Khurrana

25 year old best friend of Khushi. Works with her at AR, Los Angeles. A wild cat she is and had even slapped Arnav, her boss, when he accidently held Khushi’s waist preventing her from fall one day.




Raj Arora and Shagun Arora

Parents of Khushi and Samar. Permanently settled at Los Angeles for years, both Raj and Shagun are retired surgeons of International hospital of Los Angeles. Wants their son to get married soon and is very happy with Arnav when they came to know about his love for their daughter.




Shashi Gupta and Garima Gupta

Parents of Lavanya. Greedy and selfish people who want their daughter to get married to ASR for his money and power. Owners of Gupta Fashions.



Aug 14, 2016

Chapter 1 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 82 times)

Chapter 1



Los Angeles











“N....YES!!!!!!!” She screamed, “RED...RED....RED!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Chup kar Khushi....” Payal sighed closing her ears.

“RED PAYAL!!!! RED! I’M GONNA WEAR RED!” Khushi screamed and jumped out of the bed to the floor.

“Why are you shouting for that?” Payal asked.

“ARNAV LOVES RED! I’M GONNA WEAR RED FOR THE PARTY!” Khushi screamed and snatched the red fishtail gown from Payal.

A loud voice was heard and Khushi wailed, “Oh no! The dress is torn!”

“Obviously it would tear if you pull it with such a force!” Payal said sighing, “Now what? That was the only red gown you had!”

“Haww...ab kya kare?” Khushi whined.

It was then Shagun, her mom came, “Khushi there is parcel for you”

Khushi frowned and held the parcel. She opened it and saw a beautiful red gown in it. There was a note attached to it.

Wear it for the party.

With love, Arnav

Payal and Shagun saw it and started their ooooh’s and aaaah’s and Khushi stood blushing.







“Hello uncle” Arnav greeted Raj Arora as he entered the Arora mansion.

“Have a seat Arnav” Raj said and Arnav sat.

“I wanted to talk to you” Raj said and Arnav looked at him. “What have you decided? When are you informing your family?” he asked.

Arnav sighed and said, “I’ll be going home for Diwali. I thought I would tell it then! Telling this on phone won’t do!” he said smiling.

“And what about that girl, Lavanya?” Raj asked.

“I don’t know uncle. I hate her and so does my brother. But no one hears us. But I cannot stand for their stubbornness. It’s my life and I love Khushi. I’ll marry only her!” Arnav said firmly.

“Does your brother know about Khushi?” Raj asked.

“Yes. He is so excited to meet her!” he said smiling.

It was then they heard footsteps and Khushi walked down the stairs dressed in the red gown and her hair tied in a messy bun leaving some strands on her face making her breathtakingly beautiful. Arnav looked at head to toe and her father cleared his throat.

Arnav looked away and Khushi looked down blushing. Raj said laughing, “Go for party! You’re getting late na?”

“Bye uncle!” Arnav said and the soon to be son-in-law and father-in-law hugged each other.








“We should ask bhai!” Akash said at the dining table.

“Why should we?” Nani asked, “Arnav and Lavanya’s marriage was fixed long ago. It was his stubbornness that delayed the marriage long. Now not anymore!”

“But bhai doesn’t love Lavanya!” Akash said.

“Lavanya is the best girl for Chotte,” Anjali said, “She loves him so much. And gradually he will also fall in love with her!”

“Ha Anjali bitiya, you’re right!” Mami said, “I wish Lavanya had a sister and I would fix my Akash bitwa’s rishta!”

“And thank god that she does not have a sister!” Akash muttered under his breath inaudible to others. “Must inform bhai!” he said in his mind and tapped a message to his brother.







Los Angeles


“You’re looking so pretty!” Arnav whispered in her ears. “Arnav...” she whined, “People might see!”

“Let them!” He said tightening his hold on her waist. It was then his mobile indicated a message tone. He frowned and looked at it. Khushi too leaned to it.

Great problems here! Families have fixed yours and La’s marriage for next week!

-       Akash

“What the!” He muttered.

“Oh god! Now what will we do?” Khushi said panicking.

“Don’t worry!” Arnav said hugging her, “I’ll fix it!”

“Your family wants you to marry Lavanya!” she said in low voice.

“But I love you and I’ll marry only you!” Arnav said and kissed her hairs.







She stood before the mirror wearing a red ****y dress and looking at her reflection. Looking at the photo of him which was kept next to the mirror, she whispered, “Just one week ASR. After that, you’re mine!”

Lavanya kissed his photo.







“There is only one person who can help! No, two people!” Arnav said as he and Khushi sat in the car. “Who?” she asked.

“Your brother and my brother!” he said.

“Ritik bhaiyya and Akash!” Khushi whispered, “How can they help?”

“Only they can help!” Arnav said and he dialled Ritik.

“Hey Ritik!” Arnav said.

“Hey Arnav, whats up!” Ritik cried.

“You need to come to Los Angeles, as soon as possible!” Arnav said.

“What happened? Is everyone alright there?” Ritik asked worriedly. “Everything is alright here but not at India!” Arnav said sighing.

“What happened dude?” Ritik asked.

“They have fixed mine and Lavanya’s marriage!” Arnav said.

“WHAT?” Ritik shouted. “Yes, within a week!” Arnav said.

“Now what?” Ritik asked.

“Please tell me yaar. I want to introduce Khushi to the family and I want you to be there! Please come. It’ll a great help if you’re there!” Arnav said,

“Yeah sure! I’ll do one thing. I’ll come directly to India. We’ll meet at airport!” Ritik said, “When are you leaving to India?”

“Didn’t fix. I’ll inform you!” Arnav said.

“Thank god bhaiyya is there!” Khushi whispered as Arnav cut the call. “Everything will be alright na?” She asked tensed.

“Of course! Initially they’ll be angry but it’ll die soon!” Arnav said hugging her.

“I wish everything becomes alright!” She whispered.


Aug 15, 2016

Chapter 2 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 87 times)

Chapter 2



2 days passed and Arnav was called to RM by Anjali. Arnav agreed and asked whether he can bring three people – Ritik, his best friend, Khushi, Ritik’s sister and Payal, his friend. Anjali agreed not knowing that the girl Khushi is not just “Ritik’s sister”.





“How do I look dad?” Lavanya asked to Shashi wearing a red off shoulder dress that reached barely to her thighs.

“You’re always beautiful my princess!” Shashi said and Lavanya smiled saying, “ASR will be here at any moment. I hope he’ll be impressed by this!”

“He is gonna faint!” Garima said and Lavanya blushed.

“Ha Lavanya, Chotte will definitely ogle at you!” Anjali said teasing him.

Everyone laughed except Akash who said in his mind, “Let’s see who will ogle at whom!”

It was then the black Mercedes that Akash had sent to airport came in the Raizada compound. Everyone rushed out to welcome Arnav and his friends.

The door of Mercedes opened and Arnav got out. Anjali ran to him and hugged him tight. Everyone gathered around him except Akash. He leaned to look to Arnav’s back and saw three people coming out. He saw a man dressed in blue jeans and white shirt, a woman dressed in a pink anarkali and another beautiful lady.

He stood gazing at that lady. She had dressed up in black jeans, red top and a black blazer jacket over it with her long hair tied up in a pony tail and a long sling bag on worn cross her front resting on her waist. She had a many bands tied on her wrist and had boots on legs. A perfect tomboy! Aww she is so pretty.

“What is this Akash?” he muttered to himself, “She might be your bhabhi. How can you ogle at her!” he scolded himself and walked to his bhai who was literally being crushed by Nani and mami.

“Bhai!” he cried and hugged him tight. Arnav hugged him back and ruffled his hairs. Akash whispered in his bhai’s ears, “Who is my bhabhi? Anarkali or the tomboy?”

Arnav chuckled and whispered, “Anarkali!”

Akash withdrew from the hug and gave a wink to Arnav. Arnav smiled and Akash looked at Khushi and smiled teasingly. Didn’t know why, the fact that the tomboy is not his bhabhi made him extra happy.

Khushi, Payal and Ritik were watching the family reunion and smiled seeing the love everyone had for Arnav. It was then they saw a lady walking to Arnav and hugging him tight.

“I missed you so much ASR!” Lavanya cried as she hugged him tight. Arnav felt uncomfortable and tried to push her away but she kept herself plastered to him. “You never called me!” She complained and withdrew from the hug. Kissing his cheek she said, “But that doesn’t reduce my love. I love you so much ASR!”

Even though she knew that his was gonna happen, the scene of a woman kissing HER Arnav didn’t go well with Khushi. She clutched Ritik’s hand controlling herself when she heard Ritik whispering, “Just some more hours. Bear it!” She hummed.

Akash suddenly intervened Lavanya’s session. “Bhai introduce all your friends!”

Thanking Akash with the bottom on his heart, Arnav turned to the family, “This is my gang!” Walking to Ritik he said, “This is Ritik Arora, my best friend! That’s....err...that’s Khushi....” “My sister!” Ritik said circling his arm around Khushi, “And this is Payal” Ritik said pointing to Payal.

Everyone smiled and Khushi and Payal fell at Nani’s and mami’s feet who blessed them. Arnav and Ritik looked at each other and sighed. Everything is alright so far!







Everyone sat in the living room. Nani and Anjali sat together while mami and Guptas sat on a sofa next to them with her legs on the sofa. Arnav sat on the opposite one with Ritik and Akash next to him. He smiled at Akash gratefully when his brother jumped to sit with him when Lavanya was coming to Arnav. Khushi and Payal sat in a sofa next to them with Lavanya sitting on opposite one ogling at Arnav.

“So Ritik beta, what do you do?” Nani asked.

“I’m working in Scotland Yard as a detective” Ritik said.

“Hello hi bye bye, tum detective ho ka? Arrey wah, humare makeup set got stolen last week. Please find them!” Mami said. Ritik smiled and looked at Arnav when Nani whispered furiously, “Manorama!”

“Khushi ji, aap?” Anjali asked.

“I work at AR!” Khushi said. “Me too” Payal said before anyone could ask her.

“So how did you four become friends?” Lavanya asked not liking the fact that these two girls were Arnav’s friends while he did not even smile at her ever in his life.

“I met Ritik and Payal through Khushi!” Arnav blurted out.

“What?” Lavanya asked.

“Err...Khushi is the head designer at AR LA branch. So we became friends. Then I met Payal who was Khushi’s bff and Ritik, her brother!” Arnav explained.

Lavanya nodded and sat back scowling not at all liking the explanation.

“Di where is jeejaaji?” Arnav asked to escape any other questions. “He is out at Kanpur Chotte. He is always busy with work and travels all around the country!” she said sadly.

“What does he do?” Ritik asked.

“He is a lawyer!” Anjali said.

“Then why does he travel. A lawyer needn’t travel!” Ritik said frowning.

“Bhaiyya, don’t use your detective mind here!” Khushi said and everyone laughed while the question remained in Anjali’s mind. “It’s true. Why should a lawyer travel so much?”







Payal and Khushi took one of the guestrooms while Ritik took another. Everyone was settled in their rooms and Arnav walked to Nani’s room where Nani and di were sitting discussing.

“Arrey aao Arnav bitwa, we were discussing the venue for marriage. Do you know Lavanya wants destination wedding at Udaipur!” Nani said.

Arnav sighed and said sternly, “Why did you all fix the marriage without asking me?”

“Bitwa, yours and Lavanya’s marriage was fixed long ago!” Nani said, “Today or tomorrow, you have to marry her!”

“When did I say that I’ll marry Lavanya?” Arnav asked frustrated.

Nani asked, “What are you telling? This marriage was fixed long ago, even before you left to LA. You knew that your marriage is fixed. Why didn’t you say anything that time?”

Arnav sighed and said, “No one asked about my opinion. It was something you people fixed. Did anyone asked whether I loved Lavanya? No!”

“Bas Arnav!” said Nani sternly, “You are going to marry Lavanya. And about love, you’ll fall for her. You have a whole life with her. But now I want to see your marriage with her, that’s it!”

“Nani, main...”

“Bas Chotte,” Nani said, “You and Lavanya are meant to be. We’re sorry for not informing you and asking you but we do not have an option. If the marriage didn’t happen in a week, there is no muhurat for the next one year! You’ll marry and you’ll marry Lavanya!” she declared.


Aug 17, 2016

Chapter 3 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 91 times)

Chapter 3




“Step down or you’ll fall!” Akash said. He had walked into the terrace in the middle of the night for a peaceful atmosphere when he saw her sitting on the railing.

Payal turned to him and asked, “Why are you here?”

“I think this is my house!” Akash said laughing and came to her, “Now step down!”

“I love sitting here!” Payal said rudely and looked at the sky. He looked at her who was dressed in a blue track pants and pink t-shirt. “You’re clearly a tomboy!” Akash said smiling. “So? Does it matter to you?” She asked rudely.

“Listen I just want to have a friendly conversation!” Akash said.

“And I want some peace! Just stop talking mister!” she said angrily.

“Are you upset?” he asked.

“You started again! JUST SHUT UP!” She shouted.

He sighed and started to walk away when he heard her asking, “Why is your brother spineless?”

“What?” Akash asked shocked.

“Your brother, the great ASR, cannot even take a stand before his Nani. Nani ji raised her voice and he became a cat. A person who cannot even stick on to his decisions, will he be able to look after a woman?” Payal said angrily.

Akash sighed and said, “He stick on to his words, always! And Nani ji, he loves her. He loves this whole family. That’s why he brought bhabhi here. If he had no respect and was really spineless he would have married her and then brought her here. He didn’t do that! If he was spineless he would have run away from all this.” And he walked out of the terrace.








“I don’t know what to do Khushi!” Arnav whispered, “I just want to shout out everything at Nani but I’m not able to. I don’t want to hurt her but I don’t want to marry Lavanya!”

Khushi sighed and said, “I think you should talk to her personally, calmly. She will understand!”

Arnav nodded.

She asked, “Arnav, would you have married Lavanya if you had never met me?”

“No” he said curtly. Caressing her face he whispered, “Everyone says I do not believe in god and love. True! But I too have feelings. I never felt anything for Lavanya, not even liking. I would have never married her even if I never met you!”

She smiled and he said leaning close to her, “After I met you, I began to feel something for you. Is it love, like or something else, I don’t know! I want you to be with me forever. I want you to take care of me, live with me for the rest of the life. May be that is what everyone calls love!” he leaned and kissed her forehead.

She smiled in tears and hugged him tight. “What did I do to deserve a great person like you?” she whispered and he whispered softly, “You loved me”.

It was then someone knocked the door.

Both of them broke away and Khushi whispered panicked, “Now what? If anyone saw me here, then?”

“Khushi, go to the poolside and take the door. It is connected to Ritik’s room! Go!” he said and she nodded running away.

He sighed and walked to the door which was being knocked impatiently. He opened it and saw di.

“What happened di?” he asked seeing her tear stricken face. “Chotte, woh Nani.....Nani’s unconscious!” Anjali said in tears.







“How is she doctor?” Arnav asked worriedly. “She had a silent attack! She is alright now but very weak. Don’t say anything that will stress her!” Doctor said and walked away.

Arnav looked at Khushi who was looking at him with tears. He heard Anjali telling him, “See Chotte, today you spoke to her harshly. You said you won’t marry Lavanya and see her state. All this is happening because of you!”

Arnav looked at her shocked, “Di what did I do?”

“Why can’t you obey her Chotte? I know you don’t love Lavanya but can’t you do this for your Nani? She wants you both to marry. After marriage you’ll fall for her! I’m sure about that. Don’t be so selfish Chotte. Is your stubbornness more important for you than your Nani?” Anjali shouted.

Arnav looked down and heard Anjali telling, “Go in and tell her that you’re ready for the marriage! GO!”

“I’m not ready for the marriage! I don’t want to marry Lavanya!” Arnav shouted.

“WHY CAN’T YOU?” Anjali shouted.

“BECAUSE I....” He couldn’t complete when doctor came saying sharply, “Keep your voices down. This is a hospital!” and he walked away. Arnav sighed and walked away while Anjali called out, “Tell me the reason Chotte!”

Ritik stood a little away beside his sister who was looking down in tears. “Time to take action Ritik!” he murmured to himself and looked at his target – Anjali!









“Should I help?”

Anjali was arranging boxes of food inside a bag when she heard his voice. She looked to her left and saw Ritik.

“Why are you here?” she asked frowning.

“Arnav is at hospital and Akash went to buy medicines. So the brothers ordered me to get their sister from home!” Ritik said as he walked to her. He started helping her to put arrange the boxes.

“Your husband is still not coming?” he asked. Anjali looked at him frowning, “Why did you ask?”

“No, I mean, Nani ji is not well. He should be here right?” he said. “He is busy” she said sighing.

“Why do you people want Arnav to marry Lavanya?” Ritik asked.

Anjali sighed and said, “Lavanya is a great girl. She loves Arnav right from childhood. She cares for him. Chotte will never get a girl like her, even in his life. I’m his sister Ritik. I care for him. If he marries Lavanya I’ll be happy because he married someone who loves him to core!”

“He doesn’t love her.” he said.

“He’ll fall for her after the marriage” she said.

“How do you know? What if he never falls for her?” he asked.

“He will! No one can hate Lavanya!” Anjali said firmly.

“What if Arnav love someone else?” Ritik asked.

Anjali stopped her work and looked at Ritik. He nodded and said, “Arnav loves someone”


“I’m not the one who should say that! Ask Arnav or Akash” he said.

“Why didn’t he tell me?” Anjali asked.

“He didn’t because everyone here is busy fixing his marriage without his consent. Akash was the only one who understood his brother and that led him to share this news with him!” Ritik said.

“I understand him!” she said offended.

“No you don’t!” Ritik said.

“Listen you...” Anjali began when he said,

“You don’t even understand yourself! How can you understand your brother then?” and he walked away when she shouted,

“What do you mean Mr. Arora?”

He turned. Sighing he said, “I said you don’t even know who you are. From my knowledge about you, you are a traditional wife and a professional doctor but that was not how you were in the past. You were never a person of saris and traditional wears. I got it from the way you were gazing at Payal’s dress. You always wished for modern and western clothes which you were never given an opportunity for. You are convinced that Arnav will fall for Lavanya after marriage which means that it happened with you too. You never loved your husband but decided to adjust with this marriage just for the sake of your family. Gradually you started accepting this marriage. So you are 100% sure that your brother will also do that. Am I right Mrs....whatever!”

Anjali stood looking down and heard him telling, “You never had a happy married life and also don’t want your brother to have one!”

“That’s not true!” she retorted, “I want him to be happy!”

“Then care for his happiness!” Ritik said.

She sighed and asked, “Who is she?”

“Khushi” he said and walked away.


Aug 17, 2016

Chapter 4 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 76 times)

Chapter 4



She walked into the hospital room to find Arnav sitting beside Nani. Keeping the food basket on the table, Anjali sat on a chair beside them.

“Did you hear what he said Anjali bitiya? Chotte loves someone else!” Nani said a bit angrily.

“I know” Anjali said. “How?” Nani asked.

“Ritik told me” she said and penetrated a gaze to her brother who looked down.

“Now what will I say to Shashi ji?” Nani asked.

“Just stop it Nani! Everyone knows that I don’t love Lavanya. Even then you’re pushing me for this marriage! I love Khushi and I want to marry her!” Arnav shouted.

“You should have told us about this!” Anjali said angrily, “What did you think? We are so cruel that we’ll separate you from your love? Did you really think that we will force you to marry Lavanya even after knowing that you love someone else?”

Arnav looked at her shocked. Nani smiled and said, “Ha Chotte, we care for your happiness! We thought you would eventually fall for Lavanya after marriage but looks like you have already fallen for someone else. We care for you and we want you to be happy. If you want to marry Khushi, then that is what is going to happen!”

“But then why were you pestering me with marriage?” Arnav asked shocked.

“We wanted you to settle! You were not interested in love and relationships and marrying you was the only solution. We though time would change you but we were wrong! You have already changed and have got yourself a beautiful lady, hai na Nani?” Anjali asked teasing and Nani laughed.

Arnav chuckled and Nani said, “Where is she? Khushi her!”

“Yeah!” Arnav said and walked out of the room. He soon returned with Khushi who was walking slowly with her hands tightly holding Arnav’s.

“Aao bitiya and no need to get scared!” Nani said smiling seeing her pale scared face. Khushi smiled faintly and sat on a chair near Nani.

Anjali silently walked out of the room watching Nani talking to Arnav and Khushi. She smiled to herself and walked through the corridor to meet Ritik. He smiled at her and she said softly, “Thank you”

“You’re welcome” he said with his charming smile.

“How do you read people well?” She asked.

“Because I work for Scotland Yard” he said smiling and walked away.








“NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” Lavanya screamed and threw a vase to mirror breaking it into pieces.  “This cannot happen. ASR IS MINE! AND JUST MINE!!!!!!” She screamed.

“Devyani ji had called. She said that Arnav loves someone else and wants to marry her!” Garima said angrily.


“Don’t worry my princess” Shashi said, “You’ll marry Arnav. He is yours!” He assured with his evil smile.









Next night.

10.30 pm.


“So all is well huh?” Payal said lying flat on the bed with her face palmed by her hands.

“Ha...” Khushi said happily, “Everyone accepted me. Di said that pandit ji will come tomorrow to check kundalis.”

“And Lavanya?”

“Nani ji informed Shashi Gupta. I don’t know what happened next” Khushi said.

“ my Khushi is gonna get married!” Payal said disappointed. “Why are you upset?” Khushi asked surprised.

“Soon you’ll get married, then’ll be busy with your family na. You’ll forget about me!” Payal said sadly.

“Aww my doll!” Khushi said hugging Payal, “I’ll find a good boy for you who will take care of you!”

“I don’t need anyone!” Payal said pushing her, “I’ll stay alone in my posh penthouse apartment!”

“Forever?” Khushi asked.

“Forever!” Payal said firmly, “I don’t want to be dependent on anyone! I’m capable of looking after myself! I’ll stay alone!”

“But what if someone comes to your life? And that someone says he loves you!” Khushi asked smiling.

“Then I’ll kick him away!” Payal said demonstrating how she is going to kick him away with her legs.








Anjali leaned on the headboard reading a novel when her phone rang. She took the phone and heard her husband’s voice.

“Hello Ranisahiba”

“Kaha ho aap Shyam ji?” she asked keeping the novel aside.

“I was busy. I reached the hotel room now. I saw your missed calls. What happen Ranisahiba? Is everything okay? Nani ji kaisa hai?” he asked.

“Nani is alright! I called to ask when you’re returning” she said.

“I have loads of work....just as I finish I’ll come to my dear Ranisahiba...” he said.

“But you’re a lawyer. What works do you have?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” he asked a bit angrily.

“Woh a lawyer doesn’t travel much as you do...” she said.

“So what are you implying Ranisahiba? I’m lying to you, to the whole family? I have some side business huh? I...”

“Nahi....aise kuch nahi hai....mera woh matlab nahi tha....I’m sorry!” Anjali said.


“Waise I told you about Khushi right?” she said.


“Hey bhagwan. I was tensed about Nani’s health that I forgot to tell you about her. Chotte is getting married!” Anjali said.

“I know. With Lavanya!”

“Nahi, with Khushi!”


“Chotte loves a girl called Khushi. She works with him at LA. They met there. So they are getting married!” Anjali said happily.

“But what about Lavanya?” he asked shocked.

“Nani informed Shashi ji today morning! After that no phone call came!”

“But Ranisahiba, that’s not right. We gave the girl a lot of hopes!”

“But Chotte loves Khushi na!”

“Who is this Khushi?” he shouted, “A girl comes yesterday morning and Arnav tells he loves her and the whole family fixed their marriage. What is she, who is her parents, what kind of family is hers, does she match with Raizada parivaar, did you people check anything? How stupid can you all be?” he shouted.

“Why are you shouting? Khushi is a nice girl and my brother loves her! If he wants to marry a girl then that WILL happen!” Anjali said angrily.

“Stop it Anjali!” Shyam shouted, “How can you trust that girl? What about Lavanya who loved Arnav since her childhood. She didn’t even marry; hell didn’t even look at any other person’s photo, because she loves Arnav. How can you do this to that poor soul? You’re so selfish! You just think about your brother! What if that girl is a cheat? What if she is trapping Arnav?”

“I don’t know anything. Chotte loves Khushi and Khushi loves him back. They both WILL marry!” Anjali said firmly.

“Whatever!” Shyam said angrily and cut the call.

Anjali looked at the cell phone and sighing hard threw it on the bed.









At Terrace


“But Ritik, why did you call us here?” Arnav asked frowning.

Ritik sighed and looked at Arnav and Khushi sitting together, Payal sitting on the railings and Akash standing leaning to the railing. He sat on the chair opposite to everyone and said, “We have to do something regarding Lavanya and Guptas.”

“What about them? The topic is closed forever!” Akash said,

“You think they’ll back out?” Ritik asked smirking, “You guys know them for years but still not seeing their faces!”

“What face?” Arnav asked.

“It’s not that you see, it’s that you don’t observe!” Ritik said, “Arnav, Lavanya is obsessed with you since childhood. That is what you told me. I observed when she hugged you. She is insane. Pure obsession towards someone or something is very fatal. Lavanya can do anything to get you Arnav. Don’t you see it?”

Arnav sat silent and Ritik said, “If you cannot be hers then she won’t let you to be Khushi’s also!”

“What do you mean Ritik bhaiyya?” Payal asked.

“She may hurt Arnav and Khushi!” Ritik said sighing.

“WHAT!” Arnav and Khushi shouted and Akash stood shocked. “Uski to main taang thod doongi!” Payal said jumping from the railings. “Aane de usse, aise maroongi ki khud ki shakal bhi nahi pehchan poangi!” she said angrily. (I’ll break her legs. Let her come, I’m gonna beat the hell out of her that she won’t even recognize her own face!)

Ritik sighed and said, “Stop it Payal! Your rowdy Rathode style won’t work here!”

“Now what to do?” Akash asked.

Ritik sighed, “I don’t know! As far as I have heard of Guptas, they are very eager to get Lavanya married to Arnav which I clearly don’t understand. Why do they want their daughter to marry someone who is not interested with her?”

“Stop it bhaiyya, you’re scaring me!” Khushi said hugging Arnav.

“Don’t worry my dear” Ritik said pinching her cheeks, “We all there na! Nothing will happen. But we have to be cautious.”




Aug 23, 2016

Chapter 5 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 85 times)

Chapter 5



“It’s a match made in heaven. The kundalis match perfectly!” Pandit ji said and everyone present in the living hall of Raizadas smiled. Akash nudged Arnav’s arm who was looking at a blushing Khushi.

“Aap ek achi muhurat de dijiye pandit ji!” Anjali said smiling, “We need two dates – engagement and shaadi!”

“There is a good muhurat for wedding within 2 weeks. Engagement can be conducted in one week!” Pandit ji said, “After that the best day is after 4 months!”

“Nahi nahi, next week itself!” Arnav said jumping in and everyone laughed out loud. “So eager to marry huh?” Ritik teased and nudged Khushi who was blushing furiously. Khushi was hell red like a tomato and looked down not daring to look at the teasing glances of the family while Payal stood smiling seeing her expression.








“So it is set!” Mami said, “Engagement in a week. Mehendi after 2 days of engagement. The next day will be haldi, then Sangeet and finally shaadi!” she clapped her hands, “Have to buy new saris and jewellery!”

“Nani why are you silent?” Anjali asked.

“We should visit Shashi ji! We have done wrong with Lavanya right?” Nani asked. “Ha Nani,” Anjali said, “We gave her a lot of hopes. It was our fault. We should have asked Chotte!”

“I’ll visit them and talk with them! They didn’t call after that phone call!” Nani said and Anjali nodded

“No need for that!” They heard a voice and turned to see Shashi Gupta and Garima Gupta.

Nani, mami and Anjali stood up greeting them as they entered. “We heard your talks Devyani ji” Shashi said, “No need for apologizing or something. We understand! If Arnav bitwa loves someone he should marry that person. We should not force him for some relation!”

“We are concerned about our daughter Devyani ji!” Garima said, “She has refused to eat anything. She has locked up herself in a room crying. What should we do? She loves Arnav so much and cannot bear him being someone else!”

Nani and Anjali looked at each other. What can they do! It’s all because of them! Mami sighed and said, “We’ll talk with her. We are at fault. We gave her unnecessary hopes and now we’ll rectify it. What do you say saasuma?”

“Ha Manorama” Devyani said agreeing to mami, “We’ll come and talk with Lavanya. We’ll make her understand!”

“Ji Devyani ji, but it’ll be better if Arnav talk to her once!” Shashi said.

“Let me ask him!” Nani said.







“NO!” Arnav said firmly.

“Chotte, just once if you....”

“DI! I said NO!” Arnav shouted.

“Arnav, just go for once. You should talk to her!” Khushi said. “Are you mad Khushi?” Arnav shouted.

Khushi sighed and said, “No matter how much you dislike her, don’t ignore the fact that she loves you. She longed for her marriage with you. You all gave her hope. So you should talk with her!”

“Khushi Lavanya is not what you think. She is quite stubborn. If she longs for something then she HAS to get it. Even if I talk with her she won’t listen!” Arnav said.

“Just try once! What if she understands?” Khushi asked.

Arnav sighed and said, “Just for you!” Khushi smiled and nodded while Anjali smiled seeing the duo.

It was then Hari Prakash came. “Anjali didi, Shyam bhaiyya came!” Anjali nodded.

“Oh jeejaaji is here!” Arnav stood up.

“Chotte, first you go to Lavanya’s house. Why don’t you do one thing? Take Khushi too! Why don’t you both talk to her?” Anjali said.

“Me? But...” Khushi began when Arnav said, “No di, she hates Khushi!”

“No! I’ll come too!” Khushi said, “I’ll also talk with her!” she said standing up. “Let’s go!” Arnav sighed and nodded. No one can stop Khushi if she sets off for something.









“Back so soon?”

Anjali asked as she entered the room to find Shyam coming out of washroom after freshening up.

“Yeah, many things are happening here. Thought to visit!” Shyam said keeping the towel on the bed.

She nodded and walked to the bed. Taking the towel she hung it on the iron rod for drying.

“So where is this wonder girl, Khushi?” He asked sarcastically. “She and Arnav have gone to Lavanya’s house” Anjali said and walked to the cupboard taking something.

“Ranisahiba!” Shyam called sweetly and hugged her from behind, “Are you angry at me?”

“Why should I be angry?” She asked sternly and freed herself from his hold. “Move, I have work to do!”

“No, I won’t move until you smile at me!” Shyam said, “I have come home after many days. I expected a hug!”

“You are never home! Home is a holiday house for you where you stay when you have no work isn’t it?” She asked angrily. “Ranisahiba!” Shyam hugged her, “I have work to do. After I complete the work I rush to you right? How can you say this?”

She sighed and said. “Okay fine. Now leave me! Nani is calling me!”

“You’re still angry!” Shyam whined as he left the hug. “No I’m not!” she cried smiled brightly, “Happy?”

“Very much!” he said and kissed her cheek. “Now can I go?” She asked. He nodded and she walked away.

Just as she passed his vision, his smile turned into anger. “Now they went to talk with Lavanya. I hope the stupid girl don’t fall for their words. If she does, then mine and Shashi Gupta’s plans would fail!”

He was thinking hard when he heard a voice, “Excuse me, can you tell me where Anjali is?”

He looked at the door to find a young man dressed in black jeans, black tee and a brown leather jacket. “Who are you?” Shyam asked angrily as he was irritated by his disturbance.

“Before that, who are you?” the man asked rudely, “What are you doing in Anjali’s room?”

“This is my room. I’m Anjali’s husband! Who the hell are you?” Shyam shouted.

Hearing his shout Akash came. “Jeejaaji what happened? Why are you shouting?” “Akash who is this idiot?” he asked pointing to the man who was standing glaring at him.

“Jeeju this is Ritik bhai, Khushi bhabhi’s brother. Ritik bhai this is Shyam Manohar Jha, my jeejaaji!” Akash said introducing.

“Anjali’s husband! Nice to meet you!” Ritik said forwarding his hand to Shyam who took it grimly. Ritik glared at him and said, “It was a pleasure to meet you Mr. Jha!” Shyam frowned at that and Ritik left the hand smirking. “See you soon!” he said and walked away telling, “Nani was calling Anjali. Inform her!”

“He is strange!” Shyam said aloud.

“He is!” Akash said smiling, “A little straight forward but very good at heart!” and he walked away.

Shyam frowned. He should stay away from this brother of Khushi. Wait, who is this girl who took away the senses of ASR? Must meet her, really!


Aug 25, 2016

Chapter 6 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 94 times)

Chapter 6



“Love is something that cannot be forced Lavanya. I never loved you. You know that don’t you? I don’t know when but I fell for Khushi. We both love each other. Please try to understand!” Arnav said calmly.

Lavanya sat on the bed with her knees curled up to her chest and she looked at both Arnav and Khushi sitting before her.

“Lavanya,” Khushi said holding her hand, “I know whatever happened with you was wrong but what can we do? We both love each other and cannot stay away without one another. Like Arnav said, we just fall in love. We cannot force it! I’m sure, there will be someone in this world who is meant for you, who will love you like a princess!”

Lavanya looked at the bed not saying a word. Arnav and Khushi looked at each other. They are talking with her for the past one hour and she never talked a word.

Arnav stood up and said, “Next week is our engagement. Do come!” he kept the invitation card near her. “Bye Lavanya and I’m sorry” he walked away dragging Khushi.

Lavanya watched them going. As soon as they were out of her vision, she took the invitation and looked at the grand card.

Taking out a pen, she striped on Khushi’s name and wrote her name.

“You’re right ASR. Love cannot be forced. You just fall in love. I fell for you. You’re just mine! I don’t care whom you love but I love you and you should be mine! You’re right Khushi there might be someone who will love me but I don’t want them. I want ASR and just ASR!” and she wrote all over the invitation card,

Arnav and Lavanya

With a huge red strip over Khushi.








“Jeejaaji!” Arnav cried as he entered the hall to find Shyam sitting with everyone and having tea. “Hello saalesaheb” Shyam smiled and hugged him. Withdrawing from the hug, he asked, “How are you? Heard that you got some beauty from LA!” Arnav smiled and turned to see Khushi coming. “That’s her Khushi!”

Shyam looked at the girl coming. She was damn pretty! The most beautiful woman in the world. Dressed in a peach coloured ankle length gown, Khushi walked to Shyam and smiled.

Shyam stood gaping looking at the flawless beauty before him. He stared at her head to toe and Khushi looked at Arnav uncomfortable under his gaze. Arnav didn’t notice it and said, “Jeeju this is Khushi. Khushi this is Shyam Jeeju, di’s husband!”

Shyam was broken from the trance. “Hello Khushi” he said with his sly smile and forwarded his hand. Khushi looked at his hand and then folded her hands saying, “Namaste jeejaaji” Shyam withdrew his hand and returned the Namaste. She suddenly moved to Anjali who were discussing about jewellery. Being with that strange man was the least thing she wanted.

As she sat with Anjali, her mobile beeped a message. She looked at it making sure no one is seeing and found a message from Ritik who was sitting a bit far away from her. She looked at him and then at the message. It said,

Stay away from that jeejaaji of Arnav

She closed the message. He is a bad guy. If her bhaiyya gave a certificate AWAY for a person then that person is definitely bad. She looked at Ritik and nodded a yes and then resumed in the discussion.









Jewellers had come to RM and the girls were busy selecting ornaments. Gents sat a bit far away talking something and Arnav was continuously looking at Khushi who was selecting necklaces.

“Payal, you also select some!” Anjali said forwarding a neckpiece to Payal who was sitting frowning at the number of necklaces before her.

“I don’t want! I never wear ornaments!” Payal said and sat with her legs on the sofa. “She is a boy di, never mind her!” Khushi said laughing and Payal nodded, “Exactly. If only Buaji let me cut my hair.....I love Ritik bhai’s hairstyle. I’ll get my hair done like that....SOMEDAY!” She added.

“Payal, I hope you’ll wear something girly for my wedding!” Khushi said.

“Me? NO WAY!” Payal shouted.

“Why?” Anjali asked.

“Di, I love to wear shirts and pants. I’ll wear my new jeans and also I’ll buy a super shirt. Okay?” she said.

“Nahi!” Khushi said stubbornly, “You should wear sari. Or anarkali. Or something traditional. No tomboy style!”

“Eeew, how do you girls handle such heavy dresses?” Payal asked scrunching her eyebrows.

Khushi laughed and took a necklace and looked at the mirror keeping the necklace on her neck. She looked at her reflection and was about to turn to Anjali when she looked at Arnav. She smiled at him and raised her eyebrow showing the necklace.

He narrowed his brows and nodded no. She pouted and kept the necklace on the table and then took another once. She showed it and raised her brows again and he again nodded no. She kept that necklace too on the table and looked at him pouting. He pointed his finger to one corner and Khushi looked there to find a ruby necklace. She took it and looked at the mirror and then at him. He curled his fingers indicating good. She smiled and he winked at her.

Their session was broken by Payal’s voice, “ASR, why don’t you come and sit here. You are taking a lot of trouble to select a necklace for her. Come sit here. You both select together!”

Khushi looked down blushing and Arnav glared at Payal who was smiling cheekily. Everyone laughed at the couple and Anjali said, “Chotte come. No need to sit far and struggle to select necklace for Khushi!”

Arnav smiled embarrassed and then stormed upstairs while everyone laughed at his plight.









Ritik was busy with his laptop when he heard his sister’s voice. He looked up and saw Khushi walking in.

“Something is wrong with that jeejaaji bhaiyya” Khushi said as she sat near Ritik, “I feel very uncomfortable near him!”

“Then don’t go near him!” Ritik said and buried himself in his work.

“Bhaiyya” Khushi whined, “You asked me to stay away from him na. Why? How do you know that he is bad?”

“I know many things about him!” Ritik said looking at her, “Many that even his wife doesn’t know!”

“What?” Khushi asked scared.

“Many things. Don’t say to anyone, ANYONE and I MEAN IT. Not even Arnav!” Ritik warned and Khushi nodded her head vigorously. “Is he so bad?” She asked and Ritik nodded his head.









“That brother of Khushi...what does he do?” Shyam asked.

Anjali was combing her hair and she called out from her dressing table, “He is a detective. Works at Scotland Yard!”

“WHAT? SCOTLAND YARD!” Shyam shouted and stood up from the bed. Anjali stopped combing and looked at him. “Why? What happened?”

“Nahi, kuch nahi. Woh Scotland Yard is the best in the world. So I...” Shyam managed.

“And he is well at work too. He reads people well!” She said keeping the comb on its position recalling his words about her.

But Shyam heard none other than Scotland Yard.

“Does he know about me? Does police know about me? Have they sent him to get me? I should inform Shashi Gupta!” Shyam murmured in his mind and walked away with his mobile.


Aug 26, 2016

Chapter 7 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 94 times)

Chapter 7




“What is this girl doing here?” Lavanya asked angrily as she watched Arnav and Khushi entering holding hands from her cabin.

“She will be working here along with Arnav. Didn’t you hear that?” Sheetal, the head model of AR and best friend of Lavanya, sitting on a chair said.

“Work here? Which post?” Lavanya asked frowning.

“Don’t know!” Sheetal shrugged, “Must say La she has got ASR on her fingers!”

“Fingers, my foot! ASR is mine! Soon Khushi will be thrown out of Shantivan and Lavanya will re enter!” Lavanya swore as she watched them walking to Arnav’s cabin.

“Looks like you have to return back to your dad’s company!” Sheetal said laughing.

“NEVER!” Lavanya punched the table, “I literally begged dad to recommend ASR to take me into AR. I won’t leave from here until I become Mrs. ASR!”

“I think you will get more position at Gupta fashions that at AR. You’re daughter of Shashi Gupta!” Sheetal said.

“I want to be wife of ASR. That gives me more position and power! And yeah, that gives me ASR as myself! Just mine!” Lavanya said laughing.

“Will that happen?” Sheetal asked doubtfully.

“IT WILL HAPPEN!” Lavanya said firmly.







“Good morning everyone, I’ve called for this staff meeting to introduce someone to you” Arnav said and called Khushi. Holding her by arms, he said, “This is Khushi Arora, my fiance, and she will be working here along with us!”

Everyone gasped knowing that she is ASR’s fiance. Ladies looked at Khushi with jealousy and gents looked disappointed that the beauty they all were ogling belonged to ASR.

Lavanya stood burning as Khushi smiled and greeted everyone. Her minions Sim and Pam stood beside her and Sim said, “See how that girl is creating impression!” “It should be La’s position near ASR” said Pam. “Poor La” Sim said and patted Lavanya’s arm, “Don’t cry La, ASR will be yours soon! We’re there na! We’ll help you!” Lavanya stood glaring at Khushi enough to burn her.








Everyone dispersed leaving Arnav and Khushi in the conference room.

“So now what? What should I do in this office?” Khushi asked. “Simple, be with me!” Arnav said smirking and pulled her. She fell on his lap and circled her arm around his neck.

“Acha, if I sit with you then you won’t work!” Khushi said kissing his nose. “What’s the need to work sweetheart!” Arnav sang as he buried his face in his work.

“AR will doom!” Khushi said standing up. Arnav pulled her again and she again fell on his lap, “Akash and Aman will look after the office!” he whispered huskily.

Khushi laughed and pushed him. She stood up and said, “Workaholic ASR is now repelled by work?” she asked smirking.

“I have another addiction now!” he said smirking and pulled her.

It was then the door flew open and Lavanya entered. She walked in but stopped in her tracks seeing Khushi in Arnav’s arms. Arnav and Khushi suddenly broke from their position and Arnav said angrily, “You should have knocked Ms. Gupta!”

“’re getting late for meeting ASR!” she said.

“I have my PA who will inform me that. From when did you become my PA?” he shouted. “Arnav” Khushi whispered and looked at Lavanya. “Now GET OUT” Arnav shouted and Lavanya stormed out of the room angrily.

“Do you think she working here is a good idea?” Khushi asked Arnav. Arnav shrugged and said, “Her dad had recommended her. She has signed a contract of 3 years. I cannot do anything!”

“I thought she would understand when we talk with her! Ritik bhaiyya is right. She is obsessed!” Khushi said. Arnav hugged her from back and said, “Don’t be scared. We both will be together, hamesha!” and he kissed her cheek.








Arnav, Khushi and Akash returned home from office to find Raj Arora and Shagun Arora sitting in the hall.

“Daddy....Mamma....” Khushi squealed and ran to hug them. “When did you reach?” Khushi cried. “Just now my princess!” Raj said patting her head, “Ritik got us from airport!”

“Bhaiyya didn’t tell me!” Khushi whined. “Thought to surprise you my kitten!” Ritik said laughing.

“Don’t call me kitten!” Khushi cried.


My dear kitten.....

Silly cute little kitten...” Ritik sang.

“Daddy!” Khushi whined. “Ritik....stop!” Raj said and smacked his arm and Ritik laughed while Raizadas smiled at the family.





“So Devyani ji, we have to move to our house!” Shagun said, “Both the families staying under same roof before marriage is not done right? We have our house here in Delhi. We’ll move out!”

“But aunty ji, it was so fun here! Please it’ll be so nice if you all stay here!” Anjali cried.

“Nahi bitiya, Shagun ji is right. Both boy and girl should not stay under same roof before marriage. I wanted to talk about this but Shagun ji herself brought the topic” Nani said.

“So we’ll move” Raj said, “What about the wedding rituals? Where shall we have it?”

“If you don’t have any objection, can we have it here?” Nani asked, “It’s our Chotte’s marriage. We want to enjoy it fully!”

“Of course!” Shagun said, “We’ll have the rituals here and marriage?”

“From devi maiyya’s mandir!” Anjali suggested.

“Done!” Everyone said.




After an hour, Aroras left to their house in Delhi.

Akash walked to his brother’s room who was looking at his phone. “Waiting for bhabhi’s call?” he teased.

“What are you doing here?” Arnav asked irritated.

“Just came to visit you. And yeah, to let you know that your choice in girls is WONDERFUL!” Akash said.

“Oh really?” Arnav smirked.

“Yep. If you had selected someone else then trust me, I would have smacked you. Khushi bhabhi is perfect! How on earth did she fall for you?” Akash asked sitting beside him.

“What do you mean?” Arnav asked confused.

“I mean, she is so perfect, cute, calm and good. But are very arrogant, rude, irritating, angry...”

“Okay fine! All imperfect things for me and perfect things for bhabhi!” Arnav said and smacked Akash’s arm, “Kameena already changed your party huh!”

Akash laughed and said, “Now that you are hitched the family is gonna turn to me. So find me someone like bhabhi or else I’ll have to marry some miss worlds that mom brings!”

“What about Lavanya?” Arnav asked smirking.

“Bhai, do you wish to see my death? I want someone like bhabhi!” Akash whined.

“Hm....someone like Khushi.....yep! Payal!” Arnav said.

“Bhai!” Akash groaned, “I want a girl to marry not a boy to fight!”

“Hey, don’t tease Payal. She is equivalent to my saali!” Arnav said warning.

“She is not your saalisahiba, she is saalesaheb!” Akash laughed.

“But she is a wonderful girl. You both will make a good pair. I mean she is wild and noisy while you’re calm and quiet. Opposite attracts!” Arnav said.

“Bhai, let’s stop the topic!”

“Why aren’t you interested in her? She is a gem!” Arnav cried.

“Bhai stop!” Akash cried.

“Are you blushing?” Arnav teased.

“BHAI!!” Akash whined.

“OMG you are blushing! Let me call di!” Arnav stood up. “Bhai!” Akash cried and then stormed out of the room while Arnav laughed at his brother’s retreating back.


Aug 28, 2016

Chapter 8 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 69 times)

Chapter 8



“Arrey nahi Shashi ji, don’t worry. Nothing will go wrong!” Shyam said over the phone, “Things would reach there safely. Don’t worry over checking. Our goods have always crossed the checking!”

He listened for the other side and said, “Hmm...I’m sorry Shashi ji I couldn’t do anything. I was not here. I did not know about this girl. Don’t worry this marriage won’t happen!”

“Yeah, ask Lavanya to do something. Try from your side and I’ll do whatever I can. Arnav and Khushi’s marriage will never happen!” Shyam said and cut the call.

He turned and stood rooted to find Anjali.

Anjali walked in and kept the tray on the table. “Your coffee Shyam ji!”

“Thank you” Shyam said and took the coffee looking at her. Did she hear anything? Anjali was walking to the wardrobe and taking out some clothes.

Shyam waiting for some seconds for her to make a conversation which she didn’t. So he began, “Ranisahiba, why are you so silent?”

Anjali turned and smiled sweetly, “Nothing Shyam ji. I was just thinking about my leave and things!”

“Leave? Why?”

“It’s Chotte’s marriage! I have to take leave from hospital right?” Anjali said surprised. “Oh yeah!” Shyam said, “Are shopping for engagement over?”

“No,  we bought jewellery. We have to buy dresses! What will you be wearing? Suit or sherwani?” she asked.

“Whatever you wish!” Shyam said smiling and pulled her. She crashed on his chest and Shyam said, “But I want you to wear something blue. You look good in blue!”

She smiled and pushed him. “You’re getting naughtier these days!” she said and then said, “You’re wearing a suit. Decided!” and she walked away.

“Ranisahiba!” he called out. She turned and he said, “I met that girl Khushi today. She seemed quite strange!”

“Why?” Anjali asked frowning.

“She didn’t talk anything with me. Always stayed away! Is she okay with me?” he asked.

“She met you for the first time Shyam ji. Khushi takes time to mingle with people! When we met for the first she was quite scared!” Anjali said laughing.

“Oh is it? Okay then!” Shyam said and walked away while Anjali kept on looking at his retreating back.

His words when she entered the room pondered over her mind.

“Yeah, ask Lavanya to do something. Try from your side and I’ll do whatever I can. Arnav and Khushi’s marriage will never happen!”

Whom was he talking to? Why did he say so? Why does he want to stop Arnav and Khushi’s marriage?

Anjali sat on the bed.

Her husband was acting strange. He is keeping on travelling these days and whenever he is home he is always with his mobile. And today she heard him speaking this. What is happening around her?

Fisting her hand, she mumbled to herself, “Whatever you are doing Shyam ji, I will stop it. I won’t allow you to ruin my Chotte’s happiness. But the question is, why are you doing all this?”

Suddenly her mind brought her the image of the only person who can help her.

Taking out her cell, she dialled a number.

“Hello, it’s me Anjali. Can we meet? I need your help!” she said and then cut the call after hearing the reply.

“Hari Prakash ji!” Anjali shouted and HP came running. “Ask Mohan kaka to start the car. I need to go somewhere!”

“Where Anjali bitiya? Should I call Arnav baba?” HP asked.

“No, tell him that I went to a friend of mine!” she said and walked away holding her purse.






Next morning


Khushi sat in her cabin at AR and swirled the chair. She was assigned as Head designer of AR Delhi branch replacing Lavanya. She had asked Arnav not to replace Lavanya but Arnav told her that Lavanya was not working properly and he demoted her to asst designer, which is Assistant of Khushi, much to the annoyance of Lavanya.

She kept on looking at the phone. She had been trying Arnav’s cell from the past night but he is not receiving. She had called him many times and the call was finally received.

“Hello Arnav, where are you jaan? I’ve been calling and calling....why didn’t you answer my call? Where are you? You aren’t home, I called di! Answer me Arnav, why are you mum?” Khushi shouted.

“Khushi, it’s not Arnav!”

“Lavanya?” Khushi asked shocked.

“Ha, Lavanya! Woh ASR is in washroom. I will ask him to call you later!” she said and cut the call.

Lavanya! What was Lavanya doing with him? Where was he? She had called Anjali who told her that Arnav is at office. He had left her a message so. But he was not there. She called the security who told her that everyone left AR. Then where was he? Why didn’t he receive her phone? And what the hell was Lavanya doing with him?

Khushi rubbed her forehead. He was still not at office! He is not at home too! Where are you Arnav?

She walked out of the cabin but stopped on tracks hearing some voices. It was Sim and Pam talking.

“Pam, any calls from La?” Sim asked.

“No Sim, she won’t call. She must have slept late!” Pam said and the girls giggled.

“Ha, she was with ASR na?” Sim asked. Now that definitely caught Khushi’s ears. She listened carefully.

“They both were in ASR’s private apartment right? La told me. No one in Raizada family knows about this private apartment!” Pam said.

“They both were there for a night! WOW!” Sim cried, “What all would have happened?”

“But Sim, what about that fiance of ASR?” Pam asked.

“Forget her. I think ASR is marrying her for the sake of family. He loves Lavanya. Can’t you see how he stares at her during work? He always searches for reasons to call La to his cabin and when he does he asks his PA NOT TO DISTURB them!” Sim said.

“Hm....Bechari Khushi!” Pam said.

“Yeah, Bechari! ASR is just La’s!” Sim said and they both hi-fived.

Khushi stood in tears and silently walked away.

“Gone!” Sim said and laughed.

“True! Bechari!” Pam said laughing.









“Mam, ASR is calling you to his cabin!” Khushi’s PA informed her.

“He is at office?” Khushi asked. “Just came now!” PA said. Khushi nodded and walked to his cabin. Opening the door she entered to find him sitting on his chair.

“Where were you for the night?” She asked sharply.

“Sorry dear. I just slept off. I didn’t see your calls,” Arnav said.

“That’s not the answer to my question!” she said.

“I was at my private apartment!” Arnav said casually, “It’s a lovely place. I love spending time there!”

Her heart pierced on his words.

“You messaged to di that you’re here at office” she said.

“Ha woh di doesn’t know about this place. It’s my private space!” Arnav said smiling.

“And Lavanya?” Khushi asked.

“What about her?” Arnav frowned.

“What was she doing with you?” Khushi asked angrily.

“What?” Arnav asked shocked.

“Now don’t tell me that she wasn’t there with you. I called you and she took the call. She was with you. I heard her minions talking with each other that you both were together in your private apartment last night!” Khushi said in tears.

“For god sake Khushi, don’t tell me that you believe what those idiots said!” Arnav said in disbelief.

“I believe what I heard Arnav. I talked with Lavanya last night. She attended your call!” Khushi said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I was at my private apartment but I don’t know how Lavanya came there and how she took the call. May be I was in washroom or I may have slept. I don’t know how she entered in and took the cell!” Arnav said angrily, “Is this how you trust me? Someone will say something and you’re fighting with me! You’re unbelievable Khushi! I thought you would trust me at thin and thick times but no.....just a small effort of Lavanya and you started doubting me. So this is your love huh?” he said angrily.

“Arnav I....” Khushi began when he shouted, “Khushi! Leave!”


“I SAID LEAVE!” Arnav shouted and Khushi ran out of the cabin in tears.


Sep 1, 2016

Chapter 9 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 101 times)

Chapter 9



“I SAID LEAVE!” Arnav shouted and Khushi ran out of the cabin in tears.

She bumped on to Payal who was shocked seeing her tears. “What happened Khushi?” she asked concerned but Khushi ran away. Payal clutched her fist and stormed to Arnav’s cabin.

“You moron!” Payal shouted angrily, “Didn’t you promise me that you won’t make Khushi cry? Is this how you keep your promise? Why did you make her cry? What did she do? What...”

“JUST SHUT UP Payal!” Arnav shouted, “Why do you keep on interfering between me and Khushi. This is our personal matter! So for god sake, STAY AWAY!”

Payal was numb for a second. She stared at him for a while and then said angrily, “I’m her best friend and I’ll interfere in your matter if I see her sad!”

“Couples do fight. Just keep your head out of our matters. This is the last time you’re shouting at me. Let me warn you that!” Arnav said dangerously.

“I just want you both to be happy!” Payal said hurt by his behaviour, “If you want me to do something you can tell me. I’ll be there, any time!”

“Yes I want you to do something – STAY AWAY FROM OUR MATTERS!” Arnav shouted.


Arnav sighed and looked at his phone. As expected, within a minute, a message popped in.

What’s the problem dude? Heard that you both fought! Is there anything wrong or you just took out your frustration on my baby sissy? Let me warn you Raizada, she is not your punching bag! Is there any problem? Something I should know? If something is wrong, then....SORT IT OUT! If you need any help, do let me know - Ritz

Arnav sighed and replied,

Lavanya is playing games and your sister is falling for her traps. What should I do? - Arnav

He waited for a minute and a message was received.

Sort out the issue between you both. Regarding Lavanya, you leave it to me - Ritz

He sighed. Ritik is a great relief to him! There is no need to worry when he is there!








Akash walked out of AR for some fresh air. He walked through the garden when he heard a weeping voice. He looked to his front and saw Payal sitting on the garden bench and weeping.

“What happened?” he asked and sat beside her. She looked up at him and then nodded her head in no wiping her tears.

“Tears don’t look good on tomboys. What is the matter!” he said softly.

“Your khadoos brother and bhabhi!” Payal said sniffing.

“What did they do?” Akash asked shocked.

Payal sniffed and narrated what happened at Arnav’s cabin. “After that,” she sniffed, “I went to Khushi. I consoled her and said many bad things about ASR. Then she also scolded me. She also told me not to interfere between her and ASR.”

“Bhabhi said that!” Akash asked surprised and Payal nodded. She said in tears, “I’m their friend. I just want them to be happy! Why are they telling so?”

“First of all both of them are frustrated. Secondly, couples do fight and their fights won’t last long. They’ll eventually sort it out. We needn’t do anything” Akash said.

“You mean I did something wrong?” Payal shouted.

“No. You wish good for them so you did good. If it was other way, then what you did was wrong!” Akash said chuckling, “Let it go. They both just said it out in irritation. After they sort their fight, they are gonna come to you!”

Payal smiled and said, “You’re cute. I thought you are a dumbo!”

Akash glared at her and said, “I thought you are a tomboy but you are a touch-me-not plant!”

“YOU!” Payal screamed, “GET OUT OF HERE!”

“Excuse me, this is my office!” Akash smiled.

Payal huffed and stormed out of the garden while Akash laughed at her retreating back.









“I’m sorry!”

Both of them said together and then laughed.

“Khushi I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that. Please forgive me!” Arnav said apologetically.

“I’m sorry Arnav. Mistake is mine. I shouldn’t have doubted you. I shouldn’t have fell for their trap! I’m so sorry!” Khushi said with fallen face.

Arnav hugged her and said, “I will never ever cheat you. I love you so much. You know that right?”

“I know. I’m sorry” she whispered and hugged him tight.

“I hate them Arnav. Lavanya, Sim, Pam....they are trying to ruin our relation!” Khushi said withdrawing from the hug.

Arnav nodded and said, “I have a remedy for those minions of Lavanya!”








“I’m sorry ASR” Sim and Pam cried before him.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? YOU’RE FIRED! GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!” Arnav roared.

“Forgive us ASR, please....” Sim pleaded.

“You both joined Lavanya to ruin my relation with my fiance huh? HOW DARE YOU DO THAT? DON’T YOU FEEL ASHAMED TO PUT YOUR HEAD INTO SOMEONE’S RELATIONSHIP? HOW CHEAP YOU ARE!” Arnav shouted.

“Woh La asked us to and....”

“And you did!” Arnav completed the sentence for Pam.

“ASR, she is our boss. She is the one who pays my father’s hospital bills!” Pam said in tears, “I have to obey her!”

“And she is the one who looks after my family expenses” Sim said, “I come from a poor background. I want to live ASR. I need money!”

“And for that you’ll even kill anyone!” Arnav said.

“No...” They cried.

“I’ll cancel your dismissal on once condition...” Arnav said and the girls looked at him expectedly.

“You have to stay with Lavanya and inform me what she is planning” Arnav said.

The girls gasped and Arnav said,

“Sim I’ll look after your family expenses and I’ll pay for Pam’s father’s hospital bill. I’ll pay you double and will provide you everything that Lavanya does but in return I want information about what Lavanya is planning!” Arnav said.

Sim and Pam looked at another and then nodded at Arnav.

“But if I find you both lying then...” ASR said in his dangerous tone.

“No NO!” Sim and Pam cried, “We’ll do whatever you say!”

“ go!” Arnav ordered.

Sim and Pam ran out of his cabin and he murmured, “Time for a payback Lavanya. You underestimated Arnav Singh Raizada.”



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