Arshi SS: Eternal Love

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Sep 30, 2016

?Chapter 20 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 119 times)

Chapter 20




Days passed and everyone got over of Shyam’s betrayal. The news had spread all around India that the no.1 drug dealer of London is caught. Guptas, Sheetal and Dr. Preeti are arrested and everyone is given strict punishments. Sim and Pam were promoted for their help and Greg along with Jerry went back to London but promised to attend the Arshi’s wedding.

Everyone noticed that Anjali is really happy. The neighbours taunted her on her failed marriage, everyone looked at her with pity and sympathy but nothing mattered to her. She even changed her saris to salwars suits and styled her hair. She changed completely as if she was waiting to get divorced.

Only Arnav knew the actual reason behind his di’s happiness. He had confronted her regarding Ritik right on the day on Shyam’s truth. And to his utter shock, his di who talks about morals and ethics openly admitted that she loves Ritik and didn’t care if anyone says that it’s disgusting to have an extra-marital affair. Arnav was shocked and didn’t have any option but to give his nod. And what shocked him more was Anjali’s stand that she would have gone with Ritik even if she didn’t have Arnav’s and family’s approval.

No one in the family knew about this and Arnav didn’t tell this to anyone as per Ritik’s and Anjali’s demand. They wanted Arshi’s marriage to end without any more problems. They can wait!



And it was the wedding.




Arnav sat in the altar in his maroon-cream sherwani while Akash and Anjali were beside him teasing him to core. Nani, Mami and Mama stood near the altar watching the siblings scene with a smile.

The pandit ji performed the pre-marriage rituals and said, “Kanya ko bulayiye...” (Call the bride)

Arnav, Raizadas and the guests looked at the stairs where the bride’s side came descending. Some relatives of Aroras walked in first, behind them was NK holding a video camera and Khushi’s father. And behind them was her.

Arnav held his breath watching her coming down in a blood red lehenga and gold jewellery. He traced her from her toes to her forehead roaming his ears all over her. She looked at him and then looked down shying. Ritik, Payal, Shagun and Buaji had held the red cloth (I don’t what it is and why it is held over the bride) over her head and was walking beside her. Khushi felt her brother leaning to her and whispering, “Seems like Mr. Raizada is very impatient!” Khushi smiled blushing and heard Payal’s whisper, “Khushi are you sure that he is not planning to hold your hand and kiss it?” Khushi gasped and looked at Payal and heard Ritik telling, “I think that’s gonna happen. Never underestimate ASR. He is too bold! Forget hand, I fear he would surely kiss you on....”

“On.....?” she asked as they walked down the stairs.

Ritik cleared his throat and said, “On....the same place where he does every time!”

Khushi gasped imagining him kissing on her lips from the stage. But wait....

“Bhaiyya, how do you know that he kisses on lips?” Khushi asked shocked.

“When did we say about lips? Did we say that bhai?” Payal asked giggling and Ritik laughed, “Oho, so Mr. Raizada is a talented kisser it seems!” he whispered inaudible to others but only to Khushi and Payal. “Bhaiyya!” Khushi cried with widened eyes at her brother’s bold talks.

“Arrey, what are you kids talking? Is this the time for masti?” Shagun scolded them and said, “Khushi, beta walk to the stage!”

Khushi walked to the altar and sat beside Arnav. She looked at him who smiled at her. She smiled back.

Pandit ji chanted mantras and Anjali being groom’s sister tied the ghatbandan (I hope that’s what it is called).

“Mangalsutra pehnaiye...” pandit ji said.

Arnav looked at Khushi who was looking at him with her eyes filled with love. He snaked his hands around her neck tying the mangalsutra while she closed her eyes smiling heartily. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him who was smiling at her.

Pandit ji handed over a small box of sindoor. Khushi looked at him taking a pinch of it. Arnav took a pinch of the red powder and moved his arm to her forehead. He looked at her who was looking at him with her smile and eyes filled with tears. He slightly moved her mangtikka and applied the sindoor at her hair partition.


Everyone showered flowers on the couple as they took the seven vows around fire.


“Vivaah sambann huva” pandit ji declared.






Arnav and Khushi came down the stairs of the stage and greeted the guests. It was then Arnav noticed that his shoes were missing.

“Where are my shoes?” he asked looking around.

“Bhai where did you leave it?” Akash asked joining him in the search. “Here” he said pointing to the last step of stairs.

Anjali slapped her forehead and said, “Arrey Chotte, how could you be so careless? No groom should leave his shoes because there is a ritual that the girl’s side would steal the groom’s shoes!”

“Ritual? Yeh kaisa ritual hain?” Arnav asked shocked.

Everyone nodded and then they heard Payal and NK shouting, “Paisa do, joota lo.....paisa do, joota lo” (Give money and take shoes)

Everyone laughed and Payal said coming in front of Arnav, “My dear jeejaaji, I’m really sorry. Give me your credit card and then the shoes are yours!”

Arnav was about to say something when Akash held him by shoulder and said aloud, “Bhai, no need for those shoes. Let her take it. I have bought a spare one for you!” and he showed the spare shoes.

“YYYYAAAAAYYYYY” the boy’s side cheered and Payal had her mouth in perfect O.

“Arrey yaar, that’s cheating!” Ritik said, “Arnav, come on. This is a ritual!”

“I think Akash is right. I have shoes then why should I waste money?” Arnav said and boy’s side cheered again.

Payal huffed in anger and then ran to Akash pulling out the shoe packet. Akash pulled it back and then started the tug of war.

“AKASH!” “PAYAL!” “AKASH” “PAYAL” everyone cheered and Khushi laughed out loud. Finally she interfered and said, “Okay stop. We’ll come to a conclusion!”

“Yep,” Arnav said, “So since this is a ritual, let us give in Akash. Ladkiwaalo hain, let them do it!” and he snatched the shoe box from Akash and gave it to Payal.

“Bhai!” Akash whined and girl’s side cheered.

“Hmm....since my jeejaaji is a sweetheart, I don’t want any money from you!” Payal said, “I just want...”

“I know. A promise that he’ll keep bhabhi happy!” Akash said rolling his eyes. Everyone laughed.

“Nahi!” Payal cried, “I just want to say that if you hurt Khushi, then no one can stop me from killing you! Got it?” she shouted at Arnav.

“Aapki hokum saalisahiba!” Arnav said bowing down and Payal laughed.

“But what is the difference in what I said and what just said now?” Akash asked and Payal shouted, “Shut up you akdoo!”

“Akdoo? Did you just call me akdoo?” Akash asked angrily.

“Yes, AKDOO! MR. AKDOO SINGH RAIZADA” Payal shouted. “Teri to...” Akash cried when Anjali intervened, “Okay fine. Stop!”

Akash and Payal huffed in anger and turned other side while elders watched their antics laughing.


Oct 4, 2016

Chapter 21 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 100 times)

Okay guys, here is a total Arshi update. I am not very good in writing romance but tried my luck. Do comment!



Chapter 21



He entered the room to find it beautifully decorated with flowers and candle lights. Thanks to his di who had taken all the efforts to do it. He looked around the room and finally his eyes rested on the figure sitting on the bed dressed in the heavy red lehenga and her face covered with the ghungat, her knees crawled up the her chest.

He smiled and took small steps to the bed. He could see her fingers clutching her lehenga skirt and her toes crawled inside the skirt. He sat on the bed near her and slowly held her hand which was rested on her knees. Lifting his other hand he slowly held the ghungat, lifting it.

Her red blushing face came into his vision as he removed the ghungat from her head. She looked at him and then lowered her vision shyly. He smiled and moved his finger over her cheeks while she closed her eyes as he did that. He leaned closer to her and cupped her face. He saw her closed eyes and parted lips and slowly lowered his face to hers.



“Bhai!” Akash jerked him. Arnav came out of his dream world. “Are you even listening to me?” Akash whined.

“Chup kar Akash. First of all di has kicked me out of MY room in the name of decoration and when I got permission to go in, you are deliberately delaying me with your boring talks!” he shouted.

Akash laughed and said, “Arrey bhai, what is so special tonight? Like every night you’ll go to your room, change your dress and sleep. And usually you go to bed by 11 right? It’s only 10 now!”

“Akash!” Arnav shouted.

Anjali came there and said, “Okay Akash, you have done the work perfect. I never thought you would be able to irritate him so well. Chotte, now you may go to your bride!” Akash giggled and Arnav walked to his room huffing and puffing.





He walked into the room and bolted the door behind him. He then glanced at the bed in the hope to see his beautiful bride sitting with her blushing face but......

What the!

Arnav looked at the bed to see Khushi leaned on the headboard and SLEEPING!

Sleeping! How on earth could she sleep on THEIR FIRST NIGHT!

Arnav sat on the bed beside her and slowly patted her face. “Khushi” he called softly.

She slightly shifted in her sleep murmuring “Ma...I’m...tir...e...d...”

He smiled and made her lie properly on the bed. Removing all her heavy jewellery, he covered her with a quilt and moved to washroom to change his itching sherwani.

He came out after some minutes and smiled looking at HIS WIFE sleeping on THEIR bed. Switching off the lights, he climbed on the bed near her and lied down covering himself with the same quilt. He turned to his wife who was sound asleep and closed his eyes wrapping his arms around her waist.






The morning rays peeped through the curtains and fell on her face. Scolding the rays, she murmured, “Ma....close the curtains...Ma....” she opened her eyes and looked at the different surroundings. Realization dawned upon her. She is now Khushi Singh Raizada not Khushi Arora. She is at Raizada Mansion, not Arora mansion.

Feeling a weight on her body, she looked to her waist to find his large arms hugging her sideways. She looked to her right to see him sleeping like a baby with a cute smile on his face. She smiled and gave a small peck on his cheek. It was then she noticed the clock hanging on the wall.

6.00 am.

“Oh no, first day and I cannot be late!” Khushi cried and sat up on the bed in her heavy lehenga, “I have to get ready!”

She tried to step down from the bed when she felt him holding her hand. She turned and saw him looking at her. He sat up on the bed and asked in his sleepy voice, “Where are you going?”

“Arnav it’s 6. I have to get ready! I cannot be late!” Khushi cried and tried to leave his hold.

“Khushi...everyone gathers for pooja at 9! Now come and sleep!” Arnav said and was about to lie down when she asked, “Then aarti?”

“Nani and Di do that at sharp 7!”

“Why don’t you all attend it?” she cried.

“Because we all cannot get up at 6!” and he sat leaning on the headboard.

Khushi sighed and said, “Lazy log! I have to attend it!” she was about to turn when he pulled her.

She landed on his chest and before she could react, he smacked his lips on her.

His left hand pulled her by waist and the other cupped her cheek as he kissed her passionately. Although shocked for a second, she too started responding back and clutched his shoulders tightly.

They broke up due to lack of air and she lied on his chest with her head rested on his crook of neck. “From today, I need a good morning kiss everyday!” he whispered in his husky voice and she hid in his arms blushing.

“Waise you did wrong. How could you sleep on our Suhaag raat yaar?” Arnav whined.

Khushi laughed and sat up. “I was tired” she said.

“So? You know I was very excited as I came in!” Arnav whined. Khushi laughed and pinched his cheek. “Ok now, let me change this dress. This is so heavy!” she said and turned to step down from bed when he pulled her.

“Arnav...” Khushi whined.

“Waise you spoilt my Suhaag raat plans, so now, compensate it!” Arnav whispered.

“How?” she asked with her wide eyes.

“You want to get ready na? Nani and Di will start the pooja in an hour!” Arnav asked naughtily. She nodded her head unaware to his intentions.

“I’ll help you to get ready!” he whispered and pulled her close.

She widened her eyes and cried, “Arnav....No.....” she tried to push him but he kept his finger on her lips, “Sshh.....”

She looked at him and he roamed his fingers on her face, her neck and then to her shoulder. Holding her shoulders, he turned her that she is sitting with her back facing.

He removed her long hairs from her back to her shoulder. Leaning, he planted a small kiss on the back of her neck and she clutched the bed sheet tight. Closing her eyes she felt him roaming his fingers over her back which was visible due to her backless blouse.

Her breath became shallow when he started to replace his lips with his fingers. She gulped when he kissed her shoulder and then her neck and pulled her close. Her back crashing on to his chest and he whispered in her ears, “You’re going to miss the pooja”

She said nothing but leaned her head on his shoulder arching her neck back and breathing heavily as he slowly untied her blouse dori.


Oct 8, 2016

My dear readers........ (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 49 times)





Hello my dear readers of Eternal Love,

i'm so glad that you all love this story. to be honest, i too love this story of mine. But now, it's time for winding it up. This story started with our arshi and it will have to end with arshi. I'm not dragging the story with ritik-anjali and akash-payal love story because this is arnav-khushi story. now that arshi is married, i don't know how to drag it more. so i'm going to post the epilogue.

I'm working on the epilogue. Hope i will be able to finish it today. The epilogue will be posted tomorrow or day after tomorrow.



Thank you all for supporting me

Oct 9, 2016

Epilogue 1 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 90 times)

This is the first epilogue. A total Raizada family update. Don’t worry, Epilogue 2 would be full of our sweet Arshi


Epilogue 1



6 years later




“Anjali............Anjali.........” Shagun called out her daughter-in-law’s name who was nowhere in her sight. “Anjali.....” she called sharply.

“Aayi maa....” Anjali shouted and came running through the stairs in her peach coloured sari. “Kya huva maa?” she asked.

“Did Ritik come?” Shagun asked angrily.

Anjali chuckled and said, “Nahi maa”

“This is not fair,” Shagun said with puppy face, “I agree that Ritika and Anjal are your children. But hello, I am their dadi. I also wish to spent time with them!”

“Aur nahi to kya,” Raj Arora said, “We even left our Los Angeles home and shifted here so that we could stay with our sweet little tots”

Anjali laughed and Shagun said, “And here is my dear son, always taking out his children with him for morning walk!”

“Maa, they both pestered him to take them with him!” Anjali said and then said pointing to the door, “Ah here they come!”

“Dadi!” the children screamed and ran to Shagun.

Ritika, 3 year old daughter of Anjali and Ritik, and Anjal, 3 year old twin brother of Ritika, ran to their dadi and hugged her legs.

Shagun laughed and took both her kids on her arms.

Anjali walked to Ritik and said, “Go and take bath. Our flight is at 11. We have to leave within an hour!” Ritik smiled and nodded.

Raj Arora watched his son and daughter-in-law and smiled contently seeing them happy. Within two days of Arnav-Khushi’s marriage, Ritik had broke the news to him and Shagun that he is in love with Anjali. Anjali too informed her family about her love. Khushi was over the moon hearing that and she was the one who took the initiative to convince Raj and Shagun who was initially confused about the whole thing. In return to how Ritik convinced Aroras about Arnav, Arnav this time convinced Raizadas about Ritik. After a week of Arshi marriage, Anjali and Ritik got married from court.







Raizada mansion, New Delhi


“Hello hi bye bye....Rehaan bitwa....” mami screamed and ran to her dressing table where Rehaan, 4 year old son of her Arnav bitwa and Khushi bitiya, was breaking all her makeup things.

“Rehaan!” Mami cooed and took him in her arms. Rehaan struggled and jumped down from her arms, “I won’t talk to you” he shouted.

“Arrey kyun?” mami asked.

“Badi mami you promised me that you would take me for shopping. But you went alone! You are bad!” he said in tears.

“Hello hi bye bye....mami is sorry bacchu!” mami took him in arms, “Next time I’ll definitely take you for shopping. And why are you crying like girls?”

“I’m not a girl” Rehaan screamed.

“You are! See Anjal never cries. He is a strong boy!”

“Anjali is not strong. He is my little brother! I’m eldest!” Rehaan cried.

Mami laughed and said, “Now go and get ready. Your little brother and sister will be here soon!”

“Arrey ha...” Rehaan cried and ran to his room.






He came out of the washroom in his maroon-cream kurta-pyjama wiping his head when he saw her standing in front the mirror with a pink saree in her hand and frowning at it. He smiled and walked to her. Hugging her from back, he asked, “Kya huva”

She looked at him and pouted, “I don’t want to wear sari”

“Then don’t wear it” he whispered and placed a kiss on her ear lobes.

“Akash” she whined and freed from his hug. Turning to him she said, “Today it is Diwali. And maa ji said that I should wear sari today unlike last year when I wore jeans!”

“Then wear an anarkali!” Akash said.

“I don’t have anarkali!” she pouted.

Akash laughed.

“Are you laughing at me?” she screamed and threw the sari on his face.

“Payal” Akash cooed and hugged her, “If you don’t want to wear sari, it’s okay. I will talk to maa!”

Payal withdrew from the hug and said, “Maa ji would scold me. Shagun aunty is also coming. She would also scold me. But I don’t like sari. I’m very much uncomfortable in it!”

“Okay do one thing, wear kurti and leggings” Akash said, “That would be simple and comfortable too!”

“Ha...that’ll be nice!” she said and turned to wardrobe. She took out a red kurti and asked, “Is this okay?” He nodded and she said, “Which colour leggings? Cream or white or yellow?”

“Cream would do!” he said.

“Okay! Thank you Aki!” Payal squealed. Kissing his cheek, she ran to the washroom to get ready. Akash smiled at his crazy girl who became his wife a year ago.

It so happened that when Payal went back to Los Angeles with Khushi’s parents after Arshi marriage, Akash started to miss her terribly. It took him months to realize that he is in love with this girl whom he had named “Gabbar Singh”. Arnav who noticed the change in Akash understood his problem and shifted Payal to AR branch in Delhi and brought her to RM.

All this happened 6 months after Arshi marriage. And it took Akash another 3½ years to woo Payal and make her say yes for his proposal. After getting a lot of slaps and kicks from Payal, he finally got a yes from her mouth.  






NK who got acquainted with Raizadas through the wedding is also coming for Diwali celebrations with his mother (Buaji). His event management company started their branch all over India and is quite successful. He is planning to shift to India soon along with his wife, Shreya whom he met when he met her father for organizing his elder daughter’s (Shreya’s elders sister) wedding.

Oct 16, 2016

Epilogue 2 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 118 times)

Epilogue 2



The red saree with thick golden border was hugging her curves like a second skin as she pulled her long hair to her front and tried to pin the pallu with a pin. She was standing in front of the mirror and get herself readied when he came barging inside the room.

“Khushi aren’t you ready?” he asked shocked.

“We women require at least 3 hours to get ready, you idiot!” Khushi said angrily, “And what kind of saree have you designed Arnav? This blouse is so irritating. How on earth am I gonna pin my pallu to this low cut blouse? Where was your brilliant designer mind when you were designing for your wife? This...” she kept on ranting.

Arnav chuckled and walked to Khushi. Taking the pin from her hand, he pinned the pallu successfully to her red blouse.

“Waise you look ****y” he whispered huskily near her ears.

“I know. Rehaan also said it!” Khushi said and started wearing bangles.

“Rehaan?” Arnav asked shocked to confirm whether his 4 year old son just called his mother ****y.

“Ha, I asked from where he learnt the word and he said Papa calls you that right mamma!” she said and turned to him, “You’re teaching my son immoral things!”

“Your son? Mine too!” he said.

“Whatever, stop using that word in front of him. I won’t be shocked if he goes and calls his friends the same!” Khushi said angrily.

“Khushi!” he cooed and snaked his arm around her waist. Pulling her to him, “I just said the truth! You’re really ****y!” he whispered near her ear.

“And you look like a clown!” she said pushing him.

“Clown?” he asked looking at himself in the mirror, “This is my brand new Armani suit!”

“Suit is awesome but I said that YOU LOOK LIKE A CLOWN!” she said.

“Why are you shouting for that?” Arnav asked.

“Clown! CLOWN! CLOWN! Do you remember something Arnav ji? Do you remember some competition in which you participated? 28 years ago!” she asked laughing.

“Khushi!” Arnav screamed, “How do you know that?”

“I was going through old albums when Nani ji showed me!” and she took out a photo from wardrobe. “See” she showed the photo where a 6 year old Arnav stood in the attire of a clown for fancy dress competition.

“Khushi!!!!” Arnav screamed and ran behind her to get the photo when he suddenly collided with the cradle.

The sudden shake wakened her and she started wailing out loud. “Arnav! I have just made her sleep!” Khushi whined and ran to the cradle taking the 6 month old baby girl.

Arnav stood with a puppy face watching Khushi making Jiya calm. The baby calmed down finally, leaned on her mother’s shoulders and slowly closed her eyes with her thumb inside her mouth. Khushi made her lie on the cradle and carefully pulled her thumb out. Covering her with her baby blanket, she turned to Arnav who stood looking at the mother-daughter with a smile.

“What?” she asked and he pulled her to him. She crashed on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Thank you so much Khushi” he whispered.

“For what?”

“For coming to my life...for giving me my angels – Rehaan and Jiya...for making my life bliss” he said with a smile. She smiled and said, “Even I want to say the same things”

He laughed and hugged her tight.

But alas, the laughing again woke up Jiya.

“Arnav” Khushi smacked her husband and rushed to her daughter who wailing out loud.

“Daddy” Rehaan who came in that moment ran to his dad. Arnav lifted him in his arms and Rehaan looked at Khushi soothing Jiya.

“Why is she crying now?” he asked irritated.

“Rehaan, she is your sister” Arnav warned.

“I know that. But she is a cry baby!” Rehaan said frowning.

“All babies cry kiddo....” Arnav said, “Even you cried when you were a baby. Hell, you even cry now. So who is the cry baby?”

“Mamma” Rehaan cried and big fat tears rolled down his cheeks, “Papa is teasing me”

“Rehaan, let me calm Jiya and then I’ll solve your problem” Khushi said exasperated with her two crying babies.

“Dekhna, mamma will punish you” Rehaan said happily to Arnav who laughed looking at his cute son, beautiful wife and his lovely daughter.

His family!



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